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B Y : S A B I N A H O S S , C O N N O R B A R E T T E , B R Y S O N K E N T, & ZARIR DUMANSI z

Baptista Says


“ That is, not to bestow my youngest daughter Before I have a husband for the elder.” Shakespeare, Act1, Scene 1, Line 50 BAPTISTA’S BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Cat Fight! Katherine and Bianca spat out their differences by fighting in the centre of the village. They're dresses were torn and they’re hair completely ruined. They were coming at each other like two lions competing for a dead deer. Katherine had Bianca’s hands tied and was dragging her across the dirt floor like she was her dog. Bianca kept on pulling and yelling but Katherine wouldn't stop! That shrew really needs some therapy. Written by Sabrina Hoss.


Every man in the village wants to marry the beautiful, graceful, sweet, innocent Bianca Dawson but unfortunately that is no longer possible. Bianca’s father Baptista Dawson has announced that Bianca is not allowed to marry unless her older sister gets married first. Apparently he’s made this rule because he knows that no one wants to marry her but everyone wants to marry Bianca. Who is her older sister you ask? Well in this village she’s known as Katherine the Shrew. Aka Katherine the B***h. No man in his right mind would ever marry her and her bad attitude. So a word of advice for all the men that are head over heels in

love with Bianca, think twice because she’s staying single until Katherine’s married. Which we all know will never happen if she keeps on acting like Satan’s daughter. It will take a miracle for a suitor to have the courage to court feisty Katherine. Does anyone have the guts to take on the ferocious Katherine? Written by Sabrina Hoss

Wed In Silence “Here is Lucentio, true son to the true Vincentio. I have made your daughter mine by marriage while false impressions blinded your eyes.” Shakespeare, Act 5 , Scene 1, Line 97

THE SECRET WEDDING AND THE FAKE FATHER In the early hours of yesterday morning there was a wedding, but not just Any wedding a secret wedding! Or was it? The couple that was wed was none other than Baptista’s daughter Bianca Dawson and the her new husband Lucentio Duke. The father of which was not warned of these up in coming nuptials, instead a stranger was tricked into pretending to be Lucentio’s father an if I do say so myself he did a pretty damn good job of it. Vincentio, Lucentio’s father, was walking down the road when along comes Petruchio Harrison and his wife Katherine Dawson and when they go to congratulate him on his son Lutensio’s wedding he had no idea what the heck Petruchio was talking about and didn’t even know his son had a girlfriend! Nether-less a wife! The real Vincentio thought he was in Padua for school not to fall in love. When Vincentio unexpectedly arrived at Baptista’s house with Petruchio and Katherine he announced himself as Lucentios father but was called a liar because the man he was talking to was the merchant the man pretending to be Lucentio’s father. It led to quite a bit of arguing and they eventually concluded

without any death and very little bloodshed, which was surprising. In the end they all had dinner together and did a little gambling and in the end of the day it all turned out okay. Written By Bryson Kent

Top 10 Ways To Tame a Shrew 1. Do not feed them. 2. Don’t give them what they want. 3. Don’t let them sleep. 4. Don’t let them take a shower. 5. Make them do your work. 6. Don’t buy them new clothes. 7. Don’t compliment them. 8. Let them do whatever you desire. 9. Act how they act. 10. Never think anythings good enough. -Written by Sabrina Hoss

Baptista Shocked by Petruchio’s Actions!

Baptista is shocked by what Petruchio did on his officially thought to be wedding day. Petruchio came in ragged clothes, late to Kate’s utter embarrassment, and the on the real wedding day refused to go to the traditional post-wedding dinner and held Katherine hostage against her will. Question 1: What was your reaction to Petruchio being so late?

Who’s Who?

Baptista: I was utterly humiliated. Katherine was very patient in my eyes to stand there for so long. I was completely disgusted and then to come in that clown costume was even more embarrassing. Question 2: After this day would you have given Katherine to Petruchio? Baptista: Definitely not. I would probably spit in his face or shouted at him. I now see my mistake.

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Who’s Who?

Baptista’s malign elder daughter is used to doing and acting however she wanted to and because of this no one wanted to marry her. Until the brave Petruchio decided to try to tame her and he succeeded. ;) Petruchio is arrogant and very cocky. Out of all the men in the village he volunteered to take on and tame Katherine. It took some effort but he tamed her and the whole town was shocked by his achievement.


Written by Sabrina Hoss

Question 3: You asked Petruchio with the question, “Why, sir, you know this is your wedding day. First we were sad, fearing you would not come, now sadder that you come so unprovided. Fie, doff this habit, shame your estate, an eyesore to our solemn festival.”(Shakespeare Act 3, Scene 2, Line 103-105) Do you think this was harsh or right for him?

Baptista: That was not enough for his actions. I should have said even harsher things to him in respect and defense of my daughter. I don’t believe he even cared for what I had to say so a little more aggression would have woken him up from the oblivious place he is in. Written by Connor Nyberg

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Who’s Who?


Bianca was loved by all. Every man in the town wanted to marry her until her father said she can not get married until her sister Katherine does. When Petruchio got married to Katherine Bianca fell in These three gentlemen love with Lutensio and are all in love with they were next to get Bianca. Lutensio is the married. lucky one who ends up with Bianca, Grumio gives up because he realizes he has no chance, and Hortensio marry’s a rich widow.

