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What a fun day! Thank you to the generous sponsors, volunteers, local businesses and community who came out to join the party! We had a blast, and we hope you did, too! Here are a few snapshots from the event.

See you in April 2016!

...and this is what a few kiddos did with the balloons after the event!

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ON OUR COVER: Phoebe, the brains behind The Dress Fiend, had a blast doing a little mommy-daughter bargain shopping with a few of her friends. Learn more about these ladies, get some thrifty tips and see what they scored on page 13.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Octavio Valencia Photography | STYLING: Phoebe Verkouw |





What’s Inside 6 It’s all about the Bumps...and Babies! 11 fun finds | Melt Mom’s Heart 13 A Passion for Thrifted Fashion 16 Moms Unite! 21 camp | It’s a Gift


25 Day Camp: What to Ask 27 Your Guide to Local Day Camps 31 crafty | Nature Bracelets


33 Juicing: Nature’s Real Fast Food 36 go Dandelion | Born Into Silence 38 May Calendar of Special Needs Events


40 Blooming May Events! 47 humor me | Playground Turned Battlefield 49 shows | Charming Productions 50 exhibits | Two New Displays

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dear readers I know I’ve said it before, but this issue is one of my top favs so far this year! I can’t wait to try out everything in here! From the scrumptious fun finds (page 11), that I will be sure to casually point out to my hubby and kiddo, to the mommy groups (page 16)and inspiring thrift shop finds from Phoebe (page 13)! Oh, and then there’s the motivating juicing article (page 33) by freelance writer, Jordan (who you’ll get to know next month as the dad next door)! A few of us here at Sac Parent have decided to give the juicing cleanse a try. We’ll report back on just how hard (or easy) it was next month! It’s always refreshing to dive back into editorial after our Babies and Bumps event, too! I just love meeting our readers and their kiddos and local businesses while out and about— I had a lot of fun chatting with you all! Be sure to take a peek at the scrapbook on page 6. What fun! P.S. Have you signed up your child for summer day camps yet? Now’s the time to check them out, we’ve gathered up a local guide on page 27. Happy Mother’s Day!

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fun finds

Melt Mom’s Heart

Don’t forget to show mamas the love on May 10th! Here are three local finds (made by moms, for moms) that will be sure to pamper and rejuvenate!


Sample Bliss Box, every month different and unique products are featured.


[Muhth-er] –noun 1. One person that does the work of twenty. For free. (See also: Superwoman)

Bliss Boxes are chalk-full of wonderful goodies to celebrate mom, from specialty jewelry, skincare, lotions, accessories, kitchenware, stationary to chocolate and foodie items. Every Bliss Box is beautifully packaged and always includes an uplifting, 5x7 inspirational quote for mom to frame. Every month features different and unique products from vendors all over—so moms are able to try and learn about new products and companies they may not have heard of before! Most items cannot be found in national chain stores, they are specialty goods, and many are crafted by mom-based businesses!

$28.95 per month and free shipping |


Gift Package with Salve and Lip Gloss: Calendula Salve, Honey Lip Gloss.

This gift set is perfectly packaged and ready to give to someone you love. You get to choose your type of salve and lip butter. This allows you to create an individual gift that is perfect for the one receiving it. Pick from three flavors of salve: Citrus Shea Butter, Lavender Shea Butter, or Calendula. Choose From nine Lip Butters: Orange Cream, Vanilla Mint, Tinted Vanilla Mint, Chai Tea, Honey, Coconut Lime, Pink Sugar, Chocolate Mint, or Chocolate Orange. $18.00 |


These all natural, organic and beautifully handcrafted soaps are made from the highest quality close to nature as possible! They are vegan-friendly, paraben free and come in many scrumptious scents. Such as, fresh and citrus-y sweet orange essential oil and chamomile soap. It has goat milk to provide skin nourishment, while the blend of calendula petals, chamomile buds and oatmeal gently exfoliate. Enter code SACPARENT at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order (excluding shipping) through 5/31/15. $7.75 | Large Luxury Soap in Orange Chamomile Oatmeal. May 2015 |


12 | May 2015

A Passion for Thrifted Fashion

By Phoebe Verkouw

From left to right: Ruby, Corri, Brett, Kim and Faith. Styling by Phoebe Verkouw, Clothes and accessories provided by Crossroads Trading Company and Thrift Town.

It’s May and spring has officially sprung in Sacramento! As a native Sacramentan growing up in Midtown, I will say that this town undoubtedly has some of the finest spring weather around. And being May and all, I felt this article should not only be dedicated to the hottest spring fashion trends, but to all of the Momma’s out there. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this article is my ‘hats off’ to all of the talented, hardworking, and inspiring ladies who continue to amaze me daily.

With my ode to mothers, I wanted to highlight two moms I respect dearly in Sacramento and their adorable children. Corri Chadwick is married to Dustin Littrell and is the Momma to Brett and Levi. She’s not only an inspiring yoga teacher at Zuda, but a Mental Health Therapist in the Elk Grove Unified School District. Kim Farrens is married to Randy Farrens and is Momma to Faith and Ruby. She owns Ruby Dot Designs, a stationary company that was created to get people to connect the old fashioned way, by beautiful crafted notes! Both Corri and Kim are beautiful from the inside out and their inspiring spirits have most

definitely been passed along to their adorable children. For those that don’t know me, my name is Phoebe Verkouw, and I am a thrift connoisseur with a major passion for thrifted fashion. Thrift has been a love and way of life since I was in diapers, well not diapers, but pretty darn close! Growing up with a single mom, money was always really scarce. My mom was the master of resourcefulness and always made sure I dressed and ate well. She made the majority of my clothes in my early childhood and taught me the ‘art’ of thrifting May 2015 |


when I was old enough to start wanting to shop on my own. I am eternally grateful to my mom for teaching me to be resourceful. Looking stylish only requires some imagination and creativity! As a result, it has become my passion in life to teach men and women that a sense of style doesn’t have to come with a $500 price tag. I’ve spent years researching the endless thrift, buy/sell/trade, vintage, and consignment stores to prove that true style can be obtained on a budget. Getting back to spring fashion, some trends that I am head-over-heels for this season include bold stripes, floral, fringe, and all things 70’s—primarily the Bohemian look. I am constantly looking for ways to challenge myself when it comes to fashion and find myself having the most fun when out thrifting. Thrifting is often times like going on a mini treasure hunt—you just never know what you will find. With the theme for this article being spring fashion trends, I set out to find some of the hottest looks, and, let me tell you, the pieces I scored will blow your socks off! Many thanks to two of my favorite local used clothing stores, Crossroads Trading Company and Thrift Town, for providing the clothes and accessories! The first look that I fashioned my adorable Momma’s and their daughters in were bold stripes, bright colors, and floral patterns. Bold stripes are a favorite of mine and both Corri and Kim looked incredible in their spring dresses. Want to know a fashion secret? You can find really high end designer pieces at thrift stores! Kim’s colorful striped dress is by the Italian dress maker Missoni and would have retailed new for $1600. Care to venture a guess how much I paid for it? The beautiful woven Missoni dress cost $30 at Crossroads Trading Company!!! Moms, if you love your designer labels, then you have to check out Crossroads. And, can we just talk about how abso14 | May 2015

From left to right: Corri, Faith, Brett, Ruby and Kim.

lutely adorable Corri’s daughter looks in her stripe and floral dress from Thrift Town that I picked up for $2.99? TIP: When you go to Crossroads, make sure to check out what they have behind the counters first. That’s where they hold all of the really high end items. Also, Crossroads is a buy, sell, trade store that will take your gently used clothing that’s on trend and in season for either 50% trade or 35% cash of what they’d sell it for in the store. What I do ALL the time is go through my clothes, sell, and use the trade to shop for free! Since it’s spring, this is a great time to do a big spring cleaning and go get yourself a whole new wardrobe essentially for free! The second look I curated for the girls was inspired by the 70’s trend, primarily the Bohemian look. What I found so fun about these looks was combining actual vintage pieces from the 70’s with newer pieces inspired by the decade. I love nothing more than a stylish dress, and Kim’s daughter Ruby

epitomized the 70’s fashion in her flowy Bohemian white dress. Kim’s top not only touches on the 70’s trend, but fringe as well. TIP: Mixing and matching vintage and contemporary pieces really adds to the authenticity of an outfit. Have fun with your clothes and wear a little vintage. Teaching your kids about history through fashion is not only fun, but educational, too! Where do you get the best vintage? The Sacramento Antique Faire. It’s the second Sunday of the month and a very fun thing to do for the whole family. For all of you Moms out there, I want to let you in on a little secret. Thrift stores are incredible not just for adult clothes, but even more so for kids! As we all know, kids grow incredibly fast and it can get really pricey to continuously outfit your child in brand new clothes. Would you believe that you can get an entire outfit for less than $5 at a local thrift store like Thrift Town? And I’m not just talking any old brand;

I’m talking about looks from Gap Kids that typically retails for more than $40, and at Thrift Town not a single Gap piece was over $3.99! TIP: Here’s a thrift tip to all of you Mommas out there. Sign up to become a VIP member at Thrift Town ( and you’ll continually get $5 coupons and reminders of upcoming sales. Everyday at Thrift Town a certain color tag is 1/2 off and routinely they have huge sales where everything in the store is 1/2 off! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! I hope you take the day to treat yourself kindly, give yourself a pat on the back, and take yourself on a shopping excursion to a few thrift stores! Remember that thrifting is not only good on the wallet, but good for the environment, too! It’s feel good fashion all of the way…

From front to back: Brett, Faith and Ruby.

