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Sacred Heart Academy, founded by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Roman Catholic tradition and committed to the expression of strong Christian values and intellectual growth, provides a challenging college preparatory education for young women. The school is a community which promotes the growth of the whole person in a caring environment that encourages personal integrity, compassion, justice, and a sense of responsibility to self, others, and the needs of society.


Sacred Heart Academy will be a nationally recognized Catholic college preparatory school for young women. True to its motto Excelsior, Sacred Heart Academy will welcome students of diverse backgrounds, develop their potential through an academically rigorous program of studies, and lead them to discover their unique talents. Through a culture of service, Sacred Heart Academy will foster an awareness of the changing needs and challenges of the world. By embracing the call of the Gospel, the Sacred Heart Academy woman will become who God created her to be, ready to transform the world.

The Excelsior Graduate

A woman who is impelled by the Love of Christ to live authentically and passionately, sharing her compassion and integrity with the world, continuing to be a life-long learner, thinking critically, communicating effectively and intelligently, upholding the human dignity of each person, committing to be an active participant in her faith community, valuing “strong bonds” with her class and the wider Sacred Heart community, and fully embracing the gifts God has given her to strive “ever higher.”

SHA — Coming FullCircle


his year we celebrate 65 years of excellence at Sacred

Heart Academy. Proud of our accomplishments and firm


In this

3 From the President 5

Sixty-Five Years of Sacred Heart Academy


Three Generations of SHA


A Tale Told

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2011 Softball Team —Lasting Memories

than a motto, teach us not to imagine some final goal


Reflections on a SHA Mission Trip

or destination, but to live in an ever-evolving spirit of


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2010 - 2011 Honor Roll of Giving


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Reunion/Homecoming 2011

in our values, we prepare for what the future brings. We watch as “SHA girls” grow into young women, spiritually and academically rich. Despite our pride, we strive to live the words of our motto, excelsior. Sr. Sheila’s Building on Excellence plan calls us to realize the dreams of the Academy and to reach ‘ever higher’. Those words, more

improvement and achievement.

A SHA Class Ring Comes Home

Cover photo Caroline Thornton ’12, Jenna Hernandez ’12, and Clare Donohue ’12 Honor Roll of Giving photo Samantha Sansone ’14, Alex Ryan ’15, Samantha Furtak ’15, Emma Brindisi ’14, and Brianna Duff ’15 Back cover photo Katie McCarthy ’12, Sammy Bowers ’12, Hannah Kolb ’12, and Maggie McAndrew ’13 take their final bows on the Shubert’s stage after this fall’s musical production, The Wiz. The Wiz continues SHA’s tradition of theatrical excellence that began in 1948 with The Royal Way.

On the Charism

of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Although Sacred Heart Academy is celebrating its 65th year as a vibrant school community, the history of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus goes back in time over a century to the life of its foundress, Clelia Merloni. Drawn by devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Clelia Merloni made Jesus the King and Center of her heart. God alone was the motivating force of Mother Clelia’s life. She felt drawn to make reparation for the ingratitude Jesus received from so many people. Her loving fidelity, especially through Eucharistic adoration, was the passionate expression of this reparation. Because of her own intimate union with God she wanted to awaken in all people a deep desire for God and to help bring them to an understanding of His goodness, mercy, and compassion. To a world torn by hatred and indifference toward God and His Church, a world in which people sought false images of salvation and happiness, Mother Clelia presented the Heart of Christ—”which has so loved us...”—as the fulfillment of all expectations, the fountain of life, the source of happiness and salvation. Mother Clelia entrusted this legacy to her daughters, the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This charism continues to characterize the spirituality of the Congregation which is invigorated by the patrimony of its foundress, is nourished by the vitality of the Church, is embodied in sound traditions, and is made more precious by the holiness of its members. Today, as a hundred years ago, the Apostles seek to be what God intends us to be in the Church: witnesses of faith, signs of hope, and evangelizers through service.

From the President “The students in our care are indeed precious, beloved children of God and it is our job to help them grow into the women God created them to be.”

Dear Friends,

You have been trusted to look after something precious; guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us. 2 Timothy 1:14 Precious. This word from St. Paul’s letter reminds me how truly blessed we at Sacred Heart Academy are. The students in our care are indeed precious, beloved children of God and it is our job to help them grow into the women God created them to be. We are humbled by this awesome responsibility. But embedded within our humility is the bright confidence that the Sacred Heart will guide us along the way.

– Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71 The 2010-2011 school year was a historic one President for Sacred Heart Academy. The implementation of the President/Principal leadership model continues to facilitate the celebrated growth of the school. The distribution of responsibilities in the President/Principal model gave both Sr. Maureen and me the time we needed to focus on particular facets of the Academy. Although the year brought about new challenges, those challenges reminded us that when we embrace our strong faith and have a bit of patience, anything is possible. It was so meaningful that Sr. Maureen and I were officially welcomed into the school community at the September 3, 2010 First Friday Liturgy. Our young women sang so beautifully and watching them participate in Mass echoed the richness of the tradition of our First Friday Liturgies. Our year continued with a brilliant performance of Hairspray, and a celebration with fathers and daughters at their Liturgy and breakfast. Thanksgiving and Christmas exemplified the generosity and the community-mindedness of our students. And, although the winter was especially harsh, our spirits were kept warm by the enthusiasm and dedication of our outstanding faculty, staff, and student body. Spring renewed our energy with the Junior Ring Ceremony, two outstanding student-written and produced plays, our very successful Hearts of the Community Dinner, and the Mother Daughter Liturgy and Brunch. In addition to these wonderful events, we also enjoyed the wildly successful Spring Fashion Show, and had a record breaking Golf Tournament — an enormous support for our endowment. Before we knew it, spring sports were winding down and after we celebrated Baccalaureate Liturgy and Commencement, our softball team won the Class M State Championship. What a perfect end to a very memorable year! Special thanks to all who supported the Academy in 2011-2012. You are all a part of our success and we could not do what we do without your help. Just as St. Paul reminded the early Christians, so too we are reminded of and forever dedicated to the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth of the young women who are entrusted to us. May the Sacred Heart bless you all, and continue to guide us as we lead Sacred Heart Academy into the future.

Gratefully in the Heart of Christ,

Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71 President

Sacred Heart Academy



Sixty-Five Years of Sacred Heart Academy – More than 6,500 Women Strong “To those who have gone. . .and those who will come.” —Clelian, 1957 On September 9, 1946, seventeen eager young women entered Sacred Heart Academy at 295 Greene Street in the heart of Wooster Square. Those first classes of Greene Street girls included future Sisters, teachers, nurses, and mothers. Sacred Heart Academy had empowered them, given them the skills and the spiritual wholeness they needed to embark upon the journeys of their lives. Nine classes of students graduated before Sacred Heart Academy outgrew its small, comfortable home and moved to Mount Sacred Heart in Hamden in order to accommodate the growing student body. Sr. Antonine Signorelli, ASCJ, principal of SHA from that very first class of 1946 until her untimely death in 1967, envisioned a school where young women could learn, laugh, and love—where young women would grow into the women of tomorrow, ready to transform the world. The 1957 Clelian staff decided on the theme “Building for a Better Tomorrow,” an homage to Sr. Antonine’s dream come true—a newer, roomier school for Sacred Heart Academy students. Indeed, the Class of 1960 had just come through SHA’s doors, the largest yet with 105 students in tow. That year, students constructed their yearbook to reflect the hopes and dreams that sprung from the newness that 265 Benham Street in Hamden promised future students. As young as they were, they understood what the new building symbolized and knew that with its strong leadership and stellar academics, Sacred Heart Academy embodied all the strength and security adolescent lives needed to flourish. While she has been gone from SHA for many years, the charism Sr. Antonine Signorelli helped instill within the Sacred Heart community still resounds within its walls. As the students of 1957 so lovingly wrote in their yearbook, “Sr. Antonine gives all her time and energy to the perfection of these temples of ours. She’s helped develop in us the Christian blueprint that will guide us through our future days.” Adds Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71, “I look to Sr. Antonine as an example of how to lead Sacred Heart Academy. She has left her mark and I don’t want our students to ever forget who she was and what she did to establish this amazing institution.” And now, as Sr. Sheila begins her second year as the first president, she too believes in a brighter tomorrow for the students of Sacred Heart Academy. Sister shares, “I think my biggest challenge is to know how to best move the school forward, while being faithful to our mission and our vision. Sacred Heart has always had a strong reputation for academic

rigor and excellence and we want to build on that.” Indeed, Sr. Sheila recently unveiled Building on Excellence, her plan to realize the dreams of today’s Academy. As much as this year is a year of dreams and growth, so it is also a year of celebration. Sacred Heart Academy’s 65th Anniversary festivities kicked off on September 9 (65 years to the day since those seventeen pioneers first set foot in the Greene Street building) when all of SHA assembled for a special aerial photograph. Prior to the photography session, students listened to Mary Ann Notaro Buonasora ’50 share her fond memories of life at the Academy. During another school celebration, the entire school congregated to view a DVD of the school’s earliest years. This DVD, entitled The Greene Street Girls includes footage of and stories told by many of those first graduates and Sr. Antonine herself. Says Sr. Sheila, “I was very moved when I saw how the students enjoyed seeing the movies from the early years. The seniors were excited when they realized that fifty years from now future students would be seeing movies of them.” Perhaps the most meaningful experience this celebratory year will offer is a school wide service project, the 65th Anniversary “Core Campaign Challenge,” where students and faculty alike are challenged to complete sixty-five hours of any kind of service before the end of the school year. Not only will this bring the school community together, it also promises to strengthen the bonds between Sacred Heart and the outside community. Now, over 6,500 women strong, Sacred Heart Academy is once again building for “those who will come.” However, even though times have changed since the early days of the Academy, Sr. Sheila marvels at the similarities between then and now, “the building may have changed, and the faculty is no longer the same as when I was a student here but the spirit and enthusiasm of the students, and so many of the early traditions have remained the same. The first time I heard the Alma Mater sung at First Friday Liturgy, I was filled with emotion. It brought back so many wonderful memories.” As the 1957 yearbook is dedicated, “To those who have gone. . .and those who will come,” Sr. Sheila works to realize Sr. Antonine’s dreams for Sacred Heart Academy, “We can never forget where we came from. Sr. Antonine established Sacred Heart Academy with the motto of excelsior, and I feel it is my challenge to follow that motto in relationship to today and tomorrow.” Sacred Heart Academy


full circle

Strong and Smart –

Three Generations of SHA

Pictured from left to right—Jeri Antonucci Giamo ’56, Maria Pisani ’13, Maryann Giamo Pisani ’81 (behind) and Barbara Jean Fiasconaro Pisani ’51.


aria Pisani ’13 can truly say it was her legacy to come to Sacred always reaffirmed my goals in continuing my education and being the Heart Academy. Not only is her mother Maryann Giamo Pisani best teacher I could be.” After graduating from SHA in 1951, Maria’s ’81 an alumna, so are her two grandmothers, Jeri Antonucci Giamo paternal grandmother, Barbara Jean Fiasconaro Pisani, moved with her ’56 and Barbara Jean Fiasconaro Pisani ’51. Despite her family’s family to Washington, DC and began working for the government as deep roots at SHA, Maria declares that coming here was a decision she a stenographer at Andrews Air Force Base. She asserts, “Sacred Heart made all on her own, “My parents allowed me to Academy was influential in my getting this job “Maria is continuing a tradition because I was very prepared to take the civil decide for myself where I would go to high school and I chose Sacred Heart. When I shadowed, I felt so that started in our family more service exam.” Although they have in common comfortable and welcomed—like I belonged here. than 60 years ago. I know her a SHA education, each grandmother has her Everyone was so friendly. The teachers were nice and own special memories of those high school great-grandparents would be years. Whether making a new friend, going I enjoyed the classes I sat in on. I just knew I would get a great education and be with great people. It very proud of her.” to prom, or roller skating with friends, the was an easy decision.” Maryanne elaborates, “When – Maryann Giamo Pisani ’81 memories bring smiles to each of their faces. Maria was accepted to SHA I was thrilled. I felt that “I am proud that my mom and grandmothers same excitement when I found my acceptance letter in my mailbox came to Sacred Heart Academy. It is nice to be continuing the family way back in 1977.” After graduating in 1981, Maryann went on to tradition. My grandmothers always ask me about school and tell me become a teacher and, until recently, taught elementary school at how things were when they were SHA girls on Greene Street,” Maria St. Bridget’s in Cheshire. Not only was she inspired by the “intelligent shares. And her mother agrees, “Her father and I want Maria to have a and enthusiastic” teachers she studied with at SHA, but she was also wonderful education that includes faith-filled experiences just as my following in the footsteps of her own mother, Jeri Antonucci Giamo ’56. mom, my mother-in-law, and I received at Sacred Heart Academy. It is Says Jeri, “I was a special education teacher and administrator in East awesome that she is continuing a tradition that started in our family Haven for more than 20 years. I then became the principal at Sacred more than 60 years ago. I know Maria’s great-grandparents would be Heart/St. Peter School. Sacred Heart Academy influenced my plans and very proud of her!” 6

It was 1947...

A Tale Told by Angela Gravante Mazzoli ’51 I

was finally a teenager. I was graduating from St. Anthony School, summer was here and “our Sisters” were opening a new high school in New Haven, naming it Sacred Heart Academy. My dream was to be accepted and enrolled. My father had been hurt on the job and was not able to work. My mother was expecting a child in two months and was not able to work right then, either. I was told I could go to Sacred Heart Academy only if I was awarded one of the four scholarships being offered; the school would take care of the uniform and books. I needed a miracle! I believe in miracles. Actually, I rely on them. So I started praying to the Blessed Mother. I took the entrance exam and noted it was for scholarship only. I prayed, and I waited. Finally, the winners were announced. I was not one of them. Because of my strong belief in miracles, I kept praying and my prayers were answered when one girl received scholarships to two local schools and she chose the other one. I was next on the list! A letter arrived to inform us that my scholarship would be given by Dr. Thomas Corradino. I was so happy that I rushed to the convent to tell Sr. Rosalia and Sr. Magdalene the good news and to the Chapel to thank the Blessed Mother. My four years at the Academy were some of the best years of my life. I loved everything about Sacred Heart and I appreciated every moment! 57 years ago, in 1954, I married a wonderful young man. We were blessed with three precious children who further blessed us with six precious grandchildren, and we now have two great grandchildren. Lots of miracles here, too! I wrote that in 1947 my mother was expecting a child. My sister Carol was born that year. In spite of the 13 year difference in our ages, we have always been close and share our lives in so many wonderful ways. Now in retirement, Carol volunteers at Connecticut Hospice in Branford where she works with Mrs. Pat Corradino whose father-in-law, Dr. Thomas Corradino, had underwritten my scholarship. This story has come full circle. Miracles can and do happen. Prayer works. Rely on God.

Sacred Heart Academy


full circle

2011 Softball Team

Lasting Memories

SHA’s Pacers became Class M State Champions after a hard-earned win against Seymour High School.

