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3.05 Change of Scenery Sabrina Yelen – Language Arts 3 – Tuesday, November 9th 2010

Book: Speak Author: By Laurie Halse Anderson So in this project, I drew a story map. Since there aren’t many places/settings the main character (first person) Melinda takes place, I decided to do the setting and story map on the School. Which is where she’s always at, in the book. Everything happens in the School (all the main events, though.) Like how she encounters and confronts some of her ex-friends, her art project, the moment when she was trying to escape from Mr. Neck and ended up in the old Janitor’s closet. Which after some time, she cleaned it up and made it her own “closet”… You can say that the school is the basic and base setting of this novel. It’s all based at the school. Her ex-friends and climaxes are mainly based at the school. So for this assignment, I drew the setting map of her main classes and the places she has been where main events occurred. The directions are pretty clear and easy to follow. - Sabrina Yelen

3.05 Change of Scenery  

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. This is specifically made for a homeschooling assignment.

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