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WHAT IS SACRED? A reminder to all LIFE IS SACRED, EMBRACE IT! Sacred Lifestyle is a new online community which helps awaken one’s spirit and helps enlighten and inspire us while we continue on our journey. We profile Gurus, Spiritual Guides and Bon Vivants around the world to share their experiences, from healing our bodies to enriching the food we consume, to personal utopias and sanctuaries. We would like to invite you to be a part of our journey in sharing our passion, experience and expertise.

Terry O’Neill


Terry O’Neill is one of the world’s most collected photographers whose work hangs in national art galleries and private collections worldwide. For over six decades, he has photographed the frontline of fame, from the greats of screen and stage to Presidents, Prime Ministers and Rockstars.

Jeremy Bittermann Jeremy graduated with a degree in fine art photography from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1999. After receiving his degree he worked in marketing and strategic planning in the architecture industry, and was intrinsically involved in the development of all types of marketing and promotional materials for architects and developers for over a decade. This led him to establishing his own practice in 2010. His work has been widely featured in leading print and online publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Architectural Review.


Brian Hodges

Brian Hodges has pursued his passion of photography traveling the world and capturing images in more than 50 countries. He has lived ten years in France, and nearly two years in Central America. Brian comes to photography from a technical background; he holds a software engineering degree and worked designing satellite communications system for nearly 15 years. Seeking an artistic outlet, he converted his lifelong passion of photography into his profession.

Denise Mari Denise founded Organic Avenue in 2000. combining her passion for whole foods, healing, vegetarianism and entrepreneurship. She is the author of Organic Avenue: Recipes for Life, Made with LOVE* and continues to be inspired by the implications of a Live, Organic, Vegan, Experience. Denise has now moved on to her new inspiration Mari Manor Retreat.

Virginia Macdonald Graduating with honors in photography and interior design, Virginia has carved out a name as an award winning photographer in Canada and the US. Her work as a travel, lifestyle, interior and food photographer have taken her all over the world, from Chile to Nunavut. Appearing in countless publications, Virginia’s work has been published in everything from The Wall Street Journal to British Homes & Gardens. A confirmed traveller, her next journey will be in Mexico, with an ongoing project there that should be finished and exhibited by 2016.

Food & Healthy Living

Photos courtesy of Denise Mari


De n is e Ma r i

Denise Mari, founder of Organic Avenue, now the Mari Manor Retreat, is living a compassionate and truly healthy lifestyle and it is her purpose to share and support others who want to live this way too! Denise shares a few of her recipes with us.

Mari’s new inspiring lifestyle book, available to purchase now at:

Wonderful Walnut Banana Pudding Bananas serve as a base and give body to many of our smoothies; similarly they can work their magic in puddings to thicken and bind while simultaneously sweetening them. Antioxidant- rich walnuts add to the experience; make sure you buy yours from a store with good turnover, as walnuts tend to go rancid quickly, and store them in the refrigerator.

Ingredients (For 4 - 6 people):

• 1½ cups (150 grams) walnuts, soaked in water to cover overnight and drained • 1 ripe banana, broken into pieces • ½ cup (120 milliliters) water • ¾ cup (90 grams) coconut sugar • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice • ½ teaspoon vanilla powder (see Note below) • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon • ¼ teaspoon salt


In a blender, combine all the ingredients and blend from low to high speed until silky smooth, stopping to scrape the sides of the machine once or twice. Transfer to a container, cover, and refrigerate for a couple of hours to firm up, then spoon into dessert bowls and serve. *note: We use vanilla powder rather than vanilla extract because vanilla powder is alcohol- free and available in its raw state; you can find it in some natural food stores and online.

Snazzy Snickerdoodle Macaroons Ingredients (Makes about 2 dozen):

• 3 cups (8 ounces/225 grams) unsweetened shredded coconut • 1 cup (4 ounces/120 grams) coconut sugar • ½ cup (2 ounces/70 grams) lucuma powder • 1 tablespoon vanilla powder • 1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon • ¾ teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg • Small pinch of ground cloves • Small pinch of salt • ½ cup (120 milliliters) melted coconut oil • ½ cup (120 milliliters) water Based on the old-fashioned New England cinnamon spiked cookie of the same name, our version becomes a snickerdoodle-macaroon hybrid gone vegan, done so with a triple treatment of coconut—shredded coconut, coconut sugar, and coconut oil—to complete the collaboration. Must be tasted to be believed!


In a large bowl, combine the coconut, coconut sugar, lucuma powder, vanilla powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and salt. Add the coconut oil and water and work the liquid ingredients in with your hands until they are incorporated and the texture resembles wet sand. Make sure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed with the liquid to avoid clumping. Using a 1-ounce cookie scoop, scoop the mixture onto two Para Flexx-lined dehydrator sheets. Set the machine to 110°F (40°C) and dehydrate for 5 hours, or until slightly firm on the outside and soft on the inside. Store in a covered container for up to 2 weeks.

Photos courtesy of Denise Mari


Soulful Strawberry Chia Custard

Red on white makes a striking presentation for this sweet treat, and fiber rich chia seeds, with their thickening powers, niftily turn the yogurt into custard. The jam is delicious solo as well—spooned onto crackers and licked from fingers are two nice ways to go! Or forgo the jam and stick with the yogurt, fresh strawberries, and chia for simplicity’s sake.

Ingredients (For 4 - 6 people): Strawberry Jam: • 2 cups (220 grams) strawberries, hulled and cut in half • 1 cup (150 grams) dates, soaked in water to cover for 2-3 hours, drained, and pitted • ½ cup (120 milliliters) water


Custard: • 1 ½ cups Cool Coconut Yogurt (page 283) • 1 cup (130 grams) hulled and minced strawberries • 1/3 cup (60 grams) chia seeds


Make the strawberry jam: Combine the strawberries, dates, and water in a blender and blend until smooth, scraping down the sides of the machine once or twice as needed. Make the custard: Combine the yogurt, strawberries, and strawberry jam. Whisk in the chia seeds cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours for the chia seeds to swell and thicken the liquid. Serve cold. ORGANIC AVENUE

Sacred Words

Charlotte Hodges Food Spreads Photograph by ChantĂŠ Kayla Glover

What is Sacred to you? “Nature in its many forms, sunshine enlightening us with its golden rays and its beautiful rainbow dance with the rain so intricately delicate and nourishing to the earth. Dark nights that give the spotlight to the glimmering stars, reminding us of the magical universe that twirls above us. Children’s smiles, acts of kindness and gratitude, all these are things sacred to me. I could go on and on. Building community and co-creating, tears of sweet release, acknowledgment and acceptance, So much in life is sacred to me, but I don’t think its so much what, but more what goes on in my mind when I perceive sacredness. I believe that sacred is a state of mind in the present. I experience sacredness when I am not caught up in thoughts concerning myself, when the past and the future fade away. This is when I am able to perceive things as they truly are sacred. In this state, everything is sacred. It is just a question of feeling and looking through the right mind frame. After all, you cannot perceive something you do not already have within.”


Photo of Masood Ali Khan by Graham Kuhn

Gurus inspire others through their personal experiences and career expertise. These individuals have worked hard to get where they are today, and through their practicing endeavors, they truly make the world a better place.


View the Official Help Desk Show Page - Photograph by Todd MacMillan

Award-winning filmmaker and journalist, Gotham Chopra, Deepak Chopra’s son, is the Host and Executive Producer of “Help Desk”, a series which airs Sundays at noon ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.


Out of all your experiences, which one has influenced you the greatest? Can you share a moment with us? Probably becoming a father. I think when you become a parent, your focus point changes entirely. You start to see the world through the eyes of your child and contemplate what you can do to contribute to a happier, healthier, more sustainable planet. Becoming a parent also made me more conscious of the circumstances of other parents who don’t have the security and opportunities I’ve had, and can provide my child, and how I might be able to help create that. It’s not always physical or financial security, often it’s emotional and psychological security which hopefully our series, Help Desk, plays some small role in providing viewers. Where did your show “Help Desk” come from and what is its main goal? We actually started it on our YouTube channel ( In part, all we were doing was formalizing and formatting something I’ve seen for years: strangers approaching my father with questions and seeking his advice. Literally, I’ve seen this all over restaurants, airports, sidewalks, even public bathrooms! I think our main intention was just to create a forum in which people could ask questions about their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Obviously it’s a television series so our intention wasn’t to solve everyone’s life problems, but really put them on a path on which they may be able to seek out the answers themselves. What were some of your favorite moments from the show and what insight has it given you? Well, we’ve had some really great experts behind the Help Desk and I’ve loved meeting them. Some I knew from before, like Gabby Bernstein, Michael Beckwith, and Gary Zukav. Others I knew by reputation, like Iyanla Vanzant and Cheryl Strayed. And finally, I met and was exposed to, for the first time, people like Panache Desai, DeVon Franklin, Rob Bell, and Carolyn Myss. So, that was amazing and insightful. But, it’s probably the act of showing up in different cities (with our amazing crew!) and setting up shop for a few days to produce the show and the willingness of strangers to approach the desk and share some of their intimate experiences, such as struggling with addiction or the loss of a loved one. That is really powerful.


Photo courtesy of Harpo, Inc.

What is the most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with? That it’s important to hit pause sometimes and reflect on what it is in your life that most gives you fulfillment. Or alternatively what’s stressing you out and stopping you from reaching your potential. Most of us lead busy lives, either through our own ambition or just by demand and the necessities of providing for our families. It’s easy to get swept up and for a lifetime, to drift by without really reflecting. So I think reflection - be it through classic techniques like meditation, yoga, breathing or even lesser traditional ones like regular exercise, martial arts, playtime with children or animals and staying away from emails, and social media accounts, can be incredibly invigorating. Life gets complicated when you don’t take time to think it through once in a while.

purpose: doing what I do and helping others figure out what makes them live happier, healthier, more purposeful lives. What motivated you to embark on this journey? I’ve always been fortunate to come from a family that ruminates on the larger mysteries of existence. If you think about the vast expanse of the cosmos and the shear improbability of our existence, it’s a pretty great and mind-bending experience. It really does remind you of just how incredible our existence is and that we’re here for but a brief moment - make it worth it. So that’s what motivates me - making it worth it. I like being around other curious and motivated people. It makes me feel hungry for what’s next.

