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Lucky in Love

A cross-continental couple takes a chance on romance and wins big They say fortunes are made and lost in the bright lights of Las Vegas. It’s a city of hope and dreams, risk and rewards, and – above all – luck. And, for Meagan and Adam Corrigan, that luck brought them the greatest prize of all: love. It was 2009 and Meagan, a wedding photographer, was visiting Las Vegas for a photography conference. She and a fellow conference attendee decided to head out for a night on the town. After a few drinks, the girls were ready to head back to their hotel. But along the way, they met two young men. Soon, Meagan found herself chatting up a handsome athlete who was visiting from London for a Taekwondo competition. “I was kind of Kate’s wingman,” recalls Meagan. “So Adam and I started talking to each other pretty much because our friends were hitting it off.” But the couple eventually found themselves lost in conversation. Soon, morning broke and they’d spent all night talking. Despite the extreme longdistance, they took a chance and decided to try and keep in touch. Within a few days, Meagan and Adam were talking on the phone for hours. Right away, Adam knew something was different.

“We talked for three hours and I hate talking on the phone,” he explains. “But we got along so well. It wasn’t awkward at all…It was a good, genuine conversation.” And so the couple kept talking. Adam would wake up early and Meagan would go to sleep late to overcome the time difference. To keep costs in check, Meagan opened a Skype account and began instant messaging Adam. “I remember thinking, ‘I must really like this guy because I hate typing and here I am messaging away!’” Meagan says with a smile. After a few months of getting to know one another, the couple knew it was time to take the next step. “I was like, ‘I’m not going to be your pen pal forever!’” Meagan remembers. So, Adam invited her to visit and, in April of 2009, Meagan flew to London for a week. The visit was a whirlwind romance. “Even though we’d only spent a few hours together in Vegas, we already knew each other so well from all of our conversations,” Adam explains. “So it wasn’t about getting to know one another, it was just about spending time and enjoying each other.” After the week, they were hooked. They made plans to visit each other in July, this time for a few weeks in San Diego where Adam had family. Then, after a week in San Diego, Meagan took Adam up to Sacramento to meet her family and friends. By the end of the trip, the couple considered themselves officially dating. Still, they were careful not to put too much pressure or labels on their romance. “It really evolved,” Meagan says of their relationship. “We never tried to define it too much; that would have never worked. I think we knew if we tried to squeeze it into a little box, it just wouldn’t have been the right shape.”


l Sacramento Bride and Groom l summer • fall 2011

“All we had was talking; so we knew where we stood,” Meagan continues. “Most relationships you’re there in person, physically doing things. But we just talked the whole time because we were apart…so we got it all out in the open what we were about.” Another six months passed with Adam in London and Meagan in Sacramento. Then, Meagan went to visit London for a week and came back with a very special souvenir: Adam. “He got a tourist Visa and came to stay for three months,” she says. The couple’s goal was to discover how they would fit together in day-today life, not just over the phone or on vacation. “It’s easy enough to get along on holiday,” says Adam. “What’s there to argue about? Do you want coffee or tea? But in the real world, how would things go?” The plan was for Adam to train at the local gym of mixed martial arts’ star, Uriah Faber. With Megan working full time and Adam training full time, the couple got a taste of real life and what it was like to live together. “It was so wonderful, really easy.” Meagan says of their experiment. Everything was going well for the couple, but the clock was ticking. When three months elapsed, Adam had to go home to London - again. “That was hard,” Meagan says. “Every time we saw each other we were doubling our time together: First 8 hours together, then a week, then two weeks, now three months. And every time it got harder to say goodbye.” They would spend the next six months apart. For both, it was a long, lonely wait until their next visit. Meagan and Adam knew they couldn’t keep up their cross-continental romance. So, when Adam came to visit in November of 2010 for Thanksgiving, it was time for a change. The couple met with a lawyer to discuss the process of getting married. “There are a lot of rules to follow with citizenship and all,” Meagan recalls. “And we didn’t want Adam to leave again, so we had to find the


