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what is sacred?

A reminder to all: LIFE IS SACRED, EMBRACE IT. Sacred Lifestyle is a new online community which helps awaken one’s spirit and helps enlighten and inspire us while we continue on our journey. We profile Gurus, Spiritual Guides and Bon Vivants around the world to share their experiences, from healing our bodies to enriching the food we consume to personal utopias and sanctuaries. We would like to invite you to be a part of our journey in sharing our passion, experiences and expertise. photo courtesy of: hotel fasano: las piedras

Food & Heal

lthy Living Not only is food one of humanities basic needs, it is an element that is essential to living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Here we learn about better living through healthy eating and a transformed diet, with delicious recipes and trending food practices.

Photo Credit: Molly Patrick

Sadhana Kitchen

Sydney’s 1st organic raw food cafe: Living Foods, Wholefoods, coffee, desserts, smoothies and tonics - founded by Maz Valcorza. Everything at Sadhana Kitchen is made with love in-house from organic seasonal produce. Dine in the cafe, enjoy their lunchbox delivery service, try their cleanses, experience the raw vegan high tea. Let Sadhana Kitchen cater your next special occasion, delight in their signature seven-course raw food degustation or attend one of our wellbeing classes.

Photo’s courtesy of: James Watkins

Food & Health

Green Machine Smoothie

Starting your day with a green smoothie is a great way to integrate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. This smoothie can be thought of as your insurance policy, helping to make sure that your nutritional requirements are met.

- Recipe makes 500mL


½ cup shredded kale ½ cup chopped lettuce 1 cup frozen chopped banana ½ cup peeled orange segments ½ cup chopped apple 2 sprigs mint 1 tsp spirulina powder 1 tsp lucuma powder 1 tsp reishi mushroom extract (optional) 200 mL filtered alkaline water assembly

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender with the fruit for easy blending. Blend on high speed until super smooth.

C hocolate Mint Slice

Food & Health base

- 1½ cups desiccated coconut - ½ cup almonds - ½ cup cashews - 1 cup dates soaked for 1 hour - 1/3 cup cacao powder - 4 tbs coconut nectar - Pinch of Himalayan pink salt or sea salt mint filling

- 1 ½ cups cashews soaked for 1 hour and then drained - 1 ½ cups coconut oil - 1 tsp spirulina - 4 drops food grade peppermint oil - 1 tbs lecithin - Stevia to taste chocolate topping

- ½ cup coconut nectar - 1 cup cacao powder - ½ cup cashews - 1 tsp vanilla powder - 1 inch knob cacao butter - Pinch of Himalayan pink salt or sea salt


Combine all ingredients for the base in a food processor until the texture of fine crumbs. Press into baking tin lined with non-stick paper.

Blend all ingredients for the mint filling on high speed until smooth. Pour on top of the base. Set in the freezer for 4 hours (or overnight). Once set, remove from the freezer. Blend all ingredients for chocolate topping until smooth. Pour on top of the mint layer. Return to the freezer for another 10 minutes or until chocolate is set.

Molly Patrick

Molly Patrick is the co-founder of, a website dedicated to helping people eat healthier. Molly takes the boring out of healthy and the preachy out of vegan. Her popular Saturday emails are filled with plant based info and new recipes. Photo courtesy of: Molly Patrick

Food & Health Kale Brussels Salad with Sesame Plum Dressing


- 3 cups thinly sliced kale (130g) - 3 cups thinly sliced brussels (240g) dressing

- 1/4 cup tahini (60g) - 3 dates, soaked in hot water for 10 minutes - 1 tablespoon ume plum vinegar (15ml) - 1/4 cup water (60ml) - 1/4 teaspoon salt - Pinch red pepper flakes - Sliced almonds

- Place the sliced kale and the sliced brussels in a large mixing bowl. - Make the dressing by adding the tahini, dates (strain from the water and make sure to remove the pit), vinegar, water and sea salt to the blender. Blend until creamy and smooth. - Pour the dressing over the kale and brussels and massage with your hands until fully incorporated. - Sprinkle some red pepper flakes and sliced almonds on top before you serve.

Mac & Cheese

Food & Health ingredients

- 1 russet potato, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces (1½ cups/ 240g) - 1 cup carrot, chopped (130g) - ¼ of an onion, diced (1/2 cup/ 65g) - 1 tablespoon peeled and diced turmeric (10g) - 3 garlic cloves, minced - 2 cups water (475ml) plus another ½ cup (120ml), divided - ½ cup raw cashews, soaked in water for at least 10 minutes (75g) - ½ cup nutritional yeast (40g) - 1 teaspoon salt (6g) - 1 box of gluten free pasta (brown rice or quinoa pasta are my go to’s)


- Place the potato, carrot, onion, turmeric and garlic in a pan, cover with 2 cups of water and simmer for 20 minutes with the lid on. - After 20 minutes, add the veggies (and the remaining liquid in the pan) to your blender.
 - Drain the cashews and add them to the blender along with the nutritional yeast, sea salt and the additional 1/2 cup of water. - Blend until the sauce is creamy and smooth (about 2 minutes).
 - Cook however much pasta you want according to the directions on the box and then strain and rinse with cold water to stop it from cooking. Return to the pan.
 - Turn heat to very low and pour as much cheese sauce over the pasta as you like. - Add black pepper and salt to taste. note

Pop whatever cheese sauce you have leftover in the fridge and use within seven days. If you’re not a pasta fan, pour over cooked cauliflower. It works just as well.

Simple Black Bean Burgers with Smoked Paprika Burger Sauce

Food & Health for the burger

for the sauce

- 1 onion, chopped - 4 garlic cloves, minced - 1 red pepper, diced - 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed well - 1 can white beans, drained and rinsed well - 1 teaspoon coriander powder (4g) - 1 teaspoon cumin powder (4g) - 1 teaspoon chili powder (4g) - 1 teaspoon red chili flakes - ½ teaspoon sea salt - ¼ cup brown rice flour (35g)

- ¼ cup raw cashews, soaked in water for at least 10 minutes (30g) - ¼ cup tahini (60g) - 1 garlic clove, grated - ½ teaspoon pure maple syrup - ½ teaspoon rice vinegar - ½ teaspoon smoked paprika - ½ teaspoon sea salt - ½ cup water (120ml)



- Pre-heat the oven to 350°f (175°c). - Drain the cashews and place them in a blender - Heat a pan over medium heat for about one along with the tahini, garlic, maple syrup, rice minute and then add the onions. Cook the onions vinegar, paprika, sea salt and water. for three minutes, stirring intermittently. Add 1 - Blend on high until completely smooth (about tablespoon of water if they start to stick. Add 2 minutes). more if necessary. - Add garlic and red peppers and cook for an additional 4 minutes, stirring frequently, adding a little water if things start to stick. - Add beans, coriander powder, cumin powder, chili powder, red chili flakes and sea salt. Stir and cook for 2 more minutes. - Turn off the heat and transfer the mixture to a large mixing bowl. With a potato masher, mash the mixture just until the beans are mashed (they don’t have to be mashed all the way). - Add the rice flour and stir until everything is incorporated. - Shape into 6 equal patties and place on a parchment covered baking sheet. - Place in the oven and bake for 20 minutes on one side, flip and bake for 20 minutes on the other side.


Gurus inspire others through their personal experiences and career expertise. These individuals have worked hard to get where they are today and through their practicing endeavors, they truly make the world a better place.

Pictured: The iconic Jane Goodall Photo Credit: Michael Neugebauer

Barbara Kopple

Photo Credit: Andrew Walker

Barbara Kopple is a two-time Academy Award-winning, documentary filmmaker. Her films often include people’s journey through struggle and triumph. Barbara Kopple brings light to many issues that go unnoticed.

Gurus How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person? I feel honored to be in a position to tell people’s stories and help influence change. It’s a true gift to be able to do this and it’s not something I take lightly because it is a big responsibility. I do my best to create honest films that reveal human truth and potentially motivate change.

career has afforded me opportunities to see and appreciate landscapes and wildlife from Africa to Southeast Asia. Being in awe of nature’s beauty is an experience best shared with others and I have been blessed with many opportunities to do so. What motivated you to embark on this journey?

