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ISSUE 62 AUG 2013


The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques delivered a speech on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr. Following is the text of the speech delivered on his behalf on the media by Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohieddin Khoja, Minister of Culture and Information. “In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful, Prayer and Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, and upon his family and all his companions Brothers all over the world Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you I congratulate you on the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, successful fasting of the month of Ramadan, and performance of its related post-evening prayers. I herewith address you from the holy premises of this sacred land, the cradle of the mission of Islam and Muslims Kiblah (prayer and call direction) from which the God’s faith brightness have shined to show all mankind the way of good and peace and to form the most important tributary to human civilization and innovation, such goodness which was carried by the leader of the human kind Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and which is sole objective is to come out with the human beings from the thickness of darkness and ignorance to the illumination of rightness, equality and fairness as well as raising high the flag of tolerance, co-existence, wisdom and rationalization and calling for unity that takes the humanity from the darkness of its ignorance and struggle to the light of its sole creator who guides to the correct path. My Muslim and Arab brothers everywhere in this world: Of course every soul feels sad and painful about the painful situation and the unknown fate our Muslim and Arab nations are experiencing, a situation that embodies un-

bearable struggles and slogans carried by enemies and those who wait to see their historical chance to legalize the killing of innocents, terrorize the secure, violate the sanctities citing intellectual terrorism that justified this according to its factual principles and political greediness using all kinds of interpretation and fraud through interpreting the texts of the holy Sharia according to their wishes, demands and objectives. This strange intellectual thought is wearing the dress of religion while the religion of God is innocent of that, but this is the result of coveted objects and greediness targeting a fertile environment which accommodates groups of ignorant who think that the religion of God is a subject that open for the tongue of irrationals. However, we believe that God is going to conquer those who used their grievance as a tool for terrorism and its corruption in an endeavor to demolish the high values of Islam. Of course, they will have an appointment to meet Allah Almighty’s saying that “think not that God doth not heed the deeds of thsoe who do wrong. He but giveth them respite against a day when the eyes will fix-

