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April 11, 2015


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ON OUR COVER: Photographer, Stacey loves getting babies out of the studio for a few shots when she can. This photograph of little Matthew was taken when he was just 7 days old. Mom shares how much she loved how Stacey, “captured her sons first days of life in the natural sunlight and perfect weather.”


PHOTOGRAPHER: Stacey Marsh | Lovely Baby Photography www.LovelyBabyPhotography.com





What’s Inside 10 fun finds | Baby Gear Giveaway 11 love life | Plan a Babymoon 13 Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates Moves 16 Charming Painted Baby Bumps 18 Cover Kid Winners | Where are they now?


23 camp | Let Go, Let Camp Empower Kids 30 Find a Sleep Away Camp 33 Make a Mini Garden Teepee


37 go Dandelion | Raising Autism Awareness 40 calendar | Hop, Skip and Play 47 shows | Lots of Shining Stars


48 exhibits | Funky, Fresh and New 49 humor me | Just because you rock a jogging stroller…

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dear readers We’re super excited for our 7th Annual Babies and Bumps! Get a glimpse of the fun we had catching up with our Cover Kid Search winners from last year’s event, twins London and Katana (page 18). They’ve moved on to do some fun things in the modeling world since gracing our cover last year! Kids’ that are sitting to 5 years-old will have a chance to sit with Babies and Bumps Cover Kid photographer, Memories by Michelle again on April 11th! So, come out for your chance at being a Sac Parent cover kid and enjoy all of the fab festivities happening throughout the day while you’re there! Speaking of Babies and Bumps, you’ll also want to turn to page 16 to check out the world of body, belly bump, and face painting from a local award-winning body painter. We’re also showing new and expecting mamas the love with three core pilates moves you should be doing. Plus, babymoon tips and ideas and a funny “open letter” from a dad that goes out to all moms who rock jogging strollers (page 49). I feel like I can hear the Oscar music cutting in now, so I’ll wrap this up with a shout out to Earth Day crafts like the Mini Teepee Garden made from all-natural materials (page 33), Raising Autism Awareness (page 37), and a big thanks to all the hopping community events to love in our calendar (page 40).

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fun finds

Big Baby Gear Giveaway! On April 11th, new and expecting parents that attend Babies and Bumps will have a chance to walk home with some amazing baby gear!

Simply visit the Sacramento Parent table to get your free raffle tickets and enter to win a few of the fabulous prizes on display. Then, have your cell phone handy, we’ll be calling the winners that afternoon! Here’s a teeny-tiny sneak peek:


The mamaRoo® Plush Infant Seat from 4moms bounces and sways just like you do when you’re comforting your baby. It’s soft and plush and provides plenty of entertainment with built-in music and toys and MP3 and Bluetooth compatibility. $269.99 www.BuyBuyBaby.com


The 3 in 1 baby carrier The Stokke® MyCarrier easily transforms as your child grows from birth through toddler years. It has optimal positioning for your child with high tech safety features found in high quality mountaineering gear. $219.99 | www.BuyBuyBaby.com

Babies and Bumps | April 11th, 9am-2pm | Free Citrus Heights Community Center See more prizes and learn about the event at www.BabiesandBumps.net! 10

www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

love life


A Last Big Hurrah for Expecting Couples

By Shannon Smith

Looking to take advantage of quality alone time as a couple before baby arrives? If you’re considering a little pampering, or just have the urge to get out of town as a couple, here are some tips we’ve rounded up from various pregnancy experts.


Just in case you need to make a quick dash back home. Plus, you’ll probably want to make lots of potty breaks and stops to stretch along the way. Make stops to stretch and move—keep the blood pumping!


It’s unanimous; the second trimester is probably the best time to travel. By now, you’re probably past the sick and tired feeling and not as uncomfortable as you will be toward the last few months of your pregnancy.

Now that you’ve got the tips, here are a few Babymoon destinations within driving distance!


It doesn’t hurt to keep them in the loop; they typically recommend travelling within the 18-24 weeks range. It’s also wise to jot down where the nearest hospital is and carry it with you (just in case).



You need time to relax too. Avoid overscheduling every minute.


Schedule spa time, ask for extra pillows and a quiet room.

FOOD 411

It’s recommended that the seatbelt crosses under your abdomen, placed lower on your hips. The top strap shoulder portion should be over the collar bone. It’s also ideal to move your seat back as far as possible to create distance between you and the dashboard.

Check out the restaurants around your destination. Room service is a plus— but, if you head out you’ll want to be sure you can satisfy cravings while minimizing heartburn and nausea.




Tell everyone you’re expecting, and enjoy the perks of pregnancy! sp

707-494-7314 | www.MellowMommy.com

800-825-4233 | www.Hope-Inns.com

Mellow Mommy offers private, customized Babymoon’s year-round. A full package includes two nights stay and pampering in beautiful Sonoma County, fresh flowers and yummy organic snack basket upon arrival, a prenatal and daddy-to-be massage, a relaxation workshop and gift package, breakfast both mornings, and late checkout. A few popular Mellow Mommy Babymoon destinations are:

A quaint Bed and Breakfast nestled in beautiful wine country. A full package includes two nights in the magnificent Sterling Suite, a gift package including a non-alcoholic bottle of Sonoma Sparkler to share by the fire, a massage for two, plus a $75 voucher to dinner at Catelli’s. Guests also receive a hearty and delicious breakfast for two each morning.

Timber Cove Inn | Sonoma Coast www.TimberCoveInn.com A peaceful lodge with dramatic views of the Sonoma Coast.

River’s End Cabins | Jenner www.ILoveSunsets.com

The Hope Merrill Bed & Breakfast Inn | Geyersville www.Hope-Inns.com (Please call ahead to check pricing and availability.)

A private cabin with views of the Russian River and the ocean. April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

3 Mini-Routines to Strengthen your Core That New and Expecting Moms Need to Know By Maria Bardet

One of the first questions my prenatal and postnatal Pilates clients ask me is whether or not it’s safe to do ab-strengthening exercises during and soon after pregnancy. Like many of my clients, as a concerned mother who doesn’t want to do anything of risk to your baby, you may have been confused and nervous at times because of all the conflicting messages about what’s safe! I get it. It can be frustrating. I’ll show you three safe mini-routines you can do at home during and after pregnancy to help strengthen your core, improve your posture, and even get rid of back pain. Let’s start at the beginning. What happens to the abdominal muscles during pregnancy? First of all, the abdominal wall is designed to stretch as the uterus and the baby grow. The muscle that stretches the most is the rectus abdominis, the long abdominal muscles in the center of your torso that’s often referred to as a “6-pack.” Although we think of it as one muscle, it actually has two vertical sides that are joined together by a connective tissue called linea alba. During pregnancy, the muscles fibers of the rectus abdominis lengthen, losing some of their tone, and are pulled apart at the linea alba. There’s a name for it—diasastaisis recti, which is literally the widening of the linea alba and the separation or widening of the rec-

tus abdominis. The width of this separation during pregnancy varies from woman to woman. I can’t tell you how many times women have asked me to show them exercises that will keep their “abs intact” or stop disastaisis recti from happening. But the truth is, the separation is a natural process that exists for the health of your baby. The body literally won’t allow you to both, grow a baby and have abdominals that are taught and tight. The body produces hormones progesterone and relaxin to help relax the muscles and decrease muscle tone, whether you like it or not. So does that mean we can just ignore abdominal work? Absolutely not. There are good reasons to work the core. During your pregnancy, strong and responsive abdominals give your body the support to carry the expanding baby and help reduce potential for low back and pelvic pain, poor posture, and help speed up postpartum recovery time. Here are a few other important roles abdominal muscles play during child birth: • HELP to maintain ideal postural alignment during pregnancy • STABILIZE and POSITION the pelvis and lumbar spine

• ASSIST in labor during the pushing process • PREVENT unnecessary or excessive lower back pain Now that we have the pregnancy covered, let’s go over what happens to your abdominal muscles postpartum. Although this varies, after birth, the abdominal muscles go back to the way they looked and functioned at approximately 22 weeks of pregnancy. continued on page 15

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015


Over-lengthened abdominal muscles are weaker, tender, and sore. The good news is that following the right postpartum workout plan will bring blood flow to muscles, helping quicken the healing process. Doing core work after child birth not only helps shorten the over-lengthened ab muscle fibers so that they can regain strength for movement and support, a stronger core helps establish good posture and body mechanics when caring for the child (picking up, holding, nursing, rocking, etc…) So what’s the right pre and postnatal approach? The basic idea is to have strong and supportive abdominals, not 6-pack abs, during your pregnancy and to strengthen them properly after pregnancy. Striking a balance that will also help you recover, comes down to the exercises you choose. There are definitely right and wrong exercises when it comes to pregnancy. Remember, you want a core workout that will support the healthy and natural stretching of the abdominal wall, without exacerbating the abdominal separation beyond the normal stretch. Here are three exercises that I do with my prenatal and postnatal clients that accomplish just that. These can be done all the way up to the third trimester and will start condition-


ing you soon after giving birth. As always, check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.


