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A Font for Dyslexia


SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

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SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

Celebrating 25 years O




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September 2017


On our cover: Meet Drew, our 2017 Cover Kid Search Winner (sponsored by Sunrise Mall). Drew has the looks and a great personality to match and we had a blast at his photo shoot making silly faces and eating apples! See more from his session and check out the adorable Cover Kid Search runner-ups starting on page 12. Photography by: Colehearted Photography



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A Font for Dyslexia

SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

Good Reads for Middle Schoolers Exploring Dance and Movement

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25 years

Have you settled back into your routine for the school year? Having the kids get to bed a little earlier, turning them back into reading machines and perhaps the toughest of all, navigating the congested pick-up and dropoff routes all around school.

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This issue is packed with everything from things to keep you prepared for any mishap while out shuttling the kiddos around to enriching after school activities and games (even a simple new twist on hopscotch that will get the neighborhood kids jumping and playing after a day spent in the classroom). One thing I am no stranger to, is running the kids around to all their after school activities. As a matter of fact, as soon as the bell rings today, I will be racing my daughter home to throw on her soccer gear, scoop up a quick snack and get straight to training. This will go on between my two girls every day of the week, with games on weekends... But, I wouldn’t have it any other way! They love it, never complain and it keeps them busy! Plus, I am totally cool with being a soccer mom, heck...I just bought a minivan, too! (Never thought I would say that!) Although I must admit, adjusting back into having homework each night may take a little more time for us all to get used to! Best, SacParent SacParentMag

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After School Snacks, Packs and Playtime Treats! WIN By Christine Quarry

Snack packs, backpacks, and games to keep your kiddos going before and after the bell rings! Head over to to enter to win these awesome goodies and keep your kiddos learning, and having fun!


Five Star Back to School Pack If you missed the bus on back-to-school supplies, we’ve got you covered with this full set! Keep things organized with quality school supplies and keep your kiddos learning all year long.

Watercolor Pencils by Albrecht Dürer Keep the kiddos busy after school with this tin of twelve, high-quality watercolor pencils, providing artists with great versatility of expression when drawing, shading and painting in watercolors.

Powerhouse Science Center Enter to win an Family admission pack for 5 to see over 25,000 square feet of exhibit space including a full-dome digital planetarium theater, an all new Challenger Learning Center, interactive exhibits in earth sciences, conservation, physical sciences, astronomy, and space sciences. One of Sacramento region’s premier institutions with an emphasis on STEM education and hands-on learning.

Monster Crash With the use of an egg launcher, the eggs are fired at the monsters to stop them from wreaking havoc, and to keep the kiddos from doing the same after school. A simple and fun game that helps working memory and aids in inhibitory control. (1 to 4 players, ages 3+)

Elemencery A strategy game where players compete against one another using cards. Each player can summon monsters to fight against the opponent. Every monster has different strengths and weaknesses. To add to the strategic element of the game, each tile of the battlefield also has unique attributes. (2 player game, ages 6+)

Fun With Snacks, Snack in the Box A snack lover’s delight, this themed package offers a delicious line-up of The Popcorn Factory’s mouth-watering gourmet popcorn and other tasty treats. The perfect special snack for a school day, done well!

10 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

fun finds

Myths and Monsters From the internationally acclaimed creator of “MazeToons” comes this wacky, maze-filled collection of mythological creatures, monsters, and more! Discover 50 colorfully illustrated mazes with fully solvable characters, cartoon elements, and imaginative creatures along every start-to-finish path. Fun, playful, and perfect for big kids and grown-ups too.

Challenging Odd One Out From the “Challenging...Books” series, enjoy a jam-packed book of puzzles that are entertaining and absorbing. Children must find up to 100 differences in each “odd one out” puzzle in record time! It’s not easy to solve them—but it’s such a thrill, kids will keep coming back for more.

Challenging Incredible Dot-to-Dot From the “Challenging...Books” series, find amazing dot-to-dot puzzles with everything from 100 to 1,000 dots. The intensity builds as puzzles start easy but get harder as you go along. Puzzles will challenge kids and get them racing to join those dots.

NO ENROL W LIN Space is G! limited . Celebrating 25 years O


Meet the 2017 Cover Kid Winner

& Our Finalists from the Cover Kid Search Edited by Shannon Smith Photographs by Colehearted Photography |


3 years-old, lives in Antelope

This year’s Cover Kid Search was sponsored by Sunrise Mall, Drew’s adorable skateboarding dinosaurs and “Play” shirt are courtesy of The Children’s Place,

12 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

We had a blast with Drew. Not only is this little guy a natural in front of the camera, but he’s a character and his Mom and Daddy are very proud of him. After checking out his surroundings and looking for nearby critters, he made faces with Daddy, explored and munched on apples. We “got the shot” early on and that left Drew some time to lead his parents on a little evening adventure before heading home. We had so much fun! Read on to see what Drew’s mom had to share about him! Of course with the impossible task of choosing just one winner, we just had to share a little about our favorite runner-ups, too!

What are some of Drew's favorite things to do? Drew loves to play with his trains and cars. He has a great imagination and pretend plays really well. He also tries to ride his strider when possible. Like many older brothers, he likes to play with his baby sister. Oh, and who can forget about the cats. Any chance he gets, he is chasing the cats around the house.

What is his favorite color? Blue for sure (because that is Chase’s color from “Paw Patrol”)!

What's his favorite foods? Without a doubt PB&J's, grapes and blueberries come in close for second.

Favorite animal? Depending on the day, dog or dinosaur.

Favorite toy or character? Chase from “Paw Patrol” and Heat Wave and Optimus Prime from “Rescue Bots”.

Any siblings? He has a baby sister, Emma (which he calls Sissy).

What are Drew’s favorite activities? He likes going to the park, and meeting new kids. Drew is super-friendly and will play with anyone. He looks forward to Playdates and he also likes going to Mimi's house.

Do you have any funny stories or memories you would like to share? It never ceases to amaze us how quick Drew learns and every so often he just says the funniest things and has the best facial expressions to go with it. It's a bit funny when he starts to use my phrases, for example, while he is talking to me, he will stop and look at me and say; "Look at me please," "Pay attention," "Mommy just try it," and my favorite is (with his hand on his hip), "Seriously, guys?"

Celebrating 25 years O


New Preschool to Sacramento NOW OPEN! In the heart of Arden Park, just minutes away from East Sac and Midtown.

Little Magpies


14 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

…More of our Cover Kid Search favorites! Kimora 5 years-old If Kimora could have any superpower it would be speed and lightning powers, because then; she would be super cool. Her favorite colors are pink and blue and she enjoys drawing and going to Judo, gymnastics and swim lessons. Her favorite animals are giraffes and monkeys. She loves to eat rice and chicken. She doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, but if you ask her, she wants one of each.

