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April 2018

Meet this little cutie pie, Lucas! He absolutely nailed his newborn photo session at just 12 days new. Lucas was welcomed with a very excited big brother and proud parents. He and his family reside in the Greater Sacramento area.

Photography by Megan Escheman Photography

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Reasons to Send Your Child this Summer


Baby Shower Trends 2018 Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Sibling Advice for New Moms

Spring Flings

33 Earth Day Celebrations 34 SHOWS Music, Pups & Kid Classic

Pizza Gardens


Math Problems for Parents

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Raising Autism Awareness Around Town

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When I had my first daughter, I recall telling my husband, “She’s a perfectly clean slate, we have to try really hard not to mess that up.” With zero experience, all I knew was that ultimately, I wanted to build her up and give her confidence, so she wouldn’t fall apart when someone, at some point in time would inevitably try to break her down. (Since then, I’ve learned she may resemble me, but she’s really nothing like I was.) Once we had a few years of this parenting gig under our belts, we decided to grow our family again. Should be a piece-o-cake this time, right? Haha. While at the hospital, we thought it would be fun to bring a little Birthday party in a bag (mainly for big sis). We watched our first-born go from singing Happy Birthday while wearing a party hat and tooting a party horn to catching her trying to roll her new sister off the couch a few weeks later (because her sister was in HER new favorite spot, duh!). Just as we had gotten the parent role down, BOOM, we went up a level. Guess what? It keeps leveling up. It’s been quite a ride, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! And lucky for you, this issue is loaded with insightful tips for all parents, novice to expert! SacParent SacramentoParent

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Welcome to parenthood! From the minute you find out your family is growing and you begin preparing for your baby you realize, this parenting biz is going to be a life-changer! APRIL 2018


S OA R EAGLES with the

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Meet Our Supervising Teachers and Educational Partners

By Jan Pierce, M.Ed.

The age-old desire to celebrate the birth of a child is alive and well in 2018. Here are some of the trends and a few old favorites to get your creative juices flowing as you plan the next happy welcoming party. THEMES AND DÉCOR



The Bring a Book Shower: Each guest brings a book for baby, inscribed with a message for both baby and Mom. Build baby’s library.

Momosas also known as preggatinis are a big hit with guests. Serve non-alcoholic juices with an assortment of chopped fruits for the glasses. They’re beautiful and yummy.

Painted onesies: Buy plain white onesies and craft paints. Use stencils to sponge paint cute pictures for baby.

Sprinkles and Rainbow Confetti: Liberally use confetti in balloons, sprinkles on cupcakes and frosted cookies, and even on the rims of drink glasses. Bumblebees and Honey: Brighten up your table and the entire room with black and yellow. Personalized honey jars with baby’s name go home with each guest. The room will be buzzin’. Pickles and Ice Cream: Your guests may have to have a good sense of humor for this one, but you can find ways to make this theme both fun and appetizing. Animals: Yes, children love animals, so choose your favorite—elephants, monkeys, giraffes, teddy bears or frogs. Find books with animal characters, decorate with stuffed animals, use the motif on the refreshment table and in the games. Book Themes: Choose The Velveteen Rabbit, Corduroy, or Pat the Bunny. Use illustrations from the book to decorate and a copy of the book on the refreshment table. Create take home favors with quotes from the book. Boy and Girl Stuff: Select from cute boy themes such as robots, lumberjacks, cowboys, airplanes or rockets. For the girls choose from ruffles and ribbons, flowers, reaching for the stars, or princesses. Or be gender neutral and choose the circus, the wild west, ocean beaches or the jungle.

Waffle Buffet with fresh, crisp waffles, honey butter, fruit toppings and whipped cream.

What’s in Your Purse game: Make a list of the usual purse items plus some unique and curious ones. See who has the most interesting handbag.

Bagel Buffet with toasted bagels, cream cheese, cheeses, ham or turkey slices or nut butters.

Create a Baby’s First Year Scrapbook to gift to the mom-to-be. Provide scrapbooking materials and let the guests create a one of a kind gift.

Cupcakes decorated and arranged into a baby theme such as a stroller, an animal, a balloon, or a book.

Pre-print twenty-six sturdy alphabet pages and art supplies. Allow guests to illustrate baby’s first alphabet book.

Fresh fruit kabobs on skewers. Use unusual fruits such as kiwi, mango chunks, fresh berries. Provide a lemon yogurt-whipped cream dip.

Play a trivia game from children’s literature. Create a fill in the blank sheet using well-known children’s authors, such as Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle and the like.

English Tea items including scones with Devonshire cream, tiny sandwiches, fresh fruit and brewed cups of tea.

As you plan the shower, select a theme first and then let the rest of the event fall into place. You’ll have as much fun planning and creating the event as your guests will when they arrive.

TAKE HOME FAVORS Mini-plants such as succulents potted individually and ready to take home and “watch them grow.” Bagged popcorn or caramel corn finished with a decal saying “ready to pop.” Baby rattle oreo pops, bagged and personalized with baby’s name. Bottles of champagne. Label with these instructions: “When baby is born, pop the cork and and toast our joy.” Bottles of nail polish with the label: “Cheers to ten little fingers and ten little toes.”

Jan Pierce, M.Ed., is a retired teacher and author of Homegrown Readers and Homegrown Family Fun. Find Jan at APRIL 2018


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Making Room for Baby: Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Sibling By Meagan Ruffing There’s nothing more exciting than finding out that you are expecting; again. Thoughts of tiny toes and sweet baby breath flood your mind and your world is all of a sudden in total bliss. Along with another baby though, come worries of, “How will I possibly love this baby like I love my first,” or “How will my child adjust to having a new baby in the house? Will he still know that I love him just the same?” Having another baby, whether it’s your second, third or fourth, can be an exciting and overwhelming time. There are lots of things to consider; including how everyone’s life is going to change once your due date has arrived. Here are eight effective tips on how to make a smooth transition from one baby to two, or more. 1. Belly Banter – Prepare your son for the upcoming arrival of his baby sister. Let him touch and kiss your belly while you are still pregnant. Having a hands-on experience will help him make the connection that there is something special inside of your belly and you want him to be a part of it. 2. Gift Giving – Pick out a gift from your unborn baby to ‘give’ to your older child after she is born. If you are allowing your older child to visit you at the hospital, give the gift to him and tell him it’s from his baby sister. This will make him feel extra special during a time that may be a little scary for him.

