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Dear Supporters: At the core of reaching the world for Christ is a partner called Speed the Light. This ministry was birthed out of a passion from long ago when our early Assemblies of God leaders met at Stone County Church in Chicago in November of 1914 and made an astounding declaration: “As a Council, we commit ourselves and the movement to Him for the greatest evangelism that the world has ever seen.” How could such a small group of Christians even consider such a daunting task? Because their vision had been forged in the fires of Pentecostal revival! They believed Christ truly meant “...go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15, NKJV), and that the power of the Holy Spirit would enable them to do it (Acts 1:8). From the outset, our fellowship has been marked by a vision to reach all the world and a dependence on the Holy Spirit to do supernatural works. One of the resolutions of the same meeting led to the creation of a missionary-sending agency. That agency, now called the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), is engaged in missionary endeavors in many lands in pursuit of the original commitment of the Assemblies of God to unprecedented world evangelism. There has been no greater partner in reaching the world for Christ than Speed The Light. When you partner with Speed The Light, you partner in winning souls! Doug Sayers, District Youth Director


US Missions

Greetings, co-laborer in Christ! Turning the heart of an entire nation back to God is a huge undertaking. But that’s exactly what Assemblies of God U.S. Missions is determined to do in America. The United States is now the third largest mission field in the world — and the country’s legacy is all but forgotten. That’s why we are working diligently to fulfill the intent of the Great Commission. We place missionaries called by God to full-time Christian Ministry in one of 6 departments: Chaplaincy Ministries, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Church Planting, Intercultural Ministries, U.S. MAPS and Teen Challenge International, USA. U.S. Missions is meeting the challenge of reaching our nation’s diverse cultural and people groups. We are finding creative, innovative ways to take the church to people who would otherwise go unreached. The time is short. Christ’s return draws near. I trust this ministry will inspire you to make a difference in your community today.

Zollie Smith

Zollie Smith Executive Director US Missions


Convoy of Hope Convoy of Hope exists to feed millions of people in need in the United States and around the world through children’s nutrition initiatives, citywide outreaches and disaster response. Each year in the United States alone we hold up to 50 community events with the help of thousands of volunteers who ser ve tens of thousands of guests. At each event free groceries, job and health fairs, and activities for children are provided. In doing so, volunteers are given an opportunity to connect with members of their community, and guests are shown love and respect regardless of age, race, physical appearance, or spiritual condition. By the end of 2008, the organization’s fleet of trucks had delivered more than $138 million worth of food and supplies to those in need. That number is projected to increase to $160 million by the end of 2009. In 2008 alone, the services of Convoy of Hope touched the lives of over 5.8 million people, including those affected by disasters in 15 countries. Project: $75,000 – Truck


Teen Challenge

Project 1: Harrisburg $25,000 - Vehicle Project 2: Harrisburg Crisis and Referral Center $25,000 – Vehicle Project 3: Rehrersburg $25,000 – Vehicle Project 4: Induction Center, Rehrersburg $25,000 - Vehicle Project 5: Women’s Center, Philadelphia $25,000 – Vehicle Nearly 200 residential Teen Challenge centers across the USA provide care for people of all ages, demonstrating a need for intensive help with life-controlling problems. Lives are transformed at Teen Challenge by the power of God and that power destroys the bonds of addiction. Teen Challenge helps the total person with spiritual, emotional, physical, social and educational challenges to prepare them for their new life. Speed the Light helps keep costs down by freeing up other funds for the comprehensive long-term residential, inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs.


Church Planting Bethlehem Assembly of God, Philadelphia – Pastor Matthew Oberly Project: $3,500 – Grant Bridge Community Church, Parkesburg – Pastor Robert Hulett Project: $3,500 – Grant Bridge Community is a new church plant in Downingtown PA, pastored by Bob & Stephanie Hulett. The church began weekly ser vices on February 20, 2011 and has averaged 73 people weekly over the first 7 months. Presently the church meets at Eastward Elementary school in Downingtown and is currently seeking a permanent location in the community. Providing full children’s ministry, engaging worship, and teaching that addresses real life issues, is helping Bridge see people invite friends and family to church and see them receive Jesus as their Savior.


reaching our local communities City Life Church, Philadelphia – Pastor Brad Leach Project: $3,500 – Grant City Reach Church Braddock, Pittsburgh – Pastor Jonathan Shaffer Project: $3,500 – Grant City Reach Church Braddock (CRCB) is one of the first churches planted by the City Reach Network. Our mission is “To reach the one who is far from God and help them become a passionate follower of Jesus!” To date at CRCB we have: witnessed over 200 people make a decision to follow Christ, baptized 23 people in water, seen 6 men graduate from our Men’s Hope Home, and seen thousands of people attend our regular outreach events! -- Freedom Life Church, Allenwood – Pastor Tony Cruz Project: $3,500 – Grant Beginning last fall, Tony and Elisha have been given a renewed focus as they turn their energy and gifts towards church planting and launched FREEDOM LIFE CHURCH in Lewisburg, PA in September with 100 in attendance. Their desire is to help families and students discover Gods purpose for their lives. LifeStone Church, Pittsburgh – Pastor Jack Thomas Project: $3,500 – Grant New Life Assembly of God, Philadelphia – Pastor Woubshet Humaso Project: $3,500 – Grant