GEOFFREY 6 months Geoffrey’s family learned about the Cover Kid Search while browsing the internet and they are very excited that he is a finalist. We loved his expression and bowtie! His favorite thing to do is go to Baby Lap Sit Story Time at his local library. He loves giraffe’s and his favorite food is Jook (rice porridge).

EMMA 3 years-old Emma recently turned three and she is going to be very excited to see her picture in the magazine! If she could have any superpower, it would be to be super strong, smart and be able to fly like Wonder Woman because she loves her and has several Wonder Woman costumes. She likes the color purple and singing and dancing (especially to “Beauty and the Beast”). Her favorite animal is the giraffe and her favorite food is ice cream with sprinkles! She also loves her new baby brother, Mason.

Celebrating 25 years O


are not usually travel hot spots, but come the end of September, the word on the street is, “Mom, Dad, take us to Bishop’s!” During the fall months, when many farmers are making that final pass, Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm of Wheatland, California is busy harvesting crate loads of memories for local families–the rush of climbing Coyote Mountain, the packed stands of the NASPIG Raceway, the twists and turns of the Crazy Corn Maze, and let us not forget, the strange but friendly citizens of Weeland Petting Zoo. A far cry from a few patches of squash, acres of harvestthemed activities surround this pumpkin picker’s field of dreams. Bishop’s is a smorgasbord of live entertainment features, educational farm activities, and a cornucopia of farm-fresh foods and baked goods. Since 1973, Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm has grown into an indispensable part of Yuba-Sutter culture. As owner Wayne Bishop points out, “I’ve come to believe that we all still have something deep within us that drives us to harvest in the fall. No matter how many generations we are removed from the farm, we still want to get out in the field and get our hands dirty at that time of year.” So listen to that inner farmer–or better yet, listen to your kids–mark your fall calendar, and become a part of this wonderful local legacy.

16 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

Join us for Movie Nights September 30th and every Saturday in October!

MASON 4 years-old Mason recently turned 4 years-old. He says he would love to have a cleaning superpower so he could clean the whole world. Mason loves to clean everything (except his playroom). His favorite color is “Lellow,” but some call it yellow. He likes running, jumping and playing in the mud and he loves petting dogs. Mason knows all the dogs in his neighborhood. He loves to eat fruit, especially pears and he has a big brother, Tyler.

NATALIE 2 years-old Natalie’s mom thinks her superpower would be super swimming and being able to stay underwater because she has loved being in water since she was a baby. Her favorite color is pink, she likes playing with Playdoh and her favorite animal is a little fish (she’s scared of dogs, even flies, LOL). Her favorite dinner is her grandma’s spaghetti; she likes to slurp the pasta.

GEMMA 6 months Gemma loves playing in the water. She is also an animal lover, especially cats and dogs! Her favorite food is avocado. She doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, but she has two cats, four dogs and a guinea pig to keep her company!

ARIA 4 years-old Aria loves to go to Babies and Bumps to participate in the Cover Kid Search. She has been a finalist before and we have enjoyed seeing her grow. She loves the color pink, playing with her dolls and Baby Alive! Her favorite food is mac & cheese and she is crazy about puppies!

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18 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

OLIVIA 3 years-old Olivia has one of our favorite superpowers; she would like to be able to make dessert appear anytime, because dessert makes people happy! She loves zebras, spaghetti, watermelon and the colors pink and purple with sparkles. She also enjoys gymnastics/tumbling class. Olivia has two half-sisters and hopes for a little brother or sister soon!

JULIA 4 years-old Julia was a Cover Kid Finalist last year and we’re glad she came back to the event this year, too! If she could have any superpower, it would be to be able to make rainbows. Some of her favorite things are the color pink, making art, the Red Panda, and peanut butter & jelly (with non-nut butter because her brother is allergic), and of course playing with her little brother, Robbie. Julia also really wants a dog.

SOPHIA 5 years-old If she could have any superpower it would be to fly so she can help people go faster. She loves the color red, cats and Princess Aurora. Surprisingly, her favorite thing to eat is tomatoes. She has a little sister, Anna.

MAYA 4 years-old Maya’s special superpower would be to have Red Laser Eyes. She loves pink and purple, koala bears and playing with friends. Her favorite snack is a banana. She also enjoys having an older brother, Dylan (8) and sister, Natalie (10).

Celebrating 25 years O


KING 1.5 years-old King loves animals (just like his mom), especially dogs and cats. He also likes the colors green and blue and to snack on strawberries and blueberries. He's a big Mickey Mouse fan and enjoys music and dancing, too. He recently went camping at the beach and had a blast!

Carden School


of Sacramento

A Distinctive Alternative in Classical Education



25 years

Beyond the Diaper Bag Years By Diane Johnson We’ve all been there. Our seven-year-old hopping out of the vehicle mysteriously gets a cut, before running into school. As we pull into the middle school parking lot, we locate the source of the sour smell in our vehicle and it’s coming from our 6th grader’s mouth. Our nine-yearold, (who’s going on 17), insists it’s a bad hair day and swears her social life will be ruined if her friends see her in this condition. Or, we’re hauling our five-year-old to the doctor for his upset stomach only to get stuck in traffic as he turns green. These weren’t problems when we lugged around a diaper bag full of accoutrements for any and all scenarios. But once the last child was toilet trained, we sang, “Ding dong the bag is gone,” all the way to the dumpster. Then we upgraded to a tote bag the size of which could be mistaken for carry-on luggage. Unless a clothing mishap strikes, we only need a few essentials to make our life easier. Most of which will fit right in a small makeup bag in an average size purse. The best news is that we already have most of these items on hand. The essentials most of us have and probably already carry with us in our purse: hair doodads consisting of barrettes, bobby pins, hair ties, mini hair spray, and a small comb or collapsible brush. In a pinch a hair tie works just like a rubber band to keep our studious student’s vocab cards together

when they spill from her backpack. The top prong from a comb works well to help loosen a too-tight knot in shoelaces. If a shoelace keeps coming undone, a spritz of hairspray will help it stay in place. Add to your stash a small container of floss and some of those handy, disposable mini-toothbrushes with built-in toothpaste (the best part of those brushes is that there’s no need to rinse). No teacher will recoil when asked a question and no child will be embarrassed if their crush comes up to talk to them. Two items that most parent arsenals are deficient in: A travel size bottle of disinfectant spray and gallon-sized freezer bags. The spray disinfectant is a super handy little gem of a product. A spritz on a shopping cart handle, a discreet mist of the classroom door after three, six-yearolds wiped their nose and grabbed the knob, or a good dose after the male offspring and his friends have a burp-a-thon (it also puts a quick end to a burp fest). The uses are endless.

