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GLOBAL PROJECTS Hope, Help, and Healing VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1


APRIL 2008

London-Longing for Revival: “OCCUPY Till I Come”

The GPH3 TEAM—during the final training and preparation meeting

“There is a great cry for revival.—for the voice of God to be heard. . . For the church to rise” Much of Europe has witnessed a church on Her knees. It has Fallen from the glory days of the reformation but not to Prayer. People are hungry for truth and for those who are willing to take a stand for holiness and righteousness. What do we do when the nation’s leaders are no longer defender of the faith but defender of faiths? Likewise in the USA we have stopped being a nation under one God who proclaim “in God we trust” but we look to create a safe space for all beliefs. In order to right the wrongs and clear the path of righteousness not just (rightness in the eyes of man) we will need a radical Christianity. Futurist have proclaimed that Christianity will take a back seat as other religions and faiths take a stand and demand their voices be heard.

Historic Westminster Abbey

The twenty-first century will be a period of challenge and change for Christianity in Western Europe and North Amer- Pastor Esenam at House of Commons ica. Theological, political, demographic, and economic developments will force the church in these countries to make unprecedented compromise to be accepted by the masses. It is predicted that we will become those who tickle the ears. We say not so. At Global Projects we plan to take a radical stand for the glory of God. In the face of adversity we plan to rise from the ashes as a sweet smelling aroma unto the Lord, proclaiming His name and for His Kingdom to come.

Pastors Brooks and Carr covering the team and it’s leader Dr. Sabrina Black in prayer for the mission to Europe. The Global Projects team assigned to preach, teach, and reach the masses in Europe were: Elder Paula Ratchford Minister Jennifer Worthy, Minister Monika Miko and Dr. Sabrina Black. These women know what it means to “Occupy until I come . . “ They have been laboring to advance the Kingdom of God by warring in prayer and being equipped to serve on the front line.

We will occupy until he comes. God has charged us to take the Gospel to those who are lost, to confront in love those who have gone astray, to build up and counsel those who have fallen and to develop the next generation of leaders. We must be defenders of the faith. Where there has become a separation between church and state we need to remind the state of our need for the church in order to change the dismal prediction for the future of the state. Believers need to infiltrate every phase of life from education and industry to commerce and politics. We need to be the voice of God among the people. We need to pray (I Chronicles7:14), seek the face of God, open our mouths and proclaim His name. Join us as we respond to the cry for revival. Your gifts, talents and abilities can make a difference. We are all called to be missionaries. Join us on the field and on your knees.

Big Ben (Letting us know -It is time) The USA is filled with many store-front churches on every other corner. Europe is filled with beautiful cathedrals and historical architecture. No matter the size or the magnitude it is important to remember that we are HIS building. Our bodies are the temple of the living God. Pastor Esenam in partnership with Global Projects is actively involved in rebuilding the temple, restoring lives and reclaiming the sanctuary.



Standing on the Line of Time—Praying for Nations

God has provided an effectual Open Door for His people. He Dr. Sabrina Black in Greenwich at the Meridan Time has called us to prayer for the lost, to preach the Gospel and Line preparing to pray for the Nations of the World. to prepare to go into all the world and make disciples. There are people all over the world that need to know the savior and there are those who need to know Him better and grow up in the fullness of Him. We are His witnesses in the Earth that Jesus Saves, He sets free, He delivers, He transforms, He renews, Jesus is the answer the world needs. God has blessed GPH3 to literally stand on the line of time and pray for the nations. Over the years we have been to the prime meridian (above left) which separates the west and east; as well as to a point of. the equator (while in Uganda) that separates the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. Standing on these lines that divide we have prayed for unity and oneness for God’s people from nation to nation. We are praying that souls are saved, captives are set free, The GPH3 Team—Min. Monika, Min. Jennifer, Rev. disciples are matured, leaders are developed and God is Dr. Sabrina, Elder Paula & Bro. Osaro in Greenwich glorified in the earth by all of us who are his witnesses. PRAY

Psalmist Elder Vanessa Farris giving glory to God in worship.

Pastor Esenam with Dr. Black and Bro. Osaro pointing to where the beam of light shines across time.

