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How to make the Guest Room Perfect “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”, goes the famous saying. How would you feel if you visited somebody’s place and felt neglected and sidelined? No one would feel good! Therefore, guests need to be respected and adequately catered to. This brings us to the significance of having a guest room catering to the essentials as well as senses of a guest, be it the main door designs or the choice of essentials. Home interior decorating is much talked about but the guest room, in particular is given very little thought actually.

Perfect guest room interiors require balancing necessity with elegance, without necessarily going heavy on the pocket always. Consider the following takes to create the impact:  Space use: Taking into account the fact that most people have space crunch with respect to their guest space, smart and efficient use of space should be given priority. Take into account investing in daybeds converting into a bed for sleeping and sofa otherwise. In case you cannot accommodate a table, add lots of pillows to work as a back rest in case they may want to work. Pillows would make them comfortable otherwise too. Dressers, if found to be too bulky for the space, can be substituted with creative use of consoles including a woven basket or two to create extra storage space!  Natural appeal: Having large windows can be quite an advantage in a guest room making it airy and naturally lighted. Use of blinds can make small windows look bigger too. Darker blends can be used sparingly with neutral shades to give rooms a bigger, brighter and fresher appeal. Color pops in terms of a bright cushion or a bright headboard for a bed can be used to add the spark.

 Unique finds: Things like an old table fan, or an antique gramophone or a painted wall hanging reading “ROOMS FOR TOURISTS”, or an old rocking chair can be used to give the room an enchanting feel.  Catering to utilities: Ensure that the guest room’s washroom is adequately contained with essentials like towels and tissues. Shampoo, body wash, mouth wash and lotions can also be included. Guest rooms themselves need to be checked for trays, clock, notepads and most importantly, those carafes need to be filled with water to keep your guests hydrated at all times!  The more the merrier! Installing bunker beds can help create space for accommodating more guests too, both children and adults. Color coordinating beds help make room appear cohesive. Moreover beds, if custom-crafted with desks allowed to be put on one side of the beds can prove to be both space efficient as well as a value edition to the room.  Bright floral paintings: Paintings can be quite an adornment to any room. They bring alive a room with their vibrant colorful specs. Opt for using massively scaled flower paintings or framed thread-work. Coupled with antiques like seashell boxes or old wooden chests they bring on quite an invigorating appeal.  Pamper them: Add a basket full of goodies like chocolates, candies, tortillas etc. You could also include spa goodie gifts in the basket or opt for fragranced candles for making them feel extra special! You could also install a small bookshelf by the bedside to flatter your bookaholic friend. And don’t forget the fresh flowers!

Conclusively, guest rooms need to be given a thought too just as the rest of your home’s interior decorating efforts. Creating a perfect guest room may at times require you to work around the kind of guest you will be expecting, keeping in mind their tastes and preferences. So, it’s not just the main door designs that speak about your home, it’s your guest room too that they will buzz about! After all, personalizing your guest room may make your guest’s stay at your home the best experience ever! For more details visit: Liked the read? Post your thoughts.

How to make the Guest Room Perfect  

“Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”, goes the famous saying.