3. Hold on Tight – Help your daughter hold your newborn son. Let her sit in an adult’s lap (or yours if you feel up to it) and let her ‘hold’ the baby with help. Once she sees that this baby is a living, breathing person–she will start to take on that roll of big sister. 4. Nursing/Bottle Basket – Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, fill a basket, bin or bucket with special toys that your older children have never seen before (think dollar store toys). Only take the basket out when you are feeding the new baby. Your older children can play with their new toys and feel like they are still a part of what you’re doing.

5. Date Day/Night – Have your husband watch the baby while you and your son go on a date. Take him to his favorite restaurant or stop by the park to push him on the swing. It’s important that you continue to take time just for you and him so that he gets that one-on-one attention with you. 6. Tummy Time – Have your daughter help you with the baby’s tummy time by letting her pick out which toys to put in front of the baby. This small act of helping out will make her feel like she is taking an active role in the baby’s life. Bonus: you’ll all get a laugh out of watching the baby try and reach for the toys. 7. Special Play Time – Newborns tend to sleep for most of the day. In between catching up on your naps, make it a point to have special play time with your son. Whether it’s rolling out play dough or baking brownies, this time at home with him will make both of you appreciate the special bond that you have had from the beginning. 8. Spread the Love – Be sure to hug and kiss your husband in front of the kids. When they see mom and dad are happy; they too, will be happy. This public affection will reassure your other children that they are safe and loved on by two happy parents. Meagan Ruffing is a parenting journalist and stay-at-home mom to her three children. Check out and her book, “I See You: Helping Moms Go from Overwhelmed to In Control” for more parenting tips. APRIL 2018 11

4 Tips for New Moms - and Experienced Ones, Too! By Jennifer Rodgers

Let’s face it, moms, having a new baby can be tough. The constant feedings and changings, the wacky sleep schedule, the new upside-down world you now call yours, it’s hard on the body and the spirit! Your little one is here and you love that baby more than anything, but this life change comes with a new set of challenges. Even moms who don’t have babies anymore and are accustomed to their lives with children still need downtime to unwind and recharge. Here are some tips from my book, “You Made It to Motherhood: A Guide for New Moms” for those who have new babies or those with old “babies”! Make time for self-care. This one might seem obvious, but it also can be so hard to do! A new mom (especially) is often happy if she gets to take a shower, let alone do anything extravagant. Sometimes, it just takes a little creativity to find a few moments that are just for you. When your baby is napping, for instance, instead of doing laundry, cleaning the house, or trying to get all those thank-you notes out, take an hour just for yourself. That can mean anything that you enjoy: reading a brain-candy novel, having a special treat all to yourself, relaxing on your deck with eyes closed, drinking in the sunshine–whatever you wouldn’t normally do because “there’s never enough time.” Take that time now for you, just you. (You’re worth it!) Find support - it makes all the difference. This can be very hard to do too, but if you make the effort you can find people willing to help. Often, the support is there, but we just don’t want to accept it (a mistake I made). Discard all of those ideas of “I can do this myself,” “I don’t want to bother them,” “No, really, I’m fine,” and just let people help! If someone offers to watch the baby for a half hour, and you’re comfortable with that person, do it (and go have a cup of coffee baby-free). Other means of support could be a new mom’s group (invaluable advice for free), church groups, reaching out to other new moms, or letting your aunt or moms with grown children have your son or daughter for a while (they often love to hold a baby since theirs are grown). Keep your mind open to different ways of finding support; it’s out there, just remember to say, “yes!”. Spend time with your spouse or partner. This tip is another one that is really important and is so difficult to do once a baby enters the picture, but it’s worth making the effort. Your relationship has probably changed now that you are a family of three (or more), and it’s important to stay connected to the person who took part in creating it all with you. The two of you originally had a life together “pre-baby” and going back to that via date nights or just hanging out together without a baby constantly interrupting really lets you just be a couple for a short time. It can be tricky to find someone to help you make that happen, but if you can call upon that support system, you’re nearly there. It doesn’t need to be an expensive restaurant outing, and if a movie feels too long then just go for a walk together. Re-connecting by spending alone time with your spouse or partner will improve your relationship, re-establish intimacy, and reinforce the foundation of this family you created together. (You’re both worth it!) 12 APRIL 2018

Remember that this is all temporary. Having children, young, old or in-between, has both incredible and amazing moments, and extremely difficult and want-togive-up times too. The key is not to forget that it will all change, and then change again. Babies grow (faster than we realize) and these hard times of sleeplessness and fussiness will give way to an independent crawler then walker then a toddler to a kindergartner, and so it goes. It probably feels like light-years away, but it’s not. So when the times are really tough (and having an infant is hard even with an “easy baby”), know that this is all temporary. It will change–you will get to sleep normally again, your world won’t always be consumed by baby concerns, and once you get used to it, the march of time will slowly transform things yet again. This is good news (to me). Just remember to savor those wonderful moments and breathe through the hard ones! I want to extend best wishes to all moms out there, regardless of where you are in your motherhood journey. We have the toughest job on the planet, but we still show up every day with love in our hearts and the willingness to be there for our kids–and that’s not easy, at any age!

