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Lead Generation Services The Importance of Qualified Leads The Importance of Qualified Leads

There are a number of ways to drive people to your web site, but conventional methods yield minimal results. Whether it’s a paid Facebook ad, a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, or some other form of online advertising, very often the people who click on your ad aren’t qualified leads. Additionally, with these methods you have to pay for the non-qualified leads. Most types of online advertising, including Facebook and PPC, require you to pay for every person that clicks on your ad, regardless of whether they are in need of your services or not. Our program is much more effective, and efficient. Not only will we deliver leads to you that are qualified – people who are actually in the market for your service – but you only pay for the actual leads. This allows you to track your results and realize a measurable return on your investment. How Does it Work? We develop a unique lead generation web page or site, which launches within 15 days of engagement. These sites and pages direct qualified leads to you either through a unique email address, or phone number, which can be tracked. As people contact you through these channels they are considered leads, and those leads are charged to you at an agreed upon cost. What Does it Cost? Each program is different, so the cost per lead is unique based on your situation. In addition to the cost per lead, there is also a one-time set up fee, which also varies based on your needs. Contact us today at (877) 960-4911 for more information about our lead generation services!

Lead generation services  

Lead generation services, the importance of qualified leads

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