“The best part about playing softball for Sacred Heart is the fact that we are all sisters. The bond we share is impossible to break...” –Molly Flowers ‘14



une 10, 2011 marked the day that Sacred Heart Academy’s softball team became Class M State Champions. Playing at Frank Biondi Field in West Haven against Seymour, a team that has eight state championships under its belt, SHA players knew the game would be a challenging one. Catcher Angelika Stamos ’11, MVP of the championship game, explains, “Seymour came into this game 25-1 and were so confident that they were going to beat us.” Despite Seymour’s confidence, SHA’s Pacers prevailed, winning the game 4-3. In the stands, the presence of SHA Sisters, students, faculty, and alumnae was palpable. Coach Ray Ramelli commented, “The school spirit shown in the state tournament was just so special. The support of the administration, faculty, and staff all contributed to our success.” Also supporting the team were two former SHA softball players who were so proud of their younger SHA sisters. Alumnae Director Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ, ’77 and Principal Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ, ’81 could not help but be reminded of their own years on the softball

field. Sr. Mariette elaborates, “We knew what the players were feeling. We couldn’t have been prouder, happier or more thankful that after so many years they succeeded in bringing home what was so long in coming.” Adds Sr. Maureen, “The excitement was tremendous. There were so many students, teachers and alumnae who came out for the game. They added a special dimension to winning the championship.” Angelika Stamos ’11, now a freshman at Fordham University, felt the same solidarity that so inspired Sr. Mariette and Sr. Maureen, “We are all so close and have a special bond. Whether we won or lost, it wouldn’t have changed the amazing run we had that season. I was lucky to spend as much time as I did with each of my teammates and I am still so honored to call myself a SHA girl because Sacred Heart brought me so much joy. The memories we created last season will never be forgotten.” As history was made on that warm June evening, nostalgia crept into the hearts of Sister Maureen

Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ, ’81 plays ball!

and Sister Mariette when their former SHA coach, Bill Iovanne, Sr., came out to Biondi Field to support SHA during the championship game. Sr. Mariette fondly remembers Iovanne’s coaching prowess, “The absolute best moment of the game was sitting in front of Bill Iovanne, the legend of the SHA softball program. I remember sitting there and thinking to myself, let these girls win it tonight for Bill. At the final out, everyone was hugging everyone! I turned around to Bill and he actually had tears in his eyes. He was in his glory yelling, ‘Mar (my nickname back then), we did it! We finally did it!’ ” Bill viewed this win as the crowning jewel on a program he began nearly 40 years earlier, “I was just ecstatic. We got to the finals twice while I was coaching but never got the win. Well, I couldn’t be any happier. It was especially nice that I was called out to the field and made a part of it.” Pitcher Molly Flowers ’14 was voted The New Haven Register’s Player of the Week following the big win. For Molly, that evening was very much about that sense of togetherness and the value of a strong, supportive, and loving community: “The best part about playing softball for Sacred Heart is the fact that we are all sisters. The bond we share is impossible to break, and I love each and every one of

Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ, ’77 hasn’t lost her stretching skills.

“Sr. Maureen and I knew what the players were feeling. We couldn’t have been prouder, happier or thankful that after so many years they succeeded in bringing home what was so long in coming.” –Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ, ‘77

my teammates. They are the greatest girls in the world, and they bring out the best in me. Without them, I would have never been able to perform the way I did. SHA is a community of great people, always there to support our team.” Shares Sr. Maureen, “I think the best moment of the game was waiting for that last out. Molly Flowers struck out the last batter and everyone in the stands was just so excited.” Adds Angelika, “One of the biggest moments for me was my hit in the fifth inning that drove in two runs to give us the lead. Another big moment for me was Molly’s final pitch which was a strike to end the game.” As a matter of fact, watching today’s Pacers win the championship reminded Bill Iovanne of a certain game played against Hamden in the late

seventies…a game where a senior (who would one day become Sr. Mariette Moan) hit a grand slam home run to win the game for SHA, “We’d played Hamden High, undefeated for two years, and they always clobbered us. Mariette hit a home run to win the game. She hit the ball so far she was home before the ball was thrown in.” These memories, the building blocks of community, link past and present, young and old, family and friends. Indeed, as the night grew dark and the stands emptied, Coach Ramelli gathered his team in centerfield for one last moment together on Biondi Field. Ramelli said, “I told them—besides my family, this was the greatest moment in my life. To be head coach with my sons as assistant coaches, with these great kids as my players and representing SHA—I feel truly blessed.”

“I was just ecstatic. We got to the finals twice while I was coaching but never got the win.” –Former Coach Bill Iovanne, Sr.

Sacred Heart Academy


full circle

A Sacred Heart Academy Class Ring

Comes Home


e at HEART thought our readers would enjoy this story told by fellow SHA sister, Kate Ramunni ’79, editor of HamdenPatch. This story tugged at our HEARTstrings. Enjoy reading how this class ring found its way home. . .

his passing, Flora once again came across the ring. Immediately, she knew what she had to do. “Oh my goodness, here’s that ring. I needed to find the person it belonged to for Joe’s sake because he had asked me to do it so many times.”

Valerie Smith ’82 had barely received her Class of 1982 ring when it disappeared altogether. How this happened, she’s still not sure. “At first, I didn’t realize it was gone—I just couldn’t find it,” Valerie said. After searching for it for months, she assumed she would never see her ring again. And for years, she would not. Buried outside Hamden’s Miller Memorial Library, the ring lay snugly in the earth. To this day, Valerie doesn’t remember how it could have ended up there.

Mrs. Falcone started with a call to Sacred Heart Academy, and spoke with Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ, ’77, Director of Alumnae Relations, who gave her Valerie’s name. Next, she pulled out the phone book and called every Smith listed—a formidable task given the commonality of that last name. “It was quite a chore,” admitted Flora. Finally, with the help of Sr. Mariette, she was able to get in touch with Valerie’s mother in Florida who gave her Valerie’s current address in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Several years later, the ring resurfaced. Hamden resident Joseph Falcone had retired after a career as a contractor and had taken a part-time job with the town of Hamden. Years after Valerie’s ring went missing, Mr. Falcone found the ring buried in the dirt in a landscaped section outside the library. According to his widow, Flora Falcone, “It was very, very deep in the dirt and that took a toll on it. It was not in good shape when he brought it home.” The couple wanted to track down the ring’s owner but had no idea how to go about doing that. Inside the ring were Valerie’s initials and her class year was on the front of the ring. Those were their only clues Flora and her husband had. “He wanted to return it to her,” she said, “and as time went by, he would say, ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.’” But tomorrow never came. Joseph Falcone died in 2008. While going through his belongings after 10

“She caught me completely by surprise,” Valerie said. “I thought I had misunderstood her.” But she hadn’t misunderstood, and shortly after that a small box with a pink satin bow arrived in Valerie’s mail. “She took so much care getting that ring back to me,” shared Valerie. And for that, Valerie will be forever grateful. But according to Flora, she was just as grateful to return the ring to its rightful owner as Valerie Smith was to get back her token of four years at the Academy: “I knew that she must have worked very hard to earn this ring and it must have meant a lot to her, and so I knew I had to reunite her with her ring. It was my husband’s wish, and it was something I was determined to do.” Valerie cherishes the new memories her ring brought home to her. “This ring means so much more to me now because of its journey,” Valerie said. “It’s something I will never forget.”

Reflections on a SHA Mission Trip

by Stephanie Baldwin ’12


o be honest, I was dreading my trip up to New York, dreading the hours I would spend in St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged and Infirm. I wanted to work with the children. I wanted to go out in the streets and help the homeless, saving lives from the hunger pangs and bitter cold winds of New York. I had signed up for this Mission Trip to do something life changing. My first day at St. Patrick’s, I was utterly terrified. All the volunteers and residents were squished into one tiny chapel for morning Mass. I looked around wide-eyed and thought, My God, this is what death looks like. Half the chapel consisted of creaking wheelchairs and the other half had an abundance of canes and walkers. It was impossible to focus on the service when such violent coughing surrounded me. The only thought I could process was how I would end up in a place like this. I was going to be the abandoned woman in a wheelchair bundled in mismatched blankets screaming ‘shut up’ to the priest. I was going to be that man pulling a tube of toothpaste from his pants asking the young volunteer if she brushes her teeth with Close-Up. I was going to be one of the women murmuring in the back, or the woman in the corner of the chapel cradling a plastic baby doll. I was going to be alone and forgotten. That was until I met Frances. We were hosting a Valentine’s Day themed party for the residents when she asked me, a random volunteer, to take her back to her room. As I compliantly filled her request, she began to reveal the story of her life. I stayed with Frances as long as I could that afternoon, taking in whatever she desired to share with me. I learned that she had to raise four children on her own. She never had much money, and worked several jobs, including coat checker at a night club, and bridal store associate. She laughed, “You name it. I’ve done it!” Regardless of her financial situation, Frances was always a volunteer. She singlehandedly organized a program for the homeless of the Bronx, and volunteered for 46 years at the exact same old folk’s home I was volunteering at, before finally checking herself in four months ago.

As the week progressed I could see how similar we were. She was like a friend that I had known for years. Looking at her old photos I found myself laughing and saying: “that is so Frances.” As she turned each page of her photo album she would nonchalantly call out descriptions such as “Oh, this is my neighbor who I saved after he had a stroke.” In one picture she is standing in the center of an enormous group of smiling teenagers. Dressed head to toe in bright turquoise, Frances holds her matching parasol with the gloved hand that isn’t wrapped around the shoulder of someone else. Frances taught me that beauty can be found anywhere and helping others is the greatest reward in life. In the end, everyone just wants some love. Suddenly, I could see the residents of St. Patrick’s Home as they were in the prime of their youth. I could see the woman who yells from her wheelchair tall and beautiful, marching for her rights in Washington, DC I could see the man with the toothpaste in his pants in his Marine uniform brushing his strong, white teeth. I could hear the women in the back of the chapel with beautiful singing voices, dressed in the latest fashions, and dancing on young and lean legs. I could see the woman cradling the baby doll comforting her own infant, an apron tied tight around her waist. Everyone in that home lived their own unique lives and had their individual stories to share. All those lessons from Sacred Heart Academy, urging me to look beyond appearances and to accept others’ hearts, finally got through to me. Prior to this mission trip, I had tried so hard to apply these teachings to my life. Now they had become a reality.

Stephanie Baldwin ’12 shares a lasting friendship with Frances.

I still think about Frances and wonder how she is doing, what color themed outfit she is wearing today, what other exciting stories she has yet to share in her thick New York accent. I still have the package and card she sent me in response to my letter filled with paper cranes for her room. She wrote, “I feel that you are a lot like me by how you feel and the compassion that you have.” And that means the world to me.

Sacred Heart Academy


around the academy

Senior Named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Christine Smith ’12 has been named a Semifinalist in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program. About 1.5 million juniors in some 22,000 high schools entered the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2010 PSAT/NMSQT, which served as an initial screen of program entrants. The nationwide pool of Semifinalists represents less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors and includes the highest scoring entrants in each state. Christine now has the opportunity to continue in the competition for some 8,300 National Merit Scholarship awards, worth more than $34 million. Named a Sr. Antonine Signorelli Scholar for her outstanding entrance exam scores and for demonstrating exceptional academic potential, Christine has earned highest honors since freshman year. In addition to her outstanding academics, she is a member of the National and Spanish Honor Societies, as well as the National Math Honor Society—Mu Alpha Theta. Christine serves as treasurer of the Shakespeare Club and is involved in both the musical productions and the drama club. An avid member of Campus Ministry, she participated in the February 2010 New York City mission trip. She has also served at Clelian Heights in Pennsylvania, an educational facility for children with mental disabilities. Last spring, she was named a 2011 Connecticut Governors Scholar from an entry pool of the top juniors in Connecticut. Outside of school, Christine is an accomplished ballet dancer and member of the New Haven Ballet Company. The Sacred Heart community congratulates Christine on her achievements.

SHA Claims Three Commended Students Bridget Cavanaugh ’12, Taylor DeRosa ’12, and Clare Donahue ’12 have been named Commended Students in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program. A Letter of Commendation from the school and the

National Merit Scholarship Corporation will be presented by Principal Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ, ’81 to these scholastically talented seniors. Approximately 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being

recognized for their exceptional academic promise. These students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2012 competition by taking the 2010 PSAT. Bravo!

AP Scholars Recognized for Excellence The CollegeBoard Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers several AP Scholar Awards to recognize students who have demonstrated college-level achievement through AP courses and exams. Sacred Heart Academy congratulates the following students for their outstanding achievement on the 2011 AP exams: AP Scholar – granted to students who receive an average score of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams: Taylor DeRosa ’12, Jennifer Giulietti ’11, Clare Kane ’11 and Christine Smith ’12; AP Scholar with Honor – granted to students who receive an average score of 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores

of 3 or higher on four or more exams: Emma Dwyer ’11, Austin Ferrara ’11, Samantha Friedman ’11, Brianna Gurciullo ’11, Nora Jefferies ’11, Marie Matta ’11, Christina Popolizio ’11, Briana Vogel ’11, and Meghan Zwahlen ’11 and AP Scholar with Distinction – granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more exams: Alyssa Aquino ’11, Megan Grammatico ’11, Amanda Kelly ’11, Katherine Lee ’11, and Alexandra Rallo ’11.

Senior Signs with Nationally Ranked, Division 1 USC for Rowing Deirdre Fitzpatrick ’12 (pictured at her signing ceremony) has signed with Division 1, 5th ranked University of Southern California for rowing. She began rowing in 2010 for Connecticut Boat Club, a highly competitive female only rowing club. Last summer Deirdre made the US Junior National Team and has been invited to a preselection camp in Texas in hopes of making the National Team again next summer. Offers Patrick McAllister, Deirdre’s guidance counselor, “I applaud Deirdre’s willingness to stretch academically and am confident that Deirdre is well positioned for success at USC.”


Meet Sacred Heart Academy’s Newest Administrator Sacred Heart Academy warmly welcomes Annette Vasaturo who will serve as Dean of Studies. In this newly created position, Mrs. Vasaturo will work in collaboration with the administration, guidance, faculty and staff in overseeing student academic progress, professional development and planning, and faculty observation. The mother of three Sacred Heart Academy graduates, she served as teacher, assistant principal and principal at St. Vincent de Paul School in East Haven from 1989 to 2008. Mrs. Vasaturo earned a B.A. degree from Albertus Magnus College, did graduate work at Southern Connecticut State University, and received a Graduate Certificate in Catholic School Leadership from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. In addition to her duties as Dean of Studies, she teaches theology to freshmen.

Student Internship Program Concludes its Third Summer 2009 marked the first session of Sacred Heart’s Summer Internship Program (SIP). Founded by Mary Gniadek ’04 as a gateway for students to experience future career interests before applying to college, SIP has boasted more than 30 internships since its inception and continues to grow. For the past three summers, mentors have guided students in everything from engineering and economics to industrial design, science research, and health related careers. This summer ten rising seniors participated in the program working in the art, business, child development, health, and science fields. Students worked closely with mentors, mostly alumnae, for a minimum of two weeks in order to gauge if a particular career path was right for them. Some students remained with mentors for the entire summer because they found their internships so rewarding. Pictured above are Jenna Hernandez ’12 (left) at work at the CT Agricultural Station at the Center for Vector Biology and Zoonotic Diseases and Gabrielle Ukleja ’12 (right) at a child development center. Our hope for the future is an even larger program involving more mentors and more students. Interested prospective mentors, alumnae, or friends of Sacred Heart Academy should contact for more information.

Kathryn Gniadek, Chair of the Math Department, recently uploaded to the first three installments of a twenty-level e-book series entitled Fab Five for Trigonometry. The first three installments are also available for the Kindle. Mrs. Gniadek developed this method more than ten years ago as a way to foster student understanding of Trigonometry. Each installment is individually titled on the web at The wellspring of Mrs. Gniadek’s project was her eagerness to promote student comprehension of the course material, rather than subject students to memorization that is easily forgotten. Indeed, Lauren Ciocca ’07 shares, “I had Mrs. Gniadek for both precalculus and calculus. Since I don’t possess a significant amount of natural quantitative talent, the Fab Five certainly made the complexities of calculus all the more comprehensible. Still, I did not truly realize how flawless Mrs. Gniadek’s method was until sophomore year of college when my old calculus notebooks from her class played a key role in helping me tackle a much more complex college level calculus course.” In fact, alumnae from the past ten years have reported using her method in advanced college level math classes and sharing it with their college friends. The Fab Five for Trigonometry imbues students with a lifetime understanding of trigonometry.