For best results do these exercises 3 to 4 times a week.

Exhale and lift your left knee up to 90 degrees, or table-top position, so it’s in line with your left hip bone. Inhale, stretch the leg in front of you, and exhale as you bring it back to table-top, and then lower it down.


Repeat 8 to 10 on each side (do 2 sets).

SETUP: Sit on your sitting bones with knees bent, feet parallel and flat on the floor, hip-width apart. Wrap your hands around the back of your thighs. Exhale. Round your lower back, tipping your pelvis just past your sitting bones and toward your chest as you take your lower back closer to the mat. Think about creating a c-shape in your lower back, but keep the range of motion small. Lift both arms up and down 4 times, inhaling to lift and exhaling to lower. Wrap your hands around the thighs, and exhale to round forward toward your knees and then lengthen your spine back to the starting position. Do 8 to 10 repetitions. ADD ON: Repeat 1 and 2, and while holding your c-curve and your arms around your thighs, rotate to the left, come back to center, rotate to the right come back to center. Do 4 repetitions before rolling back up to seated position.


SETUP: Lean back on your mat, so your forearms and palms of your hands are down, pressing into the mat with your knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Make sure your chest and low back are lifted.


SETUP: Come into a quadruped position with knees under the hip bones and hands under your shoulders. Exhale. Pull the abdominal muscles in, as though you were tightening a corset around your middle. Inhale. Reach your left leg straight back. As you exhale, round your lower back and pull the knee in toward your forehead and forehead to knee. The forehead doesn’t actually have to touch the knee. Do 6 repetitions on each side. MODIFICATION: If bringing your knee toward your forehead starts to feel uncomfortable during the third trimester, keep your back flat. Stretch the leg out, and then pull the knee right under the hip. sp

MARIA is the owner of Humani Pilates, a premier Pilates group equipment studio in Midtown, Sacramento. Humani also specializes in Pilates equipment group classes for new and expecting moms, including a Mama + Baby class. Visit www.humanistudios.com for more info. Humani Pilates. 2020 I Street, Sacramento.

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com


Charmingly Cheeky Bellies and More

Body art by Sue at the BAYfaba Competition, San Francisco. Sue won first place. (model, Lorraine and photo by Carlo Alberto Orecchia)

Sue’s daughter, Rainey in her third trimester. (model, Rainey and photo by Connie Barding)

Nursery themed baby bump. (model, Stacey and photo by Paul Lomolino)

If you’ve ever considered getting a tattoo but don’t want the commitment or maybe you’re tired of sitting with the kiddos, holding their one hundred temporary tattoo’s down with a sponge—here’s an idea. We talked with Sue, the artist behind “The Other Cheek Face Painting and The Other Cheek Body Shop” for some extremely fun and lovely face, belly and/or body art painting inspiration. With the talent to transform you with the stroke of a paintbrush, and now that I mention it—maybe this make her a Fairy God Mother, too. Because when the clock strikes midnight, you can easily wash it all away.

She can paint miracles in a matter of minutes at a busy party or event and says, “The important part of painting is not even the actual art—it’s really all about making that person in my chair feel special. It’s about creating a special moment and having some fun!” We think the actual art is really quite amazing, too.

Sue has been face painting and running her business, “The Other Cheek Face Painting and More” since the year 2000. She transforms children into Tigers, Pirates, Princesses and more—and apparently kids aren’t the only ones having the fun. When we asked her about the parties she said, “It’s a rare party/event when I don’t have as many tweens, teens and grown-ups chomping at the bit to be painted.”

Sue can paint you from head-to-toe and make it look as though you’re clothed in whatever it is you’d like to wear that day. She has painted ladies for their special someone in anything from sexy lingerie to an Oakland A’s jersey. The model dictates how the session goes—so, get creative ladies (and men)—the options are limitless. Sue shares “One client’s husband was a huge fan of the Deftones, so I did some


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

By Christine Quarry


Now, when adults want to keep the party going, there’s “The Other Cheek Body Shop,” art on a living canvas. This side of her artistry is for the 18 and older crowd and, boy what a party!

artwork from the band’s album on her. I’ve also painted bridal lingerie for a photo shoot (a great grooms gift).”


Speaking of creativity, there’s been a lot of talk about everything Babies and Bumps in the Sacramento Parent office these days, and according to Sue, “Maternity/belly painting is gaining in popularity. Belly painting has unlimited possibilities for creativity!” There are expecting Moms who have their belly’s painted to match the baby nursery, or painted as a family crest for a keepsake. Sue has a soft spot for couples and often paints them together. She was a Bradley childbirth educator, birth assistant and lactation consultant for many years. So, not only does she transform your baby bump into a work of art, you’re in good hands should you go into labor as well. She actually had an expecting mom go into labor the day after she painted her!


Sue had a lot of wonderful stories to share but one was with her daughter, Rainey who Sue painted in her third trimester (the best time to paint a belly). “My daughter’s husband is a Star Wars enthusiast, so we painted the Death Star on her pregnant belly and gave him the blown up, framed photo as a Christmas present.” Sue had just gotten the Death Star shaded and on its way through the galaxy when the baby shifted and the death star turned into and egg shaped superweapon. Talk about the force being with you—she had to start all over.


Sue’s talent, paired with her warmth and humor make her a delight to be around. Her experience caring for and helping expecting moms makes her exceptionally good at making her clients comfortable as they are being painted. She keeps them warm, comfortable and quenched. If you’re seeking Sue, you

might even find yourself with a glass of champagne in hand (if you’re not pregnant of course)! She works with her husband who will do a photo shoot once you’re camera ready, to document that special moment forever. So if you’re having a children’s party or anything “PG” according to the Box office, or dream of being transformed into something potentially more R-rated (or not), you may want to consider body painting. The paints are non-toxic, safe and easy to wash off. Sue says, as much, or as a little as a rain storm would wash the paint away—so don’t sweat it or regret it, and get your paint on! sp

Learn more about body/belly painting at www.TheOtherCheekBodyShop.com or check out her face painting site, www.TheOtherCheek.com. CHRISTINE is an artist currently studying Fine Arts at Sierra College. She is part of the Sacramento Parent team and enjoys writing and sharing her creativity with readers.

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com


LONDON AND KATANA (age 4), in front of Starlight Starbright in Historic Folsom. London is wearing Mustard Pie’s, Delphine Tea Party Dress and Katana is wearing a Mustard Pie Mix and Match spring look, courtesy of Starlight Starbright. www.ShopStarlightStarbright.com | 711 Sutter Street, Folsom Photo: Memories By Michelle Photography


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

Where are they now? A peek at our 2014 Cover Kid Search Winners: London & Katana

From left to right: Katana, Breata, London and Good Day Sacramento’s, Nha.

Rewind to last April, where over 100 children came out with their families to the Babies & Bumps event, for a chance to star as a cover kid for Sacramento Parent magazine. The line of cute kids (anxious to show off to the camera) stretched around the building at one point! With so many adorable faces to choose from, it was nearly impossible to choose just one winner. But, we couldn’t stop smiling at two little girls who oozed personality and worked the camera like pros. After a long deliberation with our panel of judges, those two girls, London and Katana were chosen to be on the cover of our June 2014 issue. Twins, London and Katana were just three at the time and had never modeled before, but after winning the Cover Kid Search last year, their mom, Breata was inspired to get serious about landing them some paying modeling gigs.