Read the Book for More Tips & Stories for Moms

“You Made It to Motherhood: A Guide for New Moms” can be purchased at Amazon or from the author’s website:

Jennifer Rodgers is a full-time mom and part-time writer who lives in the Sierra foothills with her husband, two children, and too many animals to count. She ponders family, health, technology, life and more in her blog, “Figuring It Out,” which can be found at

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14 APRIL 2018

Growing Pizzas By Stephen Muff From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Beer Gardens of Deutschland, humans have been trying to perfect cultivation since the beginning of time. Yet, many of us parents have lost our green thumbs during the process of preparing snacks, doing laundry, reading books, and the like. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get out in the sun and grow some delicious fruits and vegetables for the little people in our lives? I’m here to tell you that you can and you should, but do yourself and everyone else a favor: involve your kids. Kids make great gardeners! While it’s true that they’ll pick unripe tomatoes, think carrots are weeds, and find mud to be the most fascinating part of the process, they can become your greatest allies. One of the best ways to engage them with gardening is to meet them at their level. Meaning, find something that they can relate to, and give them ownership over it. To do this, block off a small section of the garden and make it the pizza garden (or other end-product that your kid loves). You can grow tomatoes, herbs, bell peppers, onions–whatever you and your kids like on your pizzas! It will immediately pique your kid’s interest since it’s no longer a chore. It’s dinner. Make sure you have partitioned enough space, but not too much. Remember that this will be their section to maintain. Making it too big will turn them off, but making it too small will not be enough space for things to grow well. It might be easier to keep some items, like herbs, in pots. However, putting it all in one location will help your child stay focused. For the tomatoes, keep in mind that the Sacramento area and the Foothills have climate that closely resembles the Mediterranean, so you’re in luck. SteakHouse tomatoes grow well in this area and can average more than three pounds per tomato! This is great for making lots of sauce. Get some pots and fill them with basil, oregano, thyme, garlic–you name it! It all grows well here. Make the sauce to your liking, and don’t worry about the quantity. You can always use your leftovers for some delicious spaghetti. Ah, but that’s for another day. If you’re not into 4-H, you can still get some local grass-fed, organic, free-range, sausage from a local farm. Sacramento is the America’s farm-to-fork capital, by the way. Or, if you prefer, there is plenty of pepperoni and sausage at any major grocery store. Don’t lose sight of all the that we have available in the area. It can be life-changing. Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland becomes The Hamburger Farm from April 25th to May 18th. This teaches kids about grinding flour into wheat (required for pizza crust of course), and milking cows to make cheese (which holds your toppings in place, and tastes delicious). Pizzas continued on page 16 APRIL 2018 15

Pizzas continued from page 15

At the end of the day, you and your kids will have some of the best pizza you have ever had, not because it was made in a wood stove overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany, but because you made it. You all planted the seeds, tended the garden, harvested the goods, and assembled and baked your pizza. Oh yeah, and your kids will learn to love gardening in the process! If you want to add a special flare to your garden and involve everyone in the family, consider a pizza garden. Do your homework and figure out what you can grow with the space you have, and go for it. Careful, because this might start a lifelong love for gardening in your family at all levels, but every minute of it is worth it. And don’t worry if it the end result doesn’t turn out exactly the way you planned. You can always order a pizza. If you and your kids don’t finish all of your food, it’s the perfect time to teach them about composting. Now that they have gardening experience, they will have a greater appreciation. This can lead to all sorts of discussions about taking care of the world we live in, from recycling to clean-ups, like the American River Parkway Foundation’s Spring Clean Up on April 7th-9th, which is a great family-friendly event. The Sacramento area is a beautiful place, and a pizza garden is a fantastic way to build appreciation at a young age. Stephen Muff is a travel writer and a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. He lives in Auburn with his wife and two daughters.

16 APRIL 2018

From the Garden to the Oven Pizza dough really isn’t hard to make and is easy to involve your kids. Yes, it makes a mess, but that’s part of the fun. It only requires a few ingredients. Get a package of active dry yeast and mix it with a a cup of warm water. After a few minutes, add in a couple tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of salt, and a cup and a quarter of cold water. Mix it up with around five cups of flour, give or take, until you reach the right consistency. Stir that, preferably with a mixer. When it looks like dough, let it rest for a few minutes, and then mix until it’s smooth. For the sauce, pick a bunch of your ripe tomatoes, add a little bit of water and sugar, some herbs, and olive oil, and blend into a puree. Put it in a pot and bring to a boil, and then reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer until it thickens. It might take an hour or two. Stir occasionally to make sure it isn’t burning or sticking to the sides. Now, you have your dough, your sauce, and whatever toppings you have grown and/or purchased. Roll out your dough on a big counterspace. Some prefer to do this over sprinkled flour and some prefer corn meal. They both help. Roll it out, but don’t mess with it too much . If you’re feeling daring, go ahead and twirl it around. It’s cathartic and your kids will laugh. Once you have it the size and shape you want, heat your oven to 450 degrees, spread some of your sauce over it, sprinkle some cheese, and add your toppings. If you don’t have a pizza stone, you can use a baking sheet (some prefer to place parchment paper down so it doesn’t stick).


The Health Benefits of Summer Camp By Suzanne Koup-Larsen

While it’s not a medical diagnosis, child-advocacy expert Richard Louv coined the term “nature deficit disorder” to describe the wide range of problems that people, especially children, experience when they don’t spend much time outdoors. Additional research suggests that physical activity and exposure to nature contribute to good health. Many camp programmers have this concept in mind as they design camp experiences for kids. Camp is a great opportunity to shake up the normal summer routine because it breaks the all-too-common cycle of sitting around the house, spending too much time on electronic devices and snacking at will. Not only will kids be making lifelong memories at camp, campers will develop healthy habits for a lifetime as kids increase their physical ac-

tivity, practice mindful eating and spend more time outdoors. The American Camp Association reports that 70 percent of summer camps target physical activity in their programming and philosophy. Some camps even have sports as their primary focus. In general, sleep-away camps encourage lots of walking by design. Campers might have to walk from their bunk to another building to brush their teeth and take a shower and then walk across camp to the dining hall to eat. Under these circumstances, campers can’t help but move more throughout the day, which creates another benefit. While most camps do offer kid favorites like pizza and fries, many camps do make a point to offer healthy alternatives, too. Having healthy options like a variety of fruits and salads may encourage kids to

choose healthier foods than they may have chosen at home. Your child may even try something out of the ordinary for them, simply by seeing their peers making healthy choices. Another plus, is that having scheduled meal times will limit random snacking throughout the day. Even spending time in fresh air has benefits. Of course, remember the sunscreen, bug repellent and stay hydrated!