Math Teacher Publishes Trigonometry Texts

Sacred Heart Academy


around the academy

Painting it Pink During October, Campus Ministry held its annual Paint it Pink Week to foster cancer awareness among the SHA community, especially cancers that affect women. Between October 17 and 21 students and faculty participated in several activities that honored cancer victims and celebrated those who have beaten the disease. The goals of Paint it Pink Week were to inform students about the importance of early cancer detection and inspire them to support cancer patients and survivors. Director of Campus Ministry, Sr. Lany Jo Smith, ASCJ, comments, “This is a particularly meaningful cause for a school filled with young women. So many of our students have been touched by the challenges of this disease. This is a whole new generation of women who hopefully can develop cancer awareness and share more hope with sufferers.” Hope became quite palpable on Friday, October 21 with SHA graduate and cancer survivor, Katie Winkle ’11 returning to share her incredible story with the school community: “I knew I had to believe in myself, that I was going to get through it, and I did. I prayed to God every day, and at this point in my life I can honestly say my faith is stronger than ever,” said Katie. Her message of perseverance captivated her audience. Indeed, one teacher remarked, “When Katie was on that stage, you could hear a pin drop.” Katie instilled in her audience the important role her community played in her healing process, “The outpouring of community support was amazing. People from all over my town cooked meals for my family while I was at Yale, delivering breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day to my brother and dad, and even my grandparents and extended family.” As Katie healed she wanted to “pay it forward,” and did so by becoming a camp counselor at Camp Rising Sun. Informs Katie, “This camp for kids who have or have had cancer is free of charge. I was a camper for three years and this past summer I had the honor and privilege of being a camp counselor.” In addition to her camp counselor duties, Katie is an active participant in Relay for Life and also volunteers in the very same hospital where she was once a patient. Perhaps the biggest testament to her mission to “pay it forward,” Katie is currently attending Quinnipiac University with aspirations of becoming a pediatric oncology nurse. She became inspired by the nursing staff that cared so deeply about her healing and happiness. Indeed her nurse (pictured above alongside Katie) Lindsey Zuraw hugely impacted Katie’s desire to become a nurse. Katie adds, “Our bond is one that will last forever. She has changed my life for the better. Cancer has changed my life in so many ways. But I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and cancer has enabled me to appreciate every single day and to not sweat the small things in life.” Students left that afternoon truly inspired by Katie’s experience. Her final words confirmed Sr. Lany Jo Smith’s hopes for Paint it Pink Week, “Every single one of you has so much potential to change the world, and you just need to always follow your heart and strive for excellence.”

GIT Founder Kicks off Paint It Pink Week Founder of Get In Touch (GIT), Mary Ann Wasil Nilan (pictured here) helped kick off Paint it Pink Week not only through her own story of faith and hope, but also through her message of education and awareness. Wasil, winner of The 2010 Oprah Magazine CoverGirl “Giving Beautiful Back Award,” was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in 2004 and continues to battle the disease. She shares, “My two daughters were 12 and 13 at the time and I knew one of the most important things I would ever teach them was the importance of, and how to do a breast self exam.


I developed the Get In Touch Girls’ Program and Daisy Wheel Breast Health Initiative for all girls – not just the ones that call me “mom.” Added Gabby Hummel ’15, “She really motivated me to never give up on anything. As someone battling cancer for the second time, she still faced life positively.” As Wasil concluded, students gave this inspirational, faith filled woman a standing ovation. The mission of the Get In Touch Foundation is to encourage girls of all ages to “Get In Touch” with their bodies, information and each other in the crusade against breast cancer. The Get In Touch Girls’ Program and Daisy Wheel Breast Health Initiative educates girls in grades 5 through 12 on the importance of, and how to practice self exams.

honor roll of giving

2010 – 2011

“When divine love of the Sacred Heart takes possession of a heart, it awakens in it a desire to see God known, loved and served.” – Mother Clelia Merloni, Foundress of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

office of the president

Building on Excellence

A Road Map for our Future – 2011- 2014 Last spring marked the early phases of Building on Excellence. Updates to classroom technology, including upgraded student and faculty laptops and support for technology training have been implemented. The original ceilings in two corridors of the building and much of the outdated lighting have been

Dear Friends, What an exciting time it is in the long, rich tradition of Sacred Heart Academy! For the past 65 years, the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and their dedicated lay co-workers have ministered to nearly 6,500 girls, through a rigorous college prep program, steeped in the charism of Mother Clelia Merloni. What a privilege it is to guide our young ladies as they grow into the woman God created them to be. We now look forward to all that the next 65 years holds for us. This past spring 2011, I initiated Building on Excellence, a process which included over 100 alumnae, parents and friends of Sacred Heart who were invited to dream about the future of the Academy. It was a very enriching experience as we discussed all that SHA has to celebrate, and how to continue to live out our mission to provide a challenging college preparatory education for young women. I am happy to share with you the results of that process, including our commitment to develop and execute the appropriate funding plan. However, this plan is only the beginning. During the coming years, we will work on the implementation of this plan, always keeping in mind our vision and mission. I ask you to pray for inspiration and wisdom, so that as we implement Building on Excellence, we will keep in mind what is best for our students, and always do what we do for the greater honor and glory of God.

replaced. During the coming months and next few years

Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71 President

we will continue Building on

Excellence, always keeping in mind our mission and vision.

Areas of Focus

Mission and Charism ı Devise a plan to deepen the school culture of spirituality, service and leadership steeped in the charism of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Student Life ı Study enhancements to the Sacred Heart Academy experience including the guidance program, fine arts program, co-curricular activities and athletics. Academic Programs ı Evaluate curriculum, especially, but not limited to, language offerings, in order to continue preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Faculty and Staff ı Increase professional development opportunities including the establishment of an educational teacher fund to support life-long learning. Evaluate all roles, responsibilities, salaries, stipends and benefits of faculty and staff. Technology ı Establish a long-term plan to support SHA’s commitment to using technology to enhance educational programs which prepare our students for a global society. Campus Facilities ı Create a campus Master Plan to include current and future building needs that support our educational mission. Mission Advancement ı Generate a blueprint to secure the future of Sacred Heart Academy by enhancing all areas of mission advancement including admissions, alumnae relations, public relations and fundraising.


2010 – 2011

Giving Circles

honor roll of giving

The school regrets the omission of any names deserving recognition in this report, and apologizes in advance for any such error. We welcome any corrections, and encourage you to contact the Office of Mission Advancement.


Knights of Columbus Supreme Council The Estate of Philip Paolella, Sr.


Anonymous James & Michelle Bowman Hillhouse Scholars Program Michael Hillis, Esq. & Lynne Hillis, M.D. Mary Ann Madamo Robert Nastri, Esq. & Kathleen Nastri, Esq.


Anonymous Richard Antaya, M.D. & Mary Antaya Robert & Cheryl Bishop David & Michelle Buscarello Francis & Susan Conlon II The Estate of Belle Fogarty Richard Palombo, Esq. & Patrice Amendola Palombo, Esq. 1977 Richard Zorena & Joan O’Neill Zorena 1983


Anonymous Assa Abloy Vernal & Florence Bates Foundation Patrick & Terry Bowman John F. Buckley Jr., Esq. & Tricia Buckley Eugene & Marylouise Harris Healey Family Foundation Luch’s Engineering/DeCarlo & Doll, Inc. Office of Catholic Schools Hugh & Martha O’Neill Roger & Linda Sciascia Brian Smith, M.D. & Keiren Smith, M.D. Sonitek Corporation Stanley Black & Decker


Loretta Petrillo Ambrose 1953 Anonymous Maria Asis-Gilbride, M.D. 1981 Alfredo Axtmayer, M.D. & Patricia Hayes-Axtmayer Richard A. Bieder, Esq Urbano & Susan Bondoc Bowman, Monaco & Black, P.C. John Bremer & Sharon Egan Bremer, M.D. 1965 John Brillante & Margaret Falsey Brillante 1972 Buckley & Wynne, Attorneys at Law William & Cynthia Burns Vincent & Lucia Capasso Capital Guardian

Gene & Mary Pat Caputo Catholic Charity League Center for Orthopaedics Joyce B. Comer, Ph.D. 1970 The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Custom Recycling/Russell Partition/Atlantic Pulp, LLC Thomas & Patricia DeGrand Donald & MaryEllen DeRosa Pat & Ann Destito Leone & Maria DiSorbo Craig Douglas & Marilyn Petraiuolo Douglas 1973 William & Stephanie Dragan Amy Duda 1982 Fairfield County Community Foundation Kevin & Patricia Fennell Follett Virtual Bookstore Kevin Hallinan & Margaret Nicholls Hallinan 1983 Stephen & Laurie Hanchuruck James & Josephine Hanrahan Robert & Rosemary Hughes E. William Iovanne John DeGrand & Son, Inc Andrew & Kathleen Kaptain Timothy J. Kearney Shawn & Tina Kelly William & Laureen Korolyshun William Kosack & Carolyn Morrell Kosack, M.D. 1970 Maria DiPalma Laudano 1972 Kevin & Marianne Lawlor William Lichtenfels, Esq. & Kimberly Lichtenfels John & Cheryl Abbatello Maher 1982 Paul & Kimberly Malcolm John & Carolyn Mancini Sheila McCarthy 1981 James & Susan Fasulo McPherson 1980 Gerald J. & Joyce Celentano Moran 1957 Moore, O’Brien, Jacques & Yelenak Most Holy Trinity Roman Catholic School Allan Munzenmaier, D.D.S, & Daria Friel, D.D.S. Carol Lombardi Noble 1952 Robert & Maureen O’Keefe John J. O’Neill People’s United Bank Margaret Walsh Pereira 1971 Theodore & Laura Pisciotta Thomas Pursell, Esq. & Mary Brunell Pursell 1982 SCI St. George Church Melissa Patton Sullivan 1982 Michael & Annette Vasaturo Weinstein & Anastasio, P.C. Craig & Bethanne Winkle Emmanuel & Efstathia Zorgias


Anonymous Victor & Evelyn Aquino Celeste Asis James Bango Robert W. & Virginia Barker, Jr. 17

Paul R. Bartholomew, Ph.D. & Carmela Cuomo, Ph.D. Vincent & Suzanne Baum BIC Corporation Ray Patrick Davies & Anne-Marie Boulade-Perigois Davies Paul Bowman Brian J. McKeen Foundation Peter & Ann Bruchansky Frank & Ellen Casella Tracy Salemme Church 1979 Gaynor Coassin Suzanne Colasanto, Esq. 1973 Sheila Cronin 1965 Albert Curbow & Kimberly Cramer Curbow 1981 Paul & Jeanne Dandrow Augusto & Maria de Asis, Jr. Salvatore DeGennaro & Lynn Cichowski Donald Dest & Linda Timpson-Dest Richard & Diane Dunne Dolores DeFonzo Ennico 1970 Joseph & Clare Falcha Brian Farrell, Esq. & Barbara U. Farrell Federico & Sette, P.C. Michele Mattei Filorimo 1988 Edward and Frances Flynn Kenneth Gerry & Roseann McManus Gerry 1976 Pamela Giannette 1970 Dennis W. Gillooly, Esq. & Christine Gillooly Antonio & Berta Goncalves Thomas & Patricia Joyce Heavren 1956 Mona Breault Hendrickson 1971 Megan McLeod Hernandez 1974 Holiday Hill Adebola Ifafore, M.D. Industrial Acceptance Corporation, Inc. Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC Edward Kairiss, Ph.D. & Denise Stevens, Ph.D. Carol Mele Kennedy 1964 George & Rebecca Kwashie Francis E. Lamboley, Esq. & Elaine Mastagni Lamboley 1960 Law Office of Joseph R. Mirrione, LLC Jonathan & Jane Lee Ann Marie Lenart Mary Ann Walsh Lewis 1970 Lupinski Funeral Home Geraldine A. Lupoli 1959 Robert F. McCorkle, III Mary Ellen Hummel McMahon 1982 Donald & Margaret Mitchell Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Foundation Moukawsher & Walsh, LLC Susan Nelson John & Randi O’Brien Michael O’Hare Alan Friedlander, Ph.D. & Linda Olson, Ph.D. John & Eileen Riccardi Keith & Elizabeth Rice Sacred Heart Academy Alumnae Association Albert & Marie Scharf John & Susan Shanley Peter & Janet Smith Gregory Stamos, Esq. & Susan Stamos Kevin & JoAnn Thornton United Way of Greater New Haven The Valley Community Foundation

honor roll of giving

2010 - 2011


Ann Marie Vallombroso 1959 Christine Wheeler Vaught 1969 Mary Ann Wasil Nilan John Zimmerman & Nancy Luke Zimmerman 1973


Stacie Mulvey Allen 1985 Harold & Nancy Andersen, Jr. Theresa Andrasy-Sokol 1968 Anonymous Donato Biceglia Arthur Cafasso & Jan Bershtein, Esq. Carol Norton Carter 1973 Vincent & Sherrie Casasanta Felicity Buonocore Celentano 1983 Anthony Ciaramella & Teresa Caiafa Ciaramella 1977 David Cooney Joseph Corradino, Esq. & Melissa Papantones, Esq. Daniel T. Cosgrove Maureen Danehy Cox 1972 Doris Cramer Mary Grace Santagata Crisci 1988 Marie Cuomo Mark & Deborah DeFelice Radell & Rhodesia Dizon Drescher Insurance Agency Thomas M. Duffy, O.D & Eva Marie Cekaitis, O.D. Dorothy Fiorillo Farrell 1950 Fidelity Foundation Ann Franklin Deborah DeWitt Frattini 1966 Shawn & Kathleen Freel Gregory & June Genna Kenneth & Stephanie Good Charles & Carol Gunning Angelo Gurciullo Rebecca Harris 2001 Marjory Hogan Heyd 1960 Hummel Brothers, Inc. Judith Abt Iannone 1973 Intel Corporation Charitable Matching Trust John & Arlene Korolyshun Kathryn M. Larson 1978 Thomas & Patricia LoRicco The Manning Agency, LLC William Marston & Nancy Waselewski Marston 1970 Mary J. Miller William & Lisa McCarthy Maryellen F. McHenry 1971 Ryan McKone Mary Alice McLarty Robert Nelson Duc Nguyen & Thanh-thuy Tran North Haven Academy Olin Corporation Charitable Trust Ouellette, Deganis & Gallagher, LLC Peter & Julia Palumbo Frances Pascale 1958 Albert Perrino, M.D. & Anita Bourque, M.D. Gregory & Sandra Piontek The Prudential Foundation Marci Garofalo Quaranta 1987

John Quinn, Esq. & Mary-Ann P. Haran, Esq. Maryellen Reardon, Ph.D. 1973 Karen Smith Reed 1984 Most Reverend Peter A. Rosazza, D.D. Mark & Carol Ross Glenn Rybacki, Esq. & Margaret Rose Rybacki 1981 Donna Scaramella Carol Conte Shaw 1962 Carl & Rita Simmons Roberta DeLay Smith 1953 Stanley & Geralyn Sroka Anne Harmon Sweeney 1970 Edward & Judy Taddei Target Brands, Inc. James & Gracy Thengumthyil Cynthia Funaro Towers 1982 United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut John & Susan Venables


Abbate Insurance Associates Pamela Pellegrino Acquarulo 1982 Jude & Kimberly Ann Ahern James & Kathleen Alber David & Jennifer Alexandro Martha Abbate Amici 1953 Bryan & Lisa Anderson Anonymous Elizabeth Rocheleau Anthony 1954 Pamela Antoni Apex Pharmacy Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus The Appleton Family Aqua Turf Country Club George & Lea Asmus Bailey, Moore, Schaefer & Proto, LLP Bank of America Barker Specialty Company Marie Vissicchio Barone 1953 Joseph & Janet Barone Rev. Thomas Barry James Bartolini George Bedocs Carol Bellemore Rev. Robert Beloin Joan Zullo Biondi 1963 Eleanor Sullivan Biondo 1982 Theresa Bisson, Ph.D. Amy Nizen Blakeslee 1985 Susan Pieper Blakeslee 1960 Carol Blanchard, D.D.S. Beth Iovanne Blazevich 1975 Mary Cedro Bogrette 1953 Geraldine Boland Kathleen Laverty Bouvier 1986 Dino & Anna Brandi Joseph Brigante & Cheryl Asid Brigante 1981 James & Charlene Brindisi Bristol Myers Squibb Employee Giving Program William & Diane Bruno