By Michelle McDaid Photography by Memories By Michelle www.MByMPhotos.com

Katana, enjoying her play ice cream cone.

“The winning photo for the magazine was such a great photo, we thought, if everybody else loves it—let’s send it out and see what happens,” says Breata. “The girls got the buzz after being chosen. They really wanted to take more pictures and to be in more magazines. So, we sent them out to a few agents, and one of them picked us up!” Since then, London and Katana have been to several auditions in the Bay Area and have scored modeling jobs with Leapfrog and Walmart. And the girls—who have been dying to get in the limelight since they saw a kids’ production of The Jungle Book— are loving every minute of it. “The Leapfrog job was so much fun for London,” recalls Breata. “It was right before the Holidays and she got to be in a box and pop out and show off their new toys. It was just a very fun atmosphere.”

The fact that the girls have fun is the key for both Breata and dad, Mike, who drive the twins back-and-forth to San Francisco for auditions and shoots about once every four to six weeks. “There was this one time, we were going to an audition and Katana decided at the last minute that she didn’t want to do it,” Mike shares. “So I said ok, you don’t have to. London went up anyway and, after Katana saw her sister on stage, she changed her mind and wanted to try out, too. But if they hadn’t wanted to do it, I would have just said ok. We let them lead.” Every time the girls get called for an audition, Breata sits the girls down and asks them if they still want to be photographed and be in magazines. “As long as they continue to say yes, we’ll keep going,” she says. “But, if they lose interest, that’s fine too.” The one-year contract with their agent only commits them to not signing a deal

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

London, showing mom, Breata a pink dress she was excited to try on.

with any other agent. The family is free to accept or turn down auditions and opportunities at will. Their agent even gave them a three-month ‘get-out’ clause, knowing that many children change their mind after a few auditions or gigs. ...And it can be a long day. “For the Leapfrog and Walmart shoots we were double-booked,” says Breata. “London had the Leapfrog session in the morning in San Francisco and then both girls had the Walmart session later that afternoon. By the end of the day they were both tired of smiling, for sure. Those sessions were about two hours, although that really only means about 30 minutes of shooting time.” The rest of the time mom is busy helping the girls get dressed, the girls are waiting for their turn in front of the camera, or they’re interacting with the onsite tutor that is required to be there to ensure they’re still receiving an education even while on set. “Because of their age, everyone’s just so loving and friendly and very accommodating. They want to make the girls as happy as possible, so they’ll be happy when it’s time to take pictures.” All the money that the girls earn from their shoots goes straight into special bank accounts in their own names,

which they can’t touch until they’re London, modeling a Mae Li Rose dress in front of Starlight Starbright. 18. “The industry requires that you put We asked Breata and Mike what a certain percentage of a kid’s advice they would give other families earnings in an account in their name,” who are considering getting their kids Mike explains. “But, we just put it all in into modeling. there. When they’re 18 they can buy a car, or put it toward college, or back“Follow their lead,” they both said pack across Europe or something.” unanimously. “If your child is showing an interest in this area, then encourOutside of modeling, Breata and Mike age them and nurture them. But if are nurturing the girls’ passion for the they’re not into it, don’t push it.” spotlight with dancing lessons and Breata also stressed that you don’t they were in a local production of 101 have to follow their path and get an Dalmatians, in which they both played agent or paid modeling gigs to nura Dalmatian. ture your child’s love of performance. “There are lots of other things you “They both have such different can do,” she says. “There’s community personalities that during the play theater and local cute kid contests, there’s this one scene where all the like for Sacramento Parent magazine. Dalmatians were supposed to have You can just stay local and still suptheir backs facing the audience,” port them too.” Breata says. “And everyone was doing that except for Katana, who was Way to go London and Katana, and completely turned around facing the thanks to their parents, Breata and audience, panting like a dog. The one Mike for taking the time to check in puppy that just doesn’t stay with the with Sacramento Parent a year later! sp pack—that’s her!” London is the girly-girl of the pair, loving to wear pretty dresses and play princesses with her friends at school. Meanwhile, you’ll find Katana playing Ninja Turtles with the boys. “Put Katana in jeans and a t-shirt and she’s happy,” says dad.

MICHELLE MCDAID is a freelance writer and a documentary family photographer, obsessed with real families and real life. She lives in the Sacramento region with her husband and five-year-old daughter. You can see more of her work at www.MByMPhotos.com. April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com




www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015


Letting Go

Let Camp Empower Your Child By Marla Coleman

Photo courtesy of Destiny Camps!, www.DestinyCamps.com

Camp is a stepping-stone to selfreliance! It is a place where children can learn to navigate on their own (without well-intentioned parental course-plotting), how to avert choppy waters. As a parent, I confess to the compelling desire to negotiate smooth sailing for my children. Yet over the years, as a camp director, I have witnessed the incredible journeys of children who come to recognize their own power in steering their own destinies. Opportunities for decisionmaking and problem-solving at camp allows children to discover their strengths, their abilities to make good choices, and to influence positive outcomes for themselves. After all, coaching kids to feel capable is what camp directors do. As a camp director, I know this also includes coaching parents to support their children with just the right combination of back-up and encouragement. Kids learn quickly to rely upon themselves and the adults

they trust at camp instead of their parents, who could be miles away! Ariel, a second-year camper, casually asked me during camp, “Does my Mom still call every day?” She and Mom had fallen into a predictable pattern: Ariel would tell her mom about “what was wrong” and Mom would dutifully call the camp to “fix” the problem. They were each doing their “jobs.” Carefully and slowly, with a little guidance, Mom came to understand that she was perpetuating a cycle that was preventing her daughter from being independent. As trust increased, she started redirecting her daughter’s pleas, encouraging her to speak with someone at camp who could more quickly and efficiently help her resolve the situation—while still validating Ariel’s feelings. I was gratified to answer Ariel: “Actually, no,” to which Ariel quickly responded, “That’s because I stopped complaining to her!” “Aha’s,” like this continued on page 25 April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com




www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

CAMP happen every day at camp. How can parents and camps cooperate to help children gain just the right degree of independence? • Many camps have a designated contact person. During the decision-making process of choosing a camp, ask questions that give you an idea of the partnering and communication philosophy of the camp and learn who the primary contact person is—build rapport early. (See the sidebar on page 27: Questions to Ask the Camp Director) • Remember that camp directors have a reservoir of experiences to back their counsel to you. Know, too, that they have your child’s best interests at heart and the skill to guide your child towards an appropriate level of independence, self-confidence, and success. • Keep in mind that kids often triumph over their adjustment to a new environment before their parents can accept the next stage of their development! Do not offer to rescue your child; that only confirms for him that you believe he cannot cope with something that is difficult. • Get on board with the notion of supporting kids to solve their own problems or asking a trusted counselor for help; let her experience the real world in the camp setting, not the one that you sculpt for her during the rest of the year. Picture success! Admittedly, it is a leap of faith to let your baby bird fly from the nest; it is the greatest gift you can bestow. The key is to build the nest in a tree that gives you a sense of security, so do your homework to find the right fit—there is a camp for every child and a feeling of comfort for every parent. continued on page 27 April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com




www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015



Does it complement your own parenting philosophy?


American Camp Association (ACA) minimum standards recommend directors possess a bachelor’s degree, have completed in-service training within the past three years, and have at least 16 weeks of camp administrative experience.


Camp staff should be trained in safety regulations, emergency procedures and communication, behavior management techniques, child abuse prevention, appropriate staff and camper behavior, and specific procedures for supervision.


There are different ratios for varying ages and special needs.


ACA standards recommend that 80 percent or more of the counseling/ program staff be at least eighteen yearsold. Staff must be at least sixteen yearsold and be at least two years older than the campers with whom they work.


The same qualities of trustworthiness and dependability sought by any employer are valued commodities in camp employees.


Most camps have from 40-60% returning staff. If the rate is lower, find out why.

Photo courtesy of Destiny Camps!, www.DestinyCamps.com


This is where the director’s philosophy comes through loud and clear. Positive reinforcement, assertive role modeling and a sense of fair play are generally regarded as key components of camp counseling and leadership.


