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Promoting Overall Wellness and Mental Health Resiliency for the Greater Sacramento

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Empowerment Magazine Contributors

Hisham Soliman M.D M.P.H

Melanie Martinez

Terry Zick, M.A

Eric Zuniga (1 of 3) [1/23/2012 8:19:52 AM]

Pat Hubbert

Cynthia Wakefield

Gail Erlandson, M.A

Dr. Andrew Myers

Anne Adams

Laree Washington

Contributors - Empowerment Magazine

Hazem Hashem, M.D.

Tammy Dyer, M.S.W.

Kim Navarez, M.F.T.I

Phommasone Griffith

Ron Risley, M.D.

Rosario M. Ramirez

Cindy Thygeson, M.D

David Kiesz

Barbara N. Dawson

Deonna Wilemme, PhD

Lynn Keune, L.M.F.T

RavenSong Frisella

Jennifer Markman

Janet Segall Marilyn Washington

Laura Hawkins

Christa Harmon

Dianne Ross, RN

Reginald Washington Jr. (2 of 3) [1/23/2012 8:19:52 AM]

Thomas Hushen

Contributors - Empowerment Magazine

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Hisham Soliman M.D M.P.H Terry Zick, M.A Pat Hubbert Gail Erlandson, M.A Anne Adams Melanie Martinez Eric Zuniga Cynthia Wakefield Dr. Andre...