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We’re Having A...Triplets!?!


MAY 2017 We Offer • Day Care (ages 6 wks.-5 yrs.) • Preschool (ages 18 mos.-5 yrs.) • Summer Camps (ages 18 mos.-10 yrs.) • 1/2 Day Morning Preschool Program • Private Kindergarten • Homework Tutor Club(K-5th) • Before & After School Programs

(Transporting to & from many schools) • Saturday Date Night (ages 6 wks.-10 yrs.)

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Care is just a phone call away! Patient Referral: 916-453-2191

Serving children throughout Northern California and the Western United States. Specialized Pediatric Care n n n n n n

Orthopaedics Burns Spinal Cord Injuries Plastic Surgery Cleft Lip Surgery Pediatric Surgery

All care is provided regardless of a family’s ability to pay. ShrinersNorCA #shrinersnorca Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California 2425 Stockton Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95817 (916) 453-2000 MAY 2017



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We heart this cover image of Corri and her daughter taken by Lifestyle by Tavio. Corri shares, “Sometimes when I look at her, I forget that we are two separate people.”


Photographer: Octavio Valencia

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Now Enrolling for Summer & Fall The Granite Bay Schoolhouse offers children the right environment to Learn, Play and Grow. We teach children to love to learn! Through literature-based projects, hands-on math curriculum and a loving environment, our goal is to provide children the right fundamentals to be successful in school.

8265 Sierra College Blvd #322 Roseville, CA 95661 8

MAY 2017

Happy Mother’s Day from a group of moms that love working to put this magazine together each month by day–but then swiftly put on our capes to take care of the kids–often racing them around to all sorts of activities and functions!

co-publisher | SUE LETO COLE co-publisher | SHELLY BOKMAN editor | SHANNON SMITH assistant editor | CHRISTINE QUARRY art directors | PATRICE VAN DAM, Studio PR


photographer: Octavio Valencia contributing writers: Lauren Anderson | Alyssa Chirco | Gayla Grace Allison Hopkins | Deanne Kelly | Pam Molnar Dakota Murphey | Christine Quarry Meagan Ruffing | Shannon Smith Megan Woolsey

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Moms are pretty amazing, right? That thought crossed my mind several times as I was chatting with some of them at Babies and Bumps last month. After meeting a few moms with multiples, I wondered what it would be like to have triplets? Well if you’ve wondered too, Megan shares her first-hand experience this month. If you haven’t picked up on it, we’re giving mom’s a pat on the back this month! So, take a break, recharge, do what makes you happy, and simply be good to you! P.S. Don’t fret dad’s, we’ve got you covered in the next issue!


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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Granite Bay Montessori

Providing a personalized academic journey for ages 2 years to 8th grade.

Affordable Tuition-Based Private Montessori School Open 7:00 am - 6:30 pm Low Student Teacher Ratio (12:1)

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Individualized Hands-On Learning Comprehensive core subject matter Project based life and social sciences’ curricula Practical life skills at all ages Art, Music, P.E., & Enrichment Classes


10 MAY 2017

fun finds

To Mom With Love! Edited by Shannon Smith

We’re celebrating all types of moms this month and we’ve gathered up some unique picks for her!



A book that’s like having a funny best friend telling you all about what to expect in the first year of parenthood through comic strips. It’s essential reading for expecting or new parents and makes a unique baby shower or new mommy gift that won’t soon be forgotten! Even those who have already seen the first year fly by will appreciate this rollicking walk down memory lane. $15 |

Make New Friends MOMDEZVOUS

A local Sacramento mom created Momdezvous to boost her social circle, she calls it, “a Tinder for finding mom friends”. It's so easy to use; you will be finding your mom tribe in no time! Create a free profile, customize it with photos and hashtag your interests, and then swipe right to “Momdevous”! Say “No Thanks,” with a swipe to the left. When a match is made, you will find your new friend in the chat section. You can search by age, location, interests and even find suggestions to plan your meet-up. Free |



If you celebrate Mother’s Day this game is for you! Elevate the fun at your next mommy meet-up with this game of conversation starters created by a mom, for moms. It can be played with two or more moms (if you only have 10 minutes to spare or the luxury of an hour or more). The rules are simple have fun, be honest and try not to judge! There is sure to be lots of laughing, venting and connecting. $12 |

May is Mental Health Month STERLING SEMICOLON RING

The semicolon movement represents and supports all who have any history of self-harm, personality disorder, social anxiety and all who suffer from depression of any kind. The semicolon represents love, hope and faith that one's story continues and that together, if we stand united, we can overcome even the hardest of trials. $25 | MAY 2017 11

12 MAY 2017

Take A Break, Mom! By Lauren Anderson

Be alone. So many of us think it’s

As moms we hear it so often, “take care of yourself first,” or “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” and I think we all understand the sentiment: self-care is important. Normally, these same articles or recommendations are accompanied by pictures of gal pals or a seemingly blissful woman at the spa or in the throes of a pedicure. And while a spa day or a mani and pedi are perfectly wonderful ways to pamper yourself, the three times I’ve attempted this since my son has been born (two years ago), I also worked or worried the entire time because I had other stuff on my to-do list that seemed far more important than getting “pampered.” That hour-long pedicure was just not what it was cracked up to be and ended up causing more stress than it seemed to offload. Because as glamorous as these traditional self-care rituals seem, in reality, most of the moms I know have a combination of jobs, hobbies, side-gigs, and volunteer activities, in addition to their families, and it’s not very realistic to use the hour or two they have alone, sitting still. And, it’s hard to sit still when you’re used to the go, go, go and your to-do list is not actually going anywhere. It is possible to fill your cup with something other than cucumber water from the local day spa. And in truth mamas, it’s necessary that we do so and, it’s necessary that we do so in a way that both allows some time away to think, breathe, and recharge while feeling accomplished or inspired…without wishing for even more time. But how exactly do we take care of ourselves when there is so much to do? With Mother’s Day approaching, I thought I would pose this question on Facebook: what is your favorite non-traditional self-care practice? I heard from family, friends, and friends of friends who offered loads of refreshing, realistic and inexpensive ideas that might just offer you a way to recharge without having to soak your feet in rose petals.

selfish to take time alone and be away from our families but, if it was priority before having children, shouldn’t we value it just as much after? Plain and simple, alone time was my number one response and it came in many, many forms; from taking extra 10 minutes in the shower or on the toilet (with the door locked), to watching television or listening to music without having to share the remote. Doing errands or, more specifically, going to Target, Costco, or any other myriad of stores alone was, above all else, the most coveted request. Because, as nice as it is to have company, it’s even nicer to be able to peruse the aisles and stop to smell a candle without someone screaming about snacks, toys, or needing to use the toilet.

Take it outside. Getting outside

to garden, move the body, or just lounge in the fresh air (usually sans kids) was an easy way to feel pampered. The air, open space, and the ability to think allowed moms to feel refueled while also knocking off to-do’s like working out and yard work.

Do the ordinary.

Or, the not so ordinary. Many of these mamas just wanted time to do the things that they used to do regularly but no longer put at the top of their list. Baking, writing, reading, sleeping in, and spending time with girlfriends were surefire ways to indulge without breaking the bank or even being alone (although it was preferred). Merely having the opportunity to do the things that identified us as us prior to becoming a mama makes the difference for so many; in how we feel, react and respond as a mom, partner, and woman. continued on page 14 MAY 2017 13

Mom continued from page 13

Just move.

Perhaps it’s the Yoga Teacher in me but this is my personal favorite. Whether it is 5 minutes or 50 minutes, movement is good for the mind, body, and spirit. No gym is necessary. Take a solo stroll or get down on the ground and do a few minutes of yoga. Choose something that’s easy, accessible, and fits into whatever time you have; there’s something for everyone. So, as you think about what to ask for this Mother’s day, think about what recharges you, nourishes your soul, and sets you on fire. While that can be a soak in a mud bath or a sit in the sauna, it very well could be baking cookies, pouring a glass of wine, or blaring that music that makes you feel alive and free.

Lauren Anderson is a Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer that specializes in prenatal and postpartum fitness and health. She is the owner of 5 Feathers Yoga in Folsom. Lauren enjoys helping others find a balance between fitness and life and while she believes wholeheartedly in daily movement, it's her hope that it enhances life rather than takes away. Lauren received her Master’s in Exercise Science from Sac State, is an E-RYT 200, and Personal Trainer through ACSM. You can find more of her at or

14 MAY 2017

Overwhelmed Mom to In Control Mom By Meagan Ruffing

When I first became a mom, I struggled with finding balance. Balance between who I wanted to be and what I thought a mother was supposed to be. Whether you’re a first-time parent or a parent of multiples, the life you had before kids looks a lot different than the one you’re living now. Fast-forward eight years and two more kids, I am here to tell you there is hope for you moms out there who feel overwhelmed. The first step is taking a deep breath, grabbing a pen (or the nearest crayon) and writing down what it is that is making you feel overwhelmed. Follow these steps below and you will be well on your way to going from overwhelmed to in control. 1. Once you have written down what it is that is overwhelming you (kids, lack of sleep, marriage, overeating, weight...), you can begin to tackle the very thing that has been causing you so much stress. 2. Ask yourself, “Why is this overwhelming me?” If it’s your weight that is bothering you, the reason might be something like, “My clothes don’t feel good on me”. Once you pinpoint why this is making you frazzled, you can begin to take back control. State it for what it is and move on. 3. Write down your next small step. Literally, what is the next small step you can take in going from overwhelmed to in control? If it’s a rocky marriage that has your stomach in a ball of knots, maybe scheduling an appointment with a therapist is your next small step. It’s actually a big step but in the bigger picture, it’s one small step in taking control. 4. Decide how big of an issue this is. Is it an immediate problem? A problem that can wait a few weeks? Or maybe it can wait several months? Whatever your overwhelming situation is, decide where it falls on the urgency list and treat it as so. An example of each might be:

have different accountability people for different situations in your life and that’s okay. Once you have decided and pinpointed what it is that is overwhelming you, and you have figured out what your next small step will be, go ahead and tell someone what your action plan is.