The Buccetti Family The Bucciferro Family Andrea Gorske Bullard 1957 Mary Ann Notaro Buonasora 1950 Rev. Robert Burbank Richard & Christina Byrnes Jackie Caulfield Cahill 1982 Maria Cammarota Mark & Debbie Camner Tricia Bonito Caputo 1989 Michael & Mia Cavanagh Richard & Janis Celone Yan Chen John & Kathy Chiaro Thomas & Christine Clark James & Carolyn Coady Frances Consiglio James & Ann Marie Conte Jack Criscio & Janet Garrison Criscio 1969 Emiliano & Ada Cruz John Curran III & Loren Buonocore Curran 1977 Dairy Queen Corporation Catherine R. Daly Sandra D’Ambrosio Douglas & Christine DeCerbo Maureen Delahunt Anna Marsico DeLucia 1951 Ralph De Natale, M.D. & Barbara De Natale Diamond Massong, Esq. Richard Diana, M.D. & Ann Monahan Diana 1979 Ralph & Kristin DiFonzo Walter & Diane Dinehart Richard & Loretta DiPietro Thomas & Maria Donofrio Donna Caine Dooley 1974 Jacqueline Beaudette Downing 1977 Elisabeth Reynolds Durso 1957 Jeffrey Dussetschleger, M.D. & Patricia Dussetschleger Josephine Notaro Early 1951 Judith Dering Ellis 1957 Ann Marie Buonasora Engstrom 1973 Marilyn Clancy Erff 1960 Timothy Fanning & Rita Angellino Fanning 1985 Joseph Farricielli & Jean Paolella Farricielli 1964 Dominic & Mary Federico Jane Fedorowicz, Ph.D. 1972 Alfred & Sherry Felice Louis & Melissa Ferrara Edward Fitzpatrick, M.D. & Maureen Fitzpatrick Susan Fogarty 1960 Rosemary Forni 1968 Paula Forni 1967 Diane Forni 1977 Paula Fracasso, MD 1973 Lawrence & Danuta Fusco Elena I. Fusco Geraldine Fusco Richard & Manon Gagliardi David & Cynthia Gagnon General Electric Edward S. Gensicki, M.D. & Kimberly Gensicki Dolores J. Giampetro Anthony & Laura Giardiello Kevin & Bernadine Gilbert Dominic & Grace Giulietti

Mary Hendricks Glazier 1964 Goody’s Hardware Alan & Karen Greene John Guerin & Elizabeth Pisanelli Guerin 1981 Louise H. Gurciullo Kathleen T. Hanchuruck Paul & Kathleen Harris The Hartford Housing Session William & Linda Harvey Stephanie Cappetta Herzog 1999 Timothy & Martha Hogan Edwin Holmes & Judith Cuthbert Michael & Karen Hutton Sandra Gomlin Ineson 1963 Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt, Dow & Katz, P.C. Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC Robert & Catherine Jenney JoAnne Anastasio Jones 1959 Michael & Susan Jung Keenan Funeral Home Keene State College Athletics Michael Keib & April Fusco Keib 1987 Dana & Maureen Kent Gretchen Korman Rev. Sebastian Kos Anne Donegan Kraemer 1959 Michael & Vivien LaChance William & Linda Lacourciere Amy Sargeant Lang 1984 Michael & Angel Lanouette Robert & Cyndi Larson Cornell & Anna May Lattanzi Brian Laucks & Mary Clifford Laucks 1979 Melissa A. Laudano 2000 Carolyn Laugeni 1976 Joseph Lee, Esq. & Mary Jo Carney Lee 1957 Levitsky & Berney, P.C. Mary Ann Scarpellino Limauro 1960 Gary & Anne Lipkvich Mary Ann Triano Long 1985 Lucille Cipriano Loricco 1955 Ann Zullo Lyons 1962 Dolores Tommaselli Malafronte 1950 Robert Margolis, M.D. Louis Marino Richard Marino Domingus J. & Karin Martins Patricia A. Raccio Mascia 1958 Ronald & Eileen Masiero Master Custodial Service Lorraine Mattei 1960 Mary Grace Ciarleglio Maturo 1982 Edward & Mary Jane Maturo Michael Mazzariello & Jeanne Lawlor Mazzariello 1978 Mary Rose McArdle Rosemary A. McCarthy James & Siobain McHugh Frank & JoAnn Mendillo Anna Tebano Micci 1974 Cynthia Campochiaro Mitar 1977 Ralph & Josephine Mocciola Kathleen Crowley Monaco 1968 Mary Ellen Rose Montefusco 1979 Laura Mooney 2004 Mary Finney Morgan 1961


Joseph Mortati, M.D. & Denise Mortati Octovianus & Bertha Mote Peter & Madeline Mrowka Brian Murphy & Maureen Sullivan Murphy 1975 Mary Therese Sheehy Navin 1963 Diane DeFonzo Nehrkorn 1963 Kevin & Deborah Nelson Carol Durol Newman 1972 Nichols Zauzig Sandler, P.C. Paul & Jocelyn Niziolek Patricia O’Brien 1973 Lawrence O’Keefe & Renee Busca O’Keefe 1981 The Olender Foundation Robert & Bernice O’Neill Raymond O’Neill Dorothy C. Onofrio John Orazem, M.D. & Claire Rusowicz The Orthopaedic Group, L.L.C Catherine O’Shea 1951 Alison Palmer Margaret C. Palmieri Corinne Spinelli Patrick 1960 Richard Pavano & Susan Navarretta Pavano 1982 Frank Pepe & Linda Richetelli-Pepe Pfizer, Inc. Lisa McDaniel Pietrosimone 1976 Anne M. Ruotolo Pisanelli 1955 Ralph Pisani & Maryanne Giaimo Pisani 1981 Charles & Elin Pistey II Pitney Bowes Matching Gift Program Maureen Wetmore Platt 1960 Maureen Murphy Prior 1955 Gail Fappiano Pritchard 1976 Dominic F. & Antoinette Proto Kathleen Raymond 1982 Joseph Reidy, Jr. Jaclyn Karpel Reilly 1965 Joan Naclerio Rizzo 1969 Dennis & Karen Robitaille Georgia Allen Roderique 1975 Barbara Tracchio Romano 1961 Alice Sannino Rossi 1953 Sacred Heart Academy Student Council Sacred Heart Academy Sophomore Class Saint Rita Church Anna Mae Elia Santagata 1952 Satin American Frances Saukas Paul & Toni Savino Florence Maffoni Scarinci 1964 Msgr. Gerard Schmitz Thomas & Christine Schuster Timothy & Mary Seyfried Sheff Law Offices Michael & Christine Shepardson Edward & Linda Sink Edward & Cheri Smeriglio Beth A. Smith, M.D. 1982 Jenna Somma 2007 M. Roberta Spann Robert Sullivan & Susan Lagerstrom Sullivan 1965 Rev. Lawrence Symolon T.M. Byxbee Company P.C. Tim Taylor & Diane Cook Joseph & Santa Toscano

honor roll of giving

2010 - 2011


Tracey Energy Services, LLC Margaret Montague Trocchio 1961 Tulsa Community Foundation Harry & Kathryn Tuttle Sara Tyler Jeffrey & Christine Ukleja United Technologies Corporation Fred & Marguerite Valenti Donna Pisanelli Veci 1980 Jose & Gloria Vega Joan E. Venditto, Ph.D. 1959 Susan Vitale Frank & Joyce Vollero James O. Walsh, Esq. & Marsha Walsh John & Bethany Webster Neal & Christine Wellins Carol Smith Witkowski 1963 Yuelian Xu, M.D. & Hua Lou


Abbate Insurance Associates Diane Nelthropp Abel 1971 Jane Tatta Akowitz 1962 Kerry Alexander Susan Allen Anonymous Margie Alsbach Enrica Pizzorusso Amore 1961 Jennifer Anastasio 2002 Thomas & Helen Anastasio The Anderson Family Alyssa Aquino 2011 Lisa Arpino 2010 Maria E. Astorino Joan Atzbach AXA Foundation Joe & Elaine Bacchiocchi Francis & Mary Baldino Joseph & Marian Barbiero, Jr. Harriet Ciaburro Barone 1953 Mildred Barone George & Doreen Bastian Paul & Joyce Bauer Alan Beck & Melissa Considine Beck 1991 Arnold & Jean Belfonti Berdon, Young & Margolis, P.C. Barbara Matteo Bianchi 1955 Mary Bicanic Grace Blanchard Susan Kluk Board 1996 Rose Ann Mansi Borger 1974 Nicole Boucher Louise Moan Bouteiller 1980 Nina Brandi 2011 Olivia Brandi 2011 Susan H. Brosnan 1966 Leona Waselik Browne 1958 Pamela Brownell Angela Brunetti James Brzezinski & Kathy Anne Renzulli Veronica Buczynski Barbara Medford Bunnell-DeFlumeri 1963 Mark & Florence Burel Kerry Burns 2011

Lorraine Owens Burns 1962 Lynne Battista Bushey 1979 Diane L. Cadrain 1967 Biagio & Ellen Caiafa Kimberly Gydus Caiafa 1976 Joanne Cairns Carly Caliendo 2011 Louis & Kathryn Caliendo Donald G. Cameron John & Jacqueline Campoli Sharon Good Canosa 1966 Peter & Mary Ann Carbine Maria Fradiani Carbone 1983 Violet Tortora Carbone 1955 Patricia Thomas Carter 1970 Trifomena Colavolpe Carulli 1961 Connie Casale Cheryl Celentano Fred & Lorraine Centrella Shirley Chasin Jorge & Victoria Chiluisa Elizabeth Christophy, Ph.D. Barbara Capuano Ciesla 1950 Carol Cipolla Cynthia Durol Civitello 1967 Joyce Rondino Clark 1963 Susan Clinton Paul & Rosemary Considine John & Gene Cook Cooper Financial Services Melvin & Zelda Cooper Kristina Jensen Coppola 1992 Teresa Salemme Cosenza 1959 Donna LaVorgna Cramond 1967 Mary Fischer Curtiss 1963 David & Suzanne Curzi Gregory S. Cusimano, Esq. Michael D’Andrea Richard & Virginia Danude Chris & Lisa DeAngelis Mark & Lisa DeAngelis Paul & Lori DeAngelis Louise Merlino DeConti 1952 Cristin DeFrancesco Rose M. DeGrand 1955 Anita DellaCamera Joseph & Theresa DeLucia Robert DeMartino John & Marie Deme Carmella Gambardella Depino 1955 Maria Diaz 2011 Michael Didonato & Lorina Coon Erika DiFonzo 2011 Diane DiGioia Agatha DiPalma John & Mary Lou Dixon Maura Dolan 2008 John & Suzanne Dolan Vincent T. Donnelly Arlene M. Donohue Jeffrey Downes Chris & Anne Duhaime Nancy Manzo Dunne 1958 Michael & Sharon Durham Irene Durol Elizabeth Dwyer 1966

The Esposito Family Beth Botti Esposito 1997 Linda Papa Falcigno 1960 James & Joan Fanning Fantasia Colleen A. Farrell 2002 Lynne Farrell, M.D., Esq. Victor A. Feigenbaum, Esq. Sally Feldman Elizabeth Lambert Ferrie 1993 Mary Ferris Huminski & Sabina Ferris Alison Field Brian & Katherine Fischer William & Cindy Fitzmaurice Catherine Fitzsimons 1972 Regan Flynn 2004 Gina Forsa The Fradette Family Kaitlyn Franzese Dorothy Corbett Frazier 1955 Florence Frohman James Funaro Mary T. Garvey Fusaris 1955 Lucille Christoforo Fusco 1962 Francis Gagliardi Raymond & Camille Gagliardi Sharon Smith Gendreau 1972 Frank Genovese Frank Gerzabek & Lisa Russo Gerzabek 1978 Kathleen Gill 1985 Jennifer Giulietti 2011 Wayne & Donna Goodwin Eileen Gould Megan Grammatico 2011 Susan Granata Anita Paduano Greenberg 1955 Dolores Greenspun Elizbeth Griffin Roberta Guarino Danielle Gurciullo 2009 Brianna Gurciullo 2011 Robert & Linda Haley Patricia McHugh Harkins 1982 James & Polly Harrigan Michael Harrigan Channing & Theresa Harris Michael Harrison & Nina Romanenko Charles Hausmann & Nancy Aberdale Theodore & Agnes Haussler Maureen Hayes Lisa Stamos Heerdt 1975 Van Hendrickson & Mary Miller Katelynn Henrich 2008 Diane Hidreth Michele Holben Carole Thompson Holm 1961 Craig & Jean Huber Carolyn M. Hunihan 1963 Loisann Brookman Huntley 1967 Antoinette B. Incampo Anne-Marie Inglese 2011 David & Catherine Jaundrill Kristin Jaundrill 2002 Katherine Johnson 2010 Kristine Johnson 2007 Scott & Andreanne Johnson

David & Cathleen Johnson Norman & Maura Juniewic John & Elizbieta Kabala Kristen Kearney 2000 Dene Hart Keithline 1957 Roseann Kellaher Amanda Kelly 2011 James & Beth Kelly Stephen & Kathleen Kennedy Harold & Maureen Kennedy Mary Ann Kelleher Kiely 1974 Marilyn Hunihan Kojkowski 1967 Jean Musco Kozak 1964 David & Susan Krah Kimberly Kulesza 2006 Annette Ladner Susan Ladner Maryanne Viola Ladutko 1955 Lynda Larson Nora O. Laverty Law Offices of James O. Gaston Peter & Patricia Leahy John E. Lee Joseph & Barbara Lenti Donald & Ann Leona Sylvie Levallois-Sanchez Mimi Lines Cassandra Lipkvich 2011 Dorothy Sosnowski Lockwood 1959 Brenda Loew Valerie Narowski Lucarelli 1968 Joann Vena Lucian 1955 James & Mary Jayne Luedee Catherine Luedee Kenneth & Madelyn Lupi Giannina L. Luppi 1973 Richard & Evelyn Mackey Ann Marie Maisano 1955 Anthony & Dolores Tommaselli Malafronte 1950 Barbara Mangini Mary K. Mannion 1971 Barbara Maresca Robert & Eleanor Marsoli Jill Martin David Martindale Carmen Martinez, Ph.D. Ursula Mastrianni Martino 1962 Patricia Krombel Martucci 1971 Frederick & Christine Masciantonio Donald & Denise Maselli Lisa Martone Massaro 1983 Josephine A. Masselli 1959 George & Carmel Mastroianni Paula Zielinski Mathews 1967 Manuel & Cristina Matos Michael Mazanec & Rosaleen Kiernan Mazanec 1973 Beth McGrimley 1999 John J. McHugh Mary McKiernan Susan McNerney 1967 Jacquelyn Candia Melmed 1955 Flora Menchetti The Mennone Family William D. & Lori Merico, Jr.