Finally, stock a small hand-sanitizer, travel tissues, safety pins (they work wonders for holding up wayward zippers) and various sizes of Band-Aids. With these portable pieces we can maintain our preparedness after downsizing from the bulky diaper bag. One small bag, one giant, organized leap for all of parent-kind. Diane DeMasi Johnson is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing the tips, triumphs, and tribulations of raising a horde of boys (the last of which arrived as a matched set). She is a firm believer that freezer bags are the greatest product next to duct tape.

The best and most versatile piece of all these items is the freezer bag. Any parent can tote one or two (dads: back pocket, folded in wallet). Muddy shoes, leaky lunches, and glitter-laden art projects can all be tossed into one saving your vehicle from a hose-down or your work attire from a dry-cleaner run. Plus, when you’re transporting a sick child to or from the doctor’s office or chaperoning a bus trip, you are prepared with your equivalent of an airsickness bag. Zipped tight they contain the mess and the odor and when plopped into a paper bag, the unsightly contents are safely hidden from view.

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Where MATH makes sense • Personalized curriculum • One-on-one instruction • Kids love it! LOCATIONS Folsom • Fair Oaks • Granite Bay • El Dorado Hills Rocklin • Cameron Park • Arden Arcade Call or visit to learn how convenient and affordable your child’s soaring self-confidence can be!

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22 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

Tammy’s Twist on Hopscotch Edited by Shannon Smith I love getting “Letters to the Editor.” So, when I received an email from Pamela giving kudos to her neighbor, Tammy for getting out and playing an updated version of hopscotch with her kids, I was sending a virtual high five through the computer. First, here is an excerpt from the sweet note from Pamela about her observation. Hi Shannon, My name is Pamela and I'm a 62 year old grandma who had a daycare for several years. Yesterday my neighbor was out playing hopscotch with her kids when I noticed a twist—she had taken the old version of hopscotch and made it so interesting. She put things in it like, “go to the red square” or “put one foot on the circle”. She even had a version for the older kids with questions about different subjects. I love what she has come up with and the duration of time the kids played it. I wanted to get a picture for you but the sprinklers washed it away last night… Check it out, Pamela Through Pamela, I connected with Tammy, who eagerly shared her “twist” on the classic sidewalk game. She even recreated it for us to snap some pictures and before she knew it, her twist on hopscotch was expanding down the sidewalk and around her apartment complex and many neighbors couldn’t resist joining in. I think it’s pretty awesome that some colored chalk and a little creativity can result in an afternoon gathering and good old-fashioned play.

Now let’s get to Tammy’s Twist on Hopscotch! • I like to start with the traditional hopscotch (from 1 to 10) and I will play with the kids and incorporate alternating side jumps on one foot or with both feet. • Then, we move to adding "leap frog" spaces, landing with both feet and hands. • From there, we all get goofy and try to challenge ourselves with spins in different directions, as well as adding commands like "Clap 1 to 3 times." • We end with something fun like a “Tornado Spinout”, “Karate Kick”, or “Strike a Pose.” Tammy shares, “I feel that it's a fun and engaging family activity to re-introduce ‘old school’ games. It also keeps them away from TV and video games, provides exercise, encourages creativity and develops motor skills.” She adds, “I've also noticed a sense of pride and accomplishment when they are done and get to see our creations the next day (especially when other people can't help but enjoy a hop as they pass by). It also brings the community together—and all for an inexpensive trip to the dollar store and an afternoon of inspiration.” So, let your imagination run wild and bring that sidewalk to life with your own “Twist on Hopscotch.” We’d love to see what you come up with, so snap a pic of your favorite outdoor, after school activity and send it to Thanks for sharing Tammy and Pamela! Tammy Morgan is a neighborhood mom who hopes to spread fun through play. Celebrating 25 years O


Are Letters Playing Tricks on You? An interview with Tannya Derby, Edited by Shannon Smith Tannya, founder and art director of MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing recently reached out to us about her passion for publishing books with a font specifically designed for those with dyslexia, it’s called dyslexie font. Dyslexie font was created by graphic designer, Christian Boer, who also has dyslexia and wanted to improve his reading life. You can learn all about the font and how it helps readers by visiting the website,, but here are some bullet points with the main features to explain how it works:

We asked Tannya to share a little more about how she got involved in offering books in this special font created for those with dyslexia. SP: How does the font help those with dyslexia have an easier time reading? Tannya: Dyslexic font is a special font that makes the letters very individualized so that the reader can’t mix them up. SP: What inspired you to get involved in creating these versions? Tannya: I struggle with dyslexia and have always had a hard time enjoying reading. I now have grandchildren and for the first time, I am confident reading to them.

SP: What's the message of the books that are available in the font and what age 1. The bottom of the letters are weighed down and heavier looking to prevent it from group are they geared toward? tipping. Tannya: We publish all sorts of chil2. The tails are slanted to make them look different and avoid mirrored letters. dren’s books for all ages. We have early 3. The openings are bigger and more distinctive. readers and ABC monsters to small chapter readers. We love to expose children to 4. The letters are slanted slightly to appear different. different cultures, differences in lifestyles, 5. The descender and ascender are elongated. the variety of traditions and religions that 6. The capitals are bolder. people hold dear. We pride ourselves in teaching tolerance and love for all differ7. The inner corners vary slightly in height, again to differentiate each letter. ences. We would like to show children 8. There is a higher x axis. the beauty of diversity in this world. 9. There is more spacing between letters.

24 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

SP: In general, how can one inspire a love for reading and writing when it can be frustrating? Tannya: As I mentioned, I struggle with dyslexia and had to work really hard to find a way to finish my master’s degree and start a company. I feel if you give children a tool that can help take that frustration away, it will open the door and give them the opportunity to develop a love for reading. SP: Is there anything else you want to mention to parents? Tannya: This is not just about books for children. This is a very special tool for adults as well. Educators can use it to help a child find that spark of imagination in a story. It also can help parents, like me (that struggle with dyslexia), and allow them to read confidently and have quality time with their children that they may otherwise avoid. MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing specializes in offering all books in dyslexic font. They create beautiful works that help children discover the beautiful world of reading. The books teach tolerance; show that diversity is a beautiful thing and that everyone has a story. To create a book that can teach and inspire at the same time is a dream come true. Offering this font is a great step forward in helping people that struggle with dyslexia. You can find the books for purchase at or visit, for more information.

If you or your child has difficulty with reading, math, or attention deecits, there is nally real help. Davis Dyslexia Correction Programs® provide relief from the struggles with reading, math, and ADD or ADHD—See if this program is right for you.