Baby not sleeping = Urgent.

Want to lose weight = Over the next several weeks.

Get my house back in order = Not urgent, but some- thing I will work on over the next few months.

Becoming a mom is great stuff, but it’s tough stuff. Who you once were will come through again, you just have to be diligent and intentional about letting her peek through from time-totime. Give yourself a break and a pat on the back for bringing this amazing child into the world and acknowledge things for what they are; tough. Your days of not showering and forgetting to eat will become a thing of the past before you can say, “I can’t believe he’s 8-years-old. Where did the time go?”

5. Have an accountability friend. This is key. Find someone who you can trust and who will hold you accountable. This might be your spouse, your closest friend, or your neighbor. You might

Meagan Ruffing is in the business of helping moms go from overwhelmed to in control. She believes in creating an environment where moms are free from judgement so there will be one less lonely mom out there. You can read more about her movement at and in her new book, “I See You: Helping Moms Go from Overwhelmed to In Control.” MAY 2017 15


Wednesday, May 17, 2017 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Calvine Pointe Shopping Center (Calvine and Elk Grove-Florin Road in the Kohl’s parking lot)


$25 OFF



Eight Great Gifts for your High School Graduate By Pam Molnar The sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance” fill the air as we approach graduation season. When your graduate closes the door to childhood, you want to give him a gift that reflects that milestone. Stuck for ideas? No matter what your budget, you are sure to find a great gift for your graduate here:




Help your recent grad blend in at their new school by getting them some college spirit wear. Contact the school directly or go online to They have an amazing database of colleges in the U.S. and Canada.


Whether your grad is starting out in his first apartment or headed to the dorm, he will appreciate a basket full of essentials. Fill a laundry basket with snack foods, toiletries, a sewing kit, and a roll of quarters for the Laundromat. A classic graduation book is Dr. Seuss’, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” which is an inspirational graduation sendoff for all ages. Make it more personal by having their teacher’s inscribe a little note inside the book at the end of each school year—keep it a surprise! For practical college advice, try “The Secrets of College Success” by Lynn F. Jacobs. To record their college experiences, consider buying a 5-year journal.

Maybe your grad is taking a year off and plans to travel. Whether they are traveling first class or backpacking across the country, they’ll need something to hold their things. For daily use, MONEY consider purchasing a book bag for walking around campus or a The most popular gift for grads is cash. The question is always, duffle bag for the gym. “How much should I spend?” Check out for a cash gift calculator. Fill in your relationship to grad, state the TOOLKIT event takes place, who the gift is from and your household If your grad is planning to move out of Mom and Dad’s house, income to receive a dollar amount suggestion. they won’t have access to Dad’s toolbox. A basic toolkit includes screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, measuring tape and other handy HOMEMADE GIFT tools. You can find a ready-made toolkit at your local hardware If you have the time to make it, a homemade gift is a heartstore. felt one. Make a pillow or quilt out of high school and sports t-shirts. Put together a scrap book of high school memories and GIFT CARDS include theatre programs, sports medals and football programs. Gift cards are a one-size-fits-all type of gift. A new college Create a photo montage of pictures from Kindergarten to gradstudent might appreciate a gas card or a gift card to Walmart, uation and present it at her party. where she can pick up food, toiletries or household items. IKEA sells inexpensive furniture for small spaces—perfect for a dorm setting. Pam Molnar is a freelance writer and mother of three. She takes pleasure in finding the perfect gift for the graduates in her life. MAY 2017 17

Summer Volunteer Opportunities for Teens By Alyssa Chirco

o give s a way t n e e t s r e y,” says ering off “Volunte their communit ning o t so gai back while al ng with an “ , n i e t s o Bern kills, al acquire cation s communi y to network and ent, it oym opportun for future empl tions.” s ca e referenc nd college appli a s p i h scholars

KEEP IT LOCAL Volunteer opportunities are everywhere in your community; you just need to know where to look. These non-profit and community organizations often rely on the work of youth volunteers to carry out their mission:

· Libraries · Hospitals · Museums · Pet Rescues

· Nursing Homes · Zoos · Shelters · Food Banks

Teen volunteer opportunities can also be found with local branches of well-known national organizations like the Red Cross, The Humane Society and the YMCA.

BE A VIRTUAL VOLUNTEER For many kids, the lazy days of summer represent freedom from school, learning and responsibility. But for teens, summer vacation also represents an opportunity to explore new interests, gain real world skills and forge important connections that will help them as they transition into adulthood. Summer is the perfect time for teens to consider volunteering. According to Simone Bernstein, co-founder of the online database of teen volunteer opportunities, one of the best ways for middle and high school students to obtain crucial skills and contacts is through volunteer work. Volunteering – whether to fulfill community service requirements or to help a favorite cause – can open up a world of new experiences for teens, as well as foster creativity, innovation and a positive work ethic. Plus, it’s a chance to make new friends and have fun. Here’s how your teen can volunteer his or her time and talents this summer.

Not every teen has a car or a driver’s license, but this doesn’t have to prevent them from making a difference. For those without reliable transportation, Bernstein suggests offering to assist an organization through virtual volunteering. “Since teens have a comfort level with technology,” she advises, “they can offer to promote a non-profit through social media tools like Twitter and Facebook from their own computer.”

SPEND SUMMER AT CAMP With so many camps offered during the summer months for preschool and elementary-aged students, teen camp counselors are in high demand. Camp counselors must be willing to serve as positive role models for younger campers, and as such, will develop both teamwork and leadership skills. In many cases, camp counselors also make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. A wide variety of half-day, full-day and sleepaway camps are offered in cities across the country. And since you can find camps with just about any focus imaginable, from sports and science to academics and the arts, it’s easy to find one that fits your teen’s schedule and interests.

TAKE A TRIP If you have a teen hungry for adventure, suggest a service trip to another part of the country, or even abroad. Every summer, Habitat for Humanity, offers teens ages 16 to 18 the opportunity to help end poverty housing by traveling to a designated U.S. city through their Learn and Build Experience. For teens interested in making a difference on a global level, there are international volunteer programs specifically designed with youth in mind. Cross-Cultural Solutions (, for example, integrates volunteer work with cultural learning experiences and adventure activities in countries like India, Guatemala and Brazil. Not sure how you feel about sending your teen abroad without parental supervision? They even give you the option to make it a family affair.

PLAY UP THE POLITICAL A teen with a passion for politics may want to consider volunteering with a local or even national campaign. Learn about the political process, make high-profile connections, build new skills and more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll eventually be able to help elect our next Commander In Chief.

18 MAY 2017


www.Voluntee www.Idealist .org www.TeenLife. com www.DoSomet

Pictured are (left to right) Hands4Hope youth Kaitlyn Violette, Sarah Conner, Kenzie Misso as well as the room recipient Reese, and Sweet Dreams Foundation Founder Jennifer Donchenko, her husband Daniil & baby Eli.

CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY Teens don’t have to work within an existing program or organization to volunteer. In fact, some of the most rewarding volunteer work is the work you create for yourself. Innovative teens with problems they hope to solve create their own volunteer opportunities every day. Tutor a friend who struggles during the school year. Spend one afternoon a week visiting with residents of an assisted living facility. Babysit for a family in need at no cost. No matter what kind of volunteer work your teen chooses, volunteering remains one of the best ways for teens to identify their individual talents and passions, and lay the foundation for a fulfilling and successful future. Alyssa believes volunteering, whether to fulfill a community service requirement or to help a favorite cause, can open up a world of new experiences for teens.

Local Youth Making A Difference Hands4Hope (H4H) Youth Board hosted their 6th annual benefit event, “A Brunch’a Dreams,” raising money for their service project supporting The Sweet Dreams Foundation in their mission to “improve the quality of life for children who have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease through the creation of their dream bedroom.” Volunteers from H4H and Sweet Dreams designed a gymnastics-themed dream bedroom for a Sweet Dreams recipient, 7 year-old Reese. In addition, H4H recently added its newest school club to the Hands4Hope Service Learning School Club Program at Sutter Middle School in Folsom! The students were persistent and determined to bring the club to their school and carried the responsibility of starting one. This club is truly youth leadership in action! Learn more about H4H at Hands4Hope Youth Board leaders, Sarah Connor and Joseph Goulart, lead the new Sutter H4H Club youth leaders in a one-day leadership training. Pictured (left to right) are Cooper Renshaw, Emma Majewski, Matthew Myers, Sarah Cooper, Joseph Goulart, Rebecca Howell. MAY 2017 19

Make Cleaning with Kids Fun: Get Everyone Involved! By Dakota Murphey

“Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.” - Phyllis Diller Whether you’re a single parent, a dazzling duo of cleaners or an elderly auntie with a few young toddlers to babysit, cleaning the house can be a real nightmare with young children around. Like eating vegetables and washing hands properly, teaching children how to clean up after themselves (and clean properly) can be a real chore. But the trick is, not to treat it as such. Children will respond more positively if you make cleaning fun. Here are some ways to get the kids involved in helping you keep your home clean.