Early on, I realized how powerful film is as a platform to tell stories. Personally, I found What is the most important thing for you to “seeing” stories unfold before my eyes to be communicate and educate the world with? such a profound and moving experience. To be understanding. People come from all Further, the gift of someone sharing his or her walks of life, live in different countries, speak life with me was such a beautiful thing. It’s different languages, practice different religions, always an honor to be trusted with someone’s etc.—and yet our common experiences far stories and it has motivated me to continue, outweigh the differences, despite the tendency even when times get really tough. among many to emphasize conflict. What do you believe is your purpose? I’ve been fortunate enough to have this incredible platform upon which to tell people’s stories and I believe it’s my purpose to do
 so. I also think it’s my role to draw attention 
to issues that are often ignored by people 
or the media and to engage audiences in a dialogue about these issues. How has your journey connected you more with the earth/nature? I’ve been lucky to go to many places and encounter many different people over the course of my career. My travels have helped me understand just how interconnected we are as people, even if we have vastly different life experiences or live in very different environments. With regard to nature, my

If you had one wish what would it be? My wish is for people to take a moment from their own lives and really think about the lives of those around us. Stopping from time to time and putting yourself in other people’s shoes is both important and necessary for a better society. We always need to strive for understanding and acceptance. What is a quote you live by? “Be there”. It’s more of a mantra than a quote, but I think about it often and repeat it to myself when I’m filming a documentary. It’s so important to be present as much as possible to capture the story and make sure the subjects are comfortable with the camera and crew. If you aren’t there you could miss the little moments and big events that make

documentary films so special. It extends beyond filming. Being emotionally available to the people who are opening their lives to me is really important because they can feel extremely vulnerable and exposed during this time. Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. South Africa. I went shortly after the apartheid regime ended and Nelson Mandela was the newly elected president. I saw a country that had been torn to shreds by hatred, racism and intolerance. I saw firsthand how Mandela— as such an incredible leader—brought a broken nation together with love and peace. For a country and people to embrace forgiveness in a time when they just as easily could have embraced violence and revenge, was truly remarkable and such a spiritual experience. You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul? I recharge by choosing to surround myself with highly intelligent, creative and inspiring people, both in my professional and personal life. My friends and colleagues constantly encourage, energize and keep me from giving up, even when times are the most difficult. There’s nothing better for the soul than that! What is sacred to you? Family is the most sacred part of my life. I am lucky to be able to share my experiences with my family and share in their successes. My son constantly surprises me, supports me, loves me and brings me joy and inspiration. I’m so proud of him, as he helps others as a Chief Resident at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital.

Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz


Chris Grosso

Chris Grosso is a recovering addict who transformed his life to become a public speaker, spiritual director and author. Healing those who are struggling with or recovering from addiction are among one of Chris’ most important goals. Photo courtesy of: Chris Grosso

Gurus How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person? I’m just filled with so much gratitude. Having almost died numerous times as a result of the way I used to live, I feel blessed every single day that I can use the darkness of my past to help others find their own light. I mean, how amazing is that?

What motivated you to embark on this journey? My despair and brokenness. Ram Dass has said, “Suffering is the sandpaper of our incarnation. It does its job of shaping us.” Man, was he right. If you had one wish what would it be? That all beings know true happiness and freedom from suffering. But until that happens, that we
 at least learn to be a little more gentle and compassionate with ourselves, and others.

What is a quote you live by? “We are here to laugh at the odds and live our What is the most important thing for you to lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.” communicate and educate the world with? Compassion, loving-kindness and how each of us — Charles Bukowski can experience it in a direct and personal way so Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. that we can share it unconditionally with others. Alan Watts once said, “The only Zen you’ll 
find Easier said than done, but doable nonetheless. on mountain tops is the Zen you bring up What do you believe is your purpose? there with you.” And I think the same goes for To offer hope to others and be of service in spirituality and “spiritual places” as well. I’ve whatever way I can. Sure, it may sound cliché, visited beautiful places like the Mayan Mexican but there’s nothing my heart is more passionate Jungle, the Rocky Mountains, Rome, Sedona and about than helping others work through the so on, but in my experience, they weren’t any difficult times in their lives so that they can heal in more or any less spiritual than the room I’m sitting a deep and meaningful way. in as I type this right now. How has your journey connected you more with You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a the earth/nature? way you recharge your soul? Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings have deeply Being silly. I’m blessed to have an amazing wife impacted my life, particularly his teachings on and daughter and we all love to be silly and joke interbeing, which states that everything in life is around with one another. It’s very important for co-dependently arising and needs one another in me to laugh and stay connected with my inner order to survive. Meditating on this has helped child because it’s in that lightheartedness that I me deeply experience my interbeing with earth, find my soul really rejuvenates. nature and the totality of life in a most profound and awe inspiring way. What is sacred to you? What isn’t? And I don’t mean that as a throw away answer but rather, quite literally.

Photo Credit: Hugo Van Lawick


Jane Goodall Jane Goodall is a primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace. Ever since birth, Jane Goodall dreamed of helping others and giving them hope for the future. Now, Jane is an activist and works on behalf of endangered species—specifically chimpanzees in order to make the World a better place for all. Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

How does it feel to have made a difference as How has your journey connected you more with such an influential person? the Earth/nature? I was born with certain gifts. One is health. As I travel around the world 300 days a Another is the ability to communicate – with year, although it is mostly city-to-city, lecture writing or via lectures, talks etc. I have done my to meeting or meeting to lecture, I sometimes best to use the second wisely and I am constantly have the opportunity to spend a few days in grateful for the first. Because I care so deeply some wonderful wild places. I return briefly to for the natural world, animals and the future of Gombe twice a year, for at least one day, each our children, I am also really grateful that people time alone in the forest. Because I am so busy, I listen to my message. Every one of us makes a appreciate and love these moments in nature difference – every day. We have a choice as to more than ever. what difference we make. What motivated you to embark on this journey? What is the most important thing for you to From the earliest age I loved animals and books communicate and educate the world with? (no TV when I was a child!). At the age of
eight I read “The Story of Doctor Doolittle” by Hugh The major difference between chimpanzees Lofting. I loved how his parrot, Polynesia, taught and us is the explosive development of the human intellect. So how bizarre is it that the him animal language and when he took animals most intellectual creature that has ever walked from the circus back to Africa. Two years later, I read Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice planet earth is destroying its only home. Our reckless burning of fossil fuels, clearing of Burroughs. That was when my dream began – I forests, polluting air, land and water (especially would go to Africa, live with animals and write the oceans), loss of biodiversity, promotion of books about them. monoculture and GM crops by agribusiness, shrinking supplies of fresh water and so on If you had one wish what would it be? has led to grave concern over climate change: To spend a short time as a chimpanzee, looking the Earth’s temperature is heating abnormally out from their mind and eyes and to be able to fast, leading to frightening rate of melting ice remember how it was. extended droughts, rising sea levels, more What is a quote you live by? frequent and more violent storms and abnormal weather patterns around the world. I believe that “As thy days, so shall thy strength be”. —Deuteronomy we have only a small window of time in which we can at least slow down climate change, but only if we act together. We need a new mindset. Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. The eighty-foot narrow waterfall thundering down We cannot carry on with business as usual. to the rocky streambed below. It has, over the hundreds of years, worn a groove into the rock What do you believe is your purpose? To give people-- especially young people, and the air, displaced by the falling water, creates hope. Without hope people become apathetic, a wind laden with water droplets. This is where the depressed or angry. What is the point of chimpanzees sometimes perform their spectacular, anything if we have destroyed the planet so much, rhythmic “waterfall display”. Then sit on a rock, that we have reached a point of no return? This gazing up at the falling water, watching as it is why I travel more and more-- in the time I have rushes past them. If they had language, they could left, to grow our Roots & Shoots program around discuss the feelings of wonder and awe. Might this the world (now in more than 130 countries). not give rise to an early primitive religion, worship of water, fire, sun and so on.


What is sacred to you? When I stand alone in a forest, or on a rocky shore with big waves crashing, or outside at night, away from light pollution, with a crescent moon and bright stars. And silence.

Photo Credit: Michael Neugebauer

You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul? Being alone in a forest or other wild places. Seeing the shining eyes of children wanting to tell Dr. Jane what they have been or are doing in their Roots & Shoots program. Getting a letter from a child saying, “you have taught me that because YOU did it, I can do it too”, or when, as yesterday, a woman came up after my lecture (in Spain), crying, saying “Thank you. You have woken me up”.

