2020 Sacré Cœur Annual Report to the Community

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Sacré Cœur Glen Iris 2020 Annual Report to the School Community

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Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

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2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Contact Details ADDRESS

172 Burke Road Glen Iris VIC 3146


Adelina Melia-Douvos




Joan Fitzpatrick


03 9835 2700







Minimum Standards Attestation I, Adelina Melia-Douvos, attest that Sacré Cœur is working in consultation with the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd and the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd towards being fully compliant with: • All of the requirements for the minimum standards and other requirements for the registration of schools as specified in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) and the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 (Vic), except where the school has been granted an exemption from any of these requirements by the VRQA •

Australian Government accountability requirements related to the 2020 school year under the Australian Education Act 2013 (Cth) and the Australian Education Regulations 2013 (Cth)

The Child Safe Standards prescribed in Ministerial Order No.870 - Child Safe Standards, Managing Risk of Child Abuse in School.

14 June 2021

NOTE: The School’s financial performance information has been provided to the Australian Charities and Not-forprofits Commission (ACNC) and will be available for the community to access from their website at www.acnc.gov.au

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Our College Vision Our Mission as a School of the Sacred Heart We are called to discover and reveal the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the work of education. This transformative education calls people to realise their true selves and bring about a more just society. Our Mission is expressed in the Five Goals of Sacred Heart Education: •

A personal and active faith in God.

A deep respect for intellectual values.

The building of community as a Christian value.

A social awareness that impels to action.

Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

Our Vision Statement Sacré Cœur Women Shape the World Our Purpose Statement Our purpose is to educate and empower our women to make a profound contribution to their world. Our Cor Unum Values Faith, Community, Integrity, Kindness

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

College Overview Founded in 1888, Sacré Cœur is a highly regarded Independent Catholic girls' school located in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris. We educate 710 students, from Prep to Year 12. The Sacré Cœur Way The transformation of hearts and minds lies at the heart of a Sacré Cœur education. Our holistic approach to educating young women unites academic endeavour with a deep sense of care for each child and strength of community to create the truest expression of the Sacré Coeur way. Laughter, inclusivity, deep friendships and the diversity of opportunity are evidenced in the education of our students. Our young women are inspired and challenged to shape the world. Pursuit of Academic Excellence Our students are known and embraced as individuals, and their learning and wellbeing needs are met as they grow from children into young adults. We are an open entry school, delivering a broad range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities, meaning each child can find their individual path. They benefit from an education delivered by our highly qualified and passionate teachers, many of whom are curriculum experts and VCE assessors. As a result, our young women flourish and achieve exceptional VCE results, ranking us as one of the top three Catholic girls' schools in the state. Deep Commitment to Student Wellbeing Student wellbeing is at the core of personal endeavour and achievement and as such is our first priority for each of our students. Our specifically designed Junior and Senior wellbeing programs support the development of skills, knowledge and capacity to manage life challenges and to maintain social, emotional and physical wellbeing from the earliest years into adulthood. Belonging to an Inclusive Community Our young women are encouraged to raise their voices and to look outwardly, applying their wisdom and skill to make a difference in the lives of others. Students at Sacré Cœur feel a palpable sense of belonging and benefit from a rich diversity of faiths within our community. We are privileged to belong to an international Sacred Heart family of over 150 schools across 41 countries. Our extended international family helps to grow our sense of community as we learn together through immersions, and engage in programs that support social justice initiatives locally and globally. 2020 Strategic Intent The 2020 Annual Action Plan guided the School community to achieve the following goals as a Catholic School within the Sacred Heart tradition: •

Provide an education in faith.

Educate girls in a 21st century model of education celebrating their global citizenship.

Continue our philosophy of continuous improvement.

Foster an environment of learning and teaching excellence.

Maintain a nurturing focus on student wellbeing.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Deliver responsible and empowered leadership and management.

Build a strong school community with focus on our internationalism.

Continue good governance and financial management.

Focus on evolving creative and innovative infrastructure.

