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Sabrina Warden

Sabrina Warden Grand County High School November 14, 2012

Format-10 Chapter Booklet

Creative Writing Period 4 Mr. Calkins


To myself

Table of contents

My neighborhood A favorite game I used to play A time I got introuble A time I saw some else get into trouble Advice from an adult A negitive experience at school A happy time for me My favorite holiday A special birthday Meeting him

My neighborhood

In 2002 my mom, sister, and step-dad moved to the Huntcreek residence. It was the first time I was in a real house since we lived in nothing but trailers. Course our house was just two trailers glued together. But I suppose we moved every two years or so. Our neighbors were weird, and always drunk so every night they practically fought. Others just kept to themsleves. It wasn’t always hecktic on my block, but a lot of other stuff happened. My dog got ran over by a car but lived, I got in trouble for something I didn’t do. It’s where my best-friend and I of 13 years grew up since she lived a few blocks from me. It’s where I first learned to ride a bike, even though I crashed A LOT. I grew up as a child here, and it’s made me blossum into the person I am today. And even in a few years, I’ll continue to grow as a person. My neighborhood always has something going on,

like cops going to a certain house to tell them to turn off the loud music. Minus the drunk neighbors, it’s pretty peaceful. Everyone is friendly, and nice to others. So it wasn’t a bad street to grow up on.

A favorite game I used to play

When I was little, I was really obsessed with playing barbies. I would think that they were real and had feelings, so when I threw them against the wall I would feel really bad. I even practiced my hair beauty on them. I cut off all of Kens hair, and made Barbie look like Britney Spears in 2007. I then felt bad, and so I wouldn’t get introuble, I took all the fake hair and put it down my moms sink. But then when the water was on, it would fill up the sink, so I eventually had to tell her I cloged it was barbie hair. She was not very happy with me I tell you. Anwyays, I would make them get married and all this junk, and I also had a babrie play house but it was for miniture ones so they didn’t fit. Another game I used to play, was to pretend to be a dog. I would get down on all fours and put two bowls on the floor. One with water, and the other with

Ramen Noodles. Now that I look back on that, I feel really weird and ashamed. I was a freak when I was 6.

A time I got introuble

Sometime in middle school I was hanging out outside my house on my block with a few old friends on mine. We were being dumb, riding bikes, scooters, ect ect. Actually it was with Jace and Tyren, and a few other people but I'm not sure who at the moment. Just riding around down by the mailbox when someone decided to pick up a rock and throw it over the fence. There was a small clank, just as a noise makes when you smack metal. We stand up on a few bigger rocks to see what was on the other side and there was a beat up old truck. Before you know it, everyone is throwing rocks at the window sheild. Except me. This went on for a few minutes before Jace picked up a gaint rock and threw it, actually cracking the windsheild but not enough force to break it. Then everyone picked up the same rocks but just more smaller and threw it, making it crack even more. Everyones laughing, even me, and I have still yet to pick up a rock. Suddenly you

hear this loud scream, and we all turn our heads down where the stop sign is to see an old man yelling at us. It turns out it was his truck! Everyone was running away, and since my house was just a few feet away, I casually walked away. But the old man caught me, along with Jace and Tyren. He yelled at us, and told us that he had called the cops. He asked where we lived, and I told him, and he was walking up to my door before I told him my parents weren't home. So he turned to Jace who lied, leading us four across a creek in the wrong direction. It wasn't long before the man got it out of him, and took them to Jace's house. I walked home after the man told me I could. The next day, I come home from school, only to see a police car infront of my house. I was asked if I had done anything and I told the truth and said no. If I had, I would of had to pay 500 dollars, alone with Jace. I'm still unsure if anyone even paid to get the window fixed, but I sure as hell didn't have too. Thank god.

A time I saw some else get into trouble

In 5th grade, I really hated this one girl. She just thought she was so much better than everyone else, and she was a lot smartter than others. In other words, she was a major goody two shoes. Always had the best grades and knew every answer to every question the teacher asked us students. She was just flat out annoying to me, and I still have no idea why. But we just got back from the weekend, and over it we had to do homework. Everyone had it besides a few people, incudling her, which is strange since she always has it. This girl was freaking out, screaming at the teacher telling her that she had it, and to top it off, she started crying. I was trying so hard not to laugh because I would of gotten in trouble too. But because she was yelling at our teacher, she ALMOST got an office refearl, and man, all I can say is that I was hoping she would get it. I was telling

others that had to sit next to me “I hope she gets it.” In the end, she found her homework, and she didn’t get the refearl. But she was still in trouble and had to sit by herself. I still think it’s funny to this day.

