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World War 3: Causes And Effective Solutions From The Eyes Of A Yogi Another war is in the making, World War 3! We might soon witness the blood of our own kin; there will be more orphans and widows. Innocents will die and so will the corrupted, and along with them their hopes, dreams, desires, hard earned wealth, dignity, freedom and family. The horrific legacy of Vietnam might fall upon all of us; unless we act right now! And yes, these are the words from a community of yogis, who have truly understood yoga. For us, YOGA IS THE BEST SALVATION! We know that WAR is coming and DISASTERS are happening. We see the hike in the number of MASS SHOOTINGS, we see CORRUPTION spreading like an epidemic chocking every one of us. We cannot just spread a mat and stand on our heads when our brothers and sisters are suffering. We are on a rebellion with a cause. War is absolute destruction and another war might wipe off humankind from the face of this planet. Mother earth has seen her own children killing each other for trivial reasons. World war 1 and World War 2 are among the deadliest conflicts humankind have ever seen, killing more than 125 million people through mass massacres, war - related diseases and famine. WW1 was believed to be the war that will end all the wars. Everyone thought that there will be no conflicts and no war again. WW2 happened to destroy all these believes. There are many speculations and theories surrounding the possibilities of another world war. But we have reasons to believe that it has already started soon after the WW2 and it is not another conspiracy theory like how the man landed on the moon. A war is always possible as long as the inhabitants of this planet plan for it. Every one of us is expecting a war. We are preparing ourselves for it. Unconsciously, we are wishing for one and we are creating one. Sad, but true fact!

War is the last thing anyone would wish for, we know this. We are referring to the deep, dark, underground, subconscious thoughts that are happening inside us. It’s negligible when one person thinks so. But when an entire population of a planet is infected, it leads nothing but to war; to the apocalypse.

HOW WAR IS CREATED War is not created by four of five high ranked officials and politicians who sit around a table and decide it’s time for war. War is a gradual process, a series of happenings that increases the pressure in the minds of citizens and leaders. As the tension increases, a small riot or a murder will trigger the apocalypse. But there are few reasons that are considered widely as main causes for any war:



Languages were created for communication and not for discrimination. There is an interesting story how languages were created. Humans started building a tower (Tower of Babel according to Hebrew Bible) as tall as the sky and the kept going as they want in to touch heavens. God didn’t like this mentality of his own creations. So he cursed them, made them speak different languages and scattered them all over the world. Interestingly, god’s own creations found a common ground; a global language for communication. Though the story is interesting, the kind of problems that languages create isn’t that pleasant. Languages create a perception that ‘ they are different from us’. People who speak different languages adopted different cultures and were always trying to prove that theirs is best. Languages were given an emotional touch which obviously hurt feelings when insulted. When people couldn’t “mind their language” they fought each other. Countries and empires were split on the basis of language.



There are several countries that were divided on the basis of their belief systems. You don’t need examples or stories for this. We still hear news from all over the world about how religion become a reason for war. The Crusades (1095-1291) and Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) are examples 3.


Conquerors like Alexander invaded and colonized other nations for their wealth that included gold, gems, men, women, cattle and their natural resources. The current situation is not far from this. Those who don’t have enough oil supplies or water resources tries to grab it from the other. The Anglo-Indian Wars (17661849) and Finnish-Soviet War or "The Winter War" (19391940) are examples of wars fought for economic gain. There are wars which are famous for stealing lands. The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) is an example of this. 4.


World War 1 was an example of Nationalism. The pointless desire to prove that one’s nation is better than the other results in a war. 5.


We have seen numerous terrorist attacks and wars fought for revenge. History has many stories about wars fought for revenge. The atomic bomb explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are said to be a revenge for Pearl Harbour attack. Any of the above reasons can trigger World War 3. But there are few other causes that have set the field for another World War. The ancient science of yoga can explain this to you. YOGIC EXPLANATION & SOLUTION: CAUSES FOR WAR AND THOSE OF PEACE It all started from the human mind, the breeding ground of negative, neutral and positive emotions. Every war started from a careless thought, an evil desire or a quick reaction from the human mind. Let us see what are these and how yoga can the world in uprooting such ailments in our mind.

All the references about yoga in this article are about the authentic system of yoga as taught and explained by the ancient yogis. We are not referring to the modern day mockery that adds yoga with a drink, an animal or an object. 1.



Ignorance has always been the evil. One of the many perquisites of yoga is that it creates awareness by removing ignorance and its deadly combinations. Many of us see yoga as a physical fitness routine and all we know is about asana. The integrated system of yoga is capable of cleansing every cell in the human body, every individual in this world and the world as a whole. If the world is cleansed, then there would be no reason for World War 3 to happen! There would be no war if there are no differences. There would be no differences if there is no ignorance. There would be no ignorance iff yoga is adopted by all. 2.


Ever since World War 2 ended, world nations are busy strengthening their armies, inventing new missiles, nuclear weapons and so on. Rather than spending wisely money is spend on making weapons that would wipe us all, including the inventors. Though there is no war happening, leaders and its citizen are expecting a war. And the political strategists cast their spells to cause a war. The general public are being exposed to fake and bad news about the neighbouring country by the puppets in press and media.