Sri Dharma Mittra

Photo courtesy of: Sri Dharma Mittra

Sri Dharma Mittra is a world-renowned yoga teacher and director of Dharma Yoga Center in New York City. He has chosen to dedicate his life to the health of humanity by teaching yoga and introducing spirituality into people’s lives. Compassion for all living things is Sri Dharma Mittra’s main message to teach others.

Gurus How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person? I don’t know how or why I am in this position, but I feel very fortunate to be able to share this yoga with others. I think that being a yoga instructor is the best profession in the world. What is the most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with? Compassion and learning to see yourself in others. This is the first step of yoga and the foundation of all yoga practice. What do you believe is your purpose? If you have a little spiritual knowledge, sharing it is the highest form of charity. How has your journey connected you more with the earth/nature? In yoga, we see the Earth itself as a being with 
its own vibration, color, body and aura. As 
we go deeper into compassion, we become increasingly aware of the effect our words, actions and thoughts have on everyone and everything. We make great efforts to never hurt, harm or even disturb anyone, including our home, the Earth. What motivated you to embark on this journey? From a very young age, I had a great thirst for knowledge. I was born Catholic and, while I loved the rituals, I did not find the answers there. As a teenager, my younger brother shared with me a book called Days of Peace, about the stages of Samadhi when one is getting close to enlightenment. When I read this book, I thought: “That’s it! This is what I have been looking for.” Where I lived then in Brazil, there were no yoga masters. Eventually, my brother arrived here in the United States and met the Guru. He wrote me a letter and said that he’d found the person

we were looking for and that I should come immediately. I settled all of my affairs, said goodbye to my family, bought a one-way ticket to New York City and never looked back. If you had one wish what would it be? I would love to have just ten or twenty minutes to be Brad Pitt or the Pope, so I could talk about adopting a vegetarian diet and compassion to millions of people all at once. Imagine the effect that would have. What is a quote you live by? Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – “May all beings be free and happy.” I’ve had all my classes chanting this lately at the start of practice so that all beings everywhere can enjoy the practice through our mind and senses. Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. At the center of the chest, the right side of your heart is a space about the size of the tip of your thumb. According to scripture, a portion of God resides here in the sacred chamber of the Self in all living beings. Once you really go in there, it’s like a roach trap – you never leave. You become firmly established in the “Self”. You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul? I like to watch a nice sci-fi movie, the news on my iPad or even work outside our home out on Long Island. When I really need to recharge, I lie down in Shavasana and practice Yoga Nidra. What is sacred to you? Everything is sacred to me because everything is a reflection of the Supreme Self or God.

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Bragaglia



MCGILL Bibi McGill is more than a triple threat. This woman is a musician, yoga teacher, wellness educator and health food entrepreneur. She is best known as the lead guitarist and musical director of Beyonce’s backing band, the Suga Mamas, and as well as for her work with Pink. With goals to spread healing and wellness to youth, Bibi is determined to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul for herself and those around her.

Photo Credit: Erika Eve Plummer

Gurus How does it feel to have made a difference as such an influential person? Well, I don’t so much live my life to be influential. I’m more interested in living my life in such a way that I maintain my own personal health, harmony, integrity, balance, peace, joy and excitement. If that influences others in a good way... GREAT! What is the most important thing for you to communicate and educate the world with? Structure your life in a way that keeps you connected to Source Energy, then listen to
and trust your own Divine inner guidance. The answers that you seek are not outside of you... they are within you. What do you believe is your purpose? I’m here to follow my highest joy and excitement. After that, I’m here to infiltrate, walk bridges and cross-pollinate. Ultimately it’s all about LOVE! How has your journey connected you more with the earth/nature? I’ve always had a passion for Earth, nature and animals. The more I adopted practices and tools that assist me in becoming self aware, the more I realize there is no separateness. All is ONE. This automatically makes me realize my connection to Earth and nature and how necessary it is to nurture this connection in order to remain in alignment with ALL that is.

If you had one wish what would it be? I would wish for the suffering of all life forms to end, but that is probably not in the highest interest of all right now. What is a quote you live by? As far as I know, I made this quote up: “The Sky is NOT my limit”. Name the most spiritual place you’ve ever visited. I don’t believe one place is more spiritual than another. That’s a belief of ego and duality not Unity Consciousness. Every place that I go to and every place that I AM is spiritual depending on how I choose to perceive it. All things past, present and future exist in the NOW! You’re so dedicated and work so hard, what is a way you recharge your soul? I’m in continual recharge mode. Everyday I make choices to save, store or cultivate energy that I will need to draw on at some point in the future. Sometimes I choose solitude, silence, nature, getting away from chaotic energy by being with animals, doing a sweat lodge or detoxing and cleansing and lots of yoga... it just depends on what I need at the moment. One of my favorite things to do is going to the hot springs or just being in water in general.

What is sacred to you? Everything is sacred yet nothing is sacred. What motivated you to embark on this journey? Sacred is too vast to confine to just mere words. It’s pretty simple. Once I realized the distinct It’s something very dear to me that I’m not going difference between being in balance and being off to just share with anyone. There’s a time and a balance, I then realized what it felt like to experience place for everything. agitation and peace. I became more motivated to choose things that allow me to experience peace, love and non-attachment. I guess you could say selfcare has motivated me to embark on this journey.

Photo courtesy of: Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart is an award-winning biologist, photographer and filmmaker best known for his film Sharkwater (2007). Stewart began his career as an activist for sharks that eventually lead to his filmmaking to promote awareness.

Gurus How did your fascination with sharks begin? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had this fascination with being underwater. Before I was old enough to start scuba diving lessons, I would just free dive and hold my breath for as long as I could. When I was eight, I had my first encounter with a Caribbean Reef Shark and I was so excited to finally see one up-close. After a few seconds I had to come up for air and I was amazed when the shark actually fled—it was more scared of me than I was of it. Since that experience, I just started spending as much time as I could underwater just so that I could be around these captivating creatures. That’s how Sharkwater eventually came about. Describe the way educating people about sharks has changed your life. Sharkwater started as a way for me to get the word out about saving the future of sharks. I wanted to educate people about the vicious practice of shark finning for the sole purpose of a gourmet meal (shark fin soup). Since then, it’s grown into much more than just sharks. It was through educating people about sharks that I learned we have a much bigger problem on
 our hands—it isn’t only sharks that are in serious danger but humanity itself. The next thing I knew, my life became all about how we cannot only save our oceans and ecosystems, but how we can save ourselves and that’s the premise of my new movie Revolution.

Who has been your greatest influence or supporter thus far? My parents have been a huge support and
 have always been behind me 100 percent no matter what I do. I’ve also been very moved by the incredible support from the youth around the globe. When I first started working on Sharkwater so many years ago, and even now with Revolution, I never imagined that it would be these young people who would come forward saying they wanted to fight for their future. That’s been incredibly inspiring for me. What do you believe is your purpose? I think my purpose is to spread awareness. I would love to change the world and I want to
 do everything I can to get the word out there, educate people about what’s going on and then empower them to take action. I want everyone 
to know they can be the change they want to see. As a community united by the common 
goal of saving our ecosystems, we can actually make a real, lasting change and I’m hoping both Sharkwater and Revolution will help do that.

How did the success of your film make you feel? Sharkwater started as a very personal project and I never imagined that it would be so successful. It’s gone on to win over thirty-five awards at prestigious film festivals around the world 
and it’s now the third-highest grossing Canadian documentary in the past ten years. Before the film was released, anti-shark finning If you had one wish what would it be? or shark fin bans only existed in about sixteen countries worldwide. Today, that number has My wish would be to save the oceans. Our ecosystems are in grave danger and we all depend jumped to over one hundred countries and cities around the world and it’s
 still growing. Most on these ecosystems to survive, humans included. We now know that it’s about more than saving the importantly, is the 
fact that over 124 million people have seen Sharkwater and I couldn’t future of sharks—it’s about saving humanity.

be happier about that. People are reacting and we’re seeing real change. That’s what this is all about and it’s truly inspiring.

