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4 Fashion Rules Fat Girls Should Break

Radiate confidence and style despite being fat It is true that you need to look thin and smart in order to catch the eye of people around you. However you cannot be slim at all times of life. It is a normal concept that finding fashionable clothes suitable for fat girl can be quite challenging. But there is no need to feel sad or dejected. You can look elegant and stylish even if you wear bold and experimental clothes in your choicest colours. Feeling confident about how you are looking and what you are wearing will surely boost your self confidence. There is a particular set of rules which fat girls are expected to adopt. But you can select from Tog. Fashion My Day which offers a spectacular array of lovely designs and patterns so that you can wear what you most desire and still project a chic look. Now is the time to recharge your spirits with new clothes and break these four fat girl fashion rules 1. Black makes you look slim Every fat girl has a ward robe full of black garments because this is drilled in their psyche that black will help them to look thin. Undoubtedly it is true, but you can still embrace dresses in vibrant and colourful hues which you love. You can wear a black cardigan and add a bold camisole and accessories in order to make outfit more striking. If you are wearing black, a bold lip can give oomph factor to your look.

2. Avoid bold, big and colorful prints.

A common fashion tip for fat women suggests that you need to wear clothes that will not make you e stick out in a crowd. Although there is a certain amount of truth to this rule but you can always find a way out. Usually it is said the print need not be bigger than the size of your fist. But you can have just one large print on a dress and create a fascinating mini dress. You will realize that a printed mini dress, with striking bold prints, will make an interesting fashion statement. 3. Fat girls cannot wear horizontal stripes There are many trends and classic designs that fat girls need to avoid because of this specific rule. Garments with vertical lines will surely give you a thin and tall look. .Earlier, it was tough to find plus size clothing with horizontal stripes, Now, it’s relatively easy. Fashion MYDay offers attractive trendy pieces in gorgeous leopard prints you are dying to wear and will surely make you look good 4. Fat girls can only wear shape wear Squeezing your body into girdles and pantyhose would just make you uneasy and uncomfortable. But new garments introduced by Tog. Fashion Mayday is considered to be comfortable and have the cut which helps out to smooth out the heavy lumps and bumps. Fat girls need not limit themselves and wear clothes according to guidelines laid by conventional fashion experts. Now you can wear what you make you feel good and radiate confidence and style with Lyla in FashionMyDay.

4 fashion rules fat girls should break  

It is true that you need to look thin and smart in order to catch the eye of people around you. However you cannot be slim at all times o...

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