Advice from an adult

My mom has always been my rock since I was little. For all the rough times I’ve been through, she was always there for me, helping me along the way, constantly giving me advice to help me cheer up. I swear, no one has the best advice as my mom does. Any situation I was ever or am in, there is something she has to say about it. When my boyfriend and I broke up, she gave me advice. Telling me how I deserved to be with someone who could treat me right, and that I deserved to be happy. When my depression started, she told me that everything would be alright, and that if I just kept my head held high, I could get through it. There were so many other situations I’ve been in. For every single one, she was there. Never to judge me, never to doubt me, but only to support and help me. Her advice for me always made me feel better.

A negitive experience at school

I’ve had way too many negative experiences at school. People here made me feel unwanted, and that I was a freak. I was made fun of because of my weight, so ever since then, when people look at me, I feel like all they are doing is judging me. I still have a hard time walking down the hallways or past the commons because I’m scared. No one should ever feel the way I felt during my freshman year. It’s not okay to bully other people. Even a year later, I still have a hard time. Especially if I’m walking alone, my anxiety goes up. But as long as I’m with someone, I don’t show any sort of fear. To show it, I’ll keep my head low, and if I had long sleeves on, I’ll cover my hands because even then am I afraid for people to see them. It was a rough time for me in ninth grade. I lost some friends;

there was a lot of drama. Some of my friends hated my other friends; it was just a lot to deal with.

A happy time for me

A very happy time for me, is when I'm with my friends or at my house. My friends mean the absolute world to me. They are just little pieces of me, and there is never a time where I don't have a smile on my face when I'm with them. Jamie, she's become one of my closest friends ever. We have gone through so much stuff together, like crap with boys that were sort of similar. But the way she acts, I just love. I am always laughing hardcore when I'm with her, and suddenly I forget about all the problems that have bugged me. Raeme is just like my other half, and I consider her my sister. Same with Kayla, even though we aren't even that close as we used to me. Hailey, oh man she's just a doll. I could go on about

my friends but it will take a looooong time. My friends lift my spirits up, so a happy time for me is when I'm just around all of them. My house, it's peaceful and calming. Most of the time anyways. It's like the one place I can really be myself, and I like the comfort of it when I get there. It's like a tower, and I'm trapped in it, but I don't want to leave. I grew up in this house, and if my parents really do go traveling when I'm 18, they said I could have the house. Then I can still at least grow with it. Your house is the one place you're not judged, or afraid of. Unless you're scared of the dark like I am and if you hear a noise you turn into a ninja. After school, I can't wait to get home, and just relax and not worry about anyone, or anything. That is unless you have chores to do.

My favorite holiday

I have two holidays that I enjoy very much. Those would be Halloween, and Christmas. Halloween is just my favorite though, because you get to dress up as something else that you've dreamed about being since you were little. Like a princess, a super hero etc. Even if it's just for a day, you feel that little kid coming out of you. A day of happiness. Even teenagers still like to dress up, along with adults. Who doesn't like getting dressed up, going with friends to get FREE candy? I have no idea, but if I find a person, I need to have a brutal talk with them. But I'm only kidding. I think it's very cool to see what people dress up as every year.

Some have cool ideas, and some come up with the same ones without even telling each other what they are being. Christmas is just a favorite as well. From the time you go to sleep Christmas Eve to the time you wake up on Christmas Day is still exciting. I love waking up super early (about 6 or so) to open up presents from 'Santa.' Even if it is nothing major like a brand new game system or and iPod. But it's the thought that really counts. You gather around with family, and open presents that everyone got someone else. Then to make it even better, you have a feast. Every Christmas for me, I have 3 places to go. My house, my Step-Dad's moms, and my real Dad's moms. At my real grandma's house, everyone shows up, which is about 30 plus people. The food is excellent, and then when we're done, we play in the snow with the little kids. At my other grandma's we open presents and have a feast and then just chat for a few hours. It's nice going there. Then at my house, we open the presents, and sometimes we will eat a big feast. If so, I help my mom prepare for it because my dad is a lazy butt. My sister will come down from where she lives, and Johnny's kids with their kids will come over too. Nothing is better than being surrounded by family who all love you, and you love them back.

