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PILGRIMAGE TO FÁTIMA | 2014 The path of faith



We are a Por��g�ese Travel Agency specialized on religious tourism for small g�oups. Our pur�ose is to present simply, att�actively and passionately the religious legacy that ser�es as a sanct�ar� to the human identit�. Our pilg�images are disting�ished for seeking the authenticit� of places, people and t�aditions. Always accompanied by a g�ide. Sacro

lisbon |the white city The blue sky- the same one I knew as a childPerfect and empt� eter�al t��th! Oh Gentle, silent, ancest�al Tejo, Tiny t��th in which the sky is mir�ored!.

Álvaro de Campos in “Poemas”Fernando Pessoa

At Lisbon we will walk through the traditionals neighbourhoods,the centenary churches, drink good coffeebica’ , eat the breath-taking ‘pastéis de nata’ , feel Lisbon melody – Fado; touch the typical tiles... Dive into the Light of Lisbon. Image: Lisbon electric tram

Image: Monserrate Palace in Sintra


Sintra is perpetual. Is our past. Romantic, lustful, and delighting. A Melancholic city that could symbolize the spirit of being Portuguese. Profound and beautiful, that represents our way of being. In Sintra we will go through the gardens of Monserrate, see the virtuoso National Pena Palace and the walk by alleys of a simple village. Let's walk from Palace to Palace and garden to garden. Let's feel the monumentality of our‘fado’.

Image: Sintra ‘s electric tram


If we think about the most important element of Portugal, we think of the Sea. What it brings and where it takes us. Once, it made us proud heroes and discoverers of new worlds. Past 500 years, the gastronomy, the flavours of the sea, on our table during a late lunch with friend, is a constant reminder of our riches adventures across the globe.

In Óbidos we will lose ourselves in the beautiful village with narrow streets and typical houses. Let's drink the traditional‘Ginga de Óbidos’and wait for time to pass. And it passes, but slowly.

Image: Ă“bidos village


Fátima is a place of gathering and hope. It's a place of comfort. Whenever we travel to Fátima, we travel to our interior; we travel to the essence and reason of our being. In Fátima we realize the Magisterium and dimension of the relationship with God.

We’ll cross the Basilica and pray in the chapel of the apparitions. Let's get into the houses where the three shepherds were born and lived their life, and meet some of their relatives. Let's go through a part of the‘via sacra’, meet the old church and the origins of this sacred place. Fátima is a legacy of our past and is primarily a place of union of Portugal to the world.

PROGRAM Dates for 2014: 15th - 18th April | 12th - 18th May | 09th - 16th June day 1

day 5

Flight to Lisbon(at the group expense)*. Arrival and Welcoming reception by Sacro Travel Agency. Transfer to hotel and leisure time for guests.

Visit to Lisbon. Morning and Afternoon: Visit to Lisbon.Lunch in Lisbon. The National Museum of Tiles, Jerónimos Monastery, the Belém Tower, the Discoveries Monument and Coche Museum.

day 2 Visit to Sintra and Cascais. Morning: Visit to Sintra.Lunch. Pena National Palace and Garden, Monserrate Palace and Park and Sintra historic centre. Afternoon: Departure to Fátima. Spending the night at Fátima. Praying the rosary, spiritual moment in Fátima.

Visit to Évora. Morning: Visit to Évora and Lunch in the town. Évora’s Sé Cathedral and Bones Chapel.A Walk through the historic center,the city University. Afternoon: Visit to Sesimbra/Arrábida.

day 3

Day 7

Visit to Fátima, Óbidos and Peniche. Morning: A tour to the Sanctuary and Basilica.Visit to the Adoration Chapel and the new Holy Trinity Church. Walk to the Stations of the Cross leading to the small village of Aljustrel for a visit to the homes of the three children. Visit to the Shrine, Mass. Afternoon: Visit to Batalha and Óbidos. Dinner in Peniche. Batalha Monastery and city of Óbidos.

Transfer from the hotel to the airport. Returning home.

day 4 Visit to the historic Lisbon. Morning: Visit to Alfama,the moorish neighbourhood and Baixa Chiado . Lunch in downtown Lisbon,Castle of St. Jorge, The Sé Cathedral, St. Luzia mirador. Afternoon: Hike through the Bairro Alto. Church of the Martyrs, Loreto and St. Dominic San Roque museum.

Day 6

Conditions Includes: - Hotel with breakfast service. - All meals - 5 lunches | 6 dinners with drinks included. - Fado Night and dinner. - All entrances to monuments and museums on the program. - Transfers bus for the entire trip - Guide in English -All fees and Travel insurance Not included: - *Flight - Once dates are confirmed, we can manage your reservation. - Expenses of a personal nature. Price: Group of max.7/8 persons double room: Single room fee:



*Prices subject to changes due to Currency exchange.

the staff

To have faith, is to take care of the soul, to make it shine and share the feeling

with others... There is nothing more sacred. Share moments, emotions and stories, that’s what we believe in, that’s what we value.

Antero Canarias CEO and Travel Specialist

Our most precious principle is sharing and we work towards a ver� simple goal: create divine memories that illuminate and enrich us deeply. We are focused on emphasize the relation of g�atit�de bet�een Man and God.

Camilla Leopoldino Marketing/PR and Travel Lover

Pena National Palace| Monserrate Palace | Sanctuary and Basilica of Fátima | Adoration Chapel and the new Holy Trinity Church of Fátima | Batalha Monastery | Batalha Monastery | Évora’s Sé Cathedral and Bones Chapel |Sesimbra and Arrábida| Belém Tower | Jerónimos Monastery| Discoveries Monument | Coche Museum |National Museum of Tiles

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The Path of faith | Fatima  
The Path of faith | Fatima  

Sacro Travel presents The Pilgrimage to Fatima, a journey of spiritual enrichment and connection with God.