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MESSAGE FROM THE COOPERATOR IN CHIEF Published quarterly by SNFC 2820 R Street Sacramento, CA 95816 Store: 916-455-2667 Office: 916-736-6800 Fax: 916-455-5723 Cooperator in Chief Dan Arnett Managing Editor Jennifer Cliff Assistant Managing Editor Julia Thomas Proofreaders Julia Thomas, Jolie Laudicina Art Production Anneliese Kaufman, JaClare Williams, Nate Grundmann, Nick Conn Photography Nick Conn, Adam DeGroot Cover Art Nick Conn, JaClare Williams Ad Manager Austin Cunningham Contributors Dan Arnett Sara Crocker Jolie Laudicina Christina O’Hara Kristin Schoenborn Julia Thomas Janet Zeller Board of Directors Michelle Mussuto President Joel Erb Vice President Chris Tucker Treasurer Hilary Sisson Secretary Delfina Vargas Board Member

Hello, Sacramento! 2018 is here and the Co-op has been in the current location for well over a year. While time rolls on, our commitments to sustainable AND amazing food have not wavered. In fact, our commitments are deepening while our offerings are growing. Along with the standards we have held historically, we have added emphasis on both fair trade and cooperatively produced items. Fair trade certification is not a perfect system, but it has real value to small scale producers. Further, we are taking a stronger position on Co-operative Principle 6, “Cooperation Among Cooperatives.” We believe that the values of many cooperatives align really well with those of our co-op and that the synergies that can be produced when you as customers choose those items can be a powerful force for change. Look for more fair trade and cooperatively produced items this new year. Speaking of standards, we know that healthful, clean food is of great importance to our customers. We have a relatively strict set of standards regarding what we will not sell. When you shop at the Co-op, you can rest assured that the products you buy meet the highest standards around, because we will not knowingly sell: 1. Foods containing artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, trans-fats or high fructose corn syrup. 2. Any products containing artificial flavorings or colorings.

3. Any animal food products, including milk or milk by-products from cows, goats, or sheep treated with recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) or any other growth hormone. 4. Products from manufacturers or corporations who engage in unnatural processes such as forced molting for egg production. 5. Body care products whose ingredients have been used in laboratory animal testing. 6. Any meat, fish or poultry products that were raised using antibiotics. Since it is the new year, many will try some new, more healthful eating options. I still like the basics—like tree nuts. It is not a hard sell for me as I love to eat them; they are so easy to enjoy that I have a serving most days—they go with just about anything sweet or savory. I recommend our bulk section for high-quality organic tree nuts—they are fresh and delicious. The bagged, shelled walnuts from Full Belly Farm are fantastic also, a staple in my household. If you are looking for something different, try our fresh ground walnut butter. It is smooth and delightful. I enjoy it in smoothies too! Let us know if there is an item that delights, inspires, or satisfies you that you would like us to carry. Fill out a product suggestion card or electronic form, or let one of our helpful, dedicated staff know what you want. We are always striving to best meet your needs and welcome your voice. In cooperation, Dan Arnett


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Choose one day in the month of January; simply let your cashier know that you’d like to apply your Member Appreciation discount, and save 1O% on all your purchases t h at d a y. N o t a Co-op member? Join today to enjoy your discount!

Adopt a Farmer! 15% of sales from “Farmers We Salute You” Shirts Help train young farmers! Soil Born Farms has been training new farmers for about 15 years. An essential piece in the sustainable ag puzzle, new farmer training is critical to the future of food, but it costs money. Help support the future of local agriculture, and fund a farmer’s training! The Co-op is donating 15% of the sale of each “Farmers we salute you” shirt to the Adopt-a-Farmer program, in partnership with our non-profit farming partners at Soil Born Farms.



urmeric, a member of the ginger family, is a common spice in Asian and Indian cuisines. The flesh is bright orange and is typically dried and powdered but also used fresh. Fresh roots are available in the Co-op Produce Department, and it can be found in its powdered form in the Bulk Herbs and with the packaged spices on Aisle 3. It has an earthy, bitter flavor and is used to spice curries, lentils, rice, braises, stews and stir-fry.



The vibrant orange color (be careful—it can stain!) is from a compound called curcumin, which lends its anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be taken internally or applied externally and is most noted for its ability to reduce inflammation. Turmeric is most active when heated with a healthy fat and black pepper. The heat and pepper activate the curcumin and the fat delivers it to your cells.

Adding freshly minced turmeric can give plain rice, sautĂŠed tofu and roasted vegetables a flavor and nutrient boost. Just be sure to mix in a little fat and black pepper! Treat yourself to a healthy dose of anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants every day with these delicious recipes.

Golden Milk MAKES 1 CUP

When taken at night this beverage encourages deep sleep. Drink during the day for a grounding and nourishing treat. 1 c. milk, dairy or non-dairy 1 t. turmeric powder 1 t. oil, try coconut or ghee ½ inch fresh ginger, sliced into rounds 1 cardamom pod, whole 1/8 t. cinnamon 1 date, halved and pitted A crack of black pepper Add all ingredients to a small pot. Place on the stove on medium heat until the milk begins to simmer. Turn the heat to low, cover, and let simmer for 15 minutes. Strain the milk into a mug and enjoy.


Miso Turmeric Dressing This versatile dressing is sure to enhance anything you put it on. Bursting with flavor, it might just become your favorite dressing. ¹/³ c. unseasoned rice vinegar ¼ c. mirin ¼ c. sunflower oil 2 T. finely grated carrot 2 T. white miso 1 T. finely grated peeled fresh ginger 2 t. finely grated peeled fresh turmeric or ½ t. ground turmeric 1 t. toasted sesame oil ¼ t. freshly ground pepper Whisk all ingredients in a small bowl. Pour over soba noodles, roasted vegetables, or salmon.