A special birthday

The day before my birthday, my mother and now step-dad were getting married. It was a very fun wedding. My mother was the most beautiful girl there, and my dad looked as happy as she walked down the aisle. Then soon after the wedding was over, they left for the airport to head to Cancun. As for me and my sister, we were staying with my cousins DeAnn and Lenard and their children. When we drove there, I was a little upset, because I was really close with my mom, and I was never away from her for as long as they were gone. Their daughter and I played on the slipping slide that they had just got, and it was really fun since it

was in the middle of May. After playing in the water for a while, we ate dinner, and I ended up getting sick. So in the middle of the night I started crying, but quietly to myself. After a few minutes, I must have passed out. When I woke up, I could smell people cooking. I was still really upset because today I would be turning eight, and my mom wasn't here to celebrate it with me. But to make it better, my Cousin Lenard made me pancakes in the shape of a bear, and it was the cutest thing ever. I never had breakfast like that, and they sung be 'Happy Birthday.' It was really nice. I smiled all day, and ate every piece of breakfast. I don't really remember much after that.

Meeting him

April 21st of 2011 was the day he asked me out. Since then we've been history. He has become my best-friend, and has helped me through every situation, just like I have been for him. I don't think I've ever loved someone as much as him. I know that sounds corny and stupid since I'm only 15. But, they say once you do, you do. We've been through so much together, and I still wonder to this day how he puts up with my crap. The only bad parts of our relationship were the fighting, and the constant break up, make up. I remember certain details

about how he acts, and what makes him upset, and what makes him laugh. His humor is just so extreme. I catch myself always smiling when I look at him, even when I try to be serious, or if I'm mad, he ends up making me laugh. He doesn't care about what people think about him, and I look up to him about it. Since he doesn't live in town, it was hard to see each other except on the weekends, SOMETIMES. People always got in the way too. And I'll be the first to admit it, I got jealous a lot. But after knowing and being with him for a year and 6 1/2 months, he's just... apart of me I guess you would say. He remembers certain details of me, little details. Just being near him gives my butterflies. An effect that no one else can do. A while ago, we got in a huge fight, and we didn't talk for what felt like an eternity. He made me a sandwich since I didn't eat that day, and I still refused to eat it. I just sat on the floor staring at the TV which was playing The Fox & the Hound. He sat on a little bench that was in my mom’s work. I turned around to look at him, and his head was down, and my heart sank. I felt bad, and I hated seeing him like that, so I sat next to him and kissed his cheek, whispering that I was sorry. He forgave me and we forgot about the fight, and I fell asleep in his lap. But I was somewhat awake because I remember him bending down to kiss my

forehead. I think that's when I really knew that this kid loved me. As much as I love him. Have you ever looked at someone, and you're just dazed by how amazing they are? That's what it feels like when I'm with him. Like he is the only person I can see in a crowded room. Now that he goes to school here, it's a lot easier to hang out with him and everything. I get to see him practically every day now, and we act like best-friends. Calling each other names but knowing we're just teasing. Our relationship is just a comfortable one.

Sabrina Warden September 13, 2012 Haiku Poems

Sun shining over the forest, blowing cold air around everything do I see flower buds blossom.

The cold seasons here covers earth in a white blanket freezing everything in sight.

Standing up so strong

inhale, exhale does it breathe Leaves sway in the wind.

It can easily be found binding each other as one person finding its strength.

The smell after it’s over filling your lungs with nature beauty dripping as if nothing.

You cuddle up in warmth hoping to no longer feel scratchy, yet so comforting.

Escaping with no anchors north, south does it fly freely everywhere becoming its home.

Roaring with screamers excitement fills the thin air, becoming less impatient.

Its true beauty is hidden never being able to see itself flying around without a care.

Education always there filling your brain up in facts, yet so very boring.

Fantasy, fiction always way more than one book selections for everybody.

Hatred filling souls taking apart of every happiness something you cannot control.

