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GPH3 LUAU Global Projects Founder Dr. Sabrina D. Black and Members of the Board of Directors along with the Youth Program coordinators pause for a photo with the 8 year olds in attendance at the Luau. Pamela The Girls with Great Potential Luau “Summer of SelfEsteem” efforts were a great success serving about thirty-five (35) girls the majority of whom were from single parent households. As part of the cultural awareness, a Spanish speaking attendee was able to share phrases with the girls during a session on global citizenship. The event was hosted at the home of Carla MacDonald with supPamela Hudson, Executive Director port from her friend teaches geography lessons at station Renee who secured one as the girls listen attentively food donations from preparing for a quiz. the Detroit Public

Schools summer program. Bay-Bay the story-teller mesmerized the girls and parents with animated interactive fables with a moral lesson. The Luau provide an open door to encourage the girls to be active, and have fun. They played hop-scotch, jump rope, tag, and ring around the roses. (remember and smile) Health and fitness is an ongoing part of our self esteem program for the girls.


Wow a money tree: It is time to sow your seeds in fertile ground, when Global Projects plants your seed we grow a money tree that grows changes in lives that will make a difference around the world. It’s time to plant. Send us your seed today! Give on-line via payal at

BOARD OF Girls with Great Potential of Self Esteem Luau DIRECTORS “Summer My daughter is overjoyed to be a part of this group. She has told at least 2009 Officers

seven people about her time at the Luau and all the gift items she received.” Thank you and all who helped in being a blessing to my girl and the many others in attendance.

No one is born with a self-concept. It gradually emerges in the early months of life. Self-concept is our understanding and the regard that we hold concerning our own being. It is the sum total of what we believe to be true of ourselves. Our selfconcept includes our physical, social and psychological makeup. Our self concepts are formed by the attitudes, habits and beliefs of the culture we are born into, and is shaped and reshaped through repeated perceived experiences, particularly with significant others. By far the most influential and eloquent voice in self-concept theory is that of God. At GPH3 we want each girl to see herself as precious and honored; a princess in the Kingdom.

Chair Rev. Theresa Dear Bartlett, IL

Vice-Chair Karolyn Hart Windsor, ON

Treasurer Mother Adell Dickinson Detroit, MI


The message of Global Projects to “Girls With Great Potential” is to acknowledge their uniqueness as they are “wonderfully made” in the image of God. To accept that who they are and what skills they possess as part of the master plan. Their footprint in this life is to be agents of positive change with a “can-do” attitude and the inspiration to want to aspire higher in whatever they find themselves doing. As young women who will lead, direct and guide their future, the expectation of all girls who come to Global Projects is to impact not just their future but develop plans to be a mover and

someone or something that is considered a worthwhile possibility.

All of our girls are born with great potential but for single moms the options for helping your daughter may few and far between. You do what you can and Global Projects understands. That’s why we’ve created a program that allows you to give your daughter (ages 8-12) a way not only to be exposed to making new friends, but also to learn how to use the natural abilities that God has given her to excel. For a very small donation we will help your daughter develop the skills necessary to make her gifts and talents marketable someday and give her that valuable head start. Imagine your daughter’s future where she is a leader among her peers, confident, and considering which scholarship she is going to accept! Imagine her graduations and the pride in seeing your daughter financially secure with a world of opportunities before her! Why not give her the first opportunity by attending our next "Girls with Great Potential event!”

Assistant Treasurer Carol Ranger-Ollett Windsor, ON

Secretary Charlene Green Detroit, MI

Executive Director Pamela J. Hudson Detroit, MI

Founder Dr. Sabrina D. Black Detroit, MI

Be Her Difference! 2011 YOUNG GIRL`S CONFERENCE In expectation of the growth for 2011 Global Projects is now actively placing the call for those interested in sitting on the 2011 Young Girl's Conference Event Committee to please submit their name along with the role they are interested in filling to . We envision a day where hundreds of girls find their life defining moment at this conference. Help us make that happen by volunteering. Committee meetings are slated to start August 2010.

GWGP Institute Worldwide Calling forth greatness from the Children of Promise. The Young Girl’s with great potential are between the ages of 8 and 12, in the US and 8 thru 16 in other countries, they are apart of our ongoing program designed to release their potential and point them toward their destiny. Our program consistently covers one or more of seven components, (listed below) that will help them develop and realize their full potential. Our children are not just citizens of their neighborhoods, cities or states anymore they are citizen of the world. We teach them to expand their thinking to include the world, because they are Global Citizens, and are impacted by the world. Our children need to understand and appreciate the various cultural heritages in today’s society. Health and fitness is always on our agenda for the girls. Global Projects is helping to develop the next generation of

leaders and entrepreneurs. We are helping to equip them to deal with peer pressure, and build healthy self-esteem. The potential of these young girls will take them into higher levels of education and they will have the social skills and etiquette to interact with the man on the street or with the Head of State. Global Projects is poised to partner with church groups, schools and other NGO’s or non-profits to enroll girls in our activities. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Marianne Williamson

