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GLOBAL PROJECTS Hope, Help, and Healing VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3


—Men on a Mission— Local Church Takes a Vision Trip To Africa work of the ministry to another level. Pastor Brooks was moved with compassion and poured himself out at every The heart of every encounter. He released the pastor should be to men to various parts of the carry out the mission country to do likewise. of the church—the Great Commission. Each of the men made his mark and left an imprint of love Pastor Christopher in the lives of the people Brooks fulfills one of his kingdom dreams After the singing of “My Job is Working through the preached Word, as he leads the Mas- for Jesus,” Pastor Brooks shared the through song, through prayer, and through deed. The men ters Men from Evan- gospel and addressed the issues of gel Ministries on an integrity in the life of Joseph with the paved the way by developing international mission Bank of Uganda Christian Fellowship. new relationships for future trip to Uganda, Afendeavors. rica. With a heart to win souls and make disciples, he is a voice in his generation leading men and women to Christ. His conviction to serve was unparallel. While in Uganda everyone's life is transformed as God takes the (Lt) Pastor Brooks prayed that the little girl Mercy would be a miracle as she experienced healing. (B) Carlos with Vickie and student at the Gulu conference. (bottom) Steve Moss charged batteries for hours to take photos and videos. Inside this issue: Reflections from Africa


Pre-field Training


Sample 10 Day Trip


Counselor Training


Gulu Camp




Babies, Babies, Babies


We Prayed, They Prayed Upcomng Calender

7 8

The Masters Men of Evangel Ministry (L to R) Carlos Johnson, Ian Watts, Flynn Smith, Aaron Richardson, Steve Moss (front) and Bobby Ashley, Missions Ministry Director who is taking this photo.

Serving with the men from Evangel was a great joy. They embraced the culture and learned as much as they taught. They traveled by van for hours to remote area, slept in the village, ate traditional meals, and did what was necessary to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. George and Georgina Smith, long The bonding of this team will forterm missionaries stationed in Jinja, ever linger in the hearts and minds they minister on the islands ; stand- of all. In addition to 100’s of photos ing with USA Team Members Bobby and hours of video footage we Ashley and Dr. Sabrina D. Black have a renewed commitment to carry forth the vision.

Minister Carlos Johnson led the youth of Namirembe Cathedral in a forum on the ABC’s of sex and relationships from Gods perspective. The youth were very engaged in this frank discussion of purity and holiness. Bro. Bobby provided support and prayer.



Reflections From Africa—In Their Words Brother Bobby Ashley What do you feel was accomplished on this trip? Counselors that were wounded were healed through teaching. Children were loved that needed to be loved. The Word of God brought life to the people of Uganda. The Lord was glorified through the love we shared. The team members grew in relationship with the Lord and each other. Opportunities for discipleship were opened. What was (were) your best/most memorable experience (s)? Visiting the camp and praying for the children. Pastor Chris prophecy over the team. Witnessing to the family on the side of the road. Meeting and having Christine for a Host. Experiencing the counseling seminar and the teaching. The presence of Mother and the role she played on the trip. How did you grow in your relationship with the Lord? What did you learn about God? I know God in a different way. My prayer life has increased. My faith has increased because of this trip also. As well as receiving confirmation on my spiritual gifting. My love for people has increased and my comfort level of being out of my normal environment has increased. What uncomfortable situations did you face? What was your most difficult experience? Before the trip the Lord gave me dreams of healing people as I wrote out my Kingdom dream. I was under pressure to make it happen then and there, not knowing that the Lord is preparing for this work. I thank God for Pastor Chris and Mother for helping me with my gift (of healing). How did this experience change you? What did you learn about yourself? It really opened my eyes to know that I am going to be a missionary. The Lord is preparing me for future trips. I’ve learned not to stretch myself too far. I learned to relax more and be in the moment. Brief testimony. It was a blessing for me to see the other team members growing in all areas. Not only did we grow in our relationships with our Father but we grew together as one body each part helping to get the job done. I look forward to future trips with the same team members as well as others to share in this awesome experience. I saw God in a different way and my faith is stronger because of the trip. Thank you to Pastor Chris and Dr. Sabrina for making this trip possible. God Bless!