Do you have any styling or thrift related questions? Please feel free to reach out to me. I love nothing more than styling and helping people feel their best through fashion! sp

PHOEBE VERKOUW is the brain behind the thrifted fashion blog, The Dress Fiend. She’s a bona fide thrift store junkie obsessed with find the most amazing items for next to nothing prices and can be seen monthly on Good Day Sacramento showcasing some of her favorite thrift store finds. Aside from her passion for thrifted fashion, she also enjoys photography, art, running, and gelato—I mean, doesn’t everyone love gelato? You can find her at or

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16 | May 2015

Moms Unite!

By Amanda Rinehart

Photo courtesy of Cap City Moms,

When my daughter was born I found myself thrust into a world I didn’t recognize. I could barely take care of myself, and now I was responsible for this sweet, helpless human being. When I heard about a new mom’s support group through my hospital, I threw on a semi-clean pair of yoga pants, some concealer, and I schlepped my 3-week-old baby to the meeting. It was amazing. Like, life changing amazing. I felt like I was given the warmest, tightest hug. After the meeting, I looked down and noticed that my yoga pants had been on inside out the whole time! Ha! That’s real “mom life” for you. I interviewed the leaders of three local mommy groups who can shed some light on what they do and why they do it. Karen, who is president of the very charitable, Sierra Moms. Jill, co-founder of Cap City Moms (CCM), acknowledges that motherhood looks different for everyone. Erin, with Moms Run this Town Rocklin/Roseville (MRTT) is all

about running and community activism.

Why should I join? JILL: Sarah and I (who founded CCM together) joke that we are your best friends you didn’t know you had. We hope Cap City Moms is a place you can come and feel like you’re sitting down with your oldest friends. ERIN: Motivation, accountability, training partners and friendship are the first things that come to mind. Most of our members post a “runfie” (a running selfie) from their runs with their friends and it makes you want to get out there and run with them!

How has your group helped your community? KAREN: In addition to organizing various donation drives, we organize a monthly visit to a local senior living center. We also form an annual team

for the Relay for Life, we provide desserts and volunteer help at a major Twin Lakes Food Bank fundraiser, and we adopt children and elderly in need to provide gifts during the holidays. ERIN: On a large scale, we are helping women daily by helping them set and achieve their fitness goals. A few months ago, we were contacted by a local attorney representing Jane Kibii, who is an elite runner from Kenya. We organized a weekly “Run with Jane” where some of our fastest runners accompany her and other moms babysit the kids.

Erin, I recently saw MRTT in the news showing massive support for a fellow runner that was a complete stranger. It was really moving. Can you tell me more about that? ERIN: In March, we rallied around a woman (completely unknown to us) who was attacked while running May 2015 |


Photo Courtesy of Sierra Moms,

Moms Run this Town, Roseville/Rocklin (, photo by Joel Corcoran Photography

on a paved trail through Roseville. We wanted to show that we are not afraid to run and that we will not stop running because of things like this. In less than 24 hours the Roseville/ Rocklin MRTT put together a run on the same trail she was attacked on. Nearly 100 women from our group as well as the Auburn and Citrus Heights/ Fair Oaks MRTT groups came to run. The Roseville Police Department had several people run with us. We want all the women runners out there to know that they don’t have to run alone— there are groups all over the area that will connect runners!

meet-ups, tours of local businesses, visits to children’s activity providers, group theater outings, fitness class, parenting education, movie outings, charity events, and so much more. And MNOs!

What kinds of things does each of your organizations do as a group? Do you organize any mom’s night outs (MNOs)? JILL: We have had a few different MNOs, happy hours and other fun events. We have so much fun at our book club! With Team CCM we’ve had running meet-ups and training events. Our favorite group events so far have been organizing and running with our Team CCM in half marathons and joining together for some training. KAREN: We offer dozens of activities each month, including age-based playgroups, park and community event 18 | May 2015

How has your group acted as a support system for each other? JILL: I think we all have a “we’re all in this together” kind of attitude. We all are at different stages of this motherhood gig and yet there is this commonality that is so wonderful. Recently Sarah wrote about how she really wanted to have the genetic test for BRAC1 and BRAC2 gene mutations that are known to cause ovarian cancer because she had lost grandparents and a parent to the disease, but she didn’t even know where to start. One of our community members messaged her and is now working with her to get the genetic testing she hopes will let her know if she needs preventative medical care or not. Most importantly, this is information that can be shared with our whole community! ERIN: Whether someone has run their furthest distance, reached a new PR (personal record), completed a race or needs advice on injury, clothing or gear, our group is full of positive feedback.

Have there been any moments when you were inspired by a particular mom in your group? ERIN: We have one woman in our group named Susie, who in one year went from never running to completing a 50k. There are two moms who started Couch 2 5K late last year, and then completed their first half-marathon in March. KAREN: Dalis, a new member who stepped up to coordinate the Children’s Activity and Preschool Expo, stuck with it and provided excellent service to the event vendors, despite dealing with a chronic illness in her baby and his difficulty with sleeping.

What is the favorite thing about your group? ERIN: We believe every woman is capable of accomplishing her goals. Although it is running that connected us, it is friendship that keeps us together. JILL: My favorite thing is the latest post, the latest meetup, the latest book club meeting, the latest comment and interaction.

What’s on the horizon for each of your mommy groups? ERIN: Obviously we will keep running! We have almost 50 women committed to running CIM this year!

Moms Run this Town, Roseville/Rocklin (, photo by Joel Corcoran Photography

JILL: Building a community is our biggest goal. More fun, more events, more running, more Book Club, more giving back to the community, more celebrating motherhood! 

 KAREN: We are looking forward to offering the 10th Annual Children’s Activity and Preschool Expo next year.

Photo courtesy of Sierra Moms,

Each of these groups reaches beyond support. They were created to inspire, be inspired, give back to their community, and let every mom know that they are not alone. There’s no competition, just moms encouraging moms to be their best selves. I think Jill of CCM said it best, “The belief that we can do hard things, that we can be graceful in the

face of adversity and chaos and difficulty is a driving force for us.” It’s people like Jill, Karen, and Erin that believe this for us, when we can’t. You can learn more about joining one of these groups at the websites listed below, they are just three of many amazing mommy groups in our area. There are so many physical and emotional benefits waiting for you! sp Cap City Moms | Moms Run This Town Sierra Moms |

AMANDA is an ex-wedding planner turned stay-athome mom. She funnels her creativity into her blog,, and into super-fun activities for her kiddos. She lives in Folsom with her husband and their two children. Her SAHM mantra is, “I’m a memory maker!” She is constantly striving to make each day the best ever for her family.

May 2015 |



20 | May 2015


The Gift of Camp:

Skill, Adventure & All Kinds of Fun! I treasure the stories my children tell after arriving home from camp. Their daily adventures include experiences that build character and bond relationships. Every camp has a unique way of teaching kids their value while giving them opportunities to experience all kinds of fun outside of their homes. With summer break quickly approaching, it’s time to explore summer camps. To find one that fits your child’s needs—you can seek out opinions from friends and neighbors; ask teachers and church counselors what camps they recommend, or start here in this magazine with the camp guide on page 27. Whether day camp or overnight camp, there’s sure to be one your child will love and gain valuable skills from while attending.   Camp counselor Jamie Newman, who has worked the past two summers at a children’s camp for kids ages 5 to 16, expresses her enthusiasm for sending kids to camp. She says, “Camp encour-

ages kids to try new things and teaches them confidence through new experiences. They learn valuable life lessons when encouraged to give something new a try, even if it doesn’t feel comfortable to them. Also, when kids experience a local camp together, new friendships can form and continue beyond their time spent there.” Our five kids have attended summer camps ranging from athletic camps to church camps to choir and band camps. Each camp plays a unique role in building character qualities and creating life-long memories through everyday activities and interactions with others.   If you need encouragement to give your child the gift of summer camp, here are a few thoughts to consider: • Kids benefit from new relationships and a caring environment with camp counselors who want to help them with everyday struggles.

