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Community Association Management Core Competencies COMPETENCY A REA 1: FACILITIES MANAGEMENT This competency focuses on association property maintenance and emergency preparedness. Knowledge Community managers must have knowledge of maintenance programs, management controls, maintenance contracts, maintenance checklists and reports, disaster plan, request for proposal (RFP), bid specifications, and contract warranties. Skills          

Evaluating existing maintenance programs and management controls Analyzing maintenance contracts Overseeing maintenance of common areas, using checklists and reports Making maintenance requests and recommendations to the board Identifying the basic elements of a disaster plan Preparing a request for proposal, including bid specifications Monitoring fulfillment of a contract Interpreting and invoking contract warranties Understanding the concept of sustainable lifestyles Using a reserve study for ongoing maintenance needs

COMPETENCY A REA 2: ASSOCIATION C OMMUNICATIONS This competency focuses on key communication techniques to improve resident and board relations. Knowledge: Community Managers must possess knowledge of communication techniques, customer service, conflict resolution techniques, and public relation methods and strategies. Skills:      

Practicing effective communication skills Providing good customer service Identifying and responding to owner needs Addressing complaints and diffusing anger Managing public relations Preparing annual meeting notices, management reports and rule violation letters

COMPETENCY A REA 3: COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP This competency focuses on how to work with leaders to achieve goals and set a positive tone. Knowledge Community Managers must possess knowledge of effective strategies on leadership, running a meeting, motivating people, community organizing, and engaging board and community members. Skills 

Developing and executing strategies for building better relationships

Community Association Management Core Competencies [Data Source: CAI’s certification Program]


    

Preparing and running efficient meetings Motivating and guiding board members Encouraging interest and participation in committees Developing election procedures Organizing community records

COMPETENCY A REA 4: LAW & GOVERNANCE This competency focuses on legal matters and how to avoid legal problems and gain cooperation when establishing guidelines. Knowledge Community Managers must possess knowledge of community association management laws and regulations, employment law, management agreements, manager liability, ethical issues related to community management, conflict of interest related to community management, governing documents, community management related statutes and case law, fiduciary responsibilities of associations (boards, committees, and managers), rules development, and management contracts. Skills    

Developing and enforcing rules Interpreting legal documents and rules. Adopting and enforcing community association management laws, regulations, and rules. Reviewing and amending governing documents

COMPETENCY A REAS 5: RISK MANAGEMENT & INSURANCE This competency focuses on insurance risks, risk management programs; and strategies and resources for evaluating property coverage, reporting losses, and managing claims. Knowledge Community Managers must possess knowledge of risk management programs, risk management techniques, inspection reports, insurance policies, types of insurance coverages, request for proposal (RFP) techniques, and insurance claims. Skill      

Identifying and assessing risk Reviewing alternative risk management techniques Developing a request for proposal for insurance coverage Responding to losses Managing insurance claims Monitoring and improving risk-management programs

COMPETENCY A REA 6: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT This competency focuses on community association financial management including budgeting and financial reports. Knowledge Community Managers must possess knowledge on principles and practices of budgeting, financial planning, and investment. Skills  

Developing, managing and balancing budgets Financial planning processes

Community Association Management Core Competencies [Data Source: CAI’s certification Program]


   

Replacement reserves and basic investment principles Applying Accrual and fund accounting Analyzing financial reports and records Using budgets and financial reports as management tools

COMPETENCY A REA 7: ETHICS This competency area focuses on ethics and how it applies to community management. Knowledge Community Managers must possess knowledge on the profession code of ethics, fundamental ethical responsibilities, ethical challenges and solutions; consequences of unethical behavior, and conflict of interest. Skills  

Applying the profession’s codes of ethics Making ethical decisions

COMPETENCY A REA 8: COMPANY ADMINISTRATION This competency focuses on the principles of organizational theory to set up and operate your business as well as market services, manage and train staff and develop additional sources of income. Knowledge Community Managers must possess knowledge on the benefits and challenges of starting a management company; budget management, management ethics, management contracts; and staff selection, recruitment and development. Skills   

Creating and managing budgets Drafting and pricing management contracts Hiring qualified personnel

Community Association Management Core Competencies [Data Source: CAI’s certification Program]


Community association management core competencies