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BOARD OF Girls with Great Potential of Self Esteem Luau DIRECTORS “Summer My daughter is overjoyed to be a part of this group. She has told at least 2009 Officers

seven people about her time at the Luau and all the gift items she received.” Thank you and all who helped in being a blessing to my girl and the many others in attendance.

No one is born with a self-concept. It gradually emerges in the early months of life. Self-concept is our understanding and the regard that we hold concerning our own being. It is the sum total of what we believe to be true of ourselves. Our selfconcept includes our physical, social and psychological makeup. Our self concepts are formed by the attitudes, habits and beliefs of the culture we are born into, and is shaped and reshaped through repeated perceived experiences, particularly with significant others. By far the most influential and eloquent voice in self-concept theory is that of God. At GPH3 we want each girl to see herself as precious and honored; a princess in the Kingdom.

Chair Rev. Theresa Dear Bartlett, IL

Vice-Chair Karolyn Hart Windsor, ON

Treasurer Mother Adell Dickinson Detroit, MI


The message of Global Projects to “Girls With Great Potential” is to acknowledge their uniqueness as they are “wonderfully made” in the image of God. To accept that who they are and what skills they possess as part of the master plan. Their footprint in this life is to be agents of positive change with a “can-do” attitude and the inspiration to want to aspire higher in whatever they find themselves doing. As young women who will lead, direct and guide their future, the expectation of all girls who come to Global Projects is to impact not just their future but develop plans to be a mover and

someone or something that is considered a worthwhile possibility.

All of our girls are born with great potential but for single moms the options for helping your daughter may few and far between. You do what you can and Global Projects understands. That’s why we’ve created a program that allows you to give your daughter (ages 8-12) a way not only to be exposed to making new friends, but also to learn how to use the natural abilities that God has given her to excel. For a very small donation we will help your daughter develop the skills necessary to make her gifts and talents marketable someday and give her that valuable head start. Imagine your daughter’s future where she is a leader among her peers, confident, and considering which scholarship she is going to accept! Imagine her graduations and the pride in seeing your daughter financially secure with a world of opportunities before her! Why not give her the first opportunity by attending our next "Girls with Great Potential event!”

Assistant Treasurer Carol Ranger-Ollett Windsor, ON

Secretary Charlene Green Detroit, MI

Executive Director Pamela J. Hudson Detroit, MI

Founder Dr. Sabrina D. Black Detroit, MI

Be Her Difference! 2011 YOUNG GIRL`S CONFERENCE In expectation of the growth for 2011 Global Projects is now actively placing the call for those interested in sitting on the 2011 Young Girl's Conference Event Committee to please submit their name along with the role they are interested in filling to . We envision a day where hundreds of girls find their life defining moment at this conference. Help us make that happen by volunteering. Committee meetings are slated to start August 2010.

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Global Projects newsletter Summer 2009  

GPH3 highlights news from third quarter inclluding the Summer of Self Esteem Luau, Back to School Initiative, and Girls With Great Potential...

Global Projects newsletter Summer 2009  

GPH3 highlights news from third quarter inclluding the Summer of Self Esteem Luau, Back to School Initiative, and Girls With Great Potential...