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The Official Publication of the Sacramento Blues Society Volume 32; Issue 3

June-July 2011

Po’Boyz Bar and Grill—Restaurant and Blues Club By Jan Kelley This is the third interview in a series with local blues club owners, in order to encourage blues fans to attend their shows. Ms Brenda Taylor, owner and proprietor, sat down with me recently for this interview. wasn’t so s h y because I’ve been told by a record promoter I can really sing. Still am shy.

BLUE NOTES. How did you get into this business? Did you have a background with this type of business? PO’BOYZ. I already owned a bar-b-que restaurant in Folsom for 13 years and I was looking for something else in addition to it. This was the last place on my list that had a bar and kitchen.

BN. You grew up in Louisiana?

PB. I grew up in Los Angeles, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana Po’Boyz Bar ands Grill & lived there at a young age, but went to high school in L.A. BN. How is it you’ve brought in blues music? Do you BN. This is called a Sports Bar, not a blues club. sing or play an instrument? What’s going on with the sports end of it? PB. I’ve loved the blues ever since I was a little girl, when my grandmother played the blues all the time Bobby Blue Bland, many others, and always wished I

PB. It started as a sports bar with no music four years ago, but with various contacts I had with artists, particularly Kenny Neal, I started incorporating the blues and it just took off. Now it’s mostly football season that brings in the sports minded. That’s very popular.


BN. How many hours do you put in here?

Blues bloodlines seem to run horizontally in certain families, blessing more than one member of a generation. Match these well-known musicians with their more obscure guitar-playing brothers. Clarence Brown Buddy Guy Matt ―Guitar‖ Murphy Lightnin’ Hopkins Brownie McGhee

PB. At least 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, if I don’t have a chef, which is the situation right now. I do it all, cook, book the bands, keep in compliance with the laws, you name it. If I take any time off, something seems to always happen. I’m here until I complete my mission.

1. Floyd 2. Joel 3. Sticks 4. Phil 5. James

BN. That sounds intriguing. mission?

Tell me about your

PB. Well, I have a son, Michael, who is working here with me now, as well as my daughter Lynzi, who is co-owner with me, and I wanted to secure a good future for them. I also have another daughter, Shaleen, who is an RN in Southern Continued page 8

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