If your child has special requirements, ask the camp director about needed provisions and facilities.


Again, the camp’s philosophy on helping children adjust is important. Be sure you are comfortable with the camp’s guidelines on parent/child contact.


This is generally one of the best ways to check a camp’s reputation and service record. Directors should be happy to provide references. Visit www.CampParents.org, a family resource offering expert advice from camp professionals on camp selection, readiness, child and youth development, and issues of importance to families. sp

MARLA COLEMAN is the parent liaison at Camp Echo in Burlingham, New York, a past president of the American Camp Association, and co-owner of Coleman Family Camps, which includes Camp Echo and Coleman Country Day Camp. Adapted from CAMP Magazine, reprinted by permission of the American Camp Association © 2015 American Camping Association, Inc.

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com




www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015


April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



Looking for Overnight Summer Camp Options? CAMP CAZADERO MUSIC CAMP | Cazadero

A unique blend of musical instruction and outdoor recreation. There are five camp sessions, arranged by age and ability: Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Piano, and Guitar.

510-527-7500 | www.Cazadero.org

CAMP PENDOLA | Camptonville

Celebrating 55 years, this is a traditional one week summer camp for boys and girls entering 2nd to 12th grades. Owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.

916-733-0123 | www.Pendola.org

DESTINY CAMPS! | Camp Sky Mountain, Emigrant Gap

The ultimate camping experience for 4th through 6th graders, with canoes, go-carts, rock-climbing, swimming, archery, paintball, and more! Preteens at E-Camp are transformed by God’s glory as they experience his awesome Creation!

530-389-2118 | www.DestinyCamps.com

GOLD HOLLOW RESIDENT CAMP | Sierra Nevada Mountains (near Nevada City)

“Where Summer Fun Begins,” a youth centered outdoor program for ages 6 to 16 and a Counselor-in-Training program for youth ages 13 to 18. Register online today!

707-643-4573 or 916-966-1979 | www.GoldenEmpireCouncil.org


A one week residential summer youth leadership camp for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Kids of Deaf Adults between the ages of 7 to 15 and Teen program for ages 16 to 18.

916-349-7500 voice, or 916-993-3048 VP | www.CampGrizzly.org

SUMMER AT SANTA CATALINA | Monterey (on the Monterey Peninsula)

A place filled with fun, joy, and learning. From arts and athletics to yoga and marine biology— attention-grabbing classes spark curiosity and build confidence and independence. The teachers and counselors are committed to the growth of every camper and dedicated to the values of honesty, respect, and kindness. Come see why families have been a part of this tradition for 62 years!

831-655-9386 | www.SantaCatalina.org


There isn’t a better place to spend your summer than with SNJ! The summer camps get kids outside exploring the natural world, while developing life-long friendships and memories.

775-560-6218 | www.SierraNevadaJourneys.org/camp

A YOUNG ACTORS’ THEATRE CAMP | Sonoma, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento

A Multi Award Winning overnight camp with three Bay Area locations for kids of all experience levels, ages 8-18. Voted one of the TOP FIVE Theatre Camps in the country. Learn from top industry professionals like Sutton Foster (Younger), Jonathan Groff (Frozen), and the Academy Award Winning Composers of Frozen, Robert and Kristen Lopez.

888-585-3711 | www.CampYATC2015.com

WELLSPRING CAMP | La Jolla, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, New York

Dedicated to helping campers learn to become long-term weight controllers! An evidence-based program that offers lasting results. Locations nationwide bring exciting activities; like kayaking, beach sports, hiking and white water rafting. Enroll today!

866-277-0145 | www.WellspringCamps.com


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015


April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com




www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

Mini Garden Teepee Made With All-Natural Materials By Leah Fanning Mebane

My 4 year-old son, Django is fully into a “fairy houses” phase. He loves putting his toy animals and fairy people in little “houses” and “caves” that he creates. While I was researching plans for building a life size teepee in our back yard, it occurred to me that he would also love a mini teepee for his little people. Surprisingly, it was simple, quick, and super fun to make. I invited our 6 year-old friends, Celeste and Kendra over and they completed the entire structure in about 10 minutes; the decoration of the teepee (using Natural Earth Paints) took about 45 minutes. Earth Paints were used by Native Americans to paint their teepees, pottery, crafts, clothes, face and bodies. These paints were collected from naturally colored clays and minerals in the Earth, ground into fine powder, and then added to a natural “binder.”

MATERIALS: • Natural piece of cloth (cotton or hemp works great) • 5 straight sticks (about 12-15 inches) • Twine or string • 10 inch piece of cardboard • Glue • Natural Earth Paints or any water based paint

STEP 1: Cut a 10 inch diameter circle

out of cardboard.

STEP 4: Cut a long piece of twine and tie a knot around the sticks, a few inches down from the top. STEP 5: Position the sticks into the holes of the cardboard and push them through so a tiny bit of the stick goes through under the cardboard. Wrap the loose ends of the twine several times around the top and tie again to secure sticks. STEP 6: Put a dab of glue around the base of each stick.

STEP 2: Find 5 straight, thin sticks and

cut/break them into 12-15 inch pieces.

STEP 3: Mark five dots, evenly spaced

around the cardboard’s edges and poke holes through them. (I poked some sharp scissors through and then twisted them back and forth until the hole was big enough.)

STEP 7: Cut out a piece of fabric using approximate measurements and template above. Feel free to tweak these to best fit your teepee. April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



STEP 8: (optional) Paint the floor of

the teepee. Celeste painted a stone fire pit with roaring flames, and Kendra painted a beautiful sun design.

STEP 9: Get creative and go wild painting your fabric! Celeste and Kendra made leaf prints, toilet paper roll prints and also splattered the paint on. STEP 10: When paints are dry, wrap

cloth around teepee and fold flaps inwards and attach. Attach with a strip of glue or sew in place.


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015


Paint the underside of a leaf; press paint side down on cloth; cover with piece of scrap paper/newspaper; rub; pull off leaf.


• Dip the end into paint; stamp circles onto cloth; repeat. • To make a heart stamp, flatten your roll and press sides to crease; push one of the two creases inwards and secure it by wrapping roll with piece of tape.


Dip brush in paint; use another dry brush to tap on handle of brush so paint splatters downwards. Django LOVED his new teepee and immediately decorated it with birds, rocks and straw and many different animals and fairy dolls. sp

LEAH FANNING MEBANE is a mom, artist and owner of Natural Earth Paints in Ashland, Oregon. She finds her passion in creating natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic art supplies for children and fine artists. You can find Earth Paints, Eco Craft Kits, Natural Face Paints and more at www.NaturalEarthPaint.com.

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015


By Jamie Lober

April is autism awareness month, and as it continues to rise in occurrence, it’s prime time to highlight this condition. “Several years ago the incidence was 1 in 110, and now it is 1 in 60, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” shared Phyllis Brown, senior public information officer at UC Davis Medical Center. Autism Speaks shares that careful research shows this increase is only partly explained by improved diagnosis and awareness. Since autism runs on a spectrum, it’s hard to put into words. “Autism is a developmental disability, it comes with a share of significant challenges socially, and communicatively, and parents often struggle in dealing with some of the behaviors, which can create a more stressful home environment,” said Dr. Lesley Deprey, MIND Institute clinician at UC Davis Medical Center. In the past, autism was recognized as having distinct subtypes. But in May 2013, the DSM-5 diagnostic manual was published, merging autism disorders into one umbrella diagnosis—autism spectrum disorder. According to Autism Speaks, autism spectrum disorder can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulties

in motor coordination and attention to physical health issues, such as sleep and gastrointestinal disturbances. They also point out that some people with autism spectrum disorder excel in visual skills, music, math and art. There are several classic signs that begin to show between 2 to 3 yearsold. “A child may not be pointing at objects; not socially engaging in a way you would expect (such as avoiding eye contact or not sharing their emotions),” said Deprey. You may smile at the child and wonder why he does not smile back or does not want to be held. “Sometimes the child may seem like he is not interested in people; will do repetitive things over and over; or have a regression in development by saying words like mama or dada and then losing those words,” Deprey continues. It can be confusing to identify and may require a group of experts to determine whether a child has autism or something else. “There is no blood test to diagnose autism, so we clinically look at behavior and development over time,” Deprey adds. No two kids with autism are exactly alike. “Usually a parent who has concerns about their child’s development will speak with a developmental or behavioral