Solano Learning Solutions

Call or email for a free consultation. (707) 474-9104 | your link to special needs resources and articles

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One of the greatest gifts in life is the support of a loving family. Kids thrive when parents consistently build up their worth and identity while encouraging them to dream big dreams! We currently live in a culture where families are struggling leaving a growing number of kids without positive role models. Learn how you can help.

Turner Cranial Technique is an exciting new treatment that creates fast, profound healing for autism, ADHD, Asperger's, OCD, Tourette's, Down's, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, sleeping problems, migraines, concussions, dementia, and other brain conditions.

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26 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

Lunchbox Pizza Muffins


By Pamela Salzman Sometimes I’ll make soup or a salad for lunch or dinner and my kids are looking for an extra something to go with it. These pizza muffins have all the flavor of pizza, but are made with wholesome ingredients, including whole-grain flour and fresh tomato sauce, as well as minimal amounts of cheese. The best part is that they are portable and perfect for lunchboxes or picnics. 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour, white whole wheat flour, or whole spelt flour (not GF), or King Arthur Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour + 1 ½ teaspoons xanthan gum 1 tablespoon aluminum-free baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 ¼ cups marinara sauce

2 teaspoons dried oregano

1 tablespoon pure Grade A or B maple syrup

2 large eggs 2 tablespoons unrefined cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil 3/4 cup buttermilk (see page 24 for substitutions)

1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 1/2 cup grated pecorino cheese, plus more for topping

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with unbleached parchment liners or reusable silicone liners. 2. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and oregano in a medium-size bowl to combine. 3. In a large bowl beat the eggs and add the olive oil, buttermilk, marinara sauce, and maple syrup, and stir. Add the cheeses and stir to combine. Slowly stir in the dry mixture until just combined. Do not overbeat. 4. Using a large ice-cream scoop fill each muffin cup. Top each with 1 teaspoon of sauce and sprinkle with pecorino cheese. 5. Bake for 20 to 22 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean. Allow to cool for 10 minutes in the pan and then transfer to a wire rack to completely cool. Note: You can top each muffin like a pizza with your favorite toppings, such as nitrate-free pepperoni, sautéed spinach, chopped fresh basil, or chopped olives. Or you can stir these toppings into the batter before baking. ASK PAMELA: How do I freeze and defrost muffins? Allow the muffins to cool completely before wrapping and freezing. If you will use them within 2 weeks, place them in glass containers or freezer bags. If you’d like them to last up to 3 months without freezer burn, wrap each one individually in aluminum foil and place them in a resealable freezer bag. Don’t forget to label what is in the bag and the date! Thaw frozen muffins at room temperature for about an hour. Excerpted from Kitchen Matters: More than 100 Recipes and Tips to Transform the Way You Cook and Eat— Wholesome, Nourishing, Unforgettable by Pamela Salzman. Copyright © 2017. Available from Da Capo Lifelong Books, an imprint of Perseus Books, LLC, a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group, Inc.

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Top 10 Classics That Kids Today Should Be Playing With Submitted by What to Do With The Kids® Edited by Shannon Smith What To Do With The Kids® asked toy and game industry professionals to submit their list of top classic games or toys they felt that kids today should still be playing with. Of all the suggestions made by the industry pros, very few needed batteries and not one suggestion involved a screen of any kind. Most emphasized the importance of play and how it helps in a kid’s development.

The What To Do With The Kids® Top 10 Classic Games or Toys that Kids Today Should be Playing With according to toy and game industry professionals:

Cassidy Smith, National Sales Manager at Hape Toys commented, “I truly believe the more we can have parents pull their children away from screen play and let them be kids again the better. Kids need to learn through play, but what a lot of parents don't realize is that it's actually good for kids to be bored on occasion too.”

4. Scrabble

LEGOs tops the list and it seems that its popularity has never been higher. Andrea Bergstein, Founder and CEO of Scribblitt, Kids Publishing commented, “LEGO develops thinking in 3D, helps organizational abilities and planning as well as creativity.” Building blocks were second on our list, but this can also include all types of building and construction type of toys. Beth Muehlenkamp, Brand Manager at Playmonster said, “Early construction toys that are well designed and built, promote STEM, quiet play, dexterity, spatial awareness and fine motor skills.”

1. LEGOs 2. Building Blocks 3. Dolls 5. Monopoly 6. Jump/Skipping Rope 7. Chutes and Ladders 8. Assorted Balls 9. Chinese Checkers 10. Jigsaw Puzzles What To Do With The Kids® is the website that adults go to when they want to know what to do with their kids. The website features games, crafts, activities, party ideas, the What To Do With The Kids® Minute Podcast and is the home of SitterAdvantage™, the app that makes sitters and nannies better. Visit us at

David Katzner, Founder and President of The National Parenting Center commented, “Active play is an essential part of growing up, toys like Frisbees, balls for kicking or throwing, etc.” The newest addition to our list is balls, which includes the generic utility ball, along with those associated with sports such as basketball, tennis or soccer.

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Developing Character... One Stage at a Time! THEATER ARTS CLASSES FOR KIDS 4-18

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Christian Youth Theater is dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment.

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One of the Best Forms of Play is… Being in a Play! By Kara Martinez Bachman There is a reason theatrical productions are referred to as “plays.” Surely, it is because in addition to being hard work, theater can also be a great form of play. Even one small moment in the limelight can serve to permanently fire the imagination and creative spirit of a child. Although many kids prefer to spend their time in organized sports, there are many others who have never been able to grab onto sports as a pastime they can enjoy and excel at. If your child “doesn’t get into” sports, you may want to consider introducing him or her to another form of play: theater. We all remember playing dress-up as children. We recall how much fun it was to pretend to be a princess, or a cowboy, or an alien from outer space. Participating in organized theater activities captures this playful element. What’s more, with every successive performance, our children are not only “playing,” but are perfecting a craft that may lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. Just as sports can teach kids how to follow directions, how to work as a “team” and how to perfect a skill set, so, too, can drama. Even more important, when a child receives the cheers and applause of an audience, it is every bit as satisfying as the cheers of spectators at a ballgame.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Parenti

According to James Catterall, UCLA Professor, participation in drama aids in educational and social success. His bookwith-a-very-long-title, “Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art: The Effects of Education in the Visual and Performing Arts on the Achievements and Values of Young Adults”, shares the results of studies that trace how involvement in performing and visual art influences children. He says in the book: “Our analyses found substantial and significant differences in achievement and in important attitudes and behaviors between youth

highly involved in the arts and those with little or no arts engagement.” His study, which was a focal point of the book, showed that kids involved in theater, band, orchestra, chorus, dance, and other artistic pursuits had higher school achievement, lower rates of dropping out of school, and “better attitudes about school and community.” If this is true, then theater is definitely play with a purpose! Theater is a year-round activity that can involve the entire family, from the oldest member to the very youngest. Many theaters and playhouses

provide opportunities for youngsters to get involved. For those who are outgoing, taking a role onstage may be a possibility. When starting out, a child with little experience will need to begin with roles as an "extra" in the ensemble, or with small bit parts until he or she builds up enough maturity and acting chops to carry a more serious role. But with time, your child could develop dramatic skills that will delight audiences. Perhaps your child is shy about being in the spotlight and would prefer to help behindPlay continued on page 33

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916-779-0390 • O 7 D pen ay s!

or ! n f ne Fu ryo e Ev

Slot Car Racing Fun & Hobbies!