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun” – Mary Poppins


Turning the activity into a game or even a friendly competition can make your children more excited about the prospect of cleaning. For example, ‘see who can pair the most socks’ becomes a challenge, and helps children with coordination. Bear in mind that making the activity into a race won’t work for things like washing up or dusting, because kids—especially younger kids—will get too excited and will probably skip things. It’s not fun if you have to go back over everything again!

“Music is the strongest form of magic.” - Marilyn Manson Music Adding a bit of music to cleaning always brightens up the activity. There’s something strangely satisfying about dancing haphazardly through the house with a vacuum cord trailing behind you. Adding music or a theme tune to help the kids clean up will make the time pass quicker, and if the tempo fits the activity, they’ll get even more involved.

Be patient and be specific Kids get confused easily, especially younger children. They don’t have particularly good ideas about specifics, so when you say ‘clean your room’ to a small child, that could mean any number of things. Just think about making a bed for example, to make your bed you need to :

• Fluff the pillows

• Pull the quilt straight

• Set it squarely on the bed

• Pull the quilt up over the pillows (or folded down at the neck of the bed)

• Tuck the quilt in around the sides

Not so simple for a child, unless you break it down. Giving kids simple instructions like, ‘put the toys in this box’ or ‘put the green clothes in this corner and the red ones in this corner’ are less likely to confuse and frustrate them.

Positive Encouragement! Children love to be praised. If you make a big effort to thank each and every one for all their hard work, they are more likely to make an effort the next time. If you also pretend that you ‘couldn’t do the cleaning without their help’ it gives them a sense of importance and they will take pride in helping you out. It can take children a little while to get the hang of helping in the house, but making it fun and exciting will soon get the kids involved and it’ll definitely lighten your load! Now if only that was true of the ironing...

This article was written by Dakota Murphey, mum of two by day, independent content writer by night, working alongside “Harmony at Home”.

20 MAY 2017

Stanford Youth Solutions Goes Over the Edge! By Allison Hopkins Last year I watched as my husband rappelled down 16 stories of a hotel. Time stood still for a moment as he went “over the edge” and made his way down. He’s a risk taker, so it was natural that he would sign up for this event to support Stanford Youth Solutions (formerly Stanford Home for Children). I, on the other hand, chose to stay on the ground and help raise money! “It was amazing to watch as my fellow rappellers faced their fears of stepping over the edge to benefit the foster kids and at-risk youth,” says Zach Hopkins, 37, one of 60 participants in last year’s event. The day was intense—theme music played as each rappeller took their turn, while cheering from friends and family below added energy to the scene. According to Laura Heintz, CEO of Stanford Youth Solutions and a fellow rappeller, this fundraiser is “edgy” on purpose. The youth served by the nonprofit have to face their fears and the trauma they’ve experienced, and as Heintz says, “We had to do the same.” The Over the Edge + Stanford Youth Solutions challenge proved to be a huge success! This year’s rappellers and sponsors are anticipating another exciting event. If you are driving on L street near Capitol Park, you will see them live in action as they make their way down the outside of the Residence Inn by Marriot! Stanford Youth Solutions works to empower those it serves to overcome serious challenges and continues to expand its services and help foster kids and at-risk youth and their families throughout the greater Sacramento region. Last year it provided services to 1,052 youth, an increase in 24 percent from the previous year. People are often surprised to learn about the depth of programs offered by this nonprofit, and I’ve had the opportunity to speak with those whose lives have been changed by the care they’ve received. For many participants in Over the Edge, rappelling from a rooftop in the midst of a city and raising critical funds to do it means facing a major fear head on. Together we are making a difference!

Event Details:

May 10 & 11 Residence Inn by Marriot

1121 15th St., Downtown Sacramento 916-837-5431 | MAY 2017 21




SUMMER SOCIAL GROUPS Our 8 week groups begin the week of June 5. First session free with Early Bird Registration by May 31 AGES 4-6: LITTLE MIND READERS Adventures and journeys await for our youngest members! Children will learn how to think about others during fun voyages to outer space, underwater, the farm, and much more! This group focuses on school readiness skills such as: cooperative play, staying with the group, whole body listening, as well as developing imaginative thinking. AGES 7-9: SUPERFLEX TRAINING ACADEMY Come train to be a super hero! These members will help Superflex save the day by increasing awareness of their own behavior and the behavior of others through learning flexible thinking. Your child will learn the Superflexible strategies they need to succeed in becoming the ultimate superhero!

AGES 10-12: IT’S SHOWTIME! Come to the movies to explore thinking about social skills in a fun and interactive way! These members learn to be directors by hitting the “pause” button frequently and freezing the action in order to interpret the context, emotions, intentions, and plans of our favorite movie characters. Once the scene is right, our directors promote to producers, making this movie of life come to action! 916.575.8800 | | 1972 Del Paso Rd. Suite 156, Sacramento, CA 95834 •Autism Spectrum Disorder

•Individualized Therapy

•Articulation and Phonology

•Developmental Delays

•Early Intervention Specialists

•Parent Training and Coaching

•Language Disorders

•Stuttering Therapy

22 MAY 2017

Fun Fidgets for All! Edited by Shannon Smith These are all the rage right now! Fidget and focus with toys designed to easily fit in your hands. They can be found at local toy stores, like Learning Express or online through sites like


An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed for all ages to help you focus. Fidget in class and at home in style. Fidget Cube has six sides with each side featuring something to fidget with: Flip, Glide, Click, Spin, Roll, Breathe.


Hold Fidget Spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. Another unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed for all ages to help you focus. Support Spring View Middle School in Rocklin and buy them locally from:


Builds fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination skills, problem solving skills and expands the mind while sharpening your powers of deduction. These geometric cube puzzles can be manipulated into a wide variety of shapes and objects. Great for keeping kids and adults occupied on long car rides, too.


Tangles are the perfect way to express your creative side in a whole new light. Attach them however and mold them into whatever you'd like. If you or your child can't stand sitting with idle hands, this is the perfect solution for waiting rooms and car rides alike. Tangles are meant to be taken apart, put back together, and used over and over.


Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty can bounce, stretch, be squeezed, kneaded, snapped and popped. Thinking Putty builds hand and finger strength through a fabulous tactile play experience with unique, unexpected properties and provides relaxing, yet stimulating interaction for children with ADHD, Autism, Fragile-X and other sensory integration issues. NOTE: Choking hazard for children under 3-years (developmentally). MAY 2017 23

Sacramento Parent would like to thank the generous sponsors of Babies and Bumps 2017 and the 4th Annual Cover Kid Search. If you or your child has difficulty with reading, math, or attention deecits, there is nally real help. Davis Dyslexia Correction Programs® provide relief from the struggles with reading, math, and ADD or ADHD—See if this program is right for you.

Solano Learning Solutions

Call or email for a free consultation. (707) 474-9104 |

CCHAT coordinates & refers as appropriate with physicians, other health professionals, school personnel and those involved in hearing aid fittings to ensure your infant’s total hearing healthcare needs are met. We inform referring physicians and professionals of audiologic evaluation results and recommendations a s well as coordinate professional services as required.

Make outpatient appointments by calling 916-361-7290

24 MAY 2017

Raising a child with special needs? Sacramento Parent is here to encourage, support and connect you with resources and other parents.

SPECIAL NEEDS Summer CampS Here are a few organizations that wrote in recently to tell us about their programs, but we know there are many California camps for special needs families. If you know of one, send us an email telling us about it, along with their website and we’ll gladly help spread the word!


Turner Cranial Technique is an exciting new treatment that creates fast, profound healing for autism, ADHD, Asperger's, OCD, Tourette's, Down's, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, sleeping problems, migraines, concussions, dementia, and other brain conditions.

michael fiske dc

white oak chiropractic

Handwriting Camp

For children who need help with handwriting skill due to fine-motor and visual-motor difficulties.

Self-Regulation and Social Skills Intensive

A focus on making and keeping friends, perspective taking, and flexibility in play, sportsmanship and emotional regulation. They will learn about expected vs. unexpected behavior, matching their behavioral reaction to the situation, expressing their emotions, and using positive social language for play and cooperation.

Visit for more information and to register.


Just for kids with Crohn’s and colitis and since all of the campers (and many of the adults) at Camp Oasis are living with IBD, this supportive community allows them to see that they are not alone, try all sorts of new sports and activities, create friendships with people who truly understand them and gain confidence and independence.

Visit for more information and to apply.

Email your favorite Special Needs Camp to MAY 2017 25

Group activities, arts and crafts, swimming and a variety of fun-filled activities! Recreational Swim Team  Dedicated Coaches  Great Team Building  Great Individualized Sport 

Memberships Available ~

Many of our members consider Glen Oaks

an extension of their own backyard.