By Gayla Grace

• Camp forces kids to unplug from technology and enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature. Through outside activities, kids find new hobbies without academic pressure or expectations. They gain self-confidence through trying new things and discovering talents they didn’t know they had. • Camp teaches good sportsmanship by encouraging each child to be fair and kind, win or lose. Team activities teach kids how to cooperate and the value of getting along with others through working together and supporting one another.   So, what are you waiting for? Have you signed your child up for a day camp yet? There’s adventure and character-building experiences waiting for your child this summer! sp

GAYLA GRACE sends her kids to camp every summer and always looks forward to hearing new stories when they return.

May 2015 |



22 | May 2015


May 2015 |



24 | May 2015


Considering Day Camp? 10 Questions to Ask

Photo courtesy of History Camp,

Fortunately, we live in an area where there are camp options to meet every interest, price range, and schedule throughout Greater Sacramento. Knowing your options, as well as your child’s personality, will help you identify the local programs from which your child will benefit most. This month, we wanted to share a list of questions to consider when choosing a day camp (courtesy of the American Camp Association): • What training does the staff receive on safety, supervision, counseling, problem solving and other issues unique to working with young children? • Is the price all-inclusive or are there extra charges for: transportation, swimming lessons, food service, horseback riding, group pictures, T-shirts, extended care, or field trips? • If transportation is offered, where is the closest pick-up location? • If before and after camp extended care is offered, who is with the children and what activities take place?

• Is lunch served or do campers bring their own sack lunch? Are snacks and drinks provided? • If the camp offers swimming, are there swimming lessons or is it simply recreational swimming? • Are campers in a group with a counselor all day? Or, are campers free to go from one activity to another with appropriate supervision? In this case, who would be the contact for a questions or concerns about your child? • Is an open house offered before camp starts where you can meet your child’s counselor and van/ bus driver? • Are parents allowed to drop by for visits or is there a special parent visitation day? • Does the American Camp Association accredit the camp? sp

For more articles and resources, visit Don’t forget to check for even more articles and to explore the annual camp guide with links to local camps. May 2015 |



26 | May 2015



Performing Arts

Water Activities



Day Camps


ca mp

Arts & Crafts


• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Auburn Racquet Club Auburn 530-885-1602 | Bayside Church Multiple Locations Bounce Spot West Sacramento 916-371-2386 | Byers Gymnastics Roseville and Citrus Heights 916-781-2939 or 916-723-7700

• •

California Time Traveler Camp Sacramento 916-654-1729

• • • Camellia Waldorf • • • 916-427-5022 | Camp Carden at Carden School • • • • • 916-488-1313 | Summer Camp at CDC  916-286-7865 | • • • • • City of Folsom Parks & Recreation  • • • • • • 916-355-7285 | Courtyard School • • • • • • • 916-442-5395 | Destination Science 1-888-909-2822 | • Destiny Kids Camps • • • • • 916-780-2273 | Digital Arts Camp • • 916-363-7058 | El Dorado Sewing & Fashion Academy 916-705-1414 | • El Rancho School • • • • • • 916-482-8656 | Extra Innings 916-253-3593 | • Fairytale Town • • • • 916-808-7462 |



Multiple Locations


Midtown Sacramento

Sacramento State University



El Dorado Hills




The Gift of Kids El Dorado Hills & Citrus Heights 916-941-8751 & 916-962-2137

• • • • • Granite Arch Climbing Center • • 916-852-7625 | History Camp • • • 916-808-4980 | • • It’s Kids Time • • • 916-932-84635 | Journey off the Map • • • 916-452-7132 | Kids Camp • • • • • 916-608-9900 | LaserCraze • • 916-259-2729 | Little Folks University • • • • • • • 916-985-7055 | Mad Science of Sacramento Valley • • 916-779-0390 | • Rancho Cordova


El Dorado Hills


Folsom, Eldorado Hills, Roseville, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights Rocklin


Sacramento Area

continued on page 29 May 2015 |



28 | May 2015

Olympus Multi-Sport Camp Sacramento 916-666-9471 |



Performing Arts

Water Activities



Day Camps

Arts & Crafts

ca mp



• • ReCreate Maker Camps • • • 916-770-9880 | Placer Nature Center Auburn 530- 878-6053 | Roseville

Rocknasium The Climbing Gym presents Pirates of the Carabiner Summer Camp 530-757-2902 |


Sacramento Ballet Sacramento 916-552-5800 | Sacramento Country Day School Summer Camp 916-481-8811 | Sac State Aquatic & Boating Safety Center Gold River 916-278-2842 |

• • • • • • •

Sunrise Kid’s Club Camps Antelope 916-725-1585 |

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The First Tee/ Haggin Oaks/Bing Maloney/ William Land Golf Course 916-808-2531 |

• •

Tricks Gymnastics GB 791-4496 | Fol 351-0024 | Sac 481-4496

• • • • • • • •

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op Sacramento 916-868-6399 | Sacramento Synchronized Swim Team 916-692-9366 |


Sacramento Theatre Company Sacramento 916-446-7501 x113 | Sombrero Time Granite Bay 844-400-8448 |

Wonder-Land Summer Camp Carmichael 916-481-1798 |

Visit Our Online Camp Guide

May 2015 |



30 | May 2015

CAMP crafty

Nature Bracelets By Amanda Rinehart

Every summer our family goes on a week-long camping trip to Yosemite. We really enjoy spending quality time in nature. We’ve taken the kids camping every year—even when my son was 6 weeks old! To prepare for our trip I search around for new activities to do. These Nature Bracelets are a family favorite! Both my son and my daughter enjoy making these. I buy girly duct tape and ribbon for my daughter and boyish duct tape and ribbon for my son. These are easy, fun to make and you probably have most of the stuff in your camping kit already. TO MAKE IT TAKE WITH YOU: • duct tape • clear packing tape • hole punch • scissors • ribbon, yarn, or string FIND IN NATURE: • flowers • feathers • small rocks • reeds • anything your kiddos think is beautiful

We like to make these towards the end of our trip. This gives my kids something to collect while we are on walks, hikes, at the beach, or while we are making meals. After the kids have collected their nature items, measure their wrists for the duct tape. You want the tape to fit loosely, with about one inch of extra tape at each end. Next, have them arrange their nature items on the sticky side of a pre-cut and pre-measured strip of duct tape. It helps if you turn the ends of the tape under to stick to the table surface. Once they like the design, put a piece of packing tape right over the top to secure the natural elements. Punch two holes in either end and tie with a bow. So easy and so fun. These are great to do on any vacation, at a camping party, or just on a family nature walk. sp

AMANDA is an ex-wedding planner turned stayat-home mom. She funnels her creativity into her blog,, and into super-fun activities for her kiddos. She lives in Folsom with her husband and their two children. Her SAHM mantra is, “I’m a memory maker!” She is constantly striving to make each day the best ever for her family. May 2015 |



32 | May 2015

The Juicing Revolution: Nature’s Real Fast Food

By Jordan Venema

If you know your food groups and how to count calories, you probably have a better relationship with your food than most. But as essential as food is to our identity—because, well, we are what we eat—it’s surprising how few people actually think about what they put into their bodies. That’s paradoxically a result of too much food access: between fast food and supermarkets, too many options mean less effort and thought put into meals. Food processing is nothing new—it’s put bread in the pantry and beer in the fridge. But in the last hundred years, thanks to canning, chemistry, and genetic modification, the food industry has dramatically changed how consumers interact with their food. In 2013, scientists even grew burger meat from bison stem cells. But with our food coming from cans, boxes, and science labs, we might begin to wonder, is any of this even natural anymore? For all this access, we seem farther from our food than ever before. Sacramento calls itself America’s farm-to-fork capital, and recently the city passed an Urban Agriculture Ordinance, which supports the claim; just another step removed between farm and fork, between food producers and consumers. And there are other signs of a general movement back to food’s source: farmers’ markets popping up and restaurants using locally sourced foods. The latest conscripted solider in this food revolution is juicing. Local juice companies like WholeHearted Juice Company, Metro Juice Company, and Sun & Soil Juice Company specialize in raw, organic, cold-pressed juices, and these juiceries are selling bottles

Photo by Lisa Smiley Photography, taken at WholeHearted Juice Company,

faster than produce can grow. No surprise, considering that one bottle has 4 to 6 pounds of produce and delivers the nutrients almost immediately—no fiber, no chewing, just down the hatch. Essentially, these companies are the real fast foods, with an emphasis on both real and fast: real, natural ingredients and the body’s fast assimilation of nutrients. Metro Juice Company’s owner, Lisa Musilli Johnson believes the reasons cold-pressed juice appeals to people are as diverse as the ingredients that go into each bottle. “Its flavor profiles are deeper, the nutritional profile is deeper and the colors are more vibrant. It’s a beautiful sensory experience.” Musilli Johnson continues, “And, because it’s filtered, there’s no fiber, so you have really rapid assimilation…