A Family Fun Center! 6831 Lonetree Blvd / E102 / Rocklin / CA / 95765

100% All Natural Products Same Day Service Peace of Mind Prevention

Deanna Fox 916-220-9994 32 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

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Play continued from page 31

the-scenes by getting stage sets and props ready, helping with costumes, or assisting those who work in sound and lights. There really is an option for every personality and age. Community theater is a great activity for families, as it is something they can enjoy together for many, many years. Many children begin their involvement in plays by enrolling in a summer or afterschool camp. Others choose to participate, beginning at the middle-school level, in drama classes or musical productions staged at school. By participating in school plays and theater camps, your child can become familiar with the rudiments of a stage show; this can help him/her transition more easily to involvement with community theater. Pick up the phone and call a local theater and ask how you can become involved, Sacramento Parent has even rounded-up a few great options for you in their After School Activity Guide

at Just as “soccer moms” love to see their kids kick an impossible goal, you will enjoy seeing your “superstar” on a stage, delivering a line perfectly or posing as the perfect princess, clown, superhero, or dainty yellow flower.

Kara Martinez Bachman is a "theater mom" to a passionate 14-year-old who is obsessed with musical theater. She's an entertainment journalist, editor, and author of the humorous essay collection about the zanier sides of parenting and marriage, "Kissing the Crisis: Field Notes on FoulMouthed Babies, Disenchanted Women, and Careening into Middle Age” ( Find out more at

The Pumpkin Farm Harvest & Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

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Roseville Theatre Arts Academy offers the unique opportunity for every student to participate in every show! Our Workshops focus on musical theatre training by teaching the basics of singing, dancing, and acting. This season’s production will be:

• Bounce House • Go-Kart Train Rides • Hayrides & Train Rides • Farm Zoo • Tower & Slide • Haunted Barn • Corn Maze • Hay Pyramid • Weekend Snack Bar • Large Pumpkins, Indian Corn & Gourds

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Book Picks for Middle Schoolers Submitted by Kirkus Reviews | Edited by Shannon Smith

Choosing books for tweens can be tough because there comes a time when they are a little too young for some of the content in young adult book categories, and a little too old for the latest fairy or adventure chapter-book series. But, one thing is for sure, reading helps children expand their imagination, experiences, and education all at once. Kirkus Reviews sent us their list of the Top 19 Books for Middle School Children and as a mom of a young teen who has only read a few of these titles; I thought I’d share the list with you. We hope these authors will spark a love of reading to last a lifetime. Whether it’s escaping to a faraway galaxy, traveling back in time, or going on an amazing adventure with new friends—let their imagination soar!

The Adventures of John Blake by Philip Pullman Purloined technology, time travelers, ghost ships, and deception converge in this graphic page-turner.

The Unbreakable Code by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman Riddles in an online book-finding game put young cipher sleuths, Emily and James on the trail of both buried treasure and a vengeful arsonist. the-unbreakable-code/

Ghost by Jason Reynolds Castle “Ghost” Cranshaw feels like he’s been running ever since his dad pulled that gun on him and his mom—and used it.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio After being home-schooled for years, Auggie Pullman is about to start fifth grade, but he’s worried: How will he fit into middle school life when he looks so different from everyone else?

Virginia Hamilton: America’s Storyteller by Julie K. Rubini If the children you know think biographies are boring; this one will make them reconsider.

Joplin, Wishing by Diane Stanley Stanley’s fantasy offers an enticing blend of suspense, an ancient curse, a lonely girl, a hint of romance, and a fairy-tale trope.

The Quest for Z by Greg Pizzoli Pizzoli resurrects an early-20th-century mystery in this riveting portrait of Percy Fawcett, a renowned British explorer who vanished during an ill-fated hunt for a “lost” city.

Outside In by Jennifer Brabury In Chandigarh, a town in northern India, is Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, a magnificent, 40-acre garden of some 5,000 sculptures made from recycled ceramics, industrial waste, and discarded household scrap—and the real-life inspiration for this historical novel.

Exit Strategy by Lauren Allbright Ross has elevated the art of leaving to an art form, so when he has to stay at a school for longer than a few months, he has trouble adjusting to his new reality.

Mango Delight by Fracaswell Hyman The unexpected loss of a dear friendship leads to anxiety and ultimately resilience in television writer and producer Hyman’s first middle-grade novel.

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We Are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen A nerdy boy and a queen-bee girl become stepbrother and stepsister in this comedy/drama.

Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook by Iva Marie Palmer Twelve-year-old Gabby is a golden child, and nothing can go wrong, until it does. we-are-all-made-of-molecules/ gabby-garcias-ultimate-playbook/

The American Revolution by Ben Thompson A history buff and blogger provides an engaging look at the cast of characters and events that led to the founding of the United States.

Girling Up: How to be Strong, Smart, and Spectacular by Mayim Bialik The Blossom and Big Bang Theory star and neuroscientist covers the basics of what it means to be an adolescent girl.

Philanthroparties! by Lulu Cerone A guide to planning gatherings that raise awareness and solicit donations for a variety of social causes, written by a Los Angeles teen who founded a philanthropic organization and advocacy group called LemonAID Warriors.

Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath by Jacob Sager Weinstein Set in a magical version of London, this fantasy features 12-year-old Hyacinth, an American girl who discovers on a visit, that “history is a big fat liar” and that magic truly exists. hyacinth-and-the-secrets-beneath/

The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts by Avi A 12-year-old boy is left to fend for himself in 18th-century England following a terrible storm and the disappearance of his father. the-unexpected-life-of-oliver-cromwell-pitts/

Quicksand Pond by Janet Taylor Lisle A summer beside Quicksand Pond on Rhode Island’s coast transforms a reluctant 12-year-old girl.

The Shadow Cipher by Laura Ruby Printz winner Ruby’s middle-grade series opener gracefully tackles magic, history, and gentrification.