Gasping with a struggle mind going over-board in thoughts it could be the end.

Tick tock on the clock time passing so slowly you can hardly bare hold on you’re almost there.

So soft, so purified staring in a strong tension urges over power you.

Creativity, minds juggling everything creating whatever pops up.

Strengthening numbers you can always out beat the bad, be a superhero.

Spreading across thy face so real, but can be just as fake,

hiding the hurt behind.

Blinking away the hurt tears streaming down the cheeks you can pull through it.

It can show love also entwining them together, feeling the other feeling the strong love.

Sabrina Warden September 17, 2012 Journal number 4

Valentine’s day, oh how I hated that holiday or whatever you wanted to call it. Just to see couples express their love for one another, it made me sick. But I wasn't alone that day. I had you. I wanted to to be perfect, but I could only see you on the weekends. So that was the major bummer for that day. To myself, I said I would at least give you a gift. So I made my mom drive down to the pet store and had us matching dog tags. Yours said 'Always Sabrina' as for mine 'Forever Brad.' To be honest, it was pretty cheesy you have to admit. I mean, there are other necklaces I could have just bought, but I decided to make mine from the heart. And no matter how corny it was, I thought it was pretty cute. It sucked that I couldn't see you that day. So instead my mom told me I could send it off to my aunt, who happened to live in La Sal near you. It's a small town so I was positive that she could easily spot your house. Also, I gave you a card, telling you how much you meant to me, and that I am glad we made it this far. So I sent it off with her, only to be embarrassed and a little scared that you wouldn't like it. A few hours went by, and I hadn't really heard from you, actually, not even a little bit. What a way to spend a crappy holiday. I get upset a lot, and that honestly did make me pretty upset. I sat in my room that night. My mother knew that something was wrong, so to cheer me up, she told me to put on some clothes, because she was going to take me and my step-dad out for a V-day dessert. I complained how much I didn't want to go, until I was forced. Plus a chocolate brownie did sound intriguing. So I did as I was told, and put some real clothes on. I didn't understand why I couldn't just go in my sweat pants. I mean, it was only Denny's, and I've seen people practically naked there. But to ignore a conflict between my mother and me, I just forgot about it. We also had to wait on my dad to get finish watching an episode of this movie that I don't even remember what it was called. It seemed like an eternity. He didn't put on clothes, or his shoes. And the next thing I know, my mom is walking out in pajamas! I didn't understand what was going on so I confronted her. Next thing I know, there is a knock at my door, expecting it to be my step brother coming over for a beer, like usual, and I didn't answer it. So my mom did. The door opened slowly. And there you were. All smiles, holding flowers and a balloon with tootsie rolls at the bottom. I was so shocked. I had never received anything on Valentine’s Day. I almost thought it was too good to be true. Your mom, who was also holding Payton, was behind you smiling just as big as I was. More than smiling, I was blushing and almost in tears. We visited for a few minutes before you told me you were taking me out to dinner with

your family. I waved goodbye to my mom and dad, and left, getting into the G6 with you and your mom, with Payton in the back seat. Your mom even argued with you to let me sit up front with her. Oh how I love your mom. It wasn't long before we arrived, and the other part of your family was there at a booth. I also just noticed that you were wearing the necklace, as was I. I had your hand tightly as we went over to the table and took our seats. I had never laughed so much, we made jokes all night, and you thought it would be funny to call our waiter a 'sexy ninja. Your family is just perfect, you were perfect. I was sad to leave, and we just sat in the back of the car, and watched the stars as they took me home. I was even surprised that you walked me to my door, and kissed me goodnight. I have never had a much better night than that. I watched you pull out and leave, and my mom just kept grinning at me, and told me it was all a plan. I didn't even care. I take my flowers and balloons to my room and lay on the bed, and texted you all night until I fell asleep. Sabrina Warden September 18, 2012 Creative Writing Journal 9

