Page 1 What is Methamphetamine ? •Methamphetamine is used in the form of crystalline hydrochloride; used as stimulant to the nervous system. •The other name of Methamphetamine is metamfetamine (INN), dextrometh amphetamine, methyl amphetamine, N-methyl amphetamine, and desoxyephedrine. •It is very harmful stimulant, and it is same as cocaine drug. Symptoms of Methamphetamine There are various Symptoms and Signs of Methamphetamine Addiction such as: • • • • • • •

Weight Loss Strong Body Odor Dry or itchy Skin Pale Complexion Nose bleeds Rotten or missing teeth and Hair Loss Effects of Methamphetamine The main effects of Methamphetamine are: • Vasoconstriction • Pupil Dilation • Bronchial Dilation • Increased Blood Sugar • Fatigue • Decrease in Appetite

• Paranoia and • Aggressiveness Recovery Programs for Methamphetamine

•Methamphetamine rehabs provide best treatment programs, services and instructions to the addicted people. •These centers offer different programs to the addicted people such as detoxification program, residential treatment, behavioral approach and cognitive behavioral therapy. Special Treatment Centers for Methamphetamine

•Treatment centers provide effective services and facilities to the patient according to their needs. •Antidepressant medications and cognitive behavioral intervention are very helpful for the recovery of Methamphetamine addiction. Information About Methamphetamine • Methamphetamine is used in many forms such as smoked, snorted, orally ingested or injected which cause many short term effects and long term effects. •Get more information on Methamphetamine Addiction, Marijuana Addiction, Amphetamine Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Ecstasy Addiction and Nicotine Addiction with the help of this site

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