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Children are born to move. The process of achieving mobility drives them at first. Movement is further used to express thoughts and feelings, especially before words become plentiful. Primed to be in motion throughout their day, toddlers and preschoolers naturally learn by doing. The feeling of pure joy might be the only motivation needed for moving. This natural state of motion makes early childhood an opportune time to use dance to enhance the young child’s insistent impulse to move. In Standards for Dance in Early Childhood, The National Dance Education Organization states, “Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of cultural expression. Children learn movement patterns as readily as they learn language.” Despite the natural fit, creative dance has yet to find a consistent foothold in early childhood education programs. The National Dance Education Organization explains, “…while our educational systems for early childhood include drawing and singing, they often neglect to include dance.” Society at large, teachers, and parents are generally less familiar with dance than with other art forms. Opportunities to dance are usually found in private studios and are less often integrated into preschool and kindergarten programs.

To fill the gap, why not create a dance venue in your own home? It is the natural place to start. Whether you have a background in dance or not, guiding your young child’s motion is easier than you think. You don’t even have to call it “dance.” Both parent and child have the opportunity to learn by exploring some basic dance and movement principles. Lead by example and flex your own creative muscle while moving beyond your comfort zone. Children are not the only ones who are designed to keep moving. Start with rhyming games. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker’s man, Bake me a cake as fast as you can… As you share the timeless nursery rhymes that have been passed down from generation to generation, notice how each one has a rhythm, often with prescribed movements, that engage your young child’s attention and imagination. The silly songs remind you to laugh with your little ones. Little did you know that rhyming songs build memory capacity and help form a foundation for future literacy. Most importantly, rhyming is fun with giggles and tickles galore. Follow the leader. Lead your child through the kitchen, around the sofa, and through the hallway. Walk, tip toe, slither, and slide your way through the house. Sing a little song or click and clack two spoons together to create sound effects that you make up to go with the traveling steps. Copycat. Copy facial expressions first and expand from there. The possibilities are endless especially since young children learn primarily by imitation. As parents explore their own expressive ca-

36 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

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pabilities, young children receive implicit permission to give full expressions of their own. Get a rhythm. Provide rhythms for your child to copy. Soon you will be the one who is trying to keep up with your child’s convoluted manifesto. Then, bring it back down to simpler, countable rhythms. Rhythm sticks are inexpensive and may be available at your local toy store. Music books are plentiful to refresh and inform your own sense of rhythm. Make shapes. Move to recorded music or beat a rhythm until it is time to “freeze” and make a shape. Notice something about the shapes after the fact. Strong, soft, tall, wide, curved, sharp angles are all qualities that help define shapes. Your child may have a definite idea of “Who am I” when he stops to make a shape. Move like an animal. How does a cat move? What about a cougar? Your kids are playing like this already. Now is your chance to join in the fun. Follow the image in the mirror. Is your child at a developmental stage where he or she can follow your movement as if following a mirror image? This takes concentration. You are creating an opportunity for your child to develop observational skills and expand peripheral vision at the same time. Tell a story. Dances can tell stories. Without words, how would you dance the tale of Little Red Riding Hood? Your child can dance while you tell or read the story. As your children grow, your dances together will evolve. Movement and dance opportunities could become part of your child’s educational program. A search in your community will likely reveal a variety of dance disciplines and performance opportunities to choose from. Some

children may actively follow the impulse to pursue dance study as an expressive vehicle and as an art form. All children can benefit from an early foundation in dance as a basis for preparing both body and mind for learning. In How the Arts Develop the Young Brain, consultant in educational neuroscience, David A. Sousa explains, “During the brain’s early years, neural connections are being made at a rapid rate. Much of what young children do as play – singing, drawing, dancing – are natural forms of art. These activities engage all the senses and wire the brain for successful learning.” A key to cultivating the freedom to move and for sharing memorable experiences with your children is to employ dance as an active force in your home. Some of the best dances happen in the kitchen. Music has the power to bring family members together and dancing has a way of making all the chores that much lighter. Pass out the dish towels, put on your apron, turn up the music, and give us your best moves. Diane Turner Maller holds an MS in Dance and has pursued her love of the art from through performance and teaching. She continues to find joy in social dancing with family and friends.

Creative Dance Books: “Dance Turn, Hop, Learn and One, Two, What Can I Do?” by Connie Bergstein Dow. “First Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children” by Mary Joyce. “Movement Stories for Young Children” by Helen Landalf. “Dance for Young Children: Finding the Magic in Movement” by Sue Stinson.

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Sometimes plans change, don’t forget to check the event’s website before you go!

Leap, learn, build and celebrate all month long! Be sure to check Sacra mentoParent. com for more fa mily fun and local adventures!




5th Annual Family Funderland Event

Chalk It Up (9/2-4)


10am at Fremont Park

10am at Sacramento Children’s Museum

5pm at Funderland

Enjoy hundreds of sidewalk chalk art masterpieces, live music, and help support our Local Youth Art Grants.

A free, play-based program for children on the autism spectrum ages three to ten. This program offers opportunities for children to play in the Museum in a safe setting.

WarmLine will pay admission for children ages 0 to 5 with special needs, plus three additional children and two adults (per family). Registration required. First Friday 6pm at The Fountains at Roseville

Bring the family because this one is going to be a BLAST! Pop N Play 12:45pm at the Folsom Tricks Gymnastics

Kids ages 5 and under can pop into Tricks Gymnastics for an open play session on the first Friday of the month! Staff will be on hand to help make the most of their gymnastics experience.

8 Art Studio for Teens 4pm at Arcade Library

Gold Rush Days (9/2-4) 11am in Old Town Sacramento

Turn back the clock as Sacramento’s 28-acre historic district is transformed into a scene out of the 1850s. Costumed performers portray historical figures, personalities and just plain folks, bringing history to life, while old-timey musicians perform on multiple stages.

Make a work of art using different techniques! All materials provided. My Gym Parents Night Out 5:30pm at My Gym

Drop your kids off for three hours of nonstop fun including games, rides, activities, free play, pizza, and more!

15 Creative Art Class 3pm at Sacramento Children’s Museum

ONGOING September 7, 14, 28 After School Retro Gaming 2pm at Arcade Library

Play retro video games after school. Recommended for 3rd through 6th grade. Crafts will be available for younger children.



Children of all ages will get the opportunity to create using recycled materials. This class is included with admission and materials are supplied. Family Fun Friday 11am at Kidzone Museum

These classes are all about exploration and discovery, where curiosity is treasured and kids are encouraged to feel, touch and learn through sensory activities. Let your kid communicate through art and have some fun.


Saturday Night in the Park 5pm at El Dorado Hills Community Services District

Enjoy live music by The Wiz Kid, featuring top hits, food, bounce houses and children’s activities!

16 ScholarShare Children’s Book Festival (9/16-17) 10am at Fairytale Town

Enjoy readings and presentations by children’s book authors and illustrators, storytelling performances, hands-on literacy activities, and family play time.