Sharkwater counters one of the greatest vices to human beings, greed. What keeps you so focused on your mission? It keeps me focused to know that it’s actually You began doing this at such a young age, what making a difference. Sharkwater has managed compelled you to dare greatly? to spark change around the world and seeing It was just the need to be heard. When I first that people actually want to step up to make
 a difference is great motivation to keep doing discovered illegal longlining for sharks in the what I’m doing. It was because of the reception Galapagos Islands, I tried to get the word out of Sharkwater that I was encouraged to do using local media but I still found that people weren’t listening. Sharks were always dear to me Revolution. There will always be greed but the and I wanted to do whatever it took to save them. louder our united voice is, the more people will have to listen. That’s how Sharkwater was born. How has your journey connected you with the earth? I’ve always felt connected to the Earth, especially the oceans, ever since I was a kid. But this journey has just made me realize that everything on this planet is connected—from the oceans and marine life, to forests, to the human population. Unfortunately, the future of our ecosystems is at stake and unless we do something now, none of us will be around to see what happens next. This planet belongs to every single one of us and we need to be responsible for our actions and how they affect the state of our environment. Revolution explores this a bit further. Even I’ve realized that I need to make changes to reduce my own carbon footprint. It’s up to each individual to step up to the plate.

What was the most important thing you’ve learnt about yourself during your journey with Sharkwater? I’ve learned that I don’t have all the answers and that it takes more than just one person to start a movement. Anything from signing a petition to actually going out and taking part in a rally will help. I’m just one part of the puzzle and we all have the power to create change.

Do you think you’ve acquired inner peace? If so, what advice do you give to those who have yet to acquire it? I think inner peace is something that we all strive for but it isn’t something that’s always easy to reach. The more people that come together to help the environment, the closer I feel that strides are being made to ensure the planet can sustain its life for future generations. My advice would be to stick to Are there any moments on your journey when it. It may not always be easy to get people to listen, you felt fear? There were many moments that I felt fear. I had but even if you convince one or two people, it will many near death experiences making Sharkwater bring you one step closer to that goal of inner peace. and Revolution, so it had its fair share of challenges. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able Tell us about your film REVOLUTION. What to finish what I started and that I might not even compelled you to start this project and what was be able to walk away from it. But I had a great team and in the end, it was worth all the struggle. the experience like for you. Revolution was an exciting journey that took me many years and through 15 different countries. It’s a follow-up to Sharkwater but it focuses on more than just saving sharks. It’s about how we


can save humanity. Audiences will travel with us from the coral reefs in Papua New Guinea, to the deforestation project in Madagascar, to a destructive environmental project in Alberta. It’s not me telling you what I learned, but about you discovering it with me. It was actually a question that a young woman asked me which compelled
 me to start Revolution. I was doing a Q&A for Sharkwater when she asked why we should bother saving sharks when it was reported that by 2048 all the fisheries would be wiped out. I didn’t know how to answer her and it was in
that moment that I realized we had to take it one step further. Revolution has been an incredible experience for me. It’s been my whole life for many years and I’m really excited to finally be able to share my journey with the world. The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and was the runner-up for People’s Choice Award in the Documentary category.

It also won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Atlantic Film Festival and the Most Popular Environmental Film Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival. 
People can also get involved by visiting the website at It features an interactive application where users can pick the causes that are important to them, set up groups, email legislations and connect with others who are just as passionate about what’s going on. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter as well as make donations on both www. and to help fund future campaigns and movements. What is sacred to you? What’s most sacred to me is a beautiful life for all species in a world that values all living organisms. That’s what we should be striving for.


Sacred utilizes Travel as a sanctuary outlet that motivates readers to explore and venture into new cultures and eclectic communities. This will infuse and educate travelers to fall in love with worldly hidden gems. Encounter utopic destinations that will only add to your developmental journey for your Sacred soul. The Modern Honolulu

EREMITO: | hotelito del alma

Photo courtesy of: Eremito Hotel

parrano, italy


Located in Parrano, Italy, Hotelito de l’Alma is a unique place, a lay monastery located in an isolated spot, where one can spend a relaxing and reinvigorating time, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. One can breathe and sense the atmosphere characteristic of Umbrian monasteries; here the combination of nature, peace and silence encourages being in touch with one’s soul and inner self. Among one of the most recognized eco hotels in the world, it is a perfect location for the solo traveller and for all those who wish to detach themselves from daily life in order to rediscover more essential needs.







Photo courtesy of: Hotel Fasano

punta del este

la barra, uruguay



In one of the most extraordinary locations in Uruguay, is the Hotel Fasano Las Piedras, located in La Barra. This hotel brings traditional South American culture to its gypsetting visitors. Overlooking the Maldonado River, with its breathtaking views and in the heart of exuberant nature, is where you can enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets of the Uruguaian coast. It’s minimalistic architecture and interior, designed by Isay Weinfled is the perfect summer getaway for those looking to enjoy the adventure that waits in Punta Del Este.




An oasis of peace and style. Blanco Hotel is unlike any other with its Mediterranean style and contemporary design located in Formentera, Spain. The light-filled and clear spaces make for an elegant and one-of-a-kind stay. Uncover Formentera’s trendiest restaurants, clubs and beaches at this hip hotel while basking in this paradise. Here you can discover Formentera and all of its luxury that comes with it.


Photo courtesy of: Blanco Hotel




Photo courtesy of: The Modern Honolulu



This modern and chic hotel is perfect for any type of vacation, whether that’d be for business or for pleasure. Style and sophistication are combined with relaxation to cater to all needs and interests. Overlooking the marina and the most popular beach in America, tremendous views of the Pacific Ocean and the city skyline are surrounding this chic hotel. Here is where you can find the hottest restaurants, the most active nightlife and luxury pools and spa treatments to tend to all your vacation needs.





Photo courtesy of: Rosas and Xocolate

ROSAS & XOCOLATE Yucatan, Mexico


Rosas and Xocolate is a beautiful hotel in Yucatan, Mexico, compromised of two adjacent mansions that were inhabited for over thirty years. The rescued homes now make up seventeen rooms all unique to each other and make for a magical getaway. Rosas and Xocolate harmonizes art, fashion and architecture to create a wonderful and unique hotel experience unlike any other.




al Guides Spiritual Guides are inspirational people from across the globe. These Guides are from all walks of life that have followed and continue to follow their passions. Here you can get insight into some of their most Sacred places and Spiritual leaders in health and wellness.

Devin Kelley - Place to meditate: Anji

Photo courtesy of: Devin Kelley

devin kelley

Shanghai, China

Spiritual Guides Photo courtesy of: XcapeShanghai

Place to Meditate:

Anji—2.5 hours outside of Shanghai. It has been a place of tremendous ease and focus.

Place to Practice Yoga:

Fuxing Park, Century Park and Riverside Park.

Photo courtesy of: wikimedia commons

Juice Bar:

Lizzy’s All Natural has great all natural and sustainable ingredients.

Health Food Stores:

Green and Safe, Hunter Gatherer, C!ty’Super, Kate and Kimi, Sproutworks, Organic Kitchen, Hunter Gatherer. Photo courtesy of: Organic Kitchen

Photo courtesy of: Hunter Gatherer

Photo courtesy of: Claudine & Honza Lafond

Claudine & Honza Lafond

Sydney, Australia

Spiritual Guides Place to Meditate:

Yoga Studio:

Anywhere near the ocean - it sounds cliche, but that’s because it’s true!

We’re biased, it’s our own studio of course - YogaBeyond.

Juice Bar:

Wholesome Market:

Thr1ve cafe has the best smoothies and juices in Sydney for sure!

Photo courtesy of: Bondi Junction


About Life in Bondi Junction.

Photo courtesy of: Claudine&Honza

Photo courtesy of: Thr1ve

Hidden Gem in the City:

The Rocks in Circular Quay has all sorts Wanderlust has recently landed in Australia and this year they ran the first of beautiful spots. The Royal National Park has several gorgeous hidden full four-day festival. beaches that you can only get to by hiking into the woods.

Photo courtesy of: Pip Herrington

Spiritual Guides

Artist | Traveller | Yoga Teacher | Healing Practitioner

Pip herrington the Corn Islands, Nicaragua big and little corn island

Environmental Hotel:

Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa in Little Corn. A very exclusive hotel geared for yoga, located on the end of the island where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.

Healthy Food Joint:

Paraiso Hotel, Big Corn. A popular restaurant with Chef Andrew making up daily customized menus.

Pip teaching a restorative sunset class.

Place to Practice Yoga:

Yemaya Hideaway & Spa, Little Corn. The Yoga Platform overlooking the beach with retreat Instructor, Grace Van Berkum.

Place to Meditate:

The Bellavista, Big Corn. The hammocks in the yard in the early morning overlooking the beach.

STEFANIE ANN CRONIN honolulu, hawaii

Photo courtesy of: Stefanie Ann Cronin

Spiritual Guides Lanikai Pillboxes

Down to Earth

Place to Meditate:

Sweet Home Waimanalo

Vegan Restaurant:

Sandy Beach.