Cooking with Turmeric Monday, March 12 6-8:30 pm Turmeric, an eastern spice, has become well known as a powerful anti-inflammatory here in the West. Learn how to use turmeric in your cooking in order to gain the benefits of this powerful root. We will make golden milk; a turmeric and ginger salad; kitchari - a one pot dish with protein, carbs and vegetables; lemony quinoa with peanuts and carrots, and a cabbage curry salad. Shankari Easwaran See Class Schedule for details REGISTER ONLINE AT SAC.COOP

Kitchari SERVES 4

A staple comfort food in India, this rice and lentil dish with spices and vegetables can bring comfort on a cold and rainy day or revitalize you after an illness. 1 c. white basmati rice ½ c. red lentils or split peas, rinsed 6 c. water 1 T. ghee, clarified butter, or other oil 1 t. cumin seeds, whole 1 t. fennel seeds, whole ½ t. coriander seeds, whole 1 t. cumin seeds, ground 1 t. fennel seeds, ground ½ t. coriander seeds, ground ¾ t. turmeric powder 1 t. minced ginger root, fresh 1-2 t. salt, or to taste Freshly ground pepper to taste 1 c. chopped sweet potato 1 c. green vegetables like zucchini, asparagus, green beans or kale 1 lemon 1) In a large pot, melt ghee over medium low heat. Add the whole seeds and heat for 30 seconds, stirring, until they release their aroma. Add the powdered spices, salt and pepper, stirring for 15 seconds more. 2) Add the sweet potato, greens and ginger and stir 1-2 minutes to coat. Add the rice and lentils and water. 3) Bring to boil, reduce heat to a low simmer and cover. Cook until the water is mostly absorbed, about 25 minutes and the grains and lentils are soft. Stir kitchari until the consistency becomes creamy, adding more hot water if necessary to keep it creamy. 4) Serve in bowls with a squeeze of fresh lemon.



The Co-op has partnered with a dairy cooperative to help preserve small, multi-generational farms and old world cheesemaking traditions. n 2017, our Co-op joined the Adopt-an-Alp program. The aim of the program is to support small family farms that are hand-crafting beautiful raw milk cheeses in the European Alps. These dairy farmers practice the tradition of “transhumance,” where animals and their farmers move with the seasons. In the summer, they go to higher altitude where the cows can feast on pure Alpine meadow grasses. Cheeses made from this milk are wonderfully pure and complex-a true expression of their terroir. By partnering with our Alp, we help keep these multi-generational farms operational and keep this ages-old tradition alive. In the process, we are able to share these truly unique cheeses with our customers.


The Alp we have chosen to support is Alp Steiner’s Hohberg, a small cooperative dairy comprised of eight families and their 120 black and white cows. Each summer they all make the trek up their Alp in southern Germany to their eight chalets dotted across a large meadow ranging from 4000-6000 feet altitude. They remain there all summer, both humans and cows, enjoying their beautiful Alp, producing world class cheeses at their high altitude dairy. Just like “Heidi” with cows! Steiner’s Hohberg makes three styles of cheese: Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, Raclette, and Alpkäse (a Gruyère style cheese). They are available in our Co-op while supplies last. You can also check out their blog at


Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP

Tuesday, February 6 6-8:30 pm with Sacha Laurin see class schedule for details REGISTER ONLINE AT SAC.COOP

In the Alps, this cheese is produced in the summer months from cows that feed only on pristine Alpine grass and wild flowers. This raw milk cheese has fresh notes of hay and milk with a pleasantly nutty flavor.

Pair with:



Made in the manner of a Gruyère d’Alpage, this handmade cheese made from summer Alpine grassfed raw cow’s milk is complex and layered. A wonderful melter, this cheese is a decadent addition to your favorite fondues and gratins.

Pair with:



Raclette is enjoyed as part of the Raclette meal, where it is melted under a hot grill and scraped over a combination of boiled potatoes, cornichons, salami, crusty bread and other tasty bite-sized treats.

Pair with:


The cooperative principles are guidelines by which cooperatives put their values into practice.

PRINCIPLE 6: COOPERATION AMONG COOPERATIVES Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.


s d n a r B e v o L e W

Businesses that consciously work to be a force for good are worth supporting! With all the choices we have, it is encouraging to learn about companies that rise above the rest. The ones featured here prioritize social justice, embody cooperative values, and are committed to environmental sustainability and animal welfare. They are some of the Brands We Love! The companies featured on these pages are just a few of the many whose products we are proud to stock on the Co-op’s shelves.


Rebbl combines organic ingredients with super-herbs like turmeric, ashwagandha and reishi mushrooms for delicious beverages with a boost of protein and other nutrients. On any given day you’ll see Co-op staffers quaffing a REBBL drink for a dose of decadent nourishment, a balanced energy aid, or a shot of protein. “I love the Reishi Chocolate flavor. The Reishi mushrooms are naturally energizing, so I like to drink it in the mornings instead of drinking coffee.” ~ Izzy, Co-op Front End Dept.

Powered by Plants REBBL honors the wisdom of what the company calls the “Plant Queendom” and the “natural wellness-promoting complexity of whole foods.” All the ingredients used are organically grown, for the health of the people who enjoy REBBL drinks, and also for the well-being of the farmers, the soil and the water. No natural flavors, gums or thickeners are used, so what you taste are the whole ingredients, making a recipe for a drink that is creamy, nourishing and indulgent.

A Drink with a Cause

For every bottle sold, a donation of

2.5% of the net sales is given to Not For

Sale. With each purchase, consumers can take a stand against human trafficking.



The fight against human trafficking is a cause that REBBL is committed to, working in partnership with the nonprofit Not For Sale. For every bottle sold, a donation of 2.5% of the net sales is given to Not For Sale to support regions of the world that are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking, and rehabilitate those who have been affected by it.

Transforming Lives, Creating Positive Change

Aura Cacia

The Aura Cacia Positive Change Project is an annual grant program created to support organizations that help women and girls overcome obstacles and transform their lives.

has provided

$230,000 to its Positive

A portion of every Aura Cacia purchase supports this program. In 2017 alone, Aura Cacia has provided $230,000 to this project to benefit six organizations.

Change Project to benefit six


“Aura Cacia is by far one of my favorite brands that we carry. They go above and beyond to support the small grower communities where they source their products, and give back to help those in need through their Positive Change Project. They also make sure to carefully verify the purity and quality of all their ingredients, so I know I’m getting the very best. My favorite items are their essential oils. I most commonly use the Rose Absolute & Helichrysum. I blend those into a mix of their Jojoba and Baobab skin oils for a moisturizing facial oil that keeps my skin happy and hydrated.” - Alison, Co-op Wellness Dept.

aura cacia

Whether you need to ease stress, relieve pain or give yourself a pickme-up, adding Aura Cacia products to your winter bath routine can help. At the same time, you’ll also be helping a woman who is facing overwhelming difficulties to move her life forward.

Aura Cacia is a cooperatively run business located in Iowa that produces essential oils, carrier oils and other body care products. The raw ingredients are sourced from the regions where they grow naturally and sustainably. Besides ensuring sustainable sourcing, Aura Cacia is committed to supporting the communities where the ingredients are grown and processed. From finding more sustainable sources of sandalwood in Australia to supporting a women’s cooperative that grows argan in Morocco, Aura Cacia prioritizes the welfare of the communities that produce these essential oils.

