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-an All-In-One and Easy-To-Operate Milking Unit

Integrated functionalities in the new UNIMILCO include among others: • Control of milk pump – frequency and non-frequency controlled • Control of IDC milking machines • Milk/Wash vacuum switching • Vacuum meter display – Vacuum alarm

The UNIMILCO is a new easy-to-use milking unit offering you an all-in-one solution including all functions needed to operate your milking system. Increase Your Revenue in Milking Together with our customers and leading experts, SAC has developed a box including all major features to operate a milking system. The primary task of the UNIMILCO unit is to control the whole milking system before, during, and after

milking. The unit also monitors the system to ensure that it performs as intended in order to protect the health of the cow - and to ensure correct handling of the milk. We have also added new functionalities such as dual mode, automated emptying of the pump line, easy and centralized update of IDC software. You will benefit from a solution that is easier to operate and less complex.

- for the cow, the milk and the milker...


-an All-In-One and Easy-To-Operate Milking Unit

Overmilking Safety Device

Level Sensor

Digital Vacuum Alarm

Sensor for Frequency control

Milk Pump

Vacuum Regulator



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