William& Marialys Meskill Phyllis J. Bialobrzeski Milardo 1971 Lauretta Miller Kasey Mitchell 2007 Kyle Mitchell 2011 Mariette B. Moan John & Lucille Monahan Maria Fusco Moniello 1967 Paul Morello Thomas & Lisa Morgillo Pat Hickey Murray 1966 Martha Namerow Sarah Sicignano Nardi 1955 Mark Nash Mary Neclerio 1980 Ashley Niro 2008 Julie Ryan Ogren 1962 Mary O’Neil James C. Onofrio Diane Perillo Panzo 1955 Sr. Mary Jane Paolella, ASCJ 1965 Pellegrino Law Firm William & Alison Perrelli Diane Dadio Perrone 1977 Lillian Imarisio Pesce 1957 Patricia Reynolds Pietrosimone 1972 Barbara-Jean Fiasconaro Pisani 1951 Peggy Porto Bill Powanda Verna Russillo Prentice, Ph.D 1963 Carol Ann Wall Pugliese 1959 Mark & Claire Puklin William Pursell Brigid A. Quinn 2007 Stephen & Barbara Radigan Kim M. Radowiecki 1973 Nancy Lynch Rafferty 1957 Elizabeth Barone Ranchinsky 1978 Karen Walsh Reidy 1974 Carl & Loretta Rennie Keith & Jeanne Ann Rennie Joyce Rennie Nardina Sapienza Rescigno 1953 Maria Rethis Raeanne Viscuso Reynolds 1987 Melissa Ricci 1985 Robert & Marilyn Ricci Susan Marchitto Ricciardi 1964 Elizabeth Barbarito Richo 1955 Joan Eighmie Rinkewith 1970 Tammy Vitagliano Ronan 1987 Matthew E. Roth, Ph.D. & Sallie Roth Saint Joseph Convent, Shelton St. Joseph Convent Edward Samorajczyk Kelly C. Sanchez 2011 Joan Claffey Sandella 1955 Charlotte Sappo 2011 Marie Della Selva Sargeant 1955 Annette Sarno 1954 Constance Sasso Olivia Schilder 2009 Amy Kanoff Schumacher 1994 Karen Scorel 1974 Collette Sembler 2008 Sibani Sengupta, Ph.D. Josephine Midolo Shabbott 1971

honor roll of giving

2010 - 2011


Kathleen Shanley Mary Shanley Annie Shaw 2011 Barbara Koshis Sherman 1966 Barbara Kennedy Shortell 1966 Patricia Ghirardini Sidor 1968 Sisters of St. Francis of Peace Gloria Smith Susanna Smith Rosalind Gallo Spader 1964 Cassidy Spencer 2011 Spiegel Family Carol Sue Giannotti Spinaci 1951 Carole Stackpole 1967 David & Nancy Stamm Amy Harris Stamp 2000 Courtney Stanley 2002 Sasha Stein 2009 Stanley & Barbara Stein Carmela Stora Eleanor Sullivan Robert & Debra Surprise David & Susan Szymanski Meghan Tarby 2004 Fred & Mary Tarca Edmund & Mary Terracciano Michael & Judy Thibault Frances Thompson 1964 Eileen Tierney Alyssa Timpson 2011 Barbara Ann DeMusis Trocchio 1954 Elizabeth Liston Tucker 1980 Louise Vannoorbeeck Stefanie Vasaturo 2005 Michelle Vasaturo 2002 Jaclyn Vasaturo 2011 Patricia Riccio Velleca 1955 William & Catherine E. Vicenty Whitney Viola 2008 Carmel Sullo Viscio 1955 Anthony & Gloria Vitale Christian & Margery Vogt Andrew Wagner, M.D. & Catherine Wagner Barbara Pieper Walding 1956 Donald & Mary Joy Walsh Marcellene Grande Ward 1957 Jody D’Andrea Watson 1987 Deborah Welton Thomas & Ann White Catherine Wiegert Barbara Wilson Aura G. Wilson Elizabeth Wolleben 2004 Walter & Muriel Woodmansee Maria Loda Woodward 1986 Allyson Wuerth Roberta Ann Yaklich 1954 Elaine Yudkin Janet Celotto Ziaks 1980 Dmitry & Larisa Zueva


Mary Ann Notaro Buonasora Barbara Capuano Ciesla Dorothy Fiorillo Farrell Dolores Tommaselli Malafronte


Anna Marsico DeLucia Josephine Notaro Early Catherine O’Shea Barbara-Jean Fiasconaro Pisani Carol Giannotti Spinaci


Louise Merlino DeConti Carol Lombardi Noble Anna Mae Elia Santagata


Loretta Petrillo Ambrose Martha Abbate Amici Marie Vissicchio Barone Harriet Ciaburro Barone Mary Cedro Bogrette Nardina Sapienza Rescigno Alice Sannino Rossi Roberta DeLay Smith


Elizabeth Rocheleau Anthony Annette Sarno Barbara Ann DeMusis Trocchio Roberta Ann Yaklich


Barbara Matteo Bianchi Violet Tortora Carbone Rose M. DeGrand Carmella Gambardella Depino Dorothy Corbett Frazier Mary T. Garvey Fusaris Anita Paduano Greenberg Maryanne Viola Ladutko Lucille Cipriano Loricco Joann Vena Lucian Ann Marie Maisano Jacquelyn Candia Melmed Sarah Sicignano Nardi Diane Perillo Panzo Anne M. Ruotolo Pisanelli Maureen Murphy Prior Elizabeth Barbarito Richo Joan Claffey Sandella Marie Della Selva Sargeant Patricia Riccio Velleca Carmel Sullo Viscio


Patricia Joyce Heavren Barbara Pieper Walding


Andrea Gorske Bullard Elisabeth Reynolds Durso Judith Dering Ellis Dene Hart Keithline Mary Jo Carney Lee Joyce Celentano Moran Lillian Imarisio Pesce Nancy Lynch Rafferty Marcellene Grande Ward


Leona Waselik Browne Nancy Manzo Dunne Patricia A. Raccio Mascia Frances Pascale


Teresa Salemme Cosenza Jo Anne Anastasio Jones Anne Donegan Kraemer Dorothy Sosnowski Lockwood Geraldine A. Lupoli, Esq. Josephine A. Masselli Carol Ann Wall Pugliese Ann Marie Vallombroso Joan E. Venditto, Ph.D.


Susan Pieper Blakeslee Marilyn Clancy Erff Linda Papa Falcigno Susan Fogarty Marjory Hogan Heyd Elaine Mastagni Lamboley Mary Ann Scarpellino Limauro Lorraine Mattei Corinne Spinelli Patrick Maureen Wetmore Platt


Enrica Pizzorusso Amore Trifomena Colavolpe Carulli Carole Thompson Holm Mary Finney Morgan Sr. Judith Musco, ASCJ Barbara Tracchio Romano Margaret Montague Trocchio


Jane Tatta Akowitz Lorraine Owens Burns Lucille Christoforo Fusco Ann Zullo Lyons Ursula Mastrianni Martino Julie Ryan Ogren Carol Conte Shaw


Joan Zullo Biondi Barbara Medford Bunnell-DeFlumeri Joyce Rondino Clark Mary Fischer Curtiss Carolyn M. Hunihan Sandra Gomlin Ineson

Mary Therese Sheehy Navin Diane DeFonzo Nehrkorn Verna Russillo Prentice, Ph.D Carol Smith Witkowski


Jean Paolella Farricielli Mary Hendricks Glazier Carol Mele Kennedy Jean Musco Kozak Susan Marchitto Ricciardi Florence Maffoni Scarinci Rosalind Gallo Spader Frances Thompson


Sharon Egan Bremer, M.D. Sheila Cronin Sr. Mary Jane Paolella, ASCJ Jaclyn Karpel Reilly Susan Lagerstrom Sullivan


Susan H. Brosnan Sharon Good Canosa Elizabeth Dwyer Deborah DeWitt Frattini Patricia Hickey Murray Barbara Koshis Sherman Barbara Kennedy Shortell


Diane L. Cadrain Cynthia Durol Civitello Donna LaVorgna Cramond Paula Forni Loisann Brookman Huntley Marilyn Hunihan Kojkowski Paula Zielinski Mathews Susan A. McNerney Maria Fusco Moniello Carole Stackpole


Theresa Andrasy-Sokol Rosemary Forni Valerie Narowski Lucarelli Kathleen Crowley Monaco Patricia Ghirardini Sidor


Janet Garrison Criscio Joan Naclerio Rizzo Christine Wheeler Vaught


Patricia Thomas Carter Joyce B. Comer, Ph.D. Dolores DeFonzo Ennico Pamela Giannette Carolyn Morrell Kosack, M.D. Mary Ann Walsh Lewis Nancy Waselewski Marston Joan Eighmie Rinkewith Anne Harmon Sweeney 23


Diane Nelthropp Abel Mona Breault Hendrickson Mary K. Mannion Patricia Krombel Martucci Maryellen F. McHenry Phyllis J. Bialobrzeski Milardo Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ Margaret Walsh Pereira Josephine Midolo Shabbott


Margaret Falsey Brillante Maureen Danehy Cox Jane Fedorowicz, Ph.D. Catherine Fitzsimons Sharon Smith Gendreau Maria DiPalma Laudano Carol Durol Newman Patricia Reynolds Pietrosimone


Carol Norton Carter Suzanne Colasanto, Esq. Marilyn Petraiuolo Douglas, Esq. Ann Marie Buonasora Engstrom Paula Fracasso, M.D., Ph.D. Judith Abt Iannone Giannina L. Luppi Rosaleen Kiernan Mazanec Patricia O’Brien Kim M. Radowiecki Maryellen Reardon, Ph.D. Nancy Luke Zimmerman


Rose Ann Mansi Borger Donna Caine Dooley Megan McLeod Hernandez Mary Ann Kelleher Kiely Anna Tebano Micci Karen Walsh Reidy Karen Scorel


Beth Iovanne Blazevich Lisa Stamos Heerdt Maureen Sullivan Murphy Georgia Allen Roderique


Kimberly Gydus Caiafa Roseann McManus Gerry Carolyn Laugeni Lisa McDaniel Pietrosimone Gail Fappiano Pritchard


Teresa Caiafa Ciaramella Loren Buonocore Curran Jacqueline Beaudette Downing Diane Forni Cynthia Campochiaro Mitar Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ Patrice Amendola Palombo, Esq. Diane Dadio Perrone

honor roll of giving

2010 - 2011



Lisa Russo Gerzabek Kathryn M. Larson Jeanne Lawlor Mazzariello Elizabeth Barone Ranchinsky


Lynne Battista Bushey Tracy Salemme Church Ann Monahan Diana Mary Clifford Laucks Mary Ellen Rose Montefusco


Louise Moan Bouteiller Susan Fasulo-McPherson Mary Neclerio Elizabeth Liston Tucker Donna Pisanelli Veci Janet Celotto Ziaks


Maria Asis-Gilbride, M.D. Cheryl Asid Brigante Kimberly Cramer Curbow Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ Elizabeth Pisanelli Guerin Sheila McCarthy Renee Busca O’Keefe Maryanne Giaimo Pisani Margaret Rose Rybacki


Pamela Pellegrino Acquarulo Eleanor Sullivan Biondo Jackie Caulfield Cahill Amy Duda Patricia McHugh Harkins Cheryl Abbatello Maher Mary Grace Ciarleglio Maturo Mary Ellen Hummel McMahon Susan Navarretta Pavano Mary Brunell Pursell Kathleen Raymond Beth A. Smith, M.D. Melissa Patton Sullivan Cynthia Funaro Towers


Maria Fradiani Carbone Felicity Buonocore Celentano Margaret Nicholls Hallinan Lisa Martone Massaro Joan O’Neill Zorena


Amy Sargeant Lang Karen Smith Reed


Stacie Mulvey Allen Amy Nizen Blakeslee Rita Angellino Fanning Kathleen Gill Mary Ann Triano Long Melissa Ricci


Kathleen Laverty Bouvier Maria Loda Woodward


Erika Olmsted Fleig April Fusco Keib Cheryl Franco Maenza Marci Garofalo Quaranta Raeanne Viscuso Reynolds Loren LoCascio Trotta Jody D’Andrea Watson


Mary Grace Santagata Crisci Michele Mattei Filorimo


Tricia Bonito Caputo


Melissa Considine Beck


Kristina Jensen Coppola


Elizabeth Lambert Ferrie Sr. Luisa Villegas, ASCJ


Amy Kanoff Schumacher


Susan Kluk Board


Beth Botti Esposito


Stephanie Cappetta Herzog Beth McGrimley


Kristen Kearney Melissa A. Laudano, M.D. Amy Harris Stamp



Stefanie Vasaturo


Kimberly Kulesza


Kristine Johnson Kasey Mitchell Brigid A. Quinn Jenna Somma


Maura Dolan Katelynn Henrich Ashley Niro Collette Sembler Whitney Viola


Danielle Gurciullo Olivia Schilder Sasha Stein


Lisa Arpino Katherine Johnson


Alyssa Aquino Jennifer Bishop Nina Brandi Olivia Brandi Kerry Burns Carly Caliendo Maria Diaz Erika DiFonzo Jennifer Giulietti Megan Grammatico Brianna Gurciullo Anne-Marie Inglese Amanda Kelly Cassandra Lipkvich Kyle Mitchell Kelly C. Sanchez Charlotte Sappo Annie Shaw Cassidy Spencer Jaclyn Vasaturo

Rebecca Harris



Albert & Roxanne Ackerson Jude & Kimberly Ann Ahern Harold & Nancy Andersen, Jr. Victor & Evelyn Aquino George & Lea Asmus George & Doreen Bastian Vincent & Suzanne Baum Donato Biceglia Ray & Maria Bowers James & Michelle Bowman Patrick & Therese Bowman Dino & Anna Brandi

Jennifer Anastasio Colleen A. Farrell Kristin Jaundrill Courtney Stanley Michelle Vasaturo


Regan Flynn Laura Mooney Meghan Tarby Elizabeth Wolleben

Joseph Brigante & Cheryl Asid Brigante 1981 James & Charlene Brindisi Peter & Ann Bruchansky William & Diane Bruno James Brzezinski & Kathy Anne Renzulli The Buccetti Family John F. Buckley, Esq. & Tricia Buckley Mark & Florence Burel David & Michelle Buscarello Richard & Christina Byrnes Arthur Cafasso & Jan Bershtein, Esq. Kimberly Gydus Caiafa 1976 Joanne Cairns Louis & Kathryn Caliendo John & Jacqueline Campoli Vincent & Lucia Capasso Vincent & Sherrie Casasanta Frank & Ellen Casella Michael & Mia Cavanagh Mario Ceste, Esq. & Rachael Ceste Yan Chen Anthony Ciaramella & Teresa Caiafa Ciaramella 1977 Thomas & Christine Clark James & Ann Marie Conte Joseph Corradino, Esq. & Melissa Papantones, Esq. Daniel T. Cosgrove Emiliano & Ada Cruz John Curran III & Loren Buonocore Curran 1977 Paul & Jeanne Dandrow Augusto & Maria de Asis, Jr. Salvatore DeGennaro & Lynn Cichowski Thomas & Patricia DeGrand Joseph & Theresa DeLucia Donald & MaryEllen DeRosa Ralph & Kristin DiFonzo Leone & Maria DiSorbo Radell & Rhodesia Dizon Thomas & Maria Donofrio William & Stephanie Dragan Thomas M. Duffy, O.D & Eva Marie Cekaitis, O.D. Richard & Diane Dunne Jeffrey Dussetschleger, M.D. & Patricia Dussetschleger Anonymous Aaron Egidio, M.D. & Danielle Egidio Joseph & Clare Falcha Tim Fanning & Rita Angellino Fanning 1985 Louis & Melissa Ferrara Edward Fitzpatrick, M.D. & Maureen Fitzpatrick Shawn & Kathleen Freel Elena I. Fusco Geraldine Fusco Lawrence & Danuta Fusco David & Cynthia Gagnon Gregory & June Genna Edward S. Gensicki, M.D. & Kimberly Gensicki Michael & Elizabeth Gerrity Frank Gerzabek & Lisa Russo Gerzabek 1978 Kevin & Bernadine Gilbert Kenneth & Stephanie Good Anthony & Laura Giardiello Dennis Gillooly, Esq. & Christine Gillooly Dominic & Grace Giulietti John Guerin & Elizabeth Pisanelli Guerin 1981 Angelo Gurciullo