Back in 6th grade, I had this best-friend who I grew up with. We have been friends for over 13 years. I trusted her with everything. But in sixth grade, she changed. She started to call me names, and leave me behind for this group who hated my guts. Constantly called me names, and I think that’s when my depression started to grow. I mean, she didn’t even back me up; she joined right in with the laughter. I didn’t mind it, even though it did bug me. I didn’t want to lose her over something stupid, so each time, I would let it go. Seventh grade rolled in, and she was still hanging out with the group. So instead, I became friends with some of them, and even changed my look just so I would start to fit in with them. The boys hated me, but the girls seemed pretty nice. We distanced ourselves from each other, and would hardly speak a word to one another. I felt like I was losing my best-friend, and it wasn’t the best feeling WHAT SO EVER. She became close friends to another girl, and they were constantly with each other. I felt betrayed, because we grew up together, and it’s like it was gone in a flash. To make it worse, sometime that year she told me that she pretended to be my friend the whole time. And that she felt bad for me because I had no one else. Which is true, I didn’t have any friends except her. So with that, I balled my eyes out and made my mom pick me up that day. I don’t think we talked for a few months, and then it just started back up again, like nothing had happened. She also told most of me secrets to the boys, who taunted me every day about it. Losing someone after everything is devastating. Like a piece of you is gone, and it has yet to return. But today, we remain friends, we don’t hangout everyday like we used to, but at least she is still in my life. Through all the rough times, we got through it. A sure thing to this day isn’t like it was a few years back, but it still means a lot. She did end up apologizing for it too. And of course I accepted it. To this day, I wouldn’t take it back actually. Maybe change a few things but nothing major. No matter how much she hurt me, it doesn’t even change how much I love her.

Sabrina Warden September 17, 2012 Journal number 18

When was the last time I cried? A few days ago actually. Why? Because I miss him. I miss that stupid bickering we did. I miss the way he would make me smile and laugh, and then make fun of me for it. I had yet a care. I miss how we acted, like we were best-friends. I miss our little kisses, and how we made the fishy face and kissed. I miss his strong embrace around me, I felt safe, and because I knew that he wouldn't let anything happen to me. I miss when we wrestle, and of course, he wins. I miss the butterflies I get when I'm around him. I just miss a lot of things about him. And now that he goes to our school, I have to see him every day and act like nothing is wrong. It sucks not being able to call him mine, and I hate it when people ask because my answer is no. I wish I could stop saying no, and start saying yes... He doesn't act like we will ever get back together, but his sister says otherwise. She tells me how much he talks about me when he's at home. I don't believe it, but maybe I should? It feels like my heart is being torn apart. A year and a few months, down the drain, over a stupid fight. That's all we did been fight... but what couple doesn't? I just wish he would have stayed. For some odd reason, I hate myself for letting him go without a fight. But now, I tell him how much I miss him, and he doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Like he doesn't want anything to do with me. What hurts the most is seeing him flirt with other girls in front of me. I shouldn’t be jealous because he is no longer mine, but I can’t stop loving him. I cry almost every day, and it’s totally pointless for me to do so. It feels like I’ve been stabbed in the chest, repeatedly, and I get this lump in my throat. My eyes burn from the tears. It really does suck to miss someone you can’t have. To no longer be able to say I love you and mean it. To no longer to have their arms wrapped tightly around you, and feeling safe. To no longer be able to call them yours.

Sabrina Warden September 5-20th Creative Writing 4th Sonnet Poems

For the winter season is as cold as frost. Snow so bright from the refection of the sun. Road paths so icy, you cannot cross. Stay clear since it's something you can't outrun. Coldness hovers around you, planting ice kisses on thy cheeks. Hoodies and jeans worn all day for protection. Days pass and the weather starts to peak. Don't be frightened, it's only looking for affection. Spring slowly arrives, warming the air. Sun getting bright as crimson red. Snow melts and you can't help but stare. Enjoy it while you can, because before you know it's you'll dread. And then it's gone in a snap.

Only to return, waiting to keep you in its bitter trap.

It's the simple things like love that makes you feel warm. But it can as bitter as it can be sweet. It can even be as beautiful as a rain storm. You need to hang on because you're in for a treat. Like a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs. But with the person you love, you can always break free. There are smiles, there are frowns. Together you'll be as cute as can be. With strength, and commitment, you'll make it through. Forever in each other’s arms, will be the place you call home. Without that one person, you sometimes wonder "What will I do?" What a wonder feeling it is to be stuck in a love dome. Every type of love is rare. But when you find it something nothing else can compare.