If you had one wish, what would it be? That my son - and his generation - will live in a world that is safer, more secure, and more sustainable than mine and that I’ll have played How has your journey connected you more some small role in providing that. And to me, it’s with the earth/nature? not just my kid and his buddies, it’s the kids in Being in Nature, riding a bike with my son, Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan and all the other walking my dog, running outside are all war torn, disenfranchised parts of the planet. I get daily rituals for me. And they’re essential to very bothered by what I see and read in the news, my physical and mental wellbeing. Though and as a former journalist and war correspondent, I love communicating with the world via my I get really agitated when I see conflicts being phone with text and social media and I’m a perpetuated by people younger than the wars they voracious consumer of news and sports, I like are engaged in. Endless war in pursuit of endless to unplug every once in a while and live with peace is an anathema and something I really my one silence. It’s actually where I think I get believe we can, and have to, stop. my best ideas and feel most creative. Nature is the ultimate womb for creativity and it is so How do you recharge your soul? I have fun. Whether it’s just hanging out with my important for me to hang out there! wife and kid, or playing pick up basketball or What do you believe is your purpose? seeing a movie. It’s just checking out occasionally Hmm, I enjoy what I do on a daily basis and and reminding myself not to take myself too don’t worry too much about the broader seriously that, for me, is a great recharging context of things, but I know that interacting tool. It’s easy to get caught up in the hysteria with people- either intimately with those of the world that always seems to be around. people in my life, or a broader community But it’s equally easy to step outside of all of that of people via my work, gives me tremendous occasionally and have some fun. fulfillment. So I’d say that’s probably my


Photo courtesy of Harpo, Inc.

Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited? The Old Boston Garden. I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts as a die-hard Celtics and Bruins fan. I used to go to games regularly and I always remembered stepping into that arena and becoming something bigger than myself. I love sports - both playing with teammates, but also being a fan - and participating in a collective experience that transcends your individual persona. Even though I now live in Los Angeles (behind enemy lines with Laker fans as neighbors, no less!), I still live and die by my hometown teams, and it’s still a spiritual experience for me to watch them win. A quote you live by? Something my dad said, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” What is Sacred to you? Existence. A lifetime comes and goes in the flick of an eye. Life is full of contradictions and complexities, so to waste time on toxic relationships and emotions is a real buzz kill. I focus on what gives me fulfillment and cut out the rest.

Masood Ali Khan From the craziness of fashion to serenity in yoga and meditation, Masood shares his experience with the world.

Photograph by Nic Frechen

Gurus How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person?

I don’t find myself as being an influential person that I change people’s minds or attitudes but I feel I have been given a mission to influence my own behavior and attitude, to see and experience a more beneficial possibility in my life. To overcome the challenges of my own insecurities and fears and thus express to the world something that others might not ever have had a chance to see or experience. Who would have thought I would have become labeled a ‘fashion supermodel’ still working after 26 years or a singing musician, composer and producer for yoga and sacred music or a lead actor in a multiple award winning movie? Not me… Now I am to influence my most precious project, my son. I will let you know.

What is the most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with?

We must make intelligent humanitarian choices for ourselves that benefit our families and communities that have our future existence and our natural resources as the priority. We can receive guidance by connecting to our source of energy by relaxing and meditating.

What do you believe is your purpose?

To inspire humans to help humanity through whatever journey it takes to make positive lifestyle changes. This last year, it has been through music. I created two music albums in the Yoga Session series from Yoga Organix/White Swan to help people experience their connection to their source through my music. Both albums take the listener on a journey in which something magical happens as you listen through the songs. You feel relaxed, focused and happier with increased courage to move through life. Hang with Angels is full of amazing vocalists and musicians of notoriety in the sacred music world. My latest project is my transformation from model to yoga guru - Yogi Cameron. The album is called Mantra Grooves to help people utilize mantras in a musical way that is not out of the vocal range of the majority. Basically anyone without any singing ability can sing along to this variety of music such as American, reggae-dub, tribal and traditional Kirtan.

How has your journey connected you more with the earth/nature?

In traveling the world for 3 decades, I have seen small islands of paradise and villages become tourist hubs and noisy dirty cities. From the craziness of fashion to serenity in yoga and meditation I have experienced peace and communication with the less traveled, sacred areas of earth. It has given me greater momentum in my inspiration to create a way to communicate peace, love, happiness and compassion for each other and our earth as best as we can.

What motivated you to embark on this journey?

A driving inherent soul force to help people somehow, possibly influenced by my mother who worked as a nurse. Although when I traveled for modeling work, it led me to by-pass the conventional practice of healthcare to a system of energetic or prana healing through meditation and focusing techniques of Master Luong Minh Dang. After experiencing first hand the effects of energetic healing on myself and how it transformed the health and attitude of others, I could not doubt this as it was a beneficial tool that could help me to further help others. I also studied acupuncture for a while when teaching the universal energy system in the Open International University for Complementary Medicine in Sri Lanka.

If you had one wish what would it be?

That we could delete our grudges of others, hang ups and fears. Okay, that’s three.


Photograph by Shanti Scribe

What is sacred to you?

My own spiritual experiences that confirm my mission and allowed me to see the miracle of life and its evolving process.

What is a quote you live by? May love influence everything.

Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited.

Deep in and out of my existential body when I have communicated with my soul though meditation, breath work and performing music.


Photograph by Robert Sturman

You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul?

I don’t think my soul needs to recharge if I am dedicated and working on my soul mission. I am happy and my mind, body and soul thrives. It is in the mundane energy depleting challenges of paperwork that drains me. Then there is nothing that recharges my gratitude and zest for life than a good dance, singing, laughing and playing drums or getting cosy with loved ones. Experiencing the simplistic beauty of life, like looking at an sunset over the ocean. The ultimate is to meditate in stillness and with love through everything.

Priscilla Woolworth

Energized by her passion for nature and the planet, Priscilla encourages and empowers women through her eco-friendly adventures Photos courtesy of Priscilla Woolworth


You raised over $60,000 on your Kickstarter Campaign for your new book, L.O.L.A. Tell us about how your idea for this book came to be, and your drive to create it.

Crowdfunding is a brilliant platform that makes dreams possible. I love it! LOLA is inspired by books I have been making for my daughters every Christmas since they were five years old. When they went away to college, I made them each a book to take with them that included everything I had been teaching them from safety tips to healthy eating, and empowering and inspiring stories. Through the research I have done for my work from my eco store and my almanac blog, and being the mother of two daughters who are now young women, I believe that living sustainably is the future and that our future is in the hands of our youth. Young women love to do their own shopping, and L.O.L.A. will not only empower them with to make informed decisions when they are using their purchasing power but will also be an excellent reference tool for them to turn to when they can’t remember what they need to make their own non-toxic cleaning products (or which ones to buy), what foods are best for them to eat, and what skin care is the healthiest for them. Sustainable living touches so many different parts of our lives and L.O.L.A. reaches many of those. I’m planning on using L.O.L.A. as my go to book as well!

Out of all your experiences, which one has influenced you the greatest?

Becoming a mother was transformative. I love being a mother and what I discovered that came naturally was a growing awareness of my daughters environment from the food they ate to the cleaning products used in our home. I started making changes to eating increasingly organically grown food and using non-toxic cleaning products. I cared about their quality of life and it inspired me in the work that I do.

What is the most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with? That we not only have the power to change the world by what we buy but also how important it is that each of us leave as light a footprint as we can.

What do you believe is your purpose?

To live by example. It’s always a better teacher than trying to preach.

How has your journey connected you more with the earth/nature?

The more I learn about the earth and nature, the more in awe I am, and the more I want to do whatever I can to nourish, protect and preserve it now and for future generations.

What motivated you to embark on this journey?

I believe I have been on this journey for a long time without realizing it. Everything I have done in my life contributed to making what I am doing now possible. My realization that launching an online Eco Friendly store was one of the first steps I would have to take towards building a platform for sustainable living, was very exciting and daunting at times, and still is. I am energized by my life’s passion for nature and the planet, which also motivates me to want to share information on all the ways each of us can make a difference, and make changes in our own lifestyles that ultimately nourish us and the planet as well.

If you had one wish what would it be?

That everyone experiences the Aha moment when they realize that they can make a positive difference by their actions every day to bettering the planet.

What is a quote you live by?

“We have to understand that everything is connected. In nature, we are connected to everything. That is sustainability. You must take into consideration the whole system.” -Paul Hawken

Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited.

I love my home! My other favorite place to spend time is in Cuixmala, Mexico, wandering through the coconut palm tree, ginger and banana groves, listening to the birds high up in the trees, watching the butterflies and smelling the delicate perfume carried in the breeze through the flowering trees. It’s a sanctuary to retreat to and reenergize. As Rachel Carson said so beautifully “those that contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul?

Spending time in my garden recharges my batteries and nourishes my soul. I love it all from the planting, to the pruning and pinching, and just wandering through it. Harvesting fruit, vegetables and herbs is such a joy, as is seeing life in the garden from the butterflies, praying mantids, birds, bees, and lizards. I love them all!

What is Sacred to you? Life and all it’s forms.

Preordering LOLA will be available soon! For inquiries, please email


GABRILLE BRICK Gabrielle shares her expertise in optimal health, always teaching us self-love and unity with Mother Nature’s Earth.

Photo by Jeff Skeirik aka Rawtographer

How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person? It is a humbling experience that truly nourished ones spirit. To witness transformation in another is to be present to your own transformation. Epic to say the least! What is the most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with? I believe that if we as a collective become conscious as to how we live our lives, most importantly through the food we eat, the forces and the elements, then that gives and makes way for a mental and spiritual transformation. This transformation is what revolutions are made of and it is exactly, the butterfly effect. The Alchemy of Self™ is about participating in the quantum leap in consciousness. What do you believe is your purpose? I believe my purpose is to let the world know that optimal health IS available... and not through and quick fix pill or diet but through a dedication to Self. An inexorable LOVE for one-self that transforms yourself and all those that come in contact with you. How has your jounrey connected you more with the Earth/nature? It has been Mother Nature herself that has brought me back to One-self... eating organic, non-gmo, consciously cultivated foods... being 100% conscious of WHAT I eat and WHY I am eating it. What motivated you to embark on this journey? An intrinsic knowing that there was something more. If you had one wish what would it be? That every human being was living in optimal health and in optimal unity with all that exist.