Louise H. Gurciullo Kevin Hallinan & Margaret Nicholls Hallinan 1983 Stephen & Laurie Hanchuruck James & Josephine Hanrahan Channing & Theresa Harris Ronald & Bonnie Heckert Michael Hillis, Esq. & Lynne Hillis, M.D. Timothy & Martha Hogan Edwin Holmes & Judith Cuthbert Robert & Rosemary Hughes Adebola Ifafore, M.D. Robert & Catherine Jenney Michael & Susan Jung Norman & Maura Juniewic Edward Kairiss, Ph.D. & Denise Stevens, Ph.D. Andrew & Kathleen Kaptain Michael Keib & April Fusco Keib 1987 Shawn & Tina Kelly Dana & Maureen Kent William & Laureen Korolyshun John & Arlene Korolyshun David & Susan Krah George & Rebecca Kwashie Michael & Angel Lanouette Brian Laucks & Mary Clifford Laucks 1979 Michael & Vivien LaChance William & Linda Lacourciere Jonathan & Jane Lee Ann Marie Lenart William Lichtenfels, Esq. & Kimberly Lichtenfels Gary & Anne Lipkvich Thomas & Patricia LoRicco John & Cheryl Maher, Jr. John & Carolyn Mancini Domingus J. & Karin Martins Donald & Denise Maselli Manuel & Cristina Matos William & Lisa McCarthy James & Susan McPherson Stephen & Valerie Mirabella Donald & Margaret Mitchell Ralph & Josephine Mocciola Joseph Mortati, M.D. & Denise Mortati Octovianus & Bertha Mote Robert Nastri, Esq. & Kathleen Nastri, Esq. Kevin & Deborah Nelson Duc Nguyen & Thanh-thuy Tran John & Randi O’Brien Michael O’Hare James C. Onofrio John Orazem, M.D. & Claire Rusowicz Richard Pavano & Susan Navarretta Pavano 1982 Frank Pepe & Linda Richetelli-Pepe Lisa McDaniel Pietrosimone 1976 Ralph Pisani & Maryanne Giaimo Pisani 1981 Theodore & Laura Pisciotta Charles & Elin Pistey II Pamela Mastroianni Popolizio 1977 Thomas Pursell, Esq. & Mary Brunell Pursell 1982 John & Eileen Riccardi Keith & Elizabeth Rice Dennis & Karen Robitaille Mark & Carol Ross Matthew E. Roth, Ph.D. & Sallie Roth David & Caroline Ryan Glenn Rybacki, Esq. & Margaret Rose Rybacki 1981

honor roll of giving

2010 - 2011


Thomas & Christine Schuster Carl Secola, Esq. & Linda Secola Timothy & Mary Seyfried John & Susan Shanley Carl & Rita Simmons Edward & Cheri Smeriglio Brian Smith, M.D. & Keiren Smith, M.D. Peter & Janet Smith Stanley & Geralyn Sroka Jean A. Stadalnik 1981 Gregory Stamos, Esq. & Susan Stamos Edward & Judy Taddei James & Gracy Thengumthyil Kevin & JoAnn Thornton Donald Dest & Linda Timpson-Dest Jeffrey & Christine Ukleja John & Susan Venables John & Bethany Webster Yuelian Xu, M.D. & Hua Lou Richard Zorena & Joan O’Neill Zorena 1983 Emmanuel & Efstathia Zorgias Dmitry & Larisa Zueva

FACULTY & STAFF Kerry Alexander David Alexandro Jennifer Alexandro Susan Allen Alan Beck George Bedocs Mary Bicanic Nicole Boucher Anne-Marie Boulade-Perigois Davies Eric Bradley Jennifer Britner Pamela Brownell Maria Cammarota Debbie Camner Cheryl Celentano Fred Centrella Elizabeth Christophy Susan Clinton Kimberly Cramer Curbow 1981 Sandra D’Ambrosio Kristin DiFonzo Sr. Susan Emmerich, ASCJ Holly Fink Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ 1981 Kathryn Gniadek Elizbeth Griffin Maureen Hayes Sr. Virginia Herbers, ASCJ Elaine Mastagni Lamboley 1960 Sylvie Levallois-Sanchez Barbara Mangini Richard Marino David Martindale Carmen Martinez Mary Jane Maturo Jeanne Lawlor Mazzariello 1978 Patrick McAllister Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ 1977 Sr. Judith Musco, ASCJ 1961 Susan Nelson Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ 1971

Alison Palmer Sr. Mary Jane Paolella, ASCJ 1965 Michael Perrone Karen Walsh Reidy 1974 Maria Rethis Margaret Rose Rybacki 1981 Frances Saukas Donna Scaramella Sibani Sengupta Sr. Lany Jo Smith, ASCJ Carole Stackpole 1967 Amy Harris Stamp 2000 Sara Tyler Louise Vannoorbeeck Sr. Luisa Villegas, ASCJ 1993 Susan Vitale Allyson Wuerth

IN MEMORIAM In Memory of Mary A. Snopkowski Abbate 1951 Martha Abbate Amici 1953 In Memory of Frederick S. Anthony Elizabeth Rocheleau Anthony 1954 In Memory of Deceased Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Roberta Ann Yaklich 1954 In Memory of Michael Buonasora Ann Marie Buonasora Engstrom 1973 In Memory of Arthur Joseph Cacchillo Stephen & Kathleen Kennedy In Memory of Molly Campochiaro Cynthia Campochiaro Mitar 1977 In Memory of John D’Aiuto Theresa Andrasy-Sokol 1968 In Memory of Michael F. Daly Catherine R. Daly In Memory of Rena DeMarzo Van Hendrickson & Mary Miller In Memory of Mary Destito Joseph & Marian Barbiero, Jr. Angela Brunetti Kimberly Gydus Caiafa 1976 Pat & Ann Destito Richard Diana, M.D. & Ann Monahan Diana 1979 Alison Field Mark Nash Roger & Linda Sciascia Fred & Mary Tarca Weinstein & Anastasio, P.C. In Memory of Larry DiPalma Agatha DiPalma In Memory of Alexander Esposito Maria DiPalma Laudano 1972

In Memory of Louis Festa Maria DiPalma Laudano 1972 In Memory of Mickael-Ann Formica 1985 Kathleen Gill 1985 In Memory of Rita Genovese Frank Genovese In Memory of Sr. Anita Marie Giampetro, ASCJ Dolores J. Giampetro In Memory of Annie Mae Carter Goodwin Carol Norton Carter 1973 In Memory of Nancy Larson Hanlon Kathryn M. Larson 1978 Robert & Cyndi Larson Barbara Maresca Mary Finney Morgan 1961 Saint Joseph Convent, Shelton Sacred Heart Academy In Memory of Sophie & Joseph Hunihan Carolyn M. Hunihan 1963 Marilyn Hunihan Kojkowski 1967 In Memory of Carmen & Florence LaVorgna Donna LaVorgna Cramond 1967 In Memory of Jean Leary Mary Hendricks Glazier 1964 In Memory of Frank & Tina Mansi Rose Ann Mansi Borger 1974 In Memory of Michael & Carmel Manzo Nancy Manzo Dunne 1958 In Memory of Matthew Marchitto Thomas & Helen Anastasio Donald G. Cameron Connie Casale Chris & Lisa DeAngelis Mark & Lisa DeAngelis Paul & Lori DeAngelis John & Marie Deme Richard Diana, M.D. & Ann Monahan Diana 1979 John & Mary Lou Dixon Peter & Patricia Leahy Anthony & Dolores Tommaselli Malafronte 1950 Robert & Eleanor Marsoli Edward & Mary Jane Maturo John & Lucille Monahan Paul Morello Paul & Jocelyn Niziolek Bill Powanda Michael & Judy Thibault Christian & Margery Vogt Neal & Christine Wellins In Memory of Frank Incampo & Karen Mehaffey Antoinette B. Incampo

In Memory of Mary Morello Richard & Manon Gagliardi Paul & Jocelyn Niziolek In Memory of Richard Nelson The Appleton Family Mark & Debbie Camner Susan Clinton Sandra D’Ambrosio Richard & Loretta DiPietro Jeffrey Downes The Fradette Family Robert & Linda Haley James & Polly Harrigan Michael Harrigan Michael Harrison & Nina Romanenko Charlie Hausmann & Nancy Aberdale Diane Hidreth Michele Holben Michael & Karen Hutton David & Cathleen Johnson James & Beth Kelly Francis E. Lamboley, Esq. & Elaine Mastagni Lamboley 1960 Michael & Angel Lanouette The Mennone Family Robert Nelson Susan Nelson Mary O’Neil Maria Rethis Sacred Heart Academy Sacred Heart Academy Sophomore Class Sacred Heart Academy Student Council Frances Saukas Donna Scaramella Carole Stackpole 1967 David & Susan Szymanski Susan Vitale In Memory of John & Eleanor Onofrio Thomas & Lisa Morgillo In Memory of Mary Louise Philbin Pursell William Pursell In Memory of Patricia Larson Rennie The Anderson Family Veronica Buczynski Cristin DeFrancesco Robert DeMartino James Funaro Wayne & Donna Goodwin Elizbeth Griffin Keene State College Athletics Gretchen Korman Francis E. Lamboley, Esq. & Elaine Mastagni Lamboley 1960 Kathryn M. Larson 1978 Lynda Larson Donald & Ann Leona Brenda Loew George & Carmel Mastroianni Peggy Porto Carl & Loretta Rennie Joyce Rennie


Keith & Jeanne Ann Rennie Sacred Heart Academy Constance Sasso Eileen Tierney Deborah Welton Barbara Wilson

In Memory of The Deceased Members of the Class of 1962 Carol Conte Shaw 1962

In Memory of Charles Richards Maria DiPalma Laudano 1972

In Memory of William Sullivan & Kathleen Sullivan Smith 1969 Brian Murphy & Maureen Sullivan Murphy 1975

In Memory of John J. Romano & George A. Tracchio Barbara Tracchio Romano 1961 In Memory of Mother Rosalia, ASCJ Mary Finney Morgan 1961 In Memory of Scott Shabbott Josephine Midolo Shabbott 1971 In Memory of Sr. Antonine Signorelli, ASCJ Barbara-Jean Fiasconaro Pisani 1951

honor roll of giving

2010 - 2011


In Memory of William Fischer Mary Fischer Curtiss 1963

IN HONOR In Honor of Sr. Aloysius Como, ASCJ 1959 Dorothy Sosnowski Lockwood 1959 In Honor of Madame Boulade-Perigois Frank Pepe & Linda Richetelli-Pepe In Honor of the Class of 1950 Dorothy Fiorillo Farrell 1950

In Memory of Joseph Simoes Melissa A. Laudano 2000

In Honor of Sr. Ellen Cronan’s 50th Jubilee Sacred Heart Academy Sisters of St. Francis of Peace

In Memory of Katherine Sullivan Smith 1969 Eleanor Sullivan Biondo 1982

In Honor of Marylee Delaney Meghan Tarby 2004

In Memory of Nicole Sumner 1975 Celeste Asis Joan Atzbach Mildred Barone Center for Orthopaedics Shirley Chasin Carol Cipolla Gaynor Coassin Melvin & Zelda Cooper Cooper Financial Services Diane DiGioia Jacqueline Beaudette Downing 1977 James & Joan Fanning Sally Feldman Florence Frohman Eileen Gould Craig & Jean Huber John & Elizbieta Kabala Levitsky & Berney, P.C. Robert Margolis, M.D. Martha Namerow The Orthopaedic Group, LLC Michael & Christine Shepardson Stanley & Barbara Stein Edmund & Mary Terracciano Elaine Yudkin

In Honor of Roberta Delvy 2010 Doris Cramer In Honor of Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ 1981 Elizbeth Griffin Michael Mazzariello & Jeanne Lawlor Mazzariello 1978 In Honor of Maura Greene Alan & Karen Greene In Honor of Elaine Mastagni Lamboley 1960 Alfredo Axtmayer, M.D. & Patricia Hayes-Axtmayer Francis & Susan Conlon II In Honor of Cassandra Lipkvich Gary & Anne Lipkvich

In Memory of Ellen Sutton-Gingras Dolores Tommaselli Malafronte 1950

In Honor of Mary Jane Maturo Tim Taylor & Diane Cook Richard & Manon Gagliardi Susan Granata Roberta Guarino Alison Palmer Sr. Mary Jane Paolella, ASCJ 1965 Susan Marchitto Ricciardi 1964 Donna Scaramella Susan Vitale

In Memory of Miriam Radowiecki Yasak Kim M. Radowiecki 1973

In Honor of Barbara C. Norton Carol Norton Carter 1973

In Memory of Louis & Theresa Zullo Ann Zullo Lyons 1962

In Honor of Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., 1971 Alison Palmer Margie Alsbach Maria E. Astorino

Mark & Debbie Camner Frances Consiglio Sandra D’Ambrosio Maureen Delahunt Anna Marsico DeLucia 1951 Elizbeth Griffin Patricia McHugh Harkins 1982 Mary Ferris Huminski & Sabina Ferris William Kosack & Carolyn Morrell Kosack, M.D. 1970 Francis E. Lamboley, Esq. & Elaine Mastagni Lamboley 1960 Joseph Lee, Esq. & Mary Jo Carney Lee 1957 Kathryn M. Larson 1978 Catherine Luedee James & Mary Jayne Luedee Edward & Mary Jane Maturo Mary Rose McArdle James & Siobain McHugh John J. McHugh Mary McKiernan Mariette B. Moan Dorothy C. Onofrio Edward & Linda Sink Carole Stackpole 1967 Joan E. Venditto, Ph.D. 1959 Mary Joy Walsh Thomas & Ann White In Honor of Sr. Mary Jane Paolella, ASCJ 1965 Alfredo Axtmayer, M.D. & Patricia Hayes-Axtmayer Mark & Debbie Camner Michael Hillis, Esq. & Lynne Hillis, M.D. In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. John P. Reardon Maryellen Reardon, Ph.D. 1973 In Honor of Kerry Robinson Amy Duda 1982 Ann Franklin Jill Martin Mary Ann Wasil Nilan In Honor of Rev. James Shanley Rev. Thomas Barry St. George Church Cornell & Anna May Lattanzi In Honor of Sr. Mary Ann Sharron, ASCJ 1964 Peter & Mary Ann Carbine Sacred Heart Academy Alumnae Association Florence Maffoni Scarinci 1964 Anthony & Gloria Vitale In Honor of the Sisters of Sacred Heart of Academy Sacred Heart Academy In Honor of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart Jubilarians, 2011 Sacred Heart Academy In Honor of Jasmine Thengumthyil 2012 James & Gracy Thengumthyil

In Honor of James and Marsha Walsh’s 40th Anniversary Kenneth Gerry & Roseann McManus Gerry 1976

Carmel Mauro Scholarship Paula Zielinski Mathews 1967 Ryan McKone


Corrine S. O’Neill Memorial Scholarship John J. O’Neill Robert & Bernice O’Neill

Bonnie Bieder Scholarship James Bartolini Richard A. Bieder, Esq. Brian J. McKeen Foundation Buckley & Wynne, Attorneys at Law David Cooney Diamond Massong Attorneys for the Injured Gregory S. Cusimano, Esq. Jacobs, Grudberg, Belt, Dow & Katz, P.C. Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC Law Office of Joseph R. Mirrione, LLC Law Offices of James O. Gaston Mary Alice McLarty Moore, O’Brien, Jacques & Yelenak Moukawsher & Walsh, LLC Robert Nastri, Esq. & Kathleen Nastri, Esq. The Olender Foundation Nichols Zauzig Sandler, P.C. Sheff Law Offices Tulsa Community Foundation Mary Bowman Scholarship James & Michelle Bowman Alfred & Julia Celentano Scholarship Gerald J. & Joyce Celentano Moran 1957 Marie Colasanto Scholarship In Memory of Edward Colasanto Carol Blanchard, D.D.S. Grace Blanchard Berdon, Young & Margolis, P.C. Lynne Farrell, M.D., Esq. Suzanne Colasanto 1973 Anita DellaCamera Michael Didonato & Lorina Coon Michael D’Andrea Victor A. Feigenbaum, Esq. Brian & Katherine Fischer Raymond & Camille Gagliardi Richard & Manon Gagliardi The Hartford Housing Session Annette Ladner Susan Ladner John E. Lee Mimi Lines Pellegrino Law Firm Edward Samorajczyk The Spiegels David & Nancy Stamm Carmela Stora Frances Thompson 1964 Sr. Ellen Cronan, ASCJ Scholarship Geraldine Boland Lauretta Miller Sacred Heart Academy Sisters of St. Francis of Peace Knights of Columbus Scholarship Knights of Columbus Supreme Council

Monica A. O’Neill Scholarship Vincent T. Donnelly Kathleen Bouvier & Nora O. Laverty James & Siobain McHugh Hugh & Martha O’Neill Alison Palmer Philip Paolella, Jr. Scholarship Alfredo Axtmayer, M.D. & Patricia Hayes-Axtmayer Lucille Sette Scholarship Arnold & Jean Belfonti Tara Foley Memorial Scholarship Robert & Maureen O’Keefe

MATCHING GIFTS Aetna Foundation AXA Foundation Bank of America BIC Corporation Bristol Myers Squibb Employee Giving Program Covidien Employee Matching Gift Program Farrell & Regan Fidelity Foundation Follett Virtual Bookstore Goodrich Foundation IBM Corporation JPMorgan Chase Merrill Lynch Matching Gifts Program Olin Corporation Charitable Trust Petra Construction Co. Pfizer, Inc. Pitney Bowes Matching Gift Program Sempra Energy Trading Corporation Stanley Black & Decker United Technologies Corporation VA Medical Center Wachovia Wells Fargo Wellpoint Foundation

GIFTS IN KIND Amity Wine & Spirits David & Michelle Buscarello Empire Paving, Inc. Kathy Garrity Photography E. William Iovanne Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Lupinski Funeral Home Mad Tents, LLC James & Susan Fasulo-McPherson 1980 Motif New Haven Register R.W. Hine Ace Hardware Storytellers Photography WTNH-News 8 29

2010 - 2011 ANNUAL GIFT and

Financial Report

Ways to Give Whether you support the Annual Fund, the Sacred Heart Academy Endowment, or a fundraising event, our students are impacted in a positive way. There are many ways to contribute to SHA.