23 Mega Family Skate Night 4pm at Simmons Community Center

A free community event presented by Kiddy Club Preschool & Daycare. Skate rentals are $5, or bring your own. Roseville Bikefest 9am at Mahany Park

Bring your bicycle and helmet to Roseville’s free family bike safety event and enjoy bike obstacle courses, riding demonstrations and more!

30 20th Annual Reptile Show 9:30am at Sacramento Convention Center

Experience a reptile education center to teach you about the world of reptiles. Meet Izod, the Alligator. Carmichael Founder Day 10am at 5750 Grant Avenue

This event features a car show, live music, food trucks, games, hands on activities and more! Roseville Family Fest

Music & Movement 10am at Sacramento Children’s Museum

This 20-minute dance class fills up fast, so make sure to get there early. 38 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating


25 years

11am at Vernon Street Town Square

Enjoy a truck exploration zone, food trucks, kids zone, and over 50 family-friendly vendors.

10 Grandparents Day 9am at Fairytale Town

Celebrate National Grandparents Day at Fairytale Town! Bring grandma and grandpa for an enjoyable day of play in the park. Grandparents receive free admission (when accompanied with a child age 0 to 12). Super Sunday Playday 10:30am at Crocker Art Museum

Celebrate the grand reopening of Tot Land at an art party extravaganza for the youngest visitors and their families!

17 Turkey Vultures 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Hats off to the bald and not so beautiful members of nature’s clean-up crew! Learn more about the amazing turkey vulture and their importance to our ecosystem.

24 Busykidz Art Lab 12pm at Busykidz Play Town

Bring your baby, toddler or bigger kid to do some exploration and expression with Jessica and the BusyKidz Family! Sea Otter Awareness Week! 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Join the Nature Center in celebrating otters by highlighting our own local species, river otters! Touch an otter pelt and skull, play otter trivia, and learn how you can help by participating in otter citizen science. More sea otter awareness week info at www.









2017 Labor Day Picnic

Acoustic Guitar Club

Busykidz Wednesday Special

Family Bike Night

5pm at Fairytale Town

6:30pm at Nicholsons MusiCafe

9am at Busykidz Play Town

5:30pm at Safetyville

Enjoy Fairytale Town Park with the kiddos, a free BBQ supper, beer garden & live music! FREE for Union Members and their immediate Family. Beer Garden & Live Music with the Tattooed Love Dogs! Bring your lawn chairs or picnic blankets and relax.

The talented Steve Bryant hosts our monthly event! The acoustic guitar club is all about sharing ideas, learning, and playing music together. All ages and levels of experience are welcome! This event will take place on the first Tuesday of every month. Free with purchase of a food or drink item.

$6 all day play pass! Join the special discounted fun.

A great way to enjoy a night out with the family! Enjoy an enclosed 3 ½ acres to ride & play, bike vendors and safety clinic. Bring your helmet and ride for free!

STEPtember 2017

Full STEAM Ahead

From September 4 through October 1

Take 10,000 steps or do the equivalent in any other kind of physical activity every day to raise critical funds for those living with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disabilities. 88 cents of every $1 raised goes toward cerebral palsy research and other programs and services.


3:30pm at Southgate Library

With critical thinking and hands-on activities, you will design, build, experiment, and maybe get a little messy! Children ages 6 to 12 are welcome to this fun, process-based program.

12 $5 Day at Palladio 16 All day at Palladio 16 Cinemas

Museum volunteers will read a different railroad-related book each month and afterward, little ones can enjoy the Museum with their parents.

Movies are discounted to $5 every Tuesday at Palladio 16! (Not valid on opening day of any feature or on Holidays). Not valid for special engagements. 3D and D-BOX surcharges apply. location?house_id=22405

MallStars Storytime

Pajama Storytime

11am at Center Court

7pm at Folsom Public Library

Enjoy an exciting storytime courtesy of the Solano County Library at 11 a.m., then stick around for Second Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. to make a fun macaroni-inspired craft supported by Macaroni Kid.

Children and their families are invited to share stories, songs, and rhymes together in the Picture Book Room. Bring your favorite blanket, pillow, pajamas welcome, but not required. Intended audience is ages 2 to 6, but all ages welcome.

All Aboard for Storytime 11am at California State Railroad Museum


Fall Craft and Database Open House 3:30pm at Elk Grove Library

Make crafts while you learn about free library databases such as Rosetta Stone, Live Homework Help, resources for the AP, ACT and SAT exams and more!

13 Beary Special Play Date 5pm at Sacramento Children’s Museum

Children with special needs, their families, and their friends are invited to join the museum for a free evening of Museum Play! Snacks will be served. Exciting Evenings 6pm at Southgate Library

Kids ages 4 to 18 are invited to join in on evenings of process-based arts, engaging games, amazing stories, and library adventures. Get Physical with active games and exercise.

20 Art Lab 4pm at Arden-Dimick Library

Check out the library’s new art lab for kids of all ages and their adults. They’ll provide the materials, you provide the creativity.

All Aboard for Storytime


Movie Matinee

11am at California State Railroad Museum

$5 Movie Day at Century 14

Watch a family friendly movie at the library. Feel free to bring your own snack.

Museum staff will read “The Little Engine that Could” by Water Piper and afterward, little ones can enjoy the Museum with their parents.

25 Open Gym 11:30am at Tumble Time Gymnastics

Open Gym for toddlers and preschoolers ages 1 to 5. Anyone is welcome. Open gym is a drop-in program; no need to call ahead.

All day at Century 14 Folsom

All films are discounted to $5 on Tuesdays!

26 LEGOs at the Library! 2pm at Folsom Public Library

The Library has a large LEGO collection waiting for you! Put your creations on display for all to see!

3:30pm at Elk Grove Library

14 Book Buddies 3:30pm at Southgate Library

Join the first book club for children and their parents/caregivers! Read with the library and experience fun games and activities to build reading skills. English language learners welcome! For children ages 5-9 and their adult.

21 Candy Cane Lane Craft Show 9am at Crawford’s Barn

Handmade only boutique style craft show. Many unique holiday gifts and decorations. Homeschool Days 1pm at Sacramento Children’s Museum

A monthly program for homeschool students and their families. During Homeschool Days, students have access to all the Museum’s hands-on exhibits, and classes are offered.

28 Family Bike Night 5:30pm at Safetyville

A great way to enjoy a night out with the family! Enjoy an enclosed 3 ½ acres to ride & play, bike vendors and safety clinic. Bring your helmet and ride for free!

27 Music with Anne 11:30am at Arden-Dimick Library

Local favorite, Anne Howard is back! Join the library for songs and fun. For kids 0 to 5 and their grown-ups.