What is sacred to you? Life What is a quote you live by? Ha.... there are a few... “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...” Ghandi “To express yourself in freedom, you must die to everything of yesterday.” ~ Bruce Lee “Within every woman there is a wild, and natural creature ~ A powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman...” Clarissa Pinkola Estes Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. Hmm..... I have many mystic experiences in this life... so far the place that has offered me the most profound mystic experiences and transformation to go along with it, is Eden AZ. Sacred Apache land with 7 geothermal hot springs.... This land is deep within my soul. You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul? I recharge my soul by spending quality time with my children, my animals, in Nature.... and by daily, dedicated, self care - whether that is in the form of prayer, bathing and adorning myself in the finest oils and herbal elixirs, or by simply sitting in silence and being completely present. One or all happens every single day.

Seane Corn

Seane uses yoga as a platform for positive social change which has led to extraordinary spiritual activism around the world.

Photos courtesy of Seane Corn

Gurus How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person? I am grateful that I can use the platform I have to inspire and influence people who want to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. It is a privilege to be able to do what I love and know that it impacts others as well. You have used yoga as an inspiring platform for positive social change. How did your practice motivate you to become involved with spiritual activism? I have been involved with social justice issues since 1984, two years before I stepped onto a yoga mat. I have always felt the desire to be engaged and use my voice to initiate awareness and social change. Before my yoga practice though, this need came from a place of anger and fear. Yoga helped me to heal and taught me how to deal with my big feelings. It also gave me the tools necessary to stay present and centered so that the actions I take and the words I speak are motivated by understanding, compassion and love. Yoga confirmed that which I already knew, which is that we are all connected and have a responsibility to serve each other and this planet. Out of all your experiences, which one has influenced you the greatest? Can you share a moment with us? My father’s long struggle with cancer and subsequent death has been my greatest teacher. His dying process taught me about love, acceptance and surrender and forced me to confront some deep truths about life and death that could only be revealed in the presence of grief. Although the experience and loss broke my heart, it also cracked it wide open, and I believe my ability to love and be empathetic has grown deeper as a result.

Photograph by

What would you say has been your greatest triumph to date through your work with Children of the Night, Off the Mat, Into the WorldŽ, and Seva Challenge Humanitarian Tours? Being able to mobilize many members of the worldwide yoga community into stepping into leadership has been my greatest accomplishment. Collectively we have raised over 4 million dollars for international efforts and have partnered with amazing organizations serving the needs of varying communities worldwide including Cambodia, South Africa, Uganda, Haiti, India and Ecuador. The money raised has helped implement over 30 major projects including building an eco-birthing center, funding existing orphanages, building transitional homes for sex trafficked young girls, micro-financing and loans, building sustainable bakery, a library and water catchment and filtration systems to name just a few. What do you believe is your purpose? My purpose is to open to the power of God within, accept the mystery of its call, to remember who I truly am and act in accordance to that knowing by loving big and honoring each other as one by being in service to God’s will. How has your journey connected you more with the earth/nature? Yoga has taught me about the inter-dependency of all things and that everything is ultimately connected. I value the earth and all her gifts and pray to have the wherewithal not to take her resources for granted.

The most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with? That we embody these spirits to short of a time to take a single moment for granted. Our work is to empower ourselves, let go of limited beliefs, develop our self-confidence, and unite in a way that serves the betterment of all beings everywhere. This takes work and commitment, but if we can heal, love big, remember who we truly are and who we are to each other; then peace isn’t just possible--it’s inevitable.


What motivated you to embark on this journey? I answered the call of my soul. I don’t think I was motivated as much as dragged! Once I was open to transformational work-- teachers, experiences, opportunities-- continually presented themselves to me so that I could mature and grow. This has not been an easy process. I continue to face truths about myself and life that are scary and even overwhelming at times. Many moments seem like initiations, but I trust these experiences as “fierce medicine� meant to evolve my consciousness and free my soul.

If you had one wish what would it be? To be fearless in my desire to love myself and others without hesitation, limitations, judgment or requirements. How do you recharge your soul? I have six non-negotiables for personal sustainability which includes yoga, meditation, prayer, therapy, a conscious diet and sleep. Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. My mother’s arms. What is a quote you live by? “Ignore the story and see the soul and remember to love, you will never regret it” Said to me by Billy, an AfricanAmerican gay man at the sex club I worked at as a bartender in 1985. He was teaching me a lesson about acceptance, empathy and understanding and how all beings were on a path of transformation that was between them and the God of their own understanding. What is Sacred to you? Love.

Photograph by


Latham positively influences and empowers women during their pivotal life moments of pregnancy and birth through reclaiming their bodies by practicing yoga and relaxation. Photograph by Paul Maffi

Latham Thomas How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person? It feels good to know I have been able to help people with my gifts. It’s a blessing to have the listening ears of those around you and I feel blessed that I have been able to impart some of my positive influence on others at pivotal moments in their lives, particularly around pregnancy and birth. Influence only matters when you are using it to make a difference. We can change the world for the better if we use our gifts collectively to spread more joy and peace on the planet- that’s my mission.

What is the most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with? My biggest message is about empowering women. I always wanted women to feel their most radiant so they can be fully expressed in the world. At Mama Glow we believe that women hold inherent power in their wombs and we help them give rise to their visions, dreams, babies, and more. We have to reclaim our bodies as sacred. I believe that when women tap into their authentic glow power, and stand for what they believe in movements are born. Each of us is the beginning of a movement. It’s not about leaning in, but standing up right and claiming what is already yours, because no one will hand it to you.

Photograph by Timothi Graham


Photograph by Sasha Nialla

What do you believe is your purpose? I’m living my purpose now. Each of us is born with a special type of medicine within us that will heal the world. My purpose is to help women awaken to the rhythmic cycles within, to help them reconnect with their bodies and trust the wisdom of the body to carry them through healthy pregnancy and labor. When mothers feel empowered, they give birth to happy babies. I am here to help women remember that innate power within and give birth to the best version of themselves. How has your journey connected you more with the earth/nature? Birth is nature. It is all about tapping into the cosmic dance that is animating our universe. I feel grounded in nature every time when I witness the primal template unfold in a woman as she journeys into birth. Much like nature, pregnancy blooms beautifully when we let Mother Nature take the reign and we sit back and surrender to her laws. We are all governed by the laws of nature - I just happen to be really dialed into the process on a daily basis with the women I serve. Also I like to spend time in nature because it helps me to feel tether to the world around me and the ever changing beauty of God’s touch in all things. What motivated you to embark on this journey? I grew up in California, studied with a master herbalist and felt surrounded by holistic living even when it wasn’t being practiced at my home as a child. When I became pregnant with my son - I knew that I needed to become fully educated on all things maternal and because of that incredible experience of pregnancy and natural birth I was inspired to start my work with Mama Glow. You know- there is a difference between motivation and inspiration. My journey has always been one of the inspiration - that drives the motivation for anything we want to hold in our lives. If you had one wish what would it be? For all women and babies to be bonded in blissful birth. I want everyone to feel their grace, power, and wisdom come through when they enter motherhood. That would be my wish. What is a quote you live by? “Dreaming after all is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. In the United States, Sedona, Arizona. It is a place that is so charged energetically and mineralized. You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul? I am a firm believer in reclaiming radical self care. We must prioritize our health and wellbeing, not only when we aren’t feeling 100% but daily. It’s important to establish what I call a glow time practice. Glow time for me is practicing yoga, taking a nice steam, massage, reading a good book, spending time with girlfriends and phone fastingdetoxing from texting, talking and social media.

Photograph by Paul Maffi

Gurus What is sacred to you? My son, Fulano. He is the most precious thing I know in this world and we are deeply bonded. I thank God every day for blessing me with him.


vel Sacred utilizes Travel as a sanctuary outlet that motivates readers to explore and venture into new cultures and eclectic communities. This will infuse and educate readers to fall in love with worldly hidden gems. Encounter utopic destinations that will only add to your developmental journey for your Sacred Soul. Photos courtesy of Trasierra, Spain



In 1978 Charlotte Scott discovered an exquisite villa estate in Seville Spain. Originally a winegrowing estate, Trasierra, the 350 acre private estate, had been abandoned for over 30 years dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Charlotte has restored the estate from scratch, which now serves as a hotel where every room is unique from the last.



e, Spain

Photos courtesy of Trasierra

“As a decorator, I have always liked the idea of decorating a hotel—but not the average and standard hotel with all the rooms the same. I always liked the idea of creating different little worlds in each room.” Charlotte Scott





“Although the house was pretty much uninhabitable, the position, the setting and the surrounding countryside were breathtakingly beautiful—magnificent in their vast emptiness—and the feeling of peace were overwhelming. Looking around, I knew that this was the view I wanted to see for the rest of my life!” Charlotte Scott




Photo Courtesy of Wanderlust Festival,

ritual Guides

Spiritual Guides are inspirational people from across the globe that we have carefully selected. These Guides are from all walks of life, that have followed and continue to follow their passion. Here, we get some insight into their most Sacred places and people in health and wellness within their city.

Photo courtesy of Mara Branscomebe



Currently the Director of Rise Yoga, Mara hosts international yoga retreats, and teaches corporate wellness and yoga at various studios in Vancouver. In her classes, you can expect to be challenged and awakened through unique sequencing, articulate asana, grounding meditation, and enlivening pranayam practice. Mara is greatly inspired by her studies in Shamanism and is a full mesa carrier in the Incan Shaman tradition. She works with professional athletes and teaches the Vancouver Canucks, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the dancers of Kidd Pivot. Or you can be sure to find her teaching to thousands at Wanderlust Festival, Whistler.



