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Sac rame nto B r id e and Groom • Winte r/Spr ing 2013

CJ and Jessica Giamapaolo September 29, 2012

Occupations: Banker and Insurance Rep How did you meet? Jessica applied for a job with CJ’s company and it was love at first sight. What attracted her to him? His outgoing personality and passion. What attracted him to her? Her amazing looks. Your engagement story: We moved to Buffalo, New York in the middle of the worst winter in years. He went out for a bit while she stayed home, and because he couldn’t keep a secret he walked in the door and got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. It was perfect, she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! A date you’ll always remember: We lived in San Jose and he used to take me to our favorite pub on the weekend and we’d drink beer and watch football. To both of us there was nothing better.

Number of Attendants: 10 Number of Guests: 120 Your wedding gown: Alfred Angelo selection, strapless — very simple. Wedding decorating details/ theme: Deep colors, very much in tune with the beautiful scenery. Wedding colors: Jade and dark purple Wedding menu: Tri Tip/Salmon, wild rice, steamed veggies Wedding dessert: Red Velvet and Lemon cake Music for first dance: Wanted by Hunter Hayes (it was a surprise for Jessica). The most romantic part of the day: Our first look, it was our moment really alone before all the guests got there and a moment we could savor together before all of the commotion. The most unexpected part of your wedding day: How perfect it was.

Your favorite part of the wedding? The speeches and vows. What, if anything, would you do differently? Absolutely nothing. Your advice for other brides-tobe: On your wedding day don’t stress because there is nothing you can do about any malfunctions at that point! Enjoy and try to savor every moment. Advice from the groom: Have fun and don’t let it go by too fast. Three Words to describe your wedding: The Perfect Day Honeymoon destination: Waikiki, Hawaii

the WEDDING PROFESSIONALS: Wedding Consultant, Ceremony & Reception Site, Catering, Cake: Monte Verde Inn Photographer: Meagan Lucy, Christopher Kight Photographers

About the Cover - Winter/Spring 2013  

The interview with CJ & Jessica Giampaolo who were married at Monte Verde Inn. Photo by Meagan Lucy, Christopher Kight Photographers.