SA Building Review - Issue 3 2015

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Seed Library The orientation of the two containers improves the use of internal and external spaces as shading increases comfort for learners during different times of the day, while at the same time providing visual interest. Insulation and natural ventilation further assist the passive heating and cooling, ensuring that the new facility does not add to the already strained resources of the primary school. The SEED is made up of the basics of a school library

– a place to access information, do homework and read – and represents the key concepts identified in the originally designed library in its most basic form. It is a working example of an exciting stimulating place that not only houses knowledge but also – through the use of colour, shape, light, the outdoor and imaginative and inventive space – provides users with an inspiring experience.

‘The SEED library is intended as a repeatable prototype. It can only be wished that it would be repeated many times over, as there are simply too many sad and depressing places of learning in South Africa where buildings such as this could act as symbols of, and contribute to, a materially better future.’ Excerpt from the South African Institute of Architects 2013/2014 Awards Book

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