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Easy go Dispenser sales have been on the rise since the launch.

Easy Go Dispenser is a one-product company with two specialized designs: Easy Go Sport and Easy Go Baby. These devices allow users to store, carry and dispense powdered products with ease while on the go; the Easy Go Sport protein powder dispenser, while the Easy Go Baby dispenses powdered baby formula.

The Easy Go Dispenser’s three cofounders, UI alumni Michael Pett and Blake Schroedter, and UIC alumnus Tony Genovese are combat veterans with five combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan between them. During their time overseas, the men noticed that a lot of soldiers used powdered workout supplements both as post-workout nutrient supplements and as food replacements.

“We used a lot of difference contraptions to dispense the powdered supplements overseas – we would cut the top of a water bottle or use an oilcan as a funnel,” Schroedter explained. “I knew I wanted to invent something when I got home to facilitate that process.”

Schroedter and his partners started developing their product idea in January 2010 and began patent work. The Easy Go Dispenser company was established in August 2010 and is currently building different iterations of its prototypes.

The final prototype of the Easy Go Sport protein dispenser launched early this year and now the easy go team is ready to go. Schroedter said he and his teammates are grateful for the help they have received from the Illinois Launch program.

“Illinois Launch has been a great asset for us, primarily through helping the team gain confidence in talking to VCs…And we now have access to networks upon networks within the entrepreneurship community,” Schroedter said. “It has been incredible – the doors that Illinois Launch has been able to open up for us. Some of them aren’t doors we can open up right away, but down the road they will be really beneficial to us.”

The Easy Go Dispenser team is currently in negotiations with possible manufacturers and distributors, Schroedter explained, in an effort to find the best route for its product.

Keep up with Easy Go Dispenser online at and keep an eye out for an Easy Go Dispenser powdered sports drink product in the future!

Easy go dispenser  
Easy go dispenser  

Easy go dispenser