Minister Flynn Smith What do you feel was accomplished on this trip? The pastors in Buwama learned a lot and were blessed. The bonds of fellowship between the missionaries was increased. I got to know these people on a much deeper level. The people of Mukono were encouraged in the faith. Many souls were saved. What was (were) your best/most memorable experience(s)? The Nile (River). The night sky—revealed the awesomeness of God. My time with Eugene in Buwama. How did you grow in your relationship with the Lord? What did you learn about God? I was obedient to a tough call from God twice. I think He wanted to see if I put my family or myself ahead of Him. I learned that God will provide for me. What uncomfortable situations did you face? What was your most difficult experience? No electricity, no warm water, no toilet! I don’t really consider anything that I had to face as particularly difficult just inconvenient. How did this experience change you? What did you learn about yourself? I’m still figuring that out. I know that I have a much deeper appreciation for the Ugandan people. This experience, even the preparation revealed to me how much I love my wife. I learned also that I could do this. I always thought I could but now I know. Brief testimony If God tells you to go, be sure that you do. You cannot tell what your impact will be on others or what their impact will be on you. Only trust that God is so awesome that He can use you to be a blessing and bless you abundantly at the same time.

Minister Ian Watts What do you feel was accomplished on this trip? Clarity in priority. Exponential growth. Relationship building. Purpose reinforced. Study focus. Expanding vision. What was (were) your best/most memorable experience(s)? “Vanity” Bible study by Carlos. Driving in traffic. The many ministry opportunities. Sharing the first Bible study. Bonding at Nandos. Touring the (Ankrah) Foundation. How did you grow in your relationship with the Lord? What did you learn about God? He is sovereign. I now truly feel like a minister. Developed in my giving gifts and gave clarity developing my teaching gift. I saw what it means to have joy and not just happiness. We are all one body. Continued on page 8



Pre-Field Training

Sample 10 Day Mission Trip Agenda

As the team prepares to go on the mission field the members attend weekly meetings for 8-12 sessions. During these meetings the team is prepared to preach, teach, pray, lead in song, serve, and share their testimony. Our time together getting to know one another through fellowship as we learn to listen, love and laugh out loud, builds unity and oneness among us.

Time in prayer for one another, the trip, the nation, and the needs of the people. Extending our hands toward Pastor Sam.

Arrive Uganda, Dinner with Host Family


Orientation with Cultural Guide

Day 2

Pastors Theology Conference


(5 days – Buwama Village) Pastors Counseling Training

Four weeks before departure, copies of critical documents such as your passport, birth certificate, Day 3 prescriptions and medicine, docWed tors release if needed, and balance of money due are brought to the meeting. Day 4 As part of the training, one of the local missions projects is to Thurs volunteer with World Medical Re- Day 5 lief, which is an organization that provides medicine and medical Fri equipment to people around the world. This venture allows the team to work together under instruction and support someone Day 6 else in their approach to getting the job done. Sat

Team members make a visit to the hospital emergency room where they stay for a minimum of one hour to observe the activity and pray. The experience is then entered in a journal. This entry will be among many as the opportunities for ministry continue to expand. Team members also visit a local police station to find out the procedure for reporting rape Discussing how to minister cross culturand or domestic violence. Along ally with the love of God to all nations. with creating sensitivity these activities help prepare you for the limited access to resources available in third world countries.

Completing applications and reviewing information on immunization shots.

Day 1

(2 days – Kampala) Bank of Uganda Training Pastors Theology Conference – Buwama Pastors Counseling Training – Kampala Travel to Gulu – Northern Uganda Camp Pastors Theology Conference Trauma Training Counselors Conference (2 days – Gulu) Visit Boarding Schools Pastors Theology Conference Visit Counseling Center Visit Refugee Camps Trauma Training Counselors Conference Pastors Theology Conference

Day 7

Preaching at various local churches


Phenomenal Women’s Conference

Day 8

Visit to Orphanage


Visit to Pregnancy Center Shopping Training at University Visit to Village Women

Day 9

Tues Reading the book “Ministering Cross Culturally” helped to deal with issues of mindset relating to time, values, and relationships. Morning devotions and evening Day debriefing help the team to stay 10 focused on God and the mission. Wed

Cultural trips Visit to the River Nile Visit to the Place of the Martyrs Visit Museums Visit home of Host for Prayer Exchange of Gifts Departure from Entebbe