World Missions Assemblies of God World Missions represents a growing family of more than 4,000 people — 2,004 appointed missionaries, 586 missionary associates and 1,500 missionary children — scattered throughout 212 countries. These dedicated men and women, along with their children, are taking the gospel to cities, urban areas and remote villages telling a lost world that Christ loves them and came to redeem them from their sins. Together they work with more than 280,000 national pastors in six geographical regions — Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Northern Asia. A word that accurately describes Assemblies of God World Missions today is “unprecedented.” The worldwide fellowship now numbers more than 52 million members and adherents with nearly 275,000 churches and preaching points. The doors of opportunity to preach the gospel of Christ also are unprecedented as missionaries and national believers minister to those who have never heard.

Greg Mundis

Greg Mundis Executive Director


Africa With 1.1 billion people lacking access to clean water and basic sanitation, water is the number one killer in the world today. More people die from preventable, water-related diseases or lack of water than any other cause. In fact, 80 percent of all sickness is attributed to unsafe water. The lack of access means that women and children in Africa walk up to 8 miles each day in search of water for their families. The Assemblies of God in Africa has launched a major effort to respond to Africa’s critical need for safe and available water. Once water is obtained it is only used for the essentials, drinking, and sometimes cooking. People don’t believe they should squander water to wash themselves. But a lack of hygiene creates a host of disease risks. The more wells we can drill, the more water they receive. Water is also a powerful tool for evangelism, as it says in John 4, “Jesus is the Living Water.” We believe those who drink of Him will never thirst again. So when a Water Well is drilled, we not only provide a community with access to clean water, but we also provide them with a powerful illustration of God’s love for them. Project: $90,000 Water Wells


Russia Dear Friends, When the Iron Curtain fell in 1991 we had 61 churches in Russia. We now have 1,800! For our whole life we have never seen the opportunities to reach Russia that we now have. We want to reach each person with the gospel. For all of our lives we were taught that there is no God. Two years ago I prayed how can we reach this huge country? The only way to do it is to send teams out through the country. We now have 27 teams! By the end of the year we will have 40 teams. They are like a wave sweeping over Russia with the Gospel. It is the first time that Russians are reaching Russians for Christ. Historically it has been pastors from other countries that have been preaching the gospel; now we are doing it! So on behalf of 1,800 Russian churches, help us to go places. We could reach thousands, tens of thousands, millions of people with the Gospel.

Bishop Edward

Bishop Edward General Superintendent Russia Project 1: $350 - Bicycles Project 2: $10,000 Field Vehicle Project 3: $20,000 Field Vehicle Project 4: $10,000 Mini Bus Abera Hellemo Project: $35,000 First Term Vehicle


Germany We are transferring to Germany to work with our U.S Military personal and their Dependants. Our work will be focused on sharing the Gospel, discipling them and leadership development. We will be spending a lot of energy ministering to the families of those deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The STL vehicle will assist us in taking the ser vicemen to/from the airports, visiting the families and transporting supplies/equipment to the military/ international church we will pastor. Since the church is renting the facility of another church, we have to transport and set up our own equipment every week. STL has been a wonderful blessing to us over the last 14 years. It would have been much more difficult accomplishing what we have without assistance from STL. An incredible ministry?

Gary Higgins

Gary Higgins

Project: $35,000 Next Term Vehicle Project: $5,000 Vehicle for Germany Teen Challenge


Thailand Just to update you, my wife Sandy & I were Missionaries to Moscow, Russia for 7 & a half yrs & our STL vehicle was a great blessing to us during that time! Recently we have moved to Bangkok, Thailand & do not currently have a STL vehicle at this time. We are currently using a previous Missionary’s STL vehicle until PennDel is able to supply the funds for us to purchase our own STL vehicle.

Kevin Barner

Kevin Barner

Project: $35,000 Next Term Vehicle

Caribbean Project: $5,000 Samuel Mayeski - Sound System-Portable Project: $6,000 Sam Brelo - Stateside Vehicle


Armenia As missionaries to Armenia, we cannot do the job that God has given us without the vehicle provided by Speed the Light. Armenia is an impoverished nation with poor infrastructure and no real public transportation system. With the rough and rugged roads in Armenia, a reliable vehicle is a necessity in effective ministry. The vehicles provided by Speed The Light allow us to minister in this mountainous country, where over one-half of the population is scattered through 1,000 towns and villages, many of them in remote and hard-to-reach places, outside the capital city. We are able to deliver needed food and supplies to these outlying towns and villages. We are able to visit and provide support to the many new Churches that have been, and continue to be, planted throughout Armenia, and so carry on the spreading of the Gospel. We are also able to travel to towns and villages to teach and educate Church leaders and members who are hungry for the Word of God and who want to be Pastors and leaders in their own nation, or missionaries to other nations. Finally, we are able to care for the people of this beautiful country. With our Speed The Light vehicle, we are accessible to the needs that arise without notice. We can visit the sick, we can transport kids to kid’s camp, we can bring people to our home to build relationships and show them the love of Christ. All this is possible, but only with the help of our Speed The Light Vehicle. Project: $35,000 - First Term Vehicle