MISSION ADVANCEMENT INCOME ANNUAL FUND Annual Appeal Ad Campaign (net) Hearts of the Community (net) Fashion Show (net) Other

$181,826 $66,396 $79,352 $22,296 $10,404

Total $360,273 ENDOWMENT 60th Anniversary Golf Tournament (net)

$20,150 $32,137

Total $52,287 Restricted Funds Gifts & Bequests $61,091 Total $61,091 MISSION ADVANCEMENT TOTAL


2010 – 2011 Financial Report Operating Revenue Tuition and Fees Fundraising & Special Events Investment Earnings Other Revenue

$5,107,094 $473,651 $61,488 $338,836



Operating Expenses Instructional & Athletics $201,644 Administration $786,909 Building & Grounds/Plant Improvements $586,428 Personnel Salaries & Benefits $4,148,804 Student Body Expenses $121,643 Other $159,948 Total

Secure Online Donations ı Visit us on the web at and go to the “Support SHA” page. Checks ı Make checks payable to Sacred Heart Academy. Please accompany your donation with a note as to where the gift is intended and mail to President Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71, Sacred Heart Academy, 265 Benham Street, Hamden, CT 06514. Stock, Appreciated Securities and Mutual Fund ı Contact us to review procedures. Life Insurance and Planned Giving ı Contact us for information on bequests, charitable remainder or lead trusts, pooled income funds, and other ways to include Sacred Heart Academy in your estate plan. For a donation of life insurance, Sacred Heart Academy must be named as both beneficiary and irrevocable owner of a policy for gifts of life insurance to the school. Real Estate ı Gifts of real estate may include developed property, undeveloped property or donations subject to a prior life interest. Real estate may be given outright or through a bequest or may be used to fund a charitable trust or other life income plan. Contact us for further information. Gifts in Kind ı Gifts to the school are always welcome. Whether books for our library, audio/visual equipment for our classrooms or sporting equipment for our athletic program, we accept most in-kind donations. The Academy is prohibited by law from appraising the value of gifts of tangible personal property in any form. For donations of personal property valued at $5,000 or more, the donor must complete the appropriate IRS forms for tax deduction purposes and obtain a qualified, independent appraisal. Corporate Matching Gifts ı Double your dollars! Many companies offer matching gift support. Complete your employer’s form and mail it with your gift to Sacred Heart Academy. United Way ı If you give charitable donations through your employer, you can earmark funds directly to Sacred Heart Academy. Please speak with the director of human resources for the appropriate code for Sacred Heart Academy.


To contact the Office of Mission Advancement call 203-288-2309, x318.


mission advancement

Who’s on Board ? Roger Sciascia and Mary Pat Caputo.

Sacred Heart Academy has named Roger J. Sciascia as Chair of the Sacred Heart Academy Advisory Board for a three year term. With more than 30 years of experience in public accounting, including management positions in Big 4 and regional accounting firms, Roger is currently managing partner at Weinstein & Anastasio, P.C., in Hamden. He joined the firm in 1987, was named a partner in 1992, director of marketing and director of tax in 1998, and managing partner in 2007. He is currently a member of the board of PFK, an association of legally independent accounting firms. In addition to his impressive credentials, Roger boasts a SHA graduate in his family as daughter Lindsey graduated in 2007. Elaborates President Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71, “Roger has ardently supported Sacred Heart Academy since Lindsey was a freshman, as treasurer and president of the Fathers’ Club, co-chair of the auction and most recently as a member of the executive committee of the Advisory Board, as chairman of the finance

committee, and in many other ways.” Known locally for his volunteerism, he is sure to be an excellent addition to the Sacred Heart Academy Advisory Board. Offered Sr. Sheila, “This is an exciting time for Sacred Heart Academy. Roger brings with him a wealth of experience and I am confident that his professional experience, leadership ability, and strong belief in our core values and educational mission will continue to move the Academy forward.”

served on a number of SHA committees, including the fashion show, auction, and Hearts of the Community. Her daughter Sarah graduated in 2008 and is currently a senior at Providence College, Mary Pat’s alma mater. For Sr. Sheila, Mary Pat was the perfect choice for this position, “Her excellent track record in communications and her commitment to Catholic education make her the ideal Vice Chair and I thank her for taking on this leadership position.”

Joining Roger on the Advisory Board is newly elected Vice Chair, Mary Pat Caputo. Like Roger, Mary Pat has also been elected to a three year term. With more than 30 years of experience in communications, she is currently Director of Marketing and Publications at Southern Connecticut State University. Prior to joining SCSU, she was Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Bristol Hospital, a position that she held for 13 years. In addition to her outstanding resumé, Mary Pat has

In addition to Roger and Mary Pat, SHA has named the following new board members: MaryGrace N. Santagata Crisci ’88, Thomas M. D’Addario, Lesley DeNardis, Ph.D., ’84, Anne Fitzpatrick Donahue ’84, Mary-Ann P. Haran, Esq., Richard J. Iovanne, Roger A. Milici, Jr., Mary Lee Weber, and Joan O’Neill Zorena ’83. We wish Roger, Mary Pat and all our new board members a fulfilling and productive tenure on the Advisory Board.

2011- 2012 Sacred Heart Academy Advisory Board

Chair ı Roger J. Sciascia, FP Vice Chair ı Mary Patricia Caputo, FP

MaryGrace N. Santagata Crisci ’88

Robert Nastri, Jr. Esq., FP, CP

Thomas M. D’Addario, FP

Sr. Lisa A. Retort, ASCJ

Lesley DeNardis, Ph.D., ’84

Thomas P. Smith

Anne Fitzpatrick Donahue ’84

Joseph P. Toscano, FP

Amy E. Duda ’82, FP

Mary Lee Weber, FP

Mary-Ann P. Haran, Esq., FP

Joan O’Neill Zorena ’83, FP, CP

Richard J. Iovanne Carolyn Morrell Kosack, M.D., ’70, FP

President ı Sr. Sheila M. O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71

Roger A. Milici, Jr.

Principal ı Sr. Maureen P. Flynn, ASCJ, ’81 Director of Mission Advancement ı Deborah S. Camner FP—Former Parent

CP—Current Parent

Sacred Heart Academy


mission advancement



Hannah Kolb ’12, Phoebe Wright ’11, Kanita Mote ’14, Joe Rapuano, and Peter Charney, members of the cast of last year’s musical, Hairspray.

e began the 2010-2011 school year with our annual ad campaign in support of Hairspray, marking the first time it was produced on a high school stage in Connecticut. We thank those who purchased an ad or a listing in our playbook, and are especially thankful for the assistance of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council and for their donation of printing services for our outstanding ad book. More than $66,000 was raised during the ad campaign. In March we were pleased and honored to host the 2011 Hearts of the Community Awards celebration. 2011 Hearts of the Community Award recipients are: Knights of Columbus, Mary Jane Maturo, Kerry Robinson, Roger & Linda Sciascia, Reverend James Shanley, and Sr. Mary Anne Sharron, ASCJ, ’64. We extend congratulations to these deserving recipients and to our chairpersons James and Michelle Bowman and their exceptional committee. Net proceeds neared $80,000 which was directly allocated to the Tuition Assistance Program and the Sacred Heart Academy Endowment Fund, providing need-based scholarships for our students. As the year came to a close, Sacred Heart hosted two more incredible events – “Inspirations...” Fashion Show and the 19th Annual Sacred Heart Academy Golf Tournament. Both had

Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D.,’71, President (center) and Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ, ’81, Principal stand alongside last year’s Hearts of the Community Award recipients.

The Sacred Heart Academy

Heritage Society


In 2007, former principal Sr. Ritamary Schulz, ASCJ, ’58 established the Heritage Society to give alumnae, their families, and other friends of SHA an opportunity to make bequests to Sacred Heart Academy. Charitable bequests may include cash, stocks, real estate or other property. We welcome open discussions with you or your attorney, accountant or financial advisor on the specifics of including Sacred Heart Academy in your estate plans. Please contact the Office of Mission Advancement at 203-288-2309, x318 for further information.

Florette Purcell ’12, Jenna Hernandez ’12, and Meghan Buckley ’12 are all smiles after modeling at the 2011 “Inspirations...” Spring Fashion Show.

2011 - 2012 Annual Fund

65th Anniversary Challenge

“For 65 years, Sacred Heart Academy has offered an outstanding Catholic education to young women and with your help we will continue to do so.” – Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D. ’71, President

As we embrace our 65th year of excellence in women’s Catholic education, we reflect on our “heritage and promise” and we accept the responsibility of preparing students for the 21st century. Your assistance allows us to continue our mission. Funds generated from the Annual Fund help to enhance academic programs, extra-curricular activities, technology and athletics, and our Tuition Assistance Program.

record attendance and raised significant funds for the Academy. Held at Anthony’s Ocean View on New Haven Harbor, “Inspirations....” raised more than $22,000. The Golf Tournament was again held at Wallingford Country Club and raised a record $32,000 for the Sacred Heart Academy Golf Tournament Scholarship Fund. We appreciate your support of these events, each one a celebration of the mission and spirit of the Academy. Thank you for sharing your time, your treasure, and your talent.

Over 120 golfers and many generous sponsors drove in more than $32,000 to benefit the Scholarship Fund at the 19th Annual SHA Golf Tournament. Shown above, Rick Dunne (left) and Ron Campoli, current parents, and pictured left, Sr. Sheila on the putting green.

New Special Events Director Named Dayna Cavanaugh has joined the Office of Mission Advancement team as the Director of Special Events. In this newly created position, she will work in collaboration with the team in overseeing the Academy’s special events, including the wine tasting, auction, golf tournament and other fundraising activities.

Last year’s Annual Fund helped us transform the Academy with energy efficient lighting, lowered ceilings, new flooring in the main corridors and technology updates. The “65th Anniversary Challenge” was developed this year especially for alumnae. With nearly 6,500 alumnae in 65 years of the Red & White Line, we are challenged to raise $65,000. All alumnae gifts made to the Annual Fund help us in our “65th Anniversary Challenge.” Please use the envelope provided, or visit us online at to make your gift to the 2011-2012 Annual Fund today.

From 2003 until joining Sacred Heart Academy, Dayna was Director of Development for Tomorrows Children in New Jersey. Prior to that, she was an event manager for NYC fashion designer Joseph Abboud and a producer for Imus in the Morning. She earned a BS degree in economics from Northeastern University. We join in welcoming Dayna to the Academy!

Sacred Heart Academy


red & white line


Anne Donegan Kraemer lives in the Washington, DC metro area and is retired after a career with the National Security Agency. She still vividly remembers Sr. Antonine, Latin, Corettes, the Spring Festival with Notre Dame, and lots of good friends!!


Linda Seaman Edmonds Demetrio moved to Santa Clara, CA three years ago. She is the mother of two SHA alumnae. Keri ’91, a flight attendant for US Airways, lives in Arizona and is married to a border patrol agent. Megan ’95, who lives in the Los Angeles area, married last year and is the lead singer for Princess Cruise Lines. Carolyn Schnaars Slaughter is a published writer of Christian historical fiction. She has a three book contract with Thomas Nelson Publishers and writes under the pen name Cara Lynn James. Look for her first book, Love on a Dime, which was released in June.


Ann Criscuolo Pari and her husband Gene have been married for 40 years and have five beautiful grandchildren: Adam, Brianna, Rylie, Tanner, and Matthew. Adam and Matthew are the children of Kelly Pari Cannizzo ’94.


Nancy Balan Colvin continues to work in student services at the Gillings School of Global Public Health at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Nancy offers this special invitation to SHA students and alumnae: “Any SHA students interested in public health? Send them my way! There’s something here for everyone – biostatistics and epidemiology, health behavior and education, maternal and child health, nutrition, health policy, environmental health. It would be great to have some SHA alums come our way!”


Kathy Berry Prentice retired from AT&T after 33 years. She and her husband are enjoying time together and are especially enjoying their four beautiful granddaughters who are the light of their lives.



Paula Ferrara was recently featured by the Connecticut Education Association for meeting adversity with generosity. (The article on Paula can be found in the June-July 2011 issue at Paula, a cancer survivor, and longtime teacher in Derby, wanted to give back, having been given the ultimate second chance. She threw her energies into alleviating the plight of the area’s homeless. In addition to earning the Teacher of the Year Award, Paula won the Valley United Way and the Columbus House John S. Martinez Community Service Award for her work with the needy.


Tracy Salemme Church and her husband Ed moved back to CT after living in San Francisco where she worked for Catholic Healthcare West for the past ten plus years. She left CHW to accept the role of Senior VP with Hartford HealthCare. Tracy offers, ”Several SHA grads and moms of SHA students have come up to me with a warm welcome and a high five and it’s been a terrific homecoming!” Mariann Mongillo Cirisoli and her husband Jeff have been married for 24 years and have three sons. Mariann is currently the office manager for Pediatric and Adolescent Healthcare and is active in volunteer activities including Spooner House, Notre Dame of Fairfield, and Holy Rosary Church. Mary Clifford Laucks lives in West Haven with her husband Brian and their two daughters, Emily ’12 and Katie ’15. She is the Director of Care Management at The Hospital of St. Raphael.


Cheryl Asid Brigante has been married for 24 years to Joseph. They live in Wallingford and have two children. Their son Matthew is a sophomore at Western New England University in Springfield, MA studying business. Melissa ’13 is on the SHA varsity volleyball team and is a member of the National, Spanish, and Math Honor Societies. Cheryl works as a pharmaceutical sales rep for GlaxosmithKline and Joe is an accountant at the Knights of Columbus Headquarters in New Haven.