2 August 2013 Issue 62 Vol 8

SAUDI AUSTRALIA BULLETIN PAGE 3 experts and specialists in this facility so that experiences, and information could be exchanged at a speedy rate to either evade or cope with the incident in the beginning. We have initiated the call to establish this centre during the international centre for combating terrorism conference held in Riyadh on 5 February 2005. Fortunately, the call found a good response from the attendees who welcomed the idea and determined to put it into effect. In this regard, Saudi Arabia donated immediately $10 million but the following days did not reflect the same enthusiasm. On the contrary, some slackness on the other side to activate the initiative was witnessed. Whoever edly stare in horror”.They have disguised reforms to give lies is sincere and candid to his people, nation and humanity and convinced the simple people to take them the wrong as a whole would not accept any hesitation to carry out way. They were described by God in the following verse “But this international project with its humanitarian and ethithey (ever) strive to do mischief on earth. And God loveth cal dimensions or become subject or affected by doubts not those who do mischief ”. However, they don’t fear Allah in the sincerity of wills. This centre is aiming at serving when they raise their confusing slogans and they never care all humanity away of any religious, sectarian, ethnic or about the repercussions of their deeds and sayings. colour segregation as its wide umbrella is for the whole No doubt that the deviant thought which was designed to humanity according to our religion. stage a deep injury in the waist of the Islamic Ummah is We have to be aware that the danger of terrorism will more dangerous for our nation than the weapons of its vis- not dash away or totally wipe out in a certain time. So, ible enemies. However, this is Allah’s rule for his creatures. our fight against it might prolong and expand. And terOur nation is heading for the good, God willing, and no rorism might become more fierce and violent as long as tyrant will ever evade the ramifications of his own hands’ we get it besieged and suffocated. But we are confident deeds as per the holy verse ‘And soon will the unjust assail- that God Almighty will make rightness a winner over ants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take’. falseness as God says ‘Nay, We hurl the truth against I say this with deep pain and sadness as I see the situation falsehood, and it knocks out its brain and behold falsein which our Islamic nation is experiencing: sedition and hood doth perish’. Our belief is that any betrayer of his struggle leading to more bloodshed, demolition of achieve- religion, nation and humanity will be defeated. ments, defaming of values and principles, and ignorance of In this context, I announce the donation of the KingIslam’s values which were based on co-existence, rightness dom of Saudi Arabia of $100 million to support this and equality. centre and work for its activation under the umbrella of Faced with this sad status quo, we are obliged to make a the United Nations, calling on all other nations to take firm standing and, firstly, self-criticism to rectify the affairs part in support of this centre to get rid of the forces of of our nation which starts with the reformation of oneself grudge, extremism and criminality as this is the inevitaand then agreeing with others based on the holy Quran ble duty for whoever sees that terrorism is a demolishand Sunna (Prophet’s deeds and sayings) and to steadfast ing tool that aims at threatening the world security and against the callers for sedition, misguide and deviation who peace. I see that there is no way for anybody to follow seek the defame of Islam which has inspired the hearts of doubts or get slacked to help solve this great issue as Muslims and incubated the humanity and whose leaders’ there are no half solutions and as we are not going to kill mentality was the cause of human civilization and advance- this evil unless we exert strenuous efforts and write the ment as testified by the world’s scientific, cultural and civi- relevant charters and conventions to fulfil our historic lizational minarets. responsibility towards safeguarding the world security Amid such great challenges which face our Islamic and and peace. We can cite numerous historical events and Arab nation, in particular, and the world at large, in general, we can see what the following verse of the holy Quran we are seriously required more than any time before to stand says ‘And fear tumult or oppression which affecteth not stiff before terror thought by activating the international in particular (only) those of you who do wrong’. center for combating terrorism through hiring anti-terror Let me appeal to Allah Almighty to help us for the good of our cause, and grant us firmness and strength.


August 2013 Issue 62 Vol 8

ISSUE 62 AUG 2013



he Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd received the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Australia Nabil bin Mohammed Al Saleh at the Lodge in Canberra, Australia. During the meeting, they exchanged cordial talks and discussed boosting the growing relations between the two countries. The Ambassador also passed on the well wishes and greetings from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin AbdulAziz, the Crown Prince, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Salman Bin AbdulAziz, the Second Deputy Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al Faisal to the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the people of Australia. On his part, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd passed on his thanks and well wishes to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Saudi people. Mr Rudd also expressed his gratitude towards the growing bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Australia.

AVIATION AUSTRALIA GRADUATES 9 SAUDI ARABIA NATIONAL GUARDS Aviation Australia has celebrated the successful completion of its sixth group of students from Saudi Arabia National Guard (SANG). The group of 9 students completed a 12 month Avionics program at Aviation Australia’s Brisbane campus. The students will now return home to complete the remainder of their qualifications. The students’ significant achievement was celebrated in the presence of H.E Ambassador Nabil Al Saleh, Dr Abdulaziz Bin Taleb (Cultural Attache), Lieutenant Colonel Omar Fahd Al Husan (SANGAviation Program Officer), Youhanna Yassa (Special Representative – ANZMENA) and representatives of both STA and Aviation Australia staff.

4 August 2013 Issue 62 Vol 8



mbassador Nabeel bin Mohammed Al Saleh presented his credentials as Saudi ambassador-designate to Australia to the Governor-General of Australia Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce during a reception at the headquarters of the GovernorGeneral in the Australian capital of Canberra. During the meeting, the ambassador conveyed the greetings of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense, to the Governor-General of Australia, the leadership and government of the people of the friendly country of Australia. The ambassador confirmed the keenness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enhance friendly relations with Australia. For its part, the Governor-General expressed welcome of the ambassador, wishing him every success.

