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Mu urguíía Leaarning Institutee Upd date  San An ntonio Collegge’s Newsletter about EEmployee Prrofessional EEnrichment ISSUE 0 03 Spring 2014 


this issu ue  From the M MLI Director P.1‐2  Free Books/FFree Webinars P.3  Certification, Teach hing, Learning P.4  Upcoming Events at SAC P.5  Accomplishmen nts and Kudos P.5 

Fro om the MLI D Directorr     nts to welcome you back The e traditionalist in me wan k for the seccond half of tthe academic year, but, with Maym mester and Flexes F and Start S Two and Open Entrry I am not ssure there iss a halfway p post in the ra ace any more. Let m me just say, Happy H New Year! Y Ju ust like the Alamo A Colleg ges, we are trying t to jugg gle several i nitiatives he ere in the Mu urguía Learn ning Institute. All of our efforts are a an attem mpt to deliverr better serviice to you an nd to becom me a more meaningful re esource for t staff netw work and for each perso on performin ng in a facultty role. At S San Antonio College therre each member of the is an idea that we e deliver to students s daily—educatio on is importa ant and it is a continuing process tha at doesn’t when you ce ease matricu ulation. At the Murguía Learning L Insttitute we work from the iidea that it iss important stop w that e every employ yee at San Antonio A Colle ege embrace this notion n in their own n profession nal life. Learn ning should neverr cease. The ere is value in looking for a new way y of thinking, a new way of seeing orr a new way of doing. We W are he ere to facilita ate that explloration. To o accomplish h that missio on we have devised d a sy ystem of classsifying train ning. Like all classificatio on systems, it doesn n’t provide surgical precision, remov ve all room fo or disagreem ment nor imp pose perfectt order, but, it will allow us to identify general areas of o discussion n and instruc ction to emph hasize or co oncentrate on n through co onsultation with a academic de epartment ch hairs, division deans, unit directors a and the adm ministration. Ou ur system em mploys seve en dimension ns to assign instruction a and seminarrs into based d on the con ntent of that mean ning. Sometimes the meaning of that dimension is the same e for both sta aff and facultty, but some etimes there is a subtle distinc ction between the two. Le et me show you what I m mean by takking a quick g glance at ea ach of them:

de·liv·e ery

no oun \di-ˈli-v(ə-)rē, dē-\

: the act a of taking g somethin ng to a perso on Staff: Sessio ons under this designatio on would cov ver service sstrategies an nd other con ntent with an n eye towards For S disseminating serrvice deliverry techniques s and provoking thoughtt about how processes ccan be impro oved and maxim mized. (e.g. Keep Calm and Process s On: Dealin ng with the F Frustrated, th he Irate and the Rude) For F Faculty: Ses ssions underr this designation would cover teach hing strategie es and otherr content witth an eye towarrds dissemin nating teachiing techniques and prov voking thoug ght about how w students learn to interrnalize materrial and deve elop skills. (e e.g. Collaborative Teach hing in Math ematics)  



: a field of study; a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity


noun \ˈdi-sə-plən\

For Staff: Sessions under this designation would be dedicated to specific technical areas of knowledge and activity unique to workplace assignments. (e.g. Banner and Schedule Building) For Faculty: Sessions under this designation would be dedicated to specific academic and technical areas of knowledge and activity. (e.g. New Thoughts on an Old War: Re-Remembering the Maine)


noun \di-ˌtər-mə-ˈnā-shən\

: the act of finding out or calculating something For Staff: Sessions under this designation would address the process of evaluating and measuring workplace efficiency and performance. (e.g. Satisfaction Surveys as an Outcome Indicator) For Faculty: Sessions under this designation would address the process of evaluating and measuring student performance. (e.g. Stress Free Testing—For You and Your Students)


noun \də-ˈvər-sə-tē, dī-\

: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization For Staff: Sessions under this designation would explore the demographic characteristics of our college community and promote understanding and tolerance. (e.g. The College Values: What, Why and Who) For Faculty: Sessions under this designation would explore the demographic characteristics of our college community and promote understanding and tolerance. (e.g. The Dynamics of Social Space and Student Counseling)


noun \ˈdā-tə, ˈda- also ˈdä-\

: facts or information used usually to calculate, analyze, or plan something For Staff and Faculty: Sessions under this designation are constructed to distribute and discuss quantifiable measurements used to evaluate the college and its operations by both internal and external agents. (e.g. Results of CCSSE 2013)


noun \ˈdes-tə-nē\

: a power that is believed to control what happens in the future For Staff and Faculty: Sessions under this designation focus on lifestyle issues, self-improvement and wellness. (e.g. Financial Planning for College Employees or Walkingspree)


noun \ˈdis-(ˌ)trikt\

: an area established by a government for official government business For Staff and Faculty: Sessions under this designation would be committed to meeting requirements mandated by the District. (e.g. Sexual Harassment, Ethics Training) We hope that these dimensions will bring a useful order to professional development and enrichment activities at the college and that it will provide a mechanism to focus and shape how we can best serve you in those activities. We wish you a successful, productive and meaningful spring term. Please call on us for any assistance we might provide, and drop by to visit, anytime.


