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Directorate of Distance Education

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Admission form (Session 2012-13) Subject:




1. Personal Information Name (Block letters)

Father’s Name:

Date of Birth: (DD/MM/YYYY)



Nationality __________________

Domicile: ____ ________________


___________________________________________________________________________________ Address(Permanent):_____________________________________________________________________

_ __________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone _____________

Cell # _______________

Father’s/Guardian’s Phone ___________________

Email: ________________________________

Father’s/Guardian’s Cell #____________________________

2. Academic Record Marks Examination


Board/ University

Roll Number





Major Subjects

Marks MA/MSc/M.Com


Date: _______________

_________________ (Student Signature)

Form No: ________

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Please tick the box according to the program applied for. Incomplete admission forms shall not be entertained. Any incorrect statement made in this form may lead to disciplinary action or cancellation of admission at any time. Attach attested photocopies of all the documents. The candidate is advised to select the subject of his/her choice for admission very carefully. Attach three passport size photographs with the admission form Admission in Master program requires minimum of 45% marks in Bachelor’s degree. Students from universities other University of Peshawar are required to submit Migration Certificate with their admission form The prescribed admission fee should be deposited in the UBL Account # 371-00125 Branch Code: 1486 under “Distance Education” as the title of the account. Original receipt has to be submitted with the admission form. The refund policy for the admission fee in Distance Education Program will be as follows. - 05% deduction before commencement of the classes - 10% deduction in the first week of the commencement of the classes - 15% deduction in the second week of the commencement of the classes - 25% deduction in the third week of the commencement of the classes - 50% deduction in the fourth week of the commencement of the classes

No refund will be given after One month (30 days) of the starting of the classes. UNDERTAKING 1.

2. 3.

I shall not indulge in politics on the campus as long as I remain the student of the University. I further undertake that I will not challenge the finding/decision of the Head of the Institution regarding cancellation of my admission at any stage whatsoever in any Court, Tribunal, Authority of or other than the Supreme Court of Pakistan. I further undertake that I shall not claim hostel accommodation being a student of Distance Education Program. I, hereby, certify that I, myself have filled in this form and the statements made herein are correct to the best of my knowledge.





FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Checked form and found correct

____________________________ Assistant Director Directorate of Distance Education

Verified that the prescribed amount has been Deposited vide Receipt No. _____ in the Distance Education Account No. (371-00125) ____________________ Office Assistant Directorate of Distance Education

Admitted/Rejected ____________________________ (Director)

Form No: ________

Dated _______________

Directorate of Distance Education University of Peshawar

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