COUNSELOR Training COUNSELOR Training COUNSELOR Training Many of the Counselors at Gulu are traumatized by the devastation of war, HIV-AIDS and the pressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people to whom they minister. They are indeed wounded healers, working with no end in sight. With this in mind the Global Project’s Team set up an Emergency Trauma Center in the Counseling class room. We covered our own wounds, scrubbed, robed in our hospital gowns and then we went to work dispensing Hope, Help and Healing three doses a day. Dr Black gave hope for the long days ahead as she demonstrated the resilience of the human body, mind and spirit with her powerful words of redemption. The counselors were encouraged to practice self-care and to put on their own oxygen mask first so that they would be able to endure to the end. Minister Moss was on call for a second opinion to check the vital signs of the counselors. A cathartic art therapy exercise given by Dr. Black brought much needed relief as they drew pictures of their pain and the memories that torment them. Pastor Brooks dispensed massive doses of help as he shared with the counselor’s about his own pain. Those moments of transparency and vulnerability modeled the level of compassion needed for the work we do. Mother Dickinson placed a healing balm on their wounds, as she shared the universality of pain and suffering. Then this mother to the nations comforted her children. We were all encouraged by the Governor, The Honorable Mao, a former member of parliament. Mao’s goal is to partner with Father Nicolas Kiruma, president of the Uganda Counselling Association to address the needs of those living in the camps and those who work with them (military police, judicial system, teachers, counselors and community).

Caritas Counseling Center in Gulu Reducing the trauma of war and promoting psychological well being in Northern Uganda is the focus of Caritas Counseling Center. Caritas is a Latin word which means charity. The center which provides training for students and counseling services for the community has activities that emphasize the love of God for suffering people. In the footsteps of Jesus, they serve the poor, the sick and the most vulnerable and marginalized people in society. Their clients include child soldiers, victims of torture and abuse, displaced orphans and street children. Our work was to minister to the team of counselors that were experiencing secondary trauma as they ministered to others. At the invitation of Sister Margaret, we discussed the importance of balance so that you are not stretched to the point that you break and hurt yourself or others. We also discussed being a caring community and working together to provide hope, help and healing to those that are hurting in the community. Students above demonstrate the rubber band stress test.

Handle with Care

Mother Dickinson teaching a lecture on Conflict and Church Discipline during the counseling training for pastors and lay leaders at the Kampala Baptist Church.

Masters level counseling psychology students at Mokono Christian University passed around and cuddled the GPH3 Baby Bear as they practiced handling fragile people with genuine care and concern. Pastor Brooks presented key concepts on how to become like Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor and Dr. Black gave key concepts for clinical practice.




Camp Grounds for Sudanese Refuges and IDP’s “WE



The suffering little children came to us for care and concern. Their clinging displayed a need for love and affection. The Love of God prevails

For more than 20 years, the LRA has been fighting to overthrow the government of Uganda. It abducted more than 30,000 children, brutalizing and manipulating them into becoming soldiers against their own families and communities. Many were forced to kill other children or serve as sex slaves. It is indeed challenging to counsel the child mothers, the forced-to-kill clients, those who lost their body parts, those who witnessed grotesque massacres, the raped and defiled, those that have been under abduction for a very long time, those suffering with HIVAIDS while in camps, among others. Important to note also, is that, most counselors in the war-torn Northern Uganda double as war victims and at the same time shoulder the responsibility of providing care to others.

Bro Bobby Ashley in the Spirit of Jesus Christ was the first to reach down with love and lift a child from their circumstances.


Beyond the need for basic care such as food, clothing and shelter there is a sense of longing expectation in the eyes of the children. Are they waiting for you? It is our prayer that those of us who have so much will give to help those who have so little.

Pastor Brooks, Bro. Bobby, and Sis. Mary pray for the camp Elder who was our tour guide. He along with the other seniors maintain order and provide stories of village life to the children born in the camp.

Dr. Black and Mother Dickinson taking turns pumping water from the well to help the women fill the yellow jeri cans.

Mother Dickinson who is a “Mother to the Nations” providing nurturing to the children of the world with a tender loving touch. “LORD, WE PRAY THAT YOU KEEP THEIR HOPE BURNING UNTIL PEACE, JOY AND HAPPINESS PREVAIL.”