4301 Paradise Drive Carmichael, CA 95608 916.967.7022 26 MAY 2017

Let’s Go Swimming! Tips to Get Kids Ready for the Water By Deanne Kelly

Summertime typically brings hot weather and family vacations. Swimming and playing in water can be a big part of summer plans! However, playing with water is a sensory-filled activity. For some it is full of fun; for others it can lead to panic, apprehension, or even meltdowns. With a little preparation you can be sure that your child’s next water outing or swim lesson is a success. Here are some tips:

CHOOSE A SWIMSUIT TOGETHER The first thing that children need for a positive swim experience is to feel comfortable with their bathing suit. Always have your child participate in the selection of a swimsuit and practice wearing it before heading to the pool or beach. Some bathing suits are too tight, some too loose. Know your child’s preference in clothing and try to find the best match. A two-piece suit may look adorable on a little girl but the feeling of inconsistent pressure on her body may keep her from transitioning to the pool or the water activity. Does your son like to wear loose-fitting or tight clothing? This may help to know if a Speedo-type swimsuit or swim trunks is the right choice. Another option could be wearing a short-sleeve swim shirt for those who do not like to have their skin exposed; UV shirts are also great for sun protection.

BUILD CONFIDENCE Transitioning from the side of the pool, or water source, to the water can be stressful due to the change in texture and stability. For kids who need to have their feet on the ground for balance and positioning, entering the water can be a worry. Help your children transition to the water by holding them in your arms or allowing them to hold a floatation device, such as a kickboard. Wearing some type of floatation vest on their body can also give them the pressure security they need while experiencing the water and

movement. (Never use a device to ensure safety, however.) Wearing water shoes may help your child with the transition from the ground to the water. Also, wearing water fins on the feet help with position sense and movement.

PREPARE FOR SPLASHING Once your child gets in, there will always be that unexpected splashing of water on the face, which may cause discomfort and avoidance. If you know your child doesn’t like to have water poured over the head with hair washing, you can practice this feeling before you go swimming by making up games in the shower or tub to get him or her used to the sensation. Let your children explore the sensation by pouring water on a toy and then on themselves. Wearing goggles or a face mask can also help in giving pressure to the face, as well as creating a visual boundary. Practice using these also in the tub before heading to the beach or pool.

ACCLIMATING TO WATER TEMPERATURE The temperature of the water can keep a child from entering. Teach your child to put feet in first and then gradually submerge legs, waist, hands and arms, and upper body and head. Letting your child know what to expect by communicating how the water feels for you can help with the transition. Discussing a memory of another time that they felt this same temperature can help produce a similar feeling and reassure your child.

Also, visual distractions or holding your child can help.

WHEN IN CROWDED POOLS OR WATER PARKS Swimming can be overstimulating, especially in a crowded pool or a busy water park. Letting your child watch, listen, and feel from the sidelines before entering the water can help with the transition and build confidence. Try to find an area in the water that allows for postural boundaries and limited unexpected changes. Slow transitions make for a much happier overall experience. Just because your child does well in one water environment does not mean the skill transfers to a new water experience! Be aware of your own child’s reaction to the sensations and movement to help make the experience a successful one.

SAFETY FIRST Safety is very important when water is involved, and consistent boundaries are necessary for helping your child learn the rules of the water. Never leave your children unattended, even though you feel they are safe and doing well. A sudden change in the sensations or movements can change the response to the activity. By following these simple tips swimming and water play will build confidence for your child, and be a fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Deanne Kelly, BS, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist at Parents Place and has over 30 years of experience providing therapeutic intervention for children from birth to young adulthood. She specializes in developmental disabilities, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, and sensory processing challenges. She can be reached at 650-931-1854 or This story originally appeared at Parents Place and is reproduced here with permission. MAY 2017 27

Surviving the Grocery Store (and More) with Triplets! By Megan Woolsey The minute the magic ultrasound wand revealed three babies with huge beating hearts, our lives were changed forever. A few short years before, my husband and I were living by the beach in San Diego where my biggest concern was preventing the creeping thyme that was growing in between my stepping stones, from dying. Now my concerns were real—I had to grow three babies in my small 5’2” frame—and I had to make sure we all got to the finish line in one piece. During the pregnancy, I spent most nights awake, sitting straight up against the headboard, in pain, crushed under the weight and stress of so many babies pressing on my organs. It was hard to breathe. During these sleepless nights, I would sweat with anxiety about how we would take care of all four of our children. How would we find time for three babies and still give our preschooler enough of our time? How would we afford the clothes, diapers and formula? My husband and I were avid travelers. I was sure I would never go anywhere in the world again. I wasn’t even sure how I would get to the grocery store with triplets and a toddler. We immediately went into “Operation Triplet” mode, collecting as many used baby swings, Exersaucers, play mats, and clothes our friends were willing to part with. For the duration of my pregnancy, my dining room looked more like a baby consignment store, than a place where one eats food. One of the first things we did after finding out we were having triplets, was buy 28 MAY 2017

a new car. I was only a couple of months pregnant when we took our nice manageable family of three and drove our small practical Volkswagen Jetta straight to a car dealership to trade it in for a Toyota Sienna. This is how my life would be from now on: #supersizeit. Our new minivan would need to fit a preschooler, infant triplets, four car seats and an entire solar system of equipment. The next thing we had to let go of was our Billiard Room. We had a very cool adult playroom in our house with a pool table, dart board, a small bar area, and walls decked with one-of-a-kind billiard room art. When the news of triplets sunk in, we sold everything in our Billiard Room and turned it into a playroom. The triplets were born at 33 ½-weeks, I looked at them in the incubators and marveled at their beauty. How did I carry all three of these babies at the same time? They each weighed three pounds and I loved them immediately. The fact that all four of us made it out of this, relatively unscathed, felt comparable to making it down from the top of Everest, alive. Now the big question became, how would my husband and I manage the daily logistics of caring for all three babies? For the first six months, the triplets slept in the same crib in our bedroom; three little burritos swaddled right next to each other, bodies touching. They liked the security of being so close. We had them on an extremely strict around-the-clock

eating and sleeping schedule that I charted with pen and paper. It was impossible to keep track of which baby had accomplished which task using only my sleep-deprived unreliable memory. Each night it took us an hour and a half to feed, burp, and put them back to sleep. We did this at 1:00am and 4:00am every night for six months. Our exhaustion weighed down on us and we were left feeling like we were running a marathon in a blizzard. My husband watched “Columbo” every night while he fed a baby and I would lay in my bed nursing or bottle feeding two babies at once, one balanced on my knee and the other on a pillow, while I tried to stay awake. When my husband was out of town for work, family and friends would generously offer to help with the night feedings. They would sleep in my bed beside me so we could be ready at service when the first baby started hollering. We would bump into each other like strangers in the night, silent and speechless, all trying to make it back to bed before we collapsed from exhaustion. (One of the most important lessons I learned early on with having higher order multiples, is that you always accept help when it is offered.)

When I wasn't nursing one baby, I was pumping breast milk for the other two and supplementing with formula. My husband and I had an assembly line of formula making, feeding, burping, changing, and putting to bed. We got them all on the same schedule early on, so when they napped, I took that time to do copious amounts of laundry and make meals. Those days life felt like I was on a never-ending hamster wheel doing chores and caring for small humans. I was in survival mode for the first two years; adrenaline pumping through my veins would get me through each day. I was fortunate because the triplets were easygoing as far as babies go, but having three of them made simple things seemingly impossible. It was difficult to get out of the house with three babies and their infant seats. We didn't have enough arms to hold all of them. It was nearly impossible to feed and change them in public. We had two different triplet strollers but they were big, heavy, and impractical; one of the triplet strollers actually needed to be hitched to the back of the minivan! We resigned ourselves to getting through our days with a divide and conquer system—my husband would take two kids and I would take two kids if we needed to get out of the house. As you can see, raising triplets has its set of challenges (just like all parenting does). But, the thing about having triplets is

how special it is. Yes, “we have our hands full” and many days I don’t know how I do it, either. There was significant physical pain being pregnant with three babies at once. And certainly, the extra financial costs required for raising multiples is often stressful. However all of this has been worth it, just to watch these three grow up together with their big sister. Their triplet bond fills me with pride. I believe being a triplet means you learn to adapt to situations with ease, and this teaches them an early life lesson; there are many

personalities to adjust to and situations to navigate. Today the triplets are nine-years-old, and it turns out we did make it to the grocery store (and lived to tell the story). We are still able to travel with and without the kids. I still drive them around in the same Toyota Sienna I purchased when they were just fetuses, except now that minivan is covered in stains with crumbs in every crevice and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having triplets has inspired me in many ways. In 2016, I co-authored a book about raising multiples called Multiples Illuminated: A Collection of Stories and Advice from Parents with Twins, Triplets and More. With the book, my writing partner and I hope to help other people who are raising multiples through shared stories and advice. Get your copy on Amazon now: The second book in the anthology series, Multiples Illuminated: Life with Twins and Triplets, The Toddler to Tween Years, will be available on August 4, 2017.

Megan Woolsey is co-writer and publisher of two anthologies about multiples called Multiples Illuminated. She lives in Northern California with a very supportive husband, a set of triplets, and their big sister. Megan is published in many national publications, and is an essayist in two anthologies. For a list of work go to MAY 2017 29

CAMP ISSUE Start here to find the coolest summer camps and discover even more at!

30 MAY 2017

CAMP Capture the Benefits of Sports Camp By Gayla Grace “My kids have never been to camp.” I almost spewed my drink when the mom of seven told me she doesn’t see the value of sending kids to camp. “Really?” My answer was short but my mind was reeling as I assessed what her kids miss each summer by never experiencing camp. I couldn’t help myself as I began to pontificate on the value of camp. Camp has a unique way of teaching kids their value while giving them opportunities of fun they would never experience at home. Sports camps, in particular, offer new adventures as kids explore hidden abilities or build on already-developed skills while making new friends and learning life skills in the process. Sports camps offer benefits that extend far beyond the basics of practicing a sport. Character-building opportunities. Sports camps teach kids what perseverance feels like and what it means to reach outside their comfort zones. “Sports themselves are great for the physical aspect but also teach sportsmanship, camaraderie and discipline,” says Matt Davanzo, director of an all sports academy. Tennis pro Eric Fromm says sports, particularly tennis, help kids develop skills they can use their entire lives. “These skills carry over into school work and life skills-dealing with adversity, problem solving, overcoming obstacles, focusing, learning how to lose and pick yourself up.”