Lutensio, Hortensio, and Grumio

The Interview With Lucentio Me: hello there Lucentio how are you doing today, how’s the wife. Lucentio: one is doing fine today, the “wife” is you say is as well fine. Me: good good, well shall we start? Lucentio: we shall! Me: okay so lucentio, I got a few questions for you about… well about you. Lucentio :one shall do ones best to keep up. Me: …ok, so the first one is where did you grow up Lucentio: one was raised in ones hometown of Pisa. Me: what is it like there? Lucentio: oh, its nice, one does like the people, but the professors can be quite vexing at time that it is not required, not that it is required at all. Bianca is never vexing Me: right Bianca lets talk about her when did you meat? Lucentio: she is like the sun and moon to me, one need’s her or else one is blind, stumbling around in the with no one too guide me. I love her. But she is not as obedient as her sister is. Me: really? I thought her sister was wild! Didn’t she tie up Bianca at one time. Lucentio: no not anymore, she has been tamed by the artist of taming women has tamed her… Petruchio. Me: ah, yes I heard of Petruchio. He runs a school now doesn’t he. Lucentio: yes, I myself have considered attending. Me: huh, well that is all of our time so thank you for the opportunity to speak with you this was great. Lucentio: oh you are lucky to have gotten this interview, if one had known it was going to be so boring one never have come. Written and Drawn by Bryson Kent

Katherine and Bianca are two very different people Katherine – as said in the play title is a shrew whereas Bianca is every man’s dream. Katherine is actually quite jealous of her and in the beginning ties her up. I believe that the reason that she tied her up was because she was angry that all the guys liked Bianca. You can tell the difference in personalities of the girls by the personalities of their spouses. Luciento is kind gentle and loving like Bianca

Katherine Vs Kate whereas Petrucio is a ruffian savage that treats Katherine like Katherine and Bianca are two very different people Katherine – as said in the play title is a shrew whereas Bianca is every man’s dream. Katherine is actually quite jealous of her and in the beginning ties her up. I believe that the reason that she tied her up was because she was angry that all the guys liked Bianca. You can tell the difference in personalities of the girls by the personalities of

their spouses. Luciento is kind gentle and loving like Bianca whereas Petrucio is a ruffian savage that treats Katherine like dirt for a little while in the book. Petrucio first of all is a dirty scoundrel who did not even pay his dowry for Katherine, whereas Luciento is a loving man who stopped his learning and life just to go through a complicated procedure to woo Bianca. I believe that Katherine could be a

nice person if she tried but she is not automatically a nice person like Bianca. Bianca is a person that everyone likes, and no one likes Katherine the only reason that Katherine got married was because Bianca’s suitors wanted to marry Bianca and found somebody to marry Katherine. Overall Bianca and Katherine are very different and almost opposites. And same with their suitors.

Vincento’s Reaction

The great Vincentio of Pisa is the father of Lucentio who went to Padua to study but when his gaze fell on the beautiful Bianca he was struck by love and threw away his schooling just for her. Soon they are to be married and Vincentio plans to visit Lucentio in Padua. But to his awe Lucentio is not going to school, but he is getting married. He was enraged. Plus on top of this his servants Tranio and Biondello act as if they don’t even know him. Vincentio went straight to Lucentio and told him how angry he was but then he realized that his son was in love and forgave him for his deeds.

ACROSS 2. tired, bored or unenthusiastic 4. respect or admiration for typically a person 5. a loud and confused noise 6. to pay attention to or take notice of 8. to cause or give rise to 9. to stay longer than intended 10. not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one 12. to show care or conciousness to ones duties 14. spoken or done without preparation 16. clever, original or inventive 17. clothing or aparrel

DOWN1. to make something continue 3. to impair the appearance of 5. to cause surprise or confusion 6. an official messenger which brings news 7. agree to give up or do without 11. the state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried 13. to divide by cutting or slicing 15. a violent or rogueish person

Disaster Strikes Wedding as Petruchio Humiliates Dawson’s!

Late in the afternoon of yesterday, Katherine Dawson stood at the wedding alter, alone and without a groom while wedding guests watched in pity and sympathy. Even Katherine’s dad Baptista Dawson was lost for words, even he could not see what was coming. Finally, Katherine had enough after two hours of hopelessly hoping for Petruchio to arrive. Pushed to her limits of patience and embarrassment for this undeserving act, she angrily said, “No shame but mine. I must, forsooth, be forced to give my hand, opposed against my heart, unto a mad-brain rudesby, full of spleen, who wooed in haste and means to wed a leisure.” (Shakespeare Act 2, Scene 2, Line 8-11) She then proceeded to leave in a great haste with tears streaming down her cheeks and red as a tomato. People, shocked and unable to move, began to get up and return to their homes and say their condolences for Baptista at this failed wedding. Biondello however came and heralded the news that Petruchio was on his way, with Grumio as the horse for his chariot. Then, to their great shock, Petruchio confounded everybody in all the wrong ways, arriving at the wedding in horrible clothes not at all suited for a wedding, late to the extreme limit, and then demanding for his future wife as if nothing was wrong. Baptista was dumbfounded by this act and ever so respectively told Petruchio, in a manner not at all deserved for his action, that Katherine had left in disgust and embarrassment. Petruchio would not even acknowledge what had been going through Katherine’s mind at the time of his absence. In the end, they decided that that day would not be the wedding and the wedding would be postponed until the next day. The actual wedding day was not very eventful until Petruchio enraged everybody and was proclaimed the new shrew in the streets after he refused to attend the after party ceremony. He then proceeded to take Katherine against her will from the party by tying her arms behind her back. A ruffian Petruchio, who was trying brutally to try and tame Katherine, was taking Katherine capture. He forced her onto the chariot and ignored all of her protests, the people’s protests and above all, Baptista’s. In his wrath of anger, he disheveled Katherine and everyone around making him the talk of the town. He has certainly left a name for himself and a good one by that. Written and Drawn by Connor Nyberg

Question of the Day:

Should Petruchio be Written by Connor flogged from Padua Nyberg and Katherine taken away from him?


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