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GPH3 BACK IN BUSIA Dr. Sabrina Black, founder of Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing, Board Member Adell Dickinson and Executive Director Pamela Hudson returned to Busia, Uganda with a mission to support and render services that advance the work of the kingdom and the commitment of the Christians in Busia to further grow in their walk of faith. The experience was exhilarating as the Team along with our host Pastor Saul Wasisa, and the Busia Miracle Center reached out to the community with resources to build their library, food and mats for the local prison, renovation for

the women’s prison area facility, evangelistic outreach service at the prison, visits to World Vision and the Phenomenal Women’s Conference. The Team was able to celebrate the launching of the Economic empowerment Center of the Dorcas ministry. As well as facilitate a mini family life one day seminar with workshops for the children, singles, married and widowed groups. The bumpy road to Busia is now paved. The expansion of our work in one of the uttermost parts of the Earth continues as we have laid the groundwork for future ministry opportunities.

Executive Director Pamela J. Hudson Touching Lives in Busia. Sharing photos with host children at the home of Pastors Emmanuel and Ancilla Musissi

Meeting of the Minds with the Mayor of Busia

Global Projects was granted an open door to meet with the Honorable Mayor of Busia regarding his plans for the region and how we can partner in carrying out our respective visions for the good of the people (especially women and children).

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Serving Globally The Board of Global Projects is proud to support the mission of “Touching and Transforming Lives through the Word and Counseling Resources.�

Bright Eyes in BUSIA The eyes of the children tell you much about the community. In Busia we saw hope, and expectation in the eyes of the children. We saw an appreciation for the Word of God and the touch of genuine humanity as we were able to share our hope for them. God Bless the Children!

The children gather as photos are taken. They are at play enjoying the music from the conference and the excitement of having visitors from America in town. Global Projects brings hope, help and healing via many different

resources to assist in the education and training of the young people in Busia..

The laughter of children brings great joy to the GPH3 Team.

Chair Rev. Theresa Dear Bartlett, IL

Vice-Chair Karolyn Hart Windsor, ON

Treasurer Mother Adell Dickinson Detroit, MI

Secretary Charlene Green Detroit, MI Charmane Coleman Sherrylon Miree Pastor Emem Vanessa Farris

Executive Director


Even if for just a moment you get a smile or hear the laughter of children, it lifts your spirit and gives you a great sense of the heart of God when you can make a difference in the lives of youth. The future of this community rests in the hopes and expectations of their children. The church is raising up a righteous seed and Global Projects has had the chance to sow seeds, water seeds and see God bring an increase. Visiting and ministering to the children was a pinnacle of the trip for me and will always be remembered.

Our commitment to the children rests in our mission to help anchor them to become well-rounded members of society. We are dedicated to providing services that help them understand how special they are to God. Our goal is


to provide resources to keep families lifted up as they put their faith in motion. We at Global Projects are always looking to motivate and stir up the gift within the future leaders of Busia.

MEETING of the MINDS (continued) The future of the children is of great concern for the Mayor of Busia. He is looking to establish programs in the areas of Literacy, Technological Access and Training, as well as Library resources, School equipment and educational tools. Offering the Girls with Great Potential Initiative will help address some of his issues. The goal of Global Projects is to develop a strategy which provides our program to both boys and girls keeping them from Human Trafficking and promotes a better life.

A Global Project—World Vision Dr. Black and Executive Director Pam Hudson of Global Projects had the opportunity to meet and fellowship with employees of World Vision Uganda. It was a high time of sharing how the Lord is moving in their community advancing the life of the people.

The joy of the Lord was present as leaders from GPH3, Busia Miracle Center and World Vision met for two days of Devotion

One of the highlights of the Busia trip was the opportunity to visit with the workers at the World Vision compound. What a great potential to touch and transforms lives by sharing the goodness of God with people who have a heart for serving the people of Busia. Leadership at World Vision was equipped, enriched, and empowered as Dr. Sabrina Black taught on the principles of the Complete Leader Model (designed by Pastor Phil Carr). Using points of application from II timothy 2:2 and Acts 9:15 the staff was encouraged

to mentor and disciple. Just as Paul knew his assignment was global so did the USA team from GPH3. The staff was challenged in three areas. 1. Global Vision: to see beyond your backyard; 2. Global Community: to see the world as your neigh-bor; and 3. Global Unity: to see that we all have something to give and consider what they as a team bring to the table. The dynamic impact of Global Projects on the World Vision Uganda Staff will touch generations to come.