Surf Spot:

In the Summer, Concessions, Bowls or Diamond Head. In the Winter, Haleiwa or early Fall, Gaschambers.

Hiking Trail:

Lanikai Pillboxes for Sunrise.

Health Food Store:

Sweet Home Waimanalo on Kalanianaole Highway in Waimanalo. Their hibiscus lemonade paired with a salmon burger and okinawan sweet potato mash is out of this world!

Place to escape from:

Waikiki. Visitors should escape the tourist trap to experience the real Hawaii.

Down to Earth or Whole Foods Market Yoga on the beach: at Kahala. Ala Moana Beach Park at sunset.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Sandy Beach

Waikiki Photo Sources: Unreal Hawaii, Viator Hawaii, World Property Journal

Sacred Lifestyle appreciates the necessity to fulfill your life with elements that contribute to all aspects of one’s wellbeing. Practice & Learn focuses on the human ability to apply this particular mentality to everyday pursuits that can better all elements of your life from physical to spiritual and mental health. Sacred’s purpose is to motivate readers by having them absorb the cultural and wide spectrum of eclectic and infusing practices, to have them learn and continue on with life feeling balanced, fulfilled and inspired. Pacific Surf School

Practice & Learn

Photo credit: Paul Levy (unless otherwise stated)



Practice & Learn

Pacific Surf School became what it is today all because of two young surfers having to keep up with the ever-growing demand for surf lessons in Tofino, British Columbia back in 1998. The demand for surfing lessons has built the school to what it is today and now is home to some of the most passionate, dedicated and qualified team of surf instructors. Surfing is one of the most common ways to recharge from stresses of your daily life. If adventurous, lively and energetic activity is your choice of escape, be sure to give surf lessons a try at Pacific Surf School.

Photo credit: Stephen Hargreaves

Practice & Learn

Practice & Learn


Practice & Learn


Start with a clear glass container with an open-top. Tip: This can be anything you desire; a fish bowl, intricate vase, or special terrarium bowl.

Prism Terrarium | $68 USD

Fill the bottom of your chosen vessel with 1-2 inches of small rocks (these collect the water drainage).

Ornamental Potting Stone, Jade | $12 USD


Next, add a layer of potting soil specifically made for succulents and cacti. Tip: This should be deep enough for the plants to root (about 2 1.2 inches).

Potting Soil | $10 USD



Remove chosen succulents from containers and dust off excess soil from the roots. Make a hole in the soil, big enough to nestle the roots in and place the succulents in gently. Tap the soil down around the root to hold the plant in place. Tip: Use a paper towel or cloth to avoid pricking fingers if you are planting cacti.

Terrarium Plant Collection, Succulents | $45 USD

Once the plants are arranged, add about a 1/4 inch layer of sand around the plants. This is where you can get creative, place pebbles or ornaments into your terrarium to give it a unique look.

Preserved Reindeer Moss, Large | $10 USD


Practice & Learn


Place your terrarium in direct sunlight every day. Every two weeks lightly water the garden, or once the soil feels dry to the touch.

5 Air Plant Nutrient Spray | $12 USD

Yoga for Mummys By our Sacred advisor Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow

Photo courtesy of: Latham Thomas Many women join prenatal yoga for a practice that will support their changing prenatal bodies. As well as allow them to have their own personal space 
to be in communion, with their baby growing within- and to connect with other moms on the mat. For a lot of moms, prenatal yoga will be the place they make friends and build a community. A prenatal practice helps mothers prepare for the demands of labor, birth, and motherhood. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Yoga provides tools that translate off the mat from deep breathing, relaxation techniques, poses that relieve tension or tight muscles and much more.

Practice & Learn

Warrior 2

This pose is particularly good for cultivating stamina and both mental and physical strength. It stretches the legs, ankles, groin, chest, ribs and shoulders. Start with your feet parallel, hip-distance apart. Step your left foot back behind you, at least one leg’s distance. Then, turn your left foot out at a 60-degree angle with toes aiming forward, your right foot turned in slightly. Extend your arms to the side away from your body on a long inhale, bringing them parallel to the floor. Feel your chest open from your collarbone all the way up to your fingertips. As you exhale bend your front knee.

Vajroli Mudra

(Lightening bolt pose) This is a deep and engaging stretch of the pelvic floor muscles, contracting and holding to regain strength and power from your creative seat. Vajroli Mudra, or the “pelvic pump,� generates intense energy in the lower body while keeping it contained. This builds up pressure in the energy channels. Once the containment is released, that pressurized energy shoots up the spine, breaking through any blocks or restrictions, stimulating the genitals with activated blood. Vajroli is simply the constriction of the urethral, vulvic, and perineal muscles.

Practice & Learn Supported Bridge Pose

This pose stretches the chest, neck and spine and allows you a gentle backbend with total support. Some of the benefits include stimulation of the abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid; improved digestion; and reduced anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache and insomnia. This pose calms the mind and helps alleviate stress and mild depression. This is a great pose for postpartum moms as well. Lie on your back, bending the knees and pressing the soles of the feet into the floor. Bring the feet parallel and hip distance apart. Have a yoga block on hand. Lift your hips and slide the yoga block directly under your sacrum. Rest your sacrum on the block and allow your arms to rest alongside your body. You may stay here for a few minutes. To come down, lift the hips and slide the block out from underneath you. Lie on your back and draw your knees in toward your chest, then roll over to your left side and rest.

Goddess Squats Make the legs wide with knees slightly turned out. Inhale arms up overhead and exhale, bending knees, bringing thighs parallel with the floor, opening arms out to either side, with palms facing up. Inhale up again and repeat. Do this for about 20 counts. This is for strengthening the legs which comes in handy when it’s time to push.

Practice & Learn Pigeon Pose

This pose is great for those who have any lower back pain, tight hips, or sciatica. It helps lengthen the hip flexors and stretches the groin, thighs, chest, shoulders and neck, as well as stimulates abdominal organs. Start in Downward-Facing Dog. As you inhale, bend your right knee up, sliding the leg forward all the way to the front of your mat. Let the outside of the right shin rest on the mat. Slowly slide your left leg back, straightening the knee and descending the front of the thigh to the floor. Position the right heel just in front of the left hip. Then slide your hands back toward the right shin and push your fingertips firmly into the floor. Lift your torso away from the thigh. Open your chest. Stay here for a couple of breaths.


Sacred Home is a special element of Sacred Lifestyle. This section is a porthole to the wondrous living spaces that are around the world and beyond the norm. See how all walks of life create sanctuaries that allow them to live a more Sacred and well-balanced lifestyle.

d Home Casa Xixim

casa xixim:

Located in Tulum, Mexico, this residence wa environments that the site offers. Through d Casa Xixim is an ecoluxe home, thus it work wind to flow through the house for cooling

Specht Harpman Architects | Photo courtesy of: Casa Xixim

Sacred Home

as designed to be fully self-sufficient and immerse the occupants in the range of dense vegetation you can find large open living areas that lead up to the beach. ks in harmony with its surroundings using the terrace to collect rainwater, allowing and planted areas on the roof to provide insulation.

tulum, mexico

Sacred Home

Sacred Home

Journey Journey is a significant section of Sacred Lifestyle that shows readers various leaders in the world that have led an inspirational journey and made a strong impact on others. These individuals changed their path and have shifted their energy to a new direction that has not only bettered themselves, but everything around them.

Artist: Fin Dac

Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour is an American actor and singer and now co-owner of yoga/surf/lifestyle brand Electric & Rose. Electric & Rose is a reflection of the music, art, surf culture and bohemian lifestyle of Venice Beach where he grew up.

Journey What best describes your personal journey in life? I suppose the best way I can describe my personal journey is to say that it is an evolution. I think the one constant in my life is to always be growing and learning. I don’t ever want to be done. I want to be like an abstract painting that you could look at, at any moment and see it’s uniqueness and soul but is still malleable enough that the painter could work on it infinitely.

More importantly, it makes me feel worthy of the times I do get to surf and do yoga on a beach without a care in the world.