Rosemary O’Brien is a published author and is currently seeking an agent for her next novel, SCRAPS, while also working on a book about pocket parks, urban plazas, and community gardens in New York City. For more on her work, check out


Cheryl Cronin lives in the Pawson Park area of Branford. She has a photography business that she loves – “I’m having a blast!” Beginning with this issue of HEART, Cheryl has generously donated her talents and services as a professional photographer. We are so thankful and excited that Cheryl will be helping us share the beauty of Sacred Heart Academy! Please see her work at


Gina Malerba Reichert and her husband Brian live in West Haven. Gina teaches French at West Haven High School.


Pina Morgillo Landino recently celebrated five years of marriage to her wonderful husband Michael. Pina is currently a stay-at-home mom for their two boys, Luca three and Marco who turned one in August. Tricia Sorrentino Monaghan lives in Madison with her husband Mike and their five children. She is a stay-at-home mom and has two sets of twins! Michael is 15, identical twins Sean and Dylan are 11, and fraternal twins Chloe and Gracie are 4. Says Tricia, “Our life is full and we are blessed with our kids!” Sara Wilson Perez and and her husband John, along with big sister Stephanie and puppy Dempsey, welcomed their son John “Jack” Francis to the family.

“Jack” Francis




Maria Mikhail Volpe and her husband Greg were married in 2009. Maria owned and operated a pet-sitting business in order to stay at home with their two sons, Mason and Noah. Maria and her family live in Stratford.

Alicia Ruggiero Burnett earned a BS in chemistry from Quinnipiac and a MS in chemistry from Johns Hopkins. She stayed on at Johns Hopkins, earning her Ph.D. in neuroscience in 2004, studying glutamate transporters. Alicia and her husband Patrick have two daughters, Amelia and Eliza. Says Alicia, “They are wonderful and have helped me to focus on what is important.”

Deana White Saunders graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a BS in classical voice/music education in 1997 and received her MS in choral conducting/ music education in 2003. She is the proud mother of Gracie who will be five in February. Christa Mrowka Bernacchia works as the administrative services manager for Yale Health. As part of her duties, Christa recently served as the functional project manager for a multi-year new facility project and is active in emergency preparedness activities. Christa and her husband Jeffrey recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Julie Chieppo DiCello graduated from SCSU with a psychology degree and from Fordham University with a MS in social work. She is a licensed clinical social worker. Julie is happily married to her husband Angelo whom she met in college. They have a three year old girl named Reesa and recently added baby Sofia to the family.

Theresa Cirillo is the clinical supervisor for the Nurturing Families Program for Catholic Charities Southside Family Center in Hartford. Theresa holds a BS in social work and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, both from Saint Joseph’s College in West Hartford. She resides in Bristol and has a daughter, Callie Grace. Amanda Palmieri Linski was recently married and is living is Charleston, SC. She received her master’s degree in special education with a focus on learning disabilities this past year from Southern Connecticut State University.

Christina Peterson Marchitto and her husband share news of the birth of their daughter! Isabella Annagayle weighed 8 pounds., 8 1/2 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. She is a happy, healthy, beautiful baby and a joy to both Christina and John.


Elizabeth Graham graduated from Gettysburg College magna cum laude in 2007 with a BA in music. She went on to a master’s program for music and cultural history at the University of Cork in Cork, Ireland.


Ginienne Santoro graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 2007 with a degree in economics. For the last year, she’s been pursuing a MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She expects to graduate from Kellogg in the spring of 2013 with a concentration in managerial economics.

Nicolette Mills Nagle and her husband Richard welcomed their first child Richard Salvatore on April 30, 2011. Donna Cusano ’98 is his Godmother.


Beth Peterson Delaney received her degree from Boston College in 2002. She and her husband Jeff were married in March 2007 and currently reside in Waltham, MA where they are both pursuing MBA degrees at Boston College and Beth is a compensation analyst.


Debórah Bond is a successful soul and R&B recording artist living in the DC area. She has two releases and a remix album out as well as two music videos on Vh1Soul. To check out the latest on Debórah and her band, Third Logic, as well as reviews of her just-released Madam Palindrome; visit her Facebook page or download her music on iTunes.


Richard Salvatore

Elyce Reavely Richard lives in Bath, ME with her husband Michael and their two children, Elijah and Sarah. Elyce enjoys teaching freshman and sophomore English at Oak Hill High School in Wales, ME. Marta Ziolo Royer graduated from Loyola College in MD with a BS in sociology. She married in December 2006 and has a daughter, Ava Belle. Marta lives in Hagerstown, MD, works in the DC area for a social research firm, and is attending the University of Maryland for her Ph.D. in public policy evaluation.

Kaitlin and Shannon Duffy celebrated the one year anniversary of the opening of their own business, College Admissions Consultants (CAC). As owners and consultants they help individuals complete college applications, write application essays, prepare for college interviews, and assist with all phases of the college admissions process. For more information, see Margaret Graham graduated summa cum laude from Bucknell University in May 2009 with a BA, double majoring in creative writing and art history. She was the sole recipient of the prestigious Bucknell Prize for Women and received a Second Place Prize for Poetry from Bucknell’s Stadler Center. After spending several weeks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, volunteering for Hope for Children, she went on to intern at the Sara Tecchia Roma Gallery in NYC where she also attends graduate school.


Amanda Aromatici is in her senior year at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC where she is majoring in theology and religious studies and minoring in studio art. She is passionate about community service as an expression of her faith, and as such is extremely involved in campus activities

Sacred Heart Academy


red & white line such as service leader for homeless food runs, core team leader for Renew, resident minister, freshman retreat leader, and Habitat for Humanity volunteer.



Melissa D’Aniello attends King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Currently a senior, Melissa is a campus activities leader, the campus activities liaison for the Student Government Association, a member of Intercollegiate Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2012, and a member of other clubs on campus. She plans on graduating in May 2012.


Stephanie Shaw is a theatre studies major and is heavily involved with the Fellowship of Catholic Undergraduate Students ministry at the University of Connecticut.

MAy 19

Open Meeting for all Alumnae, 7 p.m.

MAy 23

Alumnae Induction for the Class of 2012

Joy Gary is a political science major in the Honors Program at Howard University in Washington, DC, where she has been on the Dean’s List every semester. Since leaving SHA, Joy has enjoyed “meeting new people, experiencing a new city, and realizing how much easier college has been compared to SHA!”


Katie Harris is a sophomore at Marquette University, double majoring in elementary education and sociology. She is the editor of the style section in the Marquette Journal called “Trending Topics” at www. Katie has been volunteering at the Milwaukee Women’s Center in the children’s program, spending time with and offering guidance to children who are homeless due to domestic violence. Julie Hendrickson, currently at Bucknell University, made the Dean’s List last year and plans to double major in psychology and history and minor in legal studies. Julie is a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and is the chair of Relay for Life at Bucknell. Evelyn Kobierowski is a sophomore at Bentley University where she plans on majoring in finance. A President’s List student, Evelyn is also the channel manager of the campus television station where she is responsible for scheduling all programming.


Marie Matta is a freshman at Fairfield University. She is on the newspaper staff, a member of “Colleges against Cancer,” and active in several community service groups as well as in the Student Senate.


Little Valentine’s Dinner Dance


Open Meeting for all Alumnae, 7 p.m.


Career Day


Mohegan Sun Bus Trip

MAy 12 Ladies’ Day of Reflection at Sacred Heart on the Lake

In Memoriam Josephine Libero Becker ’50 Sr. Aloysius Como, ASCJ, former faculty member ’58 – ’65 Rocco Daddio, Jr., brother of Danielle Daddio Craig ’89 Ralph DeFonzo, father of Diane DeFonzo Nehrkorn ’63 and Dolores DeFonzo Ennico ’70 Sandra Boguski Drobish ’58, mother of Tracey Drobish Scalzo ’88 William and Leora Emmerich, parents Sr. Susan Emmerich, ASCJ, former faculty member Frances Evers, mother of Amanda Evers ’11 Mary Garvey Fusaris ’55 Doris Auger Lamb ’63 Eleanor Papero LeGates ’51 Linda Cadrain Mazumdar ’57, sister of Diane Cadrain ’67 George A. Paradis, father of Beth Griffin, SHA Director of Public Relations Dolores Pellegrino, wife of former SHA Advisory Board member Bernard A. Pellegrino, Esq. and mother of Donna Pellegrino DeChello ’77, Sharon Pellegrino Stone ’78, Frances Pellegrino Granquist, Esq., ’80, and Gina Pellegrino Peach ’85 Ariel E. Platt, husband of Maureen Wetmore Platt ’60 Stephen Christopher Sanseverino, son of Joyce Candelora Sanseverino ’69, brother of Melissa Sanseverino ’99 and Alexandria Sanseverino ’05 Ken Saxton, husband of Keri Neagle Saxton ’95 Amelia Salemme, mother of Terri Salemme Cosenza ’59 Antoinette Stone, mother of Renee Stone Rollier ’94 Helen Thompson, mother of Carole Thompson Holm ’61 and Ellen Thompson ’64

New ! The Greene Street Girls Did you know that the “official” first day of SHA was September 9, 1946? In honor of our 65th Anniversary, the Alumnae Office is pleased to present The Greene Street Girls, a 60-minute DVD highlighting real film footage and an audio track of SHA alumnae from our beginnings, recounting their treasured memories of Greene Street! Stories and footage featuring Sr. Antonine and the first teachers, Operettas, May Crownings, Graduations, and Washington, DC trips, right up to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Academy are part of this special tribute to the ten years of SHA students, proudly known as The Greene Street Girls. If you would like a copy of this DVD, please contact Sr. Mariette in the Alumnae Office at 203-288-2309, x313 or at alumnae@ The cost is $15.00 which includes shipping and handling.

Wanted ı SHA Memorabilia and Oral Histories In commemoration of the 65th Anniversary of the founding of SHA, we are asking alumnae to consider donating SHA memorabilia. Letters, photographs, 8 mm films, VHS, DVD, artifacts, uniforms, special T-shirts, sweatshirts, prom bids, team uniforms, pins, programs, awards—even gym uniforms—are wanted. These items will be added to our permanent collection in the Alumnae Room. Please help us to add to our archives!

Stay Connected You’ve heard that we’re on Facebook (Sacred Heart Academy Alumnae) and LinkedIn. Did you also know that SHA Alumnae have a channel on YouTube (SHAlumnae)? The SHA Alumnae Association is continually striving to maintain connections between alumnae and the Academy. The world of social networking provides many opportunities for alumnae to remain informed about SHA and to maintain strong bonds among alumnae of all ages, with each other and with Sacred Heart. Join the SHA Alumnae on these social networking sites, a great way to locate past classmates and create new friendships while keeping informed about life today at SHA. So, spread the word and join us in keeping strong bonds!

Keeping the strong bonds alive and well! Dear SHA Alumnae, When we graduated, our relationship with the Academy—and with each other—truly did not end. In addition to our diplomas, we left with memories of our high school experiences, and most importantly, with the relationships we formed with our classmates, teachers, staff, and administrators. We are looking for additional alumnae to serve as Class Agents for all graduating years. The role has only three requirements...take part in reunion planning once every five years, help communicate information between the Alumnae Office and your classmates, and serve to continue the strong bonds with members of the larger SHA community. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Class Agent, please contact the Alumnae Office at 203-288-2309, x313 or Thank you so much!

Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ, ’77 Director of Alumnae Relations

Stay in touch!

WATCH FOR OUR NEW WEBSITE Alumnae — Register or reregister today for the Alumnae Online Community on the new website – It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Go to 2. Click Login in top right corner 3. Click the New User Registration (under the login form)

If you’ve moved or married, please contact us with your updated name and address information. Think about sharing information about noteworthy events or accomplishments in your life with your fellow alumnae! Submit your photos (jpg) and news to: Red and White Line Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ, ’77

Sacred Heart Academy


strong bonds

Reunion/Homecoming 2011 Honoring the Class of 1961

Celebrating Strong bonds


estivities for SHA’s Homecoming/Reunion Day ’11 truly celebrated strong bonds! In commemoration of our 65th Anniversary year, the SHA Alumnae Association presented The Greene Street Girls, a special DVD tribute to our first “sisters” at a special reception honoring the members of the first ten classes, upon whose firm foundation SHA proudly stands. At a “Meet and Greet” reception later in the day, President Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71 offered a special champagne toast to the Class of 1986 “Silver Belles” on their 25th Anniversary, and the Class of 1961 “Golden Girls” on their 50th Anniversary. Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, ’71 and Principal Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ, ’81, along with members of their classes, also celebrated milestone anniversary years. Prior to gathering at several area restaurants to continue with their own class celebrations, alumnae took part in a poignant Mass of Thanksgiving in Sacred Heart Chapel.


Honoring the Class of 1986

As one of the “Greene Street Girls,” I thoroughly enjoyed attending the homecoming/reunion! I had not attended a reunion in many, many years. This year was the 60th reunion for me! I so enjoyed reconnecting with former classmates. Watching the film tribute to the “Greene Street Girls,” took me once again to the place that brought so much joy and success to my academic, personal and spiritual life. Certainly this was “Excelsior”—ever higher! – Rosemari Hansandras Clogher ’51

All of your planning and attention to detail were evident throughout the day, from the Greene Street Girls gathering and library reception to the glorious Mass in our beautiful Chapel. It was very moving for all of us, especially for those who had not been back in 50 years! Thank you for your dedication to the alumnae and for your attention to the purpose and mission that Sr. Antonine had for her “girls.” I know she was smiling down on us! As our classmates left the Graduate Club late last evening, we were bathed in that warm glow of reconnecting and rekindling those strong bonds formed so long ago. – Barbara Tracchio Romano ’61

Our 40th reunion was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our time spent at SHA and the strong bonds we made, not only with the school and our teachers, but with our friends as well. It was great to see everyone and reconnect! - Lorrie Arsenault Oberdick ’71

Sacred Heart Academy


Please join us

Magazine Fall 2011 Sr. Sheila O’Neill, ASCJ, Ph.D., ’71 President Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ, ’81 Principal Managing Editor Beth Griffin Director of Public Relations Editor Allyson Wuerth Design EP Graphic Design ı Elizabeth Parker Cover and major photography Cronin Photography ı Cheryl Cronin ’84 Contributing Writers Stephanie Baldwin ’12 Debbie Camner Director of Mission Advancement

2012 FantaSHA “Run for the Roses” live & silent Auction Celebrating the Kentucky Derby Saturday, March 24, 2012 at Sacred Heart Academy


Live Auction including trips, jewelry, tickets & more, Silent Auction featuring 100 plus baskets, sports items, collectibles, gift certificates, SHA Boutique, “Winner’s Purse” gift bags, and the all new “What Women Want” area Tickets are $90 and go on sale in January For event information or to donate an item, please contact Dayna Cavanaugh at 203.287.8181, x366

Beth Griffin Director of Public Relations Angela Gravante Mazzoli ’51 Sr. Mariette Moan, ASCJ, ’77 Director of Alumnae Relations Kate Ramunni ’79 Contributing Photographers Sammy Bowers ’12 Isabel Chenoweth Sr. Maureen Flynn, ASCJ, ’81 Tricia Jefferies Shayla LaTorraca Kathy McDonough McGarry ’77 Sr. Mary Jane Paolella, ASCJ, ’65 Angie Stong ’14 Storytellers HEART magazine is published by Sacred Heart Academy for alumnae, parents, past parents and friends of Sacred Heart Academy. Send address changes to the Office of Alumnae Relations, Sacred Heart Academy, 265 Benham Street, Hamden, CT 06514 or alumnae@

Sacred Heart Academy admits students of any race, creed, national or ethnic origin, and handicapped status to all the rights, privileges and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate in these areas in the administration of its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic or other school-administered programs.

2011 Fall Heart Magazine  

Spring 2011 issue of Heart Magazine from Sacred Heart Academy in Hamden, CT

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