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Q&A With Dental Care Experts In honor of Dental Health Awareness month, we went straight to the experts with some of the topics parents are curious about when it comes to their child’s dental health needs. From when to plan your first visit to what to do about a wiggly tooth—we’ve rounded-up advice from the professionals right here! WHEN SHOULD YOUR CHILD FIRST VISIT THE DENTIST AND WHAT CAN PARENTS DO TO ELIMINATE ANY FEAR OR ANXIETY ABOUT THEIR FIRST TRIP TO THE DENTIST? “We recommend children visit us when their first tooth arrives or by their first birthday. We believe when kids grow up enjoying the dentist, healthy teeth and gums will follow. We’ve set up a different kind of dental practice that delivers fun, not fear. So your kids get stress-free dental visits and beautiful, giggly smiles!” -Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics “Our main concern is to provide extraordinary dental care in an interactive, fun and safe environment for your child. There exists a complex ecosystem of bacteria in our mouths and for this reason it is fundamental children are seen by a dentist early in age. This will help set a great foundation for strong, shiny and healthy teeth.” -Make a Smile Team HOW LONG SHOULD KIDS BE BRUSHING AND WHEN SHOULD THEY START FLOSSING? “It is best for children to brush twice a day for a duration of 2-minutes each time with fluoridated toothpaste and floss before going to bed. Fluoride toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay by making teeth resistant to acid.” -Make a Smile Team “We recommend using a two minute timer for brushing teeth twice daily. Any time two teeth are in contact, they should be flossed daily.” -Smile Gallery Pediatric Dentistry CAN YOU RECOMMEND HEALTHY SNACKS FOR HEALTHY TEETH? “Whole apples are naturally vitamin rich and provide sugar balance and antibacterial properties to the teeth and body. However, apple juice contains mostly sugar and acid, making it one of the primary causes of tooth decay in children.” -Dr. Cindy Weideman, Weideman Pediatric Destistry & Orthodontics “Fresh fruit and raw vegetables (oranges, pears, apples, broccoli, celery), low or non-fat dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese), and grains (bread, baked tortilla chips, unsweetened cereal).” -Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care “A diet rich in healthy snacks for healthy teeth are plentiful. We recommend plenty of water, cheese, yogurt, leafy greens, carrots, celery and almonds as healthy options for a healthy smile.” -Smile Gallery Pediatric Dentistry DOES MY CHILD NEED FLUORIDE, AND WHY? “Children older than six months need supplements if their drinking water does not contain the ideal amount of fluoride. Fluoride supplements taken by infants have been shown to reduce tooth decay by as much as 50%. Dosages are based on age and the amount of fluoride in the drinking water.” -Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care WHAT SHOULD I DO ABOUT A WIGGLY BABY TOOTH THAT IS BOTHERING MY CHILD, IS IT BEST TO PULL IT OUT OR WAIT FOR IT TO FALL OUT? “Any time your child is experiencing dental discomfort, it is best to consult with your Pediatric Dentist.” -Smile Gallery Pediatric Dentistry “When possible, it is best to let the tooth fall out on its own, the natural way, to avoid unnecessary pain and/or gum infections.” -Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care

Have more questions, or is it time to schedule a visit? Here’s where you can reach the experts. Capital Pediatric Dentistry 916-476-3972

Kids Care Dental 844-616-KIDS (5437)

Smile Gallery Pediatric Dentistry 916-782-5503

Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care 916-529-4974

Make A Smile 916-365-9553

Weideman Pediatric Destistry & Orthodontics 916-962-0577

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