Who/what inspires you? So many things... my friends, my wife, other artists... etc. There’s inspiration everywhere and in everyone; from the woman who works three jobs to feed her children, to organizations like Sea Shepherd who fight for our planet’s oceans and sea life, to artists of all kinds who’s art moves me and makes me feel something deep What has inspired you to travel the path you in my gut. If you’re not inspired by something have chosen? My family, my upbringing, the city I grew up in on a daily basis then in my opinion you’re walking through life with blinders on. and the ocean that I love have all contributed to the path of life I have chosen. The artist I want to be in life, the man I want to be and What does following your dreams mean to the leader I want to be are all defined by my you and do you believe you have done this? love for surfing, my loved ones and my sense I don’t think I’ll know for sure until I come to of responsibility to my community. the end of my life and look back on how I’ve lived but to me following your dreams means Do you believe you have found true happiness being fearless and honest. If I’m being honest, through this journey? I would say that there are definitely times when That’s a good question. Sometimes I wonder if fear gets the best of me. I make choices that the life I have chosen truly makes me happy. aren’t in line with my dreams, but I think for the There are challenges and ups and downs 
but most part I have been able to acknowledge then I think about some alternative life where when I’m doing that and correct my course before its too late. I’m just living on a beach, surfing and doing yoga with not a care in the world. I realize that overcoming adversity and creating a positive change does truly make me happy.

Photo courtesy of: Scarlet Mann

Photo courtesy of: Scarlet Mann

What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? To keep on keeping on. Perseverance is stronger than any muscle, talent or army. I think that what little success or accomplishments I have had in my life are less because of the fact that I am the most talented artist, but more so because whenever I am knocked down or defeated in some way, I always get back up and keep moving forward.

Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? I suppose the two newest adventures 
in my life are marriage and my wife’s clothing company, Electric & Rose. In both of these things we are creating something together and it will take a level of patience and perseverance unlike any before to truly be successful. That being said, they are the two things I am most proud and honoured to be apart of.

World causes you be Every cause is impo have chosen to prim planet’s sustainabilit our oceans. I grew u ocean has been suc my happiness. I spe and energy working Sea Shepherd Socie Conservation Interna

elieve strongly in? ortant and for me I marily focus on our ty. More specifically up surfing and the ch a huge part of end as much time g with groups like ety, Oceana and ational.


Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? Again, I think we need to focus on healing our planet. There is damage we have done that is now irreversible. I’m optimistic about how our culture and youth are being raised more consciously, but there is still so much more than needs to be done. Captain Paul Watson says it best; “If our oceans die, we die.”

What is a quote you live by? “You can’t be funky if you don’t smell funky.” What is Sacred to you? My family, my art and my integrity.


Fin DAC is an urban artist hailing from has defined and perfected a style that catapulted him to the upper echelon Photo courtesy of: Fin DAC



m Cork, Ireland. In a short career, he has set him apart from his peers and ns of the street art scene worldwide.

Photo courtesy of: Fin DAC

Journey What best describes your personal journey in life? A tough path with many wrong turns, leading to a life beginning at 40. What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? Quite honestly it wasn’t something I chose. I believe that someone, somewhere, was looking out for me and gave me the kick up my behind. I needed to break myself out of my lethargy and start to live a fulfilling life. I knew that I was desperately unhappy and wasn’t the person I was meant to be and wasn’t following a path that resonated with my inner being.

What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? I’ve found that in order to live your journey to the fullest, you must first take responsibility for everything that happens to you. Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? I actually don’t plan very much at all. I am currently preparing for my first-ever solo show in Venice Beach, California. I also, of course, have some painting trips planned. As far as planning my life... I leave it in the laps of the gods most of the time.

Important world issues that you feel we need to Do you believe you have found true happiness be conscious about? through this journey? The decimation and raping of the planet by big Absolutely. I realize now that previously I really businesses. Yes, we all know about the issues wasn’t happy at all and I would say that could be with fracking and deforestation, but there is so said for the majority of people. Society forces us much more going on that is not reported. A lot to believe that you have to be a certain way, do of shady deals are being made by governments certain things, achieve certain goals by certain that give no regard to those less fortunate. ages etc.... none of it was true for me. When I did all those things I was miserable. I may have What is a quote you live by? less money now, but my life and soul is much “Inspiration is a gift from the universe, talent is an richer than ever before. ability to bring it to fruition and humility is what you should achieve when you share it.” Who/what inspires you? I am always touched by those who succeed in spite of great adversity... possibly because I can’t imagine myself being so strong to do the same. What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? I don’t believe I have actually. Certainly, the life I have ended up with is not one that I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. I wanted to be an artist in my youth, but being a street artist who gets to travel the world and experience so much more in a couple of years than most people do
 in their lifetimes... I can’t imagine a better life.


Photo courtesy of: Roguephoto

Jonas Elrod Jonas Elrod was leading an ordinary life until he woke up one day to a totally new reality. He suddenly could see and hear angels, demons, auras and ghosts. Elrod’s film WAKE UP is a call to consciousness to everyone who sees it; an invitation to accept that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

Photos Courtesy of The Oprah Winfrey Network

Journey What best describes your personal journey in life? Stumbling forward, spilling beer on my shirt, laughing at the absurdity and crying over the beauty of life. Happy beyond belief to be here! What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? This is something that I chased as a child. I have always chased the big questions… Who am I? Why am I here? It’s always been in me, I have always chased it. I have heard stories that I used to talk about wanting to be a preacher as a child. My family was not religious and I never really knew where it came from. There was always a yearning... Do you believe you have found true happiness through this journey? Of course. Why else would I do it? Make no mistake; I am here to have a good time. It’s important; laughter is important. Rocking out at a concert is important. I would say I spend most of the day laughing with my wife. I have ups and downs. For the most part, I feel that I am on the upswing but when things go sideways I am learning to surf it.

Who/what inspires you? My wife, Jesus, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Kurt Cobain, Spongebob... (I’m serious). What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? I think you can skin it however you want
and there is no right or wrong. For me, I try to pay attention to the energy in all given situations. How does this feel? Am I making
a choice out of fear, arrogance, ignorance? Or does everything feel right? Like it fits into a groove. I sometimes have these intense Deja Vu experiences. I pay attention to them. I have tried very hard in my life to live with integrity and to never “sell out,” that old punk rock attitude that has stuck with me. I need to be able to look in the mirror at night and feel like I have earned my keep on this rock. I need to look into my wife’s eyes and understand that although it has been a very wild and unpredictable ride, I have made decisions out of love and integrity. That has been a challenge and most definitely not the safest road that I could have taken. That being said, I see that I have been guided every step.

Photos Courtesy of The Oprah Winfrey Network Jonas Elrod pictured with Alanis Morissette

What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? That life is meant to be lived. Ride this thing until the damn wheels fall off the car. You have to do it. This ain’t a dress rehearsal. This is the real deal. Don’t fall asleep and let it pass you by. Hey, if you want to become a water colorist and quit your job as an accountant and that’s what you feel your soul is screaming for you to do, then you really must do it. Why not? I tell you this, I am not going to look back on my life at 80 and go “aw, shucks I should have worked 10 more hours a week” or “I should have buttered up my boss more” or “I should have swallowed my dreams sooner and started dragging my knuckles across the concrete.” No.

Be alive and be joyful. So I know this begs the next question... well what if you 
are broke or homeless? The trick—and boy is it a trick, is to have the internal life in place. You are an undeniable and unmovable force, no matter what the outside looks like. Have I got this mastered? Absolutely not. Am I trying? Yes. Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? This is the thing. I am a cheerleader now. I look terrible with pom-poms but I am in love with humanity and with the journey. I want to share these journeys and hopefully work to inspire people. I found something that I had lost a long time ago and I want to protect that light and show

it to everyone. The t included in this as w to want more. The way I see it, on can see this from a I have already won and so have you. W reminding of this fro Right now, I am on t my best not to eat it time when I am und trying to understand what, there is a divin

World causes you be Human rights, all hu fact that we are still is embarrassing to m are having holy war The fact that a portio

thing is we, (I am well) always seem

planet that we are living on like toilet paper is absolute insanity. Its funnyif you get caught up to much in the spirituality you can sometimes forget my best days, I country mile, is that about your humanity. Does that make sense? Everything can’t be, nor should the damn lottery be, bird’s eye view. We all just need om time-to-time. the surfboard doing Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? t. There will be a der the ocean. I am I think it was Hendrix that had the famous quote about when the power d that no matter ine beauty in both. of love overcomes the love of power in the world, we will know peace. Yeah, cool, right on. I have a small elieve strongly in? space I inhabit right? I can’t change uman rights. The arguing gay rights the world, but I can change me. This me. The fact that we change comes from within a quote and now I’m dropping two quotes in one rs is just madness. answer and I am not a huge fan of on of us treats the


platitudes or catch phrases, but these obviously move me. There is truth in these statements and my world-view aligns with this. I believe we are all equal, this life is a gift and we should be more focused on helping the brother or sister that is down on the floor. I would really love to see true equality one day. I see it, I am sure a lot of us do. To me no one really makes it until we all do. What is a quote you live by? “Second verse same as the first.” —Herman’s Hermits What is Sacred to you? Love, light and the truth.