Aromatherapy with Aura Cacia Monday, February 12 , 6:30-8:30 pm see Class Schedule for details REGISTER ONLINE AT SAC.COOP



alter eco

Alter Eco works directly with small-scale quinoa, rice, sugar and cacao growers to create delicious products with a greater purpose. The company’s mission is to create positive global change through ethical relationships with small farmers as well as sustainability in every aspect of production. Alter Eco sources quinoa, rice, sugar and cacao from sources that are Fair Trade and Organic. They also work with grower co-ops in Peru, Bolivia and the Philippines to preserve heirloom grains and restore and reforest the land.

Carbon Negative Business Alter Eco founder Tristan Lecomte began a carbon insetting program called PUR Project. What is insetting? As Alter Eco defines it, “Contrary to offsetting, which consists in handling carbon compensation in other places by uncorrelated people and means, the insetting includes the handling of carbon compensation into the commercial dynamics of the company.”



Working with the PUR Project, Alter Eco has planted over 28,639 trees since 2008. The project has planted native trees in the Peruvian Amazon, replenishing the forest canopy, increasing biodiversity, and preventing soil erosion.

Sustainable Packaging Alter Eco’s commitment to sustainability led them to develop a wrapper for their chocolate truffles made of compostable materials, where no sustainable alternative to conventional polyethylene wrappers existed. The wrapper, made of metalized Natureflex printed with certified compostable non-toxic ink, is made of FSC certified eucalyptus and birch trees, sourced from South America and South Africa. They aim to create food that is delicious, environmentally responsible and socially just, benefitting everyone involved.

When we make this recipe in the Co-op’s Demo Kitchen, it’s always a big hit with staff and customers alike! Toss it with some roasted roots or sweet potatoes and a few Hodo Soy Tofu Nuggets for a delish plant-based main dish.

Purple Jasmine Coconut Rice SERVES 4-6

2 c. Alter Eco purple jasmine rice 1 c. full fat unsweetened coconut milk 1 ½ c. water 1 handful toasted cashews, chopped 1) Start by rinsing the rice. Put the rice in the thick-bottomed pan it will cook in. Fill it halfway with water, swish the rice around and pour out the cloudy water. Repeat 3 times. Drain the rice. 2) Stir the coconut milk, water, and salt into the rice. Place the pot over medium high heat and bring to a boil uncovered. Stir often to prevent the rice from scorching. Once boiling, reduce the heat to a low simmer, cover the pot tightly with a lid. Cook for about 15-20 more minutes (resisting the urge to peek). Remove from heat (still covered), and let the rice steam for another 10-15 minutes. 3) Serve with cashews on top. Enjoy!

Mike’s Quick Char Siu Pork 1 pork sirloin roast Marinade 2 T. each brown sugar and soy sauce 1 T. dry sherry ½ t. five spice powder ¼ t. salt water or oil

pure country pork For many, choosing to consume pork is a complex dilemma. Pigs are intelligent and social animals, but pork is a significant food in many cultures. Most pork production in the United States confines and isolates the animals for the majority of their lives, but the Co-op offers alternatives for conscientious consumers who choose to include pork in their diets.

Pure Country Pork, located in Ephrata, Washington is an environment where pigs can engage in natural behaviors and have comfortable shelter with plenty of room to roam. The result is a high quality product with animal welfare in mind. The pigs are encouraged to be social and playful, where they can interact with each other and their environment. Pure Country pigs reside in hoop housing structures, where they are free to roam in and out. Good air circulation and the comforts of an indoor shelter, with a deep bed of straw make them comfortable.

1) Mix together marinade ingredients. If you want to add a little oil or water to thin it out a bit, feel free. I marinate the sirloin roast for about 30 minutes or more, depending on how much time I have. 2) Cook in a preheated oiled skillet on medium high heat for about 7-10 minutes each side. Tent it and let it rest a few minutes before slicing. Besides offering a way for the pigs to escape the elements, owners Paul and Karrie Klingeman prefer the hoop houses over keeping them on pasture. Karrie says “the downside to pasture-raised pork is the parasites; in the hoop structures the parasites are imbedded and go into the compost.” Although they have access to the outdoors at all times, the pigs often prefer to engage in activities in their group hoop houses. “There are misters to keep them cool from the heat and warmth in the winter. We also provide them with bowling balls that are attached to the fence to nurture their playfulness and curiosity. They love to roll the balls around!” The Klingeman family embodies the spirit of a small family farm that cares about its animals. When consumers support companies like Pure Country Pork, it demonstrates with their dollars that they care about how their meat is raised.

Make this recipe yours—this is my quick throw-together method and the whole family gobbles it up!

“Pure Country Pork is clean, affordable and delicious. It’s great for a family on a budget! The pork sirloin roast can make up to two meals. You char siu it up and it’s delicious in fried rice, ramen and sandwiches!” - Mike, Grocery Department



The natural processes of insects and rodents, birds and mammals are all acknowledged as vital to a thriving



uthanne Jahoda created Shared Abundance Organic Farm in Auburn in 1997. She has been providing the Co-op with delicious organic kiwi fruit pretty much ever since! Ruthanne shares a little bit of her vision with us here. If you’re inspired to try the fruits of her labor, you’ll find them throughout the season in the Co-op Produce Department. What inspired you to start farming? During the 1990s I had a successful nutritional business. One day I realized I could make some dreams come true; I had enough resources at that moment to make a leap in any direction I would choose. I didn’t need to think about it more than two seconds. I began a search for the perfect piece of land. When I found it, 18 acres, it just happened to have a five-acre deserted kiwi orchard on it. I had always been an organic gardener, but now I was in another realm. I was about to learn that I had very much more to learn! I began pruning and reclaiming the orchard from seven years of overgrowth and blackberries. As the time went by, I wanted to cultivate more and more of this little piece of land. I loved everything that Nature was teaching me.

What is special about kiwi and what makes this region one of the kiwi capitals of the world? • Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) is an amazing plant. I knew right away it was special because of the way it grew. The trees returned to great productivity with care of pruning and water. • It can reach more than 35 feet in one growing season, and some trees will give as much as 350 pounds of fruit in one season. • It has tremendous nutritional value – it’s high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, vitamin C and protein! Kiwi is perfect in the temperate regions of the world. It loves hot summer sun when the fruit is growing and ripening. It also loves cold winters where it gets a perfect winter chill to produce a good amount of flowers in the spring. The soil of the foothills and the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys is perfect for this tree. Though much of the acreage where kiwi grow is clay rich soil, clay carries a great deal of minerals and nutrients for this plant.

kiwi has trememdous nutritional value – it’s high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, vitamin C and protein!