Prepare for the future.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Principal’s Report Learning at Sacré Cœur offers a transformative educational experience that is holistic and person-centred. At Sacré Cœur, we pride ourselves on providing a dynamic and positive learning environment that allows each student to find her path and her place in the world. We encourage her to be an agent of change, seeking to make a discernible difference to those around her. Our future-ready young women are intellectually competent and curious, courageous and kind, spiritual and reflective, principled and open minded, creative and analytical; and considered and communicative. In 2020, most especially in the months that followed from March to November, the benefits of a Sacré Cœur education were evident throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic. Exceptional levels of resilience were shown at every juncture by students, staff and those key within our community. Agility, flexibility and incredible resolve were evident as the School required a complete rethinking of the mode through which curriculum, co-curricular and School events were delivered. The decision was made to deliver synchronous, online learning for all students from Prep to Year 12, with most classes, sport training, debating, drama rehearsals, and music lessons delivered via Google Meet. In our P - Year 4 classes, the platform Seesaw was used by teachers, Learning Support staff and Specialist staff to deliver classes. Parents and students also used Seesaw as a means of uploading student work. Student wellbeing meetings with parents and Parent-Teacher Interviews were conducted via Google Meet. And, highly desired ongoing connection with our students and our community was maintained through our continued delivery of General Assemblies, Masses and liturgies, Awards Ceremonies, Work Experience, Subject Selection, House activities and our Sacred Heart Day. In addition to Google Meet, we also used livestreaming as it fostered the ability for all members of our community to be together at a time when we could not actually gather together at Burke Road physically. The School Board, Foundation, Leadership Team and staff share a common purpose steeped in passion and unwavering commitment to their vision to educate young women in a way that challenges and excites them, and inspires them to pursue excellence, always. Present in all stakeholders in our community is a zest, energy and drive seeking to make profound contributions to the formation of well-rounded, strong and highly accomplished individuals in an inclusive setting where joy, curiosity and lifelong relationships are forged. As part of our Master Plan, we were most fortunate that the work commenced in 2019 on the building of our four level STEAM and Library Centre was able to continue. This exciting new development, officially named the St Madeleine Sophie Barat Centre, after our founder, will deliver a three-level library for Junior and Senior students, three new science laboratories, three design studios, and IT laboratories, breakout learning spaces and an outdoor learning terrace for both our Junior and Senior students. It is a significant project in a ten-year Master Plan for the School. We look back on 2020 and have a deep sense of appreciation for all which we have achieved and we can certainly feel immense pride. Courage, confidence and compassion were reflected by all within the Sacré Cœur community as we remained resolute in forging a clear path through a year which yielded unexpected challenges. I am enormously proud to be leading our school into 2021 as we continue to build on our long Sacred Heart tradition of educating young women ready to shape the world.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Education in Faith Goals and Intended Outcomes Faith life at Sacré Cœur continues to be rich and flourishing as we provide students with opportunities to develop their personal spirituality. The exploration of spirituality is woven through all that we offer our students, both within and beyond the classroom. Prayer, reflection, silence and contemplation time, along with social justice action and immersion opportunities continue to help guide our students to find their spiritual identity and consider the role of spirituality in their everyday lives. Goals •

As a Catholic School within the Sacred Heart tradition, we seek as a faith community, meaningful, relevant engagement of all (students, parents and staff) in their spiritual journey.

Intended Outcomes •

That all members of our community understand and appreciate that Sacré Cœur is first and foremost a Catholic school along with being a Catholic school in the Sacred Heart tradition.

Achievements Students, staff and parents of the Sacré Cœur family, share a strong sense of Catholic identity and community. The School's identity is shaped and fashioned by the philosophy, charism and tradition of Sacred Heart Education, as manifested in its five Goals. The five Goals drive the 'Sacré Cœur way' of being and relating; they are part of the everyday fabric of Sacré Cœur. Each year the School dedicates special focus to one of the five Goals. In 2020, the Focus Goal was 'Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom'. Accordingly, one emphasis of Education in Faith initiatives was developing and promoting personal and contemplative ways of coming to know the love of God for each of us. The major achievements for 2020 centred around continuing to provide faith expression and development opportunities for the community members with the context of long periods of non face-to-face contact due to COVID restrictions. •

Each school morning during the lockdown period, a remotely presented community prayer service was offered to begin the day. The themes of the prayers were topical to the COVID experience: hope, compassion and positive mindset. The morning began with two separate before-school services, one for staff prayer service followed by a Senior School service. There was a continuation in remote mode of the student led morning prayer services in Junior school (Joigny) classes.

Prayer Services focusing on the Sunday Gospel Reading were produced and distributed each weekend. These included services for Holy Week. Separate services were created for Joigny and Senior School families and both were shared with the School staff.

A number of Masses, including our Sacred Heart Day Mass, and the community Mother Day and Father's Day Masses were 'live-streamed' to the School community.

A modified on-line version of annual Week of Prayer was conducted with students being invited to experience a range of different prayer experiences. One product of this Week was the production of a prayer booklet 'Little Book of Hope'. This booklet was distributed as an e-

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

book to the students and families, while hard copies were sent to Board members, Alumnae, sister schools and contributors. •

The School participated in an invitation from the European Network of Sacred Heart Schools to engage an initiative called 'Uniting in Prayer'. The aim of the initiative was to unite our Sacred Heart Family in prayer during this time of coping with COVID-19 by sharing a prayer on the theme 'Hopes and Concerns for Ourselves, our Locality and the Wider World'.

A time of Silence and Contemplation. A daily time for silence and contemplation was introduced into the school timetable during 2020. This period of silent contemplation responded to one of the four Calls of the 2016 RSCJ Chapter of "a call to stop, to choose silence and to open and let ourselves be opened to our inner depths where the Spirit of God allows us to feel, see and understand life and reality with God's Heart". A three-minute period of silence was introduced into the timetable, it occurs at the end of homeroom before the first period of instruction. It is entitled 'Dadirri'.

During 2020, a review and renewal of the Senior School Religious Education Program was begun. This process was informed by Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese School (MACS) 'Horizons of Hope Educational Framework and Pedagogy of Encounter for Religious Education Curriculum development'.