pediatrician or child psychiatrist. There are a wide range of symptoms.” For example, “Some kids will have issues related to speech or communication development since it is a social communication disorder,” Brown shares; “So once an assessment is done, a wide range of therapies may be prescribed like physical therapy, play therapy, speech and language therapy or behavioral therapy.” “Some children are much more severely impacted, while others are mildly affected. We also know boys are more affected than girls,” shares Deprey. The sooner the issue is addressed, the better the outcome. “Research is telling us that early intervention can help improve a child’s development, so you should get an evaluation,” said Deprey; “If your child was not wanting to participate or interact, you would want them to be more engaged in what is happening and try to increase opportunities for social learning.” This can be challenging for a parent who does not know where to turn for assistance. Treatment is developed on an individual basis. “The team looks at the child’s relative strengths and areas of developmental need and then develops a plan accordingly,” April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com


said Deprey; “Sometimes parents will tell me their child is in a general education program without the need for support, while others say they do not feel their child is able to participate in that setting without significant oneon-one support or special education services.” Research on autism is on the rise, but currently there is no surefire prevention. In 2007 and 2008, the National Institutes of Health began funding eleven Autism Centers of Excellence that are investigating early brain development and functioning, social interactions in infants, rare genetic variants and mutations, associations between autism-related genes and physical traits, possible environmental risk factors and biomarkers and a potential new medication treatment. “There are various studies looking at both the environmental concerns related to autism, genetics and biology along with early intervention treatments to see what we can do to help children meet their developmental potential and move forward,” said Deprey. As more knowledge is gained, treatments can be better tailored toward needs and strengths. Fortunately,“Here, in Sacramento, there are a lot of resources available to families,” adds Deprey. sp

JAMIE LOBER, author of Pink Power, has a passion for health promotion and disease prevention. She can be reached at jamie@getpinkpower.com. © 2015 Jamie Lober


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

Checking in with Qamdhyn Did you have a chance to ‘meet Qamdhyn,’ a local teen on the spectrum that has made it his mission to raise autism acceptance awareness? If not, check it out in the December digital issue of Sacramento Parent (on our website). We caught up with Qamdhyn recently, and thought it would be fun to share what he’s been up to: • The Asp & Norm comic book was recently published and is available for purchase. • He kicked off 2015 with a trip out to meet UCSD Professor of Genetics, Dr. Naviaux and Dr. Edelson, of the Autism Research Institute, then posted all about it with a YouTube video on his website.

• He’s continuing to work with A Touch of Understanding (ATOU) and has been speaking at local elementary schools. • He also started an ASD Thumbs Up movement that is being shared and liked by hundreds through social media. Here’s a quote from Qam’s Facebook page (www.Facebook. com/QamQomics), “I think and I am an athlete. I am a musician. I am an artist, and [now], I am a published author. Oh, did I mention I am also on the Autism Spectrum!”

Looking for local resources? Visit www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/mindinstitute/ resources/autism.html, check www.goDandelion.com/more/resources and search ‘autism’, or check Qamdhyn’s resource list at www.QamQomics.com/autism-info.html.

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com


calendar We recommend confirming events before you go. All phone numbers are area code 916 unless otherwise noted. See our full calendar listings at www.SacramentoParent.com.


From babies to the young-at-heart, this spring has sprung with fun in the Sacramento sun! Ready, Set... Go Play!

Wednesday 4/1 April Fool Fun!

3:30pm at Carmichael Library Head to the library to attempt some fun sixty second challenges using household items. Finish each challenge and move on to the next one! Fun and games for all ages! Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Thursday 4/2 Cultural Connections

10:30am at Sacramento Children’s Museum, Rancho Cordova Explore mosques and mosaics! Learn about Morocco’s Hassan II Mosque–the largest mosque in Africa–and create beautiful mosaics. Included with Museum Admission. 638-7225 | www.SacKids.org

Friday 4/3 Autism and Animals Event with Dr. Temple Grandin

8-11:30am at Real Life Church, Sacramento Meet Dr. Temple Grandin and hear her speak on her life with autism and animal behavior! Featuring special guest, Alexis Wineman, the first person on the autism spectrum to compete in a Miss America pageant. $30. 800-489-0727 | www.TempleSacramento.com

Spring Flowers with Art for All

3:30pm at Belle Cooledge Library, Sacramento April Art for All is all about flowers. Join ArtBeast to create a colorful collage featuring 3D flowers using techniques such as paper mâché collage and painting. Three different skill levels will be offered depending on your age and/or art experience. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Saturday 4/4 Earth Fest: Party for the Planet

9am-4pm at Sacramento Zoo Learn to protect and preserve the earth with environmental, wildlife, and conservation organization. During the day, visit EdZOOcation Stations to explore animal


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

bio-artifacts; participate in storytelling and activities in the Discovery Room; come faceto-face with outreach animals, or listen as keepers present enrichment talks in the afternoon. You’ll also have the chance to meet Gus the Green tree frog! Free with admission. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org

Easter Egg Hunt

10am-12:30pm at Fremont Presbyterian Church, East Sacramento Kids in preschool through 5th grade are invited to a fun day of crafts, food, bounce houses and of course, an Easter Egg Hunt! Free family event. 452-7132 | www.FremontPres.org

Easter in the Park Egg Hunt

11am-1pm at Alder Grove Park, Sacramento Kids (including kids-at-heart) and their families are invited to enjoy a morning of eggs, games, pictures, and more! The fun gets underway with an Easter egg hunt in the park. Free. 468-4545 | www.CityChurchSac.org

Egg Hunt

3pm at Valley Hi-North Laguna Library, Sacramento Search for eggs filled with candy in Shasta Park. There will be egg hunts for all age groups. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Egg-O-Rama: Egg Hunt and Carnival 9:30am-12pm at Howe Park, Sacramento Celebrate spring the right way with a pancake breakfast. Continue the fun with games for all ages, an egg hunt (based on age), bounce house, face painting, and a special visit from the Easter Bunny. $4, pictures with Easter Bunny are $5. 927-3802 | www.FecRecPark.com

Kids Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt

10am-12pm at Sunrise Community Church, Fair Oaks Bring your family to celebrate. Participate in crafts, bounce houses, face painting, and more! Frenchy’s Waffles food truck will have items available for purchase at the event. 726-7580 x1139 | www.SCCOnline.cc

Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt

7:30-11:30am at Clunie Community Center, Sacramento Fun for the whole family. The breakfast will include unlimited pancakes, sausage, fruit, and beverages. After breakfast the real fun

begins with carnival games, face painting, and egg hunts separated by age groups. Breakfast: $6 adult, $4 child. 837-0162 | www.EastSacMidtownKiwanis.com

Pictures with the Easter Bunny

12-3pm at Harley-Davidson of Sacramento The Easter Bunny is hopping on a motorcycle and taking free pictures. Bring your kids and stop by Harley-Davidson of Sacramento to take your picture with the Easter Bunny. 929-4680 | www.HDSAC.com

Recycle Rummage Sale

9am-4pm at Sacramento Zoo Nothing is better than finding a little treasure at a fantastic price! Come out to the Sacramento Zoo’s annual Recycle Rummage Sale and see what treasures you can find. Proceeds from the Recycle Rummage Sale benefit the Sacramento Zoo’s conservation programs locally and around the world. Free with Zoo admission. 808-5888 | www.SacZoo.org

Spring Egg-Stravaganza

10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael A program celebrating animals that hatch from eggs! Eggs-amine our nest and egg collections, then hit the trails in search of nests. Park entrance fee is $5.00 per car (free to members). 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.org

Spring Eggstravaganza (April 4 & 5)

11am-3pm at Fairytale Town, Sacramento This egg-citing, fun-filled weekend will feature egg hunts, prizes, spring-themed activities, and visits with Peter Cottontail. Hunt areas are separated by age group and will be at noon, 1pm and 2pm. After each hunt, redeem your eggs for a prize in Mr. McGregor’s Garden. Arrive early, Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail promptly at 3pm. $5.50 general admission, free for members and children 1 and under. 808-7462 | www.FairytaleTown.org

The Giving Back Bash

11am-7pm at Civic Center, Roseville Parents and kids can enjoy a fun afternoon. A concert to provide an economical experience that is fun, safe, and exciting for all ages. Enjoy food, souvenirs, vendors, an OV Cornhole Tournament, and a country music headliner. Concert, 3-7pm. Free. 494-4770 | www.TheRealin2WinRecords.com

Don’t Miss Music Matt at this year’s Babies And Bumps, April 11th!