Favorite place to meditate: Jericho Beach. Juice bar: Sejuiced on Fourth Ave, Kitslano. Mentor in your city: Mary Jo Fetterly. Healthy Foodie Joint to Eat at: Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe & Pie Shop at Fourth and Dunbar. Yoga Studio: One Yoga, Semperviva Yoga, Yyoga.

Spiritual Guides

Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe & Pie Shop

Semperviva Yoga

Favorite Retreats or Festival: Haramara Retreat Centre, Sayulita, Mexico. Wanderlust Whistler, Vancouver Folk Fest, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Spiritual Guides

Mara Teaching at Wanderlust Whistler Photo courtesy of Mara Branscombe

Front And Company, Vancouver

Trout Lake Farmer’s Market

Spiritual Guides

Museum of Anthropology

Wholesome Market: Sunday Farmer’s Market at 10th Ave West and Vine on Sunday, or on Saturday at Trout Lake. Health Food Shopping: Whole Foods Market. Personal Sanctuary: A secret beach close to my house - with a crystal clear view of the ocean and the mountains where I practice yoga and meditation daily.

Healer: Soma Massage Therapy, 1340 Nanaimo Street Clothes/Boutique/Vintage Shop: Front and Company on Main Street. Hidden Gem in your city: The Museum of Anthropology/ Walking along the Spanish Banks.

Ian & Vanessa Founders of Spiritual Gangster, the yoga inspired clothing brand. Spiritual Gangster promotes healthy living through the mind, body and spirit and feeds someone in need through every product purchased. Photo courtesy of Spriritual Gangster

Spiritual Guides


FAVORITE PLACE TO MEDITATE: AN: with my tai chi class at Kivel Assisted Living. VANESSA: by the Ocean. JUICE BAR: Â IAN: Kaleidoscope Juice, Scottsdale, AZ. VANESSA: pressed Juicery and Juice Served Here. HEALTHY FOODIE JOINT TO EAT AT: IAN: True Food Kitchen. VANESSA: Pita Jungle.

True Food Kitchen Photo courtesy of


WHOLESOME MARKET: ANESSA: Whole Foods. IAN: Whole Foods. PERSONAL SANCTUARY: VANESSA: Mi Amo Spa in Sedona. IAN: Same. HEALER: VANESSA: Max Van Orman. IAN: Same. YOGA STUDIO: IAN: Fit Republic or Life Power Yoga. VANESSA: Madison Improvement Club.

Madison Improvement Club Photo courtesy of


WHAT RETREAT OR FESTIVAL: ANESSA: Coachella and Lollapalooza. IAN: Wanderlust. UPCOMING EVENTS IN YOUR CITY: VANESSA: Drake vs Lil Wayne IAN: Zac Brown Band CLOTHES/BOUTIQUE/VINTAGE SHOP: VANESSA: Spiritual Gangster clothes at the Kaleidoscope Juice Store in Old Town, Scottsdale.  IAN: Same. HIDDEN GEM IN YOUR CITY: VANESSA: McCormick- Stillman Railroad Park with kids.  IAN: Same.

Mi Amo Spa Photo courtesy of


Sacred Lifestyles appreciates the necessity to fill your life with elements that contribute to all aspects of one’s well-being. Practice and Learn focuses on the human ability to apply this particular mentality to everyday pursuits that can better all aspects of your life from physical to spiritual to mental. Photos courtesy of

& Learn

Sacred’s purpose is to motivate its readers by having them absorb the cultural and wide spectrum of eclectic practices, to have them learn and continue on with life feeling balanced, fulfilled and inspired.


By: Our Sacred Advisor, Eric Childs Founder & CEO of Kombucka Brooklyn

What is Kombucha? Kombucha is probiotoc tea. Tea and sugar fermented by a culture of bacteria and yeast. We call that culture a SCOBY, symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.  Once together the tea and sugar are fermented by the SCOBY into an array of organic acids, probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins.   Having been around for more than 2,000 years, the ancient Chinese called it the ‘Immortal Health Elixir’. Meaning? It has a slew of health benefits that have brought

together the drinks avid following. Some of these benefits include: detoxification, in that kombucha is rich in many of the enymes and bacterial acids that our bodies produce and use to detox our systems, which in turn reduces your pancreatic load and eases the burden on your liver. Kombucha is also known to aid your joints, as it contains glucosamines, a strong preventive known for treatment of arthritis. Kombucha is a probiotic beverage that aids digestion. This alone has a number of benefits including fighting candida, mental clarity, as well as reduce and eliminate symptoms of fibromylagia, depression and anxiety.

Practise & Learn Making Kombucha is Easy! Simply make a strong batch of tea. Sweeten that tea with sugar.  Dilute that strong tea with water to the volume of your brew vessel. Then inoculate with SCOBY and liquid starter (already brewed kombucha to lower your PH and get the brew jump started). Cover the vessel with a cloth, as the SCOBY needs to breath and let sit for 7-21 days at room temperature (72 - 78F).  It’s done when you say it’s done.  Shorter ferm time for sweet and a longer ferm time for sour.   Once complete, blend with flavor or bottle straight up.  By letting it sit out of the fridge in the bottle for a few days, carbonation will form. After secondary fermentation put it in the fridge to condition, (making it tastier) and enjoy!

Kombucha Brooklyn recipe for you to try at home: Kombuchman’s Straight Up Recipe - For a 1 Gallon Brew 5 grams black tea like Darjeeling, Yunnan black, or English Breakfast 4 grams green tea like Dragonwell or Gunpowerder 3 grams white tea Shu Mee (Bai Mudan) 1 cup organic cane sugar Brew at 76F for 12days. Bottle and let secondary ferment for a further 14 days.   Add a kick of flavor - BlueberryGinger In each bottle add: 1 tbsp dried or fresh blueberries 3-6 pieces of fresh or dried ginger Let secondary for 3 days.

Kombucha Brooklyn Tips for Bottling Kombucha Brooklyn Tips for Brewing • There is no “right” time to cease the ferment. It’s up to you! Do you like it sweet or sour? If it goes too long and becomes kombucha vinegar, use it in dressings or marinades! Kombucha is healthy and alive from the time you inoculate until the time it turns to vinegar so have at it at any time!

• Make sure brewing area, jar, pot, hands and utensils are clean and free of soap residue. If you use antibacterial cleaners, make sure the items are well rinsed.

• When you’ve deemed your buch ready for bottling, there will usually be two SCOBYs: the one that came with the kit, and the newly formed SCOBY that has developed on the surface. Using clean hands, remove these two SCOBYs and place them in a clean, covered container. Next, remove 1-1⁄2 cups of your ‘buch to use as liquid starter in your next batch. Pour the rest of your ‘buch into resealable bottles. We have sweet 32-oz amber glass growlers in our online Brew Shop—the perfect vessel to protect your homebrewed buch while it mellows post-fermentation!.

• Steep all six tea bags in hot water for 20 mins. Do NOT do this step in the fermentation jar - this step should be performed in a vessel that can withstand high temperatures, i.e. the pot used to boil the water. The tea you use should be simple, unflavored teas - Earl Grey and other flavored teas are NOT recommended as they contain volatile oils that may affect your brew. Stick with basic teas for primary fermentation, and flavor when you bottle.

• Brew about 1⁄4 gallon (4 cups) of water to a boil.

Sacred Home Sacred Home is a special element of Sacred Lifestyle. It is a porthole into the wondrous living spaces that are inspirational. This section explores how anyone can create sanctuaries that allow them to live a more sacred and well-balanced lifestyle.

Giefer Residence Photographs by Brian Hodges

The Giefer Residence Sebastian and Cheryl Giefer’s Paradise in Toro Canyon.

Sacred Home

The Giefers came across their dream house while driving by Toro Canyon 14 years ago. They then hired design team – Brett Ettinger and Pamela Ferguson to help design their new home.

Sacred Home

Sacred Home

With respect to the original design by Architect icon Paul Tuttle, they wanted to start over with a new and original concept. The result is a paradise with breathtaking views of the Channel Islands and Canyon below.

Sacred Home



San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Photo courtesy of Explora,



A Sacred Goddess

EUVA – her name hints to international intrigue and to a life lived-well. This globally renowned artist, collector, jet-setter and iconic designer to the world’s musical superstars, celebrates the sun, land, water and air of her beloved Todos Santos, Mexico. It’s here where you might find her welcoming guests to Mixitica, her hidden treasure-in-the-sand brimming with vintage and original designs, artisanal jewelry, paintings, eclectic collectables, and indigenous textiles. She never tires of sharing her tales of her fast-paced life with celebrities before they became household names. Equal measures of grace, humility and natural beauty act as a beautiful veneer to Euva’s powerhouse engagement as an environmental activist and a humanitarian.

Photograph by Virginia Macdonald


Euva with Paula Rafleson of CafĂŠ Santa Fe Photographer Virginia Macdonald


“To the two Sacred Goddesses who have so generously invited me to express my sacredness, I ask you to accept these spontaneous ramblings from my heart to yours” Euva

Tell us about your childhood. What was it like growing up when you were a child? As a young child living in the remote depths of the Amazon jungle in a tribe whose mode of communication was focusing on a thought, an image, I took it for granted that we all had the ability to transmit a thought simply by envisioning it and projecting it mentally to the desired recipient who would receive our thought image and reply just as we reply to emails today. It was not until I was transplanted to the civilized world that I realized I was different and considered psychic, for possessing basic knowledge of concentration, of plants and of the natural world.  A simple life replete with daily challenges was my early schooling. Nature was a strict teacher. A misplaced footstep could prove fatal. Learning to listen to the myriad messages of the birds, trees, plants insects, predators and prey was imperative for the survival of  the micro community where my father had made an emergency landing due to my mother going into premature labor. I was born dead and left to be buried by a handful of natives who ventured out of the forest to gape at the monster which had fallen from the sky.  They pointed my father to the river’s edge to be picked up by canoes and take my unconscious mother to a doctor in the nearest village. As fortune would prevail, I was not buried but taken to their shaman healer who kneaded me like dough, set my dislocated bones, reshaped my

mishappen head, wrapped me in herbs, tied me to a cross, and blew life into the body which had been dismantled by my father’s pulling and tugging to get me out of my  mother’s womb.  My mother remained in convalescence for months in the nearest town up the river. When my father finally returned to see about getting the broken wing repaired and  getting his plane out, he was presented with what he assumed was an effigy, an amulet. He couldn’t imagine that the tiny creature strapped to the cross was his surviving daughter. It took him a while to realize that the people who miraculously put his plane back together with sophisticated natural resources had been about to be extinguished by him had my mother not gone into labor at that very opportune moment when I decided to make my entrance into the world. He had been contracted to dynamite the area in order to construct a road from the coast. He had been ignorant of the myriad communities existing and thriving in the jungle. I spent my first years with my shaman nana. She was midwife, doctor, and spiritual guide throughout the surrounding settlements  scattered up and down the river. I had been taken to meet my biological mother when I was six months, newly untied from the cross, but we instinctively recoiled from each other and by mutual consent I was returned to the care of my nana whose presence was my haven. There I remained in her care absorbing by osmosis the simple truths of nature  which have served me throughout my entire life.