Back to School Initiative Every year parents around the country prepare to send their children back to school during the months of August and September. The numerous activities for this time of transition include the purchase of school shoes and clothing, book bags and supplies (paper, pencil, glue sticks, rules, crayons, calculators, notebooks, dictionaries, etc), visits to the doctor for physicals and flu shots. The list is almost endless and can seem overwhelming for parents especially when funds are low and demands are high for resources that are expected to equip students to succeed in the new school year. For the past three years, we at Global Projects have partnered with a local church to help meet the needs of Detroit’s inner city children. In addition to school supplies, students also receive a laminated pray for safety, wisdom, character and development. They also receive bookmarks that list cool websites for study skills, homework and resources. This year over 50 bags of school supplies were distributed to students from pre-school and kindergarten to high school graduates. GPH3 board members Mother Adell Dickinson, Charlene Green, and Executive director, Pamela Hudson along with our youth coordinator Lethia Phillips touched the lives of these young people who will be acquiring knowledge in the days to come. (The Prayer and bookmark Websites can be downloaded from

Message from the Director SERVING IN SPAIN Pamela J. Hudson October 7—14 Quantum Leaps in 2009: Summer of Self Esteem

Praise the Lord for a most challenging yet rewarding year! This has been a year when we have continued to step out in faith to fulfill some tasks given to us by the Spirit of God. We are taking Quantum Leaps as we expand our programming for the young girls of Detroit. This has been a summer of Self Esteem as we have watched them deve-

lop new relational skills. Summer in the city of Detroit reached its height for inner city girls when Global Projects held its first SelfEsteem Luau with over 40 young girls ages 8-12 years old in attendance. What a wonderful opportunity to have fun, food and great fellowship as we emphasized the seven key areas of the Girls With Great Potential principles. This program is just a portion of the desire of the organization to make a difference and impact the

lives of the youth who will become the leaders of tomorrow. As Executive Director my commitment is to engage our community to provide much needed resources to aid in the development of our most valuable asset. We invite you to join with us by giving of your time as a volunteer and your financial support as a donor. These girls need your help. To get involved please call 313205-7300. Visit our website to sign up and or give at

Charmane Coleman - Bd Mbr

Charmane Coleman is not just a Board Member of Global Projects, school counselor in her local school system, speaker, musician but she also a great advocate for young people. She is tenacious when it comes to serving youth. Charmane is one of the leaders of the Girls

Global Projects

With Great Potential and she is emphatic in motivating and promoting the best in each girl. Her message is to bring them hope by stirring up their inner strengths and capabilities to be their best in spite of life challenges. She is the voice of reason in a world that sometimes lacks reason or consistency. Ms. Coleman has been among the speakers at our Girls With Great Potential events. She often shares what is appropriate in conversations that girls should have with boys. She emphasizes what is morally and spiritually the proper type of relationships for youth offering vivid examples

17136 Wildermere Detroit MI 48221 313-205-7300

of how corrupt communication can and does corrupt your actions and attitude. Ms. Coleman is currently working on a book and workbook dealing with her years of experience in counseling youth and her desire is to provide a resource material that will give ways to helping young people do some critical and sustaining thinking when it comes to relationships. The value Charmane brings to Global Projects is tremendous. We are so grateful for a servant heart to raise up righteousness and purity in the young people around the world.


Global Projects is now accepting applications for our upcoming trip to Busia Africa. APPLICATIONS available online under Trips & Events at:

SIGN UP TODAY! Join the GPH3 team for this two week journey to Africa where we will serve ministering to men, women, teens and children. This create your own missions outreach is great for first timers or seasoned travelers to utilize your ministry gifts, talents and abilities. There is an abundance of work that needs to be done and whatever you can do to make a difference will be a blessing. There will be teaching opportunities at the universities, boarding schools and other educational facilities • twoday counseling conference • life skills training • visits to crisis pregnancy centers and orphanages for babies with HIV/AIDS • leadership development with village pastors • preaching and evangelism • Phenomenal Women's Conference • prison ministry outreach • family life education conference • dance ministry training • Human Trafficking outreach • ministry to street children • sewing • and construction opportunities. BE THE DIFFERENCE

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Global Projects newsletter Summer 2009  

GPH3 highlights news from third quarter inclluding the Summer of Self Esteem Luau, Back to School Initiative, and Girls With Great Potential...

Global Projects newsletter Summer 2009  

GPH3 highlights news from third quarter inclluding the Summer of Self Esteem Luau, Back to School Initiative, and Girls With Great Potential...