Photo courtesy of: Elizabeth Bensinger

Keith Mitchell

Journey What best describes your personal journey in life? Persistence. I want to be bold 
and break down barriers and be determined and committed to controlling my destiny. I want to develop faith and belief that what I’m up to is held to my truths. I want to be able to transform circumstances from a so-called negative to a motivation of positive. I want to be on a journey fueled by love and openness, to receive love and to not be fearful of my discoveries. What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? Due to an injury I sustained by
my eighth year in the NFL, by a tackle (that I have made many times in my career) that left me paralyzed and diagnosed with
a spinal contusion. As a result of suffering from a lack of complete functionality for a six-month period, I was introduced to conscious breathing, which led to mediation, where my journey began. The role of the athlete has died and I, Keith Mitchell, was reincarnated to be. Keith Mitchell, a former NFL linebacker has been able to find a new lifepurpose through yoga. His passion for sharing the practice of yoga and meditation was inspired after his sudden retirement from the NFL.

Do you believe you have found true happiness through this journey? Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s an idea. I feel that my allowance of discovery of my humanity, has allowed growth and development in ways that my past would have never thought or imagined. Who or what inspired you? My son inspires me; Mehki Marshall Mitchell, youth inspire me because they are ultimately extensions of us. They are the next generation, they are possibility, they are potential. By introducing a real education system and/or real tools to allow true connections, real growth becomes possible and an allowance for change to happen. What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? Well, to bring an idea from thought and to cultivate it. I did this from my early childhood, when no one believed it was possible. When so many have had the idea but sell out, its important to be whole-heartily committed to what you say you want. Achieving an affirmation for what’s possible. My circumstances have taught me not to be afraid, to be bold, to create and allow

the world to be my platform and create, regardless of failures. I strive to continue to live and take chances and be. Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? I want to revolutionize the way we perceive healthcare. I want to introduce the holistic approach first and the traditional ideas of
the West, second. I’m working on this through my non-profit Light it up foundation. We have collaborated with the University of Rochester to create the KM 5.9 care plan. We are rolling this out in the summer with 500 participants in a three-year program with 250 retired players and veterans that are battling Parkinson’s disease and/or dementia. We will create a retreat-style structure for the players as they transition. This will be achieved by bringing the doctors to them for the first day diagnoses. The second and third day will be dedicated to educating and self-empowerment of meditation, yoga and ideas for nutrition in order to create sustainability in our commitment to healing and transforming. We also will be building the relationship between doctor and patient. We are not an organization of doctors for some study. Our best interest is in getting our patients better. A follow-up will be done after a 12-month period; this will be conducted in another retreat by our lead doctor, Dr. Ray Dorsey, who has pioneered Telemedicine. As of today, Apple has joined us and we will be providing participants with Internet access and iPads, so that no matter where the patient is, our entire team will be able to provide support via internet. We are also building the Keith Mitchell Transformational Center. This will be located in the Highlands and will be a haven to house our programs and a place that people can travel to, from all over the world to

transform and heal. Whether you’re an athlete, person suffering form diseases or chronic pain you can come and transform your life and create your new beginning. World causes you believe strongly in? The change that we are looking to see in
 the world has to start in ourselves. We have 
to take the reigns because nobody else can
do this for us. Meditation is a source of empowerment. By allowing our being to ultimately grow, we will be able to see the differences that are simply illusions of stories that were told to us. Before we were an ideology, we were simply human beings. Before we were attached to rival colleges, we were simply students. Before we develop
 an idea of hate, we simply wanted love and acceptance. This is what my mission represents and reflects. What is a quote you live by? “The highest form of human intelligence is to be able to observe yourself without judgment” — Krishnamurti. My non-profit quote, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — African Proverb. What is Sacred to you? My body is my temple. My connections. My interactions. My ability to create my reality. My commitment to be free, Namaste.


Photo courtesy of: Laila Hida

Norya Nemiche


Norya Nemiche is a fashion designer and founder of Norya ayroN, a fashion label that is known for its high-end materials and flamboyant prints.

What best describes your personal journey in life? Twenty years ago, I left the north of France to Cannes for sun and freedom. I did public relations there for twelve years. It was a wonderful and incredible experience because I learned a lot and met amazing and incredible people.

fabrics. In the past year-and-a-
half many incredible things have happened. Success has arrived very quickly; I have already been on two television shows in the 
U.S and I have been given the chance to dress amazing people like Sharon Stone, Monica Bellucci and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? The place where I found my inspiration is where I currently am, in Marrakech, which has been my new paradise for ten years. I have always had a passion for beautiful fabrics, ever since I started to buy them back when I was 15 years old. I created my brand Norya ayroN, in March 2013, with the purpose to provide my clients with one-of-a-kind, limited edition

Do you believe you have found true happiness through this journey? Oh yes, for sure I have found true happiness through this journey or at least a part of it. I have been given the chance to live
my passion. Who/what inspires you? The colors of Marrakech, Yves Saint Laurent, Erykah Badu and my two cultures; French and Algerian.

What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? Following my dreams means living my passion. So yes, I have lived a part of my dreams already, World causes you believe strongly in? but I still have many more dreams to live! Peace. What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? To never give up–ever, to follow your intuition and to take every sign that life sends us with great importance.

Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? This is cliché, but children’s rights, environmental protection and for everyone to live together in peace.

Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward? My next step in my adventure would be to start a collection for men and children. I also want to export my work and open shops abroad and just continue to live my passion.

What is a quote you live by? “I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” —Albert Einstein What is Sacred to you? My friends, kids and family.


Valerie Grandury Photo courtesy of: Valerie Grandury

French born ValĂŠrie Grandury quit her job as a film producer, moved to Topanga California and became a health and wellness coach. She began creating freshly made formulas, using a base of fresh organic aloe vera juice and ultra fresh organic ingredients creating the Odacite Skincare line.

What motivated you to make such a change in your life? My “aha” moment was when I woke-up from surgery and got my diagnosis for breast cancer. I remember clearly thinking: “If you want to heal, you need to change everything,” and I did. 
I stepped into a fascinating journey of healing through a total “detox” of my environment. 
 I adopted a raw vegan diet, started yoga and meditation daily, quit my job in the film business, moved to the beautiful and unpolluted Topanga Canyon, went back to school, became a health and wellness coach and created a line of fresh organic skincare.
 Today I ship my fresh skincare formulations to homes in 22 countries. Do you believe you have found true happiness through this change? I was happy before I got cancer, but my happiness was fragile, because it was dependent on my life’s event. It was linked to achievements I had set for myself and easily wavered with the first problem that arised. This happiness is gone and so are my expectations of the “perfect” life. Instead, I have found another happiness that is deep, solid, constant. Today nothing prevents me from being happy, even if life is not perfect. Happiness is not a quest anymore, it is a choice. I decided to be happy, no matter what... How did you realize you were not headed in the right direction?  When my body had to have cancer for me to finally listen to it! What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? Following your dreams is about taking risks. 
To quote Seneca “it is not because things are difficult that we do not care, it is because we do not care that things are difficult.” Daring to do the things that scare us ultimately gets us to the place we want – and need– to be. I’ve always dared and taken many risks in my life. Sometimes I have failed very badly, but I have learned so much from my failure, that it gave me more strength to start again. Sometimes I have succeeded against all the odds, like regaining perfect health and being cancer free. So yes, I believe that I have followed my dreams and most importantly have many more to come!