How has your farm helped to make the world a better place for people, animals and Nature? Shared Abundance Organic Farm has the intention to work with Nature to produce the highest quality food for nourishing people. Being organic we can offer workers a clean environment where they do not face the effects of poisons that are traditionally poured into the land and laden on the fruits and vegetables. We also view our seen and unseen co-workers as partners in the growing process and do everything to enhance their life processes. I am speaking about the worms and the micro-organisms, which are responsible for transferring nutrients from the soil to the root hairs. We enhance their work by the use of cover crops, compost applications, no till and addition of organic matter directly to the soil. The natural processes of insects and rodents, birds and mammals are all acknowledged as vital to a thriving ecosphere. In every situation, we choose the most beneficial process to care for all the creatures. We do our best not to till the soil so that we can keep our micro-organic populations high and keep carbon in the earth.

What else would you like to share? Over the last many years, we have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. It is an easy relationship and one of shared vision, shared values and shared responsibility. I have the experience of being in partnership with the Co-op as I farm and attempt to bring my food to market. I have always been treated honestly, respectfully, and with appreciation for what I do. That is a constant in the Co-op consciousness. And that makes the world a better place to live and work. Thank you for all you do in the community and in the world. -Ruthanne Jahoda

Shared Abundance auburn, ca 40 miles to co-op since 1997 ruthanne delivers her organic kiwi & meyer lemons to the co-op throughout the season.


Made Fresh IN OUR

Kitchen Daily

When we say "housemade" we mean it! Our Deli & Café whips up everything from scratch, from our fresh cakes and pastries to the syrups in our specialty coffee drinks to the pizza dough for your pizzas. Each salad—including the dressing—every pot of soup, every batch of mac & cheese, we could go on and on—is made in house. The ingredients are top-notch too—100% organic produce in everything. And we only use organic grains, beans and eggs too!

Here are some behind-the-scenes peeks at the people who feed us! Our staff spends every day creating breakfast, lunch and dinner for our community—something for everyone! 14









Made Fresh IN OUR


A Pizza for every occasion! F O R TA K E O U T O R L A R G E O R D E R S

Call 916-732-3244

Cooking Classes

Schedule WINTER 2018

Cooking Classes


CLASS REGISTRATION Pre-registration is required for all classes. Fees are due at the time of registration.



Call Brown Paper Tickets 24 hours a day 800-838-3006



Call 916-868-6399 Monday - Friday from 9 am- 5 pm

The Co-op’s Cooking School & Community Learning Center offers something for everyone— cooking classes for cooks of all ages, interests and levels of experience; wellness seminars; events at local farms, and workshops to encourage healthy living and creativity. Our teambuilding cooking classes offer a hands-on and co-operative experience for your office, clients or group of friends.


Our classroom is located upstairs in the newly expanded Co-op at 2820 R St. It’s a great place to discover new flavors and skills and enjoy everything the Co-op has to offer.

We offer cooking classes designed especially for students aged 4-17. To maintain an adult learning environment, we ask that babies and children under 18 are not brought to adult classes.

PARKING Complimentary parking is available on the first floor of the parking garage at 28th and S. After 6 pm and on weekends all levels of the garage are available.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Fee is nonrefundable and classes are nontransferable with less than a 48-hour cancellation notice. Menus may change due to availability of seasonal ingredients. We expect all students to behave in a safe and respectful manner, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.



Most classes list two prices. The first price is for the general public. The second price, indicated with an asterisk, is for Co-op members. Learn more about Co-op membership at


Students receive copies of the recipes in all cooking classes. Snacks and a sample of each menu item will be served. A complimentary glass of wine is offered to students 21 and over in most classes.

DE Demonstration

MO Style Classes These are dynamic and interactive; students watch the chef demonstrate essential techniques, ask questions, learn about ingredients and sample each dish.

Hands-on Classes Students get hands-on practice making one or more of the dishes listed in the menu. Samples of each recipe will be served at the end of class.

Seasonal Dinner These Prix Fixe dinners include tax and gratuity. Wine pairings may also be included, as noted.

must be 21 years or older to attend

a vegetarian menu

a vegan menu a gluten-free menu (not a gluten-free facility)

Special Thanks! The following companies donate to our programs: Bob’s Red Mill • Celtic Sea Salt • Clover Stornetta Farms • Diestel Turkey Ranch East Bay Restaurant Supply • Eatwell Farm Salts • Emerald Valley • Equal Exchange KATZ • Lundberg Family Farms • Mary’s Poultry • Nancy’s Springfield Creamery Nature's Path • Organic Prairie • Organic Valley • Simply Organic/Frontier Co-op Smart Chicken • Sola Bee • Veritable Vegetable • Woodstock Foods

Cooking Classes A Taste of the Co-op Cooking School DE

MO Tuesday, January 9 6:30-7:30 • $10 Join us for a mini cooking class and get a taste of what our Cooking School has to offer. We will offer tips for great knife skills, share some favorite ingredients and prepare a delicious recipe. Special deals on Co-op classes! Pre-registration is required. Lucia Oliverio

Vegan Curries Monday, January 15 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Sweet and spicy, creamy and crunchy—curries are an explosion of flavors and textures. We’ll create vegan curries and accompanying dishes: South Indian vegetable kurma - seasonal vegetables cooked in fresh curry paste; aloo jeera - stove top roasted potatoes; Indian carrot and beet slaw with five spices and coconut; garlicky spinach dal, and masala chai with almond milk. Shankari Easwaran

Vegan Soups

Kitchen Resolutions

Thursday, January 18 6:30-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Soup can be a healthy, DE MO comforting and economical meal that can be made ahead. These meatless, dairy-free recipes are filling and satisfying for both vegans and omnivores. Learn how to use what you have on hand to make delicious creamy vegan soups: cream of mushroom soup; West African vegetable peanut stew; hummus soup, and creamy celery soup. Meadow Linn

Tuesday, January 23 6:30-8:30 pm • $49, $40* Mayumi will discuss how to revamp your pantry, keeping what's healthy and tossing what's not, how to plan a menu to keep you on track, and how healthy eating habits will keep your body feeling good all year. Our menu includes versatile staples: a vinaigrette on a simple salad with poached egg; baked salmon with a homemade lemon-dill sauce; a roasted root vegetable medley, and chocolate covered coconut bars. Mayumi Tavalero

Can Do! Citrus Saturday, January 20 10 am-12:30 pm • $55, $45* Janet shows us how to preserve the bountiful citrus season so we can enjoy the harvest all year. Janet will demonstrate a lovely grapefruit shrub, and canned mandarins. Students will make a Meyer lemon vanilla bean marmalade to take home. Janet McDonald, The Good Stuff