Suzanne Koup-Larsen is a contributing writer to MetroKids. APRIL 2018 17

18 APRIL 2018

CAMP Top 10 Reasons You Should Send Your Kid to Summer Camp By Brian Presley For most people, summer camp is just something they did for a couple of weeks as a kid but for many it was much more than that. As someone who has experienced summer camp as both a camper and a counselor, I can tell you that it will not only give the parents a rest but can also change a kid’s life for the better. Summer camp gave me the confidence to be a stay-at-home dad and to self-publish a book based on the games and activities that filled my summers. It was a great experience for me as a kid and has created some life-long friends and memories. With that in mind, here are my top 10 reasons why you should send your kid to summer camp: 1. It gets them out of town For kids living in a city, there aren’t many parks and the parks that are there are not very big and are usually crowded. If you’re lucky there’s a swimming pool or splash pad nearby and for those living in a house, the backyard can get boring and if you live in a new house, chances are your backyard is the size of a postage stamp. Kids in smaller towns can also get bored with the limited amount of activities available. Most summer camps are located outside cities and surrounded by trees near lakes or rivers. The air is cleaner and the noise is all natural. It’s a nice change for kids whose only exposure to wildlife is squirrels, pigeons and maybe the odd rat. 2. It gets them away from their family Yes you love them, and the kids love you too and it may sound cruel but everyone can use a break at least once. Being away from home can also give kids an appreciation of what they have. 3. It gives them a sense of independence For most kids, this will be the first time they travel anywhere without their parents and that can be exciting for them. There will be rules to follow, but it’s different when mom and dad aren’t around. They’ll be with other kids and chances are the counselors are not that much older since they are most likely high school or college age, so it won’t feel like they’re at home with their parents. For many kids it’s like being paroled from the routine of home and school. 4. It exposes them to different people Most summer camps attract kids of different races, religions and economic standing from different parts of your city and

even from different cities all together. It provides an opportunity to meet and discover other kids regardless of what their background is, what school they go to and where they’re from. 5. They can be themselves At school and with their friends, a lot of kids can feel the pressure of acting like everyone else but a good camp program lets kids be themselves. They can be who they are and the only acting they’ll have to worry about is during the campfire skit! 6. They can learn new skills The most important thing I ever learned at summer camp was to swim and that’s a skill that every kid should learn. Learning to swim allowed me to learn other skills such as canoeing, a bit of sailing and how to keep safe near water. The field sports program that I ran as a counselor introduced kids to sports that they may not have had a chance to learn at home such as volleyball, basketball, badminton and softball just to name a few. For many, it was the first time they ever got to play and learn about a different sport. One of the more popular areas of a summer camp program is the crafts. Some camps still make the traditional key chain and bracelet but a lot of programs teach drawing, painting and sculpting that they may not get to try at home or would want to admit to be interested in to their friends. For a lot of kids, it’s a chance to discover their artistic abilities. 7. Learn life skills Life skills are something that many kids learn without realizing it. Simple daily procedures such as cleaning their cabin or tent, making their bed, setting the dining table for a meal and cleaning up afterwards are habits that can carry on after they leave camp. The kids will learn teamwork and cooperation since they’ll be participating in a group or as “a cabin.” The “all for one and one for all” philosophy works wonders at summer camp and can help make your kids become more confident and outgoing. They may also pick up a few good habits as well. A number of parents have told me that their kids would start helping to clear the table after meals and make their beds, at least for a little while. 10 Reasons continued on page 23 APRIL 2018 19

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8. It gets them active Summer camp is filled with activities that involve running, swimming, hiking and of course playing. There are also times in the day where kids can just relax but the sign of a good camp experience is when the kids are tired but happy at the end of the day. 9. Everything is low tech The majority of summer camps have a “no electronics” policy that may be harsh for some kids but is a great way to help them realize that they can live without it for a little while. If the kids ask, tell them that all camp activities are in “real-time” and are “interactive.” There is no “delete” or “return” button so they may have to try doing something again and again. Announcements are made in the dining hall live and in person. There are no texts, emails or Snapchats so messages are passed on to each other by actually speaking to another person. The only hi-tech item they should have is a flashlight.

10. It creates memories As a camper and as a counselor, I learned a lot of new skills and a lot about myself and others at summer camp. There are people that I can picture exactly how they looked over 30 years ago and moments that have helped make me who I am today. It’s great to meet up with old friends and a real treat to be recognized by a former camper who can recall a fun moment so many years ago. It’s also quite special when these campers are now adults, speak fondly of their time at camp and a gives me a great feeling of knowing that I was a part of it. There are a lot of private camps and camps that are operated by churches or non-profit groups who can help you send your kids regardless of your financial situation. As a camper, my fees were subsidized so my parents could afford to send me but when I was up there, I was just one of the kids. Specialty camps are very popular and day camps in the city are fun, but getting out of town and going to a traditional summer camp is an experience that every kid should have once. They may not come back with all their socks and towels but they will have memories that can last a lifetime.

Brian Presley is a former camper, counselor and program director. He is also a semi-retired stay-at-home dad and the owner of, the website that adults go to when they want to know what to do with the kids. Other articles about summer camps can be found at


Regular Price $170

50% OFF

if you sign up by

April 1st!

Camps are held June 25 - August 3 Monday thru Friday • 9am -12pm Ages 4-6 & 6-13

Roseville (916) 781-2939 • Citrus Heights (916) 723-7700 APRIL 2018 23

Destination Science The fun science day camp for curious kids!

Save $20/wk! Ends April 30th

Held at Sacramento State University 888-909-2822

24 APRIL 2018

CAMP Preschool - 5th Grade



A fun and faith filled summer up in the pines at Camp Pendola. Teen Trips: boys only canoeing, girls only canoeing and backpacking trips. Summer Sessions: One week classic summer camp for 2nd-12th graders. Financial assistance available. 530-389-2780 |

camps through September. Slots are filling quickly! 916-482-9181

Camps run June 25 - August 17th. Summer C 9am – 1pm (extended care available) For weekly themes & enrollment:

7450 Pocket Road, Sacramento, CA

(916) 427-5022


A week-long backpacking adventure! Get kids disconnected from their screens, while teaching them the basics of backCAMP ROCKIN’U | DOBBINS Impacting the lives of children with quali- packing, confidence through self-reliance, ty programs in a creative, supportive, and and an appreciation for the wild. Also, safe environment, enabling all persons to check day camps! reach their fullest potential, discover new 916-278-6321 abilities, develop friendships and instill a desire for lifelong learning. SIERRA MOUNTAIN MUSIC CAMP 530-300-8261 SIERRA FOOTHILLS NEVADA CITY Enriching lives through a week-long camp CAMP WINNARAINBOW experience focused on musical excellence, exciting activities, friendship and fun! MENDOCINO COUNTY Camp dates: June 17-23 Kids learn respect for themselves, others 916-967-SONG (7664) and the environment through our multicultural curriculum of circus and perform- ing arts. WALTON’S GRIZZLY LODGE SUMMER 510-525-4304 CAMP | GRASS VALLEY Located on a private lake in Northern CAMP WINTHERS | SODA SPRINGS California, this camp provides the idylLearning can last all year round thanks to lic sleep-away summer camp setting for San Juan Unified, the only district in the campers ages 7 to 14. Campers choose region with a summer camp in the Sierras. daily from over 40 activities. Camp Winthers offers a variety of program 530-832-4834 options, from art and music to computers and outdoor education. YOUNG SET CLUB 916-971-7577 EL DORADO HILLS Young Set Club is all about creativity, GIRL SCOUT CAMPS friendship, and fun! The unique curricuVARIOUS LOCATIONS lum enables campers to customize camp Horse programs, archery, innovation and around their interests, setting up a summore! Spend a day, a weekend or an entire mer experience like no other. week discovering all the amazing things 916-524-5595 girls can do! Join us for programs ning June-August, with troop and family APRIL 2018 25





AGES 7-9


15% OFF

AGES 10-12

When registered by June 11th 1972 Del Paso Rd. Suite 156 Sacramento, CA 95834

•Individualized Therapy

•Articulation and Phonology

•Developmental Delays

•Early Intervention Specialists

•Parent Training and Coaching

•Language Disorders

•Stuttering Therapy

For only $9 a month, Crocker Family members enjoy: UNLIMITED ADMISSION for 2 adults + children under 18 FREE WEEKLY & MONTHLY PROGRAMS for babies, toddlers, and kids EXPRESS ENTRY during peak hours DISCOUNTS on classes, ticketed programs, and at the Museum Store and café

Visit to join today! 216 O Street • Sacramento • (916) 808-6730 • @crockerart fti

26 APRIL 2018


•Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Crocker is for kids! • • • •

Our two week groups begin the week of June 18.

humor me

Parenting by the Numbers: Word Problems to Show You’re Not Alone

Two Convenient Locations!

By Kerrie McLoughlin

Sometimes when you’re parenting you just don’t have all the answers. Nothing makes sense and things don’t always add up. Here I present to you some parenting math word problems, and I’m curious to see your answers. No cheating off the parent next to you! 1. If 2 kids raise their hands to go here and 3 raise their hands to go there, how many tears were shed by the ones who did not get to go where they wanted? 2. If the household runs the dishwasher twice a day and the washing machine once a day for one month straight, how many hours will the parents have to work to pay the electric bill? Bonus: How old will the kids be when they are able to clean the house while mom eats her Dove chocolates in the tub while watching Netflix or listening to an audiobook? 3. The kids made $45 at a recent garage sale during two days of the adults doing hard work and sitting around waiting for customers. The adults made about $10. Why do we keep having garage sales? 4. Mom spends $123 at the discount grocery store, $132 at the big box store and $21 at the regular store on grocery shopping for two weeks of eatin'. How much faster did the grocery shopping get done without children? 5. If X, Y and Z activities (drama, soccer, Scouts) are all going on at the same time in the same week, each week, calculate the trajectory of exactly when and where Mom will lose her mind. 6. Calculate the distance between your house and the nearest Starbucks. The nearest liquor store. The nearest chocolate shop. Now figure how much it will cost for Uber to take you to all three. Better yet, when will Starbucks join Uber Eats? 7. If your son invites over one friend and your daughter invites over two friends, how quickly will the food in your home disappear and how long until someone is accidentally injured while roughhousing? Bonus: where is the nearest store where you can purchase earplugs? Kerrie McLoughlin is a homeschooling mom of five who just moved from the city to the country and lives to tell about it at

ONE-to-ONE INSTRUCTION Grades K-12 Guaranteed Results Free Diagnostic Assessment No Contracts Individualized Programs

Programs Reading & Writing Math Algebra I & II Geometry

No Contracts! No Small Groups!

100% All Natural Products Same Day Service Peace of Mind Prevention

Deanna Fox 916-220-9994


Runs April 7th thru April 29th Saturdays & Sundays | Curtain Time 12pm Admission is $5 for ALL Ages

Cash or Checks ONLY at the door OR Tickets can be purchased online

(Children under 2 are FREE)

Opening Day ONLY - Tickets are Half Price! Group rate for parties of 15 or more get 20% OFF!

Call 916.558.2174 to make arrangements. (The group rate not valid on opening day)

The Performing Arts Center, Room 106 (located in the little theatre) On the Corner of 12th and Freeport Blvd. (Northwest corner of the Sacramento City College Campus) $2.00 for on-campus parking 24-7 The performance on Sunday, April 15th will be interpreted in American Sign Language. For more info, please visit: or call Professor Doug Lawson 916.558.2174 APRIL 2018 27


Sometimes plans change, don’t forget to check the event’s website before you go!





Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt

Fish Hatchery Exploration

$5 Tuesdays

9 am at Whitney Oaks Golf Club

8 am at Nimbus Fish Hatchery

10 am at Studio Movie Grill

A delicious Easter brunch, followed by an Easter egg hunt. Reservations required.

Tour the visitor’s center and fish-rearing ponds to learn about the Chinook salmon and steelhead. Take a short walk to the American River to complete the educational experience. (All ages) www.Wildlife.Ca.Gov/Fishing/ Hatcheries/Nimbus

Going to the movies mid-week is an excellent idea, especially with five dollar deals all day long!

