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Use of Cheats in Online Gaming Cheatingis basically modifications done while playing a game to favour oneself. By using the correct way of manipulation one can gain lead in a game. Cheating is done most prominently in multiplayer games.Most popular method of trickery used ischeats. Different types of cheats are needed in different types of games i.e. every game requires a different cheat or code to change the statistics and give advantage to the player using them over the others. Cheats are used to do various things for the user; for example Solitaire Atlantis cheats is a modification used in the social networking game of Solitaire Atlantis to gain unlimited coins, full life etc. With the limitless number of games being made these days, cheats are categorised as per the games they are used in. Military FPS games use some mods like aim-bots to auto aim the gun to shoot the opponent. Real Steel World Robot Boxing Cheats are used in hay day, a farming simulation online game, which can be manipulated in many ways to acquire game items, game money etc. Other than this there are often glitches (errors) in the game which can be used by player in his advantage. Finding this glitch is the work of a hacker, who goes through all the game sequences and finds the entry point of the glitch. Using this glitch, he can build his own cheat codes and distribute them to other players. There are loads of websites which provide information on cheats of various games; also, they are updated regularly. Cheat codes are sometimes random or sometimes simple lines of characters which when typed in that sequence will trigger the game to work in a manner that favours the player. Online games are very competitive. There are new players seen joining the game world every minute. To level up in the game quickly and catch up to the old ones, new players use cheats or mods. Hay Day Cheats is an online android game which has many hack tools which allows the players to earn in-game coins and achievements instantly. Due to this, many game publishers have started building mechanisms to ban this type of cheating. Blizzard Entertainment, the maker of “World of Warcraft�, is an example. Some consider it a boon in online gaming and some consider it wrong to do it. But, as far as cheating in online gaming goes, it is done hugely.

Use of cheats in online gaming  

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