Daily prayers

Student Liturgy Committee

Reflection Days and Retreats

Special occasion Masses (Leadership Mass, Sacred Heart Day, Vale Mass)

Year level, Joigny, House and School Masses

Week of Prayer

Sacred Heart Week celebration

Ongoing support of our sister community, Sophie's Farm, in Samar, the Philippines

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Learning and Teaching Goals and Intended Outcomes Sacré Cœur's commitment is to provide and continuously develop an educational environment that nurtures each student's full academic potential so that she develops skills to thrive in a global society. Curiosity and the development of a deep, life-long love of learning are unequivocally at the core of a Sacré Cœur education. Intellectual values, endeavour and the holistic, personal development of each student are the focus of our Learning and Teaching programs. Learning at Sacré Cœur is an active pursuit, where student voice is encouraged. When students have a voice and work in partnership with their teacher to own their learning, it increases student agency and mastery, and it also creates positive long-term learning habits. Giving students authentic learning tasks and building connections between subjects, year levels or ideas within a subject, can help to foster engagement and build a love of learning which we hope will be our students' life work. This approach to learning occurred onsite on our classrooms, and was also fostered during remote learning. Sacré Cœur's commitment is to create and provide an educational environment for young women to achieve their full academic potential and gain relevant skills to equip them to thrive in a global society. Goals •

As a Catholic school in the Sacred Heart tradition and a contemporary learning community with a deep respect for intellectual values, we seek to enable our students to pursue personal excellence, and for each student to come to know herself whilst developing her passions, skills and gifts.

Intended Outcomes •

That student learning outcomes will continue to improve.

That students are fully engaged in a stimulating learning environment.

That students will continue to develop into autonomous, resilient, confident and responsible learners and leaders.

Achievements The School prides itself on its continued achievement of exceptionally strong academic results, despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 was a very different one for our students and their learning. We had our first term at School and watched as COVID-19 started to impact countries overseas. By the end of Term 1, we were preparing to move our whole School offsite and to begin remote learning from our homes. Term 2 began with teachers, students and administration and support staff, all working from home. The shift to remote learning required adaptability on the part of all of our families, as well as our teachers and students. Central to the education received by each student at Sacré Cœur has always been the quality of the partnership which exists between School and the family; and never has this relationship been as critical as it was when we embarked on our remote learning journey.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Our VCE students returned onsite towards the end of Term 2 and then Term 3 we started our second lockdown in Melbourne after only two weeks of VCE classes onsite that term. All students then remained at home in Term 3, with all students returning onsite late in Term 4. Junior School - Joigny Flexibility of learning and teaching approaches dominated the landscape of the school programs in 2020. Remote and flexible learning practices were the catalyst for notable progress in our students' skills in digital technology, in the development of their personal and social capabilities and the extension of their critical and creative thinking skills. Digital Technology The School's intranet, Firefly, the Google Suite and Seesaw were utilised as the platforms for students to engage in their work, with their teachers and with each other during the period of remote learning. The engagement of the students in learning via digital means saw a significant increase in mastery of digital competencies and development of agency as they accessed, loaded and completed work tasks over the time of remote learning. Student Agency Joigny students connected via a newly created online news platform, 'Joigny News'. The students contributed writing, quizzes, recipes, shared play ideas and celebrated milestones in 'Joigny News' by submitting these of their own accord. Students researched, designed and submitted their ideas for play equipment to inform plans for the new P-2 and 3-6 playgrounds. Prep to Year 2 students quickly and nimbly learnt how to capture their work tasks on screen and load and submit their activities via Seesaw. Students gave feedback to each other on their work tasks, maximising the opportunity to engage with their classmates at a time when they were sorely missing social connection. Remote Learning Activities Each fortnight, Prep to Year 6 students received their updated remote learning timetable that introduced new aspects to their weeks' routines. To uphold their engagement whilst learning remotely, 'Meet the Expert' sessions were offered in areas such as Lego Design, Women's AFL, Meet the Author and Kitchen Chemistry. The students undertook Dance lessons remotely, learning a routine for House Aerobics and also developed and shared their video entries for Joigny's Got Talent. Whole class and small group Google Meet lessons occurred throughout each school the day. These lessons included meeting with their Class Teachers, Specialist Teacher, their Instrumental Teachers and also Class Assemblies. Remote lessons continued to present to students clear learning intentions and negotiated success criteria to ensure targeted learning experiences despite the students not being able to attend school. Sport, Music, French, Art and Library sessions presented the students with creativity, movement and variety in their days as they created obstacle courses in lounge rooms, made videos of their musical performances and took part in community projects such as Spoonville. The Joigny/Keith Haring Mural project enabled the students to share their message of kindness to others at a time that this message was much needed and was converted to a billboard on the school gate to promote thoughtfulness and care in the locked-down community.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Senior School Students learned through a blended learning model, which included asynchronous learning as well as synchronous, real-time interactive sessions with their teachers and classmates. These learning experiences were followed up with homework or assessment to confirm that the students had engaged appropriately with the work and that they had demonstrated an understanding of the content and learning intentions. Lesson Delivery Teachers delivered the curriculum via Google Meet, Google Drive and Firefly. An element of flexibility, depending on the nature of the lesson was taken into account. Homeroom also occurred once a week to allow students a continued connection with their peers and Homeroom teacher. Lessons were reduced to 45 minutes (from 53 minutes) to provide 10-minute breaks in between lessons, and this was designed to reduce screen-fatigue. Meeting Student Needs Every lesson students were expected to be present for a Google Meet with the teacher and class. This allowed teachers to maintain connections with the students in their class and allowed students to interact with their friends and peers. For some students, it was a very challenging experience and they found it hard to stay motivated without the connections to their peers and teachers in person. It was not the same as being at School, but for many students, it gave them agency with their workload and they developed more independence and confidence in their ability to learn effectively at home. Assessment and Reporting School assessed coursework and assessment tasks for Years 7-12 occurred remotely during the lockdowns. The assessment schedules were adhered to so that students and parents were supplied with continuous online reporting using Firefly to provide feedback for students and parents regarding assessment. In Term 3, we conducted online parent-teacher-student conferences. Parents were surveyed about their experience of online parent-teacher interviews and based on the feedback, we will trial our 2021 parent-teacher-student conferences online again. Virtual curricular and Co-Curricular We learnt new ways to do many of the things we took for granted. We had assemblies over Google Meet with various Blue Ribbons (student leaders) and teachers contributing items from their houses to our School Community. Virtual debates occurred between year levels in Term 2 and music and speech lessons became virtual also. Masses were livestreamed to students from the Chapel. In Term 3, we conducted a remote practice GAT with students using Google Docs to complete the writing tasks and Google Forms were used to capture and mark student responses to the multiple choice questions. eSmart School An initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, eSmart helps teachers and the school community to best manage cyber risks, bullying and cyber-bullying issues, so students feel safer and supported. It is a framework that sits across the entire community - teachers, students, parents. eSmart is a long-term change program designed to educate, track, monitor and prevent bullying and cyber-bullying. It was a two-year process with the eSmart Committee to do a gap analysis, develop action plans and policies, implement the changes and collect evidence. As part of this initiative, eSmart lessons were developed for Year 7 and 8 pastoral programs and