5 August 2013 Issue 62 Vol 8

ISSUE 62 AUG 2013


The Hon Julie Bishop MP Deputy Leader of the Opposition Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Shadow Minister for Trade congratulate Ambassador al Saleh For his Appointment, as Saudi Ambassador to Australia and hails the Australia and Saudi Arabia. bilateral relationship. Australia and Saudi Arabia have a strong bilateral relationship and a shared understanding on many issues including the potential of our trade and investment opportunities. “We are currently negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and should the Coalition form the next government after the election, I look forward to working with the Ambassador and his colleagues from the GCC, on concluding this FTA.” His Excellency gave an insightful and interesting speech to the members of the Coalition as part of the ‘Conversations in Diplomacy’ series initiated by Shadow Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, Hon Julie Bishop MP.

Victorian Launch of the Australia Saudi Business Council The Saudi Ambassador Mr Nabil Al Saleh was guest of honour at the Victorian Launch of the Australia Saudi Business Council in Melbourne . Council Chairman, Mr Tom Harley said: “It’s great that the formation of the Council coincides with the appointment of His Excellency Mr Nabil Saleh. We see a great future working together to deepen the commercial and cultural relations between both countries,” Mr Harley said. The Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC Minister for Technology and Minister responsible for Aviation attended the launch along with a large number of senior business representatives. “Saudi is Australia’s second largest market in the Middle East and is a substantial market for passenger vehicles, agricultural products including

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6 August 2013 Issue 62 Vol 8



audi Ambassador to Australia, Nabil Al Saleh , patronized a graduation ceremony of 150 Saudi students on scholarships at Australian universities who have been awarded PhD’s, Master’s,and Bachelor’s degrees. organised by the Saudi Students Club in Sydney , in the presence of Dr Abdulaziz Bin Taleb and the President of Students club Harth Muhaideb and more than 500 invitees > Addressing the ceremony, Ambassador Alsaleh commended the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for Foreign Scholarships, as well as, the initiatives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, for the development of higher education to prepare a promising generation based on creativity and knowledge to contribute to the progress and comprehensive development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. live animals, dairy products, vehicle parts and accessories, as well as a growing market for fresh vegetables, refined metals and information communications technology products. There is also scope for the expansion of financial services trade between the two countries “A large number of Saudi students are choosing to study in Australia, mostly under the King Abdullah Scholarship Program and the launch also generated a lot of interest among education providers. The King Abdullah Scholarship is on its own transforming the relationship between our two countries,” Mr Harley said. The Australia Saudi Business Council Inc. was established to develop and promote business and commercial links between Australia and Saudi Arabia. Its secondary aim is to establish, promote, facilitate or participate in joint business councils or other joint business organisations in partnership with the Association of Saudi Chambers of Commerce or other Saudi business organisations.

7 August 2013 Issue 62 Vol 8

ISSUE 62 AUG 2013



he Minister of Forign affairs Bob Carr presented a friendship medal to the Saudi Arabia Ambassador Nabil Al Saleh during the ceremony held by the Rabitta magazine in Sydney in the presence of a number of senior ministers and officials, parliamentarians Australians. The Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr praised existing strong relations between Saudi Arabia and Australia and development in all fields. He noted in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency role of leadership Kingdom and its commitment to promote a culture of dialogue between religions and civilizations, and to promote stability and peace in the world. For his part, Ambassador Al Saleh expressed his thanks and appreciation for the friendly comments toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its wise leadership, and noted the development of relations between the Kingdom and Australia at all levels , stressing the fundamentals of the wise policy of the Kingdom, and its commitments on issues of peace, security and stability in the world.

AMBASSADOR CELEBRATES EID WITH SAUDI STUDENTS IN SYDNEY The Saudi Ambassador to Australia Nabil Mohammed Al Saleh celebrated the festival of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr held by Saudi Student Club in Sydney including more than 1,300 students on scholarships along with their families and children. The ceremony included a number of cultural, sports, and entertainment events. The Ambassador congratulated the students and their families on the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, wishing them many happy returns and prosperity.

8 August 2013 Issue 62 Vol 8

Issue 62 August 2013  

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