The Team does CONFERENCES for Pastors and Phenomenal Women The USA mission team to Uganda, Africa met the needs of many as they conducted conferences throughout the land. The team (L) led by Dr. Sabrina D. Black consisted of 7 men from Evangel Ministries led by their Pastor, Christopher Brooks along with Bro. Bobby Ashley who is the Missions Director, Minister Ian Watts, Minister Flynn Smith, Ministers Steven Moss, Minister Aaron Richardson, and Minister Carlos Johnson; and Mother Adell Dickinson, (top R) from St. John’s Tabernacle. As the International Supervisor of the NPC Women’s Department Mother hosted the Phenomenal Woman’s Conference at the Kampala Baptist Church. The women came for an outpouring of the Word which was followed by communion and prayer with the laying on of hands. Dr. Black (r) preached at the Anglican church, Namirembe, for the Christian Women’s Fellowship anniversary service which was followed by a dinner meeting. The men were on a mission to make maximum impact. Min. Flynn and Min. Richardson facilitated a five day Pastor’s conference in the village of Buwama on Systematic Theology. Minister Carlos met with the youth of Namirembe for an evening session on relationships, sex and purity. Every conference and or meeting included rejoicing in song and prayers to God our Father.



Babies, Babies, Babies According to the 2004 brochure from Sanyu Babies home there were over 2 million known orphans in Uganda at that time. Many children are found abandoned in garbage heaps, pit latrines, ditches, taxi parks or left on the side of the road. The orphans taken in by the Sanyu Babies home range in age from a few hours old to two years with no known parents or relatives. The children are not only given medical care, education and love they are given a home. Over the years we at Global Projects have become a friend of Joyce, the director of the home. and the work she is doing to make a difference in the lives of these little ones. Each trip to Uganda includes a time of prayer for the vision of Sanyu as well as the children they are caring for and those yet to be found. This year Mother Dickinson, Carlos, Bobby and Ian visited the home on behalf of the ministry. It was an overwhelming experience as they walked through and read the signs posted over each crib that identified the name given the child and the circumstances under which they were found. The stories were heartbreaking and brought us to tears. With many obstacles to already overcome, many of the children also have HIV-AIDS and fetal alcohol syndrome. Joyce however has hope for a bright future; she has God to sustain her in this labor of love and prayers from supporters around the world. The team also visited Wakisa Crisis Pregnancy Center where Minister Ian spoke and Mother shared with the girls. Follow up was done by Dr. Black.

We PRAYED for them and they PRAYED for us.

There was a great outpouring of intercession as we ministered in Uganda. We prayed for them at church, in the bank, at school, in their homes. We prayed in the van, on the street and in the marketplace. Wherever there was an open door we prayed and experienced the power of God followed by signs and wonders. Praise God for the power of prayer as we witnessed people being healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. God used the team to speak life to those that were lost, liberty to those in bondage and light to those in darkness. Pictured above left to right: Minister Moss praying for a vendor while out shopping for keepsakes for his family, center praying for a student at the Pastor’s Conference in Buwama. Bobby and Carlos laying on hands as they pray for mother, child and family. People knew who we were as we passed by and called for us to come and pray. The young and the elderly requested and extended prayer. Father Kegozi pictured to the right, prayed for Pastor Chris Brooks as he knelt before him. It was a powerful prayer of impartation as Father placed his mantle of spiritual leadership, influence and integrity upon Pastor. Thank you to the many people who provided a covering for us through fasting and prayer. God answered mightily above what we were able to ask, think or imagine. Hallelujah!!!


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Upcoming Calendar of Events REFLECTIONS (Minister Ian Watts) Continued from page 2 What uncomfortable situations did you face? What was your most difficult experience? Actually experiencing how poor the conditions were and how ashamed I was for the things that I worry about was the difficult reality that I faced. How did this experience change you? What did you learn about yourself? It confirmed the priority of calling over desire which birthed a greater desire within me to not only teach His Word but to shepherd His people. I learned that I have a higher capacity to serve /minister to devastated people than what I realized. Brief testimony. There is nothing that will expand your ministry by growing you exponentially in spirit like a missions trip.

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GPH3 Newsletter Men on a Mission  
GPH3 Newsletter Men on a Mission  

Global Projects leads a team of Men from Evangel Ministry along with their Pastor Christopher Brooks to Uganda Africa.