Fermentation Basics: Pickles, Krauts and Kimchi



In the Kitchen with Ame: Soufflés Monday, January 29 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* A light and airy soufflé makes a special dish, and it’s not as difficult to master as you might think. Chef Ame shares her secrets for creating perfect soufflés: Gruyère and cauliflower gratin soufflé; goat cheese, leek and thyme soufflé, and molten chocolate soufflé. Ame Harrington

Back to Basics: Essential Sauces



Saturday, January 27 10 am-noon • $49, $40* Learn techniques for lactic fermented pickled veggies: carrot, daikon and cabbage kraut; umeboshi cauliflower pickles; onion shoyu pickles; kimchi, and miso daikon pickles. Marga den Hoed, Common Kettle Farm

Tuesday, January 30 6-8:30 pm • $45, $40* Learn the essential components of three of the famous mother sauces that are the foundation for myriad others. Lucia demonstrates hollandaise sauce, béchamel and its variation—velouté. You will practice your technique by making a béchamel and then use it in a classic macaroni and cheese. Lucia Oliverio



Cooking Classes Fermented Dairy 101

Ramen Workshop

Chinese Celebration

Saturday, February 3 10 am-12:30 pm • $49, $40* Join Janet as she shares how to make yogurt, kefir, buttermilk and sour cream—and then use them to make yogurt cheese, sour cream veggie dip, and some great kefir spiced muffins. Janet McDonald, The Good Stuff

Saturday, February 10 1-4 pm • $55, $45* A steaming bowl of noodles in a rich and savory broth is so comforting; join us and discover how to make your own ramen and soup stocks from scratch! Sawako will share the basic techniques and the best ingredients for perfect noodles and traditional chicken and pork based broth. She will also offer tips about regional variations from Japan and how to customize your ramen for your own personal ramen house Sawako Ama

Thursday, February 15 6:30-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Whether your goal is a Chinese New Year Celebration or an alternative to take-out, this class will introduce you to the essentials of Chinese cooking, including ingredients, techniques, and traditions. We will make Mongolian beef; long life noodles with chicken and Chinese cabbage; traditional fried rice and won ton soup with mustard greens. Mayumi Tavalero

The Art & Science of Cheesemaking: Alp Cheeses Tuesday, February 6 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* The hills are alive! When you think Alp cheeses, think Gruyère, Comté, Emmental and Swiss! Think high mountains and herds of cows making their annual journey up the slopes to find fresh spring grass and wildflowers after the long winter. Delicate floral and nutty cheese comes every year from that journey. Learn what makes them so unique and how to make our own "holey" cheese washed with cider. Sacha Laurin

The Art & Science of Sourdough

Valentine's Dinner



Thursday, February 8 6-8:30 pm • $65, $55* Learn the basics of creating your own sourdough culture and how to keep the magic alive year after year. We will explore the microscopic world inside your sourdough culture, including how to feed it, use what is tossed after each feeding, and why it is beneficial for us. We will sample three simple recipes using your new sourdough culture: flour tortillas, pancakes, and granola bars. Kala Riddle, Untamed Bakeshop


Wednesday, February 14 6-8:30 pm • $95, $85 Make Valentine’s Day extra special with this food and wine pairing dinner featuring a menu from one of the most romantic places in the world—France. Our menu features shrimp salad in endive leaves; ham and Gruyère crêpes served with mixed greens and a Dijon vinaigrette, and beef bourguignon. For the perfect finale, enjoy Grand Marnier chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce and freshly whipped cream. A complementary wine pairing accompanies each dish. Jill and Walt Simmons




Handmade Pasta Workshop Monday, February 19 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Italian food expert Lucia shares her secrets to perfect, homemade pasta. We’ll start by making a basic pasta dough, and then create three different fresh pasta shapes. Lucia will then prepare each shape with complementary sauces and seasonal ingredients: farfalle pasta in a prosciutto and green pea sauce; garganelli pasta in a fresh marinara sauce, and orecchiette pasta with broccoli. Salute! Lucia Oliverio

Back to Basics: Knife Skills and Stir-fry Tuesday, February 20 6-8:30 pm • $59, $50* Good knife skills make cooking easier, safer and more fun! Learn to effortlessly chop, slice, dice and mince vegetables and herbs, and practice breaking down a whole chicken step by step. Mayumi will demonstrate how to make a lemongrass ginger chicken stir-fry. You will take your prepped vegetables and chicken home for dinner the next night! Bring a chef’s knife, boning knife and paring knife with you. Mayumi Tavalero

Mexican Fiesta Monday, February 26 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Mexican cuisine varies greatly from region to region, and it can be light and refreshing. We’ll focus on recipes from the Yucatan, Veracruz, Baja, and Central Mexico. Together we’ll create a complete meal elaborate enough for a fiesta but simple enough for a weeknight dinner: vegetable soup with lime; white fish in a tangy red sauce; red and green radish salad, and secretingredient guacamole with crudités. Meadow Linn

Cooking Classes

Vegan Sushi Workshop

A Dr. and the Chef Dinner

Tuesday, March 6 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Sushi makes a healthy dinner or a fancy appetizer and is fun and easy to make. Once you learn the basic rolling techniques, the possibilities are endless— and it doesn’t have to have fish to be fun! Marga grew up making sushi and will share tips, tricks and ideas for fillings while you practice making futomaki and temaki hand rolls. Marga den Hoed, Common Kettle Farm

Saturday, March 10 6:30-8:30 pm • $45 Dr. Antonella is also our chef as she prepares a pop-up dinner to salute health, connection and slowing down. We will eat a family style dinner together and discuss the art of connecting with each other and our food as a means of creating health in our lives. Menu: parsley-lemon cauliflower with herbed almonds; buttermilk roast chicken; lentil garbanzo salad with spiced tahini; spinach, red onion and date salad, and hazelnut brownies. Antonella Aquilera-Ruiz, ND

Arabian Dreams


MO Thursday, March 8 6:30-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Hop on a magic carpet and travel to far off lands without ever leaving home! In this class, learn how to use cinnamon, mint, coriander, and caraway to create delicious, simple dishes inspired by the flavors of North Africa and the Middle East. You can recreate these recipes from Meadow’s The Mystic Cookbook: Moroccan-spiced tofu kefta; Casablanca carrots; Aladdin’s quinoa tabbouleh; homemade harissa sauce, and sweet rice pudding. Meadow Linn

Cooking with Turmeric Monday, March 12 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Turmeric, an eastern spice, has become well known as a powerful antiinflammatory here in the West. Learn how to use turmeric in your cooking in order to gain the benefits of this powerful root. We will make golden milk; a turmeric and ginger salad; kitchari - a one pot dish with protein, carbs and vegetables; lemony quinoa with peanuts and carrots, and a cabbage curry salad. Shankari Easwaran