For Facu ulty 

We’ll W Buy It Forr You! 

STA ARLINK W Webinars  http:///  FYI, itt’s about FYE (First Year  17 – March 3.  Experrience), Feb. 1

Everyy month we w will buy an ed ducation them med book for one faculty m member and  all th hat we ask in return is a wrritten review that we can d disseminate tto our  colleeagues within the college. Submit the name of the book that you  would like  to reeview to us att the Murguíaa Learning Institute. We wiill keep your rrequest  activve for the entire year, so if you don’t ge et selected the e first month , you may bee  chossen later. 

Jim Cramer’s Getting Rich  3 – March 17.  Careffully, March 3 FYI, itt’s about FYE (First Year  Experrience: Pt 2 A Advising and  Counsseling), Marcch 3 – March  17.  The N New Social  Entreepreneurism, March 17 –  7.  April 7

Conttact us at pwilson1@alamo or cpricce@alamo.ed du or give us aa call at 486‐ 1699 9 or 486‐0756 6.  

From Secretary to o CEO with  Carly Fiorina, April 7 – April 21.  Impro oving Student Outcomes iin  Devellopmental M Math Courses, April 21 – May 5.

NISO OD Webiinars  

http:///www.nisod ar s/indeex.html

Wh hen passing a student on to o someone ellse, either telephonically oor in person,  mention a skill o or quality thatt the person yyou are referrring them to  possesses.  department cchair,” say,  For instance, insstead of saying, “I want you to see the d o see Mr. Hun nt, he’s been the departme ent chair for o over a decadee and he has  “Go help ped a lot of sttudents with problems like e yours.” Thiss will bolster ttheir  con nfidence that you have set them on a paath to satisfaction. 

Open n Educational Resources in n  Higheer Education: The Big  Picturre  Feb. 1 13, 1:00 pm –– 2:00 pm  Recru uiting and Rettaining  Femaale Students in STEM‐ Related Programs  Feb. 2 27, 1:00 pm –– 2:00 pm 

It iss not enough to teach just your subject. You need to o teach our st udents how  to live a curious,, examining and purposefu ul life. One waay to assist inn this is to telll  ur classes whaat you are reaading outside e of work. Rem member, for m many  you stud dents, you arre their best rrole model for how an edu ucated personn thinks, acts  and d lives. Don’t waste the op pportunity.  

Do yo ou have favo orite websitees, newsletteers, books, etc. you woulld like to shaare  with colleagues?  Send inform mation to uss at cprice@a   . 

MLI Web Site |  p://www.alam    http MLI SharePoint Siite|  p://share.alam   http  

Whatt Faculty Need to Know  About Teaching Online: Nine  Key SSteps  March h 27, 1:00 pm m – 2:00 pm  Craftiing an Effective MOOC:  One C Community C College’s  Experrience  Apr. 2 24, 1:00 pm –– 2:00 pm  Onlin ne Course Peeer Review:  Looking Forward May 1 15, 1:00 pm –– 2:00 pm    Webinars are freee to Alamo  Collegges’ employeees. 


te t ac chi in g


Sign u up for Springg Faculty Sem minar 


Murgu uía Learningg Institute is  offering Mental H Health First A Aid  A) training that can teacch you  (MHFA how tto spot the signs of some eone  experiencing a me ental health crisis  and th he steps to ttake to help.  Mentaal Health Firrst Aid is an iin‐ person training de esigned for  anyon ne to learn about mental  illnessses and addictions, inclu uding  risk faactors and w warning signss.   Similaar to CPR, paarticipants le earn a  5‐step p action plan n to help peo ople  who aare developing a mental  health h problem or are in crisiss. It is  a high h‐impact pro ogram that  emphasizes the co oncept of pe eople  helpin ng people. –See page 5 Upcominng Events 

training All Alamo C Colleges EEmployee es have  acccess to th he Starlink Library Alam mo Collegess faculty and d staff have aaccess to alll  the free, web‐d delivered wo orkshops and d videos  Starrlink provide es each mon nth.  Login to o the websitte  is simple. Go to o www.starliinktraining.o org and creaate  a neew account using your A Alamo Collegges email.  Wan nt to get cre edit for veiw wing the worrkshops &  videeos. Starlinkk has a “View wing Verificaation Tool,”  www ome/email. The tool  allows you to se end an e‐ma ail verificatio on to confirm m  thatt you watched a Starlinkk program.  