It's never a bad day, unless you make it out to be. Forget about everything. With self-control, you can set it all free. Don't keep it to yourself, or it will sting. Life is only about how you make it. Be happy that you're alive. Take a breath, and sit. It can pierce you like a dozen knives. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It can take effect. You're not the only one who smiles fake. You are forever beautiful. Remember, life can be nothing more but blissful.

Sprouting out of the earth does it bloom. Spreading its petals does it stretch. Heat will forever be its doom. The color is such a lovely catch. It will grow strong and tall. Blowing in the wind does it lean. But when winter strikes does it will fall. No longer beautiful as it was seen. The brightly color has faded. Sinking into the earth’s core. It was one of the prettiest things created. You can’t save it; it will never need a savior. Next spring it will repeat. Growing at the tips of your feet.

The lovely melody of music, so calm, so meaningful. Sending goose bumps down your spine. Every beat, so soothingly beautiful. It’s something I can always call mine. You can get lost in the song, like it was a mind trick. Different genres, different styles. It’s not something you can just randomly pick. You need something can make you smile; make you feel free for miles. So young, so wild, so free. Hip to jazz, pop to rock. Escaping with music is the key. Some scream, and some talk. Out of all, it’s your choice of what you listen to. Choose whatever you think is true.

Sabrina Warden August 28th 2012 Creative Writing 4th. For thee sweet smell of desire Something that is always a must It burns with a passion, like a smoldering bon fire.

Angels singing like a choir Soon it will bust For thee sweet smell of desire.

Wrapping around you, as if a small cord wire Once it's gone, it will become dust It burns with a passion, like a smoldering bon fire.

Both of us must conspire For we need to trust For thee sweet smell of desire.

If it shall not work, I will not be the crier

Love will be gone by the wind gust It burns with a passion, like a smoldering bon fire.

Go, go get your briar Soon, it makes thee crave lust For thee sweet smell of desire It burns with a passion, like a smoldering bon fire.

One week plus, until Halloween, and boy was Desmond excited. It had always been his favorite holiday since he could remember. Going from a cowboy at age 8 to a vampire at 15. But the main reason why it was his favorite was because it was the day he was born. In 8 days, Desmond would be officially 18. Freedom, no one to tell him what to do, all in just a few short days. Pre jitters were already kicking in when he arrived to school on the 23rd, Friday morning. His green eyes were lite up as he walked to his first class, which also had the girl of his dreams in. Her name was Scarlet (scar for short) who also happened to be his best-friend since they were in diapers. Yet she did not know of his little crush, even when he dropped hints. "Hey." said Desmond, as he dropped his bag to the floor and took the seat right of hers. She smiled, and looked back up at the board where Mr. Lee was writing notes. The rest of the school day was a blur and stressful day. But minus all that, the costume stores were now opening for children of all ages to come and clear off the racks. Desmond made his way to his car, slipped in, as Scar slid into the passenger side. "Where are we going?" She asked. How could she not know? He only talked about it since it was the beginning of October. "Store" He replied. "You're really going to dress up, that's totally lame, and you’re in high school, not pre-school." She gave him a little shove and winked at him. Of course she was only kidding, as she was excited to get dressed up for this biggest party ever. James Sullivan, most popular boy in school, always threw the biggest party of the year, even WITH his parent’s home. Everyone was invited, from band geeks, to punk rockers. After a few miles, they arrived at 'Lost Treasure' the costume store. People were already there, filling up less than half of the shop. But luckily, both Desmond and Scar made it into the adult costume section. Scar went to the girls section, where there were cops, bumble bees, bunny rabbit costumes. As for Desmond, he didn't quite know what to get. Every costume reminded him of his mother, because of her imagination. Three years ago, Desmond got a frantic call from his aunt that his mother had been in a serious accident and did not live. It would have been a miracle if she would have survived that saw blade incident. See, she worked for a construction site where she drew up the plans, and of course cut the lengths of the board as needed. She always had this crazy idea of making towers lop-sided, and everything. Desmond always told his mom of new ideas when he was younger and sometimes she