Exercise. Childhood and adolescent obesity rates continue to climb and lack of exercise contributes significantly to the problem. Technology seduces kids to stay indoors and in front of a screen. Sports camps offer a great alternative

as kids choose what sports they’re interested in and reap the rewards of exercise in the process. Eric Fromm lists the number one reason to send kids to camp is because “kids are meant to be active over the summer.” Regular exercise doesn’t happen naturally, however; there must be planning, intentional effort, and encouragement from parents. Fun. The fun of summer break wanes if days drag on with nothing to do. Sports camps provide fun and learning at the same time. They often include high school and college students who work with kids in a playful and energetic manner, creating a natural atmosphere for fun.

New friends. Kids find new friends at sports camp who share similar interests and often go to the same school. When our family re-located to another state during the summer months, our elementary-aged son found new friends through a baseball camp that helped him acclimate to his new school in the fall. Kids experience natural and friendly camaraderie with others through sports camps. Focus on specific skill-building techniques. An athlete gains more confidence and greater ability in his sport by working on the mechanics of a sport repetitively. Playing a sport through the school year doesn’t incorporate everyday skill-building repetition like camps do. As kids move through middle school and high school, it’s particularly important that they improve in their sport to stay competitive. Find new sports of interest. Sports camps are the perfect place to explore sports that a child hasn’t tried before or aren’t always offered at school, such as tennis or soccer. With a friendly camp staff and encouraging environment, kids are less intimidated and more likely to seek new interests. Develop healthy lifelong habits. Through regular exercise at sports camps, kids also develop accompanying habits Continued on page 35 MAY 2017 31

32 MAY 2017


Summer Day Camp PreK - 8th Grade June 12th - August 18th

Reduced Weekly Rates • Extended Childcare Included Meet new friends and enjoy lots of fun activities that will interest everyone. A variety of subjects and topics presented throughout summer, including: • Science • Computers • Games • Crafts • Academic Programs for Reading & Math • Sports Program

Camp activities will help students strengthen both academic and athletic skills over the summer months while having a great time!


Located at the beautiful Lake Francis Resort in Dobbins, CA

To register, visit MAY 2017 33



Don’t miss out on our upcoming camps this summer! June 26-30 • Safari Week July 10-14 • Bug Week July 17-21 • Hawaii Week July 24-28 • Space Week July 31-Aug. 4 • Super Hero Week

Camp Dates

CHILDREN AGES 7-12 June 19th - June 23rd | Mon - Fri | 9am - 2pm June 26th - June 30th | Mon - Fri | 9am - 2pm

TEENS AGES 13-18 July 10th - July 14th | Mon - Fri | 9am - 2pm July 17th - July 21st | Mon - Fri | 9am - 2pm WWW.ACTINSAC.COM (916) 501-6104


CAMP Sports Camp continued from page 31

of discipline, commitment and responsibility. These habits translate into leadership skills and strong work ethics when kids begin to move into career-minded opportunities in their middle and high school years. Give parents a break. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home dad, or in the workforce outside the home, sports camps give parents a chance to take their mind off their child and focus on their own needs and wants for a change. Every parent deserves a break from the 24/7 parenting responsibilities that summer warrants.

year. While unplugged from technology in an active environment, sports camps offer friendly competition and valuable life lessons for kids.

“Kids at camp get acquainted with those who come from varying home situations which allows them to see the world through different eyes.”

Camp counselor Jodi Lorane says, “Camp increases kids’ self-esteem as they try new things, taking them outside their comfort zones and forcing them to work through their fears.” Lorane also says,

Sports camps create lifelong memories amidst fun, learning, and exercise. What are you waiting for? Have you signed your child up for a sports camp this summer?

As a mom to five children, I’ve watched our kids emerge from summer sports camps with enthusiasm for a new sport, rediscovered self-confidence, like-minded friendships and regular exercise habits that propelled them into a new school Gayla Grace is a freelance journalist and mom to five who sends her kids to camp every summer. MAY 2017 35

Sacramento Parent's Education Guides


Private School


Public, Charter, Homeschool


Childcare, Preschool

36 MAY 2017

CAMP CAMP ISSUE • • • Auburn Racquet Club 530-885-1602 | • • • Bounce Spot 916-371-2386 | • • • • • Brighton School 916-985-2222 | • • • • • • Brookfield School 916-472-1255 | • • • • • Byers Gymnastics 916-781-2939 | 916-723-7700 • • Actors Theatre of Sacramento Sacramento 916-501-6104 |

Art Explosion Camp: A Camp for Creativity Fair Oaks 916-979-8641 | Auburn

West Sacramento



Roseville | Citrus Heights

C Horse Ranch Auburn 530-888-776

• • • •

California Time Traveler Camp Sacramento 916-654-1729

• •

• • • • • • CAMP EDMO 877-993-6673 | • • • • Camp Secret Agent-The Phoenix Schools 916-415-0780 | • • • • • • City of Rocklin • • • CodeCamp_2017 916-979-7808 | • • Cook Speech & Language 916-575-8800 | • • Crocker Art Museum 916-808-7000 | • CSD Summer Camps (Kid Central, Sports, & Teens) 916-405-5600 | • • • Destination Science Camp 888-909-2822 | • Dream Enrichment Camp • • Effie Yeaw Nature Center 916-489-4918 | • • • • Extra Innings 916-253-3593 | • Fairytale Town 916-808-7462 | • • • • • Fliptastic Day Camp 916-487-3547 | • • • • Girl Scouts 800-322-4475 • • • • • Camp Carden Sacramento 916-488-1313 |

Elk Grove | Folsom | Rocklin | Sacramento

Sacramento Area





Elk Grove


Multiple Locations





Multiple Locations

• • • •

Glen Oaks Swim and Tennis Club Carmichael 916-967-7022 | MAY 2017 37

38 MAY 2017

CAMP CAMP ISSUE Goddard School Rocklin (Infant to T-K ) Rocklin 916-778-6620 |

• • •

Granite Arch Climbing Center Rancho Cordova 916-852-7625 |

• • Granite Bay Schoolhouse 916-791-2999 | • • • Hawkins School of Performing Arts 916-355-1900 | • iD Tech Camps, Academies & Online 888-709-8324 | • • Jesuit High School 916-482-6060 | • • Kovar’s Martial Arts Summer Camp 800-645-3676 | • Little Folks University 916-985-7055 | • • • • • • • Live Oak Waldorf 530-878-8720 | • • • • • • Mad Science of Sacramento Valley 916-779-0390 | • • • MVP Sports 916-515-9218 | • Powerhouse Science and Space Center 916-808-3942 | • • • Rocknasium The Climbing Gym presents Mystery Summer Camp • 530-757-2902 | Granite Bay Montessori Granite Bay 916-791-7849 | Granite Bay



(Open To Boys & Girls Grades 1-12) Carmichael Multiple Locations


Meadow Vista





• • • • Sac State Aquatic & Boating Safety Center 916-278-2842 | • • • Rollingwood Athletic Club Fair Oaks 916-988-1728 | Gold River

DON’T MISS OUR SUMMER CAMPS! M-F | Ages 6-13 | 9am-3pm Hitting,Throwing,Fielding & Games | $150.00 JUNE CAMPS: JUNE 1216 • JUNE 1923 JULY CAMPS: JULY 1014 • JULY 1721



Use Code: FIRSTSPM17


SUMMER 2017 MAY 2017 39

Destination Science The fun science day camp for curious kids!

Save $10/wk! Ends May 31st

Held at Sacramento State University 888-909-2822

40 MAY 2017

CAMP CAMP ISSUE Sacramento History Museum, Old Sacramento Living History Center Sacramento 916-808-7059 |

• • • • •

• • • Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op 916-868-6399 | • Sacramento Theatre Company 916-355-1900 | • Sports School 916-971-7140 | • • • STAR Camps 916-632-8407 | • • • • • • Summer Camp at CDC  916-286-7865 | • • • • • The Gift of Kids 916-941-8751 | • • • • Tricks Gymnastics 916-791-4496 | 916-351-0024 | 916-481-4496 | • • • • • Wonder-Land Summer Camp 916-481-1798 | • • • • YMCA of Superior California 916-452-9622 | • • • • • Sacramento Makers Academy Sacramento 916-903-8013 |



Fair Oaks

Granite Bay, Lincoln

Multiple Locations

El Dorado Hills

Granite Bay | Folsom | Sacramento


Sacramento | Woodland

Discoveries are just waiting to happen.