From Easter celebrations 8Kids Expo California 2018 to Earth Day festivities, 11 am at Cal Expo Everyone will find something to do, All Aboard for Story Time this month is sure to from the imagination-building Toddler 11 am at California State Railroad Museum Town and Kid’s Pavilion sections, to fill your family’s hearts, Join this world-class museum each the vendor marketplace for parents, for story time. Free with paid minds, baskets and bellies packed with familial resources. Games Monday museum admission. (Ages 2 to 5) hands-on activities make this a with enriching lessons, fun and well-rounded event for every age. 9 and more. Living in Water

It’s time to spotlight community creeks! 28th Annual Creek Week is April 6-14 and here are some ways you can get involved:

APRIL 6 Splash Off ​11 am at ​Powerhouse Science Center

7 ​Bufferlands Birds & Blooms Tour 8:30 am at ​Fishhead Lake Wetlands

Arcade Creek Exploration 1​ 0 am at Del Paso Regional Park Natural Area

Water Wonderful World 10:30 am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

8 Mather Vernal Pool Public Tours 10 am & 1 pm Flower Walks: Sunday, April 8th & 29th

10 West Nature Area Tour

1:30 pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Learn about polliwogs and frogs and search for critters in the pond.

15 Excursion Train Ride 11 am at California State Railroad Museum

Hop aboard for a 45-minute train ride along the Sacramento River. Tickets are purchased on a first-come, firstserved basis. www.CaliforniaRailroad.Museum

22 Sacramento Earth Day 11 am at Southside Park

Enjoy live music, educational games, hands-on activities and vegan cuisine as you visit nearly 150 organizations that have come to share information about services, goods and resources that encourage greener living. Learn about topics ranging from bees to green energy. (All ages)

10 am at former McClellan AFB

Earth Day Art Show & Community Event


1 pm at Emerald Park Plaza

Creatures of the Creek 6 pm at Morrison and Laguna Creeks

Steelhead Creek Beaver Pond Walk 6:30 pm at Wolfe Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

14 First We Clean! 9 am-12 pm, Sacramento County

Then We Celebrate! 12-2 pm at Carmichael Park

Make art out of recycled materials, visit vendor booths and view a number of educational displays and exhibits, including the recycled art competition. (All ages) www.GiftsFromTheHeartOfElk

29 International Tabletop Game Day 2 pm at Gifts from the Heart of Elk Grove

Learn more at: html. 28 APRIL 2018


Learn how to play great games with the entire family. (All ages) www.GiftsFromTheHeartOfElk

Open Play

9:30 am at BusyKidz, Folsom

Take your little ones to play in this hands-on learning space designed to look like a mini town, where the interactive exhibits foster children’s imaginations and social skills.

16 Munchkin Monday

$2 Off Tuesdays at Sacramento Children’s Museum 9 am at Sacramento Children’s Museum

Explore, create and learn with handson activities, art, experiments and imaginative centers designed to peak the curiosity of little ones. Read to a Rabbit 3:30 pm at Arcade Library

Read to Bentley, a therapy rabbit, on the first Tuesday of every month. Register in advance.

10 Family Fun Night 6:30 pm at West Wind Drive-In

Head to the drive-in movies, tickets are discounted on Tuesdays. Sacramento

11 am at Sky High Sports

Sacramento River Cats

Jump around with your little one for two hours at this indoor trampoline park on Mondays. (6 and under)

Watch the Sacramento River Cats play the Reno Aces.

Story Time 10:30 am at Maidu Library and Riley Library

This free story time includes book readings, rhymes, poems, songs and puppet play. (Ages 0 to 5)

23 Fish Hatchery Exploration 8 am at Nimbus Fish Hatchery

Learn about the Chinook salmon and steelhead. Take a short walk to the American River to complete the educational experience. (All ages) www.Wildlife.Ca.Gov/Fishing/ Hatcheries/Nimbus

30 Open Play 9:30 am at BusyKidz, Folsom

Take your little ones to play in this hands-on learning space designed to look like a mini town, where the interactive exhibits foster children’s imaginations and social skills.

7:05 pm at Raley Field

17 Special Needs Tuesdays 3 pm at Sky High Sports

Children with special needs and their caregivers or therapists may appreciate the special pricing and accommodations—no music and a designated court to jump on—at this indoor trampoline park each Tuesday between 3-6 pm. (All ages) Toddler Time 10 am at Fairytale Town

Story time, a live animal, crafts, sensory play, singing and more! Online registration is required. (Ages 2 to 5)

24 Chalk Poetry 4 pm at North Highlands-Antelope Library

Join the library to cover the sidewalk with chalk and poetry. (All ages)









Half-Price Game Day

Story Time

Artful Tot

Kids Expo California 2018

11 am at Dave & Busters

9 am at Chick-fil-A on Pleasant Grove

10:30 am at Crocker Art Museum

11 am at Cal Expo

Play video games at half-price each Wednesday. Stay for dinner.

Join Chick-fil-A for story time, an activity and face painting on the first Thursday of each month. www.Facebook.Com/MyChickFilA

Toddlers will explore art using different mediums in creative ways. (Children 19–36 months-old, with caregivers)

Toddler Town, Kid’s Pavilion, a vendor marketplace for parents, all packed with resources for families. Games and hands-on activities.

Open Play

Free First Saturdays at the Museum

9 am at Tiny Tumblers

10 am at Sierra College

Your tot will love exploring this center’s gym and playroom so much that she may never want to leave. (Ages 4 and under)

Learn all about viruses, volcanoes and venomous things at the open house hosted by Sierra College Natural History Museum.

Rockin’ Fridays


Mother Goose on the Loose 10:30 am at Granite Bay Library

Hear nursery rhymes and musical beats during this weekly library program. (Children 2 and under) www.Placer.Ca.Gov/Departments/ Library Rockin’ Tots 9 am at Rockin’ Jump Roseville

Head to this indoor trampoline park with your tot. They’ll love you. (Children 6 and under)

11 Art Lab: Nature 4 pm at Arden-Dimick Library

Make art with leaves, flowers and twigs. Materials provided, but dress for a mess and bring a box to carry artwork home. Bubble Wonder from Wow on Wheels 3:30 pm at Elk Grove Library

Experiment with bubbles during this fun, interactive and messy lesson.

18 Sacramento Republic FC 7:30 pm at Papa Murphy’s Park, Sacramento

Cheer Sacramento’s minor league soccer team on as they play against the Colorado Springs Switchback FC.

