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p o r t f o l i o: s a b r i n a r u s s o

higher education: phoenix college phoenix, AZ

research support facilities nrel campus, golden, CO

international: business it park gurgaon, india

interior architecture: early warnings services scottsdale, AZ

transportation: east valley bus facility tempe, AZ

higher education:

i n d e x

o f

w o r k

asu decision theatre tempe, AZ

profession experience



$16.5 million

construction: Phase I completion in Nov 2011 Phase II completion in Aug 2012

phoenix, arizona


IIDA 2010 P.R.I.D.E. On the Boards Award of Merit

phoenix college: HC & LC

project size: 42,500sf remodeled space 20,000sf new addition

hannelly center remodel & addition

learning center remodel


$54 million

construction: completed in june 2010

golden, colorado


plantinum plus



American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) 2011: Innovative Design in Engineering & Architecture with Structural Steel awards program (IDEAS2)

NREL research support facilities

project size: 200,000sf

NREL research support facilities

NREL research support facilities

ur ga on

project size: 4,600,000 sf

gurgaon, india

project site:

42.5 acres





business information tech park

int og ge

ro a


hig hw ay nt a fro


main pedestrian walk

office towers from entry

main office tower near entry

design option 1

design option 2

business information tech park

main pedestrian walk

secured front lobby

large conference room

project size: 40,000 sf casual meeting space


$1.6 million

construction: completed in sept 2006

scottsdale, arizona


2007 IIDA P.R.I.D.E. award of merit

early warning services

casual meeting space

early warning services

project site:

23 acres


$42.1 million

construction: completed in aug 2007

tempe, arizona


gold (admin & maintenance)


valley forward environmental excellence: award of merit

2008 IIDA P.R.I.D.E. award of merit

east valley bus maintenance facility

project size: 102,350 sf (total building)

driver’s lounge

administration bldg

east valley bus maintenance facility

driver’s locker/lounge area

tempe, arizona


$6 million

construction: completed in may 2005

asu decision theatre

project size: 11,620 sf

asu decision theatre

project experience at rnl: Phoenix College: Hanelly Center remodel & addition and Learning Center remodel (Phase I completion in November of 2011; Phase II completion in August 2012) •Lead team as project architect from programming thru construction documents, currently working on construction administration •32,500 sf existing Hannelly Center with a 20,000 sf new addtiion •10,000 sf existing Learning Center to be remodeled •IIDA 2010 P.R.I.D.E. On the Boards Award of Merit

Glendale Community College: Business IT Remodel (August 2009) •Located on the main campus in Phoenix, AZ •20,000 sf existing building with a challenging $2.8 million renovation budget •Worked on the initial design phases including programming, schematic design, and design development

RNL New Phoenix Office (April 2008) •8,000 sf with a $250,000 TI allowance •Worked on submittal and paperwork for LEED CI – Silver certification •Integral team member and responsible for drawing set from design through the end of construction

Business IT Park, Nagpur, India (November 2008) •5,880,600 sf on 54 acre site •Designed three site options for client with sustainability concepts throughout •Extensive research on Indian architecture and culture

project experience: rnl

Research Support Facilities for NREL Campus (June 2010) •200,000 sf office building located in Golden, Colorado •LEED Plantinum with goal to achieve most efficient building in the world with a challenging construction budget of $54 million •Key member on team of three during competition design phase through leading the Phoenix office team to the end of CD submittal

Business IT Park, Gurgaon, India (October 2008) •4,600,000 sf on 42.5 acre site •Designed three site options for client with sustainability concepts throughout •Coordinated with team of three to submit graphics and renderings in short schedule

project experience: rnl

Vineyard Christian Church, Peoria, AZ (May 2009) •Total new construction of 78,660 sf including new Worship Center, Children’s building addition, and new Compassion building •Project located on 35.9 acre with $16 million budget •Worked on drawings from DD to end of CD as well as involvement in the organization and assisting of leading the project •Integral team member working on graphics and renderings with interior group

CCV: Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ (August 2008) •Worked on construction documents for completion of design from other firm for a new Children and Youth Building on existing campus •Designed and produced graphic book for client