Bank of Uganda — Taking A Stand

Whether you are the president, vice, clerk, secretary or manager the power and presence of the Lord is welcome in the Bank of Uganda. What a wonderful door of opportunity for the Global Projects Team to celebrate the Name of Jesus in one of the biggest banks in the country. The desire of the people was to take their lunch hour and sing, pray and receive a Word as Dr. Sabrina Black shared with the receptive and captivated audience on the importance of “Taking a Stand” if they were going to make a dynamic impact in the country. Coming to Uganda is never complete until we have the chance to share the good news at the bank. They understand that their real ministry is working for Jesus and representing Him with integrity and joy as his messenger of Hope. What started as a word about the five things better than money became the five areas of service where they were desperately needed by others to demonstrate leadership in bringing about change. The analogy of walking on a tightrope was given as each of them are elevated in their positions others are watching them walk out their faith. Those leaders who diligently took notes paused and roared as Dr. Black stood on the table and cried out “do not pass me by.” Ruth Senyonyi senior staff counselor and former president of the Uganda Bank Fellowship was on hand to support the new leadership. The group of over 75 leaders came ready to receive what the Lord had for this day to prepare them for the days ahead.

Mother Adell Dickinson, GPH3 Board Member has discussion with bank employee on leadership

2-Day Conference on SEXUAL DEVIANCY

“I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord. Jeremiah 24:7

The wind of change is attempting to come to Uganda and the Counseling Association gears up to address the change with help from AIDS Awareness advocate Christine Mulimari, Global Projects president Dr. Sabrina Black and USA Team along with youth volunteer Doreen,

Giving Hope The two day conference was well attended by over 150 counselors, social workers, pastors, university students, AIDS workers, teachers and paraprofessionals. The pros and cons of the nations ABC method concluded with Sexual purity pleases God. The message was crisp and clear! It is most important to raise up the righteous standard against the deviant behavior that is trying to come to their country. The counselors were very engaging and receptive to the information shared. Dr. Black offered many insightful examples and data on the impact negative sexual deviancy can have on a people and society. The How to’s on addressing “Sexual Deviancy” sponsored by the Uganda Counseling Association included workshops in these area: Dark Side of Desire – the im-

pact of your dark side and unresolved baggage/ issues on marriage and relationships - Pamela Hudson. Sexual Addiction - Dr. Sabrina D. Black (Indicators, levels, breaking the bondages and strongholds, process of recovery and rebuilding). Please Don’t Tuck Me In: Issues of Incest - Mother Adell Dickinson. Sneaking a Peak , Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Pornography, Homosexuality / Lesbianism, and the Ten Purposes of Sex were also covered. Christine and Doreen both experienced revelation/ healing and shared personal testimonies that shocked and inspired attendees.

The eagerness for resources was in great demand. Dr. Black shares some of her latest books, CDs on the subject that will help the counsellors address the needs of their clients with accuracy and confidence. “Prone to Wander: A Woman’s Struggle with Sexual Sin and Addiction” and “Breaking the Bondage of Sexual Addiction were top sellers. Money from product sales helped to fund the ministry. Dr. Black teaching on homosexuality to the psychology class at Mukono Christian University before the conference day began. Pamela J. Hudson shares information with group on the purpose of SEX. Even pastors in the audience stated it was material they had never heard but would be using right away.

Breaking the Bondage No matter how you look at it, the facts on sexual deviancy are alarming. The future of a nation rests in the hands of counselors like Dr. Linda Marcel who are willing to stand up for righteousness and purity. Many of the attendees worked through some of their own issues with sexuality and past abuse. As they began to break the bondage and get insight they felt even more prepared to help set others captives free. Every attendee received a signed and sealed certificate of completion.

Access to material was a hit with attendees. Pam Hudson helping with information table.

Board member Mother Adell Dickinson offering wisdom and understanding on the sensitive subject of Incest. Using dramatization she portrayed the silent screams of those who have been abused and have no voice to now cry for help. Attendees were invited to respond to the need for intervention from those who exhibited signs and symptoms of abuse.

Dr. Black shares examples and stories to get her point across. Even the youth of Uganda wanted to share. Here is Doreen who is adamant about holiness. “Flee from Sexual immorality�. I Corinthians 6:18

GPH3 Founder and attendees all aglow after the seminar. Everyone in attendance was pleased with the depth of the content. Thoroughly trained counselors are ready to help the nation face the issue of sexuality at hand.

PRISON MINISTRY Liberty in Christ The work in the prison was very eventful. The Team was able to feed not just their physical wellbeing but their soul. There was opportunity to give testimonies, share a word about the love and forgiveness of God, to break bread and to help them break free and experience the joy of the Lord.

The daily routine of the prisoners at Masafa Federal maximum security facility for those who have committed white collar crimes ceased when we arrived. They were given a day off from their hard labor (making bricks, digging ditches, farming, and cleaning the yards). Not only did Global Project bring a day of rest and rejoicing through song and dance but also food, sleeping mats and the Word of God. The activity and anointing of the outdoor service was very tangible. The messages:

“When I was in prison you visited me.

Giants Keep Coming; Forgiveness; Anger; Call to Salvation, Prayer; and Who am I in Christ. Many recommitted their lives to Jesus. The community came together to offer hope and healing to the inmates as we sat in the courtyard and supped together. GPH3 supported in the renovation and painting of the facility for the female inmates The work of personal transformation began that day and on the building the next day.