People will replace coffee [with juice] because they’ll have a different experience of energy than from caffeine.” So dispel the notion of single-ingredient concentrate, of artificial colors and flavors, of juice heavily sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. Cold-pressed juices incorporate ingredients farmed directly from the earth, and locally. “Many days I’m able to buy my produce at the same farmers market that I’m selling juice at,” says Musilli Johnson. The idea that ingredients like bok choy, beet, ginger, and lime create a tasty beverage might surprise the palate, but only with pleasure. Consider WholeHearted Juice’s lime-green colored juice, Brilliant. “To me,” says Amina Cordano, WholeHearted Juice Company’s owner, “Brilliant tastes like May 2015 |


Photos courtesy of Metro Kitchen and Drinkery,

a Jolly Rancher.” The drink is sweet, but Cordano assures not from sugar. “It’s actually mostly broccoli stalk,” she says, besides cucumber, lemon and Granny Smith Apple. As an energy drink alternative and delicious treat, cold-pressed juice has become a sensible trend for some, but for others, juicing has been life changing. In the latter sense, Cordano is something of a juicing poster child. She describes herself as “a die-hard, undercover hippy,” but for her it was either become a die-hard juicer or, well, quite possibly die. “In 2011 I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, hence why it’s called WholeHearted.” Beating 198 beats a minute and functioning at only 20%, doctors stopped and restarted Cordano’s heart, then put her on five different medications. “But who wants to do that?” she asks. “Blood pressure monitoring, blood thinners—you just don’t feel alive.” Cordano began eating raw and organic foods, and purchased a cold-press juicer to more easily cut through the fiber and get to the nutrients. “I was really looking for what I could do to get my body healthy and get off medication… A year and a half later,” Cordano smiles, “my heart failure is in complete remission.” And she credits the juice. For Cordano, juicing was like a gateway drug to a healthier lifestyle, and 34 | May 2015

though necessary for her health, she says it was also an easy transition. “I feel amazing,” Cordano admits. “Once you start eating this way and drinking this way, your body craves it. You feel alive.” So why don’t more people juice? Sadly, most of our palates have been habituated to unhealthy foods. A grocery store offers the illusion of diversity, but many of the foods we eat are made up of three ingredients: corn, wheat, and soy. We’ve been trained to crave certain foods. Musilli Johnson agrees that changing our palate is easier to do than we might think. Try a three-day cleanse, says Musilli Johnson, and “the typical experience is, wow, my palate has really changed, that [unhealthy] food no longer appeals to me. My cravings have changed. It doesn’t take very long to break those habits.” As parents, for our children’s sake, it’s important to break the unhealthy habits we inherited as children, which our parents also inherited as children. Johnson sees these habits at work during farmers markets, where she sells her juice. “The children are pretty intrigued, because the juices are so vibrant, so interesting.” But when children reach for the green juice, Musilli Johnson says it’s not uncommon for a parent to warn, “Honey, you won’t like that.” But really kids love the juice, expresses Johnson. “We have

so many pictures of kids with these big beet smiles,” red lips from their red beet juice. Cordano likes to playfully use that coloring effect to help children look at juice in a different way. When children seem hesitant to try juice (because they know it’s healthy), she’ll tease, “I double dog dare you,” or, “I bet if you drink it your tongue will turn purple.” And do you know what, asks Cordano, “The kids get so excited.” Don’t panic because it’s organic, Cordano laughs, and keep it fun. Try making popsicles with juice, she suggests, anything to introduce the idea to children that healthy food is normal. Let’s eliminate the bias that healthy food is synonymous with bland, or a diet strictly reserved for health nuts. Because juice is such an easy, delicious, fun way to get our nutrients, it’s a great tool for parents who want to encourage healthier habits in their children (and in themselves). It’s a time-saver, too. Busy parents might have a hard time convincing kids to eat a bowl of salad, let alone four pounds of broccoli, but a delicious

bottle of juice not only goes down easily, but can be taken just about anywhere. Both Musilli Johnson and Cordano hope their companies can challenge this ingrained bias against healthy foods. But as businesses, their mission isn’t just to make a profit. “I’m not in it for the money,” says Cordano. “I’m in it to motivate other people, to save the world one juice at a time.” She even hopes people try juicing on their own. Even if that cuts into WholeHearted Juice Company’s profit margin? “That’s ok,” she quickly admits, “because that’s how I got started. Any way I can spread the love.” Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food, said Hippocrates. And whether it’s a broader lifestyle or once-in-a-while treat, juice might just be the medicine for what’s ailing our food culture or, at the very least, what’s ailing us personally. “When you drink juice,” says Musilli Johnson, “your hair gets shinier, your skin gets better, your digestion improves, and all without doing something dramatic.” You needn’t go vegan, or get a platinum membership to your local gym, just start drinking juice. Cordano swears by it: “It’s so amazing the way I feel now. I don’t have a crash during the day, I don’t feel lethargic or tired, and when I go to sleep, I sleep so well.” And that kind of endorsement, well, it’s music to any parents’ ears. sp Metro Kitchen and Drinkery Sun & Soil Juice Company WholeHearted Juice Company

JORDAN VENEMA is a freelance writer and California native. He’s a fan of stories, traveling, music, and food. But mostly, he’s a fan of his six-year-old son, Cassian. Visit his website,

May 2015 |


Born into a Silent World

By Sherri Bergmann

It is common for older people to lose some hearing as they age, but when a newborn baby is diagnosed with hearing loss or deafness, it can strike fear in a parent. After learning their baby has a hearing loss, parents may have feelings of surprise, shock, confusion, anger, and even guilt. These feelings can be overwhelming. Where to go? What to do? How will my child communicate? Will my child be successful in life? Families of children with hearing loss often need to learn special skills to help their child learn language. These skills can be used together with cochlear implants and other devices which can often help with hearing loss. A child with hearing loss can learn to communicate in a variety of different ways including American Sign Language (ASL), Listening and Spoken Language or a combination (Total Communication). Grandparents, siblings and other relatives must also adapt to a new way of communicating. Most are familiar with the ASL option, but Greater Sacramento offers a unique opportunity for children with hearing loss to learn to listen and develop spoken language. The CCHAT (Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking) Center— Sacramento, located in Rancho Cordova, is one of three listening and spoken language education specialty schools in California. CCHAT’s approach to language development involves teaching infants and young children with hearing loss to listen and talk with the support of hearing technology, such as hearing aids or cochlear implants. CCHAT provides a comprehensive, family centered, early intervention 36 | May 2015

Photo courtesy of the CCHAT Center,

educational program to serve children with hearing loss from birth through third grade. Their goal is to assist each child to develop to his or her fullest potential and to teach fundamental language, social and cognitive skills to provide the foundation for later schooling and success in society. This allows them to integrate, or mainstream, into regular schools, develop fulfilling careers and be socially active within the hearing community. Because children who attended programs like CCHAT can communicate independently and do not need an interpreter once they are mainstreamed, usually by kindergarten, the long-term cost savings for tax payers is tremendous. However, not all children born with a hearing loss can benefit from the listening and spoken language option. Laura Turner, principal of CCHAT, explains this: • Some children do not benefit from amplification for physiological reasons, thus an auditory based program may not be the best option.

• There are a very small percentage of children who do not make adequate language growth even with appropriate amplification and intervention. It is important to closely track progress so appropriate and timely referrals to other programs can be made if the child is not progressing. • There is a narrow window of time for learning to listen and develop speech—birth through age six and more specifically birth through age 3, while their motor skills are developing. Appropriate and intensive intervention makes the difference between typical and delayed development. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, if a child is not exposed to language during this period due to hearing loss, he or she will have more difficulty developing spoken or signed language, and reading skills. In addition, during the early stages of life, the brain builds the nerve pathways necessary for under-

standing auditory information. For these reasons, identifying hearing loss as early as possible, by the time a child reaches three months of age, enables parents to pursue treatment options early so that a child can learn to communicate comparably with his or her hearing peers. • It is also a big commitment on the part of the family. Some parents think hearing aids or a cochlear implant are a “magic fix.” They do not understand the intensive intervention, such as speech and other lessons, which needs to follow. Regardless of all the options for children who cannot hear, the most important environment they can have is one with a lot of love and support. sp

Photo courtesy of the CCHAT Center, For a free PDF booklet information on all of the options and support for deaf and hard of hearing children in California, sponsored by the California Academy of Audiology (CAA), go to

SHERRI BERGMANN was born with a profound hearing loss; she cannot hear an alarm clock or a siren without a hearing aid. She is a freelance writer and a full time graphic designer, and lives in Cameron Park with her husband and two dogs (whom she suspects knows she cannot hear).

Next month is Helen Keller’s birthday and June 27th is now commemorated as Helen Keller Day. Born on June 27, 1880, Helen became blind and deaf by the age of 19 months. Without modern technology, she was determined to break through the barrier of isolation and overcame steep obstacles to learn to communicate. She learned both sign language and to speak.

