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The ACCD Foundation Architectural Education Fund presents the 2010 Architectural Rendering Competition:

'HAND VS. MOUSE" "The search for the compelling

hand-drawing & digital technologies. image" Michael Connor/ohn

J. Speegle

Prospectus The ACCD Foundation Architectural Education Fund presents the 2010 Architecture Rendering Competition. The top entries will be exhibited on the evening of the 29th of April, 2010, at the Cadillac Lofts Exhibition Gallery in San Antonio, Texas. lt is located at the corner of Lexington Avenue and Dallas Street, adjacent to Madison Park. Work will be on exhibition until approximately May 15, 2010. The Architectural Education Fund provides for the SAC Architectural Program computer hardware and software

on a regular cycle, provides guest lecturers and opportunities for student participation in professional organizations and international learning opportunities, as well as funding the Sophomore Design Competition with scholarships. ElieibiliW This Competition is open to the public. Entry fee is $30 per entry. Judses The Judges are Tom Ricks, Artist; Joaquin Escamilla, Associate Professor of Architecture SAC. others TBA.

Awards First Place, Second Place, Third Place, & Honorable Mentions for student & Professional categories in both categories of handdrawn and digital technologies. Awards will be given to the contestants that exhibit the broadest range of skills mastery and artistic prowess. The judges shall be responsible for making any decisions on where an entry should be categorized.

Conditions of Entrv - Entry ReEuirements 1. Size limitation: no images shall be larger than 3' x 4'. Please provide mounting hardware or method thereof to display rendering. Some images will be presented on easels. 2. Entry Delivery - All entries shall be a mailed or delivered to the address method of packing of any entries. Delivery by hand is most secure ! 3. Mail or deliver entry to speegle & K|M-davis Architecture, 625 Avenue

below. lt

E San


important to provide a safe and sound

Antonio, TX 78215. phone: 210 2lg-ggz1.

4. Entries must be owned by the entrant. Previously published and/or pending publication images are eligible. lt is the responsibility of the person submitting to receive approval for submission to this competition. 5. Entry fee is S30 each. The entry fee is non-refundable and must accompany the entries. 6. The subject matter of all entries will have an architectural theme or must contain some element of the man-made environment. The decisions of the judges are final on all matters relating to the competition. 7. Entries must be delivered or postmarked no later than 4PM, Friday, April 23, 2010, and shall include a completed entry form and fee in the form of check or money order payable to the ACCD Foundation Architectural Education Funo. 8. Entrants whose renderings have been selected for exhibition will be notified by e-mail following the judging. provide return postage or other vehicle if you wish to have the renderings returned. The artist submitting art work retains all rights to their

work of art. ACCD Foundation Architectural Education Fund reserves the right to release any copies and winners names to the media. 9. Submission of image(s) implies entrant's acceptance of allthe above conditions. To verify receipt of your entries we suggest transmitting by registered mail or a private shipping company. L0. Inquiries: e-mail at

11. The night of the opening a symposium will be conducted debating the merits of hand-drawn and digital images: which better and why in "the search for the compelling image."


The ACCD Foundation Architectural Education Fund presents the 2010 Architectural Rendering Competition:



hand-drawing & digitaltechnologies.

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acceptthe rules ond regulotions ofthe ACCD Foundation Architectural Educotion Fund 20L0

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SAC Rendering Competition