They start commenting against their ‘rivals’ in social media platforms and wherever possible, filling themselves with:

 Anger  Hatred  Jealousy  Aggression  Greed  Possessiveness

Yoga is the only effective cleanser to these negativities that are deep-rooted in the human mind. All the other medications and therapies are just a coat of paint over a crack. Yoga gets to the roots and heals from within, leaving no trace of a dark desire. Every dark desire is removed and replaced with positive thoughts and desires for good actions. On the Christmas Eve of 1914, during the World War 1, British and German Soldiers exchanged gifts and even played football on the no-mans land. This Christmas Truce of 1914, was an example that human kind can find love and peace even in the middle of a war. Yoga can fill everyone’s hearts with the desire for harmony and peace and rather than World War 3, we might have a grand union of brotherhood on ‘everyone’s land’.



Due to ignorance, we fill ourselves with all possible negative emotions making most of us lead an unhealthy life. Unhealthy by the body, by the mind and by the soul. Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution, the evolution from apes to Homosapiens to us! We are not evolving anymore. In his rebirth, Darwin might develop the theory of reverse evolution. Current generation is way too dependent on machines. Every machine is a weapon one or the other way. The more we depend on machines, the lesser we use our physical and psychic powers. Hours of sitting in your office chair, with only your brain, eyes, ears and fingers working while the rest of your body is inactive, is killing the capabilities of human body and mind. You are 24X7 exposed to an unhealthy lifestyle that is eating away your potential. The machinic lifestyle is turning us into machines. This is not only affecting our physical posture, but also our mental abilities. Memory loss and depression are common problems these days. We have employees who have high IQ but low EQ. Ability think on their own has been reduced. There are more updates and upgrades, but very few inventions. Only yoga can save this unfocused, confused and biased generation that includes all of us. Yoga puts your mind at the right place by taking away your attitude of competing with enemity. Yoga enhances your physical, mental and cognitive skills and powers, preparing you to be better than any machine. Yoga empowers you without the help of any external element or machine. Moreover, yoga stops you from turning into an ape.



You are being exposed to all the negatives happening around the world through News Channels, Social Media Platforms and wherever possible 24 X 7. This is feeding you with animal instincts, anger, revenge and all the other negativities listed earlier. A good majority of the news are inflated with lies and fake facts. We BLINDLY BELIEVE them and take things to heart. These creates a sense of FEAR, FALSE SUPERIORITY and ENEMITY in our minds, forcing us to hate the neighbouring countries and their citizen. In a world of emoticons and filters, only yoga can show you what real reality is. What is fed into your brain as reality is a bunch of lies. With yoga, you will be able to differentiate from right and wrong news. Yoga will create the awareness that the other nation has people just like you who are just being misled by their government and media puppets.



Along with equations and principles, our children need to learn the disciplines and moral values of life. Modern day education is money-based and career- oriented. But such a system will only teach a student to make money or be successful by stabbing his colleague. The series of mass shootings in schools proves these. Teach them equations and they will make missiles and powerful weapons. Teach them love and they will create a world which doesn’t need any weapons. Adding an hour of yoga wouldn’t do any harm. Instead, it will give us efficient and enlightened teachers and future citizen with good moral values. Let’s train them already so that at least the next generation can live without having the fear of World War 3.



An entire nation can be fooled if the leader is either a fool or corrupted. If the leader is efficient and insightful, he will use anything in his power to protect them by avoiding a war and not by inviting war.

Yoga helps those in power to have a right sense of their authority and responsibility. With yoga leaders learn to develop their country wisely so that they do not have to invade others. The nation will have more than enough to help neighbouring countries, hence they make friends not enemies. The leader will educate his people about the true purpose of language and religion and will work relentlessly for a nation in harmony. World War 3 is a dream for many crooked and dark souls. We shall not allow them to apply their devious plans upon us. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. Ask yourself if you would just pick a side and fight or if you would do anything to avoid a war. Dear yoga practitioners, join us in this effort by spreading the word and inviting your dearest and nearest to Yoga. With yoga, we will have a bright new world filled with love, laughter, sunshine and rainbows! YOGA AS THE BEST SALVATION We are living in a chaotic world filled with pain, turmoil and ignorance. There are fighters out there who tries to keep a problem in check. When one is handled the other arises. This is why Yoga is the best solution for modern civilization. Nothing other than yoga can find a holistic solution for all the problems that humanity is suffering from. Yoga isn’t about external beauty and inner peace, yoga is also about universal purification. An evil like World War 3 can be stopped only we if accept yoga without judging it and by practising it deliberately. Download Here ×Bottom of Form

World war 3  

Another war is in the making, World War 3! We might soon witness the blood of our own kin; there will be more orphans and widows. Innocents...

World war 3  

Another war is in the making, World War 3! We might soon witness the blood of our own kin; there will be more orphans and widows. Innocents...