TThe Spring Faaculty Semin nar is a 16 ho our  pprogram offeered to all ad djunct and ccontinuing  eeducation faculty at San Antonio Colllege. The  pprogram con nsists of a variety of topics on being  m more effectivve in the classroom. Speeakers from  t hroughout tthe college aare invited to o share  t heir area of expertise. YYou can regisster in  A ALAMOLearn n.   CClass Schedu ule:  TThe class meeets Thursdays from 6:00 0 pm to  88:40 pm FFebruary 6, 220, March 6,, 20 April 3 & & 17  N Need help reegistering call Cynthia Prrice at 486‐ 00756? 

knowledge TTrackin ng Yourr   Diigital Footprint  W Want to mo onitor yourr  diigital footp print? Googgle   alllows you tthis option n   thhrough Goo ogle Alertss, enter a q query. Whe en  thhe results eemerge forr your query, Google e  w will send an n email alerrting you o of the  finndings. For completee instructio ons go to:  htttps:// m/alerts/answ wer/175928. 


Up pcomin ng Eve ents att SAC Faculty Devvelopme ent  Adjun nct/Continuing Educatio on (CE) Facu ulty Seminarr  

Analisaa Garza, MESA C Center Coordinator, was featureed in the  Decem mber Staff Spotligght on the SAC w website. 

Open n to all Adjun nct/CE Facultty.   The cclass will be h held every o other Thursday from  6:00 p pm to 8:40 p pm in the Naail Technical Center  (NTC)) room 301.   Class Schedule:   Febru uary 6, 20 March 6, 20 A April 3 and 17 7.  Register in Alamo oLearn found d in ACES un nder the  oyee tab. Se earch for classs name, Mu urguía  Emplo Learn ning Institute e Adjunct an nd CE Facultyy Seminar.  For reegistration aassistance co ontact Cynth hia Price at  486‐0 0756.       

Alamoo Colleges Leadeership Academy for Success (ALA AS) presented  adminiistrator awards tto Dr. Robert Zeeigler, presidentt of SAC, the only y  Alamo  Colleges employee to have beeen awarded the "Trusted Leaderr"  honor  twice. Dr. Robe rt Vela, Vice Preesident of Student and Academic  Servicees was recognizeed for his leaderrship as well. Thee final award  was givven to Mr. David d Mrizek, Vice P President for College Services for  his me ntorship with ALLAS participantss.  

Safeety Awaareness    Menttal Health First Aid Certiification (2‐d day  training) When n: Thursday, Feb 20 & Frriday, Feb. 21   Time:: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm each day  Wherre: Nursing & & Allied Health Center (N NAHC)  room m 212  Register in Alamo oLearn found d in ACES un nder the  Emplo oyee tab. Se earch for classs name, Me ental Health  First A Aid Training.    

Stafff Develo opment   Staff Development Day  May 2 21, 2014 8:0 00 am to 5:00 pm. An all‐day event.  The d day’s events are focused on staff enrrichment.  Inform mation on th he day’s activities will be e  announced later in the semester by Stafff Council.   Contaact Helen To orres, Staff C Council Presid dent at  486‐0 0393/htorress@alamo.ed du or Analisaa Garza,  Staff Council Pressident‐Elect and Chair off Staff  Development Dayy at 486‐182 25/  agarzza872@alam .     

A Accom mplishm ments aand Ku udos  

Linda B Bates, Academicc Unit Assistant iin the Sociology  and Psychology y  departtment received tthe November and December Em mployee of the  Monthh award.    Gracie  Alvarez, Studennt Success Specialist in the Assesssment Center  onth for  departtment received tthe District Employee of the Mo Decem mber    Acevedo, Coordinator of Record ds and Reports ffor the Nursing  Rocio A Departtment received JJanuary and Feb bruary Employeee of the Month  award..    Congraatulations to thee 2014 National Institute for Staaff and  Organi zational Development (NISOD) Excellence Awarrds recipients.  They a re: Tom Cox, asssociate professo or, American Sign  Languaage/Interpreter TTraining, Deaf and Hard of Hearring departmentt;  Josephh Dinscore, journneyman electrician, Facilities deepartment;  Michelle Gaston, ESL innstructor, Contin nuing Education department;  Gwyn H Hagenbuch, adm ministrative servvices specialist; D Dean of  Professsional and Technnical Education o office; Casey Lecchuga,  instrucctor, Student Development depaartment; Tammyy Perez, chair,  Foreignn Languages, ESLA, and Philosop phy departmentt; Vanessa  Torres,, director, Publicc Relations depaartment    Cynthi a Morton, Acaddemic Unit Assisttant in the Math h & Computer  was presented th he SAC Superhero Award in  Sciencee department w Decem mber by Gerald M Manahan, Acadeemic Program Sp pecialist from the e  Studennt Learning Assisstance Center to o recognize her eexceptional  internaal & external cusstomer service sskills.  Send inn your awards annd/or accomplisshments to to o  be prinnted in our next iissue. 

Paul W W. Wilson, Ph.D D. Direector, Murguía LLearning Institute  Nail Teechnical Center (NTC), Room 326  Phonee | 210.486.1699  Email | pw   

Cyntthia Price, M.A A.  Nail Tecchnical Center (N NTC), Room 323A A  Phonee | 210.486.0756  Office Faxx | 210.486.9031  Email | 


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