The Art of Stir-fry Saturday, March 17 1-3:30 pm • $49, $40* Creating a healthy dinner is fresh, quick and easy once you learn the skills of stir-frying! Sawako will show you how to master the wok as she demonstrates seasonal vegetable stir-fry with tofu; melt in your mouth chicken teriyaki, and Asian fried noodles. Sawako Ama



The Art of Risotto Monday, March 19 6-8:30 pm • $49, $40* Lucia shares her secrets as she makes a saffron-rich traditional risotto Milanese, then you'll practice making a vegetable risotto with lemon and fresh herbs. Lucia also demonstrates how to use leftover risotto in crispy and creamy arancini. Lucia Oliverio

Sourdough Bread 101 Thursday, March 22 6-8:30 pm • $65, $55* This class will give you the tools you need: a recipe, instruction, sourdough culture, and confidence. From preparing the sourdough culture to the finished loaf, we will thoroughly go over each process. Kala Riddle, Untamed Bakeshop



French Croissant Workshop Saturday, March 24 1-4 pm • $85, $75 French croissants are made with a risen yeastmilk-and-flour dough that is rolled, slathered with butter and folded to create flaky layers of pastry. Jill will demonstrate making croissant dough with tips and techniques. Students will gain handson experience with rolling, folding and shaping dough, making croissants to take home and bake. After shaping croissants, we will enjoy fresh croissants with jam. Jill Simmons

Rotisserie Chicken Dinners Tuesday, March 27 6-8:30 pm • $55, $45* Buying a rotisserie chicken is a quick and tasty way to put dinner on the table all week. With a little creativity, one chicken can become many versatile dishes. Shankari will share four recipes to stretch your chicken into four satisfying dinners: curried chicken salad with chutney and cashews; chicken fried rice; southwest chicken soup, and chicken orzo salad. Shankari Easwaran





Cozy Comfort Foods Cooking is a skill that can be developed over a lifetime. Young people get a head start in our fun, hands-on classes. Menu: Homemade Mac and Cheese Roasted Veggies • Hot Cocoa

Ages 10-17

Friday, January 19 4-6:30 pm • $49, $40*

My Garden






COOKING CLASSES We are proud to offer cooking classes designed especially for students ages 4 -17. Classes are hands on and all students will have the experience of making each recipe on the menu. They will use high quality ingredients, learning essential cooking skills and techniques along the way. Students will enjoy the food they have made together at the end of class.

Story time meets snack time as we read a fun and fantastical garden story and make green pea hummus with crunchy dippers. With guest reader, Nate Halsan, from the Sacramento Public Library

Ages 4-6

Thursday, March 1 3:30-5pm • $15, $10*

Taco Time Let's work together to make real food with a ealthy helping of fun!


Menu: Handmade corn tortillas with tasty fillings Homemade salsa • Mexican Chocolate Brownies

Ages 6-9

Friday, March 9 4-6pm • $35, $30*

Wellness and Community Heal Your Gut Wednesday, January 10 6:30-8:30 pm • $20, $15* The gut is the crossroads of many important systems in the body including hormones, the immune system and mood. Learn about common issues responsible for gut inflammation, how these are connected to diagnoses as diverse as hypothyroidism, anxiety, depression and hypertension and how to begin to use a 5-step approach to heal this vital system naturally and effectively. There will also be a tasting bar of fermented foods. Antonella Aquilera-Ruiz, ND


Homemade Kombucha Wednesday, January 17 6-8:30 pm • $45, $35* Join fermentation specialist Sacha Laurin to discover the healing power of kombucha. You will learn all about crafting this sparkling, detoxifying fermented tea that is loaded with active enzymes, viable probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols. You will leave class with your own mother culture and a customized brew to start your first batch of many! Sacha Laurin


Reflexology Workshop: Liver Detox

Cohousing 101: Creating Community and Quality of Life

Wednesday, January 24 6:30-8:30 pm • $30, $25* The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. In order for it to function optimally, it needs to be healthy. Learn how to cleanse the liver with reflexology, a holistic, all-natural way to treat the body. Licensed acupuncturists demonstrate simple reflexology techniques. Go home with tools to aid your practice! Please bring a yoga mat and a pair of clean white socks that you can write on. Tian Li. Wu and Rebekah Lake of Tian Chao Herbs & Acupuncture

Monday, February 5 6-8 pm • $15, $10* Cohousing communities are safe, supportive places to live where residents own private homes within a strong community network. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the basic ingredients of cohousing through dialogue with people currently living in cohousing and those creating new communities. Anne Geraghty, Washington House Cohousing of West Sacramento

Wellness and Community

Reflexology WORKSHOP Learn to take care of yourself at home with reflexology, a holistic, all natural way to treat the body without toxic medications. Go home with tools to aid your practice!



JAN. 24

FEB. 21

WEDNESDAY 6:30 - 8:30 PM

WEDNESDAY 6:30 - 8:30 PM


Heart Health Wednesday, February 7 6:30-8:30 pm • $15, $10* February is Heart Health Month! This class will look at your recent laboratory findings; we will break down the information and look at the relevant insights a fasting glucose and lipid panel provide. We will also highlight the latest science on the genetic, metabolic, and auto-immune contributors to your cardiovascular health and discuss relevant diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to be considered for naturally managing your heart health. Bring a current fasting glucose and lipid panel to class.. Dr. Suzette Lanzarotta

Aromatherapy with Aura Cacia Monday, February 12 6:30-8:30 pm • $20, $15* Join Tim Blakley of Aura Cacia for an in-depth look at essential oils. We’ll cover the sourcing, harvesting, distilling, formulating, safety, and health benefits of more than 20 essential oils as well as some carrier oils. Key sustainability issues and the future of aromatherapy will be discussed along with dispelling some of the bizarre myths that are promoted on the internet. At the end of class, students will make their own aromatherapy product to enjoy at home. Tim Blakley, Aura Cacia

Reflexology Workshop: Hormone Balance

Healing Herbs in the Kitchen, East meets West

Wednesday, February 21 6:30-8:30 pm • $30, $25* Learn to take care of yourself at home with reflexology, a holistic, all-natural way to treat the body. This class is designed for both men and women and will focus on the reproductive systems, anti-aging, weight loss, and more. It is great for individuals and couples who may practice on each other as acupuncturists demonstrate simple reflexology techniques. Go home with tools to aid your practice! Please bring a yoga mat and a pair of clean white socks that you can write on. Tian Li. Wu and Rebekah Lake of Tian Chao Herbs & Acupuncture

Wednesday, March 7 6:30-8:30 pm • $15, $10* It is said that the cook is the physician of the household. We will explore the medicinal aspects of common herbs and spices, drawing from traditional Chinese and Western herbal medicine. We will share several tasty recipes to inspire your weekly meals. Gail Derin, OMD and Kristin Cota, Clinical Herbalist

