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content -TIE AND DYE -WEAVING Basic and Advanced -BLOCK PRINT - SURFACE DEVELOPMENT - KNITTING AND CROCHET - EMBROIDERY - APPAREL - JACQUARD - THE LOST SONG Sohrai: Jharkhand’s ritualistic harvest art - PHOTOGRAPHY - TRIBAL ART - THE LOKAS Design project on: Seven levels of hell and heaven

Tie and dye Understanding and exploring the role of deying technique such as Shibori, Clamp, Wax resist, Leheria in increasing the value of products in the textiles industry.


WARP AND WEFT Basic weaving- exploring various weave structure on 8 shaft handloom. Advance weaving- Exploring complex structure such as quilting, double cloth, extra weft on 24 shaft dobby loom. All sample inspired from traditional wall mural called kohvar of Jharkhand.

basic weaving

advance weaving

block and screen printing Understanding basic repeats using exposed screens and carved wood blocks in co-operation with different printing techniques.

Glitter print

Pigment print

Glitter and Metalic print

Flock print

Burn out print

Pigment Print

SURFACE DEVELOPMENT Developing basic and complex surface using traditional ways of repeat on netgraphic.

CROCHET AND KNITTING Understanding qualities such as flexibility, resilience, structure and texture of hand knittting and crochet fabrics that make them suitable for apparel.

EMBRoiDERY Developing a broad spercturm of embriodery technique in order to create surfaces for a variety of product applications.

AppAREL Developing the ability to enable 2 dimensional textile understanding into 3 dimensional perspective, visualize design and construct from simple to complex apparel.


THE STORY OF SAKURA Sakura as an inspiration creating mood board and developing surfaces through hand drawn sketches on design scope and jacquard weave on picanol machine using one and two weft system


Sohrai-Jharkhand’s ritualistic harvest art Field research and craft documentation of Sohrai- a wall mural done by Munda tribe during harvest festival. The learning from this course was about compilation of data into book format. this document talks about emergence of the craft practice, its co-relation to the lives of the tribal commumities,tribal culture and tradition, and it’s empact on their lives.

Lake Kornigssee

photography Composing Europe in Ef-S 18-55mm frame

Praia da adraga Beach, Portugal

Schonbrunn Palace

tribal art Wall mural art such as Warli, Kohvar and Sohrai. Warli is done during marriage ceremonys, Sohrai is a harvest art and kohvar is a comb cut art done during wedding ceremonys of Munda tribe.These art pieces are done by following the trible aesthetic but in contemporary manner using traditional technique and material such as mud of different color-red, white, yellow, brown and black found in the region of Jharkhand.

LOKAS story of hell and heaven According to Hindu mythology there are fourteen worlds in the universe - Seven upper and the seven lower. From viewpoint of Hinduism, heaven and hell are merely different worlds, bound by time, space, and causality. The desires are responsible for a person's embodiment. According to the sins and good deeds done in one’s life people receive place in different levels of hell and heaven after their death.

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PORTFOLIO 2018/19  

This portfolio is a summary of 4 years of textile design learning. It showcases the understanding of craft, materials and my vision of aest...

PORTFOLIO 2018/19  

This portfolio is a summary of 4 years of textile design learning. It showcases the understanding of craft, materials and my vision of aest...