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

implemented in 2019. On 15 October 2020 we received confirmation that we had achieved eSmart status.


VCE Results The VCE Class of 2020 achieved exceptional results. Sacré Cœur is immensely proud of the academic achievements of the Class of 2020 and are equally proud of their contribution to our community over their tie at Burke Road, Rising above the challenge of remote learning and lockdowns they showed great courage and resilience. We are confident they will approach their future studies with the confidence gained from their experience at Sacré Cœur. They will be exceptional ambassadors for our School as they follow their hearts in their future endeavours. In 2020, the VCE results of the School placed it as the 2nd top Catholic girls school, and the 3rd highest performing Catholic school in the state. Over half of the graduates are now pursuing studies in STEAM related courses, with the remainder undertaking humanities and business related courses. Success comes in countless forms at Sacré Cœur and we are especially pleased that many of our girls achieved at a level greater than their original hopes and expectations.



Year 9 Grammar and Punctuation Year 9 Numeracy Year 9 Reading Year 9 Spelling Year 9 Writing

* There are no NAPLAN results to report in 2020 as the Australian Government decided that due

to the COVID-19 pandemic NAPLAN Assessments would not take place.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris






2018 – 2019 Changes %

2020 %

* YR 03 Grammar and Punctuation




YR 03 Numeracy




YR 03 Reading




YR 03 Spelling




YR 03 Writing




YR 05 Grammar and Punctuation




YR 05 Numeracy




YR 05 Reading




YR 05 Spelling




YR 05 Writing










YR 07 Reading




YR 07 Spelling




YR 07 Writing




YR 09 Grammar and Punctuation




YR 09 Numeracy




YR 09 Reading




YR 09 Spelling




YR 09 Writing




YR 07 Grammar and Punctuation YR 07 Numeracy

2020 Annual Report to the School Community

2019 – 2020 Changes %



Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

* There are no NAPLAN results to report in 2020 as the Australian Government decided that due

to the COVID-19 pandemic NAPLAN Assessments would not take place.

** Data cannot be reported for this year as the number of students that sat the test was below 5 and the data has been suppressed for privacy reasons in accordance with the ACARA NAPLAN data reporting provisions. *** No students sat the NAPLAN tests in this year level and in one or both of the relevant years.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Student Wellbeing Goals and Intended Outcomes Student wellbeing is at the core of all we do at Sacré Cœur; we focus on supporting students to develop a strong sense of self, personal tenacity and to develop positive relationships with others. A student's wellbeing is critical to her ability to pursue personal endeavour and academic achievement. We are united in our commitment to providing a learning environment where our students feel connected, engaged and safe with an emphasis on positive peer and teacher relationships and student voice. This affords our students the best foundation to thrive academically and undertake their studies with rigour. It is through our whole school approach and supportive learning framework that we foster and nurture each student's intellectual, moral, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. During remote learning, wellbeing was paramount. Retaining and reinforcing connections in the virtual classroom was a key focus in both the Junior and Senior school. Goals •

As a Catholic school in the Sacred Heart tradition, to systematically embed a whole school philosophy and approach to wellbeing which consciously connects wellbeing to student achievement.

Intended Outcomes •

That students will continue to develop into autonomous, resilient, confident and responsible learners and leaders.

That each student will be provided with the best possible wellbeing programming and support in all aspects of School life.

