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Sadaf Uddin Contemporary Furniture & Product Designer

Sadaf Uddin - BA (Hons) Contemporary Furniture & Related Product Design +44 (0) 7910068625

I’m enthusiastic about design as a whole, ranging from architecture, furniture to products. I am determined to learn and work within the creative industry. I believe that my background and initiative will enable me to tackle new challenges.

Reel Stools

Research + Development

The concept was influenced by the ‘Mammy bench’ from 19th century. It was a rocking bench, where the mother would place the baby next to her on the seat and do a task such as stitching. As the mother rocked the bench, the baby would be fall asleep with the motion. There was a spindle railing to prevent the baby from falling off the bench.

The energy was transferred from the mother to the baby and even though they are performing different tasks they are still sharing one piece of furniture. Similarly, the stools reflect the relationship and behavior of the users.

Reel Stools Final protoype

Pink Beech - Sailing Rope - 300mm x 400mm x 300mm

For example, one stool could be moved away from the other by placing your fingers in the hole on the top of the reel and rotated whilst increasing the length in the rope. This reflects that the two people sharing the stools would like to create personal boundaries. It is an interactive and playful piece of furniture as one person’s actions affect the other.

Reel Stools Technical Drawings

The stool is constructed in 3 components. The two circular seats are joined to the turned core with dowels. The stools can be extended to a maximum distance of 35 meters between each other.


Research + Development

The range is based on the way we handle standard ceramic objects. By analysing people’s intuitive behavior, I realised that this could be made an intrinsic part of the design.

For example, if a cereal bowl is held from the rim, the weight causes strain on the fingers which isn’t an ergonomic way of handling an object. To create a better sense of gravity and grip, it would be best to hold the bowl from underneath. Instead of designing a ‘handle’ I analysed forms such as door knobs, which everyone instinctively knows how to use .


Final Prototypes

As I wanted to use existing standard ceramic forms, an egg cup was the ideal solution. Therefore, I combined the cereal bowl with an egg cup underneath. By placing the bowl upwards it can be used for cereal and the egg cup as a handle. When the position is reversed, the egg cup can be used and the cereal bowl becomes the base. Thus the Evolution range has dual functionality.

Slipcasted in semi - porcelain

The coloured gloss glazes highlight the functional areas. The deep colours create depth and enhance the inner volumes of the form. To contrast this, the exterior surfaces are kept white. Evolution is slipcasted in semi porcelain, joining separate objects together to create sculptural forms.


Commercial: Matthew Hilton Research + Development

The coffee table is designed to be interactive within its environment. The compartments reach out from the centre of the table and appear to levitate towards the people using it. Objects can be kept within it, as well as on the surface. This design questions the form of what a standard coffee table should be like.

The target audience is high end design with a small batch production.


Commercial: Matthew Hilton Final Prototype

Steel frame - Copper plate. American Black walnut veneered compartment Interior - Formica laminate. Overall dimensions: 700mm x 700mm x 480mm


Commercial: Matthew Hilton Technical Drawings

Lean on Me Final Prototype

A common problem is lack of seating when using public transport, in shopping centres and communal areas. Through observation, people tend to lean on anything that is the right height such as bollards, fences, bins etc. Lean on me is a minimal, discreet, effective and economic solution.

Manufactured by folding a steel sheet Flat sheet: 400mm x 200mm

Hold Up

Final Prototype

Hold Up is a useful space saving storage system. In todays society of limited housing this provides a convenient and portable unit. It is an inclusive product that can be used by everyone.

Steel Rod - Wooden spheres


Degree Show - Bucks New Uni

Exhibition Ercol showroom


Portfolio showing a sample of designs by Sadaf Uddin

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