Journey Share an instance where you felt fear that you weren’t living out your destiny. Being faced at a young age with a potentially deadly disease has taught me that we are much stronger and more resourceful than we believe we are. Living out our destiny is the most fabulous life-long journey. We are the captains of our lives, adjusting the sails every single day, so we can reach our destiny. Fear is healthy as long as you look into it and don’t run away from it. Everyday fear gives us a chance to step out of the comfort zone, to become more of who we really want to be. Who/what inspires you?  Nature, art, Gandhi and so many more...I read a lot and discover new sources of inspiration every day. What is a quote you live by?  I think the most powerful quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” —Ghandi I know it is overused but it’s meaning is the most profound one. This quote is the answer to all of our problems. We have a tendency to blame others/ corporations/governments for our problems, but the reality is that we have the power of change. What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey?  Life is beautiful, no matter what! What is sacred to you?  Nature. Nature is my “church”, this is where I get my inspiration and where I connect with my spirituality. I start every single day with an hour hike to the sunrise with my three dogs. This communion with nature is essential to me. When you truly connect with nature, you realize that life is a miracle, a fragile and sacred one, that needs to be protected. Nature teaches us to respect and love all living creatures, including ourselves.

Kevin Fitzsimons is an interior designer and the owner of Fitzsimons Design + Build based in Toronto. Fitzsimons is also the founder of Power Publishing and has published a book called yoursourceŠ which has now expanded into yoursourceŠ magazine. Photo courtesy of: Kevin Fitzsimons

What motivated you to make such a change in your life? I believe that I was always open to a deeper path. I had always questioned why there were such struggles for humans to be happy and for me to find true happiness. I believe my Karma changed me and lead me the right way. Paying attention to the signs and not writing them off as coincidental. Do you believe you have found true happiness through this change? I believe that I have found some of the keys to true happiness. I have also been lucky and blessed that the people that have come into my life have helped me find happiness and I have followed them and trusted their words. I often wonder if the human condition is to have true happiness or to understand only what it is. Life is a difficult struggle for all sentient beings and it is how we learn to cope and see through those troubles, that leads to happiness within. I do believe that I now have a better understanding on what makes me happy, where I want my future to be and the people I want in to include in my future. What is a quote you live by? “View them by their actions, not their words.” “You come here alone and leave here alone, so you better figure it out.” —Unkown What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? As I mentioned before, my dream is to be on the right path. I know that I am on that path now. I have not done it all, but I look forward
 to it and am excited to be on such a journey. I guess my only dream or wish is to help those that are unfortunate and hungry. If I could spend the balance of my life helping them, I would be living my dream. Share an instance where you felt fear that you weren’t living out your destiny. I think that there were many instances that I wasn’t living out my destiny. I recognized it most

Journey when I was dealing with selfish people that took advantage of others. I felt like I had more to do in life than have these kinds of people around me. I don’t doubt that there will be more people like this in the future, but hopefully I will have better insight to recognize them. Who/what inspires you? People that inspire me: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Wamgon Tulku, my brother, my teacher, Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jamyang, Mother Teresa, the many monks and friends I have gotten to know very well, anyone that gives as much
 as they receive or more. Things that inspire me would be unselfish acts with no ego attached. How did you realize you were not headed in the right direction? I had issues with anxiety and panic. This was the pre-cursor. It was a sure sign of inner turmoil. It debilitated me for quite a while and scared me. I knew happiness would come from the inside and not the outside, but didn’t know how to truly live like that. What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? To help others before myself. What is sacred to you? Many things are sacred to me. The family I
 have and the family I have found. I include a small number of people in my family circle. Two years ago I found once again my brother who
is a Tibetan Tulku, a recognized reincarnation. He is completely sacred to me. He will be my teacher for life and I plan on spending my future caring for him. I also think what is most sacred to me is the feeling
 that I have inside of pure love and joy without the attachments that normally go along with love. This is a love shared on different levels between two humans that sit inside of you as a pure confirmation of joy and contentment.

Christoffer Broman

Christoffer Broman is the honest and passionate florist of Christoffer’s Blommor in Stockholm, Sweden, who believes that “life is a blast”.

Journey What best describes your personal journey in life? I never did anything by the book. I think feelings and good timing are decent things to follow. As a youngster I gave my mother and brother many sleepless nights. I wanted to travel to London, Ibiza and Paris, but I was broke and way too young—thanks Mom. In school, I always sat next to a window so I could look out. I looked at airplanes and wondered where they were going. Dreams, that’s my life journey so far. Dreams, feelings and love.

What is the most important thing you learned through your personal journey? The most important thing I have learned on my journey is to never take anything for granted. Things sometimes change for the good and for the bad. Share with us your new adventures you wish to explore going forward. My new adventures… I want a bigger family. Having kids is a future journey for me and my guy.

Photo courtesy of: Johan Lygrell

What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? Meeting old friends and new friends always World causes you believe strongly in? inspired me to do things. I join them, they join me I believe in world peace. I believe in empathy. I and we learn and inspire each other. believe in taking care of each other. I hate, hate. Who/what inspires you? My brother is one of my biggest inspirations! He has been all over the world. He always gives me honest feedback and supports my crazy ideas. He is the one who got me into flowers as a 13-year-old suburban child. His family is full of warmth, love and smiles.

Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? The most important world issue for me is to 
help people who need it most. Hunger. No one should die because of hunger - it’s 2015! We can all do something, big or small. Sometimes, signing a list can help and it’s free.

What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? I don’t always follow my dreams. I try to, but some dreams are not supposed to come true. I think dreams are a way of surviving the stressful everyday life. I dream about harmony and free beer one day, and the next day, it’s about a beach and world peace. But, I believe that you should always try to make your biggest dreams come true.

What is a quote you live by? All my friends know it because I say it daily. “Det är så härligt att leva!” It’s Swedish. In English it’s something like “Life is a blast.” What is sacred to you? Sacred for me is my family! I love them more than anything.

Paola Lopez Paola owns a boutique gallery in the town of Sayulita, Mexico, where she designs and sells unique swimwear and clothing, hosts other exclusive designers, and exhibits her paintings.

Photo Credit: Adrian Doza

Journey What best describes your personal journey in life? My journey is based on the conscience. The vision of my life has been to share the beauty and the hope that I see in this world and to reflect all the beauty that surrounds me. What has inspired you to travel the path you have chosen? I follow this path because I create my reality and allow my spirit to feel and share a deep experience. Happiness, freedom, harmony and respect have been my guides. I follow where they lead me.

What does following your dreams mean to you and do you believe you have done this? I have desires based on my values and beliefs. I chase hope naturally with a lot of love and positive energy. I’ve found satisfaction step by step and sometimes it takes time to get what I want to achieve, so I just enjoy the ride. I can say that I am living my dreams.

What is the most important thing you have learned through your personal journey? To be grateful with life. If something is meant to happen, it will happen... if not, it was not meant for me. What I create is what I am. I can be flexible and move in the direction that Do you believe you have found true happiness makes me happy. To teach my children to through this journey? make changes in their life to be better for the I have felt true happiness and true sadness. world and not wait for the world to be better They are both apart of my journey and I for them. I learn to find myself and others appreciate the lessons they bring. I understand from their point of views and feelings. I learn that in my journey I will face challenges and I to know the love that I want to experience. will look at them at in a positive way, without Nothing to put in, nothing to take out, just fears to strengthen my spirit. Absolutely, I have
 simply honest and free. found true happiness; it’s an energy path that compliments my life. Share with us your new adventures you wish Who and what inspire you? The passion of living, all the forms of love, power of nature, animals and our amazing connection, cultures, music, dance, my family, children, creative people... There are so many things that inspire me... moments, situations, learning, the ocean, the waves, the sky and colors.

to explore going forward? I’m fascinated to learn about new places, new things and sensations that I never experienced before. I want to keep an open mind to find the things that amaze me.

World causes you believe strongly in? I believe deeply in love, sharing and unity, in honest people, in the imagination and creativity of humanity. I truly believe that we will find our way to a more beautiful world. Important world issues that you feel we need to be conscious about? Be respectful, objective and do not judge. Also I want to share the need to be conscious of, support and defend “Wirikuta”... A sacred sanctuary of my dearest friends, “Los Huicholes”. One of the oldest indigenous groups of Latin America who preserve an enormous cultural and cosmological heritage. The desert area of Wirikuta has one of the most prosperous desert biodiversities on the planet. It represents the hope and wishes

of preserving the ancestral values and the connection with the impact of modernity. The Huicholes Wirikuta is the heart of the world. They are defending the nature for the uneven exploration and prevent the threat and loss of the ecosystem and the cosmology paradigm. Wirikuta is rich in mining and the Huicholes have been in an intense battle with the Mexican government. What is the quote you live by? “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” —Albert Einstein What is Sacred to you? Each breath and every moment. I believe everything and everyone is sacred.


Photo Credit: Joann Arruda

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