Glendale Community College: North Campus, Peoria, AZ (August 2008) •Four new buildings totaling 85,135 sf on a 13 acre site with a budget of $18 million •Worked on construction documents for Information, Student Services, Instruction, and Central Plant buildings on site •Project received Best of 2008 Arizona Southwest Contractor Award and Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Award

Northern Arizona University: Health Professions Complex, Flagstaff, AZ •110,000 sf health professions building with a $16 million budget on existing campus •One of four team members involved in preliminary programming and design workshops with client and users •One of two team members producing site analysis for site selection

University Physicians Healthcare, Tucson, AZ (January 2007) •77,000 total sf for three office buildings with a $4 million budget •Received 2008 IIDA P.R.I.D.E. Award for Creativity on a budget •Completed construction documents on a short schedule

Early Warning Services, Scottsdale, AZ (September 2006) •40,000 sf office space with a $1.6 million TI allowance •Received 2007 IIDA P.R.I.D.E. Award of Merit •Produced drawings for DD and CD phases on architecture portion of project •Completed all CA tasks and site visits until completion of project

Law Library: 2,000 sf office space (completed in April 2006) Pioneer Museum and Store: 2,250 sf (completed in April 2006) Presidential Suite: 3,000 sf office space (completed in May 2006 ) Conference rooms and training center: 4,000 sf (completed in June 2006) Staffing relocation – Office suite: 2,600 sf (completed in September 2006) Building Signage Package: $4,000 budget for conference rooms, training center, and staffing relocation (completed in October 2006 )

Phoenix West Transit Facility (November 2007) •Total buildings area of 123,711 sf on a 25 acre site with a $40.5 million budget •Completed CD drawing submittal for Maintenance, Administration, Fuel/ Wash buildings

project experience: rnl

Qwest Office Tower in Phoenix, AZ (2006) •Worked on numerous TIs throughout office tower •One of two team members to produce DD and CD drawings •Completed all CA tasks and field visits throughout all projects

East Valley Bus Maintenance Facility, Tempe, AZ (August 2007) •Total 102,350 sf for Administration/Operations, Maintenance, and Fuel/Wash buildings on a 23 acre site with a $42.1 million budget •Received the Valley Forward Environmental Excellence: Award of Merit in recognition of outstanding environmental achievement (Sept. 2007) •Received 2008 IIDA P.R.I.D.E.(Professional Recipient for Interior Design Excellence) Award of Merit •LEED Gold achieved for both Administration/Operations and Maintenance buildings •Completed DD and CD drawing submittals and responsible for entire Administration/Operations building

project experience: rnl

ASU: Decision Theater and Edson, Tempe, AZ (May 2005) •11,620 sf TI space with a $6 million budget •Completed CD drawing submittal on expedited schedule •Assisted on CA phase of project

project experience at owp/p:

Good Samaritan Hospital Rehabilitation center remodel (03.2003): 100,000sf T-2 (pod remodel) (05.2003): 20,000sf Patient tower ICU remodel (06.2003): 6,000sf Patient tower BMT remodel (02.2004): 6,000sf The Stockyards Phase I (two buildings) (11.2003): 50,000 sf Phase II (one building) (01.2004): 10,000 sf Phase III (one building) (11.2003): 40,000 sf Chandler Regional Hospital Chandler Regional Hospital Patient Wing Remodel (01.2004): 40,000 sf Mayo Clinic Hospital 5-West Renovation (patient rooms, nurse station) (07.2004): 6,300sf Administration Support Building Renovation (offices) (08.2004): 300sf BMT Renovation (exam rooms, reception, work areas) (03.2004): 3,000sf Food Service Renovation (06.2004): 4,600sf Nurse Admin. Renovation (06.2004): 1,300sf Occupational Medicine (exam rooms, admin. support) (06.2004): 800sf Pharmacy Gift Shop Renovation (07.2004): 2,000sf Radiology Renovation (07.2004): 1, 200sf SSB2 (offices) (08.2004): 11,000sf

project experience: owp/p

Friendship Village of Tempe (Phase I & II) New Health Center (12.2002): 160,000sf Village Center (08.2004): 250,000sf Nunnenkamp addition (09.2004): 28,000sf Auditorium Remodel (07.2004): 6,000sf Wellness Center (06.2003): 3,400


This is my professional work portfolio including a few of the projects which I have been the most involved in. Included is also the current...