May 2015 |


May Events for Families with Special Needs Saturday, May 2

The 30th Annual ACT Games

8am athlete check-in at Hornet Football Stadium, CSU Sacramento Youth, ages 3 to 18 with physical disabilities are invited to participate in a fun track and field event. Compete against great athletes and meet new friends. Free, pre-registration required (parking is $6). 808-1205 |

Saturday, May 9

Meet the Machines

10am at Mather Sports Center, Mather Children of all ages have the opportunity to touch, climb on and explore an expanse of exciting machines and unique vehicles. The event will also feature other activities such as bounce houses, games, face painting, music and food. The first hour of the event is horn free to accommodate children with special needs and sensitive ears. Free. 362-1841 |

Second Saturday Sensory Storytime

10am at North Natomas Library, Sacramento This inclusive storytime was developed for kids with Autism and/or sensory disorders. It features songs, stories, sensory activities and interactive materials. It is targeted for a developmental age of 2 to 6 years-old. Behaviors and/or noise—no problem. Free, siblings are welcome! 264-2920 |

Walk in Our Shoes

9am at Jesse Baker School, Elk Grove Please join the families of Jessie Baker students and the greater community for the annual Walk in Our Shoes. The 1.5 mile walk and ensuing festival attracts hundreds of supporters; and helps generate funds to provide updated technology, programs, and equipment to encourage an active lifestyle. After the walk there will be a festival that includes family fun activities, more than 50 shopping vendors, five SactoMoFo food trucks, and a raffle for Disneyland tickets. Help inspire students with special needs at Jessie Baker School to be active! 686-7703 |

Wednesday, May 13

Beary Special Playdate

5-7pm at Sacramento Children’s Museum, Rancho Cordova Beary Special Playdate is a monthly event for special needs children and their families to enjoy all the Museum activities and light refreshments. Free admission, but RSVP required as space is limited. Please call for more information or to reserve your spot! Sponsored by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northern California. 638-7225 |

38 | May 2015

Saturday, May 16

Sensory Storytime

10:30am at Sylvan Oaks Library, Citrus Heights A special storytime for kids with autism and/or sensory disorders featuring books music fidget toys crafts and more! The presenter is the parent of a young man with autism and there will be lots of time for parents to network with others. Noise and/or behaviors are never a problem at the library! Free. 264-2920 |

Lions Special Kids Day

10am-3pm at Ride to Walk Facility, Lincoln A day of food, fun, friendship, music, animals and more! Free, but registration is required by May 1st.

Sensory Family Movie Matinee

1:30pm at North Natomas Library, Sacramento This inclusive family movie event is for kids with Autism and/or sensory disorders. It is targeted for a developmental age of 2 to 6 yearsold. Behaviors and/or noise are no problem. Everyone is welcome! Free. 264-2920 |

Sunday, May 23

Autism-Friendly Family Flicks!

10am at Sylvan Oaks Library, Citrus Heights A special family movie event for kids with autism and/or sensory disorders. “Typical” toddlers and preschoolers are welcome too! This month: “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” (2008, 91 min., PG). They’ll have healthy snacks, the lights will be slightly up, the sound will be slightly down and kids don’t need to remain seated while enjoying the movie. There will also be lots of fidget toys! 264-2920 | sp Do you have a special needs event that you would like us to share? Let us know, and we’ll help spread the word. Send event information to:

May 2015 |


calendar We recommend confirming events before you go. All phone numbers are area code 916 unless otherwise noted. See our full calendar listings at


This month is blooming with fun! Embrace the sunny days and go explore—run, bike, celebrate, play—make the most of the beautiful month of May! Photo courtesy of Sacramento County Fair, May 21-25

Friday, 5/1

Saturday, 5/2

Concerts in the Park

17th Annual Land Park Garden Tour and Tea

5pm at Cesar Chavez Plaza, Sacramento Opening Night! The Concerts in the Park series is a gathering place in the heart of the city and marks the official start to summer in Sacramento. The city’s longest-running, outdoor music festival has been around for over 20 years. The line-up for the first night includes: Island of Black & White, Drop Dead Read, Riotmaker and DJ Epik. Free.

Fancy Nancy Party

4pm at Southgate Community Library, Sacramento Read fancy books, create fancy crafts, decorate with fancy ornaments and dress up with the fanciest accoutrements (that’s a fancy word for accessories). Great for ages 5 and up. Parents are encouraged to bring a camera. Free. 264-2920 |

Lights, Camera, Action! Special Trains & Tripods Photo Opportunity

5:30pm at California Railroad Museum, Sacramento For decades, capturing powerful locomotive images has been a favorite pastime for photographers. And now, the California State Railroad Museum and Mike’s Camera in Sacramento are proud to host “Trains & Tripods,” a two-part program that includes an optional seminar on shooting existing light photography in museums and a photographers-only photo session inside the visually enticing Museum before it opens to the public for the day. Interested amateur photographers can choose to attend one or both of the activities. 323-9280 |

Movers for Moms Donation Drive

8am with Two Men and a Truck, Sacramento Two Men And A Truck, SMUD, and WEAVE, Inc. are teaming up to make the upcoming Mother’s Day special for struggling mothers in Sacramento. Every year, Two Men and a Truck Sacramento collects thousands of food and clothing items for its Movers for Moms drive benefiting WEAVE, Inc., the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County. 852-7411 |

40 | May 2015

10am at Holy Spirit Parish School, Sacramento The self-guided tour will highlight eight unique private gardens featuring beautiful pools, water features, original sculptures, art, outdoor kitchens, and much more. The tea will be presented at a stately private residence in the heart of Land Park. With an inspiring garden as the backdrop, guests will enjoy a traditional English tea luncheon seated at tables elegantly decorated with their own unique theme and décor. 606-4195 |

Atari Party

12pm at Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library, Davis Atari Party is an annual hands-on exhibit of classic computers and retro video game systems. Local Atari enthusiasts will set up dozens of systems (with hundreds of games) for the public to come play—all for free. 530-902-7416 |

Flower Power

10am at Placer Nature Center, Auburn Flowers color our landscape in May. What do they look like up close? Explore petals, seeds and other flower parts using the nature center’s microscopes. How many flowers can you find in our garden and on our nature trail? Try weaving and coloring with flowers! 530-878-6053 |

FootGolf De Mayo

12:30pm at Foothill Golf Center, Sacramento Grab your family and friends for a fun day of FootGolf! Help the California FootGolf Club celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Registration includes 18 holes of FootGolf, a grab bag, and lunch. Fun for all ages! 804-1649 |

Intergalactic Expo (5/2 & 5/3)

1pm at West Sacramento Community Center This out-of-this-world event, run by local science fiction fans, is a community fundraiser and special weekend-long celebration featuring a Friday night art show, a Saturday night cosplay dance and a Sunday full-day convention. The expo will also offer photo ops with costumed characters, indoor vendors, outdoor bazaar, costume parade, script reading contest, live comedy, charity auction, demos, workshops, panels, memorabilia exhibits, art exhibit, board games, video games, kids’ arts and crafts, hands-on activities and more! 530-417-3365 |

May Day!

10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael May Day marks the revival of life and the celebration of spring. Join a Naturalist for a hike to see what kinds of wonders await you! Park entrance fee of $5 per car. 489-4918 |

The 66th Annual Fair Oaks Fiesta (5/2 & 5/3)

10am at Fair Oaks Village This year, the Fair Oaks Fiesta will focus on its most popular events from years past; including Founders Day events, the announcement of this year’s Mayoral Candidates, the crowning of Miss Fair Oaks, some Sacramento food trucks, live music featuring local bands, children’s activities, games, and more. 967-2903 |

Where the Wild Kids Are!

9am at Sacramento Zoo Explore the Sacramento Zoo during a day of kid-centered cultural entertainment, art, music and dance. Local museums, historical societies, genealogy groups, plus arts and crafts groups will join in on the family fun. 808-5888 |

Sunday, 5/3 Cinco De Mayo Festival

(Fiesta en la Calle) 12pm at Southside Park, Sacramento The festival promises to be a fun celebration of the Latino culture, traditions, art, food, drinks, music, and dances. There will be special performances by Xihuacoatl Aztec Dancers, Fólklorico Aztlan de Sacramento, and Salsa Riquísima from DelCampo Dance Studios. 541-6302 |


12pm at Sacramento Turn Verein Every May, the Sacramento Turn Verein German Language School hosts the Maifest, a family-friendly celebration of the arrival of spring! This festive event includes German Maypole dancers, German music, German food, face painting, crafts, story-telling, adult biergarten, “kaffee” und “kuchen” (coffee and cake), and the famous “Maibowle” drink, which contains strawberries soaked in brandy. 442-7360 |

The Art of Song

4pm at Carmichael Seventh Day Adventist Church This concert will feature five choirs taking you on a journey of songs from different eras and cultures: from the Italian Renaissance, to a review of the opera “Hansel and Gretel!” The singers will present folk tunes, silly melodies and jazz with a review of the Broadway hit “Sound of Music,” (in honor of its 50th Anniversary). 646-1141 |

