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LEADING as We Learn Global Projects serves as Corporate Sponsors for Young Girls Conference in Southfield, Michigan For the past seven years Global Projects has partnered with others as corporate sponsors for the Young Girls conference held annually during spring break. Given the economic status of our country and the economic status of many Tiana Jewell, Conference Director churches, as well as non working with Mother Dickinson -profits, many families just could not afford to sacrifice for their daughters to attend the Young Girls Leadership Confer- Youth from Phoenix Learning Ctr. in Cinn., Ohio arrive at Conference ence. So more girls were in need of assistance this were able to attend the conference. Young people are year. Thanks to the gen- leading daily in their families, schools, church youth erous support of spon- groups, communities, and wherever they gather. More sors and family mem- than ever they need to learn skills that will help them bers, our young leaders be effective Leaders. GPH3 Founder preparing materials

Attendees ASPIRE Higher with Leadership Tool

Attendees gain Personal Success with I.M.A.G.E.

BOARD OF Women’s Life-826 AIDS AWARENESS DIRECTORS 2010 Officers Executive Director Pamela J. Hudson Detroit, MI

Founder Dr. Sabrina D. Black Detroit, MI

Chair Rev. Theresa Dear Bartlett, IL

Vice-Chair Karolyn Hart Windsor, ON

Treasurer Mother Adell Dickinson Detroit, MI

Charmane Coleman Pastor Emem Esenam Vanessa Farris Sherolyn Miree 313-205-7300 Get Actively Involved Give to the Vision Go on a Trip

Pamela Hudson prepares presentation board on HIV AIDS with literature from local agencies.

Charlene Green (President, Detroit Chapter of Woman’s Life) is very concerned about the health of our youth. She is an advocate for awareness, education, and prevention. Mother of a teenage daughter she is helping girls learn about abstinence and get the facts on AIDS. Here is what she knows—33.2 million people now live with HIV or AIDS; In 2007 approximately 2.5 million people were infected with HIV; 5700 people die from AIDS every day; One child dies every minute; Every fifteen seconds, another person age 15-24 becomes infected with HIV/AIDS;15 million children around the world have been orphaned by AIDS, losing one or both par-

ents to the disease. The Detroit Chapter provided scholarships for girls to attend this years conference and be exposed to valuable life saving HIV-AIDS information. More than any other racial group in the United States, Blacks account for more new AIDS cases, HIV infections, people estimated to be living with HIV disease, and HIV related deaths. Even though Blacks make up 13% of the US population, we account for about half (49%) of the people who get HIV and AIDS. Blacks don't live as long as people of other races and ethnic groups with AIDS, due to a multiple level of barriers (i.e. poverty, stigma, health care, etc.).

Fellowship—Fitness—Fun—Fellowship—Fitness—Fun Global Projects is pleased to join with our First Lady, Michelle Obama on her health and wellness initiative, “Let’s Move.” We at GPH3 agree that this needs to be a long-term commitment to our children's health. In the words of Michelle, "It will take a concerted effort among all of us -- the whole nation -- to create healthier communities for our children. We must take on this challenge." The number of overweight children ages 6 to 19 has tripled since 1970 (2007 NE Journal of Med). "About one-third of our children are overweight or obese. None of us want that for our country," she said. "It's time to get moving." During a Nightline interview, Obama concluded her statements quoting President Roosevelt. "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." Health and Fitness is a key component of our 7 Point Curriculum at GPH3 for “Girls with Great Potential.”

THE VISION—See it, Write it, Live it. The Young Girl’s Conference was held on March 26—27th, 2010 and was a massive success. Forty-five girls attended the conference where they participated in a number of activities that included fun experiences like swimming, and workshops that taught them important life skills. Thirteen of the girls were from the Phoenix Learning Center and travelled from Cincinnati, Ohio with school Superintendent, Dr. Glenda D. Brown. Workshop leaders included were: Missionary Carolyn John-

son, who examined the traits found in young women of character during her presentation on “A Vision of Excellent Leadership.” Minister Ruby Martin, with a lesson on the “Vision Board” helped the girls to see the many possibilities in their futures. Sister Ella Green presented on “Writing the Vision and Making it Plain.” Her session included instruction in expository writing, power tips and a five point outline of the writing process from concept to publishing.