Achievements Student wellbeing was at the forefront of mind, program planning and Sacré Cœur’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020. During these unique times as we undertook remote teaching and learning, our commitment to student wellbeing continued to be a major priority. Whilst remote, our Wellbeing and Pastoral programs, at each Year Level, continued to provide opportunities to promote connectedness and wellbeing. Whole School Approach Students were supported by their teachers, Year Level Co-ordinators and the Junior and Senior School Student Wellbeing Leaders and teams, including School Psychologists. During uncertain situations, it was normal for our students to experience, stress, sadness, anxiety among other emotional reactions. Critically, our Sacré Cœur School Psychologists actively supported our student community during 2020, offering tele-counselling appointments. The School Psychology services were available to each student, and working within the student/family/school partnership, support was offered to, and accessed by, students and families. Involving our Families

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Critical to the wellbeing of students was the partnership between School and home, recognising the role that families played in the learning and wellbeing support of each child. Key features of the student/family/school partnership included: • • • • •

Regular calls to students and families. Reinforcing the importance of families having discussions at home about the pandemic and its implications. Encouraging families to read the Student Bulletin together. Encouraging families to spend time connecting with each other and discussing potential, useful strategies for remote learning and managing the impact of the pandemic. Inviting families to engage with the numerous resources for parents and their daughters, specifically School TV which could be found on our school portal.

Year 12 Wellbeing At Year 12, we implemented a “Year 12 Student Wellbeing Team” meeting every fortnight. Being in their final year of school and given the unique experiences of our Year 12 students during this pandemic, the aim behind this initiative was to come up with strategies of how we could best support our Year 12s.


All School •

Redeveloped Student Transition program

Participation in community projects such as ‘One Heart. One Day. One Hope.’

Virtual events such as Christmas in July, Sacred Heart Day

Achieved eSmart status

Junior School - Joigny •

House Swim Carnival

Prep - Year 2 Athletics Carnival

Online House Dance

Online 'Meet the Expert' series

Online Portfolios of Student Learning available through Seesaw

Year 6 Graduation Day and Joigny Disco

Year 3 Camp at home day

Year 5 Camp at school day

Year 6 and 7 Camps

Fun theme days and celebrations such as May the Fourth, Joigny House Dance, Mother’s Day

Joigny News Online

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

'Connect Us' program

'Reconnect Us' program upon return to onsite schooling.

Senior School •

Virtual House run competitions and challenges

Live-streamed Academic Award Assemblies

Online Debating

Term 1 House Swimming Carnival

Year 12 Retreat

Year 12 Formal

Year 12 VALE Mass and Ceremony onsite and live-streamed (delayed to December from October)

Year 10 Drama Production with St Kevin’s College

Homeroom ran once a week in Senior School to maintain wellbeing connections in Homeroom groups

Year Level Co-ordinators ran wellbeing and pastoral activities for students in the regular pastoral lessons

Weekly student wellbeing resources in the Student Bulletin. Topics included - self-care strategies; procrastination and lack of motivation' courage and resilience during COVID19; sleep hygiene.

‘Actura Mars Exploration’ ran virtually in the September and December holidays and involved real space scenarios and fun activities.


At the end of key stages of a student's education, students are asked to complete a survey. Below are a summary of the results to these surveys undertaken at the conclusion of 2020. Year 6 student survey •

94% of students were 'very satisfied or 'satisfied'

Students expressed the highest satisfaction in response to these statements Learning and teaching •

I have been encouraged to achieve my best.

My teachers used interesting and appropriate teaching and learning methods.

My teachers encouraged me in the pursuit of my interests and passions.

Student wellbeing •

I feel physically safe and secure at school.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

I understand the School's rules and expectations.

I feel like part of the school community and that I belong at Sacré Cœur.

My teachers care about me.

Facilities and resources •

I have many opportunities to use information technology resources.

There is plenty of opportunity to use specialised equipment and learning spaces (for example, art, library, science and music).

Year 12 student survey •

88% of students were 'very satisfied' or 'satisfied'

This is an 8% point improvement compared to 2019.

Students expressed the highest satisfaction in response to these statements Learning and Teaching •

Sacré Cœur has class sizes that allow me to participate fully in my subjects.

There are ample opportunities for involvement in co-curricular activities.

The School promotes a high level of achievement for all students.

Student wellbeing •

I feel physically safe and secure during the school day.

I clearly understand the School's Code of Behaviour.

I feel I belong as part of a community.

Communication •

Sacré Cœur staff are helpful and approachable.

Facilities and resources •

There are ample information technology resources (email, network, computer labs etc.)

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris


Daily record keeping of student attendance is undertaken by the school with the class roll marked every period throughout each school day in the Senior School, and twice a day in our Primary School, Joigny. If a student is marked absent in the morning and the parent has not made contact with the School, the parent is contacted by the School Office. Attendance records are monitored daily and contact with parents/guardians and counselling of the student, if necessary, occurs if she has been absent for more than five consecutive days, or shows a pattern of inconsistent attendance. Remote Learning Record Keeping During remote learning for Prep to Year 6 students, Class Teachers met with students each morning via Google Meet when the attendance roll was taken. Throughout the day, teachers recorded attendance in their Google Meet classes and should any concern be held for a student, due to non-attendance, contact was made with parents. In Senior School our daily record keeping continued in the same manner as onsite. Teachers in Senior School were in Google Meets with their classes every lesson, and rolls were marked based on student online attendance. Given students were at home with parents/carers during remote learning, an absence from lessons was not followed up unless there were several days or a series of lessons in one subject missed. If this pattern was detected, a call was made to parents of Senior School students.