This was powerful ministry!

Global Projects was able to purchase much needed sleeping mats for the inmates. With the help of the church, the 100 mats were delivered and given to each man. We were also able to provide an over-flow of food and with the help of the women the food was bountiful and nourishing.

PHENOMENAL WOMEN Economic Empower Women taking leadership in the building of economic power as business entrepreneur. The launch of the Dorcas Ministry craft store was a time of rejoicing as the fruit of their labor was on display for all to see. Mother Adell Dickinson (rt center) with some of the women from the Christian Women’s Fellowship offering a prayer for the strength and courage to trust in the Word of God and His promise that He will be with them to the end of all things. Mother reminded them that their role is critical to the success of families and raising of their children. Supporting her is Missionary Angela Wright who lives in Uganda and is doing a great work of sharing the gospel and Christine Mulimari our cultural host. (below) Pam and Mother join in the celebration by purchasing some of the handy crafts the women produced. The atmosphere was energetic and electric as women displayed their work. It was such joy to see the growth and change of the women from last year. They are determined to change their fate and advance their gifts to help the community. The Complete Leader Training was launched at the Phenomenal Women’s Conference. If we are going to have a complete impact on our church, commu

Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say rejoice.“

(left)) Table with some of the hand -made items. So colorful and inviting. nity, city, country and world then we must develop our leaders into complete leaders. Our mission is to empower our leaders with the information, inspiration, and instrumentation needed to become proficient in six areas: modeling,, mobilizing, mandating, motivating, managing and mentoring. I Timothy 1:18 The conference stirred up the gifts and potential in the over 500 women in attendance and helped them develop the capacity to expand.

The church ground was full with excitement as the women gathered to pray and give glory to God for what they had accomplished. This is a great beginning to a future for many women to become selfsufficient. Special thanks to: Evarine Wabwire (translator) and Harriet Waisa (Pastor Saul’s wife)

More photos on-line at

Message from A Board Member

Mother Adell Dickinson I Remember Africa: You Will Too

I went on my first mission’s trip with Global Projects in 2005, lead by its founder Dr. Sabrina Black. What an exciting time as we obtained our passports and visited our travel Doctors to receive our shots and be sure we were ready to travel to the foreign mission field in Uganda Africa. Our team consisted of seven other women with a heart for missions. The minute we landed in Africa I knew that this foreign mission trip was not so foreign after all. I was connected with this land and its people in a very powerful way. My spirit resonated with them, I understood without being told, that I was welcome, that we had a common heritage and that I belonged. Then I Started to remember Africa.

The Africa I had seen in my grand mamma’s yard, the family closeness, the respect for the elders, and a sense of community. When I stepped on the red soil of Africa, I started to remember the joys of my childhood, time and space receded in my heart and the red soil of Alabama and the red soil of Africa became one. As we entered the home of our host, the greetings were sincere and every one waited to hear your response. When the children came in they waited to be called and they knelt in honor and respect as they greeted us. My mind went whirling back to my home in Alabama, and I could hear my mother teaching us not to rush into a room and interrupt the conversations going on, but to wait to be acknowledged and then to bow and honor our guest. The next day we went into the city and into the villages and I had another

remembered experience. I was raised in a village in Perryville were the women cooked over the open fire in the fireplace, I smiled as we dinned, because I was home again in my grandma’s yard, eating ash cakes and listening to the happy sound of family around the fire, as they shared food and fellowship, with the sound of children laughing and playing in the distance. The sense of love, wellbeing and belonging was intensified as I understood, that as I experienced Africa, I was remembering my childhood, and the rhythm of my childhood was from the heart of my parent’s and grandparent’s as they remembered Africa. My foreign mission trip was not foreign after all. Anyone young or old will find a place of comfort and familiar memories in Africa. You should plan to join us on the field so that we can share the memory

Joined together in

Marriage, MISSIONS, and Ministry.

Dr. Sabrina D. Black, GPH3 Founder with her husband, Warren J. Black, consultant to the Board.

There is a great need for collaboration, strategic partnership, sponsorship, mentorship and alliances. We need people who are likeminded in vision, outreach and compassion. At Global Projects for Hope, and Healing we are Charlene Green Secretary Help making a world of differThe GPH3 Board is in the of fundraising, grant writing, ence touching and transprocess of creating a robust and or donor development plan that will include proand you are a dynamic team forming lives. Join us in grams for the essential raisplayer please send your rethe work. Learn more and ing of funds and donations. sume along with your interest give online at our website: We are developing events to our Executive Director and online programs to help us meet our needs both at home and abroad. If you have experience in the area

Global Projects

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Global Projects in Busia Africa for Counseling Conference  

Sabrina Black is keynote speaker for Uganda Counseling Association 2 day conference on Sexual Deviancy addressing homosexuality, lesbianism,...