l Sacramento Bride and Groom l summer • fall 2011

perfect time to do it….I remember asking the lawyer, ‘So what is our date?’ She thought I was kidding but I was like, ‘No, really. When can we get married?’” With the paperwork completed and the date selected, Meagan started looking for rings. She brought home a jewelry catalog from work and flipped through the pages with Adam, pointing out rings that she liked. What Meagan didn’t know was that Adam had already purchased an engagement ring and was waiting for the perfect moment to propose. “I started to worry that she’d find something she liked better; so I knew I couldn’t wait anymore,” Adam said. That night, Adam proposed. “I remember he brought me some tea in bed,” Meagan says. “And he told me that I needed to sit up to drink it, which was odd. When I sat up, he asked me…Even though I knew it was coming, it was still really special and I was so excited.” With a ring on her finger and a date on their calendar, Meagan and Adam were ready to say, “I do”. To meet their timeline, they needed to tie the knot immediately. So, they headed to the courthouse in San Francisco for a civil ceremony. Since Adam’s family couldn’t make the trip to the United States in time to witness the vows, the couple decided to wed without their families. They celebrated with a special dinner for two at Morton’s Steakhouse in the City and spent their wedding night in a suite at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Still, they missed celebrating with their loved ones. So, Meagan and Adam set out to plan a reception for their family and friends. “We basically had a month to plan a wedding,” Meagan says. “Some of it was easy because I’m in the industry and I know people, but it still was very hectic and a lot of work.” Meagan started by selecting the Holiday Inn in downtown Sacramento. The hotel had recently renovated a restaurant into an event space. It was airy, elegant, and had three walls of windows for an open, elevated feel. “It was perfect. I wanted it to feel very ‘evening’ – very elegant and festive, and I knew that space could give us that,” Meagan says. From there, the bride let the room inspire her vision. She created a warm color scheme of reds and yellows that highlighted the décor of the venue. Her florist created textural, free-flowing floral arrangements that were set off by gold table linens and candlelight throughout the reception space.

On February 25th, Meagan and Adam celebrated their marriage with 80 friends and family members. After cocktails and a dinner buffet, the guests were treated to the premiere of their wedding video. “That was really amazing, because everyone could share in our day,” Meagan says. In the end, the whirlwind wedding was the perfect way for Meagan and Adam to end their long-distance courtship and begin their new life as husband and wife. While some couples would have found a long-distance romance and an international wedding daunting, both the bride and groom never doubted that it was the right choice. “It’s always a risk to take that chance,” says Adam. “But I’m a firm believer that things always happen for a reason. And when it came to Meagan, everything was pointing in the right direction to us making a life together, even if it meant rearranging mine… And it was 100% the right choice.” “Absolutely,” agrees Meagan. “It’s just the way I feel when I’m around him. I wanted more of that.” The newlywed pauses to smile at her husband. “And now I have that…And it’s great.”

the details THEME: Evening Elegance COLORS: Warm Reds and Ggolds FLOWERS: Organic arrangements of seasonal flowers with pops of produce, tangerines and berries and textural accents of bark. TABLE DECOR: Floral arrangements with fruit accents honey favors at each place setting. Gold chargers at head table. LINENS: Gold MENU: Holdovers and gourmet buffet CAKE: Desert table with cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal, white chocolate macadamia nut), Cannolis (almond and chocolate), Fruit Basket white cake and Carrot Cake for couple. FAVORS: Honey from local farm DRESS: Pronovias, Barcelona SpainStyle - Alga 2011 TUX: Classic Black Suit with Black Tie VENUE: HOLIDAY INN CAPITAL PLAZA PHOTOS: BUCHELI PHOTOGRAPHY GOWN: LA SOIE BRIDAL

Lucky In Love by Sacramento Bride and Groom