Summer Nature Camps June through August  916-489-4918 MAY 2017 41


! y a M

May is blooming with fun all throughout the Sacramento region! Festivals galore, Mother’s Day outings and The Big Day of Giving are all happening this month! We recommend confirming events before you go. All phone numbers are area code (916) unless otherwise noted. See our full calendar listings at


Children’s Book Week (5/1-5/5) 12pm at Fairytale Town Celebrate Children’s Book Week with storytime, activities and giveaways each day of the week! Join Fairytale Town on the Mother Goose Stage while a different book is featured with storytime and craft activities inspired by the selected book. There will also be a Scholastic Book Fair with books and more for sale. It’s a week of literary fun! Children’s Book Week activities are free with paid park admission. 808-7462 |


Baby Storytime 12pm at Elk Grove Library Looking for a fun, fabulous and educational program for you and your baby? Join the library for stories, movement, and songs followed by stay and play. For babies 0 to 18 months. 264-2920 |

Tuesday Tutoring 3pm at Folsom Public Library Volunteers help students in grades 2 through 8 complete homework assignments, review math facts and practice reading. Free, drop in program. 355-7372 |


Science Night Live 6pm at World of Wonders Science Museum, Lodi An engaging science experience within a casual atmosphere for the curious minds in our community! Join the conversation with a local scientist, participate in hands-on activities, socialize with other science enthusiasts! 209-368-0WoW (0969) Toddler Storytime 10am at Elk Grove Library Toddlers are invited to enjoy stories, music, and more! For children ages 18 months to 3 years-old. 264-2920 |


Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights 5pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Join your family and friends for this family friendly, free community supported event. Vernon Street will close down to bring in over 100 vendors, live entertainment, great bands, a kid’s fun zone, arts and crafts, delicious foods, a Classic Car Show, a wine and beer garden and much more. This Tuesday is country night, enjoy music by Madison Hudson and Dylan Scott. 726-7404 42 MAY 2017

Big Day of Giving All day in the Sacramento Region Big Day of Giving is a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings together the region’s nonprofit community to help raise much needed unrestricted funds and shine a spotlight on the work nonprofits do to make the Sacramento region the place we call home. 921-7723 | Family Movie Night 5:30pm at Franklin Community Library, Elk Grove Join the library for a free movie and popcorn for all ages! 264-2920 | Movie Matinee 3pm at Carmichael Library Celebrate Star Wars Day and May the 4th be with you. Bring your friends and family to enjoy a free movie! They are showing “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (2016, Rated PG13). 264-2920 |


First Friday 6pm at The Fountains, Roseville Enjoy crafters, artisans, car shows and a variety of activities for the kids in Kids Zone. Plus, a few surprises along the way. It’s a great night out for the whole family. 786.2679 | Heroes vs. Villains 7:30pm at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento Trivia, activities, and free comics at this after-hours event for teens in 6th through 12th grades. Costumes/cosplay highly encouraged. 264-2920 | Superhero Party 6pm at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento Celebrate superheroes and Free Comic Book day in this after-hours program. Dress up is highly encouraged. Open to all ages. 264-2920 |


California Honey Festival 10am at Downtown Woodland The California Honey Festival is a free, family friendly festival with hands-on learning activities for kids, lots of honey tasting, carnival rides, a beer & wine garden, fantastic food, and 5 stages of live entertainment. 530-666-8140 Doggie De-Stress Session 2pm at North Sacramento-Hagginwood Library Thanks to some friendly four-legged visitors, teens can receive some much-needed stress relief as they prepare for AP testing, final exams, and other end-of-the year responsibilities. Additional de-stress activities will also be available. 264-2920 | First Festival 12pm at River Walk Park, Sacramento First Festival is your gateway to festival season. The festival features over 35 local bands, food, craft beer, vendors, dancing, face paintings, and more. First Festival is fun for the entire family. 707-564-3378 Free Comic Book Day 12pm at Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven Library, Sacramento. Head out to the library for free fun and games for comic fans of all ages! 264-2920 |

calendar Healthy Kids Day 10am at Golden 1 Center This free community event features free services for families and individuals of all ages. Services include: health, dental, and vision screenings, a free farmer’s market, community resources, family-friendly activities and games, live entertainment and more. 866-850-432 Japanese Taiko Drumming 2pm at South Natomas Library, Sacramento Learn about the Japanese art of taiko with Kristy Oshiro. Feel the thunderous sounds of the drums vibrating through your body as language, culture, and history combine into an exciting educational experience. You will even get a chance to play the drums yourself! 264-2920 | Live Wild Parrots with A-Team for Wildlife 2pm at Ella K. McClatchy Library, Sacramento Do your kiddos love birds? Join the library as A-Team for Wildlife shows you a variety of live, wild parrots. They will talk about these amazing birds, the habitats they come from, and give you a chance to see them up close! 264-2920 | Sabrina’s Craft Corner 2:30pm at McKinley Library, Sacramento Learn a new craft technique every month, using simple household items and affordable materials. Join the library this month as they make two-color, rolled beeswax candles! This is a free adult program, but children 8 and up are welcome with an adult helper. 264-2920 | Tracks and Scat 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael There are many animal-made clues in the woods that reveal what has used the trail before you. Become a nature detective and search for some tracks, scat and other signs of animals in the Nature Preserve. 489-4918 | Tree Tales 10:30am at Placer Nature Center, Auburn Join the fun and listen as they read a book about nature and then take you on a guided walk along one of their trails. This program is free and geared for preschool children. 530-888-7130


Cinco de Mayo Festival 2017 11am at Southside Park, Sacramento The most fun under the sun is at Fiesta En La Calle’s Cinco De Mayo Festival. Bring your friends and family out for samba and salsa dancers, great food and drink, art, a lively car show and more! 541-6302 | I Love the 80s Fun Run & Retro Party 8:30am at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Grab your headband, leg warmers, parachute pants and totally rad friends for the most excel-

lent adventure! You can run, walk or flashdance your way along the 5k/10k course and cross the finish line in Town Square listening to some totally rad tunes. Earn a totally 80’s medal and other awesome prizes. the_80s_fun_run.asp Walk MS: Folsom 2017 8:00am at Sutter St. Plaza, Downtown Folsom Walk MS helps you team up with friends, loved ones and co-workers to change the world for everyone affected by MS. Together, become a powerful force. And with every step you take, every dollar you raise...we’re that much closer. End MS forever, together! CANWalkEvents?pg=entry&fr_id=28707 Wet and Wild Pond Animals 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Splashing, skimming, swishing, and swimming- what are all those creatures in the water? Discover these water loving animals as you use catch and release activities to explore the Nature Center pond! 489-4918 |


Pajama Storytime 7pm at Folsom Public Library Children and their families are invited to share stories, songs, and rhymes together in the Picture Book Room of the library. Bring your favorite blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal and enjoy the best of children’s literature shared in a fun and relaxed setting. Pajamas welcome, but not required. Intended audience is ages 2 to 6, but all ages are welcome. 355-7200 | Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights 5pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Join your family and friends for this family friendly, free community supported event. Vernon Street will close down to bring in over 100 vendors, live entertainment, great bands, a kid’s fun zone, arts and crafts, delicious foods, a Classic Car Show, a wine and beer garden and much more. This Tuesday is rock night, enjoy Fandango/Fortunate Son. 726-7404 Story Time 9:30am at Karen’s Bakery, Folsom Visit Karen’s Bakery in Old Folsom every 2nd Tuesday of the month for a special storytime featuring zoo animals. 351-3527 |


Mother’s Day Crafts 3:30pm at Elk Grove Library Join the library to make cards and crafts for that special someone in your life! All ages welcome! 264-2920 |


Create Together 9:30am at ReCreate: Reuse Center and Maker Space This “mommy and me” class is designed for the crafty mom and her preschooler. Start with an engaging story circle lead by a ReCreate staff member, then make a creation relating to the story with your child. This class is for toddlers age 2 to 5. Parent participation is a must and pre-registration is required! 390-0622 | Play with Clay 4:30pm at Rio Linda Library Kids, explore and mold with air-dry clay at the library! Add some bling to your sculpture with beads, yarn, or pipe cleaners. All materials will be provided. 264-2920 | Stories and Art 1pm at Folsom Public Library Slightly longer stories, songs and fingerplays shared in this storytime program for children ages 3 and up. Simple art activities for preschoolers follow this 30 minute storytime, too! 355-7200 |


Family Fun Friday 11am at Kidzone Museum, Truckee This is a play-based class designed to inspire and enrich kids’ brains, bodies and hearts. These classes are all about exploration and discovery, where curiosity is treasured and kids are encouraged to feel, touch and learn through sensory activities. Let your kid communicate through art and have some fun at Family Fun Friday. 530-587-5437 | Mother’s Day Jewelry Boxes 3:30pm at McKinley Library, Sacramento Get ready for Mother’s Day by making your mother a hand-crafted jewelry box! You will be making your jewelry boxes out of cardboard boxes and egg cartons, and decorating them with markers, sequins, jewels, and other decorative materials. All ages welcome! 264-2920 | Soar with the Eagles! 1pm at Westfield Galleria, Roseville Join Horizon Charter Schools for free, fun, hands-on kids activities from 1-5 at the mall! 408-5200 | MAY 2017 43