Girls were given an opportunity to practice “Reporting the Vision.” as the day concluded with Missionary Pam Hudson and Dr. Sabrina D. Black giving instruction and coaching the girls in living and walking with their vision for themselves and the world. The Young Girl’s conference would not have been possible without the prayers and support of many including the NPC, Mother Adell B. Dickinson, President, Sister Teanna Jewell, Conference Director, parents, teachers, attendees and the corporate sponsorship of Global Projects. Pictures top left, Minister Ruby Martin, with a “Vision Board.” The girls are solidifying their thoughts with pictures and giving them structure, as they put their visions on paper. Over 150 magazines were donated by Abundant Life Counseling Center in Southfield (ie., Success, Fortune, Black Enterprise, Inc., Precious Times, In Style, World, Self, Ebony, Forbes, Life, Essence, O, National Geographic, and more) The Girls, shared their vision boards with us, and were given feed-back, encouragement, and ideas for critical thinking from the instructors and their peers. Picture bottom right corner, the coach Missionary Pamela Hudson was at work admonishing the girls to think about their future and the future of our world. “Our

deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Marianne Williamson

Conference Attendees Tell the Story Young Women Make History “Leading While We Learn”

BREAKING NEWS!!! – GPH3 Global Projects makes news on all levels and encourages attendees at the Young Women’s conference to share breaking news. READ what’s happening in the headlines for GPH3 followed by news from the conference weekend. International – Global Projects provides CARE in HAITI. National – GPH3 Leaders are VIP with Desmond Tutu at Nova University. State – Global Projects Searching for Community Leaders to serve on Board of Directors. Local – GPH3 Corporate Sponsors at Leading as We Learn Youth Conference in Southfield. School – GPH3 leaders leading the way for youth to Aspire Higher. BREAKING NEWS!!! - YGC Cincinnati girls joined with the Young Women’s Conference in Detroit for the year 2010.

The conference was a great learning experience. Missionary Carolyn was talking to us, asking us questions like, ―Do you carry yourself with excellence? The way you carry yourself, is it in a an excellent spirit?‖ I definitely enjoyed this conference. Hopefully there are more to come. Peace and love, G’Asia Sun, Cincinnati, Ohio *Being a leader, *Making good choices. *Carrying yourself with perspective, that’s me, Jazlyn Mason, and this is what I learned: we are black, strong, and brave. Who are we? Young Women’s Conference members. Jazlyn Mason, Ohio. This weekend I made the news for two reasons: first— I connected with many new people; secondly— I had lots of fun with the girls that I met. I thought they were going to have bad attitudes but they didn’t. They were cool. Charna’ jewell Ulitey, Detroit, MI. The state news in the Embassy

Suites this weekend was this Leadership Conference. There were girls from Cincinnati and Detroit that were brought together this Friday (for fun). Altogether there were about 40-45 girls at the hotel. The next day, on Saturday, there were workshops in which the girls all finally met each other. I had an enjoyable time and made new friends. Nyiaghra Hines, Cincinnati, Ohio. ―Phoenix girl comes to Michigan‖ I came to Southfield, Michigan for a Young Women’s Conference, but I didn’t know that I would learn so much about myself. I learned so much about leadership, and working together. You never know what’s going to happen in Cincinnati. Nitara Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio A beautiful young lady by the name of Shanae’ learned about what things are very valuable and about putting God first in every situation. Shanae’ Jordan, Detroit, MI Local News.


Dr. Glenda Brown and her sister Ella Green both educators connect at the young women’s conference in Detroit. These sisters believe in giving back to the community and the younger generation. They shared their skills and their passion for education, excellence in Leadership, character and citizenship.

Global Projects

17136 Wildermere Detroit MI 48221 313-205-7300


Missionary Carolyn Johnson and Mother Adell B. Dickinson

Mother founded the young girls conference to fill the needs of today's young women. Thanks to our instructors, our big sisters and our cooperate sponsors those needs are being met. SIGN UP TODAY! Join the GPH3 team for local and global missions. We serve ministering to men, women, teens and children. This create your own missions outreach is great for first timers or seasoned volunteers to utilize your ministry gifts, talents and abilities. There is an abundance of work that needs to be done and whatever you can do to make a difference will be a blessing. BE THE DIFFERENCE

Global Projects Newsletter Winter 2010  
Global Projects Newsletter Winter 2010  

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