Years 9 to 12 Student Retention Rate

2020 Annual Report to the School Community



Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris






















Overall average attendance



VCE Median Score VCE Completion Rate VCAL Completion Rate

35.0 100.0% 0.0%


Tertiary Study




Apprenticeship / Traineeship






Other – The category of Other includes both students Looking for Work and those classed as Other


2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Child Safe Standards Goals and Intended Outcomes Sacré Cœur promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children. All students enrolled at Sacré Cœur have the right to feel safe and to be safe. The wellbeing of children in our care will always be our first priority and we do not, and will not, tolerate child abuse. We aim to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children are free to enjoy life to the full without any concern for their safety. There is particular attention paid to the most vulnerable children, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with a disability. Everyone employed or volunteering at Sacré Cœur has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role he/she plays individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all students is at the forefront of all they do and every decision they make. Sacré Cœur is committed to the continuous improvement of our Child Safe Program, which consists of practices, systems, policies and procedures that is designed to uphold a child safe environment and embed a culture of child safety within our school community. Sacré Cœur's Child Safe Program is regularly reviewed for overall effectiveness and to ensure compliance with all child safe related laws, regulations and standards. Any changes made to the Child Safe Program are reviewed and endorsed by the School Board and the Leadership Team.

Achievements Sacré Cœur's achievements to the ongoing review and implementation of their child safe strategies include: Child Safe Program Annual Review •

Annual review and endorsement of Sacré Cœur's Child Safe Program by the School Board and the School's Leadership Team.

Child Safety Concerns •

Teach students about what they can do if they feel unsafe and enable them to understand, identify, discuss and report on child safety. We listen to and act on any concerns students, or their parents/caregivers raise with us.

Child Safe Program Annual Training •

Annual refresher training with acknowledgement on Sacré Cœur's Child Safe Program with a target of 100% completion rates.

Child Safety Officer •

Appointment of a Child Safety Officer who leads the School's Child Safety Culture by providing support, advice, training, monitoring, communicating and implementing Sacré Cœur's Child Safe Program.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Child Safety Budget •

A budget allocation to enable regular training and education in order to understand the responsibilities of all staff and volunteers in relation to child safety and the wellbeing of children and young people.

Child Safety Network •

Participation in the Diocesan child protection network.

Child Safety Communication •

The use of the school website and school newsletter to remind and to keep parents/caregivers informed of child safety commitments, procedures and arrangements.

Child Safety Child Friendly Initiatives •

The implementation of the School's Child-Friendly-Child-Safety initiative in Joigny.

The implementation of the School's Child-Friendly-Child-Safety initiative in Secondary.

Child Safeguarding Committee •

The implementation of the School's Child Safeguarding Committee which will drive key Child Safety initiatives.

The Child Safeguarding Committee will report directly to the School Leadership Team, the Risk Committee and the School Board on key initiatives

Child Safety Risk Management Sacré Cœur is committed to proactively and systematically identifying and assessing risks to student safety across the whole school environment, and reducing or eliminating (where possible) all potential sources of harm. The School documents, implements, monitors and periodically reviews the risk management strategies for child safety, and ensures that the strategies change as needed. The School enacts this commitment through: •

The Child Safety Risk Management Framework

The Child Safety Risk Profile

The Child Safety Risk Assessment

The School also enacts this commitment through:

The Risk Management and Compliance Framework

The Risk Appetite Statement

The Risk Register

The ongoing review of the school's risk register including controls, actions and monitoring

Incident management

Risk assessments

Review of policies and procedures

Risk Subcommittee that reports directly to the School Board

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


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Child Safety Recruitment •

Sacré Cœur applies a thorough and rigorous screening process when recruiting all employees, contractors and volunteers involved in child-connected work.

The School's commitment to child safety and screening requirements are included in all recruitment advertisements

When recruiting and selecting employees, contractors and volunteers involved in childconnected work, the School makes all reasonable efforts to:

Confirm the applicant's Working with Children Check and National Police Check status and/or professional registration (as relevant).

Obtain proof of personal identity and any professional or other qualifications.

Verify the applicant's history of work involving children.

Obtain references that address the applicant's suitability for the job and working with children.

The School has processes for monitoring and assessing the continuing suitability of school staff to work with children, including regular reviews of the status of Working with Children Checks and staff professional registration requirements such as Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration

Child Safety Induction •

All new employees, contractors and volunteers are inducted into the School and are required to read, understand and abide by the requirements of the School's Child Safety Code of Conduct, Child Safety Policy and Child Protection - Reporting Obligation Policy. All new employees, contractors and volunteers are also required to undertake the School's Mandatory Reporting Training. The training and policy commitments are required to be completed by all employees, contractors and volunteers on an annual basis.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


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Leadership and Management Goals and Intended Outcomes Goals •

As a Catholic school in the Sacred Heart tradition, we seek to grow and develop leadership based on responsibility, empowerment and mutual respect.

Intended Outcomes •

That a staff culture characterised by shared vision, a strong sense of teamwork and a focus on continuous improvement is created and sustained.

That leadership and management of the school will be consistent, reflective of the P-12 context and aligned to P-12 schooling.

That School leaders and managers are regularly reviewed and developed in an open and transparent manner, report to line managers in a participatory manner, and work to meet KPIs as aligned to strategic projects.

That School policies and procedures are evidence of on-going attention to best practice and are fully compliant at all times.