“ I am divinely guided and anything I do I do only if it feels good and natural to me�

Photographer Virginia Macdonald

You have led such an extraordinary journey, what were some of your most memorable moments? When I was six years old my father transplanted my nana and me to the asphalt jungle where I found it increasingly difficult to relate to my own family. I detested proper clothes and longed to wear skins and feathers and paint vivid colors on my arms and face. My three older brothers called me the savage witch because I preferred being alone in the dark talking to spirits. I abhorred school. I learned to read and write on my own and found the children of my age extremely dull. My nana shared my despair and shortly after she died, during what the doctor’s called an epileptic fit, I knew to be a shock to her natural spirit. I blocked this sorrowful experience from my memory until much later when during a psychedelic experiment with Dr. Timothy Leary. The entire vision of her dramatic end  unlocked and shook me to the core. What does “true happiness” mean to you? Mine was not the carefree innocence of childhood. I was not indolent or easygoing. I did not enjoy the mindless distractions of a simple child. I was perturbed emotionally by the unkind acts of unconscious aggression toward the humble and defenseless practiced by just about everyone around me and I took to their defense, making me easy prey for emotional torture. I was called crocodile tears because I spent my childhood crying for the poor, the hungry, the abused and the abandoned. Mine was a universal sorrow which no one understood, certainly not me.  It is not to say that I did not know happy moments, but my happiness depended on the wellbeing of those whose misfortune I felt my own.  My happiest moments were spent in solitude in front of a mirrored armoire speaking intimately to my dearest and only friend,

my reflection. There I sat and poured my sorrows in a darkened corner of a room, illuminated by flickering candle light. That to me was and still is a bliss. Jimi Hendrix and I had that in common. Was there a moment you realized you were not headed in the right direction? I know nothing of right or wrong directions. I don’t know how to read maps. I do and say what comes to me from me because I have always known that I am divinely guided and have a special gift which is my duty to express. I am a know it all, a divine oracle. It comes off as arrogance to some until they get to know me. At the age of 15, when my younger sister died of leukemia, a switch went off and I immediately left  all the sadness behind to take part in the frivolity going on all around me. It was perfect timing. I came of age in Paris and America during one of the most phenomenal epochs of the last century, the 60’s when the entire universe was undergoing a youth quake, experiencing a true moment of peace and love in times of war and all its horrors.  My teens were the antithesis of my earlier years. I lived a life I could never have imagined let alone wished for, a fairy tale of make beliefs.  I have had my dose of love, fame and fortune and the innate ability to attract that and those who are perfect for me at the time and place. I am not one for making decisions . I go where I go and do what I do without any thought of mistakes. Mistakes are not part of my make-up. I am divinely guided and anything I do, I do only if it feels good and natural to me. I take only that which is meant for me and decline that which is offered to me but deserved by others who have worked for it.  I am not easily tempted. I am a courageous spiritual explorer. Though physically cautious and timid,  I like to challenge my own status quo, see what I am made of. I don’t feel a victim yet I am guileless, gullible and trusting to a fault.

I am vulnerable, though I have never been taken advantage of without my permission. Was there ever an instance where you feared that you weren’t living out your destiny? I have always felt a heroine in my own epic novel. I weigh the consequences of my actions and can tell immediately when I miss a step but I don’t try to correct it. I simply follow through and see where it takes me. I like side roads and detours. I seldom take the straight way.  I seem to have a point of reference, a vision and all the time in the world to get there. I enjoy the journey because I actually don’t have a destination in mind but I do recognize it when I get there. At times circumstances unsettle me  to the point where I  cannot see through the mist but those are the times when I learn the most valuable lessons and I embrace them as part of the growing pains of our human evolution. Yes of course I am subject to occasional


bouts of self-doubt and fear that I am not doing what I came here to do in this lifetime, but I justify my lack of ambition with my understanding of reincarnation. There’s always another lifetime. Life presents challenges to everyone. Can you share some of your own and how have they helped you shift your journey? When I was 15 years of age I took on a persona very unlike of my former. I remember the day it all shifted. My mother received a call from the hospital that my sister had died during the one night my mother decided to leave her

bedside and come home to get a night’s sleep. I remember clearly feeling a deep sigh of relief and the sensation that I had been set free. In fact that afternoon I took my baby sister to see Born Free which was showing at a local cinema. I felt light and happy though the movie was emotionally devastating. It was that day that I took a fifteen year sabbatical from sadness and embarked on the path of joy. I may have felt remorse that it had been her and not me who deserved to live. I became very gregarious, foot loose and fancy free. I set off to conquer the world. The world was ripe for conquering. Photo by Blasius Erlinger

g Everywhere I went, everything I did, everyone I met, simply adored me. Doors were flung open for me, opportunities were given to me without my asking, I met and befriended some of the legends of our times in the moment when we needed what each had to offer, an unlimited imagination and the ability to manifest and  enhance our impact on the world which was rapidly devouring and spewing out geniuses by the thousands in all fields of creative endeavors. I had the great fortune to play/work alongside my peers  and learn from my heroes, all masters of art, literature, film, music, dance and sport. It was truly intoxicating. By the time I was twenty five I had accomplished what it takes most people a lifetime. I had fortune, a glamorous life, loving partners, two mystical children. The following fifteen years were variations of the same theme. I was forty when  I had another radical shift. It was time to assimilate and regurgitate, return to the inner self I had put on the shelf. I am now sixty five years of age. The past twenty five years since I made the shift have been very challenging years. The path of the heart is bittersweet, strewn with unfathomed joy and sorrow. As my spiritual guide I chose a horse, my guru. That horse, Crazy Bullet, as he was aptly named before I changed it to Inca, destroyed my life. He tore it to shreds physically and figuratively. In so doing, he humbled me and taught me to regain my power which had been dispersed and given away throughout the previous twenty five years. It took him and  a herd of sixteen wild unruly horses to set me straight, to put me back on the track from which I had veered in order to understand


the machinations of humanity so that I could honestly empathize, know from personal experience that which cannot be imagined by a solitary wistful child. Once I embarked on this journey, there has been no going back. For better or for worse this is the challenge of my lifetime. I am here, as we all are, to serve, to heal ourselves and our world. We have chosen this life in order to participate in a tremendous transformative energy shift which is now in progress. We each have our unique gift, our specific healing art which is essential at this time and place. We have reached a point of no return and we must take charge of our responsibilities. This is no universe for the weak of heart or spirit. It takes every ounce of courage we can muster to make this necessary shift so that we can all rise above our limitations and manifest the

miraculous quantum leap into the unknown. We must generate a frequency so powerful that it can illuminate all the dark corners and crevices of our mother planet. We must humbly give back that which we have taken from her without permission. We must return it to the source. Together with the power of God we can transmute all shadowed substance into purity of cosmic light. We are all on this journey together. Some of us are leaving and progressing into the next dimension. Others are staying behind to guide new arrivals. Wherever we are, whatever method we choose, we are all on this journey together doing our part, bad, good and ugly.. One heart beating to the rhythm of love in all its many splendors. Photographer Brian Hodges

Who or what inspires you? I have always been inspired by my personal sense of beauty, attracted to all that is fair and noble yet quirky in essence and form. Provocative irregularities and imperfections are particularly attractive to me. I love life as magical, cruel, unjust and miraculous as it can be. I am inspired by an inner energy which is activated in a myriad unexpected ways. I can feel inspired by the tenacity and might of a single ant. I love classical music in minor keys. I can live vicariously through the works and creations of those I truly admire. I am moved by some of my own. I am humbled by the simplicity of authenticity in any shape matter and form. I am not dependent on outer circumstances or surroundings for inspiration. My creativity springs from an inner source in a mysteriously unpredictable manner which I cannot confine or describe in words. I just let is spew, this uncontrollable creative regurgitation of that which I have ingested, digested and excrete from the depths of my soul. I am in awe. What does following your dreams mean to you, and do you believe you have done this?  I don’t think of myself as a dreamer. My dreams are inhuman epics impossible to recall let alone follow. The rare times I have recalled a sleeping dream in detail I realized it was but a memory which I felt compelled to manifest in the third dimension. In these rare dreams I recall former lives. One in particular as a jeweler in Peru during the time of the Spanish conquest. Following that dream I created a collection of pure gold encrusted emerald amulets impressive enough to attract a discerning clientele which financed a decade of spectacular creativity. I myself marveled at how all that liquid gold seemed to pour from antiquity so fluidly through me. Yes, I do

follow such dreams. They are the source of my creativity. In another dream I was a reigning terror, a severe autocrat who was beheaded in a darkened corridor by one of my own court. Following that dream I veered off a beaten path one afternoon and recognized the setting in an abandoned crumbling castle in the south of France. I knew exactly the hiding place of the keys. For days I travelled up and down those dark corridors until I recognized the spot where I had lain. I settled in for a few months to read ancient manuscripts and found a  crumpled sheet of pornographic gibberish signed by the Marquis De Sade. I chatted in fluent archaic French with the surrounding faded nobility. Yet  another dream directed me to follow the wild crazy horse who humbled me to my knees and opened up a new world in which I found myself immersed in the cult of the horse, the most ancient matriarch society in which I have been living the past two decades. I live my dreams.  The most important thing you learned through your personal journey? The most important recognition I have made during my life journey is that life is truly a miracle. It is magical, pure luxury. We must consider it a great privilege to be alive in this world and take nothing for granted. It may appear that the world is in great turmoil, that it is unjust, that there is far too much suffering but that too is part of the miracle. Life is a continuous circle of birth life and death and for some like me rebirth, as we humans experience it from our very narrow perspective. We come to this plane to experience being human. I know from my own experience that it is a choice we make and seem to forget in order to freely indulge in all manner of experiences dictated by our personal stage of evolution. I have made the choice to take responsibility for my


Photographer Virginia Macdonald

thoughts feelings and actions. I have often disregarded this responsibility and suffered the consequences. Some justifiably rewarding, others despairingly humiliating and accumulatively troublesome. We cause our own success and our own demise. No one is exempt from this freedom of choice, no matter how convincingly appearances point otherwise. Yes, we can lend a hand and we can be of assistance to the less fortunate. I am here to serve however, living the cult of the horse. What is a quote you live by? Where lies a will lies a way... I imagine, therefore I am... Live and let die.... I do unto you as I would have you do unto me...  Don’t worry, go shopping.... All we need is love and a lot of magic....Do it!  These are some of the sacred creeds to which I adhere.  What is sacred to you? Everything, everyone, everywhere is sacred. No exemptions.