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Anne of Green Gables

September 15-24 at the Woodland Opera House Anne Shirley is mistakenly sent to live with a plainspoken farmer and his spinster sister, who thought they were adopting a boy! She wins over the Cuthberts and all of Prince Edward Island with her irrepressible spirit and imagination–and wins over audiences with this warm, poignant story about love, home and family.

Jekyll and Hyde at DMTC

September 8-October 1 at Davis Musical Theatre Co. Performing Arts Center Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller, “Jekyll and Hyde” is the gripping tale of a brilliant mind gone horrifically awry. Set to a powerful pop-rock score by Frank Wildhorn, with book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, enjoy the popular songs“This is The Moment” and “Someone Like You”. (Recommended for age 11 and older.)

As You Like It

September 13-24 at Sacramento Theatre Company The Shakespeare comedy follows its heroine, Rosalind as she flees persecution in her uncle’s court accompanied by her cousin, Celia to find safety, and eventually, love, in the Forest of Arden.

Back to Broadway

September 15-17 at Harris Center for the Arts An evening of jaw-dropping, highly athletic entertainment including mixing martial arts, magic, and the dazzling style of Chinese acrobatics.

Steam Cirque!

Disney’s Aladdin Junior

Disney’s Aristocats Kids

September 22-23 at Roseville Theatre Arts Academy In the heart of Paris, a kind and eccentric millionairess wills her entire estate to Duchess, her high-society cat, and her three little kittens. Laughs and adventure ensue as the greedy, bumbling butler pulls off the ultimate catnap caper. Now it’s up to the rough-and-tumble alley cat, Thomas O’Malley, and his band of swingin’ jazz cats to save the day.

September 30-October 1 at Community Center Theater, Sacramento It’s the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race between Adventure Bay’s Mayor Goodway and Foggy Bottom’s Mayor Humdinger, but Mayor Goodway is nowhere to be found. PAW Patrol to the rescue! Ryder summons Marshall, Chase, Skye, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma and Everest to help. The pups share many lessons for all ages as they make heroic rescues on their race to the finish line.

Martial Artists and Acrobats of Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

September 24 at Harris Center for the Arts A high-energy and fast-paced revue with some of the most popular numbers from classic and current Broadway Musicals, performed by 20 of El Dorado Musical Theatre’s best.

September 16-October 8 at Davis Musical Theatre Co. Performing Arts Center When the street urchin, Aladdin, vies for the attention of the beautiful princess, Jasmine, he uses a genie’s magic power to become a prince in order to marry her. Jafar, the Genie and more are here to entertain in this musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem and the power of love.

Paw Patrol Live

Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes

September 14-17 at Golden 1 Center Called on by Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy join a momentous crusade against the scheming Nebula who teams up with the conniving and loathsome villains, Loki and Green Goblin. The incredible superhuman forces of Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Black Widow will unite in clashes that pit student against mentor, sister against sister and brother against brother.

40 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

September 21-25 at Sunrise Mall Circus Vargas embarks on a brand new epic adventure! Goggles, gears, and gadgets set the stage for 2017’s retro-futuristic production. A journey of fantastic proportions where children of all ages will marvel at the wacky and wonderful cast of characters that come alive in this exciting steampunk, science-fiction fantasy inspired circus odyssey!


It’s always a good idea to check the website before you head out! Art for Families Now through December 10 at Sacramento Fine Arts Center

A budget friendly and truly enjoyable activity for children and their parents. Professional artists and volunteers will demonstrate and assist with all projects. All materials provided by the Center. Go With the Flow September 5-October 1 at Sacramento Fine Arts Center

Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons (WASH) is sponsoring its open annual national juried art show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, where 25 paintings will be recognized with cash prizes.

Patient No More: People with Disabilities Securing Civil Rights July 11-November 15 at California Museum

Developed by San Francisco State University’s Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability and currently on a nationwide tour by Exhibit Envoy, the exhibit explores the significant events in California history that led to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. Project Eve September 2-27 at Elk Grove Fine Arts Center

The featured artist Aaron Lee, paints on canvas with oil paint, and explores the diverse textures and techniques created by adding acrylic and spray paint.


He also enjoys working in sculpture, jewelry making, product design and printmaking. Tiny Monsters Exhibit Through September 29 at Fe Gallery

Join Fe Gallery’s juried, national show to see Tiny Monsters featuring over 90 pieces of 2D and 3D original monster art. The Tiny Monster themed art show is a tribute to the wolf in grandmother’s clothes, the bump in the night, the monsters under our beds and to all of your most dangerous creations who lurk in a tiny frame.


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NEW!! Full-Day & Half-Day Spanish Preschool Age Program! M-F 8-5 PM PICK YOUR DAYS REGISTER NOW LIMITED SPACE


Ages 2.5 - 5 Years

Folsom • Sacramento Arden Arcade Area

Birthday Parties, Grand Openings & Other Events!


• Balloon Twisting • Parties For All Ages SPECIAL NEEDS

(530) 662-5882

OUR MISSION to help each child discover their unique potential - adaptively, behaviorally, cognitively, and socially by providing comprehensive behavior intervention services. We teach to never settle for mediocrity but to always strive for more.

New Sacramento Location 333 University Drive, Ste. 200 | Sacramento, CA 95825

• All ages/levels • Degreed, credentialed teacher/ composer • 30+ yrs. experience • classical/jazz/pop • sight-reading • chord symbols • lead sheets • piano technique



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Celebrating 25 years O


GIANT PUMPKINS & the Great Outdoors

One of the region’s largest fall festivals will return to Elk Grove Regional Park on October 7 and 8.

This year’s festival will celebrate “Giant Pumpkins in the Great Outdoors” to inspire guests to learn about camping, hiking, fishing and more!  

There are hours of amusement for young festival goers with free or low-cost interactive activities including carnival games and rides, arts and crafts, an agricultural area, pumpkin patch and many beautiful fall photo ops. Festival favorites include the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, Elk Grove World Pumpkin Pie-Eating Championship, pumpkin recipe contest, scarecrow-making contest, live music, an art walk, and a race across the lake between giant pumpkin boats! This year, channel your flannel and watch lumberjack sports entertainment throughout the weekend. The Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin Festival is hosted by the Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) Parks and Recreation Department in partnership with many sponsors. Admission is free. Parking inside the park is $10. A portion of festival proceeds benefit local youth and service organizations. (Sacramento Parent will have a booth there, stop by and say hello!) 

For more information, visit 42 SEPTEMBER 2017 O Celebrating

25 years

Celebrating 25 years O


Sacramento Parent September 2017  

Have you settled back into your routine for the school year? This month we have you covered with everything from things to keep you prepared...

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