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Heartbeats M A Y


A Monthly English-language Bulletin of The Sacred Heart Cathedral

Blessed Virgin Mary May is traditionally called the month of Mary in the Roman Catholic Church. It is one of hundreds of devotions dedicated in honor of the fair maiden and blessed mother so much loved in popular spirituality. In fact there are so many hymns, feast days, prayers, art works, statues, rosaries, rituals, and other popular devotions in the Catholic tradition that Catholics are sometimes criticized for deifying Mary by placing her in the realm of a god or an equal to Christ in her role in salvation. In Catholic theology, however, Mary is the first of many members of the Communion of Saints. She is a symbol of Church itself and is held up as a model of Christian life for her love and care of Jesus.

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There are four doctrines on Mary in the Catholic Church. Her virginity (before, during, and after the birth of Christ) Mother of God (Mary was mother of the one Christ, who was human and divine.) Immaculate Conception (Mary was conceived without original sin.) Assumption (Mary was taken body and soul into heaven after her death.)

The scriptures have many stories of Mary. The most popular ones are in the books of Luke and John. Mary was a peasant girl who was chosen by God to bear the savior of the world. Her role, however, would not be an easy one, and she would have many “sword(s) pierce her heart (Lk 2:35).” Mary gave birth to her child while homeless. Then she was swept away into exile into Egypt to save the child’s life from Herod. Then when the child was fully grown, she stood at the cross to watch her son tortured and die. At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, Mary instructed the wedding attendant at Cana to “do whatever he tells you” with complete trust that Jesus could turn water into wine (Jn 2:5). Later she would need to relinquish her privileged place with Jesus, so that he could proclaim the kingdom of God, where “All who do the will of God are (Jesus’) mother, brother, and sister (Mk 4:35).” Because Mary was the first one to believe that this child would be the Christ, she is considered the first Christian. Because her life is model of strength and self-sacrifice in serving the will of God by her care for Jesus, she is a model of Christian Life. Because she was given into the care of the beloved apostle at the cross, she is considered to be a “symbol of the Church” itself in the teaching of Vatican II

Fr. Edward Vebelun, OSB


Sacred Heart Cathedral U

44 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0862 Tel: 045-641-0735

May 11 (SU) May 11 (SU) May 11 (SU) May 25 (SU) May 25 (SU) June 1 (SU)

Sunday School at 9am in the parish office Confirmation at 12 noon mass with Bishop Umemura Spanish Mass at 2pm in church Children's Liturgy of the Word at 10am mass Parish Picnic from 11~4 at the North Pier First Communion at 10am mass

Congratulations to Fr. Dominic TANIWAKI Shintaro

Parish Priests: Fr. Taniwaki was ordained this past Tuesday, April 29, by Bishop Raphael Umemura. Taniwaki served in the Yamate parish during his deaconate this past year. He will be living and working in the diocesan chancery at Yamate and celebrating mass around the diocese during the coming year. Bishop Raphael Umemura Fr. Masahiko Iino, Pastor Fr. Edward Vebelun, OSB Fr. Paul Takano Tetsuo Fr. Oscar Samsun

Congratulations to our Confirmation class of 2008 Three members of our international community will be confirmed on Pentecost Sunday, May 11, at the 12 o'clock mass by Bishop Raphael Umemura. They are, Ken Asaba, Nana Bosman, and Laiza Kuroishi. Also confirmed at the annual St Maur celebration on April 21 were Momoko Maki and Oscar De la Paz

Fr. Edward’s E-mail Address: Weekend Mobile: 090-8487-4289

Annual Parish Picnic on Sunday, May 25 The annual parish picnic will be held on Sunday, May 25 from 11~4 at the North Pier U.S. military installation. It is an afternoon barbeque with family games. Due to security concerns, advanced purchase and registration is required for attendance. Maps will be available to direct you to the sight. Tickets will be on sale each week prior to the picnic after the Sunday mass. Prices are: adults ¥1500, children (6-12 y.o.) ¥1000, under 6 free.


Confessions are heard at 9:45am every Sunday or by appointment.

Anointing of the Sick


The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick should be requested for any Catholic who has become seriously ill or is dying. Contact Fr. Edward directly or the parish office for this service.

Baptisms are generally held at the 10am mass or on the third Sunday of the month at 1:15pm. To have a child baptized, parents much check with Fr. Edward about available dates, register in the office, and attend a baptism seminar with the child's sponsors.

Japan Catholic News An English translation of the Japan Catholic newspaper is available on the internet at: .It is a translation and modification of the Japanese Katoriku Shinbun, which is published every week in Japanese. It is the best source of news on the Catholic Church in Japan. Want to know more about the Sacred Heart Guild? Want to join the choir? E-mail it to: Yutaka Nakamae Want to contribute for the next ‘Heartbeats’? Email it to:

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Newsletter for May 2008

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