Sunday 4/5 Wildflower Walk Poppies, Lupine, and Grass Pinks!

10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Come explore the Nature Area in search of what’s in bloom. Park entrance fee is $5.00 per car (free to members). 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.org

Tuesday 4/7 Artful Tot

10:30am-12pm at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Every month, toddlers (19 to 36 mos) explore art-making with different materials in new ways, from printmaking and color mixing to clay and fabric. Adults learn how to encourage experimentation and self-expression while nurturing their child’s creativity. Families are welcome to arrive anytime during this drop-in program. Dress for mess. $7 members, $10 nonmembers. 808-1182 | www.CrockerArtMuseum.org

Little Red Riding Hood Puppet Show

4:30pm at Rio Linda Library Watch Little Red, Granny, and the Big Bad Wolf come to life with the talented Puppet Art Theatre group. Puppetry is an old fashioned form of storytelling that is popular with young and old alike (sponsored by the Friends of Rio Linda Library). 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Saturday 4/11 7th Annual Babies and Bumps

Wednesday 4/8

9am-2pm at Citrus Heights Community Center Greater Sacramento’s premier event celebrating parenthood and pregnancy, babies and families. Win amazing prizes, talk with experts and see demonstrations, shop the craft boutique, delight in face painting, clowns, fairies, groove with cool entertainers and mingle with some awesome surprise guests. Plus, give your child (sitting to age 5) the opportunity to be photographed for a chance to be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Sacramento Parent in 2015! Free. 530-888-0573 | www.BabiesAndBumps.net

Sing Along with Mr. Cooper

Mobile Library Launch Party

4pm at Belle Cooledge Library, Sacramento Join neighborhood favorite Mr. Cooper for 30 minutes of music time and freeze dancing for ages 3 to 7 years. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

1pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Come to the Vernon Street Town Square on April 11 for the unveiling of the Roseville Public Library’s new Mobile Library. Enjoy some children’s crafts, photo opportunities with the Mobile Library, storytime, and more! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Thursday 4/9

Bowling For Kids’ Sake 2015

Cultural Connections

10:30am at Sacramento Children’s Museum, Rancho Cordova Discover the music of Morocco! Explore the various traditional musical styles, instruments, and dances of Morocco. 638-7225 | www.SacKids.org

9:30, 11:45 and 2pm at Country Club Lanes & Event Center, Sacramento Bowl for Kids’ Sake is a fun and easy way to support the life-changing work of Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you care about kids and can spare an hour to have fun with your friends, then Bowl for Kids’ Sake is for you! No fee, but each bowler must gather $100 in pledges. Sign up individually, or with a team of 4 to 6. 646-9300 | www.SacBowl.Kintera.org

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com


Mega Family Expo

11am-5pm at Elks Lodge Greenhaven, Sacramento Don’t miss out on the largest family event of the year hosted by a special surprise celebrity guest! There will be over 50+ of the most respected local, regional, and national companies; that provide products and services designed to enrich the lives of families. Come enjoy a day of family fun, shopping, family resources, food, and great entertainment at the Mega Family Expo! Free (pre-registration is required). 271-2351 | www.MegaFamilyExpo.com

Second Saturday Sensory Storytime

10am at North Natomas Library, Sacramento An Autism Awareness month event for kids with Autism and/or sensory disorders featuring songs, stories, sensory activities and interactive materials and is targeted for a developmental age of 2 to 6 years-old. Behaviors and/or noise are no problem, siblings are welcome, too! Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Sunday 4/12 Living in Water

10:30 at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Discover the hidden world of water insects and polliwogs! Using catch and release activities get a close-up look at amazing little animals that live in the pond and can be found in our local waterways. Park entrance fee is $5.00 per car (free to members). 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.org

Monday 4/13 Bugs! Bugs!

10am at Placer Nature Center, Auburn Spring is bug time! This class will review the insect characteristics and use nets, blankets and magnifying glasses to find the diversity of insect life at the Nature Center. Registration is required. $7/per child. 530-878-6053 | www.PlacerNatureCenter.org

Tuesday 4/14 Musical Robot

5pm at Fair Oaks Library Musical Robot is a music duo that combines dancing, learning and non-stop fun with original music, stories, puppets, a ukulele and a drum! Armed with catchy tunes rife with participation opportunities, this dynamic duo is a good rockin’ time. Free.   264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Wednesday 4/14 Wildlife Education with Eco-Safari 4pm at Sylvan Oaks Library, Citrus Heights Eco-Safari returns to Sylvan Oaks Library for 42

www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

Spring Eggstravaganza at Fairytale Town, April 4th & 5th

another wildlife education experience. You’ll get up close and personal with five extraordinary critters and learn a lot about them, too. Free.  264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Thursday 4/16 Cultural Connections

10:30am at Sacramento Children’s Museum, Rancho Cordova Take a closer look at the Berber culture! Learn about the Berbers, a people ethnically indigenous to North Africa. Then participate in a weaving activity. 638-7225 | www.SacKids.org

Friday 4/17 Perez and Mondinga with the Puppet Company

3:30pm at McKinley Library, Sacramento Celebrate Día de los Niños with the Puppet Company! Enjoy the tale of Perez Mouse and Mondinga Cockroach, as these puppets enact the story of this Mexican folk tale. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Hawks, Honkers, and Hoots

4:30pm at Rio Linda Library Do you have a love of wildlife and the outdoors? Learn about local birdlife and migratory birds and meet some wonderful, winged ambassadors of our waterways and the sky. This Creek Week program is sponsored by the Friends of Rio Linda Library. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Saturday 4/18 Celebrate the Earth Festival

10am-3pm at Mahany Park, Roseville Roseville’s Celebrate the Earth Festival is hosted by the Utility Exploration Center and sponsored by our city’s utility departments and local environmental businesses. Enjoy an exciting day of delicious local food, green vendors, and entertainment for the whole family. Free. 746-1550 | www.Roseville.ca.us/explore

Sensory Family Movie Matinee

1:30pm at North Natomas Library, Sacramento A family movie event for kids with Autism and/or sensory disorders, targeted for a developmental age of 2 years to 6 years-old. Behaviors and/or noise are no problem— everyone is welcome! Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Celebrate Children and Reading with the Poodlums

2pm at Martin Luther King Jr. Library, Sacramento This lovely duo offers an educational music program for kids (up to age 8) and families.  It includes audience participation, Spanish & English components, and learning about numbers, counting, letters and animals. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Shadow Puppets With Art Beast

1pm at Valley Hi-North Laguna Library, Sacramento See a short shadow puppet performance and then learn to make your own puppets and stage so you can put on your own performances. All ages! Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

UC Davis Picnic Day 2015: Heart of the Community

9am at University of California, Davis Experience UC Davis and the surrounding community in the areas of research, teaching, service and campus life at this family-friendly event. Over 200 events will take place throughout campus including: exhibits, shows, competitions, demonstrations, entertainment, animal and athletic events, Student Organization Fair, Multicultural Children’s Fair, a parade and much more. 530-752-6320 | www.PicnicDay.ucdavis.edu

Sunday 4/19 Kestrel Connection

1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Meet Rocky, the Nature Center’s resident kestrel, and hear his story and what makes him North America’s smallest falcon. After a good look at this handsome bird, make a kestrel bracelet to remember your new friend. Park entrance fee is $5.00 per car (free to members). 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.org

