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By: Rosanna Herber, PAC Chair This was an unusual year for Sacramento elections. Many of the races Stonewall watches closely were decided in the June primary. Mayor Darrell Steinberg won outright, and so did Councilmen Steve Hansen, Larry Carr, Allen Warren and Eric Guerra, who were all up for re-election. Surprisingly, the races for the Sacramento City Unified School Board, which have been very competitive in the past, were also decided by June, as were the seats on the San Juan Unified School Board and the Folsom School Board. After the Mayor and Council offices, Stonewall sharply focuses on school board races. This is because many youth form their opinions about the world and others in school. This is the place where students learn to appreciate different cultures and different views of people on the planet. Making sure that there is a safe place for students on campus who are LGBTQ or who come from LGBT families is a high priority for Stonewall. We all know stories about the impact of bullies, and tragically, we have seen LGBTQ students in our own back yard who have committed suicide. A recent 2016 survey of California high school students aged 12-17, found that 49% of LGB youth, as compared with 14% of straight youth, have “seriously considered attempting suicide.” The author of the study, Ilan Meyer, a Senior Scholar with the UCLA School of Law, says the numbers jump even higher for transgender youth. The truth is that times haven’t changed much for LGBTQ students. We still have a long way to go to create safe and nurturing environments for LGBTQ youth. The good news is that four gay men have stepped forward to run in races that will set the stage for how LGBTQ youth and adults will be treated in educational settings. Because Stonewall didn’t contribute to school board races in the Sacramento City Unified School District, there was money to contribute to surrounding school board and educational races. Quinten Voyce, a 30 year old science teacher, is running for a seat on the Solano Community College Governing Board.

Quarterly- Fall 2016  
Quarterly- Fall 2016