After-School Art 2:30 pm at Arcade Library

Middle school students are invited to attend this after-school art program at the library every Thursday. (Supplies provided)

12 Cultural Connections 10:30 am at Sacramento Children’s Museum

Explore different cultures each week from all over the globe during this 30-minute class. Fun with Science and Math 10:30 am at Carmichael Library

Learn how to engage your little one in stories, songs, play, and science- and math-related activities that will get your child ready to read. This fun program is for adults and their young children. (Ages 0 to 5) Wild Things 4 pm at North Highlands-Antelope Library

Mark your calendar for this exciting, educational and free event that gives children the opportunity to meet reptiles, amphibians and other animals up close, including rare and endangered species.

Painting and Collage


6 pm at North Sacramento-Hagginwood Library

4 pm at South Natomas Library

Make collages out of recycled materials provided by the library.

25 Open House and Vendor Faire 10 am​a​ t Sunshine Event Center in Elk Grove

Find out what it's like to homeschool through Horizon Charter Schools. Meet teachers and educational partners for a fun and informative afternoon. Wee Wednesday 10:30 & 11 am at Crocker Art Museum

Explore various art mediums with your little one on Wednesdays at the Crocker Art Museum. (Ages 3 to 5)

Chess Club Learn to play chess and improve your game during this monthly club meeting designed for kids, teens and adults alike.

26 Open Play 9 am at Tiny Tumblers

Your tot will love exploring this center’s gym and playroom so much that she may never want to leave. (Ages 4 and under)

8 pm at Rockin’ Jump in Roseville

Your tweens and teens will jump with friends while listening to a guest DJ. (Ages 11 to 17)

13 Succulents and Terrariums 4 pm at Arden-Dimick Library

Learn about succulents, then create a succulent pot or terrarium. Supplies provided by the library. Open to teens in 6-12th grades.

SOAR with the Horizon Eagles 4 pm at Westfield​'s​Galleria at Roseville

Free, fun hands-on activities for kids ages 4​to ​12​with c​rafts, games, demonstrations and other activities.

20 Campfire 7 pm at Maidu Museum & Historic Site

Enjoy Native American storytelling and roast marshmallows around an open campfire with your entire family.

27 Pet Partners 3 pm at El Dorado Hills Library

Help to foster your school-aged child’s reading skills and increase his confidence by having him read to a therapy dog. Family Time at the MIND: Yoga/ Game Night 6 pm at UC Davis MIND Institute Auditorium, Sacramento

Families are invited to attend a sensory-friendly evening of fun, featuring a yoga session, crafts, board games, sensory items and light snacks. (All ages) mindinstitute

Wake Up & Read! Pancake Breakfast 8:30 am at Maidu Community Center

Enjoy a tasty pancake breakfast, storytime and crafts in honor of National Library Week. Pre-registration required.

21 UC Davis Symphony Orchestra: Picnic Day 12 pm at Jackson Hall, Mondavi Center

Picnic while listening to the symphony for free. (All ages)

28 Fair Oaks Kid’s Art Festival 10 am at Village Park

Art stations, live musical and dance performances, art exhibits, food trucks and more. Star Wars Day 9 am and 12 pm at Sacramento Zoo

Live shows, hands-on crafts and other Star Wars themed activities. Meet your favorite Star Wars characters. Elk Grove Fit Fest 9 am at Elk Grove Park

Learn how to get health with your family. The festival’s highlights include a bounce house, zip line, rock wall, family-friendly fitness challenge and vendor displays. Superhero Day 10 am at Fairytale Town

Celebrate National Superhero Day by meeting your favorite superheroes and participating in arts and crafts. Come dressed in your own capes and masks. APRIL 2018 29

CCHAT coordinates & refers as appropriate with physicians, other health professionals, school personnel and those involved in hearing aid fittings to ensure your infant’s total hearing healthcare needs are met. We inform referring physicians and professionals of audiologic evaluation results and recommendations a s well as coordinate professional services as required.

Make outpatient appointments by calling 916-361-7290 /special-needs

for resources and articles

Robinson & Fulton Law

Estate Planning and Special Needs Attorneys

We guide families through:

• Estate Planning • Probate • Special Needs Planning • Conservatorships • Trust Administration & Review

Tel (530) 823-2010 Fax (530) 823-0570

333 University Avenue, Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95825 One California Street, Auburn, CA 95603 30 APRIL 2018

April is Autism Awareness Month! Check out these special events for families with special needs. Double check the details before you go!



Autism Awareness 5K

Autism-Friendly Family Movie: "Despicable Me 3” (PG)

8 am at North Natomas Regional Park

Walk or run with The Princess Book Club to raise money for UC Davis Mind Institute, an international leader in autism spectrum disorder research. events/1072795119465947/ Sensory Sensitive Sundays 9 am at Chuck E. Cheese’s, Roseville

On the first Sunday of the month, families are invited to attend a special play session designed specifically for those with sensory sensitivities. The morning’s accommodations include fewer appearances by Chuck E., dimmed lighting and a lower volume setting for the music. Spectrum Kids Yoga

10 am at Arden-Dimick Library

Children with autism and/or sensory processing disorder are invited to attend a special movie screening with their families. The volume will be a bit lower and the lighting will be left on slightly to accommodate various needs. Fidget toys will also be available to play with during the movie. Snacks provided. FEAT Walk & Spring Carnival 8 am at Maidu Community Park

Attend the 5th annual walk and carnival, organized by Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT), which features an early morning kick-off rally and a 2K walk on a paved nature trail, followed by a carnival meant for all ages and abilities.

4 pm at Spectrum Kids Yoga, Auburn

Join yoga teacher Tai Batov for a 30-minute yoga class intended for children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and/or anxiety disorders. The class emphasizes learning about breath, asanas (poses), sequencing and meditation. Two separate classes are offered, depending on needs and abilities. (Ages 4 to 22)

APRIL 7 UC Davis MIND Institute Open House 11 am at UC Davis MIND Institute, Sacramento

Join this nationally recognized center to learn about the newest research efforts in autism spectrum disorder, in addition to the center’s current outreach activities. Talk to the some of the faculty and stay for a behind-the-scenes tour. RSVP by April 1, 2018.

Sensory Storytime 10:30 am at Sylvan Oaks Library

Head to the library for a story time designed for kids with autism and/or sensory processing disorder. This event features a book reading, music, fidget toys, crafts and more! Parents are encouraged to network with one another as well.