BerryFest (5/13-5/14) 10am at Placer County Fairgrounds, Roseville Celebrating the harvest of the strawberry on Mother’s Day weekend. There will be loads of strawberry treats, shopping, and cooking at BerryFest. 787-0101 | Community Day at the Sacramento Adventure Playground 11am at Maple Neighborhood Center, Sacramento All ages are invited for a day of play at the Sacramento Adventure Playground! Children get to create their own play structures and spaces by re-purposing everyday items such as cardboard boxes, plus household wares, natural elements and unexpected items. A fun and safe environment where children can use their imagination and creativity to direct their own play! 222-3831 | iFest 5pm at Village Green Park, Rancho Cordova iFest is a festival celebrating the ethnic diversity of the community and reaching out to newcomer groups by offering an opportunity for them to showcase their cultural heritage. The event is a free, family-friendly evening in an outdoor setting. It celebrates the sounds, dance and tastes from around the world, and around the corner. 273-5704 | LEGO Block Party 10am at Franklin Community Library, Elk Grove Come build with the library at their LEGO block party! You bring your imagination and creativity, and they’’ll supply lots and lots of DUPLO and LEGO blocks to build with. This is a free program for all ages. 264-2920 | Mother’s Day Jewelry Boxes 2pm at Ella K. McClatchy Library, Sacramento Get ready for Mother’s Day by making your mother a hand-crafted jewelry box! Make your jewelry boxes out of shoe boxes and egg cartons and decorate them with markers, sequins, jewels, and other decorative materials. All ages welcome! 264-2920 | Teen Gaming Club 6pm at North Sacramento-Hagginwood Library Join the North Sac Teen Advisory Board for an after-hours teen night. Enjoy a night of video games, movies, computers and more! Snacks provided by the Friends of the North Sacramento-Hagginwood Library. For ages 13 to 23. 264-2920 | Under the Oaks 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Our mighty oak trees provide food and shelter for many animals and insects. Learn how to identify the three species of oak trees found in the Nature Preserve, and who may be living in them. 489-4918 |

44 MAY 2017


Gifts from Mother Earth 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Join the Nature Center this Mother’s Day to create a one-of-a-kind craft from Mother Earth as you learn the skill of polishing abalone to make a necklace. Bring mom along or take your craft home for a beautiful handmade gift. 489-4918 | Mother’s Day All day at Funderland Amusement Park Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Funderland is showing their appreciation to all our moms by giving away FREE rides to all the moms out there. Just show up and ride for FREE! We love you mom! 456-0131 | Mother’s Day Brunch 9:30, 11:00am & 12:30pm at Sacramento Zoo Shower the most important woman in your life with the perfect family day at the Zoo. Take a seat in the Zoo’s redwood grove as you enjoy a delicious brunch of French toast, eggs, bacon and more – adults can even add bottomless mimosas to their menu! After brunch, plan to spend the rest of the day exploring the Zoo with the family and be sure to visit some of the Zoo’s mother/baby pairs. Tickets are extremely limited so be sure to purchase yours early. Mother’s Day Brunch seatings will be held at 9:30 am, 11:00 am and 12:30 pm – each brunch lasts one hour. 808-5888 | Mother’s Day Springtime Event 11am at Empire Cottage, Grass Valley Enjoy a touch of “Downton Abbey” style fun with live music and complimentary cups of tea! Receive a warm welcome from docents portraying the characters who shaped our colorful, gold-mine history. Pack a lunch, bring blankets and chairs and picnic on the historic grounds. Children’s entertainment adds to the fun, including the Potting Bench, where they can make little living gifts and cards their moms will treasure. Suitable for all ages, and everyone’s invited - including well-behaved dogs on leashes. 530-273-8522 | Mother’s Day Tea Party 9am at Carmichael Park Farmers Market Enjoy a lovely day in the park and celebrate Mom at the Farmers Market with a Mother’s Day Tea Party. Enter to for a chance to win great Mother’s Day prizes. Enjoy tea made from special tea blends, fresh organic strawberries dipped in chocolate, fresh pastries and a delicious dish made with over 12 ingredients from the Farmers Market. Treat Mom to a special day of good food and company — for you too! CarmichaelParkFarmersMarket/


Play with Clay 5pm at Rio Linda Library Teens, explore and mold with air-dry clay at the library! Add some bling to your sculpture with beads, yarn, or pipe cleaners. All materials will

be provided. 264-2920 | Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights 5pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Join your family and friends for this family friendly, free community supported event. Vernon Street will close down to bring in over 100 vendors, live entertainment, great bands, a kid’s fun zone, arts and crafts, delicious foods, a Classic Car Show, a wine and beer garden and much more. This Tuesday is rock night, enjoy music by the Decades. 726-7404


Big Truck Day 11am at Calvine Pointe Shopping Center, Elk Grove Celebrate National Public Works Week! Honk the horn on the bus, get behind the wheel of a semi-truck, build a castle in the sand, play with giant bubbles and learn about all of the vehicles involved in maintaining a city. Visit the Calfit Kids Zone which will have an obstacle course led by Cal Fit trainers, face painting and more at this FREE event geared to kids 2 to 6. 691-2489 | City Works Day 9:30am at Folsom City Lions Park Climb aboard a fire engine, sit in the driver’s seat of a garbage truck, meet police officers and more at Folsom’s annual City Works Day! This free event is designed to educate the community about the City’s many programs and services. City staff members will be stationed at each vehicle to educate the community about their profession and City services. 461-6712 | Food Truck Safari 5pm at Folsom City Zoo Food Truck Safari presented by SactoMoFo and the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary enjoy some of the best Food Trucks in the region the 3rd Wednesday of Every Month. Vendors Include: Smokin’ Hot Pizza; Chando’s Tacos; Honest Pie; Gameday Grill; Wandering Boba; Drewski’s Hot Rod; Sweet Spot; and Smoothie Patrol. The Folsom Public Library and the Gallery at 48 Natoma will be open during the event. 351-3527 | Wild Wednesday 3:30pm at Folsom Public Library Join Folsom Zoo Docents as they share information, stories and animal guest for you to meet. Ages 5 and up. 355-7200 |


Toy Time 10am at Folsom Public Library Enjoy a morning at the library playing with your child! WThey provide puzzles, building blocks and a fun selection of early learning toys for your child’s enjoyment in the Storytime area. 355-7200 |



Family Fun Friday 11am at Kidzone Museum, Truckee This is a play-based class designed to inspire and enrich kids’ brains, bodies and hearts. These classes are all about exploration and discovery, where curiosity is treasured and kids are encouraged to feel, touch and learn through sensory activities. Let your kid communicate through art and have some fun at Family Fun Friday . 530-587-5437 | LEGO Mania! 4:30pm at Rio Linda Library Like building with LEGO bricks? Join the library for their monthly LEGO free-play afternoon! LEGO bricks and DUPLO LEGO bricks will be provided for this family program. 264-2920 |


Birding for Families 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Bring the family out for a birding and nature walk led by a naturalist and special guest guides from the Sacramento Audubon Society. Birdwatchers of all levels welcomed. Make sure to bring your binoculars, or the Nature Center can loan you a pair. 489-4918 | Concerts on the Square 7:30pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Head down to enjoy some tasty food truck

grub, visit the beer garden, and claim your space for the show. This month enjoy the music of Thunder Cove! 774-5200 | Family Storytime 10am at Franklin Community Library, Elk Grove Talk, sing, read, write, and play with the library! Children ages 0 to 5 years and their families are invited to join Mr. Ricardo for 30 minutes of fun songs, rhymes, stories, and fingerplays, all designed to build early literacy skills. 264-2920 | Locke Asian Pacific Spring Festival 11am in the town of Locke Enjoy a gala celebration featuring lion dancing, martial arts, cultural entertainment, arts and crafts, vendor booths, food, raffle prizes, mahjong demo and more. Visit the only surviving rural Chinese town in the U.S. Suitable for families and children. Free admission and free parking. 776-1684 | Walk on the Wildside 10am at Beach Lake Park, near the town of Freeport Walk on the Wildside highlights local efforts to protect and restore Central Valley habitats. This FREE family-oriented event includes hiking tours of local wetlands and forests, presentations, a live animal show by Wildthings, Inc., music by Cliff Compton and Mountaintop, children’s hands-on activities, informational exhibits, and more! (Get directions.) 600-5137 |

The 7th Annual Promenade of Mermaids 11:30am on Front Street in Old Town Sacramento Mermaids, mermen, pirates and all sea creatures are welcome to promenade! PRIZES will be awarded for BEST COSTUME for both adult & children categories. MerKing and MerQueen will be crowned by the Grand Marshal, the famous Mermaid Atlantis. Free Kids Activities and Vendor Booths! ​Proceeds going to benefit the River City Food Bank. Check the website for more events including a Children’s swim with real Mermaids from Dive Bar at the Downtown Hyatt. 202-288-8222


hea A g n i k o Lo JUNE

Summer’s here and it’s time to party! Get a jump on your summer party plans with the annual Party Guide! Calling Happy Campers! Get the inside scoop on the best local camp spots for families. Dads, this is your month, too! We’ve got some great giveaways (and more), just for you! And don’t miss our calendar, it’s overflowing with fun outings for families!