Turtle Talk

1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Let’s shell it out and explore these amazing reptiles. Find out what’s underneath the shell, where they come from, what kinds live in our area and meet live turtles up close! Park entrance fee $5 per car. 489-4918 |

Monday, 5/4 All Aboard for Storytime

11am at California Railroad Museum, Sacramento Let railroads help introduce and foster the love of reading for your little ones! This interactive and fun program is designed for imaginative young children ages two to five. Museum staff will read a different railroad-related book each month and afterward, little ones can enjoy the Museum with their parents. Whether its toy trains or big locomotives, there is something to discover in the Museum that will thrill children of all ages! See website for Museum admission. 323-9280 |

Tuesday, 5/5


7th Annual Berry Fest (5/9 & 5/10)

8am at Placer County Fairgrounds & Event Center, Roseville The Berry Fest celebrates the harvest of the strawberry with great food, fun contests, amazing activities and specular entertainment all revolving around the strawberry and it’s tasty berry counterparts (i.e. black berry, raspberry, boysenberry…). The festival is a Roseville tradition held on Mother’s Day weekend. It’ll be Berry fun! 787-0101 |

Big Day of Giving (DoG) 2015

24 hours—donations are accepted all day/night long! The Sacramento region will join hundreds of community foundations across the country in a 24 hour giving challenge through a national campaign called “Give Local America.” This unprecedented event is a celebration of giving by many donors, and locally, will not just bring additional funding, but increased awareness of the nonprofit sector who work tirelessly to make our community a better place. Giving challenges are sparking excitement in

many regions just like ours, and have raised millions. It’s now our turn to do the same! See website for locations.

Mack Road Spring Fair (5/5 -5/10)

Various times at Mack Road Fairgrounds Sacramento residents are invited to enjoy and participate in the festivities operated by The Mack Road Partnership and Johnston Amusements. This is a family event and all ages are invited. Fair includes: Cinco de Mayo festival, a dozen rides, food, games and local vendors. 282-3203 |

West Sacramento Urban Farm Takeover

11:30am at West Sacramento Urban Farm Stand Spend your lunch hour learning about the West Sacramento Urban Farm Program, run by the Center for Land-Based Learning. The Urban Farm Takeover will feature the Culinerdy Cruizer food truck serving up a farm fresh lunch menu, the Bottom Dwellers will play live music, the farm stand will be set up with fresh veggies, and there will be special giveaways. 530-795-9569 |

Wednesday, 5/6 Making Oaxacan Inspired Animal Masks with ArtBeast

4pm at Arcade Library, Sacramento We will share a book then learn about the crafts people of Oaxaca who carve animals from the wood of the Copal and festoon each in bright colors. Finally each child will create their own one-of-a-kind animal mask painting it with Oaxacan-inspired flair. 264-2920 |

Thursday, 5/7 Food-Cycle Celebration and Compost Festival

5pm at Fremont Community Garden Celebrate the local food-cycle and composting with the restaurants, farms, schools and residents that complete the food loop. This event is a free festival for kids and adults! It is an educational festival celebrating composting, the local food cycle, and the preservation of our fertile Valley soils. See what Sacramento is doing to reduce food waste from going into our landfills and keeping our Valley soils fertile. There will be music, beer and wine for grownups. This will be zero-waste event. 346-5154 |

Taste of the Little City

5:30pm at Safetyville USA, Sacramento Join us for our 14th Annual Taste of the Little City event. Sip, Sample & Savor Sacramento’s local wines, craft brews & unique eats while strolling the streets of Safetyville USA’s unique miniature city. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Safety & Health Education Program. 438-3355 |

May 2015 |


Photo courtesy of Dirty Diva Trail Run, see page 46

Friday, 5/8 Captain Underpants Party

3:30pm at McKinley Library, Sacramento You’re invited to a Captain Underpantsthemed party! Read an underpants story make your own Perfectly Portable Pilkey-Powered Paper “Pug” Planes, play an underwear fling game, eat Captain Underpants-themed snacks  and more! Don’t miss this afternoon of disgusting and silly Captain Underpants fun. Free. 264-2920 |

Jim Gill—Music Play for all Young Children

4pm at Fair Oaks Library A free family concert featuring Jim Gill, award-winning musician and author leading families in music and play! Energetic rhythms, singing, dancing, clapping and action-oriented songs will keep the whole family smiling, giggling and even sneezing along! Jim Gill’s distinctive music play will inspire and ignite the child in us all!   264-2920 |

Saturday, 5/9 Collaborative Group Art Activity with ArtBeast

2pm at Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library, Sacramento We’ll all be working together to create some fantastic art that will be displayed on the walls of the library. The details of this project are a secret (shh!), but you can be sure that ArtBeast has planned something fun and creative for us. 264-2920 |

Family Concert with Jim Gill

2pm at Franklin Community Library, Elk Grove A free family concert featuring Jim Gill award-winning musician and author  leading families in music and play! Energetic rhythms, singing, dancing, clapping and action-oriented songs will keep the whole family smiling, giggling and even sneezing along! Jim Gill’s distinctive music play will inspire and ignite the child in us all!    264-2920 |

Meet the Machines

11am at Mather Sports Center Children of all ages have the opportunity to touch, climb on and explore an expanse of exciting machines and unique vehicles. The event will also feature other activities such as 42 | May 2015

bounce houses, games, face painting, music and food. Free. 362-1841 |

Wednesday, 5/13

Spring Tea

4pm at Belle Cooledge Library, Sacramento Join neighborhood favorite Mr. Cooper for 30 minutes of music time and freeze dancing for ages 3 to 7 years. Free. 264-2920 |

11am at Elk Grove Regional Park Elk Grove Historic Society is hosting their annual Spring Tea fundraiser event. This event will feature a silent auction, a raffle, and a meal. This year’s theme is “Passport to Paris.” This event is just in time for Mother’s Day and would be a great gift. 685-8115 |

Sunday, 5/10 MOTHER’S DAY Missing Orangutan Mothers (MOM’s) Day Book & Bake Sale

10am at the Sacramento Zoo Buy some delicious aked goods, a good book, and learn about how orangutans are excellent mothers. Find our table near the Orangutan exhibit. Purses for Primates will be at the front of the zoo selling gently used purses. All poceeds go to support Orangutan Outreach, Missing Orangutan Mothers (MOM), an organization that aids orphaned orangutans in the wild. 808-5888 |

Mother’s Day

11am at Funderland, Sacramento Mom’s ride free on Mother’s Day, because we can never thank our mom’s enough for loving us, raising us, and putting up with us! 456-0131 |

Mother’s Day Springtime Event

11am at Empire Mine State Historic Park Celebrate Mother’s Day surrounded by gold-mine history, glamorous early-1900s costumes, and glorious gardens. Children can pot a plant as a gift for mom. In the busy Blacksmith Shop, handmade “prairie-diamond” rings will be given to moms, and the story behind them shared. Live music and entertainment will add to the festive feel. Bring your own lunch, chairs and blankets - and picnic on the magnificent grounds. Food and drinks from local vendors will be available for purchase - and Empire’s popular Gift Shop will be full of beautiful, affordable gifts. A memorable day for mom and all the family. All ages welcome. 530-273-8522 |

Tuesday, 5/12 The Hoots

5pm at Fair Oaks Library Music offered by The Hoots is rooted in folk Americana and rock. The songs with their catchy melodies and fun themes are familiar yet unique. 264-2920 |

Sing Along with Mr. Cooper

Friday, 5/15 Campfires at Maidu Museum

7:30pm at Maidu Museum & Historic Site, Roseville Sit under the stars at this outdoor amphitheater to enjoy native stories around the campfire every 3rd Friday of the month. They will provide roasting sticks and marshmallows for a sweet program’s end to this fun family event. 774-5934 |

Saturday, 5/16 Farms, Friends and Fairytales

11am at Fairytale Town, Sacramento Learn about California’s rich agricultural history and watch our twin Babydoll sheep get sheared at 11am and 1pm. After the shearing, a wool spinner demonstrates how the wool is spun into yarn using an old fashioned spinning wheel. Farmer Brown will also be on hand throughout the day with some of his barnyard buddies for up-close animal introductions. Enjoy farm themed hands-on activities, a mini-market and visit with local area farms and organizations to learn more about the nation’s top agricultural state. 808-7462 |

Fish Family Festival

3pm at Cal Expo This event will feature performances by Danny Gokey, Tenth Avenue North, Colton Dixon, Mark 209, and Lisa Daggs. There will also be food, a free kids’ zone, and vendor booths. Short folding chairs will be allowed. 924-0710 |

Hidden Falls Trail Hike

9am at Hidden Falls Regional Park, Auburn These beautifully maintained trails with detailed directional signs at intersections are a great place to take your family.“Hidden” a few miles out of town, the falls are a beautiful treasure to behold. Donna Orth and Bill Vernor will take you on this loop of approximately five miles. One well-behaved dog (per family) on a leash ok. All ages and all-terrain strollers also ok. Please call to sign up and for meeting location (Auburn area). 530-621-1224 |