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



7:45am at Sacramento Zoo/ Land Park, Sacramento Can you sprint like a lion? There are options for everyone from a 5K run/walk (3.1 miles) to a 10K run (6.2 miles). The run/walk will lead participants through beautiful Land Park and finish near the back entrance to the Zoo. Proceeds will go towards animal care and enrichment. New this year, come dressed up to ZooZoom in your favorite animal costume. It’s a family friendly event so only appropriate costumes will be allowed. Visit the website for more information. 808-5888 | www.SacramentoZooZoom.com

Sacramento Earth Day Celebration 2015

11am-4pm at Southside Park, Sacramento The 46th annual Earth Day celebration will be filled with diverse business, non-profit, cultural, and government vendors with practical information, goods and services for saving money, living healthier, and protecting the environment. There will also be great entertainment, activities, and cuisine. Free. 444-0022 | www.EcoSacramento.net

Walk MS

10 am at California State CapitalWest Steps, Sacramento Walk MS connects people living with MS and those who care about them. When you participate in this community event, the funds you raise give hope to the more than 2.3 million people living with MS worldwide. Visit website for course and registration details. 800-344-4867 www.WalkCan.NationalMSSociety.org

Tuesday 4/21 Homework Zone

3:30-5:30pm at Robbie Waters PocketGreenhaven Library, Sacramento Free homework help for grades 1 through 8 on a drop-in basis (also on Wednesdays, 5:307:30pm). Please note, no Homework Zone over Spring Break. This program is made possible with the help of volunteers, and is subject to cancellation depending on their availability. If you would like to volunteer as a Homework Coach, inquire at the front desk. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Wednesday 4/22 Balloon Combat

4pm at North Highlands-Antelope Library, Antelope Make your balloon arsenal, and use it to conquer the library! Balloon artist Silly Lilly will teach attendees how to craft their own balloon swords, and then the North HighlandsAntelope Teen Advisory Board will supervise a safe, fun game to determine whose balloon swordsmanship is the best. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org 44

www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

Sacramento Earth Day Celebration 2015, April 19th

Thursday 4/23 Cultural Connections

10:30am at Sacramento Children’s Museum, Rancho Cordova Create a khamsa–a Moroccan good luck symbol! Find out what the khamsa represents and how it is used, and then design your own khamsa. 638-7225 | www.SacKids.org

How to Clinic: Fix a Flat

6-7pm at Peak Adventures, Sacramento State Campus In this class you will learn how to fix a flat on both your front and rear bicycle tires, as well as what to pack in your repair kit. After this class you will never be left calling for a ride the next time you get a flat tire (minimum age of 13). Free. 278-6321 | www.PeakAdventures.org

Friday 4/24 LEGO Mania!

3:30pm at Rancho Cordova Library, Sacramento Build cool things with LEGOs: racers, space ships, bridges, inventions—whatever you choose. Library LEGOs, your creativity! 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Saturday 4/25 Tres Hermanas Salsa with Food Literacy Center

2pm at Arcade Library, Sacramento Celebrate El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children’s Day/Book Day) with this food program. Three sisters, or “tres hermanas,” is a traditional Mexican trio of corn, squash and beans. Learn why these foods go together, and how to pronounce each word in Spanish. Then make a tres hermanas salsa that’s muy delicioso, take home the recipe and read Abuela by Arthur Dorros. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Yomen: A Spring Celebration

10am at Maidu Museum, Roseville Celebrate and experience California Indian culture during Yomen: A Spring Celebration. Come to the Maidu Museum’s biggest event of the year and bring the entire family. See tribal dancers, basket weavers, grind acorns, make an elderberry flute, shop at the craft fair and try the tasty Indian tacos. Free. 774-5200 | www.Roseville.ca.us

Bugs! Bugs!

10:00am at Placer Nature Center, Auburn Insects abound in spring. Let’s get out the insect nets and discover bugs and more bugs (geared towards children ages 0-5)! Free, thanks to First 5 Placer. 530-878-6053 | www.PlacerNatureCenter.org

Kid’s Day in the Park

11am at Hagan Park, Rancho Cordova This will be a great day to be a kid, as children celebrate their special day in beautiful Hagan Park. Enjoy jump houses, quality children’s entertainment, a bike rodeo, plus more than 100 booths each with something free and fun to do. Food trucks will be on hand to complete the party! Kid’s Day is a great chance for family fun, while mom and dad pick up fabulous resources. Free! 273-5701 | www.CordovaCouncil.org

Dia De Los Niños: The Poodlums

2pm at Valley Hi-North Laguna Library, Sacramento Celebrate Dia De Los Niños with musical artists, the Poodlums. This educational music program for kids and families will include audience participation and Spanish and English components. Learn about numbers, counting, letters and animals. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Guitarist Felipe Ferraz

4pm at Southgate Community Library, Sacramento Celebrate El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children’s Day/Book Day) with a music circle. Join in and sing along with musician Felipe Ferraz as he performs world music in both English and Spanish that will entertain and delight children. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Kids Art Festival

10am-3pm at Village Park, Fair Oaks Youth and teens of all ages are invited to join Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District, San Juan Unified School District and Sacramento Public Library, Fair Oaks branch, for a community focus on creativity. Event will feature hands on art workshops, take away stations, music and dance performances, art show, food trucks, and much more! Free. www.Facebook.com/FORPD

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com


Sunday 4/26

Tuesay 4/28

Save the Frogs Day!

Knitting, Nattering & Crocheting!

1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Come celebrate Mother Earth by learning all about some of her most precious creatures… FROGS! See amphibians up close, learn how important they are in the web of life, and how they inform us about the health of our local waterways. Make beautiful art celebrating your favorites! Park entrance fee is $5.00 per car (free to members). 489-4918 | www.SacNatureCenter.org

Sacramento Youth Symphony Premier Orchestra Spring Concert

7pm at Sacramento City College Performing Arts Center For the Premier Orchestra’s Spring 2015 concert, Artistic Director Michael Neumann will conduct pieces by Tchaikovsky, Noel-Gallon (featuring a bassoon solo), and Shostakovich. Guest Conductor, Dr. Robert Halseth, will lead a performance of “Crater Lake,” (a piece commissioned by the Sacramento Youth Symphony in 2013 and composed by Garret Shatzer). $15 general, $10 students and seniors, free for youth ages 10 and under. (916) 731-5777 www.SacramentoYouthSymphony.org


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

1:30pm at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento Join a knitting group, learn some new tricks, and share your knowledge with others. We welcome all ages and skill levels. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Wednesday 4/29 Tres Hermanas Salsa with Food Literacy Center

3:30pm at Elk Grove Library Listen to a story about the “tres hermanas,” the traditional Mexican trio of corn, squash and beans and make a tres hermanas salsa that’s muy delicioso at this wonderful Dia de los Ninos program! Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Día de los Niños

3pm at Walnut Grove Library, Walnut Grove Los Tres Cabritos Traviesos, with The Caterpillar Puppets: Celebrate Día de los Niños with a fun puppet show! Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

The Puppet Company presents: “Perez y Mondinga”

4pm at Sylvan Oaks Library, Citrus Heights A special Dia de los Ninos program featuring The Puppet Company! “Perez y Mondinga” is a Mexican fable about a cockroach who marries a mouse. Mondinga has many suitors (a

loud Rooster, a rich Pig and an evil Cat) but, along comes Perez Mouse. Free. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Thursday 4/30 Celebrate El día de los niños with tres hermanas salsa

4pm at North Highlands-Antelope Library, Antelope Tres Hermanas Salsa (El día de los niños): Three sisters or “tres hermanas ” is a traditional Mexican trio of corn  squash and beans. Learn why these foods go together, and how to pronounce each word in Spanish, then make a tres hermanas salsa that’s muy delicioso! Kids will take home the recipe and read Abuela by Arthur Dorros. Free.   264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

Cultural Connections

10:30am at Sacramento Children’s Museum, Rancho Cordova Celebrate Morocco’s Independence Day by making flag art and tasting traditional Moroccan cuisine. 638-7225 | www.SacKids.org

World Music with Felipe Ferraz

3:30pm at South Natomas Library, Sacramento Celebrate Dia de los Niños! Felipe Ferraz’s interactive world music program is geared toward children and families and is presented in both English and Spanish. 264-2920 | www.SacLibrary.org

shows All phone numbers are area code 916 unless otherwise noted.

