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PRODUCT design

In MedellĂ­n, Colombia carry on bikes are not permitted on the public transport because they are too big and will take up too much space that can be used by other users; that is why so many people have to walk the distances between the transport station and their jobs, schools or univerities even if it is a long walk. Dobla, born from this need , was designed to fit in any public transport in the city because it has the allowed dimensions to get in. The design was inspired in the city-life and created for young and versatile students and professionals.

This project was developped for Proyect 5 subjetc in a team of 9 students where, in a period of 4 months, the bike was designed and then constructed at the university EAFIT’s workshops. Dobla won the award of best project in the semester and the team was invited to multiple events and conferences in the the bike’s week in the Univeristy UPB. I colaborated in all the phases of the project: the design, construction prototypes and the final model. To find out more about this project see this link:

Team: 8 people. My apport: Most parts of the folding structure were took from my initial design. I also participated in the manufacture of the bike.

Kudikis is a desk thought for toddlers between 3 and 6 years old. It was all made with laminar materials like cardboard and wood, and without screws or glue. The table can be changed so the kid can draw on it as much as he wants and change it as much as it is needed.

This project was developped in 2 months and after that, the desk prototype was given to a toddler who enjoyed it for months.

Team: 2 people. My apport: Design & prototyped.

BaLoop After talking to multiple experts and moms we could find out that moms would be like to be more connected to the child and listen to the heartbeat. For this reason, we are create a device which helps mothers increase their connection with their babys. This device inform the mother about their and the baby’s health through pressure, temperature and hearth rate sensors and even will allow the mother to hear the baby’s heart. The device is connected to an application on the mom’s phone which shows a plattform where she can find relevant information about the pregnancy and have a record of her vital signs.

Team: 5 people. My apport: Design of product and graphic desing of the prototype app.

GRAPHIC design

Business card concept. Company: 1Optimize. Country: Colombia.

Logo and business stationary design. Company: Alanah flowers. Country: United States.

Logo and business card design.

Logo re-desing.

Personal project.

Personal project.

Personal project.

Personal project.


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