would use them, but put in some of her ideas as well. It was a mother son thing. Desmond’s father… well no one really knew who he was. Even his mom wasn’t sure. All she remembered was waking up at the hospital where they told her she was a few months pregnant. Anyways, cutting a board, someone had distracted her, and while she was looking away, the saw blade plunged into her chest. He didn’t like to talk about it, so he lied to everyone who asked about her, saying that she left him a few years back. Anyways back to him finding a costume. He looked up and down the aisles and racks. The one that stood out the most was a zombie hunter, with a fake axe, torn up clothes and everything. He thought to himself that the fake axe was stupid, so to replace it he would take one of his uncle’s axes and a shot gun that would not be loaded. ~~~~~~ It was finally the day of the party. Thank god. Desmond gathered his costume items, latching the real axe where the fake one would be placed. Next, he toke out the shot gun from his uncle’s gun safe, and wrapped it around his chest, with the gun behind his back. Boots, coat, hat and blood were all put on and he was ready to go. His aunt was at work, and his uncle was out of town so luckily he could escape the house with no one telling him ‘no’ about the gun. Right as his left foot hit the floor from coming downstairs, the bell rang. It was Scar, all dressed up as a zombified bunny. His breath escaped out of his lungs. Her hair was pulled up into a pony tail, with some strands hanging out making it look super messy, and her lips were bright pink with blood spurring out of the corners. Her skin was a darker color, and what looked like fake cuts. Overall the deadness, she looked beautiful. They got into his car, and started to drive on the back road to James’s house. Neither one of them talked, they just sat there and listened to the radio play Halloween songs. Fog was surrounding the car, and creeping its way into the vents where the cold air blew. Scar started coughing, and they both quickly rolled down the windows. But that wasn’t very smart of them, since more fog hovered around them. Desmond pulled over, and they both got out. “What the hell is this?” said Scarlet. Her fingers ran down her arm, as she was covered in goose bumps. Desmond ignored her question, and just slid back into the car. Scar followed his actions and they pulled back onto the road. The fog started to clear a little bit, and in just a few short miles they would arrive to best party of the school year. Suddenly, a black figure was in the middle of the road, causing Desmond to swerve off the road. They flipped the car a few times before it came to a stop, with the roof on the cold black pavement. Turning his head to where the black figure was standing, Desmond saw nothing. His arm was all cut up, and glass was in his left cheek. Quickly, he remembered Scarlet, and looked over at her. Hey eyes were filled with terror and he face was all cut up just as bad as Desmond’s arm. He undid her seatbelt, as he did with his, and they both crawled out of the windows. “What happened? You were driving just fine, and then you swerved as if it was a joke!” Her voice was enraged. How could he tell her what he saw? She wouldn’t believe him.

“There was something in the road, like a person or something.” His voice was all shaken up, and to make matters worse, they were in the middle of nowhere, and the party was another 5 miles away. The car was totaled so there was no way of pushing back over and driving. The autumn air was crisp, and as cold as snow. Both Scar and Des were freezing, shivering with no control. They looked all around, and figured to move on, still heading to the party, and hopefully get some help. The only sound that was heard, were their own footsteps. Darkness leaked all through the forest, as if it were watching their every move. Both had panic looks on their faces. I small moan crept into their eardrums. Both quickly turned around, and there was the black figure yet again. “Hello?” shouted Desmond. No reply. He asked again, and only a much louder moan came from the figure. Scarlet stepped forward, but Desmond quickly grabbed her arm. “What are you doing? You can’t go over there!” She shrugged off his hand, and made her way over there. “Someone has to do it.” She replied. Goosebumps covered her arms as she walked towards the being, only hoping for it would be someone who could help. Twenty feet and her eyes were widening with horror. There stood the creature, all bruised up, a torn of limb, yellow eyes, and its mouth dripping with blood. It moaned again, charged towards her. She just stood there, as if her feet were suddenly cemented to the ground. Only being a few feet away, it raised its only arm, and groaned. Scar let out a scream, seeing how the creature, wasn’t a creature at all, but a dead human being. A zombie. “RUN!” yelled Desmond from behind who had walked just a few feet behind. He took her hand and led her the other way. Both bodies filled with adrenaline, making them run faster and faster. But the zombie was just as fast. Just when they thought they were going to outrun the zombie, Scarlet tripped.


This is just a project my 10th grade teacher had us do. I'm not that creative but I try my hardest.

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