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Snakes Alive! 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Explore the variety of snakes that live in the Sacramento area. Is everything you know about snakes really true? Join the Nature Center as they seek the truths behind many of the myths of these ancient reptiles. 489-4918 | Sunday Street on Broadway 8am on Broadway from Riverside Blvd to 2nd Ave Open to the community of all ages, Sacramento’s first open street event, Sunday Street, will temporarily close a City street to cars and open it up for the community to engage in healthy activities of all kinds! Whether it’s yoga on the street, bicycle demos, or street performers, the day will be filled with activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Minecraft 3:30pm at South Natomas Library, Sacramento Head to the library and play some Minecraft! 264-2920 | Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights 5pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Join your family and friends for this family friendly, free community supported event. Vernon Street will close down to bring in over 100 vendors, live entertainment, great bands, a kid’s fun zone, arts and crafts, delicious foods, a Classic Car Show, a wine and beer garden and much more. This Tuesday is alternative night, enjoy music by The J Band. 726-7404


Movie Matinee 3:30pm at Elk Grove Library Watch a fun, family friendly movie with the library! 264-2920 |


100% All Natural Products Same Day Service Peace of Mind Prevention

Deanna Fox 916-220-9994 46 MAY 2017

Deer and Fawn Story Time 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Join the Nature Center for a whimsical journey into nature through stories, songs and crafts. And if time allows, you’ll meet and learn about one of their friendly, resident animals! For ages 3 and 4, with an adult. 489-4918 | Sacramento County Fair May 25-29th at Cal Expo “Let’s Eat, Have Fun & Celebrate the Red, White & Blue”! Fun for the whole family! Story Time 10:30am at Folsom City Zoo Visit the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary (Weather Permitting) on the Canid Deck every 4th Thursday of the month for a special storytime featuring

puppets and zoo animals. 351-3527


Family Fun Friday 11am at Kidzone Museum, Truckee This is a play-based class designed to inspire and enrich kids’ brains, bodies and hearts. These classes are all about exploration and discovery, where curiosity is treasured and kids are encouraged to feel, touch and learn through sensory activities. Let your kid communicate through art and have some fun at Family Fun Friday. 530-587-5437 | Minecraft Gaming 3:30pm at McKinley Library, 601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento Like building and creating new worlds in Minecraft? Join the library for an afternoon of Minecraft gaming! Each player will be given their own computer to battle with friends on the library server or build new creations and in creative or survival mode. Players of any level of experience are welcome to join. 264-2920 |


Autism-Friendly Movie 10am at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento Join the library for a special family movie event for kids with autism and/or sensory disorders. Enjoy Beauty and the Beast (1991). “Typical” toddlers and preschoolers are welcome too! They’ll have healthy snacks, the lights will be slightly up, the sound will be slightly down, and kids don’t need to remain seated while enjoying the movie. There will also be lots of fidget toys. 264-2920 | LEGO Mania! 2pm at Ella K. McClatchy Library, Sacramento Like building with LEGOs? Join the library for their monthly LEGO free-play afternoon! LEGOs and DUPLO LEGOs will be provided. 264-2920 | Raptors of the River 10:30am at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Carmichael Take a walk on the wild side in search of some of the raptors that call the river’s edge home. Learn about these amazing birds of prey and what species can be found in our area. 489-4918 | Sensory Storytime 10am at North Natomas Library, Sacramento This inclusive storytime was developed for kids with Autism and/or sensory disorders. It features songs, stories, sensory activities and interactive materials. It is targeted for a developmental age of 2 years to 6 years old. Behaviors and/or noise are no problem. Siblings are welcome! 264-2920 | Wild Animals Storytime 10:30am at South Natomas Library, Sacramento Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Have fun

calendar learning about wild animals in this weekend family storytime! 264-2920 |


Critter Corner 1:30pm at Effie Yeaw Nature Center Have you ever wondered where the Nature Center’s animals come from and why they are here? Come nose to nose with a few of their resident animals, hear their stories and learn all about what makes them unique! 489-4918 | Family Fun Day 9am at Folsom Zoo & City Park There will be a small Car Show to include Cool Hot Rods, over 30 Vendors,like the Folsom Mounted Patrol, the Folsom K-9 Units, a Face Painter, and lots more. A fun day for the entire family. 988-6376 |

15 includes a shirt for you and a gift for Fido!


Saturday, June 3

8:30 a.m. check-in 9:30 a.m. start Elk Grove Regional Park 9950 Elk Grove-Florin Rd



FREE Friend Day All day at Funderland Amusement Park Guess what day it is? It is “Bring a Friend for FREE” day if you are a current season pass holder. Bring your bestest friend out to make some fun memories this Memorial Day (must be a current season pass holder, limit one free friend for every season pass holder). 456-0131 |

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Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights 5pm at Vernon Street Town Square, Roseville Join your family and friends for this family friendly, free community supported event. Vernon Street will close down to bring in over 100 vendors, live entertainment, great bands, a kid’s fun zone, arts and crafts, delicious foods, a Classic Car Show, a wine and beer garden and much more. This Tuesday is country night, enjoy music by Buck Ford. 726-7404


Movie Madness: 6pm at Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento It’s family movie night at the library! This month they’re showing Sing. Free film, free popcorn! All ages welcome. 264-2920 |




Tuesday-Friday 9-11am, & Friday 6-9pm Please visit website for play times when kids are on school break. Register for Our Upcoming Summer Camp!


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A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Kids

May 10-21 at Sacramento Theatre Company This family-friendly and accessible musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic is written in rhyming couplets and performed by STC School of the Arts Pre-Professional Ensemble and Young Professionals Conservatory students. 443-6722 |


Carden School of Sacramento

A Distinctive Alternative in Classical Education

Through May 14 at Harris Center for the Arts The Falcon’s Eye Theatre closes its tenth season with Cyrano. The most legendary nose in literature gets a makeover from playwright Aaron Posner in this lively American adaptation of the 1897 French classic by Edmond Rostand. Will Roxane fall for Christian’s dashing looks or Cyrano’s daring poetry? Find out in this timeless tale—full of wordplay and swordplay—that’s been an inspiration to writers and lovers for centuries. 608-6888 |

Junie B. Jones

Through May 28 at B Street Theatre B Street Family Series beloved favorite Junie B Jones is back with an all new adventure. Junie B has a pair of brand new furry mittens but chaos erupts when they go missing from the playground. Join the theatre for this delightful adaptation of Barbara Park’s endearing book. Recommended for ages 5 and up. 443-5300 |

Mickey & Judy’s Barn Show

May 20 through June 3 at Chatauqua Playhouse Head out with the family to the Children’s Theatre and enjoy a show for the whole family! 489-7529 |

Snap Shots II

Through May 14 at E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts Last season’s “Snap Shots” stunned the audience with powerful passages from Ron Cunningham’s storehouse of masterful choreography. “Snap Shots II” delves deep into the archives for more of his iconic works. Darrell Grand Moultrie returns to create another of his mesmerizing intimate dance portraits of the Ballet’s all-star dancers. 552-5800 |

48 MAY 2017

The Phantom of the Opera

May 17-28 at Community Center Theater Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The” Phantom of the Opera” will come to Sacramento as part of a brand new North American Tour. Be dazzled by the beloved story and thrilling score, with songs like “Music of the Night,” “All I Ask Of You,” and “Masquerade” performed by a cast and orchestra of 52, making this Phantom one of the largest productions now on tour. Children under age 4 are not permitted. 808-5181 |

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

May 6 - 7 at Fairytale Town Puppet Art Theater Company presents the tale of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” in the Children’s Theater. This production starts with the classic race of “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Hare, super speedy; Tortoise, slow and steady. Who will win? The conclusion of the race takes place on the Troll Bridge, waking up the Grumpy Old Troll. Then watch on as the Three Billy Goats find a way to outwit the Troll and get across the bridge so they can enjoy the field of green 808-7462 |

Treasure Island

May 13 through June 4 at Sutter Street Theatre Enjoy this show presented by the Family Series of Sutter Street Theatre. 353-1001 |

When you Wish Upon a Song

May 20 at Harris Center for the Arts Join “Voices of California” and two of the hottest young a cappella groups from across the nation to celebrate the music of Disney! With two shows at the beautiful Harris Center, it should be a highlight event of the spring. 608-6888 |


All phone numbers are area code (916) unless otherwise noted Blue Star Museums 2017 May 29 through September 4 at California Museum A partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts and Blue Star Families, Blue Star Museums provides free admission to all active duty, National Guard and Reserve military personnel and up to five members of their family! 653-7524 | A Visual Journey of Cultures and Civilizations Exhibit May 12 through July 12 at SMUD Art Gallery This exhibition features mixed-media paintings and collages by Sonoma County artist Gerald Huth. Mr. Huth has been traveling the world for 45 years, with much of the focus of this exhibit on his inspirations from Asia. For the past seven winters he has volunteered in India and Cambodia teaching art to children. He strongly believes in the power of art as a universal language, and that “the role of the artist is to fulfill the human expression of the time in which we live”. 831-624-3072 | SMUD-Gallery Light & Noir: Exiles & Émigrés in Hollywood, 1933-1950 May 16 through August 6 at California Museum Organized by the Skirball Cultural Center in association with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, “Light & Noir: Exiles & Émigrés in Hollywood, 1933-1950” highlights the history of émigrés in the American film industry who fled Europe as refugees of Nazi persecution and their legacy in American cinema and culture through achievements in the film noir genre and classic films, such as “Casablanca” (1942), “Double Indemnity” (1944), “Mildred Pierce” (1945), “Sunset Boulevard” (1950) and more. 653-7524 |

So Watt! An Illuminating Look at the Artwork of SMUD Employees and Their Families Through May 10th at SMUD Art Gallery The exhibition showcases the artwork of the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District’s (SMUD) employees, their families and retirees. A variety of media are featured, including photography, colored pencil, printmaking, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting. 831-624-3072 | SMUD-Gallery To the Rescue: The Fire Trucks and People That Saved Our Cities May 16-29 at California Automobile Museum In partnership with the Sacramento Fire Museum and sponsored by the Firefighters Burn Institute, the California Automobile Museum is proud and excited to present “To the Rescue,” an all new exhibit that highlights early fire trucks, equipment, and people who worked to save our city. 442-6802 |




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