Total Self-Care Workshop Wednesday, February 28 6-8:30 pm • $35, $30* Take control of your health in this total self-care workshop. Join Fitsom Studios in this participatory class and learn to use self myofascial release (SMR) and proper breathing mechanics to move more efficiently and provide pain relief and release knots and tension. We'll then discuss how to take care of your body from the inside out with some healthy snacks: mini cucumber deli sandos; whole grain pita chips with hummus; and ooey gooey chocolate. George Martinez, CMT; Debra Panattoni, CMT; and Natalie Wallace, Nutritionist of Fitsom Studios

Building Your Fibromyalgia Support Team Wednesday, March 21 6:30-8:30 pm • $15, $10* There is no one pill, doctor, or medical practitioner to help everyone through a fibromyalgia journey. Every 'Fibromyalgia Warrior" will have a different solution to their specific issues and has to put together a team of medical and alternative practitioners. Find support in this class and be on your way to the lifestyle you deserve. Terry McSweeney

Eating for Energy Wednesday, March 28 6:30-8:30 pm • $15, $10* Making good food choices is one of the basic building blocks to good health. Learn which food choices actually increase energy as well as enhance the body’s immune system. Get answers on which foods and nutrients balance chemistry, pH, emotions, and lower your risk for disease. Dr Damon West



Farm Classes


Aromatherapy for Home and Health

Seed Saving Saturday, January 20 9 am-noon • $25 Find out how to save seeds from your favorite crops. We will discuss the importance of seed saving, how to care for the plants and how to create the right environment to save seeds. You will learn the difference between open pollinated plants and hybrid seeds and get hands-on experience cleaning and storing seeds. Harald Hoven, Rudolf Steiner College

The Wonders of Fungi and Mushrooms Saturday, February 17 1-4 pm • $30 (mushroom growing kits available for an additional $10, payable to the instructor in class) Certain fungi and mushrooms can benefit your garden, health and the planet. Learn easy mushroom cultivation methods to grow food and medicine and bring vitality to your garden. Matthew Trumm, Owner of Treetop Permaculture

Save the


Saturday, February 24 9 am-noon • $25 Learn the practical applications of essential oils used in conjunction with household items such as clay, cornstarch, vinegar, salt, and more. There will be a discussion and demonstration on how to make an aromatherapy first aid kit and how to make your own natural cleaning products. Go home with recipes and knowledge of the properties of essential oils featured in class. Ann Sibbet, Integrative Therapy & Learning Center

Raising Backyard Chickens Saturday, March 17 9 am-noon • $35 Raising chickens in your yard is educational, fun and rewarding. Besides fresh eggs, they provide the added benefits of soil fertility and pest control. This class will teach you all you need to know to choose the right breeds, provide proper housing, and make sure your chickens are healthy and producing the best eggs you’ve ever tasted. Greg Howes and Brian Fikes, Two Flew the Coop

Spring Gardening Clinic & Organic Plant Sale Saturday, April 7, 9 am - 3pm

Unearth the life beneath your feet!

Suggested ages 3-9 • $15

Learn all about what soil is made of, who lives in it, and how it helps us. • explore the garden

• meet the farm animals

• make a farm fresh snack

• create something special to take home



Gardening with Native Plants: Inspiration from our National Parks Saturday, March 17 1-4 pm • $25 Learn about local native plants and the benefits of gardening with natives. They are drought tolerant, low maintenance, beautiful and attract wildlife. Elderberry Farms grows about 120 local native plant species. Come and see some favorite plants that make appearances in Yosemite, Zion, Great Basin, Bryce, Mesa Verde National Parks as well as the American River Parkway. Chris Lewis, Director of Elderberry Farms Native Plant Nursery

Fun on the Farm SOIL: Unearth the life beneath your feet! Saturday, March 24 9:30-11:30 am • $15 Learn all about what soil is made of, who lives in it, and how it helps us. Kids will explore the garden, make a farm fresh snack, meet the farm animals and create something special to take home. Suggested ages 3-9.

9:30 9:30 -- 11:30AM 11:30AM

Preparing a Spring Garden Saturday, March 3 1:30-4:30 pm • $25 Learn how to plan your garden space and prepare, plant and care for an abundant, thriving spring garden. This class is for new gardeners or for gardeners who are new to the region. Soil Born Farms Staff

Strengthening Digestion Saturday, March 31 9:30 am-12:30 pm • $25 Find out about the herbs, foods and lifestyle practices that will help to strengthen digestion, ease gas, burning and bloating and help you to enjoy eating without accompanying discomfort. We will sample many herbs and formulas in this class. You will learn herbal recipes that are easy to make and use every day. Candis Cantin

Held at Soil Born Farms American River Ranch 2140 Chase Dr. in Rancho Cordova. Register at For a complete schedule of classes, activities, events and volunteer opportunities at Soil Born Farms visit Soil Born Farms is a 501(c)3 and proceeds benefit the education program. 24


Farm Classes

on the horizon

winter ’18

connecting food, health & the environment

photo credit: Rebecca Le

Our mission is to create an urban agriculture and education project that empowers youth and adults to discover and participate in a local food system that encourages healthy living, nurtures the environment and grows a sustainable community. “I wanted to know the name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast. I wanted to know where it got its color, where it got its life but there was no one to tell me.” —George Washington Carver

More than a hundred species of birds visit the American River Ranch in the winter.

Birds Walks with Cliff Hawley

Start your morning off with a pleasant walk around American River Ranch in the Parkway. We will experience a variety of resident birds along with winter and migrant birds, and Cliff will point out other critters and plant life along the way. This walk is ideal for beginner to intermediate birdwatchers. $8 Proceeds support American River Ranch improvement projects. 8-10 am, Saturdays, January 20 • February 24 • March 24

Harvest Sacramento Bringing the Edible City to Life

Citrus season community harvest events are planned for 2018! Save the dates and get involved: • 1/15 MLK Day • 2/3 Rancho Cordova • 2/18 Hollywood Park • 2/24 Sac State There will also be a smaller volunteerled harvesting through our network of neighborhood harvest groups. Join us for fruit and shade tree planting events which are part of our South Sac Neighborwoods collaboration with the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Check our website for more information.

Become a CSA Member

Fall/Winter shares are available Call 916-363-9685 ext. 1006

Save the Date!