Achievements Within the complexities and challenges of 2020, Sacré Cœur’s Leadership and Management team continued its focus on delivering a transformative Sacred Heart education whilst ensuring a sustainable future for our community of students, staff, families and alumnae. Identifying the opportunities and challenges of 2020, the Leadership Team of the School, evolved learning, teaching, operations and planning to meet the needs of the community and into the future. The Leadership Team of the School works closely with the School Board and Board Sub-Committees, The Board and Leadership Team are committed to a process of continual improvement. The 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan identifies the future direction of the School, and through systematic monitoring and reporting, the Board, its Sub-Committees and Leadership Team together ensured the education delivered by Sacré Cœur is of the highest standard, ensuring continual improvement. Critically, underpinning each educational decision, is a commitment to ensuring a stable and sustainable future in all areas of operations, including but not limited to the management of finance, enrolments, community engagement, human resources, facilities and child safety. Central to all decisions made by the Board, Board Sub Committees, Leadership Team and those within positions of leadership within the School, is a deep commitment to the Sacred Heart charism – “to discover and make known the love of God, and reveal it to the world through the service of education”. In 2020, the School appointed Mrs Adelina Melia-Douvos as its 32nd Principal, following the resignation of Mrs Anna Masters. Mrs Melia-Douvos has been at Sacré Cœur since 2011, and is committed to the strategic intent, operations and purpose of the School.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


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Description of Professional Learning undertaken in 2020 In Term 1 a number of teachers attended professional learning in person offsite, including subject association and CEM conferences. All staff completed asthma and anaphylaxis practical training in person during Term 1 and again in Term 4 once staff were back onsite. 21 staff completed Level 2 First Aid training or CPR refresher training. Careers staff attended multiple Careers briefings with tertiary providers. Once remote learning began in Term 2, the professional learning focus for teachers moved to upskilling staff to use the required software to provide online lessons and remote learning. School based professional learning moved from formative assessment, reflective practice and teacher learning communities to technology upskilling. Teachers did complete professional learning during remote learning with paid and unpaid webinars with a focus on subject knowledge, pedagogy, leadership, catering for diversity in student needs, risk and compliance, child safety and technology. However, there was less demand for paid professional learning sessions with external providers in 2020 than in previous years and much greater uptake of professional learning provided by our staff for our staff in the move to successful online learning provisions for our students. Using Data to Improve Professional Practice Effective use of data was also a focus of professional learning to continue to build the capacity of teachers to use assessment data to reflect upon their own professional learning needs and reflect upon their own practice. NAPLAN and VCE results training held by VCAA were attended by several key school leaders so that they could work with teachers at school on using assessment data to improve student learning. Carmel Richardson provided a VCE Analysis Report to track student performance and map this in relation to the GAT performance to gauge how Sacré Cœur adds value to each student's performance. This VCAA data provides useful feedback to VCE teachers and enables them to identify areas of strength and areas to develop further.

Number of teachers who participated in Pofessional Learning in 2020 Average expenditure per teacher for Professional Learning

88 $445


2020 was a professionally and personally challenging year for our teaching staff, with the need to very quickly learn new technology as well as evolve curriculum and teaching methods to an online setting, whilst at the same time tending to the individual needs and collective wellbeing of our students. Many of our teachers, during informal and formal feedback forums, expressed concerns over workload and their personal wellbeing. Strategies to monitor and to address the demands brought about by remote and hybrid learning and teaching were developed and staff wellbeing was addressed through targeted professional development and the employment of an in-house staff psychologist. Staff commitment to delivering a robust and meaningful education for their students remained consistently high. All staff were eager to return to onsite learning and teaching, and to have 2020 Annual Report to the School Community


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their students return to a more familiar learning environment as there was concern regarding the impact of protracted periods of isolation. Staff have also been keen to draw upon their experience and their learnings to explore different ways of doing things within our educational context.


Teaching Staff Attendance Rate



Staff Retention Rate









Graduate Certificate


Bachelor Degree


Advanced Diploma


No Qualifications Listed



Principal Class (Headcount)


Teaching Staff (Headcount)


Teaching Staff (FTE)


Non-Teaching Staff (Headcount)


Non-Teaching Staff (FTE)


Indigenous Teaching Staff (Headcount)

2020 Annual Report to the School Community



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College Community Goals and Intended Outcomes Sacré Cœur is an active community where connection is sought and valued. Just as faith is at the heart of Sacré Cœur, so too is community spirit. Our families, and current and past students, find meaning and fulfilment through community connections, and are proud to be active members of our committed community groups and arts, sport, philanthropic and social justice initiatives. Goals •

As a Catholic school in the Sacred Heart tradition, to continue to create a school culture that fosters appropriate and supportive partnerships with parents, the wider community and Sacred Heart networks.

Intended Outcomes •

That the participation and involvement with the parent and wider community continue to grow to benefit student learning outcomes.

That the understanding and practice of being an International School of the Sacred Heart will be strengthened.

Achievements Our community groups continued to meet, virtually, to foster and strengthen connection within the community. Each of our community groups supported the staff and families of Sacré Cœur, providing comfort, appreciation and support. •

School Board

Alumnae Association

Community Council

Parents' Association

Sacré Cœur Foundation

Sacré Cœur Netball Club

Sacré Cœur Community Choir

Community Building during Lockdown

Sophie's Farm We are proud of our continuing association with our sister community, the RSCJ Mission, Sophie's Farm in the Philippines. The partnership started in 2012 and continues to enrich the lives of all within the Sacré Cœur community. Through fundraising and volunteering, we support infrastructure projects, education programs, typhoon emergency assistance and the donation of clothing and toys. In 2020, we provided financial support to Sophie's Farm as well as the continuation of the 'Shoes for Samar' backpack and 'Christmas Hamper' projects. Over 150 backpacks and hampers distributed to the local community in 2020, taking the total to over 950 since its inception.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


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In the summer of 2019-20 nine graduating students also volunteered at Sophie's Farm, providing welcomed assistance to the community. Through service to others these students lived the values of Sacred Heart education and appreciated their place within our global community.