The line of time has countries around the world listed with their time zone

Jesus the Light of the World—Evangelism in London Dr. Sabrina Black & Elder Paula Ratchford Waking and Witnessing Evangelism is our Supreme Task. When a person comes to the Lord all of Heaven celebrates. They are endowed with the Holy Spirit and filled with passion, power, praise, and prayer. There is such a joy in really knowing Christ and not just knowing about him, that you want to tell the world about this new relationship and your new life. Walking and witnessing on the streets of London seeds were being planted. Others will water and God will give the increase. We encountered believers / non-believers, churched / unchurched. Every person that was willing to listen heard the good news of the Gospel—JESUS SAVES. On Saturday morning 52 weeks of the year you can find members of Church of God Mission Int’l, male or female, your or old, out in the highways and byways compelling people to come to Jesus. Evangelism needs to be a priority for every believer. Share your FAITH



The MAYOR Making a Difference for the Kingdom Part of the Strategic plan in every country is to implement the four major objectives of our community outreach which are evangelism, prayer, networking, and economic empowerment. It is such a joy to see God’s people outside the church walls in the community making a difference for the Kingdom. While in London we saw the plan unfold as members of the church from the Mayor to Moms, Counselors to Cooks, Entrepreneurs and Evan- Prophetic Poetry Proclaimed by Pastor Emmanuel Obasohan with Brother gelist, all were willing work to build God’s house. Osaro (a man of God with a passion for No task was too small or too great for this group Minister Jennifer Worthy evangelism and a desire to see souls saved) prepare to hit the streets witnessing. of servant leaders. They realize that they are all Ministered Life. missionaries wherever God has them working.

Dr. Sabrina Black with political candidate being interviewed for the local News broadcast while out witnessing. Q—Why are you in London? A— To Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Q—Who are you voting for in the USA election. A—Obama

Your job is a mission field. Wherever you are God can use you to make a difference in your circle of influence. Think for a moment of all the doors the Lord has allowed you to walk through. Have you fulfilled your assignment in that place? Have you comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable by allowing your light to shine brightly? Have you ushered in love, joy and peace to a people who are in need of hope, help, and healing? Have you shared the Gospel with Monika’s moment sharing her mission your family and friends? home to Europe to help set others free

Monika Miko Speaking in Love and Serving with Humility Global Project’s partnership with local churches in Europe offers a unique opportunity for us to set up for preaching teaching and reaching the masses to have a direct impact in the lives of the people and by challenging them to trust God.

Signing Books and Building Relationships Based on Truth Photo 1: Dr. Sabrina Black and daughter in the faith Shila. 2: Elder Paula Ratchford looks on as Min. Jennifer Worthy signs book of poetry. 3: Dr. Black gives HELP to fellow counselor and daughter in the faith Deaconess Anne.



GREAT Things to do While You Occupy We have been instructed by Jesus to "Occupy till I come" (Luke 19:13). But how are we to be occupied? People are occupied doing many things; even good things. But are we doing the GREAT things of God. As we wait on the Saviors glorious return we can follow the Great Commandment to Love and the Great Commission to Go and make disciples. When we go in love we lead others to Christ through the plan of salvation. We are clear that evangelism is our supreme task. When we go in love and encounter those who know Him we help to build them up in the faith. Jesus gave this instruction to His disciples in Acts 1:8, "You shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." Let the Church rise and occupy til He comes. We are the church, the people of God. We need to rise up and let the Lord use us as His witnesses in the Earth. Our director, Pamela Hudson declares that we should rise and proclaim the testimonies of God’s goodness, mercy, grace, power and favor! We are walking in the manifestation and fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives. God is allowing us to have a greater impact in the earth as we rise and occupy til He comes. The Word declares that we will be blessed in the city and the field, when we come and when we go. We expect GREAT things from a GREAT God. International author, Shila, opens her home for a fellowship dinner and dialogue with the USA team of writing, preaching, teaching missionaries.

Show Your Love

As we prepare to carry on the work we invite you to pray and partner with us as we are looking to see more men in leadership, more souls saved, lives transformed, bondages broken, women delivered, and families restored. Let your life be counted as one who loved enough to love, to go, to give.

Website Updates Exciting things are happening at Global Projects as God continues to open doors. Visit our NEW updated website to see photos, download previous newsletters and make donations. When you give, lives are impacted around the world. You can learn about upcoming events, purchase CD’s and book, download applications and much more. Tell others about Global Projects and give them the Website address. Feel free to add us as a link from your site. Plan now to help us help others call Pam at 313-205-7300.

Please join us. Pray for families around the world; evangelism, salvation, discipleship and leadership. The Katrina Project Documentary on the emotional, spiritual and mental health needs of survivors. Mentoring for inner city “Girls with Great Potential”. Children of War and AIDS in Africa. Human Trafficking of Nigerian girls to Prostitution in Italy. Training local churches and developing a local and global outreach missions ministry. Pray for our new board of directors for GPH3, the volunteer staff and how you can be involved in the Great Commandment to LOVE . . . and the Great Commission to GO . . . We need your prayers and financial support.

Pamela J. Hudson, Exec. Dir..

GPH3 News London and Italy Time Line  

Global Projects takes team (Dr. Sabrina Black, Elder Paula Ratchford, Jennifer Worthy, Monika Miko) to London and Italy. The team stood on t...

GPH3 News London and Italy Time Line  

Global Projects takes team (Dr. Sabrina Black, Elder Paula Ratchford, Jennifer Worthy, Monika Miko) to London and Italy. The team stood on t...