Photographer Lois Pierris

g “ Thank you so very much for inviting me into your Sacred Lifestyle.  What an honor!”


Photographer Virginia Macdonald


Brigitte Bardot

French former actress, singer, and fashion model, who later became an animal rights activist. In 1986, she established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. To learn more and donate, please contact the Brigitte Bardot Foundation’s Frank Guillou: Photograph by Terry O’Neill

How did your relationship/connection with animals motivate your advocacy towards becoming a voice for them? I was born with a love for animals within me. This became more and more important to me over the years. What was the transition like from film icon to committed animal activist? It was very hard, very difficult and sometimes even extremely discouraging. You don’t change from your star lifestyle; protected and escorted around, then the next day take the plunge into the trying task of being an animal rights activist. I was mocked and ridiculed, but my drive and my courage allowed me to triumph over multiple obstacles and arrive, finally at whom I have become and what my foundation has become. Do you believe you have found true happiness through this change? Certainly not happiness! Seeing for the length of days, weeks, and years, animals that are injured, dying, sick, tortured, abandoned, euthanized, executed, and experimented on brings nothing but tears and sadness, but coming in and saving some of them, it’s a feeling of success and victory. I’ve always been in charge of my destiny. What made you start a foundation of your own as opposed to continuing your work with a variety of other foundations and causes? I’ve created a foundation that is seriously recognized for its public services by the counsel of the state and is an exact reflection of what I figure is a wonderful and unique foundation in France -- It’s made in my image.

What is your greatest triumph or favorite project you have been a part of through your foundation? There is no one great triumph; up until now they’re all the same. Succeeding at the outlawing of all products made of seal skin took us 30 years to accomplish. The next victory we’ve been waiting 30 years to accomplish. I’ve asked the government to give this to me for my 80th birthday --We’ll see! What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? To follow your dreams is to idealize the harsh reality -- dreams enable us to live everyday life -- it’s better to fix one goal and do all there is to obtain it. That’s what I did. What is the most important thing you have learned through your personal journey? The cruelty of humans is unlimited -- I’ve learned that courage, also, is unlimited. How would you urge others to take action against animal cruelty? To start reducing their consumption of meat -- if we love animals, we don’t eat them. The tragic and frightening torture of animals at the slaughterhouse is a sight so much more cruel than people can imagine, when they see it, they fall unconscious. Who/what inspires you? I revitalize myself by being close to animals, in the eyes of my dogs, in my little chapel, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and by listening to classical music. What is a quote you live by? The strength to overcome. What is Sacred to you? Life!


Photographs provided by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation’s Frank Guillou: Frank.Guillou@

What best describes your personal journey in life? I am a seeker, pearl diver, (and a true seeker cannot accept any teachings), romantic rebel, I believe in no power, no authority, I believe in independence of the mind, the great journey of the spirit. It is always so intense, always so involved into making art, creating this bridge for the people to discover the unknown, always vanishing before the end, always in a state of trance, of creation, antennas out, on fire, filled with desire and fantasies, always on the edge, in between insanity and illumination, sleepless, obsessed by visions, in lust, always searching, reaching, in exile, running, to meet the spirits at the gates of the brave new world.

carlito dalceggio

Photograph by Stephane Cocke

What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen?

What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this?

The phenomenal attraction for the unknown, the fascination for mystery, the taste of danger, the constant search for truth and thrills, the profound love and respect for art as the key to reach infinity and provoke peace on earth in exile, at the speed of light, from the modern world, never really being understood, to remain abstract is to remain free. I was never part of society; I am crossing the modern century leaving a trace of colors.

I only live to follow my dreams, to evolve, to transcend, to fulfill all my desires, to experience, to write my own legend, to create my own myths, to destroy all rules, to reach the movement of the universe, to touch immortality. I’ll never surrender, it’s a vertical road trip to the edges of the world, without a safety net. I believe that life is an experiment and we must push it, we must celebrate the universe, abuse of life, abuse of magic. I am, perhaps, a modern Icarus, in utopia, but I will never let go of that sacred vision.

Do you believe you have found true happiness through this journey? Happiness to me is a state of mind that is part of a bigger thing. I seek for something higher, something more fragile; the reason to exist, the secret of the universe, the bridge between life and death, immortality, darkness and light. I travel from despair to sacred euphoria, to explosive joy to absolute solitude to revelation and desolation; a very intense road, without rest. I provoke myself. I am always on the edge of a discovery. I am made of all opposites and I believe in everything, all at the same moment. Who/what inspires you? Movement inspires me. Gypsies, the wind, chaos and freedom, eroticism. Love is the fuel, passion, psychedelic plants (Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca), sex sacred, altered states of consciousness, music, freedom warriors, infinite lovers, the miracle of nature, mythology, ancient and new myths, legends, and mystery inspires me. Desire, culture, poets, dancers, all the arts, all the great spirit who make this world a better place. Children, hands on a piano, the greatest music, unique culture, original minds, rebels, dreamers, dionysus, le minotaure, leda and the swan, great masters, the desert and the ocean, the migration of the monarch butterflies.

What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? Knowledge is emotion. You must transform everything you learn into fire, into light. You must create, out of all elements of this world, your own personal culture. Freedom is a lifelong fight, a lifelong enigma that will be revealed the moment of your death. I learn more every day, truth is not motionless, she is always ahead, moving forward, passion, imagination and inspiration will give us the key to a magic destiny. Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? I want to create a giant sculpture-totemfountain in a city where all free spirits come and gather around days and night to be inspired, to be released, to be uplifted, to be free for a few moments, always. This unstoppable creation of paintings that are to me freedom flags, ritual of liberation, to build an infinite labyrinth of liberation, love, love, love. World causes you believe strongly in? Inner revolution to provoke Universal Liberation (universal peace). The end of all wars everywhere, the end of all boundaries everywhere.


Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? Our life is borrowed, our spirit is borrowed and our presence on planet earth is an exceptional gift from the universe. This planet is our host and we should make everything to bring her back closer to her original essence. What is a quote you live by? Every day I write new ones, I believe in constant change, I believe we need to abandon memories and some truth to dive deeper. Today it will be - “Your weapons against me are like the wind in a Magnolia Tress�.

Artist Carlito Dalceggio Photograph by Stephane Cocke

Photograph by Olivier Spillebout

What is Sacred to you? Life and death - the relation and intimacy between them, love, art, passion, devotion, dedication, pleasure, joy, sadness, solitude, brushes, time, fear, friendship, animals, trees, fossils, moon and sun, language, evolution, lighthouses, sails, violins. Euphoria is sacred. Provocation, rebellion, voice, screams, every second, my breakfast, this apple, this book, your eyes are sacred, this red wine, this kiss, tomorrow, candlelight, mystery, all legends and myths, making love, taking drugs, diving, flying, loving, sharing, provoking, evoking...


Artist Carlito Dalceggio Photograph by Stephane Cocke

Deborah Samuel

Deborah Samuel was quickly recognized for the distinct style of her fashion photographs and for her intuitive and intense portraits. She became an in demand editorial portrait photographer, while her later works evolved into formal portrait studies of animals and nature that can be seen in museums worldwide.


What best describes your personal journey in life? Growth. What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? A love of imagery in conveying the essence of whatever subject matter I work with. Do you believe that you have found true happiness throughout this journey? Yes Who/what inspires you? Author John O’Donohue What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? To live presently and follow your hearts desires. What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? Acceptance is ones greatest ally. Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? To continue to do challenging work that communicates. World causes you believe strongly in? Raising consciousness with regard to animal rights. What important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? To all live peacefully and compassionately with respect for the natural world. What is a quote you live by? The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it. What is Sacred to you? Love.


Artist Deborah Samuel


Artist Deborah Samuel

Fuchsia from Passing Series Copyright 2006

JosĂŠ Micard Teixeira

Teixeira is an author, Life & Executive Coach (International Certified Coach by ICC International Coaching Community) and a motivational speaker. He is a teacher of human nature and behaviours. Photo courtesy of JosĂŠ Micard Teixeira

Sacred Words What is Sacred to you? “All that we are is sacred. Everything we do is sacred. Everything we have is sacred. In fact, everything in life is sacred. The problem exists because we do not believe in it and confuse faith with obligation, freedom with sin and forgiveness with fear. On behalf of all this, we demand too much of others and ourselves. On behalf of all this, we bind ourselves to things that should never be obligations. Nothing in life should be imposed. Everything should come from who we are being at this moment, otherwise we forget too easily the existence of the sacred and let stand in its place ruptures, ingratitude and indifference.�

Gianandrea Marcaccini

Former Basketball Star and Owner of LA’s popular gelato joint with the rest of the Marcaccini family, Villa Dolce Gelato.