APRIL 24 Sensory Story Time 11 am at Maidu Library

Children with autism and/or sensory processing disorders are invited to attend this monthly event. Hear stories, bop to music, play with fidget toys and more. (Ages 9 and under)

APRIL 28 3rd Annual Autism Prom Night 6 pm at Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church in Sacramento

The Fly Brave Foundation invites individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to attend its 3rd Annual Prom Night. This year’s theme is Celebrity Prom, where everyone is the star of the show. Come dressed as a favorite celebrity, in prom attire or in jeans and a t-shirt. There will be a nacho bar, DJ, karaoke and a photo booth. Three chaperones are allowed per guest. (Ages 14 and up)

A Horse of Course Fundraiser 5-9 pm at 6581 Mitchell Rd. in Shingle Springs

A fundraiser benefiting Autism Awareness and Equine Rescues with special guest speaker, Dr. Temple Grandin! Enjoy country western music by Chad Bushnell, and dinner by Cow Camp Grill. Proceeds will benefit Horse Tales Rescue, Autism Speaks and Horses Healing Heroes. Art the Spectrum 9 am at Crocker Art Museum

Create and connect at this once a month art exploration and sensory integration play day where kiddos on the autism spectrum (ages 0 to 5) and their siblings can create art in a safe and comfortable environment. groups/1886666048216583/ Autism-Friendly Family Movie: "The LEGO Ninjago Movie” (PG) 10 am at Sylvan Oaks Library

This family-friendly movie screening will accommodate those with autism and/or sensory disorders by keeping the lights slightly up and the volume a bit lower. Healthy snacks will be provided and kids can feel free to play with the library’s stash of fidget toys. Sensory Storytime 10 am at North Natomas Library

Children with autism and/or sensory disorders will enjoy this dedicated time, which includes a book reading, crafts, fidget toy exploration and music. Open to those with a developmental age of 2 to 6 years old. Siblings welcome! APRIL 2018 31

32 APRIL 2018

Earth Day Celebrations Learn about our beautiful planet by attending one of these delightful Earth Day events.



Earth Fest

Sacramento Earth Day

9 am at Sacramento Zoo

11 am at Southside Park, Sacramento

Participate in activities, games and crafts that teach children about local and global efforts to protect the environment. Be sure to stop by the Zoo’s Stuffed Animal Clinic too!

Enjoy live music, educational games, hands-on activities, vegan cuisine and visit nearly 150 organizations that have come to share information about services, goods and resources that encourage greener living and teach about topics ranging from bees to green energy. (All ages)

Earth Day 10 am at Koobs Nature Area, Carmichael

The Carmichael Kiwanis Club invites earth lovers of all ages to attend this annual Earth Day celebration, located on 4.7 acres of natural terrain. Organizations such as the Sacramento Audubon, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will be in attendance with interactive display booths.

Earth Day Art Show & Community Event 1 pm at Emerald Park Plaza

Make art out of recycled materials, visit vendor booths and view a number of educational displays and exhibits, including the recycled art competition. (All ages)

Placer County Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day Walk

10 am at Royer Park, Roseville

1:30 pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Local libraries and community organizations will show their love for the earth through live musical and dance performances, kid-friendly activities and more.

Join a naturalist for a walk to appreciate the great outdoors and celebrate Mother Earth. APRIL 2018 33


Jack and the Beanstalk

April 1-14 presented by Chautauqua Playhouse at La Sierra Community Center Enjoy this classic fairytale with your children. Performances are on Saturdays at 1 pm. (All ages)

Birthday Parties, Grand Openings & Other Events!

rected by Doug Lawson. Children under two years of age are free. All other tickets are $5.

Finding Neverland

April 10-15 presented by Broadway Sacramento at Community Center Theater Directed by Tony®-winner Diane Paulus, Finding Neverland tells the wondrous tale of Peter Pan in the form of a breathtaking musical.

• Balloon Twisting • Parties For All Ages

Award Winning Balloon Artist!!! (530) 867-5077 MUSIC

B.A. Degree in Music & 30 years experience Immediate Openings

Sacramento Dog Show

April 12-15 at Cal Expo As one of the longest-standing dog shows in the country, attendees will delight in watching the dog competition and the opportunity to see show dogs up-close.


April 7-29 presented by Storytime Theatre of Sacramento City College Children of all ages will love this performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, written and di-

The Boston Pops on Tour

April 19 at Mondavi Center, Jackson Hall Older children and families will take great pleasure in this special tour event. Led by music director Keith Lockhart, the Boston Pops will dedicate the evening’s musical selections to John Williams’ work, performing well known musical scores such as Superman, E.T., Schindler’s List, Jaws and some selections from Harry Potter films.

Rhythm Symphony Piano Studio 916-238-8072 Elk Grove

Purchase 3 lessons get 1 FREE (new customers only) expires 4/30/18


Educational Supplies for Parents, Teachers & Homeschoolers

34 APRIL 2018

Ask About Our Onsite Classes For K-12


It’s always a good idea to check the website before you head out!

Forces: Earth & Space

The Newest Americans

Now open at Powerhouse Science Center

April 3-July 8 at California Museum

Discover the forces of the universe—gravity, matter and energy—as you explore interactive exhibits that demonstrate the awesomeness of outer space with your child.

This exhibit highlights the stories of 28 new Americans who have immigrated from countries around the globe. Portraits by Sam Comen and interviews by Michael Estrin provide insight into the immigration process and what the American Dream means to these new residents.

Art of the Airport Tower Now through July 2018 at Aerospace Museum of California

This traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum will take you on an adventure as you view 50 photographs of fascinating airport towers from around the world. Smithsonian photographer Carolyn Russo captures the unique culture, architectural style and technological differences of each tower. Stay to walk through the museum’s permanent aircraft exhibit.

Nature’s Gifts Starting April 22 at Crocker Art Museum

Wendy Willrich, who acquired 41 early California paintings created between the 1870s and 1940s, recently decided to make the Crocker Art Museum home to her collection. Locals will truly enjoy viewing this astonishing array of oil and watercolor landscape paintings, many of which depict the commanding scenes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Selden Connor Gile, Desert Bridge/Holbrook, circa 1930. Oil on board, 14x17in. Wendy Willrich Collection. APRIL 2018 35

Restrictions may apply. Please call for details. 2018 MMTIP LLC All rights reserved.

36 APRIL 2018