Million Dollar Quartet

April 2-4 at Harris Center for the Arts A Broadway musical, inspired by the famed recording session that brought together rock ‘n’ roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins for the first and only time. On December 4, 1956, these four young musicians gathered at Sun Records in Memphis for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions ever. 608-6888 | www.HarrisCenter.net

The Composer is Dead

April 19 at UC Davis Mondavi Center - Jackson Hall According to author, Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler), “Anyone who enjoys classical music knows that members of the orchestra are automatically suspicious people, accused constantly of various treacheries.” In this entertaining murder mystery and musical, the composer is dead and the entire orchestra is suspect. Did someone from the Davis High School Orchestra kill him? 530-754-2787 | www.MondaviCenter. UCDavis.edu

Charlotte’s Web

April 4 at Harris Center for the Arts Explore a magical barnyard world at the Arable farm where animals talk and miracles happen. This story of courage and friendship, based on E.B. White’s touching novel of a lovable pig named Wilbur and a kind spider named Charlotte. 608-6888 | www.HarrisCenter.net

Willy Wonka

April 4 at Runaway Stage The delicious adventures experienced by Charlie Bucket on his visit to Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory will light up the stage in this captivating adaptation of the fantastical tale. This version of Willy Wonka is a scrumdidilyumptious musical guaranteed to delight everyone’s sweet tooth. 207-1226 | www.RunawayStage.com Tales of Br’er Rabbit, Fairytale Town

The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Runaway Stage Productions

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Through April 5 at Runaway Stage Productions This comedic, yet honest musical captures the classes and human spirit of Colorado settlers. Enjoy this grand musical that follows the exploits of Molly Brown, whose feisty determination to rise above her impoverished beginnings leads her from the backwoods of Hannibal, Missouri, to the palaces of Europe. 207-1226 | www.RunawayStage.com

Once Upon a Time 1959

April 18th-26th at Fairytale Town It’s 1959 and a dozen colorful characters are lost in a fantastical fog after being swept away from their storybook homes. Working together, they uncover the mysterious force that united them and find a way home. The musical mash-up features Robin Hood, King Arthur, Cinderella, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Alice and the White Rabbit, Jack and Jill, the Wicked Witch of the East and more! 808-7462 | www.FairyTaleTown.org


Tales of Br’er Rabbit

April 4-5 at FairyTale Town Br’er Rabbit may be small, but he has his wits. That doesn’t keep him out of trouble, but it does tend to get him out of it. When he comes up against the likes of Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear, it turns out they are no match for the clever rabbit. Magical Moonshine Theatre presents the tale with humor, large table-top puppets, a live banjo and singing. 808-7462 | www.FairyTaleTown.org

April 18–May 10 at Storytime Theatre of Sacramento City College Enjoy this adaptation of the classic story of a puppet who wishes to become a real boy. Adapted and directed by Doug Lawson and brought to you by Sacramento City College. 916-558-2174 | www.CityTheatre.net


Through April 19 at Chautauqua Playhouse Catherine is the daughter of Robert, a brilliant mathematician, who misplaces both his brilliance and his sanity. Catherine, a budding mathematician herself, gives up her schooling to take care of him. When a former student of her father’s comes to examine his papers, a romance blossoms and a notebook that contains a very important mathematical discovery, raises questions of whose work it is. 489-7529 | www.CPlayhouse.org

The Pirates of Penzance

April 22-May 17 at Sacramento Theatre Company A comical story starring Frederic, who, having completed his 21st year, is released from his apprenticeship to a band of tender-hearted pirates. Frederic finds out, however, that he was born on February 29th, and technically, he only has a birthday each leap year. His apprenticeship indentures state that he remain with the pirates until his 21st birthday (in another 63 years)! Fredric asks his love to wait for him and this sets the stage for fun and mishaps. 446-7501 | www.SacTheatre.org

The Wizard of Oz

April 24-May 17 at Davis Musical Theatre Company Everyone’s favorite movie fantasy, will come to life on the stage! Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the universe of Dorothy’s imagination. 530-756-3682 | www.DMTC.org

Kidz Bop

April 26 at Crest Theatre Kidz Bop is a popular brand of compilation albums featuring child musicians performing contemporary music. The albums are composed of “kid-friendly” versions of the latest Top 40 radio hits and are sung by kids. 476-3356 | www.CrestSacramento.com April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com


exhibits All phone numbers are area code 916 unless otherwise noted.

Davis Art Studio Preview Tour Show April 1-13 at The Artery The Artery will host a preview exhibition of artwork by the 30 local artists participating in the Davis Art Studio Tour (Apr 11-12). The exhibition will include photography, Japanese fish printing, mixed media collage, textile art, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, and woodworking. 530-758-8330 | www.TheArtery.net

American Journeys: Travel Posters from Railroadings, Golden Age

American Journeys: Travel Posters from Railroadings, Golden Age, California State Railroad Museum


www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

April 1-May 31 at California State Railroad Museum 12 visually-exciting travel posters depict how railroads promoted various destinations to the traveling public, helping to kindle the American desire to travel. 323-9280 | www.CSRMF.org

and women, carrying upon their heads a string of personal objects. 530-758-3370 | www.PenceGallery.org



Through May 3 at Pence Gallery Peter VandenBerge’s work spans four decades of ceramic history, beginning with Robert Arneson’s first ceramic class at UC Davis. VandenBerge has developed a distinctly gestural style of figurative work that largely centers on stylized portraits of men

Companions by Peter VandenBerge, Pence Gallery

Through May 7 at Gallery at 48 Natoma Featuring paintings by Mariam Pakbaz and ceramics by Jeanette Morrow, is a curious collection of wild animals: dashing horses, stealthy wolves, leaping rabbits, peaceful birds, and more. 355-7285 | www.Folsom.ca.us

humor me

Dad’s Tips

To Save You From Embarrassing Parent Fails By Adam Capell

Over the next several months, we’ll tickle your funny bone and spare you some utter parenting fails with a funny dad’s tips on how parents can avoid being that parent—you know what we mean, the one that’s above the law, the one that gets the dagger-shooting evil eye and relentless stank face stare down from other disapproving parents.


Just Because You Rock a Jogging Stroller...

It doesn’t mean you are above the law. You’ve got it all figured out. You balance everything. Job. Family. Personal fitness goals. You’re making time, when none exists. And you’re doing all of this in style, as the B.O.B. (Beast of Burden), the preeminent jogging stroller for women everywhere, comes in a variety of fun colors like shocking orange and burgundy. You take off down the sidewalk, breaking a light sweat. The baby’s comfy, and you’re grooving to Katy Perry. Man, if this stroller had wings, it could fly. You’re invincible. Nobody can hold you down. Not even the green light at the side street you’re about to cross. A few cars slam on their brakes. They should try jogging sometime. Hey, where did that cop come from? But his sirens don’t phase you. After all, you’re just a runner, like Forrest Gump.

Except, you’re also pushing your baby in a luxury item, kindly purchased off your registry by an angel. Now, the cop’s on his megaphone. Something about child endangerment. What’s he talking about—has he seen my stroller?! It’s a B.O.B. Maybe you should stop and show him, but how can you stop, these wheels are incredible? Powerful. Dynamic. They’d make a BMX rider have to take a cold shower. The law has no choice but to cut down an alleyway to block you. Now, he’s really pissing you off. And it doesn’t help that “Roar” is playing on your iPod Shuffle. Feeling empowered, you weigh your options. Surrender? Or go right through him? Easy call. You’ve got a lawyer. As if stopping was ever a realistic option. And you would have got away too, but you never saw his call for backup coming. sp

NEXT MONTH, find out how to avoid turning a playground into a battlefield. And, if you just can’t wait to see his other tips, head over to www.SacramentoParent.com to read them all. April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com









www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

business opportunity

April 2015 | www.SacramentoParent.com



www.SacramentoParent.com | April 2015

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Sacramento Parent April 2015  

Welcome to the April Issue! It's all about Babies & Bumps this month. Join us on April 11th for our annual celebration of moms, babies and f...

Sacramento Parent April 2015  

Welcome to the April Issue! It's all about Babies & Bumps this month. Join us on April 11th for our annual celebration of moms, babies and f...