What motivated you to make such a change in your life? The biggest driving force for me to make a life change was when I lost the ability to speak after a surgery had gone bad. I was diagnosed with severe Bilateral Thoracic outlet and I had surgery when I was 22 years old while I was in College. This is where all the nerves and arteries that go to your hands from the back of your neck are getting compressed. They remove your top rib which is next to your collar bone and remove the scalene muscle which is a muscle in your neck. After this surgery I had a great difficulty speaking.

Nerve damage was done and every time I spoke the muscles in my neck would spasm and I felt like I was choking. I also had a lot of problems using my hands. So for 3 years I really went without talking and had limited use of my hands. The first year I didn’t want to live and I lived with a lot of anger on what happened to me. I was angry at the doctors, I was angry at God, and I was angry at the world. This only made my symptoms worse. One day I finally surrendered. I said to myself I know this is part of my personal journey and that all this is happening for a reason. Do you believe you have found true happiness through this change? Yes I do believe I found true happiness! By surrendering and truly accepting what had happened to me, I opened myself up to a higher power. Instead of my ego trying to fix the situation I had faith and let whatever was supposed to happen, happen. My attitude became positive even with very tough circumstances and the pain although still bad became manageable. I began to focus on what and who I would be when my voice returned.

How did you realize you were not headed in the right direction? At the time of my sickness I was playing Division one basketball and I wanted to play professionally overseas. I was putting a good amount of pressure on myself. I don’t think that was a healthy way to live. I was motivating myself by fear of failure and because of that I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. Even though Thoracic outlet was what I was diagnosed with, I believe the illness came to me to make me a more balanced person.

What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? His answer today is a lot different than it would be 15 years ago. 15 years ago I would have said something like make lots of money or become a professional basketball player and I would put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve those goals. Goals are important to me but what’s more important to me than my external circumstances are enjoying the moment and the journey, being aware of how I feel at all times is important to me. I always try to be grateful. I appreciate just being healthy.

Share an instance where you felt fear that you weren’t living out your destiny. I currently own an Italian gelato company with my brothers. Sometimes I get really frustrated with mistakes at work. Sometimes I feel that fear of not being successful creeping back in. Now I become conscious of it and let it go. I try not to major in the minors as they say. Who/what inspires you? Ghandi’s story is vey inspitational to me. Also anyone who is on the spirtual path is an inspiration to me. What is a quote you live by? “Focus your attention on the now and tell me what problem you have this moment” -Eckhart Tolle. Photo courtesy of Ganandrea Marcaccini

Brian is an award-winning travel and portrait photographer based in Santa Barbara, CA., and has captured images in more than 50 countries.

All photos by Brian Hodges

You have been exposed to so many cultures around the world what culture have you found has influenced you the most? Well, at my core I guess I’m “Californian”. 4th generation. I spent 10 years living in France, and almost as many years living in Mexico and Central America. I think we end up taking our native culture for granted. Leaving my country and moving to France at the age of 25 was immensly changing. I had to learn not just a new language, but also a new culture. This had a deep and lasting impact in my life. Whero de you think the direction of photography is following? We live in a world where we are constantly innundated with images. I’m delighted that more and more people are cultivating their visual litteracy. In my opinion, there will always be a market for the considered image and more importantly the photographic print. What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? This is a work in progress. The hardest part for me is to have the courage to dream without limit, to fully articulate my vision and claim it as something to live for is an ongoing challenge. I’ve learned that quite simply in life you only find what you are looking for. Share an instance where you felt fear that you weren’t living out your destiny. My life has taken many turns so far. I’ve had a whole career working as a software engineer writing code to control satellite communications. I’ve lived here…I’ve lived there. I don’t believe that my journey is

one predetermined by destiny. Rather it’s a convoluted path that I’ve cobbled together…one experience leading to another. How has your journey connected you further with the earth and nature? Well intentioned photography consultants have suggested I spend more time in urban environments to “round out” my photo library... They’re probably right. A lot of my work involves unspoiled landscapes and barefoot subjects. In the end, I can’t feel apologetic for this; that’s just what I tend to gravitate towards. What do you think your purpose in the world is? I’m still working that one out. I’ve had the immensely privilege being born in a place and time where I am free to travel as I desire. This is something I don’t take for granted. Through my photography I have the ability to convey stories. This is an immensly powerful tool and I believe my immediate purpose is to use my images to effect positive change on this planet. What is it about travel that you love since it is one of the foundations of your career? I’m insatiably curious. I can’t prevent myself from always wanting to know what is around the next corner. Travel prevents me from being totally on balance. It forces me to reappraise my foundations and inherited belief system. I find that there is almost a spiritual element to learning and living in another culture. As Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

The most important thing you learned through your personal journey? Don’t take life too seriously. Laugh. Who/What Inspires you? The unknown. I’m driven by a deeply rooted sense of curiousity. I can find guiding light in just about anything; a piece of driftwood on the beach and a masterpiece hanging in the Louvre provide equal inspiration for me. What is sacred to you? Every single little thing in the universe. We are all intimately connected and equally important in the big picture (pun intended).

Brian Hodges

Pamela Anderson A Canadian beauty icon and lifelong vegetarian, Pamela is an actress, reality television star, model, and most importantly, an Animal Rights Activist through the Pamela Anderson Foudation.

Photo courtesy of Pamela Anderson

Journey You have talked a lot about reinvention. What motivated you to make a change in your life? Not so much reinvention but a slight re-emergence. I don’t feel I’ve changed. I was an eccentric kid, and I was on spiritual path. It led me to Hollywood where I was side tracked, seduced, and swept up by interesting boys and a career made of bikinis, boobs and gold flowing locks. It either had to evolve or end. I’m fortunate as I grow and I’m still here plugging away at PAF my Foundation. I think I’m on a roll, I’ve picked up where I left off... Do you believe you have found true happiness through this change? True Happiness is a big ASK. I wouldn’t say I’m a happy person. I’m moody, I’m sensitive, and I have a lot of empathy. It takes a lot out of me, but it drives me. Out of all of your experiences, which one has influenced you the greatest? My Grandfather was my biggest influence. He was a mystic, a healer, a poet. We spoke Finnish together. He really helped me through a childhood with young wild parents. He was my Socrates. Then, of course having children has been the most challenging and rewarding practice. Photo courtesy of Pamela Anderson

Your participation with PETA has been highly admired. You’ve been able to connect with animal supporters by communicating and expressing your support through your countless campaigns. What are your thoughts on motivating people to bring awareness in their lives about how our world is mistreating animals? If you you’re good to animals, you’re probably good to humans. It says a lot about someone’s character to think of others,outside ourselves. I’m surprised how self centered people can be when there are so many compassionate choices to be made. Sea Shepherd is another prime example of someone that truly advocates for the fight to improve and strengthen our support with mother nature. How did you come to build a philanthropist relationship with Paul Watson that could allow you to relate with what he supports? Paul is a Warrior. He’s on the front lines and he makes a difference. He started Greenpeace and he wanted to get more active, be more hands on, and created Sea Shepherd. They are incredibly effective. The greatest triumph you experienced in your work to date as a philanthropist and activist? I have a very good feeling about my Foundation. I’m creating an Activist/Artist’s Tenure program — that has never been done before. I have a hard hitting committee that will choose the activists, and we will be meeting once a year. I’m putting it together now. It will support those that are on the front lines of change- Informationists. It’s a new world and I am going to use everything I have to help alleviate some of the suffering in the world, In my way. We all have our own unique ways to contribute. You’ve really given back to the planet through the work you have immersed yourself in over the years. Aside from the physical work and participation that you have become involved with, what qualities about yourself have motivated you to follow a career that gives back? I feel so lucky, how could I not? I think I have an open heart, I felt guilty for all the attention, for no good reason. This career seemed meaningless unless I could use it for good. Share an instance where you felt fear that you weren’t living out your destiny. There were definitely times where I felt off track, but in being vulnerable and stupid, I carved my path. It’s been a bumpy ride. Everyone’s life story is an interesting one, I feel my mistakes and sideway departures, sweetened the stakes, it helped tune me in.

Journey I love my life, I hate my life, I am who I am. I feel like I’m always in trouble - never enough. I’m insatiable - that just might be my destiny? You recently shared pieces of your story with the world. Why did you feel it was important to express your story publicly, aside from motivating people to follow in your philanthropic foot steps? I wanted people to see the human side of me. I am not a Cartoon character, I’m not a nun, I’m a sum of all my experiences, and like everyone, I’ve been hurt. I’ve created a life for myself that makes sense to me, it’s my vehicle, t’s just a fast car. Who/what inspires you? Dame Vivienne Westwood, rebellious, young, free spirited. Hefner, I love the pioneers, the ones who don’t listen to everyone else. I love Noam Chumsky, David Suzuki, Julian Assange. Artists are the freedom fighters of the world. Ed Ruscha, David Lachapelle, my friends, my family. I’m always inspired by Sean Penn. What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? I’ve only had dreams. I never came from riches, I created my life out of real experiences. As a little girl, my fantasy, my imagination, my heart and I wanted to have fun and help. The most important thing you learned through your personal journey? I’m still learning, but empathy is everything. It’s the most important part of the human condition. Without that, we will only be addicted to fame, to Instagram, to selfies- to crap. I pray that it all comes together for good. It seems disconnected and strange this time. It’s creating a breed of people who are useless. A quote you live by? Don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps, they are already there. Search for meaning in everything. What is sacred to you? Trust, but I trust no one.

A man who revolutionized the West Coast house scene and brought the fresh sounds of New York to Los Angeles, Marques has changed the presentation and sound of music.

Photograph by Gigi De Leon


Marques Wyatt What best describes your personal journey in life?

My journey has been colorful, fruitful, blessed, challenging when and where needed. Felt loved and supported throughout.

What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen?

Witnessing how my father who came from humble beginnings and created all he set out to, provided tremendous inspiration in making my dreams come to fruition and non-negotiable.

Do you believe you have found true happiness through this journey?

Yes, because I believe the degree of happiness we experience is in direct correlation to which goggles we choose to see relationships, events and experiences in our lives. All of my lenses have been replaced.

Who/what inspires you?