Ecuador Unsión Television, a family-friendly, state of the art, Spanish-language television network founded in Cuenca, Ecuador in 2003 is seen in more than 50 communities and is impacting more than 50,000 Spanish- speaking families a day. Unsión’s programming provides an alternative to other broadcast networks that are often in opposition to needed Christian values and worldview. Project: $35,000 – TV Studio Equipment

South Africa Everywhere there is a group of people; there is a need for a church. This is the thought of those ser ving in the fields of South Africa. In fact, they seem to think there is little excuse for there not being a church in the midst of these people they live among. In some places, they would say “come and see.” but in certain villages that is not an option. In those places they must go and tell. That means the equipment used to have church must be portable to attend to the people that make up the church. These Missionaries have a vision to go and tell so that a church can be planted and then say, “come & see.” Project: $15,088 - 4 Portable Video/Sound/Generator Package


Bolivia Dear friends, We’ve recently returned to Bolivia for our third term. For the past 10 years, STL has played a vital role in our ministry. You have helped us to train pastors, evangelize, minister to hundreds of kids through Latin America Child Care, and help to establish churches throughout Bolivia through STL 4x4 vehicles, STL video projectors, STL sound systems, and a STL photocopier. We couldn’t do it without you! THANK YOU for your partnership! If you get a chance . . . come and visit us . . . we’d love to take you on the most dangerous road in the world and allow you to share in the joy of preaching the Gospel!

Steve Potutschnig

Steve Potutschnig

Project 1: $7,500 Motorcycle Project 2: $9,000 Boat


Barbados Teen Challenge Barbados was started in 1996 to help Barbados and the countries of the southern Caribbean deal with the problem of drug addiction facing the families in the area. After 2 ½ years Teen Challenge acquired a 6 ½ acre property at Mapps College, and relocated in March of 1999. To date the ministry has ser ved 1000 admissions spanning 9 Caribbean islands. The vision is to rehabilitate in the areas of spiritual, physical, and vocational training, based on Christian principals equipping the individual to return to the society as a responsible and well rounded citizen. Project: $15,000 – Vehicle for Teen Challenge


Jamaica O ur C alling to the L atin A merican T heological S eminary : To provide ministerial leadership development for pastors, Bible school instructors, executives and church leaders offering classes close to their place of ministry. To offer advanced training to the minister whose potential as a leader is recognized by the executives of his country’s organization with the purpose of motivating and directing him. To create the channels for exhaustive research of the materials studied.

Denny Seler

Denny Seler

Project: $35,000 – Next Term Vehicle


A Story

Undisclosed Location

Greetings, It’s been another “interesting” few weeks here in [this country]. Security continues to deteriorate and friends of mine are increasingly going to meet the Lord at the hands of evil men here in this land. Ugh. Numerous times in the past two weeks, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with tasks and contingency plans flying through my mind. On a few of these nights, I’ve made a mental note to write to you! Well, I’m having a down day today (since it’s our Sabbath on Fridays). And I’m thankful for many things...ONE OF THEM BEING MY STL VEHICLE. The threats continue to come, we are not allowed to walk anywhere, and I doubt that will change in the next few months. In these times (and in better ones), I’ve used my STL vehicle for myself and to provide rides to others who don’t have cars. THANK YOU! In the next few weeks, I’ll be needing to move a lot of materials to other locations as people are leaving or aren’t feeling comfortable keeping such materials in their homes. Once again, my STL vehicle will be needed. Please pray for our safety as the checkpoints are many these days. So, in this thankful moment, I thought I’d just pause long enough to say thanks to you and all the others who help us get vehicles. I do not know if I will have the chance to thank you again. Please pass on our utmost thanks to all the others who make this dangerous, but necessary, ministry possible. In Him,

Missionary Missionary



A Story

Our ministry involves pastoring a local church, teaching at a Bible school, coordinating citywide tent outreaches, and developing a ministry to unreached people. STL helps in many ways. Our personal vehicle takes us to outreaches and ministry opportunities. Our STL copier helps us print flyers, Bible school lessons, study notes for discipleship, and much more. Our STL field van helps haul building materials, MAPS teams, and AIM teams. We also use it to carry the sound equipment and tents to the many outreaches. Last year, over 1,000 people came to Christ in these outreaches. We are really excited about the sound system purchased by STL for our big citywide outreach. The first time that it was used, over 200 people made decisions for Christ and 61 people were baptized in water. This sound system will be a great tool for thousands of people to find Christ in the years to come. Praise the Lord for Speed the Light! God is truly using this tremendous tool for a great har vest of souls in these days.

Missionaries to Jamaica

Missionaries to Jamaica



Passport to Ministry  

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