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The 11th Month Inspection Why Scheduling a Simple 2-Hour Home Inspection BEFORE Your Builders Warranty Expires Can Save You Thousands on Costly Repairs, Unsightly Defects, and Even Bitter Lawsuits

by James Budrow, NACHI Certified Home Inspector

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Welcome to Your FREE Report, "The 11th Month Inspection!" Dear New Home Buyer, If you're reading this report, it's probably because you recently purchased a brand new home, straight from the builder. Congratulations! There's nothing quite as exciting as stepping into your new home for the very first time. The smell of fresh carpet. The gleam of never-used appliances. The sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing it's yours to live in, a place to build a fulfilling life for you and your family. If you had your home custom-built, you probably spent weeks and months searching for the right location, the right contractor, the right design. You chose carpets and cabinets, paint and fixtures, furniture and appliances. You were careful to take the time to get the details right, because your new home is more than an investment--it's a statement about who you are. So with all the care that went into making your new home everything you dreamed of, shouldn't you do everything in your power to preserve it? My name is James Budrow. I'm a certified home inspector here in the Sacramento area. And if there's one thing I've learned over the course of my 25 years' experience as a home inspector, it's this: It's far better to catch a problem before it happens than to solve a problem after the fact! You see, chances are, when you bought your new home, you received a 12-month warranty on all structure and workmanship. That means if something goes wrong as a result of careless or incorrect workmanship, your builder has to fix the problem--at his expense, NOT yours. But most problems that exist in new homes aren't noticeable to the untrained eye until well AFTER the warranty expires--and by then it's too late! So what do you do? Get a home inspection from a qualified professional, someone who is specially trained catch problems in their infancy...well before you'd ever notice them on your own. In the next few pages, I'll show you EXACTLY what your home inspector will be looking out for and why you should seriously consider it for your new home... For 15% off your Sacramento-area "11th Month" Inspection, call 877.424.8289 NOW and mention this report!

How Many New Homes Have Problems, Anyway? You'd be surprised. Shoddy workmanship and cut corners are bigger problems now than ever before--and the result is defective work and poor construction quality. With profit as the baseline motivation, many builders choose the cheapest labor, subcontractors, and materials they can find. And that's why I consistently find problems in brand new homes. Of course, not everyone in the industry is like that. It's more likely than not that your builder is ethical and honest. But even high-quality builders can make mistakes. It's better to be safe than sorry and choose a quality, independent home inspection before your warranty expires so you don't get slapped with the bill for his mistakes.

The Property Was Already Inspected by the City or the Builder's Inspector. Doesn't that Count? A city inspection will usually find huge structural errors, but they often miss the little things that can grow into big problems over time. That's because municipal inspectors are looking at anywhere from 10-35 properties a day: they simply don't have the time or resource to deliver a quality 2-hour inspection like I do. Don't let an overworked, underpaid city official be the determining factor in whether or not you exercise your home's warranty in time. As for the builder's inspector, remember: it's the classic case of conflict of interest. When your builder sends in a home inspector, be cautious. After all, in order for your builder to make as much profit as possible, the deal has to go through with as few problems as possible. That gives them a very good reason to refer an inspector who is less-than-thorough. And if the builder is a good source of referral business for the home inspector...well, let's just say you aren't exactly the customer they're most concerned with pleasing.

For 15% off your Sacramento-area "11th Month" Inspection, call 877.424.8289 NOW and mention this report!

I'm not saying all, or even most, builders are unscrupulous when it comes to referring home inspectors. But I will tell you that I've seen some heartbreaking stories from people who waited too long to get a third-party home inspection...and ended up with big-time bills on their hands for repairs they should have never had to perform! Better to spend a little bit of money NOW on a reputable home inspection than be out tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars later thanks to shoddy workmanship and a poor inspection.

What Gets Inspected? I'll go through your entire home a develop a list of warranty issues. Then you'll receive a detailed report that shows you EXACTLY where the problems lie so you can present it to your Builder so he can address them. Here's just a small sampling of what I'll inspect: 

Structural integrity

Carpet and flooring

Bathroom and kitchen counters, cabinets, and fixtures

Fireplace and chimney


Crawl spaces and attics


Electrical system

Plumbing system


Windows and doors

By the time I'm finished, you'll be armed with all the information you need to save yourself time, headaches, and money on needless repairs down the line.

For 15% off your Sacramento-area "11th Month" Inspection, call 877.424.8289 NOW and mention this report!

The Title of This Report is the 11th Month Inspection. Can I Get My Inspection Before Then, or Should I Wait? You don't need to wait! I usually tell homeowners that anywhere from month 8-11 is ideal. By then, you'll be settled into your home and there will be some normal wear and tear. I'll be able to tell immediately if there are any problems your builder needs to address before your warranty expires. So don't feel like you have to put it off until the last minute. In fact, if you've been in the home for 8 months or more, the sooner you act, the better!

Why Should I Choose American Pride Home Inspection Service for My Warranty Inspection? At American Pride, we've performed nearly 3,000 home inspections and have over 25 years' experience in the industry. Here are just some of the reasons you can be sure you're in good hands... 

Experience and Training. Remember, a quality home inspector conducts at least 300 home inspections each year. We usually do around 400! We have a knack for sniffing out problems and saving you money.

Thorough, Detailed Reports. If your home inspector doesn't include a problem in his report, then for all intents and purposes, the problem doesn't exist. You can't get warranty coverage for something that doesn't exist! Always make sure you look at a sample report before you hire an inspector. CLICK HERE NOW to see one of ours!

$2 Million in Insurance Coverage. Did you know there are insurance policies for home inspectors? They exist so that in the event your home inspector misses something, YOU can receive compensation for the error. At American Pride, we carry $1 Million in General Liability insurance and $1 Million in Errors and Omissions insurance. That means if we make a mistake, YOU'LL be protected. (And for the record? We've never filed a claim.)

For 15% off your Sacramento-area "11th Month" Inspection, call 877.424.8289 NOW and mention this report!


Certification by Top-Tier Home Inspection Organizations. In the home inspection business, there are two highly-respected organizations: one is the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). The second is the International Association of Certificated Home Inspectors (NACHI). At American Pride, we're members of both. That means we adhere to only the strictest ethical and quality standards--so you can be sure your inspection is top-notch.

Choose a American Pride Home Inspection Service in the Sacramento Area and Get 15% Off! If you're looking for a quality home inspector in the Sacramento area, then I encourage you to call American Pride Home Inspection Service. Our prices are fair and reasonable. You're GUARANTEED to receive efficient, reputable service-and a thorough report you can use to get any existing problems resolved BEFORE your builders warranty expires. Most importantly, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your new home is completely safe and protected.

And as a special thank you for downloading our report, you can get your inspection for 15% off the standard rate!

To schedule your 11th Month Inspection, CALL US NOW: 877.424.8289 Or Visit at

For 15% off your Sacramento-area "11th Month" Inspection, call 877.424.8289 NOW and mention this report!

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