Nature, art, music and relationships of all kinds.

What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? Without question, I am following, as well as honoring my dreams that are forever changing and e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g.

What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey?

Self-care is essential to my happiness. Love and Ego cannot share the same room.

Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? It’s all about collaboration of all kinds for me now more than ever. Meaning, creatively in music, business etc. This lone wolf at times, is ready to rejoin the pack and impact the community in as many ways as possible with the lessons, experiences and knowledge I’ve acquired along the way.

World causes you believe strongly in?

Any causes which improve the quality of life for those impacted by poverty, whether financial, health or spirit. I believe very strongly in abolishing animal abuse of all kinds. Especially whales are dear to my heart, after spending a significant period of time kayaking with and observing orcas in their natural habitat (off the coast of Vancouver Island) for many years now.

Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about?

Our environment. Unfortunately, it appears that crucial issues such as our water shortage will not be taken seriously until we go to turn on the faucet and nothing comes out. Corporations have become quite masterful through providing enough distraction to keep us desensitized while sleep walking.

What is a quote you live by?

How I relate to an issue is the issue.

What is Sacred to you?


Tell us about your DEEP Exhale yoga collaboration, from the club to the mat. How did you become involved?

Our DEEP Exhale collaboration happened quite organically, because I practice yoga at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement here in Venice and Cristi Christensen from Exhale likes to come dancing at my DEEP Events. This was a great opportunity to provide a platform for my two loves (music & yoga) to coexist. As they say … “Great minds… We then set up a meeting and our two entities jumped into bed (haha). It’s been a beautiful marriage.


Photograph by Jeffrey Delannoy

Gruno is a former president of a multimillion-dollar, Atlanta-based fiber-optic cable company. He is now a devout raw foodie. Today, 14 flavors of Brad’s Raw Chips are selling in 500 grocery stores across the United States.

Brad Gruno

Photo courtesy of Brad Gruno

Journey What motivated you to make such a change in your life? I was overweight, not feeling good, unhappy, and had just experienced a huge business failure. I knew I needed to do something, and at that point I had nothing to lose. Do you believe you have found true happiness through this change? Yes. I am now chasing my passion and sharing that passion with others, and in that I have found true happiness. What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? I believe I’m in the process of achieving this; I have a vision for my company and I’m getting closer to that vision every day. For me, following my dreams has meant combining my company with something I’m passionate about. You know what they say: “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a single day in your life.” Share an instance where you felt fear that you weren’t living out your destiny. After twenty years of being successful in the telecommunications industry, my business crashed. I was in my 40s, and all of a sudden I was depressed, had nothing, and didn’t know where I was going or what I was going to do. It was a very physically and mentally unhealthy period of my life. But I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have that experience.

Who/what inspires you? Seeing my dreams become a reality inspires me. I have learned that if you can visualize something, you can make it happen. How did you realize you were not headed in the right direction? I knew I was not headed in the right direction when I lost everything I had and couldn’t afford gas to go in ANY direction. What is a quote you live by? “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” –Dale Carnegie What is the most important thing to learn through your personal journey? Take good care of yourself and your body and only good things will follow! What is Sacred to you? My company is very sacred to me because it’s a direct result of changing my life and rediscovering myself. I was able to turn my passion into my work, and I think that’s something so many people strive for, and should be cherished when it’s achieved.

India Hicks



From London, England, India Amanda Caroline Hicks is a former fashion model who is 678th in line to the line of succession to the British Throne. Photographs by Brittan Goetz

What best describes your personal journey in life? Love for a life well lived, for travel and adventure. What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? At 18 I backpacked around the world. It was a wonderful alternate education. It opened my eyes and made me more patient, understanding of other ways of life and other religions. I was used to a gypsy existence. Harbour Island felt more like home than the suitcases I had been living out of for several years. Do you believe you have found true happiness through this journey? I live a less than ordinary life in the Bahamas. An adventurous but real life, where there is room to breathe and time to think. Living on a small dot of an island in the Bahamas is a much gentler way of life, amongst a community of people who say good morning and goodnight to one another surrounded by frangipani and palm trees, pretty timber houses painted bright gelato colors with white picket fences, crystals clear waters and exquisite pink sand beaches. Who/what inspires you? I am inspired by so many things: my mother’s extraordinary British heritage, my father’s great archive of daring designs... but mainly, by this small island I live on. What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? 18 years after giving up a more conventional life, the life I live today is a life of family and warmth and love and quite a bit of hard work keeping it all on track. The world is changing and moving very quickly and we need to make sure we stand still every so often and take a deep breath to reevaluate who we are.


Photograph by


What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? Being yourself and no one else. Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? Meeting extraordinary people from all walks of life. World causes you believe strongly in? I do believe that we should try to instill in our children feelings of confidence and a sense of family, from that they take with them a sense of responsibility. I love supporting cottage industries or discovering handcrafted creations with wonderful stories. The Bahamian Breast Cancer Society, my foster son’s mother died of breast cancer. There is very little knowledge of the importance of mammograms in some of the outer island of The Bahamas. The Prince’s Trust helps reach out to young people across the UK, who have faced terrible barriers, preventing them from reaching their full potential: unemployment, time spent in care, criminal records, those who are or have been homeless, and suffer mental or physical health problems. The trust helps these kids develop their confidence, boost their skills, gain sustainable jobs and start their own businesses. The trust was founded in 1976 by The Prince of Wales. His Royal Highness became dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people. The trust delivers on that commitment to this day. Transforming hundreds of thousands of young lives, for the better.


Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? Women in the world. These are the role models I want my daughter, Domino, to see. What is a quote you live by? Have confidence in who you are. There is more in you than you think, my old school motto. What is Sacred to you? The future is always bright, as long as my family is happy, healthy and safe.

Viviana Dean What is Sacred to you? “Sunrises are sacred to me. The quietness of the first minutes of a day are magical and give me the opportunity to be grateful, connect to nature, to my femininity and reflect on how important our ‘here and now’ is. Every new day brings a new feeling and those first moments are sacred to me.”

Sacred Words

Photo courtesy of Viviana Dean


HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE AS SUCH AN INFLUENTIAL PERSON? Ha! I don’t know if I've made a difference yet. But, I'm always going to try. HOW HAS YOUR LIFE CHANGED FROM BEING AN A-LIST MODEL TO AN ACTIVIST? Well it’s been a long journey since then. I’ve been a photographer in Paris the last 20 years. With each if those changes came more responsibility and much needed commitment. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU TO COMMUNICATE AND EDUCATE THE WORLD WITH? That everyone has a voice and it’s our duty to preserve this planet and all those who inhabit it, including animals that are at our mercy.

Former model, who has transformed into a journey of an activist, photographer and film maker. His mission to save the rhinos through his non-profit organization LYONHEARTLOVE and his latest project, a film called Something That Matters inspire us to preserve earth and it’s wild life.

Photograph by Anna Dabrowska

AS THE FIRST AMERICAN TO TREK 1000KM ON FOOT IN AFRICA, THE CREATOR OF LYONHEARTLOVE AND SOMETHING THAT MATTERS, WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD THROUGH YOUR EFFORTS? Well I’m not the first person to walk 1000k I’m sure of that. But, I am the first in a very long time. It’s just impossible to get clearance anymore for this. The guide I joined was able to do that. But, many areas in Africa wouldn’t let us in and it’s very suspicious why. We did that trek to shed a spotlight on the rhino situation simply because a journey like this just isn’t done in today’s climate. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IS YOUR PURPOSE? I’m still figuring that out. I guess I always will be, but I want to die liked, respected and loved. HOW HAS YOUR JOURNEY THROUGH YOUR DISCOVERY OF AFRICA CONNECTED YOU MORE WITH THE EARTH AND ITS WILDLIFE? Well, I was an avid hiker and fisherman with my family. Walking in the bush like we did and sleeping in nature really brought back a love that had been missing most of my adult life. I’m a beach guy from Southern California. I love the sea…and Africa. It’s wild and so beautiful. I’ve been traveling the world and especially Africa over a decade so I was always in love with nature and an animal lover. When I saw up close on foot in the wild life in Africa, wild and free, it brought me to whole new amazing place. Seeing the cruelty man inflicts on them brought me to a place you don’t want to be.

Photograph by Steven Lyon

WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO EMBARK ON THIS JOURNEY? I thought I could for the first time in my life do as the film is called Something That Matters. WHAT MOTIVATED YOU MOST TO TRANSITION FROM YOUR PATH AS A MODEL TO ACTIVIST, FILM- MAKER AND PHOTOGRAPHER? Life moves on. If you’re lucky many chapters. I had my run as a model and I waited 7 years after before I bought my first film camera. I fell in love with that side of the camera and still love it. I guess for me, film making was inevitable the way I saw photography. Film making is so much bigger and my new artistic passion.

Photograph by Joey Skibble

Photograph by Steven Lyon

IF YOU HAD ONE WISH WHAT WOULD IT BE? To be content with where ever I am. I seem to always be searching. WHAT IS A QUOTE YOU LIVE BY? That’s easy... Follow your dreams. NAME THE MOST SPIRITUAL PLACE YOU’VE EVER VISITED. Iceland. I have never felt the touch of Mother quite like that before. WHEN YOU’RE NOT FILMING OR RAISING AWARENESS TO SAVE THE RHINO FROM EXTINCTION, WHAT IS A WAY YOU RECHARGE YOUR SOUL? I go and relax in Greece with my woman and my dog. It’s the only place where I can shut down enough and to read a great book. WHAT IS SACRED TO YOU? The people I love, friends included.

Carolina Kasting

Carolina Kasting Arruda born in Florian贸polis, is a Brazilian actress with a passion for television, theatre and cinema.

Photograph by Alex Falcao

Sacred Words What is Sacred to you? “We are losing the notion of the sacred. Every moment in our lives that established rituals are dissolving silently, getting lost. For me, sacred is what connects us with our personal mythology, which will give us the meaning of life. I live as much as possible in a ritualistic way, because I believe the sacred is not in things but in what we designate them. The stage is - for me - a sacred place. And all forms of arts are permeated with this holiness. To live is an act of sacralizing the invisible.�

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