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Smiles for Kids:

By L. Neil Loveridge, DDS

A Report On That Which Has Been Accomplished Over the last ten years I have been involved as a Screener for the program instituted by SDDS, and later utilized state wide by ADA, known as “Give Kids a Smile.” I am a screener since I no longer have a license to practice. I retired from my practice April 15 2004. 41+ years was enough for me! I let my license drop knowing I would never go back to active practicing. However, that action did not deter my ability to diagnose. As a result of my abilities to diagnose, I agreed to undertake the screening process with no purpose other than to diagnose. I would reap no benefit from the effort. However I could help those whom I screened know of the condition of their oral health and knew others would be able to assist rendering treatment.

Thank you!

I have lost count, but estimate I have had the privilege to screen over 7000 plus people over the past ten years. I have screened children from kindergarten age to seniors in high school, and one year I screened about 50 adults. In the early days of this screening I would find by doing a class II exam (tongue blade and flashlight) somewhere between 20-30% of those screened were in desperate need of dental care with accessed teeth and major gingival disease. Some had never seen a dentist. As time has gone by, due to these efforts and ensuing dental care, I have observed a significant improvement in the overall oral health of those I have been privileged to screen. As an example, this past year while screening over 900 students in the Antelope area, I diagnosed only one person in desperate need of care.

Grants received to support the SDDS Foundation for Smiles for Kids and Smiles for BIG Kids!

Smiles for Kids Volunteer

The facilities I visited were, as a rule, both cooperative and grateful for the program. Generally they were well staffed and well organized with people assigned to bring those to be screened to a central area where we were located for screening. It should be noted that parents or guardians were given notification of this screening and could opt out. Each examinee was given a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss following the screening (Thanks to our grants we receive). I am proud to have witnessed this transition, and compliment SDDS for caring for the oral health and wellbeing of the Sacramento area! 

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71% = Great Teeth! 22% = Need Some Work 7% = Urgent Care

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