IFest (International Festival)

5pm at Village Green Park, Rancho Cordova You are invited to participate in Rancho Cordova’s iFest, an event that celebrates our community’s rich cultural heritage. It’s a small world, but a BIG PARTY! Events include free dance and music from around the world and delicious food from the far corners of the globe available for purchase. The goal is to

celebrate the cultures of our community and our world. Free admission. 273-5701 |

The Town Square Concert Series

6:30pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Mark your calendar for the return of concerts on the square! Beginning on May 16 and for every 3rd Saturday following through October, they’ve got your evenings planned with free music, yummy food trucks and a beer garden. May 16th get down and funky with the Spazmatics! Free. 774-5200 |

Walk on the Wildside

10am at Beach Lake Park, Freeport This free, family-oriented day in the country includes lively entertainment and up-close views of many wildlife species. At the park, attendees may shop for native plants, art and photography while checking out conservation exhibits and live animal shows. Enjoy live music and children’s “hands-on” activities. 875-WILD |

Sunday, 5/17 A Day on the Farm

10am at Soil Born Farms American River Ranch, Rancho Cordova Come celebrate spring at Soil Born Farm! This year’s festivities will include a farm stand, plant sale, farm tours, children’s activities, live music, cooking demos from local chefs, booths from community organizations, and more. 363-9685 |

FamilyPalooza: A Free Family Festival

11am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Join the Crocker Art Museum for a day of arts, creativity, and good old-fashioned family fun at the Crocker’s annual FamilyPalooza festival. Create one-of-a-kind art and enjoy main stage performances showcasing Sacramento’s most entertaining groups. 808-1182 |

Jewish Heritage Festival

12:30pm at Raley Field The Jewish Heritage Festival is celebrating Israel with fun for the whole family! The festival will feature a performance by the Maccabeats, Jewish and Israeli food, the Raley Field Kids Corner, shopping, crafts, and more! 486-0906 |

Monday, 5/18 Gifts from Mother Earth

1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Learn the skill of making abalone necklaces to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry From Mother Earth. Keep your gift for yourself or share it with someone special! $5 entrance fee per car. 489-4918 |

May 2015 |


First Festival

12pm at River Walk Park, West Sacramento First Festival is bringing the best that Sacramento has to offer in music, food trucks, artists, vendors, and community. This festival will be epic featuring 18 bands across three stages, festival henna, face painting, a silent disco, ten of the best food trucks organized by SactoMofo, and all of the local festival fashion and accessories you can handle! 806-7561 |

International Kids Festival

10am at William Land Park, Sacramento Bring your family and friends to the Russian American Media’s 11th Annual International Kids Festival. Activities will include a professional magician show, pony and mini-train riding, face painting, jump houses, and lots of fun and prizes. 299-1777 |

Photo courtesy of Girls on the Run 5k, see page 46

Tuesday, 5/19

Thursday, 5/21

Baby Loves Art

Grandparents Picnic in the Park

10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Baby Loves Art engages babies (up to 18 months old) in a visually stimulating gallery walk and gives parents and caregivers a fun opportunity to connect with their babies and each other. All baby noises are expected and welcome. For the best art view, front carriers are recommended. Strollers are allowed, but please no backpacks. 808-1182 |

Wednesday, 5/20 Big Truck Day

11am at Laguna Gateway Shopping Center, Elk Grove Celebrate Public Works Week and learn about the equipment and skills required to maintain a city. Kids and parents can check out the city’s construction equipment, buses, dump trucks and more! Children can explore the trucks (and even honk the horn if they’d like!) Geared towards ages 2 to 6.

Folsom’s Annual “City Works Day”

9:30am at City Lions Park, Folsom Climb aboard a fire engine, sit in the driver’s seat of a garbage truck, meet adoptable animals and more! The free, popular annual event is designed to educate the community about the City of Folsom and its many programs and services. City Works Day will feature City trucks, buses, cars and construction equipment to look at, sit in, and even honk. 355-7303 |

Food Truck Mania

5pm at Folsom City Zoo SactoMoFo is thrilled to be back in Folsom with Food Truck Mania every third Wednesday of the month. 722-6636 | 44 | May 2015

5:30pm at Storybook Woods Park, Elk Grove Join us at the park and enjoy a special evening with your grandchildren. Grandparents Picnic in the Park is a new event that will feature family friendly activities including old time lawn games, face painting and a photo booth. Please bring your own picnic dinner. This event is free and families are welcome. 405-5300 |

Sacramento County Fair 2015 (5/21-5/25)

10am at Cal Expo This year the Fairs theme is “Let’s Eat, Have Fun & Celebrate the Red, White & Blue!” It’s only fair! 263-2975 |

Friday, 5/22 $4 Fridays at the Sacramento Children’s Museum

4pm at Sacramento Children’s Museum, Rancho Cordova $4 Fridays are back at the Sacramento Children’s Museum! Every 4th Friday of the month, general admission will be only $4! The museum will be open for play and will feature lots of fun children’s activities! 638-7225 |

Saturday, 5/23 Eco-Safari Wildlife Education

2 pm at Arcade Library, Sacramento It’s like a safari at your library! Get up close and personal with a variety of live animals. 264-2920 |

Patient Appreciation Day and Kid’s Festival

10am at William Land Park Amphitheater Area, Sacramento Join Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental for a fun day filled with appreciation for patients and kids! 515-0005 |

Sunday, 5/24 Snakes Alive!

1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Is everything you know about snakes really true? Come explore the truths behind many of the myths of these ancient reptiles. $5 entrance fee per car. 489-4918 |

Monday, 5/25 MEMORIAL DAY Vettes for Vets and American Muscle

10am at California Automobile Museum, Sacramento Looking for something different and fun for Memorial Day? No need to travel far. Bring your friends, family, and cameras to the 6th Annual Vettes for Vets and American Muscle. This event will have a display of Corvettes and American Muscle Cars, which includes more than 100 cars, displays of 2015 Corvettes and Camaros from Performance Chevrolet, a Color Guard, and an original “Huey” helicopter. 442-6802 |

Wednesday, 5/27 Wee Wednesday

10:30am at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Bring your little one and yourself to this gallery-based art experience for children ages 3 to 5. The adventure begins in Tot Land with groups leaving at 10:30am and 11am. See website for more information and Museum admission rates. 808-1182 |

Thursday, 5/28 Daddy’s Here

7pm at the Center for Father’s & Families, Sacramento Daddy’s Here is a men’s parenting class and support group that meets once a week. There is also a legal night every second Thursday of the month, where a family law attorney will be on hand to provide updates on law changes, courts process, etc. 568-3237 |

Friday, 5/29 Summer Reading Kickoff Concert and Ice Cream Social

6pm at Belle Cooledge Library, Sacramento Enjoy an evening of family fun with music, crafts, and an early chance to sign up for the summer reading program! “Read to the Rhythm” concert will feature: Musical Robot (6:15-7pm), Fenix Dance & Drum Company (7:15-8pm). Create musical instruments with Sacramento’s ArtBeast (6-7:30pm)! Free Ice Cream from Vic’s Ice Cream. 264-2920 |

Saturday, 5/30 Envision Expo

12:30pm at Regional Park Gymnasium, Auburn Shop and explore over 50 exhibits to find everything from entertainment, art, jewelry, makeovers, health, wellness and beauty secrets, vendor demonstrations, travel ideas and so much more! There will be great deals, show specials, raffle prizes and some of Placer County’s most popular brands and niche products and services at your fingertips. Free. 530-863-4615 |

Stuffed Animal Veterinary Clinic

10am at the Sacramento Zoo on the Veterinary Hospital Lawn Is your teddy bear feeling under the weather? Does your stuffed animal have a cut that needs fixing? We are here to help! A Stuffed Animal Veterinarian will assess the overall health of your stuffed animal and make a diagnosis based on the symptoms. Exams are just $3 per stuffed animal.  Repairs with exam are $5 and stuffed animals adoptions with exam are $4. Proceeds benefit Greater Sac AAZK. 808-5888 |

Sunday, 5/31 Critters of the American River

1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Reptiles, mammals, and birds are found all along the American River. How can you tell these three groups apart? Is it by eggs, skin or flight? Examine some biofact evidence and meet an animal resident of the Nature Center up close to decide in which group it belongs. $5 entrance fee. 489-4918 | May 2015 |


Make A Run For It!

