SA Building Review - Volume 6 - 2018

Page 179

Project feature: CCA House

The palette is a balance of bold, minimal new materials and the natural warmth and texture of timber and stone. The relationship of the interior and exterior spaces to the views plays a very important role in how the house is experienced; from a vista of the Atlantic Ocean and Twelve Apostles mountain range, to perfectly framed views of the cable way, Lions Head, the trees in the garden, the verdant planted retaining bank; the views are big, small, focused, considered and diverse. The choice of the dark colour as base palette

was a courageous leap of faith by the owners and their architectural team and has set a benchmark for progressive aesthetic architectural statements. The black building makes a strong statement from the street, but amazingly seems to blend into the landscape that surrounds it; it becomes the perfect foil for the green of the planting, the golden hues of the timber and the light that plays on the facade from all angles. Strong bold colours, lines and forms balance each other to create a sophisticated architectural and interior statement. n

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