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OUR PRODUCT Sacha Snacks Inchi obtained from a careful process of selected seeds toasted, achieving in this way are not lost its properties while retaining its quality oil and protein.Sacha Inchi has important nutritional value to feed every human being Mr. Nut and our product is 100% natural, which ensures a pleasant roasted flavor.

VISION Develop, innovate and commercialize natural products from Amazon with added value, such as snack INCHI SACHA's confit. Through processes that involve social and environmental responsibility in order to provide satisfaction to our customers.

We have a variety of flavors:  Natural  Confit  With Arare  Cheese  With Chili  Crunchy

The benefits of regular consumption of Sacha Inchi are: MISSION

By 2015, one of the leading companies in the U.S. market, which offers home Amazonian agro-industrial products and high quality health

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It is a natural antioxidant Strengthens the immune system Helps regulate blood pressure You can delay the arrival of glucose into the blood when consumed with carbohydrate sources You may have protective effects against the development of some cancers Helps reduce cholesterol levels

Our competitive advantage is to grant our customers a superb service so our strategy is differentiation for our customers to compare our product and service with competitive and prefer to purchase or consume our product.


Descripcion de nuestra empresa y del producto que ofrecemos.


Descripcion de nuestra empresa y del producto que ofrecemos.