Getting fit has never been so much fun! 5/2

9th Annual Sacfit Half Marathon and 5k

7:15am at American River Parkway 486-2773 |

Pretty Muddy Womens Run 5k 8am at Granite Regional Park, Sacramento


Mama Bootcamp 2015 Swap N Run

8:30am at Mama Bootcamp Folsom Studio 300-8576 |


Berry Fun Color Run

8am at Placer County Fairgrounds & Event Center, Roseville 787-0101 | site/berryfuncolorrun/home


Race for the Cure

9am at Cal Expo 231-3147 | 5/10

Run like a Mother

8am at Community Park, Davis


Girls on the Run 5k

9am at North Natomas Regional Park 202-0785 |

I Love the 80’s Fun Run

9am at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville 772-7529 |


Dirty Diva Trail Run

8am at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area 990-5516 |

In an effort to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and increase good health and exercise, this campaign promotes bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation. Coordinated by a coalition of public agencies, not-for-profit transportation management organizations, and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), May is Bike Month encourages residents in the Sacramento region to swap vehicle motor trips for bike trips, and cycle as many miles as possible in May. In 2014, nearly 10,000 people accepted the challenge and pedaled 1,987,030 miles across the area. This year, the goal is to break 2,000,000 miles. To participate, log your miles at for chances to win great prizes, pledge miles, and to challenge friends and family. 319-5189 x 320 |

46 | May 2015

humor me

Dad’s Tips

By Adam Capell

To Save You From Embarrassing Parent Fails Last month, Adam had some advice for moms while out rocking the jogging stroller… this month he’ll share how NOT to fight your toddler’s playground battle.

TIP #2 Love is a Battlefield

[on the playground]

You’re at the park, watching your little angel climb to the top of the pirate ship play structure. She’s never made it all the way up on her own before. This is a first—and she knows it—enthusiastically clapping for herself like a short drunken sailor. You join in, perhaps even trumping her excitement. There are so many little triumphs in these first few years and if you blink, you’ll miss them. But not this time—this time you were right there. You hope to remember the smile on her face for the rest of your life. But, not every kid at the park gets this is a seminal moment for you and your child. So, when some little punk comes over, and in no uncertain terms, tells your bundle of joy she’ll “never be a pirate,” suddenly this memory has become completely tarnished—and nobody puts baby in the corner. Before you know it, you’re on the pirate ship too, staring down at this pint sized bully. “Oh, she’ll never be a pirate? Well, have fun making minimum wage

for the rest of your life, you little punk.” Nice. You told him, right? Wrong! The little punk’s Mom is in your blindspot, and she just happens to have a plastic dump truck in her hand. Have you ever had a Tonka imprint on your eyeball? sp

ADAM is a writer and humorist with exceptionally strong calf muscles. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter whom he loves very much. Follow him on twitter @Capstron3030 for some laughs and an in depth look at his love of the Ghanian National Soccer Team. Next month, see what unfolds when a dad brings his child into a bar for game day. And, if you just can’t wait to see his other tips, head over to to read them all.

May 2015 |


48 | May 2015

shows All phone numbers are area code 916 unless otherwise noted.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

May 2 & 3 at Fairytale Town In this zany version of the classic tale by Puppet Art Theater Company, a boy is bored watching his lamb and decides to make things more exciting by turning on his dad’s wolf alarm, the “Wolf Alert 3000.” Tricking his dad is all fun and games until a real wolf shows up. Can the audience help the boy escape from the wolf? 808-7462 |

Andy Jones and Paige Faure in Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella presented by Broadway Sacramento at the Community Center Theater, May 12-17. Photo by Carol Rosegg

Disney’s The Aristocats Kids

May 2 & 3 at Sutter Street Theatre What’s a cat to do? In Disney’s The Aristocats Kids, Madame’s jealous butler, Edgar catnaps Duchess and her “Aristokittens” and abandons them in the Parisian countryside. Luckily, Thomas O’Malley and his rag-tag bunch of alley cats come to their rescue! 353-1001 |

God’s Ear by Jenny Schwartz

May 8-30 at California Stage Theatre A husband and wife have trouble coping with the loss of their son and they find themselves speaking in clichés. The husband travels to forget, while the wife stays with their daughter and the tooth fairy trying to figure out how to cope from home. 223-9568 |

Fantasy Festival XXIX

May 9th at B Street Theatre For the 29th year, elementary and middle school students throughout Northern California have submitted original plays to B Street Theatre’s annual playwriting contest for young people. Out of over 400 plays submitted this year, just eight have been selected for the tour. The resulting show presenting the winning plays will be performed at 156 assemblies in over 116 schools in Northern California; with a special public performance at the B Street Theatre. 442-5635 |

Little Shop of Horrors

Through May 10th at Woodland Opera House One of the longest-running Off-Broadway shows of all time, this affectionate spoof of 1950s sci-fi movies has become a household name, thanks to a highly successful film version and a score by the songwriting team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. Charming, tuneful and hilarious, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Little Shop of Horrors never fails to entertain. 530-666-9617 |


May 12-17 at Community Center Theater Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical from the creators of The Sound of Music and South Pacific that’s delighting audiences with its contemporary take on the classic tale.

This lush production features an incredible orchestra, jaw-dropping transformations, and all the moments you love—the pumpkin, the glass slipper, the masked ball, and more— plus, some surprising new twists! 557-1999 |


May 13-17 at Sacramento Theatre Company In the American West, a pioneer woman named Sarah and six women called her daughters to face frontier life. Based on the book, The Quilters: Women and Domestic Art by Patricia Cooper and Norma Bradley Allen, this play veers away from a traditional storyline and instead presents itself as a series of short tales and tableaux matched with musical numbers. Each piece presents an aspect of frontier life or womanhood, from girlhood, marriage, old age, natural disasters, and, finally, death. 446-7501 |

The Sound of Music

May 15-23 at 24th Street Theatre Come and enjoy the classic beloved musical about a young Austrian postulant sent by her nuns to be a governess to a Navy Captain’s seven mischievous children. Listen to the wonder songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein, including, “Edelweiss,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Climb Every Mountain,” “My Favorite Things”, and many more! 760-8388 |

Peter Rabbit and Other Tales

May 16-30 at Chautauqua Playhouse A collection of children’s stories performed by Chautauqua’s Reader’s Theatre actors, including the famous story by Beatrix Potter about a young rabbit who can’t resist going in the farmer’s garden and helping himself to the delicious carrots. 489-7529 |

The Wizard of Oz

Through May 17 at Davis Musical Theatre Company Dorothy Gale of Kansas dreams of what lies over the rainbow. One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away to another world. Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel

the universe of Dorothy’s imagination. 530-756-3682 |

Beer & Ballet

May 22-31 at Art Court Theatre at Sacramento City Join Sacramento Ballet for their annual Beer & Ballet performances! Come enjoy new and original works choreographed and performed by the talented Sacramento Ballet dancers! Each entry comes with two drink tickets, which can be used for a tasty beer from a local brewer, or a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. 552-5800 |

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Through May 24 at Davis Musical Theatre Company This adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is not your typical Disney version of the fairytale classic. Nor is it tethered tightly to the original Grimm Brothers story. Picture yourself in a whimsical steam punk fantasyland, inspired by Victorian-era industrial machinery. 530-756-3682 |

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

May 1-30 at Big Idea Theatre In a time of great public strife, the exalted war hero Coriolanus returns to his homeland and, at the behest of his manipulative, controlling mother, seeks political office. Set in a fictional Slavic state plagued by sociopolitical turmoil, regime changes and shifting borders, this version of Shakespeare’s timeless yet timely story of intransigent ambition and vengeance speaks to a common disillusionment with leaders unwilling to compromise for the common good. 960-3036 |

Hear My Song

May 29-30 at Benvenuti Performing Art Center Natomas Charter School’s PFAA’s Vocal Department presents this year’s Spring Vocal Concert, Hear My Song! Enjoy the vocal talents of over one-hundred singers from the 7th through 12th grades. With a variety of vocal styles, there is something to satisfy every listener. 491-1028 | May 2015 |





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All phone numbers are area code 916 unless otherwise noted.


101 Years of Making Art

May 2, 1pm at Panama Pottery Panama Artists Collective (PAC) invites everyone to its new gallery opening inside the 101 yearold Panama Pottery Factory. The gallery will display work by multiple resident artists. The Panama Artists Collective is a growing creative community working to make art and enhance the arts in Sacramento. The event will also feature guided factory tours by resident artist and Panama historian, Ken Knott. 838-2676


Two Glorious Expositions, One Golden State

Through May 31st at California State Railroad Museum California State Parks and the California State Railroad Museum will debut a new exhibit titled Two Glorious Expositions, One Golden State: Celebrating the Panama Canal in 1915. The exhibit highlights California’s two large-scale celebrations commemorating the completion of the Panama Canal in 1915—the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco and the PanamaCalifornia Exposition in San Diego. 323-9280 |


legal services

50 | May 2015

May 2015 |


52 | May 2015

Profile for Sacramento Parent

Sacramento Parent May 2015  

Welcome to the May Issue! This month we're celebrating Moms! Plus, get the scoop on day camps, thrifted fashion and the juicing trend.

Sacramento Parent May 2015  

Welcome to the May Issue! This month we're celebrating Moms! Plus, get the scoop on day camps, thrifted fashion and the juicing trend.