We’ve got something for everyone at Soil Born Farms. To view a complete schedule of winter activities or register for a walk, class or a course visit Beginning Home Gardener Weekend Intensive March 24 & 25 This course will cover the essential topics to help the new gardener create and maintain a thriving, abundant edible organic garden. There will be indoor presentations, interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. Basics of Herbal Medicine Wednesday, Jan. 24 • 5:30-8:30 pm

Summer Day Camp ‘18 Early Birds Sign Up & Save

Plan ahead for an enriching week at the American River Ranch. We’ve added two new camps this year. Choose a week of experiences at the farm, in nature or in the kitchen. Youth gain an understanding of what it takes to bring food from the farm to the table, experience the magic this land has to offer and have tons of fun. Space is limited. Dates & details at

Farm Camp Sessions for campers entering 1st – 12th grade Hands on experiences at the American River Ranch Now with an overnight option.

Cooking Out of the CSA Box Wednesdays, Jan. 31, Feb. 21 & Mar. 21 • 6-7 pm Garden to Pantry: Preserving for Beginners Tuesday, February 20 • 6-8 pm

Cook’s Camp

Composting Workshop Wednesday, March 7 • 6-7 pm

Sessions for campers entering 4th – 12th grade Youth will have the opportunity to learn life skills for cooking with farm fresh, seasonal food and meet new friends.

A Garden in Every School Symposium March 10 & 11 Family Herbalist Course Second Saturdays • April—September

Nature Camp Sessions for campers entering 1st – 6th grade Youth will spend the week exploring the American River Ranch and the American River Parkway. Now with an overnight option.

Intermediate Herbalist Course Part A One Sunday per month • March—August

Saturdays at the Farm this Winter 2140 Chase Dr. right off the bike trail next to Hagan Park. Join us for family activities, farm tours, classes, cooking demos, pop up farmstand, live music, volunteer field days and a few surprises. Feb. 3 & 24 • March 24 • April 7 & 28

Fairyland Camp Sessions for campers entering 1st– 3rd grade Discover the wonders of our enchanted land.

Little Sprouts Sessions for campers pre-k and entering kindergarten This is a sensory and exploratory adventure for your little sprout.



Register Now! March 10 &11 Luther Burbank High School l

A Garden in Every School Symposium ~ Delaine Eastin

We’ve planned an inspiring weekend for you! Network with like-minded teachers, parents, garden designers, community leaders, school garden coordinators, and others involved with helping kids make the connecschool garden initiative tion between food, health and the environment. Gardens offer beautiful, dynamic settings to integrate every discipline, including science, math, reading, art, environmental studies, nutrition and health. By encouraging and supporting a garden in every school, we create opportunities for our children to discover fresh food, to make healthier food choices and to become better nourished. If you agree that school garden projects nurture community spirit, common purpose and cultural appreciation by building bridges among students, school staff, families, local businesses and organizations; let’s work together to create a garden in every school in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Educators will discover new ways to empower future leaders who are deeply rooted in the natural world and equipped to become the innovative, environmental stewards of a more sustainable world. Ignite a commitment to outdoor education. You’ll receive tools, ideas, inquiry-based lessons and make valuable connections to inspire your efforts. We hope you join us!

Get Involved! Collaborative partners and speakers: Shannon Hardwicke Sponsor information, donations and media partners: Janet Zeller General information, scholarships and volunteers: Vanessa Forwood vforwood @

Early Bird: $75 l After Feb. 28: $95 (Discount for groups of 3+) Price includes light breakfast, lunch and snacks on both days. Please note: We are not offering a one-day option.

Space is limited, register now:

a project of


Workshops Student-Led Projects Best Practices Hands-On Experiences Information Booths Delicious Food The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. ~Alexandra K. Trenfor

connecting food, health & the environment 26


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Camellia Waldorf School Preschool F Elementary F Middle School

Discover The Difference • Outstanding Academic Program • Small Class Sizes • Outdoor Education • Athletics • Field Trips • Music Instruction • Spanish • Parent-Toddler Classes • Summer Camps • Festivals


7450 Pocket Road F Sacramento 95831 (916) 427–5022 A nonprofit, independent school, fully accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Two Sacramento-Area Cohousing Opportunities! Save Now!

Save Now!




Including all 2017 models


Parts, Clothing, Accessories

Includes in-stock and special order items. Excludes sale items & select brands. See store for details

2419 K St. Sacramento (916) 447-2453 For group rides, check out

New cohousing community forming in West Sacramento Close to Sacramento River, Raley Field, Crocker Museum, Golden 1 Center, Old Sacramento and walking & biking trails Single-level condos with extensive common facilities

Pedestrian-friendly village for people of all ages Walking distance to the American River Parkway and Fair Oaks Village 30 homes with large clubhouse, pool and gardens Where HOME meets COMMUNITY.



Turn Your Radio On F O R D I V E R S E M U S I C A N D P U B L I C A F FA I R S





Up Your Anti(oxidants)



Your Local Guide to Wellness, Balance, & Transformation:

Use Vitamin C and A daily to help defend against environmental pollutants, brighten skin tone, and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Holistic & Natural Wellness Practitioners Yoga Studios • Healthy Restaurants Counseling & Guidance • Natural Beauty Recipes • Classes, Events, Mixers • And More!

Learn more at

Also, visit us online at:



Discover the health benefits of indoor plants! Retail Store Interiorscape Design Full Plant Care Service Temporary Event Rental

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In-store only. No double discounts. Some exclusions apply.



1833 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA



Protecting, Preserving and Restoring Habitat, Farmland, Ranchland, Water Resources and Cultural resources in the Sacramento Valley since 1990. With over 17,500 acres permanently protected in the Sacramento Valley.

Turn to a friendly face with 40 years of Co-op experience.



‘‘ 916 798-0822 cell BRE #01265248






SacConservancy sacramentovalleyconservancy


Hike • Bike • Trail Run • Equestrian Ride • Geology History • Birding • Botany


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Now Hiring







O u r C o - o p h a s b e e n a c o m m u'LHW n i t y 1XWULWLRQDO - o w n e d &RQVXOWDWLRQV grocery %0,

s t o r e s i n c e 1 9 7 3 a n d i s c o m m%RG\ i t t e:HLJKW d to g r e a(YDOXDWLRQV t food and excellent service, with an emphasis on natural, local and organic products.


The Co-op is looking for &KLURSUDFWLF &DUH people WHO: Are passionate about food


Love providing great service Are motivated by working in a fast-paced retail environment

Build a strong cooperative economy  3HQQV\OYDQLD $YHQXH

)DLUto 2DNV Want be on&DOLIRUQLD the front   lines of3KRQH the local MDPHVVPLQLFN#JPDLOFRP farm-to-fork experience 2SHQ 7KXUVGD\V &DOO IRU DSSRLQWPHQW

Apply at:





Fork Winter 2018  
Fork Winter 2018