During the lockdowns of 2020 we focused on reinforcing our connections within our School and greater community, and were excited to introduce many new initiatives suited for the times, including: •

Whole community project called 'One Heart. One Day. One Hope.' This project captured daily life in Melbourne on 20 September 2020 and published in a book and e-book for the community.

Student written book of prayer called 'Little Book of Hope' that captured the prayers and hopes for all during the pandemic. This was distributed to all families as an e-book.

Sacré Cœur Spotify playlist built through recommendations from our current and past students and families.

Community fundraising campaign to raise money to support families affected by the pandemic.

Community Business Directory

Virtual VCE Art Show

Virtual Mass of Remembrance

Virtual Christmas Carols

Virtual school tours

Online webinars - careers night and new parent information nights

Year 12 VALE Mass and Ceremony onsite and live-streamed (delayed to December)

After school Online cooking classes

Year 8 student cookbook

Year 8 pathwork quilt

Student led initiatives including House Dance Parties, challenges and fitness classes

Phone calls and letters sent to our older alumnae

Videos of students thanking teachers and the IT team and shared with th

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


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At the end of key stages of a student's education, parents are asked to complete a survey. Below are a summary of the results to these surveys undertaken at the conclusion of 2020. Year 4 Parent survey •

100% of parents were 'very satisfied' or 'satisfied'

Year 6 Parent survey •

94% of parents were very satisfied' or 'satisfied'

Parents expressed the highest satisfaction in response to these statements: Learning and Teaching •

Joigny teachers have clear understanding of my daughter and her areas of strength.

Joigny teachers have clear understanding of areas of challenge for my daughter.

Joigny class sizes allowed my daughter to participate fully in her learning.

Student wellbeing •

My daughter clearly understood the School's rules and expectations.

There were teachers with whom my daughter felt comfortable to share her concerns.

Staff were concerned with my daughter's wellbeing.

Communication •

Joigny staff were helpful and approachable.

Term letters that outline curriculum and relevant dates are useful.

Facilities and resources •

There are ample information technology resources (computer network system, computer labs, iPads etc).

Year 12 Parent survey •

81% of parents were 'very satisfied' or 'satisfied'

This is an 8% point improvement compared to 2019.

Parents expressed the highest satisfaction in response to these statements: Learning and Teaching •

Sacré Cœur has class sizes that allowed my daughter to participate fully in her subjects.

There are ample opportunities for involvement in co-curricular activities.

The School promotes a high level of achievement for all students.

Sacré Cœur teachers have a realistic understanding of my daughter and her academic capacity.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Student wellbeing •

My daughter felt physically safe and secure during the school day.

My daughter felt emotionally safe and secure during the school day.

My daughter clearly understood the School's Code of Behaviour.

Communication •

Sacré Cœur staff were helpful and approachable

Facilities and resources •

There are ample information technology resources (email, network, computer labs etc.)

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


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Future Directions As we look into the future, the 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan is single-minded in its vision to strengthen the foundations of Sacré Cœur so that we continue to educate young women within an innovative and agile environment, delivering the very best of contemporary education by highly skilled and engaged educators. The needs of our community are at the heart of our vision for Sacré Cœur, a vision embedded in our Mission and the Sacred Heart Goals. We are passionate about nurturing young women to be courageous, confident and kind. The strategic plan addresses five key areas of focus so that we can deliver educational excellence today, and into the future. Learning •

Develop and implement assessment and reporting programs aligned to the principles of Contemporary Learning.

Review and implement a futures oriented Co-Curricular Program.

Review and implement curriculum offerings and a timetable that facilitates Contemporary Learning.

Track and communicate the school life journey of each Sacré Cœur student.

People and Relationships •

Develop and implement a Professional Learning and Development Program that grows relevant skills and capabilities in all staff.

Review and develop global perspectives and connections to further leadership and to empower our young women to shape the world.

Strengthen and build connections with key stakeholders and the broader community to enable our women to shape the world.

Growth •

Develop and implement contemporary learning environments to ensure the best educational outcomes.

Develop and implement structures and programs to best meet the current and future needs of students and their families.

Identity •

Articulate and deepen our value proposition through sharing, communicating and living our Vision, Purpose and Cor Unum Values.

Develop and implement effective branding and outstanding marketing campaigns that ensure the Sacré Cœur identity is shared broadly and enrolment growth is achieved.

Financial Strength •

Ensure sustainability and competitive edge by undertaking a benchmarking study of school student teacher ratios to identify growth opportunities.

Resolve government grant funding uncertainty to ensure we can manage grant funding in a sustainable way.

Ensure that our fee schedule supports sustainable enrolment growth.

2020 Annual Report to the School Community


Sacre Coeur | Glen Iris

Foster relationships in such a way as to engender a culture of philanthropy in order to help ensure sustainability and accelerate the Master Plan

2020 Annual Report to the School Community